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START OF REEL JOB NO. si: fack (55-2597 Ws : operator (hand an 2S thas. we THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT pare (0-16 -78 Ml iD BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION \ dese (s-25%) NWE Sere Fis RA RIEHAL A THs beer |s VELRSSFIED ABece Loe Lauasta Ave PS Giout Niasemac feats hed Abs Susi, Oreice of Nave? Records and History Shins! Histories Section llavy Departeone HISTORY OF USS JACK (53 259) Construction of USS JACK ($5 259) started on Fobrusry 2, 2082) a croton, Gyensctiout, by Electrle Boat Company. ‘The vessel, wae, lauset Scteber 16, 2912, fhe ayonsor wes Meg. Prancos Seeley. The JACK was Coumtaadonéd Senvary.6, 1085, at tho Subsarine Base, lle London. te tenant Commendor fH.’ Dykens, U. 5. levy, vas Pirst comanding offic Coniasioning ves followed by 9 training and shakedown yeriod of 6 wecks duretion operating out of jlow London, in Long Island Sound Suping this period one trip waa mide to Nevpost, Rhode Talend, for Stractural torpedo firing. Fost stakedown repairs required 30 days, Endvon April ob, 1985, departed New London for Tanone. Off the coast SEeionste a contact vas bade with a German submarine, Dut a firing position could not be reaohed. Arrived Panama, C. Z., May 2, 194%. Boparted Panama May 7, 1913, for Pearl arbor, "7 be JACK arrived at Pearl Harbor 2. H. from Panara, Yay 22, 2982 and vocosved a refit by USS GRIFFIN. After 9 days training the Doar Gh for Mer first war patrol on Jube 5, 1083, Gogmander 7. M_. Dykore iS “Navy, commanding.” Arriving at Midway ef June 9, 1943, the JACK seeuéied ahd departed for patrol sane d3y. mntered ares June 18, 193, which veo south of Honshu in vicint of Tokyo. Sighted convoy of 3 enchant, ships ang one destroy Strack acs malo, since 4 proved impossible to close the ert June 182h mide subsenged torpedo attack on 2,500 ton tro! massed due to presature explosion af torpedo. only seat2 patrol posts were sighted unti2 June 26 when a3 abt convoy tae sighted. Piye attacks ware sade submorged, firing 1° tor sedoes in ails sinking ships, eno navel collier 0,215 tops, one aeetencer freichter 9257 tons, and ono freighter dapeged 6,600 tons Phe SHOE recetved a vary close bomb just as attack #o Ke about to vi wee Very heavy danage wae sustained. Wo pore attacks mede oither by Jick or the ebony. one 28, wade contact on eneny cruiser, iis speed vas too fast culy 4, sighted 2 abtps with one escort, made submerged torpedo avtack fiothe 9 tompedoes Foe 5 nit; Ship sani umeaiately. Seeskat STackeh chorges and left vicinity. Target sunk vas a ep of 6,783 bons. July 8, mado a submerged torpedo attack on a convoy of 3 nerster and 2 estore ships; Fired 9 torsedoss at leading ship but no hits Beisovea dus to fadity torpedoes, Went deep imediereiy acter Pirin Believed (ecvy depth Shares attack for portod of 2 hours, ell Pas Tp close. ‘Thirty-nine charges dropped