MSA Flame and Gas Detection

for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries


highest-quality gas-monitoring instruments. globally approved flame. gas and petrochemical industries. easy-to-use and durable single.A PASSION FOR SAFETY MSA’s passion for safety comes from almost a full century of manufacturing the best-of-breed. We also offer smoke detectors. We are proud to offer the only TUV-approved SIL3 and NFPA72 compliant control system. their families and their communities may live in health throughout the world.and gas-monitoring instruments for our customers to ensure that men and women may work in safety and that they.and multi-gas portable instruments. manual alarm call points. pull stations and more. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality flame.and gas-detection permanent instruments and our reliable. ensuring the ultimate in reliability and safety. heat sensors. service and support in the industry. That’s the MSA passion. providing you with a complete solution for your needs. Providing the best products. MSA designs and manufactures a complete line of world-class flame.and gas-detection products for the oil. . Our passion shows through in our all-stainless.

Engineers. MSA field sales representatives and service technicians are thoroughly trained in the use.THE MSA ADVANTAGE GLOBAL REACH MSA is the largest company in the world dedicated solely to producing a complete range of equipment and systems for worker and plant protection. service and support. . application and servicing of our products. our operations extend around the world. Our vast resources ensure that an MSA affiliate is never far away and help to maintain our commitment to protecting lives in more than 120 countries. on all continents around the globe. providing comprehensive sales. LOCAL PRESENCE MSA-authorized representatives comprise one of the largest distribution networks.and gas-detection products to suit their every need. with the superior reliability. architects and operators will find flame. durability and design excellence that you expect from MSA. With headquarters located in Pittsburgh. you have access to a dedicated and highly trained staff in the field as well as support within our Customer Service Center. With MSA. Pennsylvania.

commission and reconfiguration. • Detects virtually any hydrocarbon fire including gasoline.000 hours plus an outstanding 3-year warranty on the entire detector. heat sensors. diesel fuel. manual alarm call points. 512 outputs per controller. This state-ofthe-art system features modular redundancy for the monitoring of 4-20mA output sensors. solvents. intelligent safety system that ownership low. Automatic gain control performs in extreme environmental conditions while maintaining operational integrity in up to 90% obscuration. . kerosene. stand-alone unit can detect a gasoline pan fire at 60 meters in less than five seconds and offers: • Heated optics to eliminate window icing and condensation. internal data transfer. monomers. • ATEX approvals. Designed to meet a wide range of safety needs. self-contained instrument that incorporates patented triple IR sensor technology and ensures the greatest degree of spectral matching. is field configurable and provides a distributed • ATEX safety approvals and TUV approval for up to bus technology architecture to ensure fail-safe SIL3 systems and NFPA72 compliance. keeping the cost of • A modular.MSA offers a full-line of permanent gas-detection instruments to meet your needs and those of everyone in your organization Suprema® Control System The MSA Suprema Control System offers the new standard in flame. hydrocarbon flames and other external radiation sources. Xenon Flash Source and its integrated electronics are housed in a low-profile 316 stainless-steel housing for easy installation and alignment. hydraulic fluids. This rugged 316 stainless-steel. SafEye® 700 Open-Path Gas Detector The MSA SafEye 700 Open-Path Gas Detector uses advanced Xenon Flash Source technology to offer high sensitivity and fast response to hydrocarbon gases C1-C8. natural gas (LNG). town gas. This self-contained optical gas-detection system detects combustible gases below the lower explosion (LEL) range over an open path up to 450 feet long. pull stations and more. • Onboard relays. • MTBF minimum of 100. segregated terminal enclosure. condensation and snow as well as provide total immunity to solar radiation. paints. • ATEX approvals. • Heated optics to eliminate icing. smoke detectors. • Programmable functionality using a handheld unit. the Suprema Controller offers: • Signal processing for up to 256 inputs and • Easy installation. • High immunity to false alarms.and gas-detection technology. • Minimal maintenance. sensitivity selection and built-in-test capabilities. • Immunity to false alarms and poisoning. with an integral. The SafEye 700 Gas Detector also offers: • A 3mA “maintenance call” and an intrinsically safe hand-held diagnostic/calibration unit. Flamegard® Flame Detector The MSA Flamegard Flame Detector is an extremely sensitive. polymers. liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and hydrocarbon gases. aviation jet fuels.

triggering automatic alarm and relay setting reconfiguration. The Ultima XIR Monitor eliminates the need for gas calibration—a simple zero adjustment provides reliable accuracy. . multiple-entry mounting enclosure enables problem-free installation and servicing. X3 Technology is “X to the Power of 3” and brings multisensing. • State-of-the-art display conveniently alternates between sensor reading and gas type. making installation and replacement extremely easy. • Onboard LEDs and relays provide increased indication of alarm and fault conditions. RS-485 half-duplex communication interface. Ultima® XE Gas Monitor The Ultima XE Gas Monitor offers the latest in mechanical and electrical technologies for the continuous gas monitoring of combustible and toxic gases. • Signal boost . Ultima® X Series Gas Monitors with X3™ Technology 3 Ultima X Series Gas Monitors with X Technology provides continuous monitoring of combustible and toxic gases and oxygen deficiency. signal boost and ModBus output to the Ultima X Series Gas Advanced features of the Ultima XE Monitor include: • World-class design features one electronics board for maximum reliability and serviceability. • Interchangeable smart sensors. and features scrolling diagnostic messaging. switches or pots. allowing for replacement of sensors in hazardous areas. as well as oxygen deficiency. humidity and aging effects. has a rapid response time and is immune to sensor poisoning. providing definitive compensation for temperature.msagasdetection.universal 85-256VAC or 7-30VDC power supply available at remote condulet. • ModBUS RTU Output . catalytic. and infrared-type sensor is available. infrared-point gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible and carbon dioxide gases and vapors. It operates over extended temperature ranges. Ultima X3 Technology for the Ultima X Series Gas Monitors features: • Multi-sensing – up to 31 monitors with up to 3 sensors inputted per monitor for a total of 93 sensors. CSA and ATEX approvals.000 feet from the monitor. • Scrolling display – monitor scrolls through type and reading for all sensors attached. jumpers. • UL. making it a perfect match for all applications and industries. integration into PLC/DCS systems. Ultima® XIR Infrared Gas Monitor The Ultima XIR Gas Monitor provides a microprocessor-based.The IR technology offers excellent long-term stability. The 316 stainless-steel. The technology allows three sensors to be inputted into one Ultima X Gas Monitor and provides a ModBus RTU output.industrystandard RTU format. • Disconnect under power. • “Fail to safety” operation — designed without a sintered disk. Each sensor can be remoted up to 3. • UL. The Ultima XIR Monitor functions in both high-gas and low-oxygen environments and contains no moving parts. New sensors are recognized. CSA and ATEX approvals. Any combination of electrochemical. eliminates the need for frequent calibrations and reduces the overall cost of ownership. The Ultima XIR Monitor utilizes dual-wavelength heated-optics technology.For more information call MSA at 1-800-MSA-INST or visit us at www. The Ultima XIR Monitor offers the same features as the Ultima XE Gas Monitor plus advanced features including: • Field-selectable algorithms for a variety of hydrocarbon-based gases.

Additionally. as well as an adjustable calibration gas-concentration value. conditions.• Water and dust resistant. • IP54 rated Solaris® Multigas Detector The Solaris Multigas Detector is extremely compact and lightweight. toxic-gas and oxygen-deficient atmospheres. Other features of the Solaris Detector include: • Durable housing with integrated rubberized armor provides superior protection against liquid and particulate dust ingress (IP65 rated) while helping to protect the unit from impact damage if it is accidentally dropped. helping to ensure that the product • Two years of continuous operation with the instrument will stand up in the most lifetime remaining clearly displayed on the unit. free personal protection from one of several toxic The Pulsar Detector is IP54 gases. • Optional powered sampling pump built into the probe assembly to facilitate remote sampling applications while keeping the overall size of the basic detector to a minimum. multiple high-intensity visual alarm lights and a strong vibrating alarm. Pulsar®+ Single-Gas Detector The Pulsar+ Single-Gas Detector is based on the highly successful MSA Pulsar Detector platform. STEL and TWA alarm levels. • World-class. Advanced features of the Pulsar+ Detector include: • Fully adjustable warning. or an oxygen-deficient atmosphere. challenging environmental • Truly maintenance free – no instrument calibration. triple-alarm system with 100+ decibel audible alarm. making it the ideal choice for individual worker safety. • Long-life rechargeable lithium battery provides 14+ hours of continuous run-time and recharges in less than four hours. battery or sensor replacement required – ever. the Pulsar+ Detector offers a concentration display and replaceable battery and sensor. . this pocket-sized product provides simultaneous detection of combustible. peak. rated against liquid and Features of the Pulsar Detector include: particulate ingress.MSA offers a full-line of portable gas-detection instruments to meet your needs and those of everyone in your organization Pulsar® Single Gas Detector The Pulsar Single-Gas Detector provides maintenance. • Long-life replaceable battery to power the unit for up to two years under normal (non-alarming) conditions. patented button-cell technology — available only from MSA — for the reliable detection of targeted gases. • Utilizes state-of-the-art. Weighing less than 8 ounces.

and durability. up to 10 systems can be interconnected. • Interchangeable rechargeable and disposable battery options can keep the instrument running practically 24 hours-a-day. the MSA Sirius® Multigas Detector. Features of the Orion Detector include: • A built-in sampling pump for remote gas sampling. requiring no computer. • Expandable. • The Orion Detector accommodates interchangeable rechargeable or replaceable alkaline battery packs. as well as for use in corrosive environments. After setup. The Sirius Multigas Detector is also compatible with MSA’s TIM® System for automated calibration and recordkeeping. Orion® Multigas Detector With over 25. • Impact resistant carbon-filled nylon housing helps to make the Orion Detector an excellent choice for use in the toughest conditions.For more information call MSA at 1-800-MSA-2222 or visit us at www. The Orion Detector utilizes proven technology for the simultaneous detection of combustible and toxic gases.The Galaxy Automated Test System is compatible with the MSA Solaris® Multigas Detector (datalogging version). Other features include: • Wireless or wired network interface available. toxic and oxygen-deficient atmospheres within one reliable. • With one of the largest displays of any 4-gas monitor on the market. controller or network interface. • MSA’s innovative PID design (patent pending) provides users with superior PID performance including humidity resistance. Users are able to simultaneously monitor for volatile organic compounds while measuring for combustible. . • Instrument charging capability. In-line gas cylinder holster available to keep the work area orderly. the Orion Detector is easy to read and has exceptional color contrast for use in low light conditions. This new system from MSA offers ease of use with minimal training needed. The Galaxy Automated Test System operates without the touch of a single button.msanet. the Orion Multigas Detector is practically the industry standard for a durable and reliable 4-gas monitor. memory card and test receipt printer options. as well as oxygen-deficient The Galaxy System is stand-alone. users place their instrument in the test stand and the Galaxy System will automatically perform the test. easy-to-use unit. as all gas tubing and electrical connections are pre-connected. stable zero readings and fast response times. ease of use. and calibration test system – including low cost. versatility. Standard web browser accessibility for data retrieval and reporting. record keeping. 7 days-a-week.000 units sold. • One-button auto calibration makes calibration simple for any user. Sirius® Multigas Detector The Sirius Multigas Detector provides users outstanding multifunctional capabilities by integrating a highperformance photoionization (PID) detector into a 4-gas detector. Galaxy™ Automated Test System The new MSA Galaxy™ Automated Test System has all the features needed in an automated. and the MSA Orion® Multigas Detector (datalogging version).

Box 426.Note: This Bulletin contains only a general description of the products shown. PA 15230 USA Phone 412-967-3000 www. MSA International Phone 412-967-3354 Fax 412-967-3451 . Only they contain the complete and detailed information concerning proper use and care of these products.O. While uses and performance capabilities are described.S.S.MSAnet. Pittsburgh. Customer Service Center Permanent Instruments Phone 1-800-MSA-INST (4678) Fax 724-776-3280 Portable Instruments Phone 1-800-MSA-2222 Fax 1-800-967-0398 MSA Canada Permanent Instruments Phone 1-800-MSA-INST (4678) Fax 905-238-4151 Portable Instruments Phone 1-800-MSA-2222 Fax 905-238-4151 MSA Mexico Phone Fax 52-55 21 22 5730 52-55 359 4330 Offices and representatives worldwide For further information: ID #07-2078/April 2005 ©MSA 2005 Printed in U. under no circumstances shall the products be used by untrained or unqualified individuals and not until the product instructions including any warnings or cautions provided have been thoroughly read and U.A. Corporate Headquarters P.

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