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Richmond College Student Government Association 2013-2014 Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, October 30, 2013 To create and

ensure the highest quality of life for Richmond College. I. Roll Call II. Call to Order III. S ecial Guests a. Potential sophomore RCSGA candidates i. Harry Lambert ii. Fernando Perez iii. Mike Rutondo i . Hunter Ross I!. Re orts a. President i. !"!S Sunday #as ery success$ul% ii. !omorro# there is an orchard bein& planted in $ront o$ 'hall to &i e us $ruits (. )ein& run throu&h Green *R iii. Homecomin& tomorro# + PM (. Re,uired e ent $or senators i . *R Alumni Association board meetin& Friday (. Pat #ill present our initiati es $or this year . Founder-s 'ay i. .oint meetin& ad ertisement is no# under #ay (. /e0t #eek at )ro#n Alley room at 1234 PM b. 5P Academic A$$airs i. Re&istration has already kicked o$$ (. Seniors ha e already re&istered alon& #ith 6unior scholars ii. Goin& to be&in meetin& #ith science department to address issue about possibly ha in& lab units $or science ma6ors c. 5P Administration i. )i& #eek ne0t #eek% ii. /e0t !uesday $rom +78234 PM #ill be the !ri ia /i&ht (. Chipotle 9:4 $or $irst place ;. .immy .ohn-s 9;4 $or second place

3. Current #orld e ents< &eo&raphy< popular culture and random *ni ersity o$ Richmond !ri ia are possible topics iii. !ra elin& Senators to help increase transparency (. !uesday /o ember :< 8 AM7(; PM ;. /o ember 1< /o ember ;4 and 'ecember 1 $rom 8 AM7(; PM are also possible dates $or this i . "ur minutes #ill no lon&er be read o$$ the radio because the sho# #as cancelled d. 5P Finance i. =ate and Ale0 ha e set some preliminary dates $or S")AC $or ne0t semester ii. 'iscussed #ays to use rollo er money (. Possibility2 Lookin& $or other #ays to $und !"!s or Pi& Roast< maybe could use rollo er money $or this iii. >mbody 'ance !eam $undin& re,uest to be talked o er in closed meetin& e. 5P Student >0perience i. Robins Center tour today (. Lookin& amazin& in there% ;. /o ember +th $irst home &ame ii. Calendar in the han&in& loun&e in the Robins School (. Meetin& #ith Alison =eller to talk about ision o$ this iii. := re&istration $or ?hite Ribbon Campai&n is open (. 9(4 $or students and 9;4 $or $aculty and sta$$ i . Homecomin& #eekend% $. 5P Student Ser ices i. Shout out to committee (. > erybody on committee has their o#n personal pro6ect ii. Met #ith Pat and Mimi $or updates on $ood trucks (. Submitted ; applications< should ha e @ by the end o$ a couple o$ #eek ;. Should ha e all o$ them appro ed by dinin& ser ices in a couple o$ #eeks 3. ?orkin& on marketin& soon iii. Meetin& #ith 'ean )oehman tomorro# i . Meetin& #ith Chie$ McCoy ne0t #eek &. Class Chairs i. )obby McCurdy (. ?orkin& on his trinity o$ pro6ects ;. >mailed director o$ "ne Card ser ices and ha e not recei ed an email back ii. Matt Lo&an (. Homecomin& tomorro#

a. : star $ood b. )uses lea in& C7lot at + PM iii. Richuan Hu (. ?hite Ribbon Campai&n := is runnin& smoothly< #ebsite is up a. Friday be$ore the e ent< the cabinet #ill be #alkin& the course to $i&ure out #here to station #ho and #ho to ha e to do #hat b. "n Friday< /o ember ;;nd at 3234 PM i . '.R. )all (. Senior social plannin& is &oin& #ell a. /o ember (@th h. RC 'ean i. Claims he #ill #in the #in& eatin& contest ii. Gina Flanni&an #ho #orks at Student Acti ities #ill 6oin Richmond Colle&e o$$ice on /o ember ((th iii. Alumni7Student e ent (. March @th ;. !uesday be$ore Sprin& )reak 3. ?ill not only reco&nize achie ements o$ students< but also build connections bet#een alumni and students #ithin Richmond Colle&e i. Ro#dies Rundo#n i. Saturday cross country championship meet at (4 AM ii. Field Hockey Friday at 3234 playin& Lasalle (. St. .oe-s on Sunday at (; iii. Homecomin& $ootball &ame a&ainst Albany on Saturday (. !ail&ate be$orehand i . Spider Mayhem (. /o ember +th< openin& day ;. ?in& eatin& contest be$orehand a. 'ean )oehman and 'ean Landphair #ill compete 6. >0ecuti e Secretary i. Composite photo ne0t #eek< /o ember Ath $rom A7+234 PM in !HC 34: k. Senator o$ the ?eek l. "pen Floor i. Hank Ru$$ (. Green bikes &et trashed< maybe should look at scooters as $orm o$ transportation a. Likely not possible b. Maybe #e could rent out bikes

ii. =elly (. !here are less classes in the sprin& because abroad students come back ;. ?ould like to see this #orked out !. Closed "usiness a. Harry Lambert #on the sophomore senator position !I. #unding Re$uests a. >mbody re,uested 9(144 i. Funded 9@+4 !II. Student Concerns !III. Ad%ourn meeting

The purpose of this organization shall be to address areas that are of concern to the student body, to bring about cooperation among the various student organizations, and otherwise act to promote the welfare of the student body.

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