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If it involves wastewater systems, Colorados Snowbridge Inc. wants in
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Tennessees Shane Buck recaptures his family heritage by adding septic work to his plumbing business Page 16

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Pumper December 2013




December 2013
Plumbing + Pumping
- Doug Day Tennessees Shane Buck grows revenues and recaptures his familys heritage by adding septic work to his plumbing business. (Photo by Ty Kernea)

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10 Reading Between the Lines: Keep on Truckin

Welcome into our Classy Truck garage. Take a look at the rigs and tell us which one you like best.
- Jim Kneiszel, Editor

56 Classy Truck of the Year Contest: King of the Load

A mix of high-tech new and refurbished classic rigs engineered to tote septage from several jobs on a single run dominate the classy truck monthly winners for 2013.
- Jim Kneiszel

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26 Contractor Profile: Anything Goes

If it involves cleaning, maintaining, repairing or building wastewater systems, Colorados Snowbridge Inc. wants a part of the action.
- Ken Wysocky

64 Septic System Answer Man: Limiting Impact of Hydrogen Sulfide

The wastewater industry is looking for ways to conquer the corrosive gas that seems to be eating away at more and more concrete tanks and components.
- Jim Anderson

Pumper & Cleaner Expo

74 Classy Truck of the Month

We feature Halls Septic Services Inc., Street, Md.

36 Time Well Spent

Marking my 10th Pumper & Cleaner Expo, here are nuggets of advice Id give first-time visitors to the biggest and best environmental services trade show.
- Jim Kneiszel

78 Product Focus: Business Diversification

Sewer and Drain Maintenance
- Craig Mandli

60 Visit Indy Neighborhoods

Six historic districts showcase active art and music scenes for visitors to the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo.
- Sharon Verbeten

86 Expo Spotlight
Creator of the BullFrog Industries suitcase jetter tells Expo visitors that good things come in small packages
- Craig Mandli

2014 Pumper & Cleaner Expo

98 Accredited Education & Training -

90 NAWT News: Join us in Indy for a weekend of training before the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo
- Jim Anderson

40 Building the Business: Hire Like Steve Jobs

You dont build iPhones and personal computers, but you can still make the hiring principles of tech giant Apple Inc. work for your local service business.
- Patrick Valtin

94 Industry News 96 Product News

Product Spotlight: Versatile truck uses a blower and boom to perform a variety of tough jobs
- Ken Wysocky

Jim Flory

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44 Rules & Regs: Idaho environment officials developing new onsite system setback regulations
- Doug Day & Sharon Verbeten

114 Association News, Training and


Coming in JANUARY
n PROFILE: Serving farm and ranch country in South Dakota n SEPTIC SYSTEM ANSWER MAN: 6 tips customers will appreciate SPECIAL ISSUE:

48 Overheard Online: Neighbor Doesnt Like Land Application

A poster seeks advice on how to solve neighbor issues over land spreading practice.


Education Day: February 24, 2014 Exhibits Open: February 25-27 Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis

50 Money Manager: The Tax Man Cometh

There are some important changes to understand when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam for the year just ending.
- Erik Gunn

Pumper December 2013





December 2013

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Pumper December 2013


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Jim Kneiszel, Editor

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Keep on Truckin
By Jim Kneiszel, Editor

Welcome into our Classy Truck garage. Take a look at the rigs and tell us which one you like best.

ve seen a lot of indicators this year that vacuum fleet updates are on the rise. Theres an undeniable pent-up demand for new septic service vehicles, based both on the improving business climate pumpers keep telling me about and the aging trucks I see out on the highways. And a few truckbuilders Ive talked to lately bear that out. Theyve told me demand is higher for their product, one even saying he could tank up as many chassis as he could get and sell them. He said he hasnt been able to keep up with contractors who want to place an order. For several years I believe contractors have been playing it safe or what they thought was safe by running their aging trucks rather than risk overextending themselves with the purchase of new vehicles. But for whatever reason either breakdowns are taking a toll on the bottom line or theyre getting enough work to put another truck on the road pumpers now seem to be looking at making upgrades at a brisker pace. If youre busy and cant afford the lost time caused by a failing truck, placing an order for a new truck seems the smartest move. Customers wont wait around for you to rebuild that engine or patch that tank. They need you ASAP and will look around for someone with a more reliable truck if you cant deliver the goods.

spaces. Theyd rather pull more hose to reach a tank from the road than have to idle the time away commuting to and from a treatment plant. Please take a look at the 12 trucks vying for the Classy Truck of the Year title and choose your favorite. The roundup includes information on how you can let us know which truck you like best, and well take those votes into account when COLE Publishing judges sit down to choose a winner. That truck and its owner will be featured on the cover of the February 2014 issue of Pumper, the one distributed to thousands of visitors at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International in Indianapolis. SPEAKING OF THE EXPO Also in this issue, I offer up a column of advice aimed at first-time visitors at the Pumper & Cleaner Expo. Part of our ongoing pre-Expo coverage, I share what Ive learned about effectively navigating the big show as I make my 10th journey next February. Gearing up for and heading to the Expo is an exhilarating experience, and there are clearly things you can do to increase your enjoyment and derive the most professional satisfaction from the event. I hope to see you there, exploring the latest equipment offered for the pumping industry and taking advantage of many educational opportunities. CALLING A DRAIN CLEANER THAT MEANS YOU Smart diversification can play an important role in driving your revenue to new highs. And sewer and drain maintenance might be a natural addition to your service offerings. We explore that option in both of our contractor profile stories this month. We head to the snow skiing mecca of Breckenridge, Colo., to visit with do-it-all pumpers Bill and Chris Tatro, of Snowbridge Inc. The brothers have found that broad diversification including commercial drain cleaning and, most recently, trenchless pipe repair help smooth out profits between a short but busy ski season and the rest of the year. Work can be slow to come when the population dwindles in off-peak periods, and offering a Swiss Army knife of services helps ensure profitability, they explain. We also learn about the process of combining septic pumping and plumbing services in reverse through the story of Tennessees Bucks Plumbing and Sewer. When Shane Buck took over his familys plumbing business a few years ago, he added septic services, bought out two local providers and quickly doubled the size of the company. The move raised cash, but also prompted the move to a larger facility and strengthened the long-term profit picture.

In general, pumpers are reporting theyd like to load more tanks between trips to the disposal plant, even if that means dealing with occasional weight issues and maneuvering bigger trucks into tighter spaces.
Inside this issue, youll see a story highlighting a dozen septic service contractors who recently took the plunge and ordered new or fully refurbished rigs, betting on their ability to land enough work to cover their costs and then some. They are the owners of the 12 Classy Truck monthly winners for 2013. They run the gamut from the 2012 Freightliner M114 bought by Ron Miller II of Miller & Company, Canton, Ohio, to a classic refurbished 1984 Peterbilt 359 put back on the road by Brad Miller, of B.E. Miller and Son Septic Services in Street, Md. As youll see in our roundup, most of the trucks carry big tanks, typically in the 3,500- to 4,000-gallon range, with the biggest being a 5,000-gallon steel tank added to a 2006 Kenworth T800 owned by Jeremy Hawkins of Blu-John Inc., in Cumming, Ga. One message Ive heard from these and other pumpers throughout the year: Bigger is better. In general, pumpers are reporting theyd like to load more tanks between trips to the disposal plant, even if that means dealing with occasional weight issues and maneuvering bigger trucks into tighter


Pumper December 2013

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2013 Guzzler Manufacturing
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This homeowner was not typical, and we had no idea the lengths he would go to reduce water use to save the spruce trees.
Troubleshooting: Homeowners and Water Use Habits



winterize those tanks!

Most properly installed onsite systems can handle the chill of Old Man Winter. However, if youd like to avoid emergency Christmas Day repairs or pumping calls, consider sharing these tips with your homeowners. Find out how winterizing an onsite system can mean a peaceful holiday season for you.

ice, snow and sleet, oh my!


Mike Rowe gets dirty again

After spending hours shadowing skilled workers, Discovery Channels Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe has learned to respect the professionals hes interviewed. See what Rowe thinks of septic tank technicians in this blog by Pumper editor Jim Kneiszel.

Are you ready for winter driving? Find out how commercial truck training and driving simulators can keep you safe when visibility is poor and roads are slick.


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Pumper December 2013





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Pumper December 2013




Tennessees Shane Buck grows revenues and recaptures his familys heritage by adding septic work to his plumbing business By Doug Day

The Bucks Plumbing and Sewer Service team includes (left to right) Jamie Fox, Angel Delmoral, Caden Buck, Shane Buck, Kimberly Buck, Linda Buck, Jerry Buck, Donny Blaylock and Billy Sims. (Photos by Ty Kernea)

Bucks Plumbing and Sewer Service
Cookeville, Tennessee
OWNER: Shane Buck FOUNDED: 1960 EMPLOYEES: 6 SERVICE AREA: Putnam County and neighboring counties SPECIALTIES: Plumbing, sewer and drain cleaning, sewer line installation and repair, water heater installation and repair, septic system and grease trap installation and repair, backhoe service WEBSITE:

hane Buck took over his familys longtime plumbing company a few years back and quickly doubled its size by adding septic pumping to his menu of services. Finding people who can switch-hit between the two specialties has been a challenge; one that left Buck a busy man as he tried to keep pace with customer demands. Buck, 37, is the owner of Bucks Plumbing and Sewer in Cookeville, Tenn., a city of 24,000 about 80 miles east of Nashville. His grandfather, Lester, started the company in 1960, offering both plumbing and septic pumping. Jerry, Shanes father, later combined Bucks with his own plumbing business in 1994 and stuck strictly to plumbing. Were the oldest family-operated company in Cookeville and the county, Shane Buck says.



Pumper December 2013

When he bought out his retiring father three years ago, Buck expanded the business back into pumping by also buying two other companies at the same time. One company, Buckeye Septic Tank, was started by my greatgrandfather in 1948, he says. It had been shut down for almost a year so I bought it. The other company was a backhoe service. ON THE MOVE We do all kinds of plumbing repairs. We started the pumping side and thats led to more work and more money, he says. The quick expansion immediately doubled his income and prompted a move into a larger facility a few miles from his original building. They also do about three dozen septic installations a year using conventional and gravelless We do all kinds of systems. The first thing Buck did plumbing repairs. after taking over the septic service We started the pumping side company was get a better truck, a and thats led to more 2000 Kenworth T-800 built out by House of Imports with a 4,000-gallon work and more money. steel tank and Challenger vacuum system from National Vacuum Shane Buck Equipment.

His 1999 International has a 1,500 gallon steel tank and vacuum from Transway Systems Inc. but its a bit under the weather right now. With the spring hiring of two more people, he was able to get another truck back on the road, a 1997 Freightliner FL70 with an 1,800-gallon tank and Moro pump. The company also has a small Bobcat backhoe and a John Deere 310E backhoe. The company has three drain cleaning machines from MyTana Mfg. Company Inc. along with an Electric Eel Mfg. hand-operated cleaner for sinks. A Pipehorn pipe locator from Utility Tool Company was purchased this summer. The next planned purchase is a jetting system mainly to serve Tennessee Tech University. Buck thinks he could also use another service truck to go along with his 2008 Dodge Sprinter.

Kimberly Buck works in the office, with 7-year-old son Caden looking over her shoulder. Technicians Angel Delmoral, left, and Donny Blaylock pump a septic tank at a home in Putnam County, Tenn.

NO LOW-BALLING HERE Amid all the changes, the one thing Buck hasnt done is alter his philosophy on charging enough money to turn a profit. He doesnt believe in low-balling to compete with other pumpers. Thats just the way hes handled the plumbing business over the years. If you do things right to begin with, word gets out. We dont just pump out the tank and run, we make sure the tank is clean. And the customers understand that you get what you pay for, he says. Most of the people I work for know me, know how I work, and theyre not price shopping, says Buck. Our trucks stay on the road all day every day, so Im not too concerned about being $10 or $20 over my competition. If you want it done right, my prices are my prices, and thats it, he says. But there are exceptions to his hard line on pricing. If I go to an elderly persons house and can see they live on a fixed income and dont have much money, Ill give them a break. That is the way I was brought up. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Word gets around when you do that. GETTING THE JOB DONE Buck enjoys getting out in the field, especially solving plumbing problems. He is licensed by the state, county and city for doing plumbing repairs and septic pumping and installation, but spends a lot of his time providing estimates and dealing with customers.

Shane Buck heads for the cab of his Kenworth truck, built out by House of Imports, to head to a septic service appointment.


Pumper December 2013

The Buck Stops Here

Shane Buck has been around the plumbing and septic business all his life, but worked for a big box home improvement store for about seven years right out of high school. He decided to go back to the family business to help out when his father, Jerry, was having heart problems. He was quickly hooked on the work. Despite the long days and stress, he still gets satisfaction from delighting customers and being his own boss. You can make your own hours, but you have the stress behind it. Its always in the back of your mind. As the latest owner of the family business, Buck has 7-year-old Caden at home, so its possible that another generation of pumpers and plumbers may be coming up. He wants to go with me. If this is what he wants to do, I wont stop him, Buck says. But a college education comes first.

Technician Billy Sims (left) works the ground in a trench while Jerry Buck operates a Bobcat excavator as the company installs a new sewer lateral at a home in Cookeville, Tenn.

Angel Delmoral uses a Ditch Witch trencher as part of site preparation for a new sewer line.

Finding someone who knows what theyre doing, is presentable, has a CDL, and who you can just turn loose is like finding a needle in a haystack. I dont mind training someone, but I just dont have the time. Shane Buck
Angel Delmoral runs the vacuum truck and does some plumbing work. Bucks sister, Jamie Fox, handles the phones and his wife, Kim, does the accounting and bookwork. Jerry Buck comes out of retirement now and then to take care of any backhoe work that comes up. Despite the extra work, Buck considers buying the septic business to be one of his best decisions in a long time. We do $450,000 to $500,000 a year, he says. About $325,000 of that now comes from plumbing. The rest is from 60 or 70 septic service jobs per month. His marketing includes a website he developed himself that features water facts, a blog, coupons and a list of services. I work on it when I can, he says. He also has a Facebook page and tries to post something every day or two, though he often doesnt have the time. We do telephone books and our trucks are rolling billboards. The diversification came quickly, which presents an important issue anytime you expand. Getting it all done, is the main challenge, according to Buck. Its hard to find people. Buck says he looks for the plumbing skills first, but the main barrier is the CDL license; many people dont want the hassle and restrictions that come along with it, such as medical certificates, extra testing, the lower blood alcohol limit and possibility of losing a job for a DUI in a personal vehicle, and the requirement to report all traffic tickets to their employer. HUMAN RESOURCES CHALLENGE Like all small-business owners, Buck finds himself putting in long hours to meet his customers needs. I fit it in somehow or another, but it may not be the same day they call. Pumping and sewer calls get the highest priority.


Pumper December 2013




Shane Buck is on the job at a home in Tennessee. I probably put in 60 or 70 hours a week. Pump truck driver Angel Delmoral normally clocks 55 hours or more. Things were going well earlier this year, until he lost two of his staff members. One left for the military, I knew he was leaving. The other one didnt work out. Between the four of us, we kept everything under control. We all made good money, and got everything done in a timely manner. He gets plenty of people stopping by looking for work. Finding someone who knows what theyre doing, is presentable, has a CDL and who you can just turn loose is like finding a needle in a haystack. I dont mind training someone, but I just dont have the time. Finally, a new and unexpected opportunity presented itself this year in the form of Donny Blaylock and Billy Sims. They both started working with Buck in May in a merger of sorts. Blaylock has his own plumbing company, where Sims worked, but had scaled back due to health problems. Blaylock is better now, so he and Sims went to work at Bucks Plumbing and Sewer, and are serving their old customers on the side. Oddly enough, Blaylock has ties to Bucks family. He worked for our family about 25 years ago, says Buck. My dad was the one who taught him how to pump. And now hes back as a plumber. Hes experienced and knows what hes doing so I can just put him in a truck and let him go. Two more people on the road makes life easier for Buck, and he plans to use the time to hit the bricks and recruit more business.

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Pumper December 2013

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If it involves cleaning, maintaining, repairing or building wastewater systems, Colorados Snowbridge Inc. wants a part of the action By Ken Wysocky

Chris Tatro, (left, holding a T & T Tools Inc. Mighty Probe) and Bill Tatro, owners of Snowbridge Inc., will take on just about any pumping and plumbing work for their neighbors in Breckenridge, Colo. (Photos by Carl Scofield)

Snowbridge Inc.
OWNERS: Bill and Chris Tatro FOUNDED: 1976 EMPLOYEES: 13

Breckenridge, Colorado

o understand why Snowbridge Inc. provides so many services septic tank pumping; septic system installations; repairs and inspections; grease trap cleaning; residential and commercial drain cleaning; and trenchless pipe repair consider the companys location in Breckenridge, a skiresort community nestled in the Rocky Mountains about 80 miles west of Denver. Breckenridge is a remote community with a small year-round population that swells only when tourists arrive during the skiing season. As a result, Snowbridge, also a Roto-Rooter franchisee, must go farther afield for business, catering to customers as far as 75 miles away, and offer them a multitude of services to sustain business volume and avoid having expensive equipment sit idle. We dont have a lot of any one kind of work to do, so to stay busy year-round, we have to offer a lot of different services, says Bill Tatro, who co-owns the business with his brother, Chris. We couldnt survive just pumping septic tanks or doing inspections. Sometimes it feels like we do way too many things, and other times it feels like we dont do enough. DO IT ALL Offering diverse services provides other benefits, too, says Tatro. First of all, customers prefer a company that provides opportunities for one-stop shopping. Secondly, it gives the company better control over scheduling because crews dont have to wait for, say, a

SERVICE AREA: 75-mile radius around Breckenridge SPECIALTIES: Septic and grease trap service; septic system inspection, installation and repair; residential and commercial drain cleaning; pipe-bursting and relining WEBSITE:

tardy excavation subcontractor to arrive for a septic-system installation. And thirdly, it creates independent revenue streams that can help offset slow times in other service segments, not to mention minimizes giving away work to subcontractors. We like to be the only company a customer needs to call, Tatro says. What starts off as a drainline problem might turn out to be a broken sewer pipe, which we can fix for the customer and keep that revenue in-house some of our best jobs come from service calls. Many times, service diversity keeps your customers from looking around and hiring somebody else because you can do the job and do it fast. Before we started doing our own repair work, wed refer the work to someone else, he adds. We might go out and do a $300 or $400 job and give away $5,000 to a subcontractor. So adding services such as excavation and sewer repairs [pipe bursting and relining] has definitely added revenue streams to our business in the last seven or eight years. SEPTIC-PUMPING ROOTS Tatros entrepreneurial father, Bill Jr., a former dump-truck driver, and his mother, Cheryl, started the business in 1976 after a local operator retired. To fill the void, they bought a vacuum truck and started pumping septic tanks. Back then, the company also rented and serviced portable restrooms, says Tatro, who started working for his parents when he was 12, washing and repairing restrooms, then eventually doing deliveries and pickups, too. When Tatro turned 17, he started broadening his experience, doing everything from septic

We might go out and do a $300 or $400 job and give away $5,000 to a subcontractor. So adding services such as excavation and sewer repairs [pipe bursting and relining] has definitely added revenue streams to our business. - Bill Tatro

Machine operator Noah Gauss runs a rented John Deere 130 G excavator during a sewer line replacement job.

Chris Tatro,left, aids workers from another industrial cleaning company as they transfer waste in the Showbridge Inc. yard.

Left: Owner Bill Tatro views excavation work for a sewer line replacement project. Below: Bill Tatro and other Snowbridge workers clean a septic system filter as part of a maintenance and repair job.

By Tanking It, Company Cuts Disposal Costs

To boost efficiency, cut disposal and fuel expenses and reduce wear-and-tear on vehicles, Snowbridge Inc. in Breckenridge, Colo., keeps a rented 5,500-gallon aluminum tanker trailer in its yard. When its full of septage, a truck from McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. in Frederick hauls it to a waste-treatment facility in Denver. Our trucks usually dump here because its fastest, explains Bill Tatro, president and co-owner of the company along with his brother, Chris. If we have a pump truck on the southern end of our service area, our yard is only 10 miles away. Snowbridge has been contracting with McDonald Farms for waste disposal for about 20 years, mainly because no nearby treatment plants accept septage. While it may sound expensive to hire a private hauler, on a per-gallon basis its actually cheaper by one or two cents per gallon than the rate charged by the nearest plant that accepts septage, which is about an hours drive away. And for a company that pumps about 100,000 gallons of septage a month during the peak summer season, that adds up to substantial savings, Tatro says. No local treatment plants accept grease trap waste, either. So Snowbridge stores grease waste in a separate holding tank, which also is hauled to Denver for disposal. Snowbridge is fortunate because it owns enough land to accommodate the tanker. Thats a competitive advantage because other area pumpers have more limited space, and land is very expensive in Breckenridge, he notes.

pumping runs to sewer and drain cleaning. Hes been a full-time employee for the last 10 years, and he and his brother bought the business in 2009. Bill is president of the company; Chris serves as vice-president. The companys roster of equipment has grown considerably over the years. It now includes a 1992 Mack truck (nicknamed Maxine) with a 3,000-gallon steel tank made by Cusco Fabricators Inc. (a Wastequip company) and equipped with a 400 cfm Masport pump, a full-opening rear hydraulic door and a vibrator unit. Thats for removing sand waste from carwash pits, Tatro notes. Snowbridge also relies on a 2000 International 4900 (nicknamed Rosie), equipped with a 2,000-gallon steel tank and a 400 cfm Jurop pump. Tatro says that owning one smaller truck was a necessity because many remote customers are accessible only via narrow roads and entry points. A lot of the driveways here are just goat trails, he says. The terrain is very steep. And after we get 30 inches of snow, the roads get even narrower. Rosie is great because shes a little more nimble than Maxine.


Pumper December 2013



SEPTIC BUSINES ON THE WANE HIGH-ELEVATION CHALLENGES Going forward, Snowbridge faces a significant challenge: dwindling The high altitude creates operational challenges, too. Driving to septic numbers of septic systems as more and more homeowners switch to rapidly customers is difficult in winter, when roads through mountain passes are expanding sewer systems. treacherous. Moreover, the thin air robs some power from things like truck In the meantime, its a positive for us because customers are taking engines and pumps. better care of their systems to avoid the expense of switching over to In general, everything we use has to be a little bit bigger and possess a sewers, Bill Tatro points out. But eventually those little bit more horsepower than what youd run systems will fail. And the price of putting in a new at lower elevations, Tatro says. Diesel engines In general, everything we septic system here is about $30,000 because of the must be turbocharged or they dont work well. very tough [excavating] conditions. Theyre called the A vacuum-truck blower that pulls 27 use has to be a little bit Rocky Mountains for a reason. inches Hg at sea level pulls only about 16 or bigger and possess a little bit Eventually, there wont be enough septic 17 inches at high elevations, and a traditional vane customers to support the industry here some pump generates about 30 to 40 percent less vacuum more horsepower than what youd people are going to go out of business, he power, explains Chris Tatro. You have to keep run a lower elevations. Diesel adds. in mind that sometimes were up at 12,000 feet, engines must be turbocharged But by pushing hard for diversification pumping grease traps and septic systems at resorts, or they dont work well. coupled with the companys good reputation as well as pumping outhouses for ski resorts and the and longevity in the community the U.S. Forest Service, he says. At times, we may have to - Bill Tatro Tatro brothers are doing their best to ensure that use 90 feet of hose, which makes it even tougher. Or Snowbridge wont be one of those companies. a tank were pumping out might be located 30 or 40 Weve really tried to diversify so that when feet below the truck. certain revenue streams get smaller, others get bigger, Bill says. Slowly, To counteract the reduction in vacuum power created by longer, uphill most of the septic systems in this county will go away, except in outlying hose runs, crews use a pressure-lift device called the Power Booster, made areas. But our strategy is to diversify again, this time into trenchless pipe by Pressure Lift Corp. Typically placed between the first and second sections repair and sewer-line installations. of hose, it acts like an air pump, generally adding supplemental vacuum power of about 20 cfm at 90 psi, Chris says. To clean drainlines, the company also owns a US Jetting 4025 water jetter. It sits inside a heated and insulated 14-foot box body, made by Supreme Corp. and mounted on a 2007 Sterling Acterra chassis. The truck also carries a 600-gallon water tank and the jetter produces pressure of 4,000 psi at 25 gpm. TOOLS OF THE TRADE In addition, the truck also carries three RIDGID pipeline-inspection push cameras and two small cable drain cleaning machines from RotoRooter. Technicians use jetting nozzles made by Shamrock Pipe Tools Inc. and Warthog nozzles from StoneAge Inc. The company also owns a lateral pipe relining system made by LMK Technologies and a lateral pipe-bursting machine made by Pipe Genie Manufacturing. Snowbridge also uses probes and tools from T & T Tools Inc. Both vacuum trucks carry jetters (with pumps from Giant Industries and Cat Pumps) and have 200-gallon and 300-gallon water compartments integrated in the tanks. The jetters come in handy because sometimes [drainfield] lines are back-pitched or the tee is clogged, or we open the cleanout and the line is holding water, Tatro explains. We charge an additional fee to clean the line the jetters are great because its better for us to do it right away, rather than have to make a second trip. Snowbridge septic crews also use the onboard jetters to clean dosing tanks. Tatro says most septic systems in the companys home area of Summit County feature three-compartment systems. When crews pump out tanks, they wash out the dosing compartment and effluent filters to keep the third compartment as clean as possible. The company also owns two Crust Busters, made by Schmitz Brothers LLC one for each pump truck. Without them, I think most of our staff would quit, says Chris Tatro. We use them for almost everything we pump, from septic tanks to grease traps to car-wash bays. Sand is a very hard material to pump anyway, so if we can work it into a slurry, its a lot easier to move it. The Crust Busters probably save us a half hour per job, which really adds up over time.

Cat Pumps 763/780-5440 Crust Busters/ Schmitz Brothers, LLC 888/878-2296
(See ad page 51)

RIDGID 800/769-7743 Roto-Rooter Corporation 800/848-3375 Shamrock Pipe Tools, Inc. 800/633-7696 StoneAge, Inc. 866/795-1586 Supreme Corporation 800/642-4889 T & T Tools 800/521-6893
(See ad page 62)

Giant Industries, Inc. 800/633-4565 Jurop LMK Technologies 888/433-1275 Masport, Inc. 800/228-4510
(See ad page 3)

Pipe Genie Manufacturing 877/411-7473 Pressure Lift Corporation 972/355-0550
(See ad page 66)

US Jetting, LLC 800/538-8464 Wastequip 877/468-9278


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Injection molded T-Baffle.

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They finally made a portable restroom I will use.

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MAXIM 3000
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Marking my 10th Pumper & Cleaner Expo, here are nuggets of advice Id give first-time visitors to the biggest and best environmental services trade show By Jim Kneiszel, Editor

hen I pull the car into downtown Indianapolis in February, it will mark the beginning of my 10th Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International. It doesnt seem so long ago that I was on my first trip to the Expo in Nashville in 2005. I couldnt believe the enthusiasm I saw from the moment I stepped off the airplane. Vee love za pumpas, a woman with a thick German accent said, greeting me in the airport. From that airport worker to the hotel hospitality staff, and from the exhibitors to regular Expo attendees theres a thrill and excitement every time the show rolls around. Its been the same in Nashville, Louisville, and now my new personal favorite Expo venue in Indy. After walking the exhibit hall for three days and while Im making the car ride home to Wisconsin, my mind sometimes wanders to the advice I would give first-time Expo attendees to make their trip to the industrys biggest show more enjoyable. What tips could I impart that would help them get the most out of the trade show experience? This year, I decided to jot down some of my ideas for first-timers and experienced Expo attendees alike and present them before the big event. I hope at least one of these nuggets from an Expo veteran will be helpful come Feb. 24-27 at the Indiana Convention Center: GET COMFORTABLE Hitting the Expo is more about endurance than speed. With four days (Education Day and three exhibit days), you have time to slow down and take it all in. But you should be prepared to feel refreshed and ready to go every morning. My first tip is to wear comfortable shoes and have two pairs so you can alternate by days. I buy one new pair of quality shoes every winter and break them in for Expo duty. You dont want tired, sore feet to take away from your experience. Also remember to drink plenty of water and bring along lip balm. The dry indoor air at a trade show can be dehydrating. Ample snacks and refreshments are available at the Expo. Its also good to step outside for some fresh air a few times a day. And though theres so much to do and see with your industry friends after show hours, be sure to get plenty of sleep. When you get up in the morning, have a good breakfast, as your mother always told you. HAVE A SYSTEM TO COVER THE EXHIBIT HALL The vast exhibit floor can be an imposing sight when you enter the Indiana Convention Center. One look at the show floor map can also have a paralyzing effect on the first time visitor. A systematic approach to working the exhibit hall will ensure you dont miss a vendor you really wanted to see and keep you from passing unnecessarily through the same area multiple times. I recommend grabbing a map at the registration area and studying it before charging into the hall. Make a mark at all the booths that are mustsees, including your existing vendors, all When youre planning your time at the Expo, it can be helpful to those that carry a product youre interested take a systematic approach to in purchasing or new technologies youre working the exhibit floor. It will interested in considering for your business. Then divide the exhibitor map by the help you get to all the vendors you really want to see and keep number of days you have at the Expo. If you from passing unnecessarily youll be there all three days, draw a grid through the same area multiple of three areas to cover. Alternately, you can times. (Photo by Luke Laggis) color code the booth markings to make sure you hit the most important companies in the time you have allotted. The key is to organize your visit to accomplish all of your priorities. DONT MISS OUT ON EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES Some visitors come just to see the exhibits, and with good reason. You wont see this extreme collection of environmental services equipment anywhere else. But if you ignore the education opportunities the Expo has to offer, youre leaving some professional value on the table. Education Day, on the first day of the Expo, features dozens of classes with some of the industrys best teachers and presenters. The seminars can often be used to satisfy ongoing training requirements from your state. Or you can attend a variety of marketing sessions that will help you promote and grow your business. Also, you may walk into a class that introduces you to the next service your business


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6312, 6313, 6317
can provide to customers. Take time to read the seminar descriptions in the Expo guide and plan your day. And remember, a host of seminars and demonstrations continue the days after Education Day. SEE WHAT YOUR REGULAR VENDORS HAVE TO OFFER You might say, I already know my existing vendors and what they carry. So I should spend my time visiting new exhibits. Thats true to a degree. But relationship building has always been and will continue to be a big key to success for small businesses. You need face time with the rep that supplies your equipment and inventory of consumable items to make sure you are always top of mind with them in times of need. Also, an annual sit-down with your suppliers can push you to ask questions, inquire about bulk discounts and look for suggestions about how you can run the business more efficiently. The Expo is a great time to make suggestions for updates to vendors products, learn about new innovations and hear about new applications for products you use as a matter of routine. BUY IT OFF THE FLOOR Do you drive to the Expo? If you typically fly, can you think of an advantage to driving to Indy this time around? The Expo floor is filled with the latest and best products some 500 exhibitors have to offer, and the manufacturers often want to sell displayed equipment so they dont have to transport it back home. That means youll find good deals on exhibited equipment. Ive talked to contractors who come to the Expo every year intending to purchase a new piece of equipment and either haul or drive it back home. They know exhibitors spec out show equipment with quality in mind and look for a discount on great new equipment. If youre out for customization, buying equipment off the show floor might not be the best approach for you. But if you see something you really like, you might be able to hook it up to your hitch and go after the event is over.


Contact: Gene for a quote or check on stock tanks

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Hitting the Expo is more about endurance than speed. With four days (Education Day and three exhibit days), you have time to slow down and take it all in. But you should be prepared to feel refreshed and ready to go every morning.
FIND A FRIEND AT THE ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS Many longtime visitors to the Expo have tapped into a little-known networking secret that has paid major dividends. Theyve met a contractor from another part of the country who operates the same kind of business, and now have a trusted friend to strategize with. Im sure you would often like a friend in the industry to act as a sounding board for your ideas. But the last person you want to turn to is your direct competitor on the other side of town. Thats where the Expos roundtable discussions offer untold value. The breakfast roundtable event on Feb. 27 groups contractors by topic and type of company, creating a perfect opportunity for you to meet others facing similar business challenges. Ive heard from many attendees whove forged lifelong friendships from these networking opportunities. These contractors keep in touch throughout the years and across the country, then meet up every year to enjoy the Expo experience together. A FINAL WORD I hope these tips help you build a memorable and successful visit to the Pumper & Cleaner Expo. Do you want to talk some more? If so, youll find me at the editors booth near the registration area during the 2014 Expo. See you there! Since 1979 December 2013





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Patrick Valtin

Patrick Valtin is the author of No Fail Hiring and a management and human resources trainer. For more information, visit

Hire Like Steve Jobs

You dont build iPhones and personal computers, but you can still make the hiring principles of tech giant Apple Inc. work for your local service business By Patrick Valtin

im was the perfect candidate for a sales position, with many years of experience and excellent communication skills. But the manager at XYZ Pumping Co. had some reservations during his job interview. Jims strong focus on results right now and a certain aggressiveness that could upset prospective customers were some of the weaknesses he was concerned about. Yet Jims responses regarding topics like dedication to excellence were on target. He sold himself like never before and got hired. Four months later, Jim was fired for lack of dedication and, worst of all, for lack of honesty in his intentions. The manager made a hiring decision on what he saw and heard at the moment. He was swayed by Jims salesmanship and fooled by Jims hidden intention: to get the job no matter what needs to be said. This is not an uncommon outcome, but there is another way to ensure a better employee fit for the open position.

Future-minded. Apple employees are driven by the companys vision of the future, and they contribute every day to creating the future, more than just beating the competition. The eagerness to create, not follow, the future is a vital attribute observed in top employees, no matter the industry. Passion-minded. Steve Jobs first principle was: Do what you love. People are hired because they appreciate the industry and the company. Applicants who do not demonstrate this feeling will never make it. Engagement-minded. The majority of Americans are not engaged in their workplace. Apple management is strict on employees level of commitment. Committed individuals make the difference in competitive conditions. Excellence-minded. Steve Jobs was known for his passion for perfection. The company always tries things out until they are perfectly done. The same attitude is expected of every employee. Applicants who do not share that passion for excellence do not have a chance. SOFT SKILLS The points above are all personality-related attributes, or soft skills. They do not always guarantee performance. But the chance of selecting productive people is much higher when focusing on these vital soft skills. To avoid falling in the momentary personality trap as the manager in the opening example did you should also focus on these two basic soft skills: Honesty. Did you know that one third of all business failures in the United States are due to employee theft? Also, 95 percent of all U.S. companies are victims of theft, and yet only 10 percent ever discover it. Everybody recognizes the importance of honesty, so it would make sense to evaluate it prior to evaluating any other soft skill, wouldnt it? Strong indicators allow you to evaluate honesty, including gaps in work history, contradictory data between a resume and a job application, and negative reaction or embarrassment from the applicant to any challenging questions you may ask. Willingness. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 87 percent of employee failures are due to unwillingness to do the job. You cant force someone to do something if they do not want to. Such individuals will do what you want to keep their job, but they will not put their heart into it. Most applicants will tell you they are willing, of course. The key to finding out if they are honest is to ask them to prove it. Ask them to give you specific examples of when they have been willing to work hard, learn something new, work under tough conditions, etc. A FINAL THOUGHT So hire the Steve Jobs way. But dont forget these two basic attributes in the process. Let applicants know that your company values imply honesty and willingness/positive attitude as primary criteria for hiring, no matter the position. Lack of either is enough to be considered unqualified.

Most applicants will tell you they are willing, of course. The key to finding out if they are honest is to ask them to prove it. Ask them to give you specific examples of when they have been willing to work hard, learn something new, work under tough conditions, etc.
THE STEVE JOBS PHILOSOPHY Steve Jobs, the late cofounder and CEO of Apple Inc., was an unconventional leader in many respects. His reputation as the best entrepreneur of our time can be summarized in a few words: he and his top execs never compromised on the talents and qualifications required of their employees. He personally interviewed more than 5,000 applicants during his career. But he and his executives considered very different qualities in people than most business owners do. While youre running a vital service business and not a titan of high technology, you can still adapt Steve Jobs ideas to meet your needs when looking to attract quality employees and avoid troublemakers. To help you in the hiring process, here are Apples main selection attributes. Vision-minded. Everyone joining the company must have a clear picture of its vision and agree to live by it and with it every day. When you hire people who dont seem to care about your companys vision, you may end up letting them go in the future. Innovation-minded. Steve Jobs emphasized the importance of hiring people who are innovative willing to create something from nothing. Applicants are first chosen for their ability and willingness to be innovative or creative, rather than for their technical competence.


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Rules and Regs is a monthly feature in Pumper. We welcome information about state or local regulations of potential broad interest to onsite contractors. Send ideas to

Idaho environment officials developing new onsite system setback regulations

By Doug Day and Sharon Verbeten

daho officials are working on rules to provide for septic system setbacks from surface water. The draft model was based on the ability to limit the discharge of phosphorus. According to the Idaho Department of Environmental Qualitys synopsis of the draft regulations, it will use a software tool to account for effluent and groundwater quality, and characteristics of the drainfield, aquifer and surface water bodies to calculate the appropriate setback. The new regulations do not address nitrogen, which continues to be governed by existing rules because systems that reduce nitrogen do nothing to reduce the amount of phosphorus. New Mexico New state liquid waste regulations went into effect Sept. 1. The changes include: Revised calculations to determine if a system will be permitted under the Liquid Waste Regulations or require a Groundwater Discharge Permit. Changes in drainfield sizing.

Recalculations of sidewall credits and drainfield product credits. Changes in maintenance and monitoring requirements for advanced treatment systems. Recalculations for design flows for both residential and commercial systems. Pennsylvania The state Department of Transportation has decided to add or increase weight restrictions for about 1,000 bridges in the Commonwealth. The move could affect septic service companies and others carrying heavy loads. The move affects eight bridges in Erie County and 20 bridges in Crawford County, each of which has been classified as structurally deficient. Utah The state has clarified and rewritten its Onsite Wastewater System administrative code (R317-4). Details of the code are available at www. The rewrite was designed to make the code easier to read and understand, and quicker to navigate to specific sections. The changes were effective Sept. 1. Wisconsin Some residents in central Wisconsin will soon see costs double to empty holding and septic tanks. According to officials in the Marshfield area, the cost increase is due to the need to treat the septage before applying on agricultural fields. Septic service contractors are currently charged a fee at the city wastewater plant for disposal. To apply the waste to an agricultural field, the septic company must pay for additional labor and treatment supplies such as lime, testing equipment and increased truck maintenance, according to the state Department of Natural Resources, which enforces the regulations related to septage disposal. The DNR is working to educate licensed businesses and certified haulers about the regulations. Connecticut Contain your bamboo or run afoul of the law! One species of the popular plant is beginning to cause problems such as ruined septic systems and damaged foundations, so the Connecticut General Assembly has passed a law holding those with running (yellow grove) bamboo responsible for any damage it does. The plant can grow 40 feet tall and its roots can spread 20 feet a year; its been known to grow up through asphalt streets. The law requires running bamboo to be contained to prevent spreading, or it must be planted at least 100 feet from a public right of way or other properties. Those who sell it are also required to educate consumers about the plant and how to control it. Besides the civil liability, violators are subject to a $100 fine. Several communities in New York have reportedly passed local ordinances to deal with the bamboo problem.


Pumper December 2013


2002 Mack CH613 with Marsh 2,300 Gal. Hazmat Tank $52,500
Mack E-7 @ 400 hp., 9 spd., air ride, jake, cruise, AC, susp. dump, power divider, heated mirrors, elec. windows and doors, hub piloted steel rims, 22.5 tires 2001 Marsh Dot 407-412 coded tank, pop off, grounding cable, air controls to rear, 20" manway, catwalk, 12k/38k axles

1998 Ford with Keith Huber King Vac Hazardous Unit $109,500
Cummins 8.3 @ 300 hp., 8LL trans., Hendrickson spring/beam susp., power divider, Keith Huber King Vac with Kaiser 3,700 CFM liquid ring pump, 3,000 gal., 20" top manway, full opening/dumping tank, 6" discharge valve, high pressure jetter system, fresh water compartment in spoils tank, 48 hours showing on jetter, 2,251 hours showing on vac unit, aux. pres/vac pump, rollover protection, Hazardous tank, 22.5 rubber, 16,500 front/46k rear

1999 International With Vac-Con V312LHA Jetter Truck $65,500

Hendrickson spring/beam susp., automatic trans., power divider, AC, cruise, Vac-Con body SN: 10981961, full opening dumping tank, 3 blade positive displacement fan with aux. drive motor, telescoping boom, jetter reel, leg support, freshwater tanks, Beam 3 piston water pump, pressure washing wand, strobes, 22.5 rubber

1994 White GM with Cusco 3,150 gal. Vacuum Truck $39,500

Cat 3306 @ 305 hp., 9 spd., dbl. frame, 16k/40k axles, Hendrickson spring/beam susp., 220" WB, 1994 Cusco 3,150 gal. full opening/ dumping tank, Farid M9 hyd. driven pump, 22.5 rubber

2000 International Vactor 2100 Series Combo Unit $95,500

Cat dsl., automatic, Hendrickson susp., 20k/46k rating, 238" WB, AC, cruise, power divider, 4 freshwater tanks, Vactor model 2115-36, SN:00-01-7131, full opening/dumping tank, NEW Roots 824 RCS rotary blower, jetter reel, remote, tele boom, dbl. frame, 22.5 rubber on steel

2000 Tremcar 7,200 Gal. Quad Axle Tanker $59,500

74" spread between axles, 7,200 gal. cap., alum rims, 4" camlock off rear, air up/down pusher, single compartment, DOT 407SS rated, air ride, reworked frame, sandblasted and painted

Cat C 13, 10 spd., front and rear air ride, jake, 244" WB, 60" sleeper, alum. front rims, Challenger 607 pres/vac unit with 4" fittings, 326K miles showing, unit has a ProHeat system on it

2007 International 9400I Sleeper with Vac Unit $44,500

Liquid Level System

Liquid Level System is the most advanced tank level system available for tank truck industry! The system was developed over years of operational testing for use in the liquid waste industry. It has been proven successful for use in the most difcult applications. The Depth Ray System does not require oats, rods or interior mounted components. It is not affected by rags, hair, strings, grease, material density or other debris. The Depth Ray system operates in full vacuum or under pressure.

Installation is simple: u NO CONFINED SPACE ENTRY, all necessary work is performed on the exterior of the tank. A 2" threaded full coupling is welded into the top of the vacuum tank. u TWIST LOCK CONNECTIONS, three simple, no question connectors. u WEATHER PROOF DISPLAY ENCLOSURE, component ratings, NEMA 4X / I.P .65 / rust and corrosion proof. u DIGITAL DISPLAY, Indicates choice of gallons, barrels, inches, imperial gallons at " increments. u TWO RELAY POINTS, can control lights, alarms, pumps and valves. u LOW POWER DEMAND, 12 Volts, 3 Amps u READS TO WITHIN 1" OF FULL IN " Increments, depending on mounting height. u D.O.T. AND NON-DOT TANKS, exceeds Department of Transportation requirements for D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T. tanks.
Available from Distributors and Original Equipment Manufactures. For more information contact the manufacturer of the system:

Phone: 800-220-2052 610-430-3988

One year limited warranty on parts and operation. Refer to the Depth Ray manual for details.


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The Neighbor Doesnt Like Land Application

A poster seeks advice on how to solve neighbor issues over land spreading practice
This feature in Pumper reports noteworthy conversations that take place at the Pumper Discussion Forum, an online forum for industry professionals found at Pumper Discussion enables exchange of information and ideas on septic and drainfield installation and maintenance, trucks and equipment, portable sanitation, chemical and additives and much more. Information and advice in Overheard Online is offered in good faith by industry professionals. However, readers should consult in depth with appropriate industry sources before applying such advice to a specific business situation.

Dennis Bass of Bass Reddy Rooter goes to Expo every year to see what latest industry innovations can do for him. The best tool Ive come across in several years is AfterShock. AfterShock has helped me to remediate drain elds and chamber systems, saving my customers thousands on excavation and replacement of septic components. Ive saved greaseclogged elds at restaurants, overloaded elds at schools, and of course residences. Since the introduction of AfterShock soil absorption restorative in 2009, drain elds all across America have been remediated by this great product. Jeff Nest, a contractor in Maine went so far as to say, Im going to sell my backhoe and use AfterShock all the time instead. (He was joking about the backhoe, but he loves the job done by AfterShock.) A contractor in Pennsylvania gushed, Ive been waiting for this product my whole life! A contractor in Ontario says, AfterShock is working great in the tile bed that receives our portable restroom waste. Coast to coast and in Canada, AfterShock is saving homeowners thousands in replacement costs.

I land-apply septage and have one neighbor who wants to complain to the health department. The health department has told him he has no legitimate complaint and that I am in compliance with all rules. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you address it? I dont want him to go to the media and other neighbors and cause a big stink.

I would have a water well installed between the application site and your neighbor, and tell him he can test the water anytime he wants. We did land disposal in Massachusetts for many years and never had a problem with the sewerage getting into the groundwater. Now I pay about $10,000 on a busy month for disposal. They want everything to be disposed of at a sewerage treatment [plant] in Massachusetts. I suspect they know that disposing septage in this manner is not a problem, and that the big concern is that someone may dispose of something hazardous. So they want it going to the treatment plant where every load is sampled. Oh yes, they also make some money on the disposal fees. If you were spreading animal manure nothing would be said. As soon as people know you are applying human waste, they freak out. It is just the average persons reaction. Are you liming your septic waste before land-applying? This helps with pathogen requirements and reduces vector attraction. If done properly, it also takes care of smell complaints. Do you clean up all the garbage/feminine products/condoms, etc.? I have been using lime since 1994 with very few problems. Here is a link to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 503 rules on land application: biosolids/503pe_index.cfm.

Call us today!
Cape Cod Biochemical Co.

Green Products for Septic Professionals Since 1976
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BOOTH Since 1979 December 2013



Erik Gunn

Erik Gunn is a business writer in Racine, Wis. Readers may direct inquiries to him by contacting this publication at 800/2577222 or e-mailing

The Tax Man Cometh

By Erik Gunn

There are some important changes to understand when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam for the year just ending

e like to think of the end of the year as a festive occasion, but its something else, too: the opening to tax season. As you get ready to file your 2013 tax returns, neither you nor your financial advisor should forget about some specific provisions that will ensure you get the maximum savings allowed on your 2013 bill. And although you might not be happy about it, you also will need to know about changes that could increase your bill as well. If youre reading this before New Years Eve, you may still have time to take some actions that can benefit your operations overall tax picture. To review the most important issues that are likely to affect your taxes for 2013, I spoke with attorneys John Barry and Patricia Hintz. Barry and Hintz, who specialize in tax-related matters, are partners with Quarles & Brady, a Milwaukee-based corporate law firm with experience in a wide range of business areas. As always, this column alone never substitutes for advice from a legal and financial professional who has a direct relationship with your business. If you dont already work with a business lawyer, certified public accountant or other qualified professional to keep your business at its best, its long past time for you to seek out that assistance. EQUIPMENT EXPENSES If your business made some substantial investment in new equipment, right now, 2013 is officially the last year that two particular provisions will be in place that could save you significant amounts of money. The first is what tax pros call Section 179 expensing. That refers to a special provision allowing companies to take a tax deduction for new equipment all at once in the year it is bought, rather than having to spread the deduction over several years as the asset depreciates. If your business bought new equipment in 2013 and if your total purchases of equipment for the year did not exceed $2 million you can deduct up to $500,000 of those purchase costs in their entirety on the 2013 taxes, Barry says. If youve spent more than $500,000 on equipment, theres an alternative break available above that threshold. Its called bonus depreciation. Barry explains that even if you cant take the immediate deduction on the whole purchase that you can under the Section 179 provision, under bonus depreciation you can deduct immediately 50 percent of the cost of new equipment. Next year, bonus depreciation is scheduled to go away completely, and the cap for the Section 179 provision would revert back to $25,000 from $500,000. Its possible that Congress will renew both of those breaks; the lawmakers have often done that with popular tax provisions, and they could even do it retroactively later in 2014. But you cant count on that, Hintz and Barry note.

BUILT-IN GAINS TAX Another timely provision affects only businesses that have changed their corporate status in a particular way in the last decade or less: those that have converted from C corporations to S corporations. Under the usual rules, an S corporation that converted from C in the last 10 years, then is sold to new owners, could have been subject to a double tax when you sell the assets of the business, Barry says. To avoid that, the converting company would have had to wait 10 years after the conversion before it was sold to a new owner, in order to avoid two levels of taxes on the sale, he continues. That waiting time was shortened a few years ago to five years. But that provision expires at the end of 2013, when the rules will revert to the old standard. If you know you may want to be selling the company in the next year, you may want to sell at the end of 2013 before the waiting time goes to a 10year period, Barry says. This particular issue, however, only affects operations that have converted from C corporations to S corporations in the relevant time period. Many operations in the service plumbing or septic pumping business are either LLCs or they have always been S corporations and so arent affected. But if yours is one of those businesses that converted to an S from a C, youll want to make sure you understand this provision especially if you hope to sell the business. ITS PERSONAL Your personal taxes are also affected by your business. For one thing, if your business is an S corporation or an LLC, the income all flows to your personal bottom line to be taxed. And as a result of Congressional action early in 2013, that bottom line is going up for the wealthiest taxpayers. Since 2001, the highest marginal federal tax rate has been 35 percent of income. In early 2013, however, Congress agreed to raise that to 39.6 percent for those people with an adjusted gross income (AGI) of more than $400,000 if filing singly and $450,000 if married and filing jointly. Those same taxpayers will also pay more taxes on the profit from the sales of investments commonly called capital gains. Capital gains tax rates have been at 15 percent for everyone; they will go up to 20 percent for the over $400,000/single, $450,000/married earners. Two other provisions also raise taxes on the wealthiest and in fact could push some people into those higher 39.6 percent categories. For people whose AGI is more than $300,000 if married and filing jointly or $250,000 if single, itemized deductions will be reduced by 3 percent of their AGI. (The reduction is capped at 80 percent of the itemized deductions, though.) Affected deductions include those on mortgage interest, state and local taxes, and contributions to charity, among others.


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The Amazing


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Arctic Valve Heaters

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Schmitz Brothers L.L.C.
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Certain deductions on investment interest expense, casualty losses, medical expenses or gambling losses will not be affected by the reduction, however, Hintz says. (Also, deductions not taken on Schedule A of the Form 1040 income tax form are not affected, she said so, for instance, deductions would not be reduced for business expenses that an independent contractor claims on Schedule C). The personal exemption is also phased out, starting with taxpayers with an AGI of more than $300,000 (married/joint) or $250,000 (single). For married taxpayers with an AGI of $422,500 and single ones with an AGI of $372,500, the personal exemption is completely eliminated. HEALTH REFORM The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act takes full effect in 2014, and in the interim, some new tax-related provisions have been kicking in. Hintz says a Medicare surtax of 0.9 percent on wages for people with an AGI of more than $250,000 (joint) and $200,000 (single) began in 2013. Employers should make sure they have complied with this rule if they have any employees in those high brackets. Payroll services and bookkeeping software should reflect that change for calculating the withholding of highly paid employees. But if your business pays you (or any individual employee) over those thresholds and you have not been withholding, get ready not just for an additional payment on your tax return but a penalty as well. Another ACA-related change doesnt directly affect your taxes, but if you pay employees and issue W-2s, it will affect that process. The law requires, beginning with 2013, that employers providing health benefits to workers list on their W-2 the dollar value of those benefits. The benefits and

their value are not taxable, but the information is deemed important for employees, Hintz explains. But ACA has provided some additional tax benefits to business owners, Hintz noted. Since 2010, small businesses with 25 or fewer full-time-equivalent employees and providing health insurance to their workers have gotten a tax credit on the insurance premiums. A tax credit, she notes, is different from a tax deduction, because while a deduction lowers your income for tax purposes, a credit actually takes money off of your business tax bill. For 2013, the credit for qualifying employers is 35 percent of the money they paid for employee health insurance premiums. In 2014, the credit rises to 50 percent but with a restriction: Only insurance plans purchased through the Small Business Health Options Marketplace will qualify for that credit. One other element of the ACA that has worried some employers has been the requirement for companies with 50 or more full-time equivalents to provide health insurance or pay a penalty. The penalty, however, has been delayed one year until Jan. 1, 2015, Hintz pointed out. And it doesnt affect employers with fewer than 50 full-time workers in any case. FOREWARNED, FOREARMED There may be other particular tax changes that affect your unique circumstances. Thats why, as noted earlier, its critical for any business to have access to a top accounting and financial professional to whom it can turn for advice and help. But if you get on top of your tax returns now, youll be that much more prepared for the year ahead. Since 1979 December 2013


Factory Warranty on Pumps

1 Year

Contact Alan @ 305-457-8058, David Jr. @ 786-340-7759

.............................................................................................................. .............................................................................................................. .............................................................................................................. .............................................................................................................. ..............................................................................................................

4000 gallon carbon steel tank and the 2nd one 4500 gallon tank with dumping system.

2-2006 INTERNATIONAL 7600,

.............................................................................................................. .............................................................................................................. .................................. ....... ....... . . . .H . . . . . .R . .U . . .C . .K ... . . .N . . .E . .T .................................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .W ...W . . . .W. . . . . .2 . .7 . .T . . . . .-. T ..... ..... . .S . .. ..... ................................... ..............................................................................................................

Pipeline Cleaning & Maintenance Equipment

Radial Bullet
3/4"-18 or 35.....$50.00 3/4"-18/24 .........$53.00 1"-18 or 30........$69.00 1"-15 or 30........$69.00 1-1/4"-18 or 35 ...$85.00 3/4" or 1"-17 .......$125.00

2 & 3-way Ball Valves 5000 psi 1/2" 2-way ............$65.00 3/4" 2-way ............$89.00 1" 2-way ...............$119.00 1-1/4" 2-way.........$226.00 4500 psi 3/8" 3-way ............$115.00 1/2" 3-way ............$160.00 3/4" 3-way ............$180.00 1" 3-way ...............$190.00 1-1/4" 3-way.........$440.00 2" 3-way ...............$690.00

Swivel Joints

Sewer Hose Guides

TigerTail Style 3" x 36" .................$40.00 2" x 36" .................$34.00

Hycon Valves

1/4"-15.......... $24.00 3/8"-15.......... $33.00 1/2"-25.......... $46.00 1/2"-25LT ...... $49.00 3/4"-12.......... $59.00 3/4"-12LT ...... $69.00 1"-12............. $72.00 1"-12LT ......... $84.00

3/4" or 1"-17 .......$350.00

Root Cutter Assemblies

with 24 rope

1"..........................$495.00 1" Big Shark .........$610.00

Stainless Steel Nozzles Aluminum Sand 1/8" ......................$37.00

3/4"-24................$141.00 1"-17/24 ............$156.00 1"-24...................$141.00 1/4" ......................$41.00 3/8" ......................$45.00 1/2" ......................$57.00 3/4" ......................$91.00 1"....................... $116.00

Steel Sand

NEW Storm/Culvert Floor Cleaner Nozzles Parker & Piranha Jetter Hose Swivel Joints

Skid Mounted w/at blades................ $1175.00 w/concave blades........ $1198.00 w/spiral blades .............. $118.00 Donut Mounted w/at blades................ $1125.00 w/concave blades........ $1160.00 w/spiral blades ............ $1160.00 Lateral Mounted w/at blades................ $1020.00 w/concave blades........ $1075.00
Assemblies come with one ea. of 6, 8, 10 and 12" blades, saw blades, hub, skids, etc.

Power Clamps 8"..........................$13.00 3"-6" available King Clamps 8"..........................$29.75 4"-6" available Bandlock Clamps 8"..........................$24.00 3"-6" available Quick Clamps 8"..........................$26.50 3"-6" available

T-M Style 90 or Straight, 6000 psi 3/4" & 1" ...............$198.00 1-1/4" ...................$210.00 1-1/2" ...................$560.00 2"..........................$807.00

Swivel Joints Ball Valves

1/8"- 1-1/4"

HD Washdown Gun
25 gpm @ 850 psi 1/2" Inlet...............$170.00

Pipe/Sewer Plugs Hose Reels Aluminum Intake Tubes Kanaex/Rubber Debris Hose Full Line Of Warthog Nozzles

Dyna Quip Style 3000 psi 1"..........................$227.00

Root Cutters

NEW Chain

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4"-48", All Stainless Steel, No Lubrication

Cloverleaf TOOL CO.

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SARASOTA, FLORIDA PHONE: 941-739-0707 FAX: 941-739-0001


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Norwecos award-winning Singulair Green with the new Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor provides exceptional wastewater treatment. The advanced four step treatment process, combined with the innovative Hydro-Kinetic filtration technology, produces the cleanest, most consistent effluent quality. Simple, lightweight and easy to install, the Singulair Green and Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor are rotationally molded, extremely durable and UV stabilized. Manufactured from high density polyethylene, these products incorporate our patented internal and external ribbed walls, providing uncompromised structural integrity. The Singulair Green and Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor can improve existing installations and make new systems work better and last longer. Simplified service insures long term treatment performance. 1-800-NORWECO


We look forward to seeing you in Indy - Expo booth #2456

we sell hose & equipment

Hose | Couplings | Valves | Pumps | Vacuum Accessories | Rubber Products | Safety Equipment



Aerratech, LLC

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John Van Zandt President of Terralift

Septic Drainer and Terralift a combination made for each other

ARMAL INC. 122 Hudson Industrial Drive Griffin, GA 30224 USA Phone +1 770.491.6410 Fax +1 770.491.9458 Toll free 866.873.7796


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New 4000 Gal. Dump Tank, New 425 CFM Pump,




New 4000 Gal. U.S. Tank, Cat 410 HP, 10 Spd., 341K Miles $75,000

5000 Gal. U.S. Tank, Cummins 485 HP, 18 Spd, Full Lockers, 2 In Stock


2005 STERLING A9500


New 4000 Gal., 425 CFM Pump $77,000

New 4000 gal. Dump Tank, New 425 CFM Pump,475 Hp Detroit,10 speed $92,000



New 4000 Gal. U.S. Tank, 425 HP Cummins, 10 Spd. 425 CFM $75,000
Allison Auto Trans.330 HP, Full locking rears, New 3600 Gal. 363 CFM


New 2500 Gal. U.S. Tank, Cat, 6 Spd., 363 CFM Starting at $47,000, 3 In Stock


Under CDL, CAT Power, 138k Miles, New 1800/400 Fresh, Allison Auto Trans., 363 CFM Pump, $49,000

2005 GMC C7500




King of the Load

A mix of high-tech new and refurbished classic rigs engineered to tote septage from several jobs on a single run dominate the classy truck monthly winners for 2013 By Jim Kneiszel

omething old and something new and big and brawny are the themes for the 2013 Classy Truck of the Year competition. Our 8th annual contest to determine the classiest truck from our stable of 12 monthly winners offers an eclectic mix of new rigs sporting all the latest technology and cab comforts, as well as refurbished Kenworths and Peterbilts that give a shiny new take on big and bold classic models.While they all have beautiful paint and graphics, with chromed accents to catch the eye, this collection of trucks is definitely built for the grueling work of pumping septic tanks and grease traps. They are practical, first and foremost, with ergonomic placement of components and features used daily by hardworking technicians. They boast heated valves in cold climates and rugged suspensions and durable powerplants when running in rough terrain. They are purpose-built to provide years of trouble-free service. And most of the trucks show a trend toward bigger tanks on rigs that haul septic waste all day. Owners and their drivers appreciate being able to make multiple stops to take on septage or grease before having to haul loads for disposal. Most have 3,500-gallon-plus tanks and durable pumps that will move a lot of waste on a daily basis. Which is the top Classy Truck from 2013? Your vote will help a panel of judges at COLE Publishing choose the winner. The Classy Truck of the Year and its owner will be featured on the cover of the February 2014 issue of Pumper, the issue distributed at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International. We invite you to review our monthly winners. Then go to to cast a ballot for your favorite truck. You have until Dec. 20 to make your vote count. One vote per IP address allowed.


D. Lovenbergs Portable Toilet Rentals Inc.

Andover, N.J.
Dustin Lovenberg added a refurbished 1999 Freightliner FLD120 with a 3,500-gallon steel tank and a Jurop R260 pump. The truck is powered by a Caterpillar 550 hp engine wed to an Eaton Fuller 18-speed transmission. It features graphics provided by Ultimate Alphabet. The truck runs a 100-mile round trip almost daily to a disposal facility, with Dustin or his father, Bob, behind the wheel.




Kings Pumping Service

Dallas, Oregon
Robb Barnes added a 2000 Kenworth T800 service truck with a new aluminum 3,600-gallon dual compartment tank assembled and installed by Beall Corp. subsidiary Pioneer Truckweld. Vacuum is supplied by a Masport HXL400WV pump with Masport scent-control unit. The cab is painted blue starflake, while the tank is painted silver, with pinstripes and graphics by Rod Axtell.

Blu-John Inc.
Cumming, Ga.
Jeremy Hawkins added a refurbished 2006 Kenworth T800 with a new 5,000-gallon steel tank built out by House of Imports. The former over-the-road sleeper rig is powered by a Caterpillar C-13 530 hp engine tied to a 10-speed Eaton Fuller transmission. Vacuum comes from a water-cooled 420 cfm Jurop pump. Detailing is from Wrappid Grafix. Driver John Wayne Gaydon uses the big rig for commercial septic tank accounts.

Creechs Septic Tank & Grease Trap Cleaning

Lucama, N.C.
Myrtle Creech added a 2012 International Workstar 7400 MaxxForce DT with a 2,500-gallon steel tank and NVE Challenger Series pump built out by Lely Manufacturing. This is the companys first truck with auto transmission, from Allison. The all-white rig was lettered by Sign Stop in Wilson, N.C. The truck is operated by Myrtle or her son Travis, and is dedicated to grease trap service.


Pumper December 2013



Cast Your Ballot Today!

Step 1. Look over the 12 Classy Trucks for 2013. Step 2. Choose your favorite. Step 3. Go online at and cast your vote. (One vote per IP address allowed.) Act now! The deadline for voting is Dec. 20.

Miller & Company

Canton, Ohio
Ron Miller II added a 2012 Freightliner M114 with a 3,600-gallon steel tank purchased from Young Freightliner, and the tank was added by Marengo Fabricated Steel. The truck is powered by a DD13 Detroit Diesel engine tied to an eight-speed Eaton Fuller transmission. Vacuum comes from a Masport HLX75 pump. The pump, water tank and other accessories were added in-house by Miller and maintenance supervisor Vic Green.

Burns Sewer & Septic

Victorville, Calif.
Paul McClain added a 2012 Peterbilt 348 with a 4,000-gallon aluminum tank and 400 cfm liquid-cooled Masport pump from Satellite Industries. The truck is powered by a 350 hp Cummins clean-idle engine tied to a 10-speed Eaton Fuller transmission. Graphics including the flame logo were provided by Fine Design. Driver Tim McClain uses the truck for septic service.

Make Your New Rig a Classy Truck!

Seeing your truck in the pages of Pumper is easy! Step 1. Clean and detail your truck. Step 2. Snap a variety of photos with your digital camera. Step 3. Send the photos to us, along with a detailed description of the truck and accessories, to




B.E. Miller and Son Septic Services

Street, Md.
Brad Miller added this refurbished 1984 Peterbilt 359 with a 3,000-gallon steel tank. The one time over-the-road semi was stripped of a sleeper cab. With the help of Brittain Inc., they added a salvaged Lely Manufacturing tank and Jurop R260 vacuum pump from a Mack pumper. The truck was painted by Charlie Fleet Services and lettering was done by Allsigns. Shown in the photo (left to right) are Brad, Dawn, Emily and Matthew Miller.

Woodys Septic Tank Service

Holly Hill, Fla.
Jerry Thompson added a 2010 International 7600 with a 4,200-gallon steel tank from Lely Manufacturing. The rig is powered by an International MaxxForce II 390 hp engine tied to an Allison 4000 automatic transmission, and the tank is served by a Robuschi RBDV-65 blower. Graphics were provided by Sign Power. Driver Larry Robinson serves commercial and residential septic and grease trap customers.

Tidy Services
Roanoke, Va.
Alex Phillips added a 2001 Sterling built out with a 2,000-gallon steel tank and Fruitland RCF500 pump by Abernethy Welding. The truck was previously used to haul drilling pipe and the original bed was removed and the frame was shortened. It is powered by a 275 Caterpillar 3126 engine tied to a sixspeed Fuller transmission. The truck is used for residential and commercial septic service.




Greens Septic and Excavation LLC

Chestertown, Md.
Steve Green refreshed his 1989 Peterbilt 379 by adding a 3,600-gallon steel tank from Lely Manufacturing. The truck is powered by a rebuilt Cummins 444 engine tied to a 15-speed Eaton Fuller Transmission. Vacuum is from a Masport HLX15 pump. Graphics and lettering were designed by Green and created by Nicholson Tinting and Graphics. Green drives the truck himself, pumping septic tanks and grease traps.

Coia Sanitation LLC

Cumberland, R.I.
Bobby Coia added a 2012 Peterbilt 337 built out by Andert Inc. with a 2,000-gallon steel tank and Masport Inc. 400 WV pump. The truck is powered by a Cummins 300 hp engine tied to an Allison six-speed automatic transmission, Coias first auto shift and has a luxury cab. Bold graphics are by Delaney Signs. The truck is shared by Coia and his son, Steven.

Halls Septic Services, Inc.

Street, Md.
Jerry Scarborough added a fire engine red 2011 Peterbilt 348 from Pik Rite Inc., which was displayed at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International. The truck has a 3,600-gallon tank and Jurop LC420 vacuum pump. Its powered by a Paccar 350 hp engine tied to a six-speed Allison automatic transmission. The truck has elaborate fire department-themed graphics and is used for residential septic service. Since 1979 December 2013


Happy Holidays

Mini Vac Trailers

Thank you Consumers Energy for your continued business. Methanol Drip Tank trailer.

Slide-In Units

Various Sizes Available.

2500 DOT Hoist Unit

Thank you Enbridge Energy, Bemidji, MN for your continued loyalty.

Portable Toilet Units

650/300 Portable Toilet Restroom Service Units.



Vacuum Septic Units

Aluminum Or Steel Tanks In A Variety Of Capacities.

Check Out Our Updated Website:

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See the progress of some of our units in the making.
Pumper December 2013

Fayetteville Arkansas


Manassas Virginia






$ 9 9 SH
I P P I N G!



Auto Lube of Front Bearings- no more rebuilds because you forgot to lube them!

Diesel FlushFinally a convenient place to flush your pump!

Stepped ShaftUse a pulley or gearbox with no tools!

External Oil Tank- Tired of checking the oil- see your levels with one glance!




4 Point Oil Pumpprovides 4 points of lubrication as opposed to 2




Visit Indy Neighborhoods

Six historic districts showcase active art and music scenes for visitors to the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo By Sharon Verbeten

ounded and platted in 1821, Indianapolis (population 876,804) is known for being located at the Crossroads of America. And its varied tourist attractions are just part of what make Indy a unique and thriving city. According to Lisa Wallace, communications manager, conventions and meetings for Visit Indy, Visitor favorites include the green space, canal and attractions conveniently located in White River State Park steps away from hotels. Two newer attractions include the Dallara IndyCar Factory and our Cultural Trail, an innovative project connecting visitors on bike or foot with hotels, restaurants and eclectic neighborhoods throughout the city. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is also popular with prominent works of art inside and 152 acres of gardens and grounds outside that house the original [Robert Indiana] LOVE sculpture. New attractions include Those are just some of the Dallara IndyCar the attractions located in the citys six distinct cultural Factory and our Cultural Trail, districts. These include Broad an innovative project connecting Ripple Village, The Canal visitors on bike or foot with and White River State Park, Fountain Square, Indiana hotels, restaurants and eclectic Avenue, Mass Ave. and the neighborhoods. Wholesale District. Nestled in these districts are public art, Lisa Wallace galleries, museums, shops and recreation. Four of the six districts are conveniently located downtown, the site of the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo. SEE IT ALL Broad Ripple Village is set against the backdrop of public art, graffiti murals and green spaces. Its the ideal venue for those adventuresome souls who enjoy art, creative spaces and ethnic foods. Shopping options include works by local artisans, as well as vintage furniture and collectibles. The Indianapolis Art Center and the ARTSPARK outdoor laboratory are located in Broad Ripple. The Canal and White River State Park are more for history and outdoor lovers. Limestone walkways and American Indian art are part of the experience in this district. Scattered throughout the Canal and 250-acre White River State Park are some of the citys most inspiring museums and attractions. The Canal Walk on the waterfront provides an urban respite for fitness enthusiasts and serenity seekers. Also in this district is the Indianapolis Zoo, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western

Broad Ripple Village is located just north of downtown. The village has eclectic boutique shopping, art galleries, locally owned restaurants and a lively bar scene, as well as The Indianapolis Art Center. (Photos courtesy of Visit Indy,

The phrase on the Fountain Square website says it all about the district: Funky. Artsy. Retro, with vibrant lights, nightlife and fun-loving crowds.


Pumper December 2013

Happy Holidays


450 Gallon Aluminum Slide-In
300 Gallon Waste / 150 Gallon Fresh
Electric Start 5.5 HP Honda Conde Super 6 vacuum pump w/ 4-way valve 30 x 2 Tiger Tail inlet hose w/stinger, washdown system w/50 hose, 3 discharge, 12V battery & work light.

tions a c o L g n i k Stoc oast Coast to C

Atlanta, GA Bellefonte, PA Dallas, TX Denver, CO Los Angeles, CA Mauston, WI

New Design! TANK IN A TANK

Offers improved weight distribution!

435 Gallon Rear Engine


Not all models available at all locations.

435 Gallon SpaceSaver

Available in 300, 450 & 600 Gallon Capacities Call For Our Price & Availability!

Authorized Factory Master Distributor


Call Us Today Toll-Free: 888-445-4892

Mass Ave. is the citys arts and theater district, including five performing arts theaters. Shops feature local artists works, and an array of original outdoor art greets visitors. Wholesale District brings an urban excitement to the city with marquees, tuxedoed doormen and a mall to delight shoppers the twoblock, four-story Circle Centre mall. This is the heart of the business district, home to historic buildings, massive skyscrapers and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Indiana Repertory Theatre. The Bankers Life Fieldhouse is home to the National Basketball Association Indiana Pacers and the Womens NBA Indiana Fever. Lucas Oil Stadium hosts the National Football Leagues Indianapolis Colts. Art, the Glick Indiana History Center, the Indiana State Museum and the NCAA Hall of Champions. A Mass Ave. outdoor patio beer garden one of the great meeting places in this eclectic neighborhood.

For more information:

Broad Ripple Village 6311 Westfield Blvd.; 317/251-2782 Canal Walk and White River State Park 801 W. Washington St.; 317/233-2434 Fountain Square Fountain Square Merchants Association

Fountain Square is a historic community spotlighted by a town square and central fountain, evoking images of a European city. It is a literary and artistic haven and home to more offbeat activities like duckpin bowling and swing dancing. More than 75 artists call the Wheeler Arts Community or Murphy Art Center home. Indiana Avenue anchors the district that spans the Central Canal and White River. Here history, jazz, restored neighborhoods and spirituality embrace the citys rich African-American heritage. Several venues are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Indiana Avenue Madame Walker Theatre Center, 617 Indiana Ave.; 317/236-2099 Mass Ave. 430 Massachusetts Ave.; 317/637-8996 ext. 202 Wholesale District 111 Monument Circle; 317/237-2202 Since 1979 December 2013




Patent Pending

Dewaters Overnight Consistent Results Low Energy Use Self-Cleaning

>All Stainless Steel & Plastic construction >Roll-Off Frame

2360 2361 >Very Forgiving >Amazing results


If it will Floc, it will work. or call: 317-539-7304


Pumper December 2013



Ask for Scott or Frank

888-395-7551 816-590-4076

After hours call Scott at

Seasons Greetings

What Does It Take To Be A Qualified Chassis?

4 Pass our 12 point checklist. (We send this out with every quote!) Pass a D.O.T. certified inspection! Pass the warranty inspection!

2005 Freightliner Columbia, Mercedes 450 HP, 10 spd, low miles, 14,600 fronts, double framed, new 3300 gallon steel vac tank, full open rear door, hoist, 200 gallon fresh water tank, new NVE Challenger 866 Liquid cooled vac pump.

2007 Ford F-750, NON CDL, Cat C-7 230 HP, auto, new
1850 gallon steel vac tank, new Jurop PN-84 Vac pump.

Call For Pricing!

Call For Pricing!



What Does All This Do For You?

4 Nationwide drive train warranty for 2 years/ 200K miles! (restrictions apply) A tough truck that is ready to work as hard as you do! new 2300 gallon steel vac tank, new Jurop PN-84 Vac pump.

2006 International 4400, DT-466E 245 HP, 6 spd, AC,

Call For Pricing!

2005 Freightliner Columbia, Detroit 14.0L 450 HP, 10 spd, jakes, double framed, low miles, new 3360 gallon steel vac tank, new Liquid cooled Masport 400 HXL vac pump.


Call For Pricing!



Searching For A Brand New Chassis? We Have Them In Stock!

steel vac tank, new Masport 400 HXL Liquid cooled Vac pump.

2004 Mack CH613, AC-380HP, 10 spd, new 3360 gallon

2007 Peterbilt 385, C-13 Cat 430 HP, 13 spd, jakes, AC,
new 3360 gallon steel vac tank, new liquid cooled HXL-400 Masport vac pump.

Call For Pricing!


Call For Pricing!


Delivery Available Anywhere in the Lower 48!! Since 1979 December 2013



Jim Anderson, Ph.D.

Jim Anderson, Ph.D., is an emeritus professor at the University of Minnesota Department of Soil Water and Climate, education coordinator for the National Association of Wastewater Technicians, and recipient of the pumping industrys Ralph Macchio Lifetime Achievement Award. Email Jim questions about septic system maintenance and operation at

Limiting Impact of Hydrogen Sulfide

The wastewater industry is looking for ways to conquer the corrosive gas that seems to be eating away at more and more concrete tanks and components By Jim Anderson

an a lack of oxygen cause my septic tanks to deteriorate? This was one of a list of questions recently asked by a homeowner concerning his septic system. It is an interesting question since, as an industry, we see tank corrosion and have continuing discussions about the most common causes and remedies. Corrosion problems with concrete have been documented throughout the wastewater treatment industry, not only in septic systems but also in municipal systems where raw sewage is conveyed in concrete pipe. Several of the engineering manuals used by wastewater professionals use the term crown rot to describe the corrosion and deterioration of the top of concrete sewer pipes.

SULFATE BACTERIA With an agricultural background, I found this interesting because crown rot is a term used to describe a particular type of plant disease caused by a fungus that can be quite devastating to crops. In my brief survey, I was unable to determine if wastewater operators or plant pathologists were the first to use the term. The similarity between the conditions is striking in that crown rot destroys the growing point at the top of the plant and concrete corrosion that we are concerned with attacks the lid and the top of the outlet baffles of the septic tank. So is it a lack of oxygen that causes the deterioration? The answer is no, but oxygen does play a role. In this case as in so many other aspects of our sewage treatment systems, bacteria and the presence or absence of oxygen determines whether our systems work the way they are supposed to. The simplified answer to how this happens in the septic tank is that hydrogen sulfide gas is generated by sulfate bacteria that are breaking down the organic waste in the septic tank as a part of the anaerobic digestion process. Some hydrogen sulfide gas diffuses into the environment above the wastewater. Moisture evaporated from warm sewage condenses on unsubmerged walls and the lid of the tank in droplets. As a portion of the hydrogen sulfide gas and oxygen gas from the air above the sewage dissolves into these stationary droplets, they become a habitat for sulfur oxidizing bacteria. Colonies of these aerobic bacteria metabolize the hydrogen sulfide gas to sulfuric acid. Since hydrogen sulfide gas is heavier than air, it will collect at the low spots in the tank that would be at the outlet. The concentration of gas becomes high enough for conversion to sulfuric acid to occur.

LEADS TO COLLAPSE Sulfuric acid begins to interact with the concrete, changing the structure of the calcium hydroxide in the concrete, a larger molecule that causes pressure and spalling of the adjacent concrete and aggregate particles. The weakened concrete will ultimately deteriorate to the point of collapse. This is why in only a half-joking manner at workshops I like to point out if you see that deterioration, step back off the lid. Where this condition is discussed in engineering and wastewater textbooks, two main prevention approaches are indicated. Sewage flows more rapidly through steeper gradient sewers, reducing time available for hydrogen sulfide generation. Providing good ventilation of sewers can reduce atmospheric concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas and may dry exposed sewer crowns. Acid resistant materials like pipe materials are also suggested. Speeding up the flow does not fit in the septic tank environment because we want the sewage to have a long enough detention time for solids to settle. So we set up the sewage to sit in a stale environment allowing plenty of time for the formation of the hydrogen sulfide gases. For our environment, the solution is to make sure the tank is properly vented back through the house-plumbing stack to the atmosphere so the hydrogen sulfide does not collect and build to levels where sulfuric acid is formed. Two more comments are appropriate here. The sulfate reducing bacteria are naturally present in wastewater in general and in our septic tank environment. However, in areas where the groundwater is naturally high in sulfates often corresponding to areas where the soils are high in gypsum the water quality can worsen the problem. It can also result in the septic tank contents becoming acidic, reducing the ability of organisms in the tank to break down the solids. This, in turn, results in a lack of separation in the tank and increased organic loading to the drainfield. So if you are working in areas where the sulfates are naturally high, you may experience more problems. VENTING MAY HELP Soils naturally high in sulfates can also be corrosive to concrete through a different set of processes. If sulfate-resistant concrete is not used, the tanks can deteriorate from the outside. Finally, I have been getting a lot of reports about concrete distribution boxes showing excessive deterioration. Service providers report seeing this more often now than any time previously. One action we might want to consider is providing additional venting to our system. As we add things like effluent screens and other items to parts of the system, we may be interrupting the venting process, causing some additional problems.


Pumper December 2013

Peoples United Equipment Finance Corp.

A subsidiary of

A Premier Commercial

Peoples United

Finance Company that specializes in nancing & leasing equipment in the Waste & Environmental Industries

Industry Finance Specialists Industrial and Commercial Equipment Financing Manufacturer Programs Available Acquisitions Financing

Perry Siler JD Magness Robert Bob Marino
Cell: 215-360-1776 Area: PA, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME


Cell: 231-745-3495 Area: MN, WI, IL, MI, IA, ND, SD

Cell: 804-694-6183 Area: Eastern VA, MD, DC, NJ, DE

Cell: 704-576-9210 Area: IN, OH, WV, KY, TN, Western VA

Jay Felizzi

Cell: 720-315-5700 Area: NV, CO, WY, UT, AZ, NM, NE, OK, MO

John Moore

Cell: 704-650-2635 Area: NC, SC, Inside Sales

Kevin Parry

Gerald Hargrave
Cell: 713-898-0531 Area: TX, LA

Cell: 205-999-4214 Area: GA, FL, AL, MS, AR

Bob Pritchett

Cell: 714-351-4798 Area: CA, OR, WA, ID

Ozzie Merino

Hannay Reels handle the toughest treatment.

Made in U.S.A.

You face severe conditions every day. We build custom reels that perform even in the harshest environments. Built to spec for washdown, jetting, pipeline inspection and more Heavy-duty design and construction Standard reels ship within a week Let us solve your reel issues, so your crew can get back to business.

Find your reel solution: or 877-467-3357

HNY37349 PumperCleanerAdCleanerQPV_012013_V1.indd 1



Reneries Construction Environmental Mining Leachate Collection Marine On/Offshore Drilling Liquid Waste Lift Stations Septic Pumpers


SECTION 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the 2013 tax year.*

Discover how over 30 years industry experience and proven technology will increase your vacuum truck performance. By providing limitless vertical lift and distance capability, this unit will shorten project time. Solid engineering coupled with rugged, lightweight construction make the Power Booster the ultimate pumping solution. Unsurpassed execution in highly viscous applications.

3, 4, & 6 inch

Power Booster Sizes:

These deductions are scheduled to expire in December 2013.

Call us today to help you expand!

Financing the Liquid Waste Industry Since 1998


Proudly made in the USA 877.701.2391
*Consult your Tax Advisor to determine the tax benefits of acquiring equipment for your business.



Pumper December 2013




Section 179 Tax Savings is About to Expire

12/4/12 2:30 P


4215 4216


WEve Saved you a spot!

When you step onto the Pumper & Cleaner Expo show oor, youre entering the hub of your industry. Its where the magic happens. Its where you trade ideas, make connections and learn about the newest technologies and best money-saving strategies. So make your reservation today! Get in on the excitement, come enjoy the show and nd out why the 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Expo is where its at!

These industries will be represented at the 2014 Expo

Septic Pumping Onsite Installation Portable Sanitation Dewatering Grease Handling Sewer Cleaning TV Inspection Pipeline Rehab/CIPP Waterblasting High-Pressure Cleaning Safety Equipment Confined Space Lift Station Maintenance Computer Software Industrial Vacuuming Hydroexcavation Underground

Laterals & Mainlines

Trenchless Pipe Repair Utility Location Water treatment

Register by January 24 to receive the early bird rate of $50 per person!
$70 per person at the door. Children 12 and under admitted free.

Register Online at

Or by calling 866-933-2653

Education Day |
Lessons Learned During Sewer Rehab on Public and Private Property Pipe Bursting a Mature and Diverse Trenchless Technology Resurgence of Chemical Grout Industry: Niche Business Opportunities Chemical & Biological Control of F.O.G. in a 2,500-Mile Collection System Lateral Rehabilitation, Whats Available Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing Technology for CIPP Cure Quality Control

Monday February 24, 2014

NAWT National Association of Wastewater Technicians
8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m.
CSA 2010 Implementation/Impact on Carriers/Drivers DataQs: When and How to Challenge US DOT Update/Recent, Upcoming and Proposed Regulations What is a Good Septic System Inspection? The History of the PSMA Hydraulic Load Process Improving Arizonas Inspection Program to Meet Modern Challenge

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 8 a.m.

NAssco National Association of Sewer Service Companies

NEha National Environmental Health Association

DEER in the Headlights Basic Chemistry of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Making the Most of Experience: Training and Credentials for Wastewater Pros Winners Communicate Best Available New Technology Best Available New Technology: How to Get Your Regulators on Board

Nowra National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association

Site Evaluation and Design of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m.
Why Do We Care About Soils? Design for Dummies How to Do a Good Site Evaluation Designing for Tough Sites Wastewater and Soils: Clean It Up AND Get It To Go Away Good Installation for Long-Term User Satisfaction Look Out for Gophers! Taking Care of Mound Systems ATUs - How to Make them Work Rest Stops: A Case Study of Challenging Wastewater Troubleshooting Onsite Systems Installation Mistakes: How to Avoid and Fix Them Marketing & Customer Service for Small Business Owners

Npca National Precast Concrete Association

7 Things About Design, Installation & Maintenance of Precast Concrete Tanks Grease Interceptors: A Slick Solution to a Greasy Problem

From Installation to Marketing Your Business and Everything in Between


Waterjet Technology Association Industrial & Municipal Cleaning Assoc.

Preparing for your First High Pressure Waterjetting Job Vacuum Truck Operation and Safety Hydroexcavation: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Southern Section Collection Systems Committee

Safety Session
Preventing Tank Truck Rollovers

Personal Safety Understanding the Nuances of a Quality CCTV Inspection Program In the Trenches with Trenchless Pipeline Repair and Renewal Nozzle Application: What, Why, Where, When and How? Stop It! A Closer Look at Plugging Getting the Most out of Your Combination Unit

John Conley

9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Portable Sanitation Association international

State of Global Sanitation Industry Image Visions of the PSAI and the Education Initiative Whats New with OSHA Safety Requirements An Introduction to Entering the Federal Government Contracting Arena

Business Training & Marketing

1:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m.
Marketing on a Shoestring Getting SomeBrand Recognition The Online Marketing Toolbox

Suzan Chin

Sales & Customer Service

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m.
Be Always Protable: Setting up the Sale Be Always Protable: Your Best Sales Presentation Be Always Protable: Servicing Your Sale Be Always Protable: Our Attitude to Success

Frank Taciak Since 1979 December 2013



Tuesday Sessions
February 25, 2014

Wednesday Sessions
February 26, 2014

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Dont Fear the Shapele Whats Important for Your Company; Is it Size, or Prot or Both? 1 + 1 = 14: Cleaning and Inspection Equipment Working as on Entity

Business TrAck
8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Improving Protability through Tracking How Paperless Operations Save Time and Money Book More Calls Wow More Customers

NAWT Land APPLication TrAck

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Be Ready to Land Apply Soils and Cropping Systems Land Application Rates and Nutrient Management

Portable Track
8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Deodorizers and Making the Right Choices Oh Shift! 6 Future Trends You Must Gear Up For to Compete and Succeed Portable Restroom Service Units

Safety Compliance Track

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
OSHA Conned Space and Fall Protection Untangled Air Monitoring Application for the Liquid Waste Industry T.B.D.

Municipal Track
8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Sewer Cleaning 101 Underground Coatings Restore Deteriorated Infrastructure How Small Contractors Can Make Big Money Doing Manhole Rehabilitation

Municipal Track
8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Sealing - Take Control of Inow & Inltration in Manhole Sealing Systems DC Water is Utilizing CIPP to Rehabilitate the Nations Capital Nozzle Explanation and Selections

Liquid Waste Track

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Right Sizing Your Pump System Make More Money by Using a Biological Product with Your Services Septic Draineld Restoration

Installer Track
8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Septic Tank Bells and Whistles Aeration Units for On-Site Septic Systems Understanding ATUs, their Service Requirement, and Maintenance

Advertising & Marketing Track

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Advertising and Marketing for Service Companies Getting Sales Personnel to Properly Price and Present 7 Incredibly Effective Ways to Improve Your Sales

General Track
8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Portable - The Best of Both Worlds - Liquids vs. Portion Control Deodorizers Vacuum Loaders - Taking the Mystery out of Vacuum Truck Operation DOT Compliance - The Value of DOT Certication for Vacuum Trucks

Customer Service & Employee Development

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
Gen Y + Gen X + Baby Boomers = #@$%??? Get and Keep the Best Co-Workers Win, Win, Win in Residential Service Contracting

Onsite Installer Course

8 a.m. 5 p.m.
All Day Installer Course Jim Anderson and Dave Gustafson
Sponsored by COLE Publishing and Onsite Installer Magazine


Pumper December 2013 Since 1979 December 2013


Wee Engineer

Call us for a quote


-in e d a r T <
Wee thanks Scott and Nancy Drumbeater of Scooters Septic Service for buying this used truck and new 3600-gallon tank from us.
Thanks to Roger Hughs of Hughs Septic Service for letting us design, assemble and install this 1500-gallon tank on his truck.


2003 Sterling Cat engine; 170,000 miles, 2003 Wee Engineer 2500-gallon tank. 2003 NVE 367 Vacuum pump. $43,500


decrease fatigue on your tank frame, mounts to most tanks, easy bolt or weld-on style, heavy-duty stress relieved springs. Mounts with springs..$82.00 Springs alone ...........$11.00 each


Preventing your valves from freezing will help your prots during the winter months. 1.5-2" ........$110 3" ..............$165 4" ..............$198 6" ..............$297
Installation kit and 110 volt heater kit available

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PO Box 39, Dayton, IN 47941 Toll-Free:

Phone: 765.296.2027 Fax: 765.296.3027

2,500 to 6,000 gallon injection or broadcast
Trailer models also available liquid or dry 7,000 gallons per acre at 9 mph

Rehab & Consignment Options

Bloomington, IL

Pumper December 2013



Joe Padilla Municipal Crew Supervisor


When it comes to root control, Joe Padilla and his crews in Merced, California cant waste time with products that dont work. They are depended upon to keep main lines and service laterals free from root intrusion. This explains why they depend on RootX the root killer that is easy to use and applied with existing crews and equipment. Within a month after applying RootX, roots are dead and decaying which keeps your lines flowing for up to 36 months. Guaranteed.* Ready to find out more? Email us at, or give us a call at 1-800-844-4974.
*visit for details.


Halls Septic Services Inc.

Street, Maryland

wner Jerry Scarborough bought this fire engine red 2011 Peterbilt 348, built by Pik Rite Inc., while it was on display at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo. The truck has a 3,600-gallon tank and Jurop LC420 vacuum pump. Its powered by a Paccar 350 hp engine tied to a six-speed Allison automatic transmission. The truck has four heated valves (sides and back), three of which are 4 inches, and one a 6-inch discharge valve. Other features include aluminum hose trays, diamondplate side protection and elaborate fire department-themed graphics. The truck is used for residential septic service.

Dual VIP Restroom Trailer
Ideal for:
Weddings / Parties Sporting Events Food Festivals Community Events Restroom Remodeling Movie Production


Solar Powered Self-contained Flushing, china toilet Enclosed sink Power Converter (option) Air-conditioning (option) Interior Heater (option) Sink Water Heater (option)

1737 S. VINEYARD AVENUE ONTARIO, CA 91761 PHONE 909-930-6244 TOLL FREE 800-334-1065 FAX 909-930-6237 WWW.NUCONCEPTS.COM

Got a truck with real WOW appeal? Show it off to Pumper readers! Send photos of your truck after it has been lettered with your company name. Any industry-related truck is acceptable. Please limit your submission to one truck only. Your Classy Truck submission must include your name, company name, mailing address, phone number, and details about the truck, including tank size, cab/chassis information, pump information, the company that built the truck, and any other details you consider important. In particular, tell us what features of the truck help make your work life more efficient and more profitable. Email your materials to or mail to Editor, Pumper, P.O. Box 220, Three Lakes, WI 54562. We look forward to hearing from you!


Pumper December 2013

Bobtail with VOC in stock


bta Trail ils ers & In Sto ck!

Call for quotes

Tanks can be shipped

Introducing The GVS Liquid Ring Unit



In Stock!
Manufacturer Of ASME DOT 407/412 Tanks & Trailers

Global Vacuum Systems, Inc.

Toll Free:

15431 State Hwy 6 Navasota, TX 77868

800-843-0866 Phone: 936-825-2000 Email: Web:

Happy Holidays


Secondary Shutoffs Secondary


Pump Rebuild Kits In Stock

Call Today For Information Or Prices On Tanks, Pumps And All Parts

Sight Glasses, Valves & Couplings

12" Primary Shutoffs



21" & 36" Manways

1/4" Thick Steel Pipe Reinforced Bafes Primary Shutoff Flanged and Dished Heads 21" Top and Rear Hatches Full Length Under Carriage on Bottom of Tank


2100 gallon ............. $5800 2500 gallon ............. $6740 3000 gallon ............. $7575

3360 gallon ............. $8140 3570 gallon ............. $9000 4000 gallon ............. $9920


2100 EAST BOOTH ST. SEARCY, AR 72143 Fax: 501.279.0003 E-mail:


Pumper December 2013


The future is at your fingertips with Sparvision 200, a state-of-the-art pipe-inspection camera designed with you in mind. Featuring a wireless retina-display iPad 4 as its screen, the Sparvision 200 offers full tablet computer features like instant snapshots, on-screen drawing and a touch keyboard for captions. With the Wi-Fi-enabled iPad, simply send the photo or video you shot directly to the customer and store your copy right on the tablet. The Sparvision 200 offers a self-leveling color camera, a 512 Hz locating beacon and a 200' high-efficiency, super-slick push rod. Plus, the entire unit is powered in the field with an on-board battery so you can take it anywhere. If youre looking for the best, look no further.


SINCE 1943

CON TACT U S TOD AY | 8 0 0 . 4 3 5 . 3 8 6 6 | SPARTANTOOL.COM


Business Diversification Sewer and Drain Maintenance

Keeping sewer and drainlines clean and clear of debris and root blockages may require a few extra tools, but the steady work can also provide a consistent revenue steam for pumpers looking to diversify their service offerings. Here are several push cameras, jetters, line locators, root control tools and cable machines to consider. By Craig Mandli


The Pan n Tilt Push Camera from Ratech Electronics can be used as a mainline camera, but can also fit into small lateral pipes. It can be purchased as a retrofit to existing systems, or as a stand-alone unit. It rotates 360 degrees and 210 degrees up and down, allowing technicians to view the pipe condition easily and in more detail. An optional steerable gooseneck assists the camera. Combining this camera with a control unit gives recording capability using SD/USB drives, and allows MPEG video capture and JPEG image capture of pipe inspections. Features include a 512 Hz sonde, an onscreen text display overlay system, electronic distance counter, time, date and eight pages of memory. Standard Gel-Rod cable length supplied is 200 to 400 feet. 800/461-9200;



The Valu-Pac from Cyclops Electronics is a versatile mainline inspection system. It has the ability to inspect 4- to 60-inch lines, and identify and catalog defects using PACP-certified software. It has a capacity of up to 600 feet of TV/tow cable. 830/249-9756;


The Sparvision 200 pipe inspection camera from Spartan Tool is lightweight for a technician to maneuver, and outfitted with iPad technology that features telestration, allowing operators to actively draw on the screen. It features 200 feet of slick pushrod and a color self-leveling camera head to provide instant snapshots at any time. A full on-screen QWERTY keyboard and standard 512 Hz locating beacon come standard. 800/435-3866;


The FB-PIC4188H portable multifunction sewer/ drain camera from Forbest Products features a 130-foot cable with reel, a 10-inch LCD color monitor with DVR and microphone, a stainless steel color camera head with built-in 512 Hz sonde and a heavy-duty waterproof case. It has video and snapshot recording capability via SD card or USB flash drive. The 13-inch cable reel features a footage counter. 650/757-4786;


The ProCam DVR Ultra from UEMSI is a compact and lightweight color minicamera inspection system. It includes a 10.4-inch color LCD monitor and a built-in DVR that records video files and photos to an SD card. The push reel is made of powder-coated steel for durability. The nylon-jacketed push cable has a water-blocking gel inside to prevent infiltration. The data display package includes on-screen digital footage and a full-size flexible keyboard. Options include an inline transmitter and rechargeable battery pack. 800/666-0766;


Pumper December 2013



The Performance line of trailer-mounted jetter/pressure washer combo units from Amazing Machinery is designed for easy trailering, and the large water supply tank allows technicians to jet anywhere. A rear-mounted 12-volt electric jetter hose reel and SS rear stack mounted manual pressure washer and garden hose reels provide ample hose space. They come standard with 300 feet of jetter hose, two nozzles and a complete set of washdown accessories. The triplex ceramic plunger pump provides pressures up to 4,000 psi and flow rates up to 15 gpm. 800/504-7435;


The Hot Jet II from Hot Jet USA features a V-twin Vanguard engine manufactured by a division of Toyota. The pump is a premium General Emperor Series that is triple V-belt driven. It generates a minimum of 8.5 gpm at 3,600 psi with either hot or cold water, and has a remote control system. It is mounted on a 5- by 12-foot diamond-plate steel deck trailer that has tandem axles and dual electric brakes for safety. The hot water deep cleans and emulsifies fats, oils and greases. The unit also can serve as an industrial-grade hot-water power washer. 800/213-3272;

The RCJ Series skid-mounted jetter from Cam Spray is offered in flows and pressures of 8 gpm at 3,500 psi and 7 gpm at 4,000 psi. It features a threeplunger industrial pump with pulse feature powered by a 688 cc Honda engine. It comes with 200 feet of jetter hose that can also be used to supply an optional portable reel cart available with 200 or 300 feet of jet hose. It is equipped with a 35-gallon buffer water tank with float control, powder-coated heavy tube frame, washdown gun and four-nozzle set. It easily mounts in the side door of a cargo van, on a truck bed or inside of a service truck. 800/648-5011;


The 125 Series convertible water jet pump unit from NLB Corp. allows contractors to clean sewer and drain pipes, and then do other jobs requiring different pressures with the same unit. The 125 hp unit can be converted in about 20 minutes to any of eight operating pressures, from 6,000 to 40,000 psi. A wide range of flows from 4.4 to 32.5 gpm provides additional operating flexibility. It features a continuous-duty six-cylinder diesel engine (electric models are also available), and is trailer mounted for transport to job sites, with four-wheel electric brakes, heavy-duty axles and full DOT lighting package. All operating controls, including pressure gauge, rupture disc and bypass valve, are mounted on a separate accessory manifold. 248/624-5555;

The OBrien 7040-SC diesel-powered hydrojetter from Hi-Vac features plate-mounted polyethylene water tanks that have a 700-gallon capacity. The swinger reel pivots 190 degrees, providing access to the manhole regardless of how the trailer is parked. The hydraulically actuated reel has a variable-speed control. It is powered by a 65 hp Cummins diesel engine with Murphy safety gauges and variable electronic throttle control. The triplex pump is rated to 40 gpm at 2,000 psi. The standard 400-foot high-impact thermoplastic sewer hose is easy to clean, maintains stiffness and is abrasion-resistant. The tandem-axle trailer has a 6-foot channel frame and is rated to carry a full tank of water at highway speeds. 800/638-1901;


The KJ-3100 water jetter from RIDGID clears blockages in 2- to 10-inch drainlines with 3,000 psi working pressure and 5.5 gpm flow. Powered by a 16 hp gasoline engine, it is mounted on a heavy-duty, two-wheeled cart that fits through standard-sized doors and negotiates tight turns. The hose reel quickly detaches from the cart for easy loading into service vehicles, and permits easy access to hard-to-reach drains. The 3/8-inch jetter hose is 200 feet long. The unit includes pulse action, which allows the cleaning head and hose to maneuver through traps and bends. The high-pressure pump is a triplex design with a corrosion-resistant brass head. The unit comes with a propulsion nozzle that helps to carry the hose through pipes to obstructions, and a penetrating nozzle to cut through ice and sludge. 800/769-7743; Since 1979 December 2013




The LineFinder LF2200 from Prototek Corporation locates frequency sondes or transmitter box between 16 Hz and 100 kHz using its frequency sniffing feature. It features preset support of 16 Hz (steel or ductile iron as well as cast-iron and nonmetallic), 512 Hz (cast-iron or nonmetallic) and 8 kHz (nonmetallic only) sondes, and traces underground metallic lines at four built-in industry standard frequencies using an external transmitter box (other frequencies can also be sniffed). It passively locates underground power at 50 or 60 Hz. Power frequency, as well as scaling in English or metric units, is user selectable. A series of LCD screens (with automatic backlight compensation) guides through the steps to locating sondes and lines with accurate position and precise depth. Locating is enhanced by handle vibration and LED feedback at key locating points. 800/541-9123;

The Annovi Reverberi washdown pump from Water Cannon provides a maximum flow rate of 3.5 gpm and a maximum pressure of 2,500 psi, allowing the operator to adjust flow and pressure rates to effectively avoid backsplash. It can be mounted to most trucks and connected to existing hydraulic systems, as the pumps hydraulic requirements start at 7 gpm and its pressure requirements range from 800 psi upward. Since it is hydraulic fluid driven, no electric power or gasoline is required; a water supply is all that is needed. Complete plumbing for easy installation is provided. 800/333-9274;



The UtiliGuard utility locating system from Ditch Witch features ambient interference measurement (AIM) that automatically scans the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequency among its 70 options. To help users make more accurate locates of obstructed utilities, it measures distances (depth) both horizontally and vertically to the utility. The system has a six-button, multi-language operator interface and a high-contrast LCD display to ensure visibility in all conditions, including direct sunlight. A dual-output feature allows users to connect the transmitter to two utilities at once, and the system is Bluetooth-enabled to simplify data transfers. Its housing has an IP65 rating. 800/654-6481;

The AML (All Material Locator) from SubSurface Instruments is a highly sensitive instrument that utilizes advanced, ultra-high frequency radio waves to locate buried PVC pipes. It also locates nearly any subsurface material with an edge, including plastic, metal, wood, cable and concrete. It will function in clay, wet soil, snow or standing water without the need for a separate transmitter and receiver, wires, clips or clamps. It was designed specifically for use in the utility, water, gas, construction and cable industries. 855/422-6346;


The Gen-Eye Hot Spot pipe locator from General Pipe Cleaners features an easy-to-see auto backlit LCD display, with a null icon that indicates the pipe location and camera icon that confirms target location. Rated at IP65, its dust- and dirt-proof, and water resistant. It has passed the 1-meter drop test, while the screen passed the 18-inch steel ball drop test. Its total field antenna array allows operators to locate from any direction. Its line direction compass indicates the lay of the pipe. It features superior battery life, and locates two sonde frequencies, two power frequencies and four line frequencies. Operators can use the USB port to upgrade software in the field. 800/245-6200;


The Model GO 68HD heavy-duty electric drain cleaning machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is available in two different versions, either with an open steel reel or enclosed polyethylene drum, and can be outfitted with an optional power feeder. Standard configuration is 150 feet of 11/16-inch hollowcore cable, which should reach most blockages with a single reel. The unit weighs 185 pounds, and adding a loading ramp and electric winch to any vehicle makes transportation quick and simple. It is designed to clean pipes from 3 to 8 inches in diameter. 562/9443060;


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The LE151 Super Flex leader cable from MyTana Mfg. Company is a flexible cable used for leading main cables down a sewer or drainline with twists, turns, elbows, offsets, sweeps and other irregularities. Many contractors keep several leaders available for use in special situations. For instance, leaders with a slight bend 8 to 10 inches from the end can help force a single blade to the outside of the pipe. The leader is suitable for 3/4-inch cable, and is available with a choice of fittings to attach to existing cables and blades. Leader cables are available in other sizes. 800/328-8170;

The vCam-5 Live View interface from Vivax-Metrotech Corp. allows technicians to connect to the control module by Wi-Fi or RJ45 Cross Talk Cable. When connected they can stream video, capture JPEG images and record directly to a hard drive or other storage device. In addition they can access the control modules internal hard drive and any USB thumb drive or SD card plugged into the control module. They can see a list of the videos or pictures on the hard drive and play them in the video player or download them. An app that runs on either the iPhone or Android platform allows them to stream video to smartphones and tablets, capture, email or text still images, and record video to the device. Up to five devices can be connected to the control at once. 800/4463392;



The Cnt-r-KUT Tow Hook model towable jetter nozzle from Arthur Products allows for pressurized water to be applied by the inte- g r a tion of a towing nozzle that can be pulled through the line. The technician can also pull a line from point A to point B if required. It is flexible enough to conform to damaged or deformed lines and can easily be trimmed in the field to fit virtually any line from 2 to 8 inches in diameter by attaching a 3/8- or 1/2-inch NPT hose to one end. It is available in standard and mini sizes. 800/322-0510;


BOOTH Since 1979 December 2013




Dukes Root Control is a full-service company dedicated to keeping sewer systems free of tree root growth. Application of Razorooter II herbicide leads to extended pipe life, reduced SSO occurrences and maximized asset value. The company can customize a root-control program that integrates capacity, management operations and maintenance into each municipalitys O & M plan. They only apply EPA-registered products that do not negatively impact downstream treatment facilities and are shown to be noncancer-causing. If a root-related stoppage occurs within two to three years after treatment, they will re-treat the line. 800/447-6687;


Lumberjack cutters from NozzTeq are low-torque, variablespeed, multipurpose cutting nozzles powered by common sewer jetting or combination trucks. The cutting chains rotate at speeds of 10,000 to 50,000 rpm, depending on pressure and flow rate. They are designed to cut roots, but also clear concrete, tuberculation, grease, protruding laterals and other obstructions. Low torque means they wont get stuck, wont harm host pipe and wont spin off the hose end. They have sealed, grease-lubricated bearings, and are water-cooled so they dont need daily maintenance. The cutter drive shaft and turbine are made of hardened steel, and the supply tube is made of stainless steel, so the nozzle lasts for seven to 15 years of heavy use, and is easy to rebuild. Six models clear pipes from 3 to 48 inches. 866/620-5915;


The Picote Cutter Systems Smart Cutter, distributed by LMK Technologies, enables the removal of tuberculation and tree roots, and the reestablishing of branch lines in building drains and sewer pipes to be done easily through a single pipe access such as a clean-out. Service lateral pipes can also be reinstated after mainline lining by accessing a clean-out for insertion. It is suitable for use in 1 1/4- to 8-inch pipeline diameters. 815/4331275;


Oblitiroot, a foaming sewer line root control product from Olvidium, has been formulated to use the maximum amount of the active ingredient, Dichlobenil, currently allowed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It comes in two pouches which, when combined, create a sticky foam with a latex base that can be applied through the cleanout or in the toilet bowl. The latex makes it stick to pipes and roots, which causes the Dichlobenil vapor to remain in the line to kill roots longer. 855/782-4531;

2448 2449




Registered with the U.S. EPA, RootX can be used by sewer departments to enhance their pipe maintenance programs and by drain cleaners as an effective tool and profitable add-on service. The foaming action lifts the rootkilling active ingredient to the top of the pipe where 90 percent of intrusion occurs. It also sticks to the top of the pipe and roots to keep blockages caused by root regrowth from occurring for up to 12 months. 800/844-4974;

Manufacturer of Portable Restoom, Septic/Grease, Slide-Ins and Custom Vacuum Tanks.

306 Runville Rd, Bellefonte, PA 16823


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1421, 1422




The EZ-8 tank and line cleaning machine from Gamajet features a fluid-driven, versatile and durable design and is lightweight for easy handling and maneuverability. It can be customized to the customers specific needs, with options that include directional nozzles enabling usage in various tanks and vessels in a number of applications. It eliminates the need for confinedspace entry, reducing time spent cleaning. It combines pressure and flow to create high-impact cleaning jets that deliver impingement force by rotating in a repeatable 360-degree pattern. It has a flow rate of 25 to 130 gpm and a pressure range of 20 to 1,000 psi. 877/426-2538;


Carry A Restroom & Super Mongo Mover On Your Pickup or Sport Utility


The Warthog WHP-3/4 sewer nozzle from StoneAge Inc. offers strong forward thrust, easy field maintenance, replaceable nozzle tips, and handles long distances and inclines. The nozzle cleans 6- to 18-inch lines. The rear-facing jets are angled sharply and the centralizer fins are trimmed back. The nozzle features five jet ports, including a boring jet offset at 15 degrees, and four jets at 172 degrees. 866/795-1586;


Move ADA Restrooms Aluminum Frame Available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 wheels Easily Rides on Your Truck Ships UPS

Toll Free: Since 1979 December 2013



Custom Manufacturer of Vacuum Trucks & Trailers

Located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, ITI designs and manufactures over the road trailers and truck bodies. All of which are held to the highest standards of quality and durability. Plus, we can customize your truck or trailer to suit your operation, regardless if you need one or one hundred. No matter the truck design, we never compromise when it comes to craftsmanship. We use the most trusted parts because our mission is to make sure you get the best truck body possible. ITI Trailers and Truck Bodies will stand the test of time thanks to our emphasis on durability and usability.

Stainless Steel Oileld Truck

Portable Restroom Trucks

Aluminum Septic Truck

Vacuum Tank Trailers

ASME Certied Building DOT 407/412 Equipment

We Manufa cture & Ser vice W hat We Sell.

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Septic-Scrub Septic-Scrub
The Demonstrated Drainfield Restoration/Maintenance Solution

Steel Tanks

Polished Aluminum Skirting and Tool Boxes

Aluminum Tanks

Backed By Science

Proven with Experience

Many Satisfied Homeowners

2014 International 2014 International 2014 Ford F-550, 2014 Ford F-550, Terastar, 1000 Waste, Terastar, 1100 Waste, 900 Waste, 300 Fresh, 900 Waste, 300 Fresh, 300 Fresh ............ $69,500 Gas...................... $58,000 400 Fresh ........... $73,500 Gas..................... $61,000 2014 Dodge 5500, 1000 Waste, 300 Fresh . $68,000 4x4 ................................ $70,500 2014 Dodge 5500, 900 Waste, 300 Fresh .. $71,000 4x4 ............................... $73,500

Septic-Scrub is a superior product for the maintenance and restoration of septic system drainfields. Customers appreciate that it is environmentally safe, contains no organic chemicals and does not produce any toxic by-products. Most importantly, Septic-Scrub works. It breaks down sulfide buildup in the biomat and soil to allow for better water absorption. Learn more about Septic-Scrub at

Portable Restroom Trailers

13" Tires 23" High
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Creator of the BullFrog Industries suitcase jetter tells Expo visitors that good things come in small packages
By Craig Mandli

ason Coleman believes name recognition leads to sales. So when the sewer and pipe-cleaning industry veteran chose a name for his new suitcase-style jetter, he went humorous, calling it the Crap Shooter. It definitely sticks in your mind, says Coleman, the founder of BullFrog Industries in Aurora, Colo. Lets face it, this is an industry that is pretty easy to poke fun at. Weve developed a product that were very serious about, but having a lot of fun with, too. Honestly, the name was more a working title during the beta testing phase last year, and it just kind of stuck. The diminutive 1,500 psi jetter was introduced at the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International in Indianapolis. It can be powered using a common 15-amp circuit meaning contractors are not spending time searching for a high-amp power source. Coleman says the devices convenience features and notable moniker kept Expo attendees flocking to BullFrogs booth. I think a lot of people are surprised that we can offer this kind of performance out of something so light and easy to handle, says Coleman. We designed it to fill I think a lot of people a gaping hole in the industry. are surprised that we can Coleman says he went to work designing the Crap offer this kind of performance Shooter after working with out of something so light other portable jetters in his family sewer and drain cleaning and easy to handle. business. We have worked with Jason Coleman so many different jetters that we found were heavy and bulky, or never quite worked how we needed them to, he says. We took more than 30 years in the family business into account, and this was the result. We couldnt be more excited. The jetter features a 50-foot high-pressure hose with quick connect, and two heavy-duty nozzles (named the Flusher and the Thruster) that enhance the performance of the unit. Designed to clear up to 3-inch pipes, the unit comes with two faucet adapters for versatility in many applications. Components and hoses can handle up to 120-degree water temperature, and the unit is packed in a heavy-duty case with a carry handle. The total weight of the unit is 21.4 pounds.
Pumper December 2013

Jason Coleman, founder of BullFrog Industries, explains the features of his suitcase jetter on the exhibit floor of the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International. I think people assume that because it weighs so little, its going to be cheaply constructed, says Coleman. Thats not the case at all. This jetter is designed to stand up to the rigors of the job, and make life easier for sewer and drain cleaners that need to get into tight spaces. We havent encountered a small-diameter pipe cleaning job yet that we havent been able to tackle with it. Coleman says he had many offers to purchase his prototype model on display at the Expo, and the company took several orders. Coleman also signed deals with several distributors during his time at the Expo. The Crap Shooter definitely had the reaction we were hoping for, and more, says Coleman. We figured that the Expo would be the right choice to really roll things out. A lot of the people we spoke with were excited to hear about the product, and Im always excited to talk about it. Coleman says the BullFrog crew is already planning to make a big splash at the 2014 Expo with a 3,000 psi electric jetter theyve named the Crap Shooter II. Well definitely be back in Indy in 2014, says Coleman. We had a lot of fun at the 2013 show. 303/338-0805;


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2014 William Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship Fund


Deadline for application is January 1, 2014

Call 800-236-NAWT or e-mail for the application.




Coagulants and Flocculants

for Septic, Grease, Municipalities and Industry

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Dewatering polymers for all dewatering equipment All forms: Dry and Emulsion Variety of packaging sizes to meet customer needs Both East & West coast shipping points Expert technical staff Specic solutions for our customers


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Tuff-Jon TJ Shorty Tuff-Jon III

Tank sizes 60, Standard holes Can customize 105, 225, 300 are 2 - 3" holes holes to match and 440 gallons. with plugs your specs

(45 gallons fresh water)

90 Gallon Free-Standing Sink

Containment Tray

Lifting Bracket Assembly Sky Heater Sinks Available For Both Styles of Tuff-Jon

NAWT EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATOR: Michele Anderson NAWT BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Jeff Rachlin, President, PA Jamie Miller, Vice President, VA Ralph Macchio, Treasurer, NY Tom Ferrero, Secretary, PA Tom Frank, Past President, OH Jim Anderson, MN Gene Bassett, NM Jace Ensor, NM Tim Frank, PA Larry Frost, ME Bill Hall, CT Tom Johnson, NY Arthur Joubert, NH Bob Kendall, WI Frank King, MA Stuart Mead, IN Kit Rosenfield, CA Susan Ruehl, OH Mark Scott, MI

1901 N. Roselle Rd., Schaumberg, IL 60195 1-800-236-NAWT (6298) Fax 847-885-8393

Join us in Indy for a weekend of training before the Pumper & Cleaner Expo
By Jim Anderson

f you are planning on attending the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International in Indianapolis in February, why not spend the two days over the weekend Feb. 22-23 and attend one of the two pre-Expo workshops NAWT is sponsoring? As is our policy and consistent with our mission, the two classes offered emphasize the service connection to our industry. The inspection certification course will be offered, as it is every year, for anyone who would like to learn the NAWT standard for inspecting existing onsite systems. This year there will be a new wrinkle in this course offering. It will still cover the basics of troubleshooting onsite systems and provide a method to conduct inspections. But since we have been debating the use of operation and hydraulic load testing for onsite systems, NAWT is bringing in two additional instructors who have used these tests as a part of their inspection protocols. Ray Erb and Frank Parker operate businesses in Pennsylvania, where these tests are frequently conducted. As in the past, they will be assisted by other NAWT instructors. Over the years, NAWT has hosted a variety of courses two days prior to the Expo. Last year, a design principles course was offered to answer a number of requests to develop such a course. This course has been redesigned on the basis of participant evaluations. We are titling this course Onsite Systems to Last a Lifetime. The course begins at the house and the user and, using a set of consistent real-life systems, walks through what needs to be done with each component to ensure the homeowner has a system that will indeed last a lifetime. Course content is provided from the perspective of what a service provider technician needs to know about design criteria; this will allow the technician to evaluate design plans so they understand why systems are installed a certain way, but will also help the service provider recognize potential problems that need attention. The course is offered with a day in the classroom going through all system components using real examples and designs. We move into the field on the second day, conduct basic surveying and layout exercises, and learn the basics of evaluating soils through a series of soil pits. Youll find out what impact the user has on system choices and design parameters. The most common mistakes are soils-related and the fundamentals will be taught to avoid these mistakes. System flow lines, sizing and layout, pumps, pressure distribution and advanced technology will be discussed. Estimating hydraulic and organic loading from different types of users and how this impacts the choice of systems will be discussed and
Pumper December 2013

practiced in the field. We will go through a site evaluation process in the field to understand how gathered information affects the design process. Finally we will check the system layout in the field using basic surveying techniques. This course will not make you a practicing designer but it will teach you to evaluate system plans and actual layouts, which will be invaluable for troubleshooting problems and estimating proper system maintenance. This two-day course will give you a better understanding of design principles and how to work with experts in the field and others in the industry. With a combination of classroom and field visits, it is an ideal leaning situation of bookwork and hands-on interaction. If you are already NAWT certified and need your CEUs, this will qualify for recertification. Rob Patterson is executive director of the National Association of Wastewater Technicians.

NAWT Membership/Contribution Form

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Think of FS Solutions as your personal Parts Supplier for all makes and models of Industrial Vacuum Loaders, Vacuum Excavators and Waterblasters. 7 locations - same day shipping - huge inventory - competitive prices - expert technical and application advice. (800) 822-8785

FS Solutions Group, 2013


December 4-5, 2013 - Napa, CA
COWA & NAWT - Evelyn Roseeld at (530) 513-6658, Lewis & Clark City-County Health Dept. & NAWT Beth Norberg:, 406-447-8385 Annual Operation & Maintenance Level I Evelyn Roseeld at (530) 513-6658, Annual Operation & Maintenance Level I Evelyn Roseeld at (530) 513-6658,

January 27-28, 2014 - Laughlin, NV

Inspection Workshop - Contact Kitt Farrell-Poe at or 520-621-7221 Onsite Wastewater Association (O2WA) & NAWT Belinda Rasmussen at or 541-389-6692 Annual COWA/NAWT OWTS Inspection Certication COWA & NAWT - Evelyn Roseeld at (530) 513-6658, NAWT Pre-Expo 2014 - More info at

January 31-February 1, 2014 - Eugene, OR February Two Day, 2014 - Malibu, CA

February 4-5, 2014 - Helena, MT

ou Thank Ya r fo Great Year

March Two Day, 2014 - Santa Rosa , CA April Two Day, 2014 - Paradise, CA

February 22-23, 2014 - Indianapolis, IN


February 22-23, 2014 - Indianapolis, IN

NAWT Principles of Design - NAWT Pre-Expo 2014 - More info at

January 13-16, 2014 - Malibu, CA
OWTS Tech Managment - Disinfection, Low Pressure Pipe & Drip Dispersal, OWTS System Controls COWA & NAWT - Evelyn Roseeld at (530) 513-6658,

Lowest Interior Floor Height in the Industry ADA wheelchair accessible units. Unlimited Floor Plans from 8' to 53' Trailers Rigid Steel Shell Construction from top to bottom to resist rot and warping. Specializing in Customizing trailers to t your needs. Easy Fold-Up Steps & Door Handles 24/7 Tech Support for the best customer service available. Free Nation Wide Lead Program for our customers. Large Capacity Waste Tanks High Privacy Partitions are Standard for Added Comfort Rigid Platform, our smallest wide body trailers start out with Dual 10" ASTM I-Beams.

February 6, 2014 - Helena, MT
Lewis & Clark City- County Health Dept & NAWT Beth Norberg:, 406-447-8385

5325, 5326, 5329


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w/A/C & Heat 300 gal waste

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Custom, Quality Tank Assembly and Repair
2,500 Aluminum 1 Compartment Tank 4" Inlet/6" Discharge NVE 607 Max Pak 2013 International 4300 Chassis Maxx Force DT Diesel Auto Transmission $ 129,000


EICA Tankheads Inc. custom manufactures Standard, A.S.M.E. Code and Oval Elliptical Transport Heads in a wide variety of types and congurations. We offer sizes up to 168" and 3/4" thick in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and various other alloys.



from all of us at L.T.&E.

Valve Heaters Available

2,200 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Mounted on your chassis 350 CFM Pump 48 in. Cabinet Tank, equipment & labor $33,500



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EICA Tankheads Inc. 1700 E. Hicks Field Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76179 817.847.0917 Phone 817.847.4853 Fax

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Portable Sanitation Association International

2014 PSAI Convention & Trade Show

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

Visit for more information about an exclusive convention and trade show that is focused on the portable sanitation industry. Join us for networking, great speakers and events in good old Nashville. See you there!

Join us in Nashville March 19-23, 2014 for the 2014 PSAI Convention & Trade Show.
Platinum and Gold PSAI Supplier Members enjoy a complementary booth space, ads in the industry and convention catalogs, and numerous other resources and advertising benefits designed to help portable restroom suppliers reach operators around the world. More information: or call the PSAI office at 800-822-3020.
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EQT Infrastructure acquires Synagro

EQT Infrastructure acquired Synagro Technologies for $465 million, eliminating the companys $200 million outstanding debt. The new capital structure provides Synagro with the flexibility to pursue growth opportunities, including construction of a bio-recycling center in southwest Florida. The $4.3 million facility in Charlotte County is scheduled to be operational the first quarter of 2014.

Septic Maxx moves to new facilities

Septic Maxx moved to its new 5,400-square-foot office facility in Delray Beach, Fla. The 1-year-old company, which began manufacturing all-natural bacteria and enzyme products for consumer septic systems, has expanded into commercial and industrial sales in Europe and Canada.

Imperial Industries names West Coast distributor

Imperial Industries selected Armstrong Equipment of Santa Fe Spring, Calif., to represent its self-contained, slide-in product group, including portable restrooms and grease units, in the western portion of the United States.

TBEI names vice president of sales and marketing

Truck Bodies and Equipment International named Henry Bell to the newly created position of vice president, sales and marketing, for all TBEI brands.

Jack Doheny merges with Jet-Vac

Jack Doheny Companies completed its merger with business affiliate Jet-Vac in Wharton, N.J. The merger provides financial and managerial support, enabling the company to be more responsive to customers in the Northeast. Ty Rose was named general manager for the 15,000-square-foot, eight-bay Wharton facility. Groundbreaking is scheduled for spring that will double the size of the service center and triple the size of its parts department. JDC has sold sewer cleaning, DOT-certified vacuum trucks, pipeline inspection and other related equipment since 1972.

Coxreels launches new website

Coxreels launched its revamped website, www. The site features a streamlined user interface and tools for product searches and selection, as well as literature and catalogs.

Keith Huber names sales representative

Keith Huber Corp. named David Briant industrial sales representative for the vacuum truck market in the Northeastern United States.

Groups work to reduce non-flushable products

INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and the American Public Works Association (APWA) have joined together to reduce the burden on non-flushable disposable products in the wastewater system. The associations believe that rigorous product assessment before making a flushable claim, along with improved product labeling, would significantly reduce the amount of non-flushable items in the sewer system. To assist companies with product flushability assessments and to provide guidance on proper labeling, INDA and its European counterpart EDANA released a code of practice for manufacturers and marketers of wipes and other disposable nonwoven products that determine proper product labeling.

SJE-Rhombus hosts training session

SJE-Rhombus held a training session in September for 23 attendees representing distributors, installers and manufacturer representatives. The event at the companys manufacturing headquarters in Detroit Lakes, Minn., focused on on-site control products, basic electrical theory with multimeters, component overview, control panel overview, panel configuration, control panel assembly, operation and troubleshooting, floatless technology, best installation practices and a plant tour.



Martin Engineering acquires TNJ Industries

Martin Engineering acquired TNJ Industries, an Arizona-based company specializing in dust management for crushing and conveying of mined materials. The acquisition broadens Martins line of dust control products.


Pumper December 2013



The Heavy Object Trap (HOT), model GRS, grease receiving and screening system from JWC Environmental has a variable bar screen with 1/2- and 1-inch spacings to capture and direct heavy objects, including rocks, silverware and trash into the debris basket. The largest basket can hold 2.2 cubic feet of material. The bar screen design and hot-water washdown system prevents screen blinding for high flow rates of grease. The HOT system is available in six sizes with a maximum flow rate of 600 gpm and operating pressure of 15 psi and 4- or 6-inch pipelines. 800/331-2277;


By Ken Wysocky

in the

A powerful new multipurpose vacuum truck built by Transway Systems Inc. provides smaller contractors with a unit flexible enough to perform a variety of jobs to generate additional revenue streams outside of septic tank pumping. Available in a variety of steel tank sizes, ranging from 2,000 to 4,500 gallons, the truck can be built on different brands of truck chassis, including International, Peterbilt and Kenworth. Were very flexible in terms of the tank size and the make of truck chassis, says Gary Robinson, general manager of Transway. This vacuum truck is ideal for smaller contractors who cant afford to buy different kinds of machines for different jobs, Robinson says. A guy can get into a unit like this and do more than one kind of work with it, such as cleaning catch basins and car-wash pits. Instead of a vane pump, the truck relies on a high-powered Robuschi blower that pulls 900 cfm and 27 inches Hg (larger-capacity tanks may require a 1,600 cfm blower). The companys original design was intended for customers that clean peat moss septic system beds, which require greater air flow to suck up the less-dense material. We have customers who spent hours trying to clean a peat moss system, Robinson says. But with this truck, they can do it in an hour or 1 1/2 hours because it provides quicker vacuum recovery. Other features include a hydraulic boom, operable via a pendant control, for easier loading of materials such as sand and mud; a 25-ton hydraulic tilt-bed hoist; and a full-opening hydraulic rear door. The boom length varies according to the size of the tank, but typically extends 12 feet. The boom, which is used with a 4-inch-diameter hose, also rotates 360 degrees, and offers hydraulic controls for up-and-down movement; sideto-side movement can be controlled manually or with optional hydraulic controls. The truck also includes a standard 4-inch-diameter intake valve for applications where a pumper doesnt want to use the boom, Robinson says. The boom works for pumping septic tanks, if the truck can get close enough to the tank, Robinson explains. Its a lot easier on the operators back because the boom carries the weight of the hose. The full-opening rear door is great for jobs where youre vacuuming sand or mud, he adds. No one wants to manually shovel out that stuff. 800/263-4508;


Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser from CR Brands is a blend of biodegradable detergents formulated for challenging fleet and equipment washing applications. The cleaner removes dirt, tar and road grime from vehicles and trailers. It can be used for spot removal on carpets, seats and dashboards. Containing no environmentally harmful solvents, the cleaner can be used with pressure washers to degrease equipment, concrete and asphalt.


The flame pattern siphon spray gun (model 79SG012F) from Guardair Corp. features a flame design on its 12-inch aluminum extension. The gun uses compressed air to produce a high vacuum suction that delivers up to 12 gph of liquid spray. Applications include solvents, oils, cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides, mold release agents, coatings and degreasers. The gun has an adjustable nozzle tip to control volume and spray pattern. Other features include cast aluminum body, OSHA compliant, 1/4-inch FNPT inlet and 6-foot siphon hose with sinker. 800/482-7324;


Pumper December 2013





tanks pumps parts


LMT, Inc. | Galva, IL | 800-545-0174

6s 1 olor

Pro Pumper 250

Waste Holding Tank

For Portable Ofces Construction Trailers

Click or Call





The Bullet IV tank cleaning machine from Gamajet is designed for targeted cleaning of sludge, oil or residual debris that collects at the bottom of large tanks, open-top tanks, process vessels and trailers. The unit rotates in a 105-degree downward pattern. High-impact water jets scour the bottom of the tank with no oversplash. 877/4262538;


SNG (natural gas) and SLP (liquid petroleum) stationary hot-water pressure washers from Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters feature flow rates to 9.8 gpm and pressures to 3,200 psi. Designed for cleaning contaminants and grime from large equipment, the washers have no-weld, riveted-steel cabinets, industrial-grade Baldor motors, removable cabinet panels, optional auto start/stop control at the gun, durable heating coil made of cold-rolled Schedule 80 steel pipe, dual belt-driven triple high-pressure pump, overload protection, feedback lights (power, burner, ignition, overload) and high-efficiency burner with electronic ignition. 800/771-1881;


The user-friendly control system on the midsize HXX Prodigy vacuum excavator from Vactor Manufacturing, identical to controls used on the full-size HXX HydroExcavator, has an ergonomically designed control box located curbside for easy access and operator safety. The control system is enclosed in an environmentally protective aluminum box. Controls include tachometer and hour meter for chassis and blower, temperature indicators, water system on/off with multiflow, complete boom and body dump functions and E-Stop. The Prodigy, with wireless remote, also has an extendable boom with 320-degree rotation. A telescopic boom is optional. 800/627-3171;


The A5-200 Series roll-off trailer from Galbreath, a Wastequip brand, can handle payloads from 33,000 to 39,000 pounds. The trailer is available in outside rail, extendable tail, inside/outside rail and deadlift configurations. Features include two telescoping cylinders that handle up to 60,000 pounds. Options include tarping, aluminum hubs, aluminum or poly fenders, work lights, inside cab controls, automatic grease systems and tool boxes. 877/468-9278; Since 1979 December 2013




FEBRUARY 24, 2014
SESSION Preventing Tank Truck Rollovers
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 136-138 Speaker: John Conley

Accrediting states are subject to change. Please visit for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding continuing education credits.
Alabama California Florida Georgia Indiana Iowa Kentucky Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas Wisconsin

One of the most important tools in the liquid waste industry is the tanker truck, and the most important person is the one who drives it. While the tank truck industry, including the liquid waste sector, has a very good safety record, it does face a special challenge in eliminating tanker rollovers. According to a study conducted for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, straight tanker trucks account for over 25 percent of all cargo tank rollovers. That same study found that over 75 percent of rollovers are the result of a driver action. Most rollovers are preventable. John Conley, Past President of National Tank Truck Carriers, will discuss efforts by industry and government to eliminate tanker rollovers and other trucking safety and operations issues.


The Education Initiative exists within the PSAI to advance the use of portable sanitation around the world through education regarding its benefits to humanity. Todd Hilde, President of Satellite Industries, will present an overall vision for this 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM important effort. It is an excellent opportunity to gain a new perspective on the Room: 136-138 portable sanitation industry, and learn how you can participate in spreading this Speakers: important message. In addition, Jeff Wigley, the Immediate Past President of the Jeff Wigley, Owner, Pit Stop PSAI, will provide operators with an overview of the activities, advancements and Todd Hilde, President and CEO, Satellite Industries changes within the association over the past two years.

Visions of the PSAI and the Education Initiative


Industry Image

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 136-138 Speakers: Nancy Gump, Owner, Andy Gump, Inc. Sarah Nasby, Vice President, S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms

There is a growing effort among operators and the PSAI to change the publics perception of portable restrooms, because a negative public image does reduce rental fees and ultimately profits. This effort is well underway, as operators and suppliers belonging to the PSAI have joined together to actively promote a healthy, positive image of the industry through the use of press releases, professional marketing materials, partnering with other associations and working to establish an official Portable Sanitation Day to combat the negative press usually associated with this industry. Come learn what the Education Initiative is all about, and how it can help you increase your reputation and profitability. It is clear that portable sanitation protects billions of people around the world from sickness and deadly diseases. However, there are many areas of the world where portable sanitation is underused or non-existent, and billions of people suffer on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are operators in these regions who are making a difference. Come hear their stories, and be inspired as you learn how valuable your business is to the community you live in. Anthony Kuritz is an Industrial Hygiene Consultant working for the Bureau of Safety Education and Training within the Indiana Department of Labor as an INSafe Training Instructor. In this session he will provide important information on OSHAs new GHS requirements for all businesses, truck and driver safety guidelines and other regulations pertaining to workplace safety. There will be time for questions and answers at the end of the presentation.


State of Global Sanitation

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room: 136-138 Speakers: Rajeev Kher, Founder, 3S Shramik Steve Brinton, VP of Sales, Satellite Industries

Whats New with OSHA Safety Requirements

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room: 136-138 Speaker: Anthony Kuritz, Compliance Officer, OSHA
Pumper December 2013


SESSION An Introduction to Entering the Federal Government Contracting Arena

Youve made the decision to enter the world of government contracting. Now what? First, we will help you understand the contract and its requirements to determine if the contract is right for you. Second, we will walk you through the process of putting a bid together. Finally, we will provide you with a list of beneficial websites pertaining to government contracts.



4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Room: 136-138 Speaker: Terri Baldwin Flanigan, Consultant, Phoenix Site Solutions


Why Do We Care About Soils?

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 240-242 Speaker: Randy Miles, Soil Scientist, University of MO

Soil is a valuable component of decentralized wastewater systems, as it provides the ability to disperse large volumes of effluent, and serves as a treatment component to assure public health and environmental quality while fostering recycling and reuse of water and nutrients. A discussion of critical soil properties such as color, texture, and structure, and their direct or indicator role in treating, dispersing and recycling will be presented. This session will explore why specific technologies and associated designs may need to be employed in unique soil-site scenarios. Onsite wastewater system design must be based on the volume and characteristics of the wastewater, and the hydraulic properties of the soil. This session will focus on evaluating the wastewater source to determine the area of soil required for final treatment and dispersal. Specific discussion issues include wastewater strength, daily volume, long-term acceptance rate, and boundary conditions. Site evaluation is the most critical input into the design and installation of an onsite wastewater system. The site evaluator must provide a prediction of the hydrological flow characteristics within the soil landscape. This session will focus on evaluation of the internal soil properties relative to their occurrence in the landscape. Discussion will include the iterative process that the site evaluator should have with the installer and homeowner. Onsite wastewater systems must be designed to match the conditions of the soil and site. Frequently sites are limited by wet soils and shallow restrictive layers. This session will discuss the decision process to determine the appropriate system configuration for various site and soil conditions. Further, this session will explore various site modifications to improve the site acceptability.


Design for Dummies

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 240-242 Speaker: John R. Buchanan, Ph.D., P.E., Assoc. Professor, University of TN

How to do a Good Site Evaluation

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 240-242 Speaker: Randy Miles, Soil Scientist, University of MO

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room: 240-242 Speaker: John R. Buchanan, Ph.D., P.E., Assoc. Professor, University of TN

Designing for Tough Sites


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room: 240-242

Wastewater and Soils: Clean It Up AND Get It To Go Away

The primary goal in dispersing effluent in the soil treatment component is to encourage unsaturated flow. Unsaturated flow provides the ability for greater contact with soil particle surfaces while allowing oxygen in the larger soil pores, thus greater treatment than under saturated flow conditions. Specific discussion will include dispersal technologies, soil properties, and water management strategies and devices. The primary goal when installing an onsite wastewater system is to protect public and environmental health. However, installers should also consider ease of maintenance and landscaping as the system is installed. The system is more likely to be maintained if the components are readily accessible. Appropriate landscaping can divert surface water away from system components. This session will focus on these important issues that can make the installation a longterm success. This presentation will cover providing maintenance for mound systems. It will cover the tasks related to septic tanks, pump tanks, pumps, pressure distribution, inspection pipes, the soil treatment system itself and landscaping, including those troublesome gophers.


Good Installation for Long-Term User Satisfaction

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM Room: 240-242 Speaker: John R. Buchanan, Ph.D., P.E., Assoc. Professor, University of TN

Look Out for Gophers! Taking Care of Mound Systems

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 243-245 Speaker: Sara Heger, Engineer, University of MN Since 1979 December 2013






ATUs - How to Make Them Work Aerobic treatment units were first introduced in the mid 1950s, and have become
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 243-245 Speaker: Tom Fritts, Vice President, Residential Sewage Treatment Co.

a reliable technology when properly maintained. There are no longer just a handful of ATU manufacturers out there, and they all need qualified service providers to maintain the many different systems being sold today. We will review the basics of servicing these systems and some of the responsibilities that come with the NSF Standard 40 certification. The University of Minnesotas Onsite Sewage Treatment Program is working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to evaluate the 51 septic systems serving the rest stops and truck garages across Minnesota at MnDOT facilities. Many of these systems are more than 30 years old, and the lack of information makes managing these systems, prioritizing replacement and designing replacement systems very difficult. It is generally understood that these systems are subject to challenging site conditions and wastewater characteristics. This presentation will cover protocol for investigation and the field data. Understanding the treatment train and learning how to run the rope are skills you should have to be a proficient troubleshooter. Troubleshooting is more than just the importance of knowing how the system works. Many troubleshooting skills are no different than those used by your family physician or Mission Control. Having a good understanding of the system and following known procedures will allow your troubleshooting visit to be efficient and effective.


Rest Stops: A Case Study of Challenging Wastewater

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room 243-245 Speaker: Sara Heger, Engineer, University of MN

Troubleshooting Onsite Systems

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room: 243-245 Speaker: Tom Fritts, Vice President, Residential Sewage Treatment Co.


Installation Mistakes: How to Avoid and Fix Them

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room: 243-245 Speaker: Sara Heger, Engineer, University of MN

Installing systems right from the beginning will save you time and money. Key aspects of proper installation will be discussed, including protecting the natural soil conditions, proper bedding of piping, tanks and treatment units and working on difficult sites. But what do you do when it is already been messed up? Potential remedies will be covered.


Marketing & Customer Service for Small Business Owners

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Room: 243-245 Speaker: Tom Fritts, Vice President, Residential Sewage Treatment Co.

Designing, installing, pumping and servicing is that enough? NO! Our businesses are not run by executives in penthouse offices we are the executives we are the entrepreneurs. Learning easy ways to market your company and effective customer service can take your profits to the next level. You may be surprised how many tools you already have that you are just not using.

Personal Safety


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 231-233 Speaker: John Chadwell, Western Regional Manager, EHS International

This is a fascinating, high-energy class thats applicable to challenges encountered in todays workplace. It will provide an overview of industry safety issues such as workplace violence and personal safety, as well as the tools necessary to deal with the challenges of working with the public and with fellow employees. Throughout attendees will be presented with concepts on how to develop a survival mindset that could help improve their overall safety through personal awareness training. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of personal safety at the workplace or worksite, and valuable lessons that can be applied to their lives outside of work. The success or failure of any pipeline inspection program comes down to two important factors the quality of the videos and the quantity of footage inspected. Falling short in either one can prove fatal for the contractor and the public agency alike. This class will clearly define the makeup of a quality pipeline inspection, and discuss the steps that must be taken to produce a superior video. We will also look at specific and proven ways in which we can increase production and profitability. This class will help define a successful CCTV inspection program.


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 231-233 Speaker: Jim Aanderud, Owner/President, Innerline Engineering

Understanding the Nuances of a Quality CCTV Inspection Program


Pumper December 2013

SESSION In the Trenches with Trenchless Pipeline Repair and Renewal

Trenchless pipeline repair and renewal is a growing industry with new innovative processes being offered. This class takes a look at the benefits and drawbacks of some of the most common and some of the innovative pipeline repair and renewal technologies currently on the market. We will look at the specific site conditions that are a challenge for trenchless rehabilitation, what has been successful, and what has fallen short.



11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 231-233 Speaker: Mark Hill, P.E., Civil Engineer, Michael Baker Corp.

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room: 231-233 Speaker: Duane Johnson, Vice President, Affordable Pipeline Services

Nozzle Application: What, Why, Where, When and How?

Too often cleaning truck operators believe that only one or two nozzles are sufficient to complete any project. Just because they have had great results with one nozzle in certain cleaning applications, they unfortunately continue to use the same nozzle in every other cleaning condition. This class will look at a variety of cleaning situations and discuss the various options available for cleaning. We will focus on specific pipeline conditions, and then discuss the precise type of nozzle needed to efficiently clean in each of these situations. Our goal will be for each attendee to learn a new approach to pipeline cleaning, and to begin thinking outside of the box when it comes to encountering new and challenging cleaning situations. Our ultimate goal is to increase effectiveness and productivity for each operator by always using the correct nozzle in any given cleaning condition.


Stop It!


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room: 231-233 Speaker: Denis Pollak

The ins and outs of plugging and line stopping of sanitary sewers can be very challenging, and a sizable risk to say the least. There are many ways of controlling flow with the use of inflatable and mechanical pipe plugs. The standard of care and safety when plugging is sometimes overlooked or misunderstood. In this class we will take a close look at plugging, and discuss their advantages and practical uses. We will also look at alternative methods of controlling flow, such as line stopping, pipe freezing and bypassing. Plugging can be a very effective tool in a variety of applications. For example, by controlling the flow, lines that would otherwise be inaccessible can be accessed and inspected by conventional CCTV inspection equipment. We will look at how plugging can be a valuable tool for CCTV, cleaning and rehabilitation projects.


Getting the Most out of your Combination Unit

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Room: 231-233 Speaker: Rick Lewis

During todays economic times, agencies and contractors are keeping their combination units much longer. In order to extend the life of these units, there are critical steps that must be taken in order to guarantee that they continue to function at the optimum level. In this class we will define the key components of a combination unit and provide the necessary tools to maintain the truck and maximize its efficiency. We will discuss procedures and tricks of the trade that are needed in order to maintain its proficiency while ensuring its safety. Waterblaster? Check. High-pressure hose? Check. Lets do some waterblasting. Hold on there, partner. There is a lot more to successful waterblasting than just loading up the truck. Lets start with, What are you trying to do? Now be careful, this may be a question with more than one answer! In this session we will explore what needs to happen before the wheels ever start rolling for that first (or any) waterblasting job.


Preparing for Your First High Pressure Waterjetting Job

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Gary Toothe


Vacuum Truck Operation and Safety

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Gary Toothe

One of the bigger myths in the industrial cleaning industry is that there is nothing to operating a liquid vacuum truck. Nothing could be further from the truth. What you dont know about proper vacuum truck operation and safety could cost you a job, a truck, or a life. In this session we will explore the basics of liquid vacuum truck operation and safety on materials from water up to flammable liquids, and what your people need to know before they fire that unit up. Since 1979 December 2013


SESSION Hydroexcavation: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Neil McLean

Learn how to dial your hydroexcavation truck in to make your company look professional to your customers while increasing production, performance and safety. This program will discuss options like multiple wands and the right nozzle design to increase your performance. You will also learn how to use proper water management for the best production outcome.



Business Training and Marketing

Marketing on a Shoestring
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Suzan Chin, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Creative Raven

What you are experiencing in your business today is not because of what you are doing at this moment in time, but rather a direct result of what you did or failed to do six to nine months ago. This session will review five important marketing activities that can be accomplished on a modest budget in a relatively short period of time: 1. The Worlds Smallest Brochure: How to make your business card one of your most powerful marketing and advertising tools 2. Networking: Tips and tricks for tapping into your personal and professional networks and creating a powerful 15 or 30 second elevator pitch for networking events and meeting key strategic influencers and gatekeepers 3. Website Auditing: Performing an indepth review of your online presence, developing a plan for making your website a better marketing or sales tool for your business 4. E-Newsletters: Using the power of e-based communication to nurture prospects into customers and keep existing customers wanting more 5. Press Power: Getting positive publicity and your name in the headlines and leveraging positive press exposure. Participants will leave with instructions, resources and samples on how to implement these budget-friendly marketing activities quickly and easily for their business. Brand recognition and positive publicity ... how do those big companies do it? This session will provide an interactive view of branding, its core components, what goes into creating a great brand and marketplace recognition. We will review why consistency is key, how color and presentation can set a company apart, as well as personal branding. For many small to medium-sized businesses, personal branding is crucial to developing customer loyalty and powerful word-of-mouth referral business. Participants will learn: What goes into creating a great logo and memorable visual branding identity; Key components of establishing a brand and market perception; Essentials for developing your personal brand and engaging your customer. Publicity also plays a vital role in establishing a brand and keeping a company in the forefront of the target customers mind. Often more powerful than paid advertising, it is a frequently overlooked and underused form of marketing, and this session will demonstrate how participants can tap into this inexpensive form of marketing that has incredible return on investment. Take aways include: Basics of developing a great news release; Insider tips for writing your own feature news articles; and idea generators for publicity and positive PR. Be present and present ... navigating and exploiting the world of online marketing. Like it or not, online media is now a part of our daily lives. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, WIFI we are a society that is wired-in so business owners need to take advantage of all this new and ever-evolving platform for communication. Todays online marketing toolbox needs to include many components: an engaging website with great content, social media, SEO and blogging. But how as a busy business owner do you develop these and ride the digital marketing wave? This session will review: The nuts and bolts of developing a responsive website; What business owners need to plan for and be ready to implement; Creating compelling content; How, when and why to use social media and the basic skills needed for getting involved. As SEO rules and algorithms have changed dramatically, we will share what can impact a sites rankings and the use of blogging to boost traffic, visibility and higher placement in search results including: How to set up a blog; Creating an editorial calendar; Ongoing maintenance tips; Connecting it to social media efforts. At the end of the session, participants will have a greater understanding of how all the different forms of digital communication work together, what tools are best suited for helping them achieve their goals and how to start incorporating e-based communication methods into their overall marketing strategy.

Business Training and Marketing Business Training and Marketing

Getting Some.....

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Suzan Chin, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Creative Raven

The Online Marketing Toolbox

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Suzan Chin, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Creative Raven


Pumper December 2013

SESSION CSA 2010 Implementation/ Impact on Carriers/Drivers

This training will discuss the implementation of CAS 2010 and what it will mean for companies and drivers. We will cover what you will need to stay out of trouble with the new requirements of CSA 2010. We will show you how to check your CSA 2010 BASIC scores to see where any problems may be. We will also create a DOT Portal Access and review data via the U.S. DOT Portal.



8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 234-236 Speaker: Buddy Mauger, Compliance and Training Specialist


DataQs: When and How to Challenge

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 234-236 Speaker: Buddy Mauger, Compliance and Training Specialist

In this session we will take a look at the U.S. DOTs DataQ Challenge Protocol, and how and what to look for when reviewing roadside inspections. The training will cover the following; DataQs how to log on and create a user profile, submitting a challenge to an inspection, how to review your data to find changes and what to do to challenge an error, and how to request reports via DataQ.


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM National Registry of Medical Examiners (May 2014) and Skill Performance Room: 234-236 Standards (July 2014). Speaker: Buddy Mauger, Compliance and Training Specialist

US DOT Update/Recent, Upcoming This training will cover recent changes, updates and proposed regulations. It will cover hours of service regulations (changes and court challenges), electronic and Proposed Regulations logs (scheduled 2015), entry-level driver training requirements (scheduled 2014),


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room: 234-236

What is a Good Septic System Inspection?

This seminar will discuss the basics of a septic system inspection, including why it is important to locate and open all components of the system. It will provide information on locating techniques, evaluation of drainfields, and interacting with homeowners or other clients about scope of services and results.


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room: 234-236 Speaker: Ray Erb, Consultant, Thomas Erb & Sons, Inc.

The History of the PSMA Hydraulic Load Process

The development of the Pennsylvania Hydraulic Load Test will be presented. This will include the background on why the test was developed, and what problems were hoped to be solved by conducting the test during a septic system inspection. The current procedures will be discussed, with an introduction to some of the problems with the test and potential solutions.


4:30 PM - 5:30 PM and for properties that have been vacated for extended periods of time. Arizona is Room: 234-236 looking at the NAWT Hydraulic Loading Test as a standard operating procedure Speakers: Dawn Long to address these issues. Kitt Farrell Poe, Ph.D, Professor, University of AZ

The Arizona Transfer of Ownership Inspection Program began in 2001. In the Improving Arizonas Inspection Program to Meet Modern Challenges past 13 years, it has become evident that improved inspection procedures are needed for determining the physical and operational condition of seepage pits


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Doug Lassiter, Executive Director, North Carolina Septic Tank Association

DEER in the Headlights

Downsized Effective Efficient Regulation (DEER) should be on everyones minds. Most states and jurisdictions developed their regulations concerning onsite permitting and septage over decades of efforts, creating a piecemeal document that is cumbersome and confusing to the normal person. Many times its a prescriptive standard and because of its mass, is slow to react and embrace the accelerated rate of technologies in our field. This discussion may step on some toes, but the industry is changing and we must change with it. DEER is essentially creating less bulk, more adaptability in the regulations bringing better returns in the commerce of residential and commercial building. This presentation will help you make positive change in how regulations affect you the onsite wastewater professional. Since 1979 December 2013


SESSION Basic Chemistry of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

For onsite wastewater professionals, understanding the chemistry of wastewater is essential to understanding the technology needed for each situation. This presentation will provide a basic overview of the chemical reactions that take place in onsite wastewater systems, and how those reactions are influenced by outside factors. Alkalinity, water hardness, and the effects of temperature and time will all be discussed. By the end of this session, attendees will have a basic understanding of the chemical reactions that take place in onsite systems, and their relationship to technology that is used. Additionally, this will provide background material to support management requirements, an element of any successful system. Historically, training in the onsite wastewater industry has been on-the-job and code-specific, or a notch better for those lucky enough to have training center in their state. National organizations like NAWT and NOWRA are working to change that by bringing training developed by the respected members of the Consortiums of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment to areas that have been underserved in getting a more comprehensive view at onsite technologies and strategies. To further advance the profession, the NEHA certified installer of onsite wastewater systems credential examination will be offered with the training as applicable. This presentation will focus on how training and credentialing can develop stronger onsite programs, and on the positive impacts that training and credentialing can have on all levels of the onsite wastewater industry.


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 237-239 Speaker: A. Robert Rubin, Emeritus Professor, North Carolina State University


Making the Most of Your Experience: Training and Credentials for the Onsite Wastewater Professional

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Anthony Smithson, Consultant


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Doug Lassiter, Executive Director, North Carolina Septic Tank Association

Winners Communicate!

As onsite wastewater systems evolve and get more complicated, communication is needed especially when the management of systems is required. This is a discussion on the essential nature of constantly improving communication lines within a business, whether its with regulators, customers, employees, or the public. The leaders in any field of industry, in the community, or in government are always the persons that can communicate with their target audience. This presentation gives some common traits of successful people, how they improve their talents, and how they are rewarded for their efforts. Sometimes, its not the shiny, new truck that people remember. Its the memory that the person took the time to communicate, and thats what separates them from their competition. Amazing new technology for onsite wastewater systems is being developed all the time. But how do you know what works for what situation? This presentation will provide information on new technologies that incorporate disinfection, nutrient removal and water re-use. Included will be how these systems work, and what environments are best suited for their use as well as advantages and pitfalls of new technologies. The presentation will wrap up with a discussion of the management responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with new technology. Please note: it is recommended that you attend the Basic Chemistry presentation prior to this presentation to make the most of the material presented.

Best Available New Technology


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room: 237-239 Speaker: A. Robert Rubin, Emeritus Professor, North Carolina State University


4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Anthony Smithson, Consultant

Best Available New Technology: How to Get Your Regulator On Board

Every year new technologies are developed for the onsite wastewater industry. But fitting the new technology into old regulations takes a bit of work. This presentation will focus on taking new technology and ways to make it work within constrictive regulatory frameworks. Understanding how the regulatory process works and how new technologies are approved make the whole process a bit easier. Included will be a discussion of how regulations can be designed to foster new technology and improve practices across the industry.


Pumper December 2013

SESSION Lessons Learned During Sewer Rehabilitation on Public and Private Property
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 130-132 Speakers: Robert Kelly, P.E., Director of Engineering, City of Westlake Scott Belz, URS Corporation

In 2001, the City of Westlake implemented an Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) program to eliminate excessive storm water from entering their sanitary sewer system during rain events. They hired URS Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, to conduct the I & I testing portion of the program. Each area used similar rehabilitation techniques; however, through the course of each project, certain lessons were identified from the testing, to the bidding and finally during the construction phase. Various rehabilitation techniques, materials and methods have been conducted in each area. The city modified their program in the subsequent phases based on the lessons learned in each previous phase. Even though different rehabilitation methods have been used, all reduced I & I. The areas and year of completion are Salem-Radcliffe Subdivision (2001), Berkeley Estates (2004) and Canterbury Area (2007), and Melrose Area (2011). Through this program, the city has successfully eliminated I & I from each area tested, reduced basement flooding and improved overall storm drainage. Pipe bursting is a mature and widely used trenchless method for renewal of deteriorated and undersized gas, water, sewer, utility conduits and other pipelines throughout the world. Pipe bursting is an economic pipe replacement alternative that reduces social disturbance to business and residents when it is compared to the open cut technique or pipeline rehabilitation techniques. This presentation will describe current pipe bursting practices used successfully throughout the world, and will assist those involved in pipeline replacement and/or rehabilitation projects to evaluate the capabilities of pipe bursting and its practical application. Information shared will be consistent with the IPBA guidelines for pipe bursting, which is widely recognized as the most current and factual pipe-bursting document available. This presentation will include an overview of small business opportunities doing specialty grouting in the utility and construction industry. It also covers the various major market segments, overall soil, pipe trench and structure considerations, types of grouts available, how to develop your know-how and building a sound business reputation.



Pipe Bursting a Mature and Diverse Trenchless Technology

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 130-132 Speakers: Matt Timberlake, Vice President, Ted Berry Company Inc. Matt Werth

Resurgence of Chemical Grout Industry: Niche Business Opportunities

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 130-132 Speakers: Donald Rigby, Director of Marketing, Avanti International Richard Schantz, P.E., Consulting


Chemical & Biological Control of F .O.G. in a 2,500-Mile Collection System

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room: 130-132 Speakers: Brian Conroy, Dukes Jim Elliott, Vice President of Sales, In-Pipe Rich Schici, In-Pipe

This session will review a treatment plant-friendly method of grease elimination from a sewer collection system. The technique causes the grease to be liquefied, allowing it to be flushed downstream without re-coagulating. This technique will be illustrated for the control of fats, oils and grease in a 2,500-mile collection system.

Lateral Rehabilitation, Whats Available?


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room: 130-132 Speaker: Jacob Trapani

In this session we will offer a complete overview of all lateral and main/lateral connection rehabilitation technologies available today. In an effort to seek a viable, cost-effective solution to one of the most significant contributors to our failing sewer infrastructure, technology providers have developed several methods to structurally repair and/or seal lateral pipes and their connection to the main sewer. Individual lateral pipes often have multiple bends, diameter changes, shifted joints, cracks, deposits, and roots, which create considerable challenges to repair or seal. The lateral pipe connection to the sewer main also poses problems due to leaks, cracks and poor alignment. Accessibility of lateral pipe is another issue, since one end is located in the sewer main and the other in a building. In some cases, a clean-out exists either in or outside of the building. It is critical that the methods developed cope with the existing conditions to provide an effective product and installation method that can be installed efficiently. Since 1979 December 2013


SESSION Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing Technology for CIPP Cure Quality Control

For cured-in-place pipe installation, fiber optic technology offers a quantum leap in temperature resolution over conventional practice to assist contractors in revealing and overcoming heat sinks inhibiting cure and for better control of the cooldown process as well. With temperature knowledge every inch along the liner, contractors also avoid costly labor and fuel costs associated with overcooking the liner.



4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Room: 130-132 Speaker: Don Barnhart, Product Manager, Janssen Technology

Sales and Customer Service

Be Always Profitable: Setting up the Sale

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room:140-142 Speaker: Frank Taciak

This session teaches participants methods and guidelines for a successful sales call. Sales, whether we want them to or not, drive business. They either make our profit, or kill our success. Making a profit always starts before the job begins because if it wasnt planned at the beginning it wont be found at the end. Participants will learn: How Sales = Profit; Implementing effective sales techniques and concepts; How to set up sales for business potential. Figuring what your costs are so that you charge for it. How to stop worrying about the competition. Setting up sales for maximum success. Participants will leave this session with key strategies to set up their sales process for maximum success. This session provides an overview of the actual sales process. Participants will learn a step-by-step method of presenting their business and creating a winwin outcome for both contractor and customer. Participants will learn: Where the sales presentation starts; How to handle calls, emails, and communication; Methods for setting up the appointment; Guidelines for meeting with customers; Effectively using selling options; How to close the sale. Participants will take home methods, ideas, and concepts that they can immediately use in making their sales process more successful.

Sales and Customer Service

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room:140-142 Speaker: Frank Taciak

Be Always Profitable Your Best Sales Presentation

Sales and Customer Service

Be Always Profitable Servicing Your Sale

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room:140-142 Speaker: Frank Taciak

This session teaches participants how to both manage job fulfillment in their sales process, as well as create positive customer attitudes about their work. Customer service is key in effective business and making sure customers are happy is no longer an option in our marketplace. Participants will learn: Guidelines for setting up the work schedule; Basics of structuring man power on the job; Rules for managing contact with the customer; Strategies for guaranteeing payment. Participants will leave with a thorough understanding of customer service skills and how to best use these in all aspects of their work.

Sales and Customer Service

Be Always Profitable Our Attitude to Success

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Room:140-142 Speaker: Frank Taciak

Can YOU have a successful life and business? This session answers that question, and gives participants the tools they need to make their life WORK! Never before have there been as many tools and strategies available to make a business successful, but are we implementing them? Participants will learn: How to implement an effective plan; How to turn a successful business into a successful life; Learn to envision what winners look like. At the end of this session, participants will leave with the knowledge, skills, and motivation they need to achieve success in their lifes work. As population in the U.S. continues to migrate away from cities and into rural areas, and as municipalities struggle with limited infrastructure budgets, there has been a larger demand for high-quality, efficient and durable onsite wastewater systems. In order for those systems to successfully treat residential wastewater, all the components must work efficiently to allow for the chemical and biological reactions to occur. This includes the proper design and performance of the structures that house and convey the wastewater as its being treated. Precast concrete manufacturers are tasked with providing reliable structures that will be subjected to a variety of loads and extreme exposure conditions. At the same time, they must be easily installed, watertight, and able to house the evolving


7 Things you Should Know About Design, Installation and Maintenance of Precast Concrete Septic Tanks
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Room:140-142 Speaker: Claude Goguen P.E.



Pumper December 2013


treatment technologies that serve to reduce nutrient loading into the soil and groundwater. This course will explore the stresses that precast concrete tanks are subjected to in service, and how they are designed to counter those stresses. The course will also include discussion on watertightness, proper installation practices and testing. The attendee will be able to describe stresses on an underground wastewater treatment tank in service, identify the main keys to a watertight precast concrete septic tank, and give three examples of poor tank installation practices that could jeopardize the effectiveness of the septic system. As communities across America are struggling to maintain aging sewers, it is more important than ever to manage harmful discharges that may compromise the effectiveness of the system. Precast concrete grease interceptors play a major role in pretreating grease-laden waste streams and protecting the sewer systems. They must be designed to provide easy access for maintenance and be sized to hold large quantities of grease to reduce pumping/cleanout costs. This course will cover elements of proper design of grease interceptors, including sizing and placement of baffling tees and filters. That design must also take into account anticipated loading conditions. The course will also include best practices in selecting the location for the grease interceptor as well as proper installation. Attendees will be able to: Size large outdoor precast grease interceptors; Differentiate between hydrodynamic and gravity-fed grease interceptors and their sizing charts; Define the key factors to designing grease interceptors for site loading requirements; Identify the considerations required for properly installing a grease interceptor.


7 Things you Should Know About Design, Installation and Maintenance of Precast Concrete Septic Tanks


Grease Interceptors: A Slick Solution to a Greasy Problem

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Room:140-142 Speaker: Cyndi Glascock, Design Consultant, Gaineys Concrete Products

FEBRUARY 25, 2014

Dont Fear the Shapefile


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 231-233 Speaker: Mark Hill,P.E., Civil Engineer, Michael Baker Corp.

More and more agencies and companies have implemented GIS mapping and want to provide that data to their contractors performing work. This class will address what to do with the data, what it looks like, how to import it into common CCTV inspection software, and how to link data to it for a submittal.

Whats Important for Your Company; Is it Size, or Profit or Both?

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 231-233 Speaker: Duane Johnson, Vice President, Affordable Pipeline Services

It is often said that most small businesses fail to have a plan and most often tend to operate reactively. As they get busier, they add more employees and more equipment in order to meet the added workload. Without a plan, this approach can have devastating effects on a company by destroying their financial solvency. Its important to understand the true meaning of growth and the real costs associated with it. This class will look at some of the important questions that must be asked and analyzed before embarking in any future growth. Participants will help bring into focus the proper approach for making correct business decisions. As an owner and manager of two distinct businesses (a drain cleaning company and a pipeline cleaning and inspection company), Johnson will take on a unique approach as he discusses some of the challenges that come from growth and the need to stay focused on profitability. Remember that bigger is not always better, sometimes it is just bigger. Whether its cleaning and video projects or specialized cleaning applications, the way in which combination units and CCTV inspection vehicles work together will determine ongoing success. In this class participants will look at the relationship between these two pieces of equipment, and discuss the importance of the working relationship between their crews. They will focus on the importance of planning, communication, organization and execution, then will look closely at the keys to success in cleaning and video projects, and the methods for maximizing production and profitability. They will also look at the proper use of CCTV cameras during high-end cleaning and cutting applications and discuss their importance for safety and cleaning effectiveness.


1 + 1 = 14: Cleaning and Inspection Equipment Working as one Entity

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 231-233 Speaker: Jim Aanderud, Owner/President, Innerline Engineering Since 1979 December 2013


SESSION Be Ready to Land Apply

The purpose of this session is to start at the beginning when a decision is made to land apply septage. Local community and site conditions will be discussed; along with what equipment is needed to properly land apply under different conditions, agreements with landowners, scheduling application times, and what it takes to meet the Federal 503 regulations on pathogen control, including lime stabilization and reporting requirements.


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 234-236 Speaker: Bill Toffey, Owner, Effluential Synergies LLC


Soils and Cropping Systems

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 234-236 Speakers: Bruce Fox, Partner, Allstate Septic Systems LLP Dave Gustafson, UW MN


This session will concentrate on the land-application site from the perspective of the soil and slope conditions and how they impact application rates. Erosion and runoff control measures and oil separation requirements will be discussed. The identification of sensitive areas that need to be addressed, along with setback requirements from sensitive areas, buildings, and roads will be highlighted.


Land Application Rates and Nutrient Management

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 234-236 Speakers: Bruce Fox, Partner, Allstate Septic Systems LLP Jim Anderson, Education Coordinator, NAWT

This session will look at both daily and yearly application rates. Establishing a nutrient management plan will be discussed. How to stay within the nitrogen application rate requirements while balancing crop nutrient needs will be discussed. Crop selection will be discussed from both an application rate perspective as well as crop usage for animal feed.

Customer Service & Employee Development

Gen Y + Gen X + Baby Boomers = #@$%???

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Jerard Nighorn, Lenzyme

Solve this equation this seminar will be packed with generation laughter. Attendees will learn how to solve hiring problems, keep customers, collect receivables and communicate across generations. The answer to this equation will help all business owners solve problems they may not even know are happening, and create a new way of looking at customers, workers, co-workers and generations in whole. Knowing the answer or knowledge will sure help to increase your overall business profits and take you and your business to the next level.

Customer Service & Employee Development

Get and Keep the Best Coworkers

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 237-239 Speaker: David Heimer, Chief Operating Officer, Service Roundtable

You cant grow your business if you cant find, hire and keep the right people. Why is it that some companies cant find qualified personnel, while other companies always have a flood of applicants and get to pick and choose? Why are some companies always fighting turnover battles, while other companies routinely keep their best employee for 20-30 years? Heimer will show attendees how to build a recruiting pipeline, attract the kind of employees they want, and keep them for years. He will share real-life positive and negative experiences from service business owners, and the lessons learned. You CAN find and keep the coworkers you want; you just need to learn how.

Customer Service & Employee Development

Win, Win, Win in Residential Service Contracting

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Bill Raymond, Co-Owner, Frank and Lindy Plumbing Heating and Cooling

Learn how to create a well-balanced company that wows its customers, nurtures employees and achieves their financial goals. So often one or more of the three are missing. This workshop will focus on fundamentals from each area, bringing a better understanding of business planning, customer expectations and employee development and retention.


Pumper December 2013

SESSION OSHA Confined Space and Fall Protection Untangled

This session presents a different and unique high-level overview of confined space, air monitoring and fall protection regulations. We will untangle the multitude of regulations regarding these topics and bring it down to a practical and understandable approach and most important an approach that can actually be implemented in the field. We will also touch on the differences related to general industry, construction, agriculture and maritime regulations, and which one impacts you in the field.


Safety and Compliance Track

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 240-242 Speaker: Chris Cira, Partner, MTech

Safety and Compliance Track

Air Monitoring Application for the Liquid Waste Industry

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 240-242 Speaker: Ed Fitzgerald, Jack Doheny Companies

This program will outline the application and use of air monitoring equipment for confined space and area monitors as it applies to the liquid waste industry. It will be in laymans terms, and will include a review of terminology such as PPM, LEL, TWA and % X Volume. All alarm points, as they apply to the industry, will be compared to day-to-day exposures that we all experience so that the employee will understand that they are protected and will not feel any effects when the alarm sounds.


Vacuum Loaders

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 243-245 Speaker: William Akins, Manger, Vac-Con Services Inc.

This program will outline the different applications of various vacuum trucks (combination machines, hydroexcavators, and industrial machines). It will also outline use cases for determining necessary equipment. This program will then give a detailed overview of industrial vacuum trucks, their components, and capabilities. It is intended to be interactive with active Q&A throughout.


The Value of DOT Certification for Vacuum Trucks

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 243-245 Speaker: Anne Brantley, Director of Product Development, Wastequip Cusco

In this session attendees will discuss the purpose of DOT certification to strengthen a trucks tank and bumper to prevent spillage of hazardous materials during rollover accidents or rear-end collisions. Trends indicate that DOT certification is being required for more types of materials not just hazardous material. DOT certification can increase the price of vacuum truck by as much as 20 percent, so when should fleet owners make that extra investment? What are the requirements for truck DOT certification, and how can you choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure your fleet is in compliance with evolving regulations?


Take Control of Inflow & Infiltration in Manholes

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 130-132 Speaker: William Goff, Sealing Systems

Many people are aware of the challenges inflow and infiltration bring to any utility. However, they may not be fully aware of how easy it is to identify the problems, and what methods are recommended to fix them. This presentation will give attendee a closer look at infiltration identification, and methods and products to use for correction and remediation of infiltration and rehabilitation. It will also address proactive efforts and products to reduce or deny infiltration and thus eliminate the need for rehabilitation. Prevention is always less costly than remediation.


DC Water is Utilizing CIPP to Rehabilitate the Nations Capital

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 130-132 Speaker: Muminu Badmus, Projects Manger, Perma-Liner Industries, LLC.

DC Water provides critical water and sewer services to the nations capital; the infrastructure that supports these services is old and deteriorating. The median age of the 1,800 miles of sewer pipe is 86 years old, with some in-service trunk mains installed before the Civil War. One of DC Waters strategic initiatives is to evaluate different technologies to improve service delivery while lowering asset life cycle costs. The lateral program seemed a likely candidate to evaluate trenchless solutions, since over 20 percent of the project costs were related to restoration. DC Water staff were interested in a trenchless solution, specifically a cured in place pipe (CIPP) solution, as a possible alternative to the traditional open-trench method. Since 1979 December 2013


SESSION Nozzle Explanation and Selections

In this session participants will discuss the different types of nozzles available on the market today, including how you make your selection and what to look for in a nozzle. Paquet will examine hose-line loss and what this means when setting a nozzle up properly. Participants will look at the design of nozzles and why some are more effective than others. This will give the end user an education in determining what nozzles to purchase and in the selection of nozzles. A supplied hose-line loss chart will explain why the end of the hose pressure is the most important. Participants will also cover how to test nozzles with a cost-effective test kit. This will also include complete instructions to make the proper selection and an understanding that one nozzle does not do it all. There are a number of different accessories for installation with a residential septic tank. The broad categories include equipment for ease of access, equipment for improvement of effluent quality, equipment for ease of operation and maintenance and equipment for improving dispersal distribution. This presentation will go over these four classes of septic tank accessories and how they can benefit the function and maintenance of an onsite system.



11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 130-132 Speaker: Scott Paquet, President/CEO, NozzTeq Inc.

Septic Tank Bells and Whistles

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Bob Smith, Engineer, Orenco Systems, Inc.

Aeration Units for Onsite Septic Systems


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 133-135 Speaker: David Flagg, President/CEO Septic Services, Inc.

This session will touch on the history of aeration, and the difference between aerobic and anaerobic digestion. It will move along to the many types of tanks, aerators and features and benefits of each design, along with diffuser types, filtering, electrical requirements, and safety and maintenance of the system, effects on the adsorption field, including both pictures and video. Aeration is not a new process, as its use began at the turn of the century in municipalities, and began to be used on residential sites as far back as the 1940s. However, because of the high cost and less concern for the environment, the process did not become popular until many years later. In a septic tank, anaerobic bacteria digest the sewage and require little to no oxygen to break down the waste material. In an aeration tank, aerobic bacteria require lots of oxygen to survive to break down and digest the sewage, so consider anaerobic bacteria at the speed of Wile E. Coyote and aerobic bacteria like the Roadrunner. By aerating a tank, it allows you to process more sewage in a smaller space, producing a cleaner effluent to the adsorption system. The benefits in the adsorption field will also be discussed. The presentation provides detailed information on how to service ATU systems, how to evaluate problems from influent to effluent, and the equipment needed to assure correct identification of system problems from as simple as; when to pump an ATU, the need to check pH levels from time to time, dealing with odor issues, to understanding the good guys in biology to the bad guys, this referring to sludge bulking caused by filamentous microorganisms. The presentation reviews ATU design and comparison to standard onsite septic systems, with adequate attention to the importance of the ATUs relationship with biology presented in an easy to understand technical format that will satisfy both new and seasoned operators, and service personal. The program covers the ATU biological process, factors that effect ATU performance, and methods and tools necessary to identify, correct, and resolve many ATU problems. The session includes handout materials and information to meet the sessions goal of achieving a level of knowledge and understanding that will allow proper service of ATU systems by those that attend the session. In this session participants will discuss liquids vs. portion control deodorizers. Liquids can be non-formaldehyde, formaldehyde or biological. The discussion will include how liquid deodorizers can be applied; direct charge, dilute, or premix controlling the use of liquid deodorizer utilizing a blend system; and what strength is best for you. Portion control includes tablets or packets. Discussed will be choosing the right portion control method for your needs; one-size-doesnt-fitall requirements; how seasons and environment can influence your choice of product; and the pros and cons of liquid and portion control, including storage, transport, spillage, cost, and limitations.

Understanding ATUs, their Service Requirement, and Maintenance


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Doug Dent, Ecological Labs

The Best of Both Worlds

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 243-245 Speaker: David Roncadori, J & J Chemical Co.


Pumper December 2013




FEBRUARY 26, 2014

COLE Publishings Onsite Installer Course
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Room: 234-236 Speakers: Dave Gustafson, UW MN Jim Anderson, Education Coordinator, NAWT
This 8-hour course will train participants on the basics of installing onsite wastewater treatment systems. It will include discussion on installing sewage tanks, trenches, pumps and pump stations, above-ground systems, and media filters.


Deodorizers and Making the Right Choices

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Dale Wallace, GM, Green Way Products division of PolyPortables, LLC

This seminar will cover a number of questions and decisions to be made that will help guide new and or established operators on how to properly service and maintain their investment, The Portable Toilet. The decisions you make will impact the success of your business. Why do we do what we do? What governs your choices when you decide how and how much to service your customer? This discussion addresses: Why this business? How do you grow your business? How do you make the most of your business? How do I take care of a toilet? What about urine scale and bio films? What should you use as a deodorizer with so many choices out there? And should you detail your toilets, and if so, how?


Oh Shift! Six Future Trends You Must Gear Up For to Compete and Succeed

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Beverly Lewis, President, Beverly Lewis Group

Several global trends on the horizon will have a major impact on your sanitation business. This session will discuss six epic shifts that will change the face of portable sanitation. The seminar will raise awareness and create long-range visibility for these trends, and discuss specific strategies to turn these changes to your advantage. Topics include technology, workforce demographics, communication, consolidation and sustainability.


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 237-239 Speaker: Randy Tischendorf, Sales, Imperial Industries, Inc.

Portable Restroom Service Units

This seminar will cover the proper selection of chassis in correspondence with weight distribution and the Bridge Law. It will supply the attendee with both the maximum capacities allowable on a given chassis, taking into consideration if a trailer is being pulled. The seminar will cover the estimated overall weight of tanks manufactured in aluminum, steel and stainless steel and the proper chassis selection for each basic tank capacity. Also discussed will be the various styles of tanks used in the portable restroom industry, and their uses.

Business Training and Marketing

Improving Profitability through Tracking

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 240-242 Speaker: Clint Smith, CallSource

In a sea of competing companies, what makes your company stand out from the rest? Callers are looking for precisely this answer, and how you communicate this will separate you from your competition. Learn how to get the best bang for your buck on the thousands you spend to get the phone to ring. While call volume is a key component, youre still ultimately as good as you book. Timing, tone, and confidence all play large roles in earning the callers trust. In order to get more techs to more doors, you must first improve your current situation. Knowing how to find these improvement areas is crucial since you cannot improve what you dont measure. Since 1979 December 2013


SESSION Advertising and Marketing for Service Companies

Often overlooked by service companies, a strong marketing and advertising program will keep your business in front of both customers and the competition. Topics covered include phone book advertising, social media, Internet, newspapers and more. Learn how to develop your brand and the most economical and intelligent places to put it.


Business Training and Marketing

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 243-245 Speaker: Jeff Bruss, President, COLE Publishing

Business Training and Marketing

How Anywhere, Anytime Paperless Operations Save Time and Money

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 240-242 Speaker: Joel Smith, Business Consultant

This presentation will go over a typical business cycle for portables and liquid waste services (brown, yellow, black oil, septic, graywater) from first customer contact through verification of service. It includes how changes can save from 15 to 45 percent; invoices, route sheets, receivables, customer contact, marketing, and order taking; implementations for the field; how to get the greatest benefits; how to handle exception customers; and services to differentiate your company from the competition.

Business Training and Marketing

Achieving Financial Balance in Your Business

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 243-245


Russ Decker, CEO, Trade-Serve

This session will teach attendees how to properly price sewer, septic and plumbing services, and how to market using discounts without losing your profits. It will include how to easily plan for retirement, depreciation, taxes and retained earning while having sufficient money for the owners draws. Achieve financial balance between your production employees, customers and the shareholder(s), and get access to software that will help you. This session will be hands-on practice with take-home handouts that you will be able to use in your business immediately.

Business Training and Marketing

Book More Calls Wow More Customers

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 240-242 Speaker: Brigham Dickinson, Founder, Power Selling Pros

In this class, owners will learn to master a set of principles that will help them and their call-handling team book more calls and wow more customers over the phone. What better way is there to keep your dispatch board full than to book the calls that are already coming in to your office? With this class, youll learn how your call-handling team can become more passionate in their interaction with your customers; theyll not only book more calls, but also become fundamentally great at taking care of customers. For business owners looking to book more calls and wow more customers, your attendance at this class is a must. In this session attendees will take a look at the simple yet incredibly effective methods that the most successful contractors use to improve their sales. They will discuss how they motivate technicians, ensure satisfaction, generate more repeat business and other secrets that you can quickly and easily implement when you return to your office.

Business Training and Marketing

7 Incredibly Effective Ways to Improve Your Sales

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 243-245 Speaker: Ara Mahdessian, CEO, ServiceTitan


Sewer Cleaning 101

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 130-132 Speaker: Ken Billingham, KEG Technologies

This session discusses the understanding of how the crew, equipment and nozzles are integral to the successful completion of the task at hand. Topics discussed include pressure drop, cleaning procedures, and nozzle selection, and how they are related to each other. Learn how to effectively clean sewer and storm lines using minimal fuel, water and time. This class will be of interest to owners, managers and operators alike.


Pumper December 2013





SEALING: Underground Coatings Infiltration into sewer systems is insidious, pervasive and monumentally Restore Deteriorated Infrastructure expensive. Collection systems develop increasingly worse infiltration over
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 130-132 Speaker: Stewart Nance, Sales & Marketing Manager, Interfit USA

time due to defective and deteriorating components. Cementitious and epoxy liners, and the combination of both, have proven effective in permanently and economically restoring and protecting deteriorated structures, and thus eliminating infiltration.


Rehabilitation: How Small Contractors Can Make Big Money Doing Manhole Rehabilitation
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 130-132 Speaker: Bill Shook, President and Founder, AP/M Permaform

There are more than 20 million manholes in America, and more than half are over 50 years old and in need of serious repair. This session discusses the variety of techniques that are presently available to seal, reinforce and protect old block, brick/mortar and corroded precast manholes to better than new condition without digging. For a small investment, contractors can net big returns. Case studies will be shared.


Right Sizing Your Pump System

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Jason Reading, Sales Manager, National Vacuum Equipment

Attendees will discuss the process for evaluating an application and determining what would be the correct system for use. It will provide attendees with a takeaway that includes a list of Rules of Thumb, pitfalls to avoid and confirmation of steps that the end user will find helpful to ensure they have the right system for their job.


Make More Money by Using a Biological Product with your Services

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Mireya Eavey, One Biotechnology

Using a biological product adds beneficial bacteria needed for a healthy tank. The product will continue to flow through the drainfield and breakdown the biomat. Subjected to bleaches, detergents, and other chemicals, naturally occurring bacteria struggle to survive and keep up with the influx of waste in residential and commercial septic systems. Adding a biological product formulated to work in the harsh conditions that requires no pH neutralizing and is performance ready, will decrease the amount of times a system has to be pumped, while giving a customer lasting results. According to the US EPA 90 percent of all septic failures occur in the drainfield. Its important to understand the system your working with, and to take the time to see if your building department has an as built drawing of the system. What are the reasons systems fail? This session will discuss the steps to solve these issues.

Septic Drainfield Restoration


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 133-135 Speaker: Mark Reynolds, CEO/President, RCS II and Municipal Sales, Inc.

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Provincial variance for at-grade systems In its September newsletter, the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association reported on a new province-wide variance allowing selection of the LFH at-grade system as the final treatment in private onsite systems. The STANDATA, which outlines requirements for design and installation of the system is available for download through the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.

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The Connecticut Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association will conduct its Installer School on six consecutive Thursdays, Jan. 16, 23, 30 and Feb. 6, 13, and 20. The Pumper/Cleaner School will be held Thursday, Feb. 20. The snow date for either program is Feb. 27. The schools will be held at Wesleyan University, Middletown. For more information call 860/267-1057 or email

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has these state-approved courses: Dec. 10-11 Mound Systems, Norfolk Dec. 12-13 Mound Systems, Ithaca Call 402/472-9390.

New England
The New England Onsite Wastewater Training Center at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston has this course: Dec. 12 Designing Nitrogen Removal Technologies Call 401/874-5950 or visit For soil courses, call Mark Stolt at 401/874-2915 or email

The Delaware Technical Community College-Owens Campus has these courses: Online: Pumps, Motors and Controls enrollment until Dec. 13. Dec. 12 Soils Dec. 18 Tracking Water Movement Through Doppler and Transit Time Flowmeters Call Hilary Valentine at 302/259-6384.

North Carolina
The North Carolina Pumper Group and Portable Toilet Group have an educational seminar on septage management and land application on Dec. 14 in Raleigh. Call Joe McClees at 252/249-1097 or visit or The North Carolina Department of Soil Science College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers these courses at the Booth Field Learning Lab, Raleigh: Dec. 9 Onsite System Technologies Dec. 10 Advanced Treatment for Improved Field Performance Dec. 11 Wastewater in the Environment Contact Joni Tanner at 919/513-1678 or Pumper invites your state association to post notices and news items in this column. Send contributions to

The University of Minnesota Onsite Sewage Treatment Program has these classes: Dec. 12-13 Installing Onsite Systems, Mankato Dec. 16-17 General Continuing Education, Brainerd Dec. 18-19 Installer Continuing Education, Mankato Dec. 19 Pipelayer Certification, Mankato Call Nick Haig at 800/322-8642 (612/625-9797) or visit http://septic.

The Missouri Smallflows Organization has these CEU courses: Dec. 11 Drip Irrigation, Camdenton


Pumper December 2013

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Shop AG Storage Facility

Finally... a real solution for handling grease trap waste!

Environmentally E v ronmentally t lly Res Responsib R Responsible ponsible be Competitiv ompetitive titi Edge Ed E ge Competitive Addit diti t ona onal Revenue v venue Ad Additional ncreased c Produ Pro oduct uctiv cti tivit ty t y Increased Productivity Incredibly ncredi ncr c ed dib bly y Efficient Effi E fficient e t A An n option op opt ption tion for ti f POT PO POTW POTW POTWs OTW

Water Jets for rent



E-Z Build Your Own ...


52x90 20,828

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T Units from 4,000 to 40,000 psi, including convertibles T 60-600 hp, diesel or electric T Rent, buy or lease T 6 convenient branches: MI, IN, NJ, LA, TX, CA

All Steel Frame & Sheeting EZ Plans & Instructions I-Beam Construction Step By Step Assistance 25 - 30 Year Warranty

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D ney Ridge Environm Dow Downey Environmental o ental Co.



Rentals & Sales
Houston, Texas

Under New Ownership



Boatman Industries
1K to 50K psi 60 hp to 1000 hp Waterblasters & Accessories Used Equipment Sales



AerraTech, LLC Parts, Sales & Service

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Trailer Jetters
Gas or Diesel
More Power per GPM!
Patent # US 8,273,16 8,273,162 62




866-NO-STINK (667-8465) 973-846-7817

866-9HI-FLOW Since 1979 December 2013


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Hot/Cold Jetter!

Xtreme Flow

Custom Made To Your Specs

Truck Beds & Forms
1500 & 1000 Gal. 2 Compt. Septic Tank Forms

Fully loaded! Call for details!

35 HP Vanguard 8.5 gpm @ 3600 psi On Sale For Only 325-Gallon Tank 300 Hose $ General Pump

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Traps and Interceptors For Grease, Solids, Lint, Oil & Hair
NO Rust or Corrosion Lightweight Very Cost Effective Sizes up to 560 Gallons Made in the U.S.A.!


Septic Tank Delivery Beds



Biological Maintenance for Drain Lines, Grease Traps & Septic Systems
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4-Gas Air Monitor 7 Tripod 3-Way Fall Protection Work Winch Full Body Harness
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February 26 - 5 p.m.



Municipal and Industrial Digester and Lagoon Cleaning Double Belt Filter Presses Liner Repair & Replacement

Add a Blower with 15 of duct for only $350! Add a 5 Minute Escape Respirator for only $500!



Fluid Technology, Inc.

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Pumper December 2013

Seasons Change - Dedication Doesnt

Stainless Steel Aluminum Code & Non-Code

Manufacturing Vacuum Trailers for the Liquid Transportation Industry
Parts Repair Complete Pumping Systems


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417.862.1758 Fax - 417.862.8084 2320 North Packer Road Springeld, Missouri 65803

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Sources of Odor

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BrenLin Company, Inc


Manufacturers of Seal-R Products





Electric Smoker
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classif ieds

see photos in color at

SANITATION REMINDER POSTCARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, MAGNETS AND CUSTOM DECALS: We are your resource for marketing your business. Call 781844-8600 or visit us and see samples at (PBM)

Established 1964: A turn-key operation with customers based in beautiful Southern Oregon. Portable toilets and septic pumping business. 2.05 acre property, storage tanks, building includes; storage, office space, and more. Over 500 portable units. 5 handicap compliant, 6 service vehicles, 3 septic pumping trucks. $600,000. Serious inquires only. Office 541-772-9484 (P03) For Sale: 20-year-old family owned NWKansas portable toilet, pumping & septic installation business. $400,000 annual sales serving NW-Kansas & Eastern Colorado area. Equipment & 70' x 130' shop w/office space. Serious inquiries only. Call 785-899-2136 or email Brian @ (P01) Vacuum truck business for sale in Mississippi. Included in sale: Pre-treatment facility, video pipe inspection van, two vacuum trucks, one jetter truck, drying bed, building and land. This business is in operation currently and the owner is willing to train. Asking $1.2 million. 228-896-6348 (P04)



Pre-owned Thompson Tank, 2-compartment 2,200 U.S. gallon, 1,000/12,000 carbon steel vacuum tank mounted on a 1993 Freightliner FL70 cab and chassis and a Thompson Tank pump package. (Stock #7918C) www., (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM)


20-yard Poly dewatering box. 3 years old. Box sits on flatbed truck with tilt box for easy dumping in yard. ...... $17,000 231-331-7533 P12

We have done our part to make Boxes, Belts, Bags and Beds obsolete! Now it's time you do your part! Check out our website and then call! It really is that easy! 317-539-7304 (P02) Two 15-cubic-yard Aqua-Zyme Dewatering boxes with insert micron liners with rolling tarps. INCLUDES polymer injection system. 5 years old, only used 2 times. $45,000 for everything OBO. 419-739-4917 (P01) 4" Dia-Disk Double Diaphragm Pump: 5hp electric motor. Cost new - $17,000. Completely rebuilt. Variable flow, 0-200gpm, lowstroke - won't shear polymer. PRICE $7,500. Pictures are available upon request. Please call 910-738-5311. (PBM) FKC Screw Press, Class 'A'; JWC Septage Receiving Station; Fulton Boiler; Spiroflow Bulk Dispenser; Xerxes Tanks and GormanRupp Pumps. For additional information contact John W. Campbell 231-547-4429 or (P12) Perrin (US Filter) 10-inch screw dewatering press, plate and frame filter presses, large lightning mixers and aerator drives, stainless tanks, pumps, strainers. Dorr Oliver, Barett centrifuges, K-S 1X3 rotary vacuum filter, Kason 18-inch vibratory screen. www. 732-241-9263 (P02)

Blue Diamond heavy-duty linear diaphragm air pumps $187.08. 800-717-8807 PBM

FOR SALE...Established porta potty company located in central New Jersey! This company comes with its own website, truck and all the equipment needed. All you have to do it turn the key and go. $150,000. For questions please email (P01) Portable Toilet Business for Sale. Established company for 23 years in Seattle, WA. Net profit: $180,000 per year. Sale price $720,000. Please email Dave at: (P01) Florida state septic license available to qualify your company. Reasonable terms. Contact Jake 352-200-1522. (PBM) WWW.ROOTERMAN.COM. Franchises available with low flat fee. New concept. Visit website or call 1-800-700-8062 x26. (PBM) National Grease Recycling Inc. Let us teach you how to recycle restaurants waste, fryer grease and oil (yellow grease) only. Big $. Over 30 years experience, will guide you through complete process from collection to processing to marketing to end users. Dont lose your trap business to competitors that offer both services. We also buy cooking oil, unprocessed, anywhere in the country. Call for information. References available. Dewey Walker, 813-752-9535 or 813-758-2552. (PBM)

1997 Freightliner with Presvac 2300 gallon DOT certified vacuum tank, Presvac PV750 vacuum pump with new paint and tank inspections. ........................ $26,500 KLM Companies PBM 617-909-9044

2014 Western Star cab and chassis with a Power Vac 5300, 3,250 U.S. gallon, carbon steel, DOT 407/412 regulations, vacuum tanker with a Hibon PD blower, 5300 SCFM w/ vacuum to 28" mercury, dump type with full open rear door and a Presvac PVB 750 vacuum-pressure pump. (Stock #13551V) www., (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM) New 3,200 U.S. gallon, carbon steel, DOT certified, 407/412 vacuum tank, dump type with full open rear, door and a Presvac PVB 750 vacuumpressure pump installed on a 2014 Peterbilt 348 cab and chassis. (Stock #13577 A-D) www., (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM)

Aerators: Multiflo alternative replacement $295 + $25 shipping. Alternative replacement, NEW FILTER SOCKS, 30 per case $295 + $25 shipping. Spring clips to hold filter socks in place, $3.86 per clip. If light can be seen through your filter sock (filtration is under-performing) replacement is required. Type-in Roland turbo aerator at Google, Bing, msn, Yahoo, YouTube Call us at 800-717-8807 or email us at
Multi-Flo and NAYADIC are registered trademarks of Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. used here for reference purposes only. PBM


Soil Shaker 2000. Universal skid steer attachment for drainfield restoration. Buy factory direct. $6,250. or call 320-293-6644. (PBM) Terralift: Huge discounts on Terralift Machines. Call Dick Crane or John Vanzandt at 800-223-2256 or 888-298-4272. (PBM) New 2013 GapVax Hydroexcavator: Peterbilt 367 Triaxle, 15-yard debris, 1,000 gallons. 25 boom, prepped for easy sludge pump & burner installation (if needed). $435,000. Other HydroVacs and rentals available. 888-564-2582 PA P12

Well-established portable toilet and septic installation business. In Texas. Loyal customer base. Over $900K in revenue last year. With or without real estate. Serious inquiries only. 713-818-1889 (P02)

Fr e e S e r v i c e R e m i n d e r S o f t w a r e . c o m , Fr e e S e r v i c e D i s p a t c h S o f t w a r e . c o m , (P12)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E


Pumper December 2013


Xtreme Flow Hot/Cold Jetter! Model #HJ2TA8536, tandem axle trailer, 35 hp Vanguard 8.5 gpm @ 3,600 psi, 325-gallon water tank, 300' hose, General pump. Fully loaded! List $34,995. On sale for $29,995. 800-213-3272, PBM

2007 Vactor/Sterling chassis 15-yard body, 80gpm at 2,500psi jetting system. 1,500-gallon water capacity. 18 PD unit loaded with options and rebuilt by an authorized Vactor dealer. P12 Call Joe 312-706-9678

2001 Vactor 2110 27" PD Sewer Cleaner. CAT engine with in frame and blower rebuild just done. Runs excellent with new federal DOT inspection. KLM Companies 617-909-9044 PBM Vac-Con V390LHA combination unit with Roots 827 blower, 1999 International Model 2554 cab and chassis. (Stock #3918C), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) Pre-owned 2002 Sterling LT 9500 cab and chassis with a Clean Earth Safe Jet Vac 1015 combo unit. (Stock #3876C), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM)

Sewer lining trailer for lateral/ mainline repairs. Equipment on this trailer includes a two boiler set-up, air compressor, hot water storage, air hoses, regulatory assembly, winch system, mandrel reel. Also includes three 8' long flow through mandrels for 8" diameter spot repairs. ............................$22,900 Call Bob 262-370-7389 WI P01

2006 GMC TC6500 cab and chassis trunk mounted jetting unit, with JET EYE camera system, 3,000 psi @ 50 gpm, 1,000-gallon water, 600' of hose, 500 cfm blower and 1/2-yard debris tank and attachments. $69,000/purchase price. (Stock #13234), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) 1993 Ford F700 Flush Truck. $15,000. 19,455 miles on truck. Meyers pump run by International pony motor. Truck is clean inside and out. Interior looks like new. Call Wayne 617-592-2924. (P01) 2001 Sreco water jet on an International 4900 tandem axle. 100gpm, 2,000psi pump. 3,000-gallon water tank. 600 feet of jet hose. Was a city-owned unit. Price $57,500. 714-639-8352. (PBM)

2006 Vactor/Sterling chassis 5-yard body, 80gpm at 2,500psi jetting system. 1,000-gallon water capacity. 16 PD unit. Extremely low hours and miles. Loaded with options and rebuilt by an authorized Vactor dealer. Call Joe 312-706-9678 P12

Nu Flow Infinity Inverter. System does one continuous insertion. Unit has never been used. Comes with 4- & 6-inch heads. $8,500. Call Brian for more details: 978230-1960. (P12)

For Sale in Louisville, Kentucky: 211 standard portable toilets - 160 in good shape - 50 in need of repair. 3 handicap portable toilets. 2 flush unit portable toilets, 1 Mongo Mover (portable toilet dolly). 300/100 slide-in waste tank with freshwater and gas-driven pump. 2007 Ford F550 with 750-gallon waste, 300-gallon freshwater. 7 holding tanks, 9 sink units, 5 gray Tag Along hand wash stations. 2 stand alone hand sanitizers. 12-unit trailer. Miscellaneous repair parts. This equipment is being sold as a group and not individually. Current route in metro Louisville area. If interested contact Rumpke at 513-967-9970. Asking price $75,000. (P12) Up to 400 used teal Satellite units, in excellent condition, in Central Florida. $200/each. Minimum purchase 50 units. 352-860-0195. (PBM) Need portable toilets in Florida. Grey or blue event. Please send pics and price to or call 786-4884276. We buy and sell portable toilet equipment. (P12) 150 construction-grade units. Most are Synergy Hi-Tech units, a handful of PolyPortable, PolyJohn and Synergy Taurus. Most have gray fronts. All rentable units. $150-200 ea. 40 PolyJohn Poly Lift Hi Rise units on caster wheels $295 ea. Direct connect (water & sewer) portable toilets $275 ea. 10 Kentucky Tank freshwater systems, 65 gallon $250 ea. Stainless steel slide-in tank $3,000. 2 AmeriCan trailers. Email: for pictures and info. (P12)

1983 Vactor 810 mounted on a Ford LN8000 cab and chassis. Water tank has full repairs, rodder pump needs some work. ....................................... $21,900 Call 704-289-6488 NC P12 Western Equipment Finance, a subsidiary of Western State Bank, is committed to continuing to help you prosper. We have helped thousands of companies, large and small, with the most advanced finance options available. All Equipment Types, New or Used; we have the best rates and terms you deserve. Call the team you can TRUST, Jim Stekl at Western Equipment Finance 701-665-1647. (P01) Capital Connection is the leader in sanitation equipment financing. From Jetters to toilets, cameras to sewer trucks; we've been helping companies grow for over 23 years. Call today and let us help you acquire the equipment you need to grow your business. Jeff can help you. Pease call 808-214-4456. (PBM) North Star Commercial Credit: Commercial loans for trucks or equipment, flexible purchase programs to fit your budget, 21 years in the industry. Contact Tom Myers, 877-804-2274. (PBM)


2000 Sterling Vactor 2100: CAT motor, 10-speed tandem axle. 1,500-gallon water capacity, 18" Roots blower, 80gpm @ 2,500psi Rodder pump, 15yd debris tank. Ready to work ....... $80,000 P12 954-782-6752, FL

2005 Ford F650: CAT C-7 (210hp); 6-speed; A/C; 26K GVW. Vacmaster VNDS4000 vacuum excavator; JD diesel (155hp); D+W blower; Boss air comp; 450-gallon Spoil tank w/hyd. dump. Stock# 8364; 67,865 miles. .... $79,500 800-520-4704 PA PBM 2007 Vactor Model 2112 on a Sterling LT7500. 50,876 miles. Two-stage fan. 65gpm, 2000psi pump. Was a cityowned unit. Price $157,500. Pictures at 714-639-8352. (PBM) Jack Doheny Supplies Inc. offers a full range of late model combo units and DOT industrial vacuum loaders. Call us @1-800-3DOHENY. (PBM)

2002 Vactor Model 2110PD on an International 7400. 61,650 miles. 80gpm, 2,500psi. Roots 824 blower. 600 feet of new jet hose. Was a city-owned unit. Price $120,000. Pictures at 714-6398352. (PBM)

Nu Flow commercial potable water lining system complete with all hoses and for air and product insertion. System comes complete with all valves. $38,000. Call Brian 978-230-1960. (P12)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E Since 1979 December 2013


300-400 Green PolyJohn & Hampel Shed construction-grade units. 90% ready for immediate use. $50 each firm, no minimum. You choose, you transport. 804-752-2599. (P02)

1990 Ford 1-ton portable toilet truck. 7.3 diesel engine, automatic. 360-gallon vacuum unit with 130-gallon freshwater tank and water pump. Can haul 2 portable toilets. In good shape. $7,500 OBO. 816-738-4531 (P12) 2000 Int 4700 - $17,500; 2002 Int 4300 $23,500; 2006 Int 4300 - $39,500; Roll-off $23,500. Restrooms - $150. 256-757-9900 or (PBM) 2002 International 4300 portable restroom service truck. DT 466 engine 250hp. Keith Huber body 1,000-gallon waste/500-gallon fresh water. Wash-down pump with hose reel, hose trays and plenty of storage boxes for cleaning supplies. Masport vacuum pump, 5-speed transmission, 11r22.5 tires on bud wheels. 147,500 miles, air brakes, 26,000lb GVW. Works daily. $25,000. 207227-4205 Northern Maine. E-mail for pictures: (P12) 1999 International Pump Truck: 400 fresh/ 1,100 waste. Mileage 140,000. In operation. New brakes, new tires, ready to pump. Call for pricing at 843-390-1130 or email at (P12) 2006 Ford LCF: Truck runs rough, but tank and pump are in great shape. About 90,000 miles on truck. $15,000. 563-343-7719 Brian (P02) Two (2) identical 1991 International pump trucks: DT 466 motors, Allison transmissions, Sutorbilt vacuum pumps, 1,500-gallon split tank. Trucks run great............................... $19,500 each Call Tavis 707-496-2986 CA P12 2004 Ford F550: 6.0 diesel. 6-speed manual. Zero miles on new rebuilt engine. 4x4. 600 waste/300 water. Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. $21,000 (PBM) 2005 Ford F350, diesel, Satellite unit, 400 waste, 200 water, M2 Masport. www. Call JR. @ 720253-8014, CO. $14,000 (PBM) 2002 Chevy C6500: 25,950 gvw, auto, air brakes, AC, CAT 7.2. Abernethy 1,250 waste/250 fresh. Masport 75 230 cfm. 147,000 miles. $36,500 obo. 740-3571208 (P12) 1992 International 4700: Diesel 5-speed. 300 waste, 150 water. 224,000 miles. Great second truck. $15,000 OBO. Call Ray 716604-5027 NY (P12) 2004 Ford F550 diesel satellite truck, 600 waste, 350 fresh, 246K miles, $9,800. Call 800-281-3335 PA (P12)


Complete Portable Toilet service truck mount units (turn-key), mounted on your truck or ours. Tool boxes, dual work stations, dc10 washdown pump, reversible vacuum pump, hose reel, set up complete, toilet racks available. 1100 waste/400 fresh: $18,000, 1700 waste/600 fresh: $21,000. Any custom options or sizes available! TexLa Services 936-641-3938 P12

DRIVER/INSPECTOR: Move to colorful Colorado! We are based between Colorado Springs & Denver. 21-year-old well-recognized septic maintenance company is looking for full-time, long-term experienced drivers. Our established book of business is primarily residential with over 4,000 loyal, repeat customers, focused on & consisting of tank cleaning, minor/major repairs, & new installations. Must be experienced with operating tandem-axle septic vacuum rig, CDL Class A license, NAWT certifications & backhoe/excavator experience favorable. Looking for hardworking, friendly & personable drivers who will have direct contact with customers & will need to educate & explain issues. Excellent salary & benefits package available. Please forward resume to: or call 303-829-6344. (I12) CCTV OPERATOR/PROJECT MANAGER NEEDED: Pipeline Inspection Company in Houston, TX has immediate need for individual with at least 3 years of project management experience coupled with knowledge of pipeline inspection and cleaning. PACP certification and field experience on CUES equipment preferred. Must be able to supervise crews, assist estimator in bidding, maintain client relations and handle operational issues. Compensation and benefits based on experience and qualifications. Please email resume to (P12) Help Wanted - Vacuum truck salesman for septic and portable restroom trucks. Minimum 10 years industry experience. Work from home. Nationwide sales territory. All enquiries will be confidential. (P12) GapVax, Inc., a nationally recognized manufacturing business, is seeking a talented, highly motivated individual to fill a full-time Sales Position in the Midwest (Iowa based preferred) region. GapVax is the leading manufacturer of industrial and municipal vacuum units and hydroexcavation units in the United States. We provide the most reliable, comprehensive, and efficient mobile vacuum units in the industrial and municipal markets. Specifications of the position are listed on our website, www.gapvax. com, click on the Now Hiring link in the left hand column. Send resumes to Lthomas@ or 575 Central Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15902. (CPMGBM)

Slide-In Tank Stainless Steel. Approx. 600 gallon waste and 150 fresh. Tank only, no pump. ..........................$3,000 Pat 330-733-9000 OH P12

For Sale: Two (2) 600/300 porta-potty tanks, good condition, no pumps or hoses. $1,500 each or $2,500 for pair. Call 606-439-4887 (P12)


2 Decons, 28' Tonto, 18' Royal, 2001 ASCI, 16' Presidential, 26' Presidential, portable toilet hauler trailers. 315-437-1291, NY. (PBM)


2012 Jag 8-stall shower trailer. Used only for a few events for one customer. In excellent shape. All mechanicals are in excellent condition. $51,500. Please email for more information. (P12)


Gradall Industries, Inc. has an immediate opening for a Territory Sales Manager representing its Vacall product line. Check details on our website, or submit resumes to: Gradall Industries, Inc. Attn: HR, 406 Mill Ave. SW, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 (telephone: 330-339-2211). We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer. (P12) WHY NOT DO IT IN THE MOUNTAINS? Established company seeks service tech with 2 years experience in pumping, sewer cleaning/inspection or plumbing to join our hard-working team in Colorado. Top pay, full benefits, great opportunity for careerminded tech. Must be able to work hard at high altitude, pass pre-employment physical, DOT drug testing and background check for federal contracts. Send resume to (P01)

2006 International 4300: (193,000 miles) with Abernathy 1,100-gallon sewage/400-gallon water tank. Both truck and tank were purchased new in 2006. Truck is clean inside and out. Both truck and Masport pump run excellent. Please call 540-330-5848 or email for additional info or pictures. $37,000 OBO 540-330-5848 VA P12

Two (2) 4" Thompson Double Diaphragm Pumps: 5hp electric motor, single phase. Cost new - $9,000 each. Will sell both for $5,000 or sell individually for $3,000 each. Pictures are available upon request. Please call 910-738-5311. (PBM)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E


Pumper December 2013

Moro AC3 $600; Wallenstein 753HV0A $750. Both pumps in running condition! Call for more information - 715-745-2006. (P12) Thompson 8" High-Volume Trash Pump, vacuum assist/skid mounted. Hours: 2,171. John Deere diesel 4.5 Model: 4045DF. Excellent running condition! $11,000 Email: Phone: 412384-9327 (P12) Buy & Sell all makes and models, new & used vacuum pumps & high pressure water pumps, and good used replacement parts. Call for an inventory sheet and save. www.Vacuum, (888)VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM)

New, never used Myers D65-20 water pump. List price: $17,992. Sell for $9,750. New Rockford power take-off part number 4-11182 - $700. 714-381-4141. (PBM)

2005 Freightliner: Like brand new! 173,138 current miles. Tank, pump and hoses have only been used 46 times! 6-speed transmission, CAT C7 230hp. Power windows & locks, AC, heated mirrors. Two 50-gallon fuel tanks. 2,30-gallon steel vac tank. Jurop PN 84 pump. 3" inlet, 4" dump. Hose hangers, sight eyes, work lights, heated valves. 150' HPDM vac hose. Crust buster. Asking ..$58,000 605-342-6066 SD P12

2008 Sterling Acterra: 2,200-gallon tank 200 fresh/2,000 waste. 7.2L Mercedes with 123,000 miles. 6-speed transmission. Masport 400. 3,500psi Hotsy pressure washer. Diamond plate aluminum on tank and side boxes ....................$60,000 OBO Dan 801-259-1519 UT P12

2001 International 8100 w/4,000gallon vac. system and steerable drop axle. Motor: DT530, HP: 330, FA: 20k RA: 40k, GVW: 60k. Ratio: 4.63. AC, Hendrickson air ride suspension. Double framed. New paint on cab, chassis, tank. New upholstery on seats. Lockers. New Challenger pump, air cooled @ 396 CFM. Fresh water tank. VIN#1H384838. Sale Price ................................$42,000 714-840-3150 CA P12

Turn-Key Vacuum Tank Units: 3,600-gallon, unit mounted on your truck or ours; $20,500. 3,200-gallon truck units; 19,000. 2,500-gallon truck units; $17,500. 2,000-gallon truck units; $16,500. Self-contained vacuum skids, 1,000-gallon; $10,500, and 1,500-gallon; $12,500, PortaPotty trucks and any custom options or sizes available! TexLa Services 936-641-3938 P12

Liquid vacs, wet/dry industrial vacs, combination jetter/vacs, vacuum street sweeper & catch basin cleaner, truck & trailer mounted jetters. All available for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rentals. VSI Rentals, LLC, (888)VAC-UNIT (822-8648) www. (PBM) 2006 Freightliner M2: 332k, 250hp C7 CAT, 6-speed manual, PW, PDL. 2,000-gallon waste, 300-gallon fresh, 400cfm liquid cooled Masport pump, 4,000psi 4gpm. 200' on-board jetter, LED light package, brand new hoses, ready to work. Quarryville, PA .. $38,000 P12 717-529-0931 PA Under CDL 2005 Kenworth T300: 260hp Cummins, 1,800-gallon tank, Masport 400 pump. 118,000 miles, one owner. $52,000. 765-744-8789. Indiana. (P12) 2007 Ford 750: Progress tank 1,850-waste/ 250-fresh. 65,000 miles. Still in service. Auto, a/c, pto water jet. Selling due to need for larger truck. Call Mike 607-327-1033 for info and pic. Asking 50,000. (P12) 2000 Keith Huber Berringer mounted on 2000 Freightliner FL80, 1,000cfm vacuum pump, 20gpm jetter pump, 3,000-gallon waste/300 fresh, 3126 CAT - 300hp,8LL transmission, 18k front axle, 46 rear axles, 48k miles. Curtis 816-690-6600 (P12) 2001 Freightliner, 2006 Progress 4,200-gallon aluminum tank, Jurop R260 vacuum pump 364cfm, see level gauge, heated valves, 12.7 Detroit 430/470hp, 10-speed transmission, 12k front axle, 46k rear axles. Air-ride suspension. Curtis 816-690-6600 (P12)


2004 International 4300 DT-466: 148,000 miles, Allison automatic transmission with 2012 Imperial 2,500-gallon tank. Heated, stainless-steel jackets, Masport HXL-400 pump, rear axle lock (Detroit locker). Set up to pull trailers with electric trailer brake. Aluminum rims, back-up camera, 35-gallon freshwater tank. ............................. $57,500 P01 715-339-2180 WI

(3) 2000 International 2764: Cummins ISM 400hp, Fuller 8LL trans., 300K-360K miles, 4,000/200-gallon vac tank, Wittig RFL100 vac pump, jetter. 866-720-4999 PBM

2004 Freightliner M2 with new 2,500-gallon Imperial tank: C7 250hp, 6-spd., 33,000# GVW, in-frame major, new rear tires, with HXL75 Masport, aircooled vac. L&S Truck Center of Appleton, WI 800-544-7658 P12 2000 Volvo WG 64: Rods and main bearings recently installed. Oil pump relief valves recently installed. Tires are in good shape. Strong engine and compression. Allison automatic transmission w/recent tune-up by WW Williams. New shift sensor. Engine recently rebuilt. 294,000 miles. 3,500-gallon tank. $29,997. Email for pictures at or call 843504-1835. (P12)

2000 Sterling with 285 Cummins: Preemissions, tri-axle with tag, all new tires, 4,400-gallon T-Line tank, MEC 8000 pump, new paint, air valve, all new brakes, bushings, and leaf springs, nice truck. 715-923-4127. (P12) 2000 Keith Huber Berringer mounted on 2000 FL80 Freightliner. 3,000 waste/300 fresh, 1000cfm pump, 18gpm jetter. 48k actual miles, 20k front axle, 46 rear axles. 3126 CAT diesel/300hp, 8LL transmission. Curtis @ 816-690-6600 (P12) 1999 Sterling Model LT9513: Cummins M11, 7-speed direct. 3,500-gallon tank, heated valves. 18,000 front/40,000 rear with additional steerable lift axle. 258,180 miles. $48,900. Call 586-531-1976 (P12)

2007 Ford F550 4x4: 204,000 miles. Manufactured by Satellite Industries. It is a MD950, 600 waste/350 fresh. Chromed out - Many extras, immaculate condition. $27,500. Call to make arrangements to see photos. Ask for Lynda Bowers at 307-682-3900. (P12) 1992 Autocar: 425 CAT engine, Demag pump - 400cfm, 4,000-gallon tank. $20,000. 508-886-4986 (P12)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E Since 1979 December 2013



Pre-owned 1998 Peterbilt 379 cab and chassis with a 4,500 U.S. gallon, carbon steel vacuum tank unit. (Stock #3228C), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) 2005 International 7500 (automatic) with Progress 4,200 aluminum (200 water/4,000 waste) with a Witting RFL100 pump and jet system. (Stock #8646V), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) Pre-owned Progress 4,400 U.S. gallon, aluminum, vacuum-pressure tank. Mounted on 1995 Peterbilt 377 cab and chassis with a Masport HXL400WV vacuum pressure pump package. (Stock #8258V), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) Pre-owned 3,500 U.S. gallon, carbon steel, vacuum-pressure tank. (Stock #8719V), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) 2008 U.S. carbon steel 4,000-gallon tank with a NVE vacuum pump PTO to gearbox drive mounted on a 2004 Peterbilt 378 cab and chassis. (Stock #4897V), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) Pre-owned Presvac, 5,000 U.S. gallon, carbon steel, vacuum-pressure tank. Mounted on 2004 Western Star cab and chassis with a Masport 20W vacuum pressure pump package. (Stock #3363V) www.Vacuum, (888) VAC-UNIT (8228648) (PBM) Pre-owned Coleman 3,500 U.S. gallon carbon steel vacuum tank, mounted on a 1989 Peterbilt 377 cab and chassis and a Thompson Tank pump package. (Stock #9643C), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) New 4,600 U.S. gallon, carbon steel vacuum tank and a RCF 500 vacuum-pressure pump installed on a (1) 2012 & (4) 2013 International 7600s cab and chassis. (Stock #13509 A-E), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM)

1985 International 4900 septic truck. 2,000-gallon tank. Good rubber, DT466. Ready to go to work. .................. $8,500 814-277-6227 PA P01

2008 Sterling LT9500: Mercedes 6cylinder (450hp). Fuller 8LL. Aluminum wheels, A/C, power locks & windows, 66k GVW. Dickirson Septic Truck, 3,000 gallon, steel tank. Masport PTO-drive pump. 149,278 miles. Stock# 8405 .... $79,500 866-250-8260 PA PBM

2001 Freightliner FL80: ISC Cummins, 10-speed transmission, 225,000 miles. New tires, new 4,200-gallon Imperial tank, heated valves, Masport 400 pump. Bought new, one driver. Well maintained.....................$85,000 FIRM 815-871-8780 or 608-751-6911 WI P12

2009 Sterling Acterra 2,500-gallon septic pump truck: 33,000 GVW. 260hp Cummins diesel, Allison automatic transmission. AC, power windows, power locks, aluminum rims, all hoses. Very clean, tank is brand new. ........ $63,000 203-223-6952 CT P12 2000 GMC T-6500: VIN: YJ516398. 6-cylinder CAT motor. Pump and tank in good working order. Truck drives well. New king pins installed. Transmission in good shape. 1,500-gallon tank. $15,700. Please email for pictures or call with questions at 843-504-1835. (P12) 2001 International 4000S: VIN: 1HTSCAAM 51H386279. Electronic engine. Truck runs strong. 1,000-gallon tank. $12,499. Please email for pictures. Call with any questions at 843504-1835 (P12) 1995 International 4000S: VIN: 1HTSCAAL SH682462 5-speed transmission. Air brakes. Tires good. Tank and pump works well. New back brakes. $14,799. Please email for pictures. Call with any questions at 843-504-1835. (P12) 1993 International 4000S: Excellent candidate for chassis change out. Tank and pump run well. $6,595. Please email for pictures. Call with any questions at 843-504-1835. (P12)

1996 Mack RB688S Pumper: 350hp engine, 8LL transmission, tri-axle, Masport HXL400WV pump, 4,000-gallon tank. Works everyday. ......$19,500 OBO Call 317-773-7996 IN P01

2006 Chevy C7500: Isuzu 7.8 Duramax turbo diesel engine, 230 hp, factory exhaust brake, Allison MD 3060 6-spd. auto. trans. 33,000 GVW. New 2,500-gallon tank - you choose pump. Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM) 1997 International 4900, 210 hp, 5-spd, newer 1,500-gallon vacuum tank, Morrow M10 pump. Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. $17,000.(PBM) 1998 Mack tri-axle 5,000-gallon septic pump truck with Masport pump. 8LL Fuller transmission. Mack 350hp engine. Pictures available. $36,900. Call Frank 978-9705800 (PBM)

2001 International Model 4900 septic truck. Four new tires. Two new leaf springs. New radiator. New alternator. Rebuilt transmission. 2,300-gallon tank. This truck is in very good condition ................................................ $32,500 740-572-0035 OH P12

1987 Kenworth T600A: CW CAT 6-cylinder. Eaton-Fuller 15-speed. 8-bag A-R suspension. 3,365-gallon vacuum tank, Masport 75 pump. $31,000. Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM) 2003 International 4300: Allison auto.,136k miles, new 1,850 gallon steel vac tank, under CDL; work in progress - you choose pump. Call JR. @ 720253-8014, CO. (PBM) 2008 Ford F750: 7-speed, 260hp Cummins, exhaust brake, rear lockers, new 2,500-gallon steel vac tank - you choose the pump. Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM) 1996 Western Star: Detroit Series 60, 18-speed transmission. Hendricks suspension. 3,365-gallon vacuum tank, Masport 400 pump. Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM) 1994 Petebilt 377: Detroit Series 60, 10-speed transmission. 3,365-gallon vacuum tank, Masport HXL pump. Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM)

1990 Hino: 2,800 gallon. 152K miles. New pump, tires, brakes. Perfect for grease traps/ tanks. $35,000. 301-418-3724 (P01) 2006 Freightliner M2 Business Class. CAT C7 225hp 6-speed manual transmission. 185k miles, 33k GVW. Full DOT inspection. NEW 2,500-gallon vacuum unit with 5 year warranty. Jurop LC420 vacuum pump, LED light package. $43,000. Call or text Dave @ 734-731-5256 for pictures and complete specs. (P12) 2004 Peterbilt 340 pre-emissions: 3,600-gallon Transway tank and pump, C-7 CAT engine, 8LL transmission, 2004 stainless-steel chrome package, aluminum rims, air-ride suspension, air valve. 715-923-4127. (P12)

Dynamic Repairs - Inspection Camera Repairs: 48 hour turn-around time. General Wire, Ratech, Ridgid, Electric Eel, Gator Cams, Insight Vision, Vision Intruders. Quality service on all brands. Rental equipment available. For more info call Jack at 973-478-0893. Lodi, New Jersey. (PBM)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E


Pumper December 2013

New 500-gallon slide-in. Honda-powered Masport pump. $7,200. Call for details. 337-315-0692 (P12)

Imperial Vacuum Trailers: In stock, 6000- and 6300-gallon aluminum singlecompartment Imperial vacuum trailers. Call Mike 800-558-2945 Ext. 328 PBM 2001 Peterbilt 378: 1985 certified vacuum trailer (non-hazardous) VIN 1W9TLM304F1021091 120 bbl, new bell dome assembly, new spindle, new float assembly. Tires 85% new, aluminum polished wheels. Excellent brakes and brake assembly and hoses, near new. All tanker gaskets new. Vessel has excellent integrity - will last a long time. 6" & 4" valves on rear. Fully equipped with hoses and fittings. 2001 378 Peterbilt - 743,108 miles. (cleanest example of an 2001 Peterbilt you will find) 435hp Cummins - excellent condition. Excellent tires - 90% tread. Caps on trailer, caps on tractor. AC works great. Thompson piston V8 pump - excellent condition, pulls very strong. Runs very strong. Owner operator has treated this truck like a baby over the last 7 years. Will only be sold as a combination. $49,000. Please contact Glenn. P01 562-843-7413 CA 1994 Presvac 5,500 gallon non-code vacuum trailer, Reyco spring suspension, 80%+ brakes, tires. No rust on frame or suspension. KLM Companies 617-909-9044 (PBM) Three (3) used sewer, camera/pipe inspection vans in Colorado Springs, CO. All former city units. Fully operational when sold to us. All rust-free units with generators and rooftop air. We are selling ONLY COMPLETE UNITS. NO PARTS OR CAMERA SALES. 91-20: GMC Aries equipment, 15,000 miles, $20,000. 98-48: GMC CUES equipment, 73,000 miles, $30,000. 03-21: Ford RST equipment, 42,000 miles, $40,000. Please call Dustin for additional information and LOTS of pictures. P12 719-494-4927 CO

Seven (7) Firestone 18-22.5 All-Terrain tires on 10-hole HD wheels,$945. Also one 66 x 43.00-25 terra tire and wheel, $250. Call 262-483-6380 (P12)

2007 VE Enterprises Portable Storage Tank: 10,000-gallon rolloff liquid waste storage tank. Four 6" loading ports, 3" mixing line, 36" manway. $9,500 OBO. Pics on request. 262-483-6380 (P12) Used vacuum tanks and pumps from 750 to 1,200 gallons. Call for details. 337-315-0692 (P12) Pre-owned 3,500 U.S. gallon, carbon steel vacuum-pressure tank. (Stock #8719V), (888) VAC(PBM) UNIT (822-8648) Pre-owned petroleum, steel, 3,800 U.S. gallon, carbon steel, vacuum pressure tank., (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) Vacuum Tanks - New: Sizes from 1,9004,000 gallons. Great deals! Check us out: 3,600-gallon for $14,000 and 4,000-gallon for $15,000. All complete! Will make you a great deal! Delivery available. Contact Jerry: or 800-7212774. (PBM)


1994 White/GMC Pumper: Excellent condition- Ready to work! 3,800-gallon tank, R-260 Pump, 100 feet of hose. Used daily. .............................. $39,500 703-361-4517 VA P12 1992 Mack RD690S pump/vacuum truck. Clean, well cared, well serviced and reliable vacuum truck. Runs great. NEW clutch, paint, tires. Pump system is 2 yrs. old. 3,000-gallon tank. $26,000. Sam 516-480-3950 (P12) 2002 International 4900 pump truck. 182,000 miles. Spicer 9-speed transmission. 3,300-gallon Heil aluminum tank. 300-gallon freshwater tank. $44,500. Call 815-693-0502. (P12) 2005 GMC: Cab & chassis, TV 500, 7.8 L, 200 hp, Duramax, auto, under CDL. We have in stock both new aluminum and steel tanks from 850 to 4,200 gallons. Call JR. @ 720-253-8014, CO. (PBM)

2005 Envirosight Rovver System: Camera with pan and tilt, color monitor, auto leveling. Includes TR 150 cable reel and control unit. P12 Call Joe 312-706-9678

2011 CUES CCTV Inspection System on a 1998 Ford E350 van. Low miles. Really low CCTV hours. Ready to work! $69,000. Call 423-635-9739 (P01) New, never-been-used Aries TR3300 Pathfinder pan & tilt camera system. 6 steerable self-propelled tractor, 20 downrigger assembly, Saturn III HV color case unit video/ keyboard/control module/DVD/VCR. Matches pipe contour, power forward/reverse, steer-left/right, superior maneuverability. Continuous-duty drive motors, 6 relined to 24 sewer lines. 512Hz detachable locating beacon. Rear-viewing camera quick retrieval - up to 200/min. $45,000 OBO. 925-784-0330 (PBM)

Crust Busters: Portable, lightweight machine, guaranteed to mix up septic tanks and grease traps! Save time and money! www., 1-888-878-2296.(PBM) T&T Tools, Probes, Hooks: Probes feature steel shafts with threaded and hardened tips. The insulated Mighty Probe tested to 50,000 volts. Top Poppers open manhole covers easily. Free catalog. www.TandT Phone 800-521-6893. (PBM)

1991 Heil D.O.T. in test. Stainless steel vacuum 5,500 gallons. Fresh annual inspection. Good tires and brakes. Hydraulic driven vacuum pump. New 6" air-actuated stainless steel bottom gate valve. ..................................... $56,000 For more photos visit

Septic pumper and vacuum die-cast toy trucks: In your choice of colors and logos, several cabs available. Call 877-450-2100, write to Granite State Collectibles, PO Box 440, New Ipswich, NH 03071; or www. (PBM)

New Presvac, 5,500 U.S. gallon, carbon steel DOT certified 412 vacuum pressure trailer with a front porch mounted PVB-750 vacuum pressure pump, driven by a Deutz air-cooled diesel engine. (Stock #13525V), (888) VACUNIT (822-8648) (PBM) 4,000-gallon Lely Self-Contained Vac/Press Tanker: Isuzu motor, Fruitland RCF 500 vacuum pump, Evans tri-axle trailer with aluminum wheels. Excellent condition - $27,500. Pictures are available upon request. Please call 910-738-5311. (PBM)

Aries dual mode thermal imaging pan & tilt color 360-degree continuous rotation sewer camera. Infrared mode finds hidden sewer laterals behind pipe liner. Pinpoint hidden lateral connections. $25,000 OBO. 925-784-0330. (PBM)

2007 Conde Pro-Vac 60-gallon aluminum machine. Very little use. Custom trailer with ramp and winch for easy on and off. Lockable carry rack for machine and 225-gallon holding tank also. Good tires and custom wheels on trailer. $4,500 and you're King of the Food Court. Brian 901-461-8776 (PBM)

P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E Since 1979 December 2013


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2005 Peterbilt Stainless Steel Vacuum Truck: 304 stainless, UL approved tank. New hydraulic system. Hydro drive Fruitland pump, type: RCF500 - SN: 507685LS. $85,000. 503-682-8000 / 503-969-9545 (P12) 2001 Brenner Stainless Steel Tanker: Triaxle, 6,000-gallon insulated stainless steel tank. Code trailer. Hendrickson air ride. Rat hole baffles. 80% brakes & tires. $29,000. 503-969-9545 / 503-682-8000 (P12)

Bullet proof your pump with Kevlar blades. Powerflos Dura Flo Vanes are premium quality, long lasting and heat resistant. Same day shipment on most models: Jurop, Battioni, Moro, Masport, Fruitland, Demag. Call Powerflo Products 800-758-4788 or purchase online at (PBM)

Wanted to Buy: Vactor 2100s and late model Guzzlers. Cash. Phone 800-336-4369. (CPBM)



2009 International Harvester Cusco: 3,200-gallon Cusco Liq-Vac. 117,182 miles, 4,457 engine hours. 547cfm, M9 Moro pump. .......................... $140,000 P12 Call 205-910-7577 AL 2008 Sterling with a Guzzler wet/dry industrial vacuum loader, 18-yard debris body, dump type, carbon steel vacuum tank. (Stock #2347V), (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM) 2014 Western Star cab and chassis with a Power Vac 5300, 3,250 U.S. gallon, carbon steel, DOT 407/412 regulations, vacuum tanker with a Hibon PD blower, 5300 SCFM w/ vacuum to 28" mercury, dump type with full open rear door and a Presvac PVB 750 vacuum-pressure pump. (Stock #13551V), (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) (PBM) 2000 Gap Vax HG57 WET/DRY on Volvo WG64, 5,500 cfm, 27" Hibon blower, Cummins engine, chassis tank and bag house, in good condition, ready for work. KLM Companies, 617-909-9044. (PBM)

1997 Jetstream 3615D: UNx 23gpm, 12k psi. Cummins 174hp, 2,095 hrs. $19,500 OBO. Also have a 10K 74hp UNx pump with Deutz air-cooled motor for $7,500. 563-388-9100 IA P12

WATER JETTING EQUIPMENT: We sell, repair and retrofit water blasters. Visit us at: www. or phone 714259-7700. (PBM) 2006 Jetstream 3600 Series 27gpm@10K, 175hp John Deere. Excellent condition. 440813-0025 (P01) Gardner Denver T-375M: Bare Shaft pump. Gardner Denver T450M Bare Shaft pump NLB 20-200: 12 gpm @ 20,000 psi. Gardner Denver LC-1500: 390 gpm max, 15,000 psi max. NLB 36-200 6 gpm @ 36,000 psi. HT150S 25 gpm max 10,000 psi max, Shell Side Machine, Wheatley 165: 30 gpm @ 10,000 psi, Wheatley 165: 17 gpm @ 20,000 psi. Wheatley 125 with aluminum bronze fluid end. Boatman Ind. 713-641-6006. View @ (PBM)

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American Industrial Components: Our vanes are manufactured from the highest quality laminated materials available and are fabricated to exact tolerances and specifications. 800-272-7557. (PBM)

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P L A C E Y O U R A D O N L I N E AT w w w. p u m p e r. c o m I T S A LW AY S T H E R E T O M E E T Y O U R B U S Y S C H E D U L E


Pumper December 2013

Irrigation fittings are for irrigating NOT vacuum.

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Steel Crown 4", 6" and 8" Press End

Industry-proven, quality vacuum couplings from Bandlock will put money into your pockets.


4" to 12" Male Coupler

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Relief Valve in the World


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4" and 6" High Abrasive Bulk Nozzles

Special Y Reducers

Close Tolerance Couplers And Fittings Bring Safety To Your Work Place. BANDLOCK Ys

Standard & International 4" to 12" EZ Lift Clamps

Wet Valve, 6", 360 Injected

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Lids for Risers


Water Tanks

Long lasting durability On-site installation exibility Custom logo option 24" 15", 18" and 24" 18" sizes designed 15" to t standard Your Logo Here! riser pipes 1/4" closed cell gasket seals tight Ships with 2" Stainless Steel Fasteners


O Programs offer longer terms for older equipment O We do start ups O 90 Day Delayed Billing O Seasonal Payment Programs Available

We work hard to get our customers credit approved. We have been involved in the environmental and liquid waste industry for over 35 years. We understand the competitive nature of your business and are prepared to act quickly. If you are having difficulty getting the Credit you need call Jim Thomas.

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Powervac 3800 w/ Hydro X Package

> DOT 407/412 Code Tank > 3800 CFM Blower > 27" HG Vacuum > Boom: 8" x 20' Telescoping > Water Tank: 200 US Gallon > Water Pump: 5 GPM @ 3000 PSI

Chemical Trailer Stainless Steel 316

> DOT 407/412 Code Tank > 7000 US Gallon Tank > 400 CFM Vane Pump > 27" HG Vacuum


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Powervac Mini
> DOT 407/412 Code Tank > 4500 US Gallon Tank > 1650 CFM Blower > 27" HG Vacuum > Roper Transfer Pump

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