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Movie Review: Disney's FROZEN

December 1, 2013 The Verdict: I loved the movie and the song Let It Go!!! Satisfaction guaranteed! Paisa Vasool :D THE FORMULA THAT WORKS FOR DISNEY: 1. 2. 3. 4. Tweak a fairy tale so that it resonates with the audience of the day. Create beautiful and memorable character cartoons. Add in an inspiring score/Original Sound Track (OST). Headline the OST with a heart-tugging number covered by a popular young singer of that period. 5. Add in some gorgeous and awesome visual effects to make the animation unforgettable. ... AND VOILA YOU HAVE A GUARENTEED FAMILY ENTERTAINER AND A HIT!!! In the case of Frozen as well you have all the elements of a typical Disney that works. The fact that its released over the Thanksgiving weekend is but icing on the cake and almost redundant. Whether or not you have a sister Elsa and Anna are adorable. I loved the fact that Anna as a child tried to coax Elsa out of her room through the key hole and the gap under the door. The dynamic of sisterhood will made me chuckle and tear up it turn. The nuanced characterization where no one is completely good or bad and the unexpected twist in the tale add to texture of the cartoon. The dialogue will also in turn make you laugh out loud and mist up: Conceal, dont feel. Some people are worth melting for .... just not now A selfless act of true love will thaw a frozen heart Princess Annes awkward verbal diarrhoea and clumsiness when she bumps into the good-looking Prince Hans is too cute. The Duke of Weseltons verbalized greed Prince Hanss description of growing up with 12 older brothers!! Annas reaction to Kristoff being an ice trader in a frozen Arendelle!!! The trolls treatment of Anna when Kristoff takes her to them. Olaf and Annes reaction to the Kristoff talking to rocks (the trolls) Olafs love of summer and Anne and Kristoffs aside whether to tell Olaf that hell become a parents debating whether to tell a kid Santas not real!!!! The characters are beautiful and hilarious. Characters that rocked: Olaf the snow man who loves warm hugs, summer and beaches, his carrot nose!!!! Reminded me of the white bat Bartok in Anastasia, although Olaf is more naively adorable rather than wisecracking like Bartok. Family as characterized by The Trolls. Sven the reindeer has almost as much personality as the royal stallion in Tangled. I loved the fact that the manipulative Duke is routinely referred to as from Weasel-town instead of Weselton The monotonous gentle giant Oaken is hilarious and is great comic relief. All the songs are amazing, the opening song/theme Eatnemen Vuelie by Smi musician Frode Fjellheim's will give you a good way and the snow mans song is hilarious but Let It Go will capture your heart. It joins Aladdins A Whole New World; Beauty and the Beast; Anastasias At the Beginning and Journey to the Past; Mulans True to Your Heart

and Reflections; and The Lion Kings Circle of Life as one of my favourite Disney songs. The film is also visually appealing. The inspiration from Norwegian Fjorde is so worth it. The ice palace is breathtaking as are Elsas Snow Queen make-over (The snow queens dress, shoes, palace, icicles in her hair), the frozen Fjorde, and the freezing fountains. While Im sure kids-Disneys target audience-will enjoy the film, those of us who grew up watching Disneys iconic hits like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Prince of Egypt, The Lion King, Mulan, and Anastasia will also take pleasure in the experience. Frozen lives up to all the hype of a Disney film. Disney rules the musical reworked fairy tale genre!!!! Reviewed December 3, 2013

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