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Zanzibar Research and Innovation Day underway The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), The Second Vice Presidents Office of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government, Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and Zanzibar College of Health Sciences (ZCHS) jointly organize the Research and Innovation Day to be held on Thursday 19th December, 2013 at Zanzibar Beach Resort from 8.30 a.m. being a commemoration part of the golden jubilee (50 years) to celebrate the Revolution of Zanzibar. His Excellency Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council will officiate the occasion. The event will comprise of a high level dialogue on one hand and on the other hand there will be research and innovation exhibition. The main objective of holding the Research and Innovation Day is to showcase and promote research and innovation activities in the country. Specifically, the event focuses on: i. Exhibit of Research related products across higher learning Institutions, Research and Development Institutions, grass root innovators, policy makers, planners and community. ii. Promote networking among researchers, students, community, policy makers, media, funding bodies, NGOs and developmental partners. iii. Promote and showcase innovation products. iv. Sensitize Science and Technology Agenda to the Society. Research plays a pivotal role on the socio-economic development of any social welfare. Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) form the basis for sustainable economic growth and prosperity in any society through increased productivity and competitiveness, and creation of employment opportunities. For this to happen, there must be investment, public and private, in science innovation, as well as access to finance for those businesses that will produce and market the resulting new products and services. Continued economic progress requires more and better use of knowledge and qualified human resources. STI underpins improvements in human welfare, through technologies which it develops for health, sustainable food production, engineering and communication. Advances in STI are important not only in solving problems created by human activity, such as environmental degradation and climate change, but also in protecting our environment i.e. clean air, soil, water and natural resources of the earth. The Research and Innovation Day is expected to promote, stimulate and advocate the Science and Technology Agenda to Researchers, policy makers, practitioners and community at large. It is a unique forum for knowledge sharing and technology promotion in the country. It will further provide a perfect opportunity for interdisciplinary interaction and encouraging effective collaboration among the key stakeholders. The day is a landmark and exciting experience for Research and Development advocacy in the country as well as reinforcing the countrys initiatives on mainstreaming STI in developmental planning. For any enquiry please contact --