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Personal Information
English Vocabulary
Personal information questions are the basis for any conversation in English and so are important for when you meet somebody for the first time. They are the building blocks from which the rest of the conversation can develop. Some common questions and a correct form for the answer are as follows: Notice that we are giving our answers in complete sentences to practice using them though normally we only give short answers.

What is your name !y name is """"""". What is your surname # last name !y surname # last name is """"""".

$o you have a nickname %es& my nickname is """"""" or 'o& ( don)t.

Work & Occupation

What do you do ( am a """"""". Where do you work ( work at """"""". $o you like your *ob %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. Why do you like your *ob ( like my *ob because """"""".

Marital Status
+re you married # single %es& ( am. or 'o ()m not. $o you have a boyfriend # girlfriend %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. What is your partner)s name !y partner)s name is """"""".

$o you have any children %es& ( have """"""" children. or 'o& ( don)t What are their names Their names are """"""". ,ow many brothers and sister do you have ( have """"""" brothers and """"""" sisters.

,ow old are you ( am """"""" years old. When is your birthday !y birthday is on the """"""" of """"""". Where were you born ( was born in """"""".

!ontact Information
Where are you from ( am from """"""". What is your address !y address is """"""". What is your phone number !y phone number is """"""". What is your cell phone number !y cell phone number is """"""". $o you live with your parents %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. $o you live alone %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. Who do you live with ( live with my """"""". $o you live in a house or an apartment ( live in a#an """"""". What is your e-mail address !y e-mail address is """"""".

Free time acti"ities

What do you do in your free time (n my free time ( """"""". What are your hobbies !y hobbies are """"""". What type of music do you like ( like """"""" music.

$o you have a favourite singer or group !y favourite singer # group is """"""". What types of movies do you like ( like """"""" movies. $o you like to read %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. What do you like to read ( like to read """"""".

$o you have any bad habits %es& one of my bad habits is """"""". $o you snore %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. $o you smoke %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. ,ow many cigarettes do you smoke a day ( smoke """"""" cigarettes a day.

Other Personal Information

What is your favourite food !y favourite food is """"""". (s there any food that you do not like %es& ( don)t like """"""". or ( like all food. What is your favourite colour !y favourite colour is """"""".

Why do you want to learn English ( want to learn English because """"""". What languages do you speak ( speak """"""". $o you have any pets %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. What pets do you have ( have """"""". What are their names Their names are """"""". Which sports do you like The sport ( like is """"""". $o you have a favourite team !y favourite team is """"""". What is something you do well ( am good at """"""". What is something you do not do well ( am bad at """"""". +re you romantic """"""" romantic. $o you have any tattoos %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t. $escribe yourself using only two words. ( am """"""" and """"""". What makes you happy ( am happy when """"""". +re you a good cook#singer#driver %es& ( do. or 'o& ( don)t.



The structure of the question may be very different to your own native languages but there are rules concerning the structure of sentences in English. .or more information regarding the correct use of the question words such as What& Where& #o% andWhen refer to our student notes on /uestion Words. .or more information regarding the correct us of &o'&oes in questions refer to our student notes on $o vs. $oes. With *ust a little practice you can become very good at asking and answering these basic questions with any native English speaker. Try them the ne0t time you meet an English speaker and you may make a new friend.

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