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Faculty of Engineering Electrical Circuits 2{C) Time Lirnit 15 min ? Quiz.# 'l;'ill i* the b{nnk,s r 1.ilrc,'J,-Glse tYritu tht ausvie

2009-10 Spring

Total marks: 40

Statewhetlrerthe follolving are True cr False(8 x t marks) f T F f f than itq avera-ee value currentor voltageis greaterin magniturie m,tS value of a sinusoidatr Ar*tage value of a Cosinefunction of time-varyingcurrentor voltageis zerc Crestfactor is given by Effective value/ Maximum value of a currentor voltage depends oii the vahiesof the individual of the circr-rit In an RLC branch,the overall reactance and inductance capacitance vaiue of it For* factor is the ratio of the effectivevalue of a rvaveto the average sine wavesusing phasors to represent L tt is not possible of a AC circuit, the higher is its power factor F fn" higherthe reactance F by a resistorin an AC network is Volt-Amperes ln* unit of power dissipated

Find RIVISvalue of the following wsve form. {3 marksi,
L t't l :-


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'*"*'*-**"*****:4 qx Z + ( t^) ?* L nu( - z)


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j g- ,r 72v





Find Average value of the following wave forrn over one period (4 marks)

'7+ =
r . ( . 6*'



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Averagepower of the eircuit o.3 I'bb + ?o lf = 1'o t 'b b l^'/ cA ns) | For the-rretlrurkshown below./ri. = 0r:_l 7 +3+ 3 \ i 19- s s1 :L o (O*s) -. E 5> !.k . reactive voltampersu nncl the totat volt*rnperes involved. The energy dissipated by the resistor over one cycle of the input g.Str!" i"*": F.. Energy stored by the capacitor over one half cycle of input h.l z* q . je/a awd" bJ2aYL O..----i'.v'i' . Renctivepower from the circuit E =S oe V ottsr.&{5valuecf"tirelbi&t6{Ef.o* tc.tF. .tP t o .1 . Power factor of the circuit e.. Energy stored by the inductor oyer one half rycle of the input .==t g3-..006sin{400tl0) iv*s ? e. . k a) p= &..f .pt1. -- V m l r q .-- =Y = O'* -h. {6 m:lrks} V= tu12*j Zo rvaglive (bw. P > v 'i .tI Oo .. {n * ) r.f av*r = J'" * ?r' .C-" eyclc th ilp.. l. . = p t JX .*=v7 = 7= - .i_i.6V+ V o*.L-5?f 9?t o i jo" I +^V..qin377t v v m5= B 7cVP ta i:0.L q Yb . find the real flower.. -'l f=iioHz c. 9r rT3.I P v T -j26. "2"t \ e ) v .n 6i eVr. 3)v.. u&.asg ]5'to 4 i I t i I I VA= 2{b vlr \ I I I Cnns) 7- h) Pr i ?- @") I t rlx.{nrks: Finq.l {i./ft tatgt i -* b. 1 t f s .rW z. Apparent polver fi"om the circuit d. ** z fu*fe'az*r7)L ) t I 0r. find a.v i' & o** t ' b b . L?''a- 9 = f . 7t1> .n ?-tl /. . Reactive factor of the circuit f.a D6 . \uv C* n ) = L uo. = 7 CVar- "ovvw' fhol. ex:=5? 23!L b.=707. = VtytT gti C fc.1)o : y i f. {3 rnar[is] v:20sin7i4t *V vr. i i I. ?n i -.3 -:il* t1 4 ^ n ' ) If v:l0S-j20 vslts anr! i:trCIei3tt aralperes.2 r'\c\r vcttvr orf' vtu.qL .si-nu*ol* Uo' : S '66 * if *tr ryel . -Y -) -\ = i * J 0. .=s? q | -17- € = 5t> L'o" pt .tt lg'n 2u J7 Z 3ir\ : D b t3 ' I ?--?'-: -t:-f-3:+J c) f)pVrte.E ) z =ry 2.