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[1.3] Met allurgy [9/2/2012 - Bet a 2.0.4b]

Talk to me: Follow me on Twitter (Direct link, and I will answer questions on here, see my progress as it happens) Progress Report - "Metallurgy 2 Beta" - 8/24/12 Metallurgy Staff Special T hanks Metallurgy 2 is a vast enhancement to the basic mining system, adding well over 48+ new metals (based on which submods you use). Our goal is to create a balanced atmosphere f or players to explore and enjoy mining. Metallurgy 2 is also modular, conf igurable, and entirely tailoring f or the player's experience. You can f ind the conf igs in your .minecraf t f older under Conf ig/Metallurgy/(Metal Set) As part of Metallurgy's addons, normal ores are put onto our spawn system of no height restrictions, we felt this created a more fun, exploratory system for mining. If you want to change Vanilla metals back to their old values, simply crack the Core config and under ores disable all of the listed ores (should all be vanilla names) which will reset anything we change about them. Base Metals Adds Copper, Tin, Bronze, Hepatizon, Angmallen, Damascus Steel, Manganese, and Steel. T hese are supplements ranging between Stone and Diamond with Steel being Diamond Equivalent but less durability. Installing Base Metals also gives you access to new metal Furnaces and Crushers (see below). Precious Metals Adds Z inc, Brass, Silver, Electrum, and Platinum. T hese metals create high enchantability, low durability tools, they can also be mixed with some other metals in other sets to create potent new metals. Precious Metals can also be turned into "Met" at a Mint, Met being a coin-like currency that's tradeable with Villagers. Nether Metals Adds Ignatius, Shadow Iron, Lemurite, Shadow Steel, Midasium, Vyroxeres, Ceruclase, Adluorite, Inolashite, Kalendrite, Amordrine, Vulcanite, and Sanguinite to the Nether. T hese metals vary in strength f rom midrange overworld metals to post-Diamond and are only obtainable in the Nether. Some Nether metals come with alternate uses (Ignatius/Vulcanite can be used f or f uel f or example). Nether Metals also comes with a new f urnace called a Smelter that's powered specif ically by lava.

Fantasy Metals Adds Prometheum, Deep Iron, Inf usolium, Black Steel, Oureclase, Aredrite, Astral Silver, Carmot, Mithril, Rubracium, Quicksilver, Haderoth, Orichalcum, Celenegil, Adamantine, Atlarus, and Tartarite. Fantasy metals spawn in the overworld and come in a very large variety, covering Stone through high end Nether in strength. T hey have higher enchantability by def ault, but are much rarer than their overworld counterparts. Fantasy Metals also comes with the Abstracter, allowing you to transmute old metals into Experience Orbs. Ender Metals Adds Eximite, Meutoite, and Desichalkos. Eximite is a high tier metal f ound throughout the Ender and can make weapons/armor/tools near Steel in strength. Meutoite is a Catalyst f ound throughout the Ender when mixed with Eximite creates Desichalkos, a strong and powerf ul alloy. Utility Ores Adds Phosphorite, Sulf ur, Saltpeter, Magnesium, Potash, and Bitumen to the overworld. T hese ores drop straight items that are used to craf t Fertilizer (Bonemeal replacement), Gunpowder, or Tar (Stickyball replacement). See below f or recipes. To enhance mining, each Metallurgy metal set comes with a special "machine" that can be upgraded through the tiers that provides new f unctionality. Crusher (Core) T he Crusher is included with all Metallurgy installs, it is crated by placing 4 cobblestone in the corners, 4 sticks in the straights, and a Stone Furnace in the middle. T he Crusher uses coal and other basic f uels to turn raw Ore into Dust, increasing your output and allowing you to mix dusts to create alloys. Note: If you have Base Metals installed, you have access to a Copper, Bronze, Iron, and Steel Crusher, each craf ted using the previous tier and 8 bars around it. T hey are f aster and more f uel ef f icient. Metal Furnaces (Base) Metal Furnaces come with every install of Base Metals, they are created f rom Copper, Bronze, Iron, and Steel Bars surrounding the previous tier of Furnace (starting with Stone). Each one is f aster and more f uel ef f icient. Precious Metal Chests (Precious) Precious Metals adds Precious Metal Chests to the game, craf ted f rom Brass, Silver, Gold, Electrum, and Platinum, these chests have a much higher storage capacity than their basic wooden counterpart! T hey are craf ted f rom the previous tier chest (starting at wood) and 8 of the next tier of bar.[/b] Smelters (Nether) Nether Metals adds Smelters, these special f urnaces are craf ted using 8 metal bars in addition to the previous tier of Smelter (starting at Stone Furnace). T hese Smelters store lava, simply right click with a bucket on lava on them to dump it in them, they then use this lava storage tank to smelt your metals at a very f ast rate. Each tier of Smelter gets f aster and a larger storage tank.

Abstracters (Fantasy) Abstracters are f ancy devices that come with Fantasy Metals and are made f rom Promtheum, Deep Iron, Black Steel, Oureclase, Aredrite, Mithril, Haderoth, Orichalcum, Adamantine, Atlarus, or Tartarite.. T hey are powered by Prometheum Dust, Astral Silver Dust, or Carmot Dust respectively. Input a metal bar in the top of any type, and the proper dust in the bottom, and it'll transmute the bar into raw experience f or the user. Each tier of Abstracter increases the amount of exp given (applying a bonus), as well as speeding it up and making it more f uel ef f icient. You can craf t an Abstracter with the previous tier and 8 metal bars (starting with a Stone Furnace). T he Grand Minability Chart

====== Alloying Guide You alloy two metals by mixing the respective dusts in a craf ting bench or your own inventory. Most alloys carry on characteristics of their base components with a small bonus (usually in mining level, allowing access to higher tiers and allowing you to "skip" tiers) Base Metals Copper + Tin = Bronze Bronze + Gold = Hepatizon Iron + Gold = Angmallen Iron + Bronze = Damascus Steel Iron + Manganese = Steel Precious Metals Copper + Z inc = Brass (Requires Base) Gold + Silver = Electrum Nether Metals Shadow Iron + Lemurite = Shadow Steel (2.0.3b: Shadow Iron + 2x Ignatius) Ceruclase + Adluorite = Inolashite (2.0.3b: Vyroxeres + Ceruclase = Inolashite) Kalendrite + Platinum = Amordrine (Requires Precious) Fantasy Metals Deep Iron + Inf uscolium = Black Steel Mithril + Silver = Quicksilver (Requires Precious) Mithril + Inf uscolium = Haderoth Orichalcium + Platinum = Celenegil (Requires Precious) Adamantine + Atlarus = Tartarite Extra Recipes Base Metals Any Base Metal in a Rail, Bucket, or Shears recipe will produce a basic version of said item. For Rails you get more/less rails based on the metal used. Utility Ores Phosphorite (Workbench) = Phosphorus Phosphorus + Potash + Magnesium = Fertilizer x4 Charcoal + Sulf ur + Saltpeter = Gunpowder x4 Bitumen (+Furnace) = Tar Tar + Blaze Powder = Magma Cream Tar + Piston = Sticky Piston Nether Metals Vulcanite Bar x2 = Blaze Rod Midasium Dust + Any Dust = Gold Dust

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