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Lesson Plan in Science 3 OBJECTIVE To classify foods as Grow, Go and Glow foods To promote the value of good health

th II. SUBJECT MATTER, A. Topic: The Food You Eat B. References: Growing With Science And Health 3 Pp. 56-59 C. Science Concept/s: Go Foods are the fat and carbohydrate-rich foods. Grow Foods are the protein rich foods Glow foods rich in vitamins and minerals D. Processes: Classifying, Communicating E. Materials: Visual Materials, Video Clip, Pictures Of Foods F. Value Infusion: The Value Of Good Health III. PROCEDURES A. Guided Inquiry 1. Review Teacher Pupils Stand up class and let us pray Good morning class You may take your seat Did you still remember what we had yesterday? What is it all about? Amen. Good morning Sir Thank you! (Pupils be seated) Yes Sir Its all about different kinds of clouds I.

Very good! What are the different kinds of clouds? The different kinds of clouds are Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus and Nimbus

Very good! 2. Motivation To begin our next topic today, we will play a game first. The title of our game is Arrange Me. What is the title of our game? Very good! I will group you into two This will be the group one and the other is group Two. Each group should choose one representative and the other members of the group will be the Arrange Me

cheerers. Other members of the group is allowed to help the player by coaching him/her. Each representative will rearrange the jumbled letters to form new phrase. The first group to finish the tasks wins. Is that clear? Very good! Lets play the game! (game proper) And because group __ did the tasks first They are the winners. Give them a hand Did you enjoy the game class? Very good! 3. Science Vocabulary Alright! Can you read the phrases? Very good! How can we maintain our body healthy? Very good! Can you give examples of nutritious foods That we should take in order to maintain Good health? Very good! But, do you know that these nutritious foods can be classified into three groups? Lets watch this video clip (film viewing) Class did you enjoy watching the video clip? What are the different types of food in order to be healthy and strong? They are Go, Grow and Glow foods Yes sir (pupils watch) (pupils answer) By eating nutritious foods HEALTH IS WEALTH (pupils clapping) Yes Sir (game proper) Yes Sir

Very good? What are Go foods? Go foods are the fat and carbohydrate-rich foods

Very well said Can you give examples of Go Foods? Very good What are Grow foods? Grow foods are the protein-rich foods (Pupils answer)

Very good! Can you give examples of protein rich foods? Very good! What do you call the foods that are rich in Vitamins and minerals? Very good! Can you give examples of Glow foods? Is it important that we also take water and other Fluids? How many glasses of water should we take Atleast everyday? Very good Now, lets do an activity 4. Presentation a. Presentation of Materials I will group you into two. This is the group one and this will be the group two. I will give you each group pictures of foods and you are going to classify them as Go, Grow and Glow Foods using a table and you will answer the following questions afterwards Is that clear? Very well b. Statement of the Problem Yes Sir 8-10 glasses of water (pupils answer) Those are the Glow Foods (Pupils answer)

Our main problem in this activity is What should we eat? Again, What is our main problem in this activity? Very good! c. Setting of Standards Every member of the group is required to participate in the activity. You are allowed to talk to each other But being too loud is prohibited. I will give you five minutes to finish the activity Is that clear? Alright! d. Distribution of Activity Card I am now going to distribute the Activilty sheet to you. Read carefully the instructions and answer the following questions completely. B. Guided Exploration 1. Activity Proper (the pupils do the activity) Okay times up! Each group will choose a leader to present their work Very good! 2. Analysis What are the foods classified as Go, Glow and Grow foods? Which of the three kinds of food did you eat? Is it necessary to eat the right kind of food in The right amount Very well C. Guided Discovery 1. Generalization (pupil answers) (pupil answers) (pupil answers) (pupils present their work) Yes Sir What should we eat?

What are the three kinds of foods?

The three types of foods are the Glow, Grow and Go Foods

Very good! What are Go foods? Go foods are the fat and carbohydrate-rich foods Those are the protein-rich foods Those are foods that rich in vitamins and minerals

What about the Grow Foods? What about the Glow foods?

Very good! 2. Application I will give you another activity sheets individually What you are going to do is to list the kind of the food that you ate yesterday. Then you are going to classify those foods and the amount or pieces of that you taken. I will gve you five minutes to finish the task And after that we will have sharing of ideas. Is that clear class? Alright! (activity proper) Okay class are you through? Somebody from the class who wants to share His/her work? Very well! Okay pass your works in front. 3. Valuing Is it important to value our health? Why? How are you going to maintain a healthy body? IV. EVALUATION Yes Sir (pupils answers) (pupil asnwers) (pupils answers) Yes sir Yes Sir

Get your notebook and answer the following. A. Classify the following foods as Go, Grow

And Glow foods. List them in a table Bread fish Legumes Eggplant GO malunggay cheese apple pasta rice orange potatoes

beans meat okra GROW

grapes GLOW

Okay class! Are you through? Lets answer this.. Very good! Count the correct answers. 1. ASSIGNMENT For your assignment (teacher posts the assignment) Will you please read ? Name five examples with picture of foods belonging to the three basic foods groups Is there any questions for that? Very good Lets stand up and pray! Goodbye class!

Yes Sir (pupils anwer )

(pupil reads) None!

Amen Good bye Sir!

Prepared By: Mike S. Daygo

Activity Sheet I. II. III. Problem : What Should We Eat? Materials: Pictures Of Foods, Manila Paper, Tape/Glue Procedures:

a. Classify the following foods as Glow, Grow and Go b. Make a table for this and attached the picture on it where they belong GO GROW GLOW

Answer these: 1. Which foods belong to Go? Grow? Glow? 2. Which of the three kinds of food did you eat? 3. Is it necessary to eat the right kind of food in the right amount?