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1. Complete this questions whit ver to e !n" tr!nsl!te# !$ %he &!mel ''' ! "esert !nim!l. $ (e)et! les !n" *ruit ''' he!lth+ *oo"s. &$ A "u&, ''' ! ,in" o* ir". "$ M+ house '''ne!r the s&hool. e$ -o ert ''' ten +e!rs ol". *$ ''' "inner re!"+. )$ Sue !n" /!ne ''' nei)h ours. h$ ''''' the+ in Amster"!m this wee,. 0. Complete this te1t whit w!s o were# De!r S!r!3 I !m h!vin) ! *!nt!sti& time in Ameri&!. 4ester"!+ we went to the Gr!n" C!n+on. It w!s enormous5 6ur there the ottom there lots o* w!l,ers !n" &lim ers. At on o!ts ! i) river !n" m!n+ people

*ishin) !n" t!,in) photos. 7e went to the top with our pi&ni& !n" there people *rom !ll over the worl". %here the river !n" there some photos. Love3 8n&le /!&, ! e!uti*ul w!ter*!ll !t one en" o* hills !n" mount!ins in the "ist!n&e. I h!ve )ot

2. Loo, !t the pi&ture. Complete# in etween ehin" in *ront o* ne1t to un"er


!$ Gre) is


$ %he s,!te o!r" is &$ %he &omputer is "$ %he &!t is e$ %he e" is *$ %he television is

9. Complete the letter with the ver s in the p!st#

De!r Ever+one3 I st!rte" m+ :ourne+ in the An"es o month !)o. I Ar)entin! !n" then I ;)o$ to the south o*

;tr!vel$ throu)h seven &ountries *or <=== ,m. ;he!r$ m!n+

;see$ the hi)hest mount!in in Ar)entin!3 A&on&!)u! !n" I !lso

!&tive vol&!noes. I worl". I

;run$ !w!+ *rom Cotop!1i3 the hi)hest !&tive vol&!no in the

;&ome$ throu)h m!n+ "i**erent ,in"s o* l!n"s&!pes# r!in*orests in the

north )l!&iers in the south. I ;meet$ some o* the people who live here. %he+ )row &otton3 &o**ee3 to !&&o3 ;h!ve$ ll!m!s !n" !lp!&!s. %he+ ;tell$ me ! lot ! out

!n" m!i>e !n" the+

li*e here to"!+ !n" in the p!st. I hope to see +ou !ll soon5 Love3 ?eter.


@. Loo, !t the pi&ture. 7rite the senten&es#

!$ mil,# %here is some mil, in pi&ture A3 ut there isnAt !n+ mil, in the

pi&ture 6
$ w!ter#

&$ Computers#

"$ Ch!irs#

e$ 6oo,s#

*$ %(


<. Answer this questions# !$ 7hose i,e is it. ;C!th+$# It is C!th+As i,e. It is her i,e. $ 7hose pen is it. ;m+ mother$# &$ 7hose &!t is it. ; the 6rowns$ "$ 7hose oo, is it. ;Louise$#

B. 7rite questions *or this !nswers# !$ Michel is the )!r"en# 7here is Mi&hel. $ %he r!"io is on the table# &$ Ce is e!tin) an apple. "$ Ce is w!shin) his &!r3 because it is "irt+#

D. 7rite questions !n" tr!nsl!te# !$ She E ri"e i,e She E h!ve "inner#

Now3 she is ri"in) ! i,e. Then she is )oin) to h!ve "inner

$ 7e E stu"+ En)lish

7eE stu"+ M!ths#

&$ I E w!t&h ! *ilm

IE )o to e"#

"$ ?eter E pl!+ *oot !ll

Ce E visit his )r!n"mum#

11# Complete this senten&es !n" tr!nsl!te#


!$ A**irm!tive# I lived in Madrid. Ne)!tive# I did not live in Madrid. Interro)!tive# Did you live in Madrid? Me!nin)#

$ A**irm!tive# Ne)!tive# You did not play football last year. Interro)!tive# Me!nin)#

&$ A**irm!tive# Ne)!tive# Interro)!tive# Did you study hard for the exam? Me!nin)#

"$ A**irm!tive# She was on class yesterday Ne)!tive# Interro)!tive# Me!nin)#