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Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) collaborative working

Terms of Reference

• The parties involved in this agreement are Envision Management Ltd
(hereafter ENVISION) and Durham Heritage Coast, Durham County Council
(hereafter DHC).


• The two parties are partners under Subsidiary Contract INTERREG 4B NWE
005A in the IMCORE project (Innovative Management for Europe’s
Changing Coastal Resource).

• The two parties represent the Expert Couplet Node (ECN) for the North East
of England.

• Both parties are legally contracted to the project as defined in the proposal,
this present agreement is within the framework of tasks, actions and budget as
defined in the proposal for each party.

• This agreement is an informal agreement which lays out the collaborative

working between the two parties and lasts until the termination of the project
in 2011.


• The two parties are aware of the background in NE England, in particular the
recent development of the “Climate Change Action Plan for North East
England”, the “North East England Climate Change Adaptation Study”, and
intend to work in a compatible way within existing guidelines whenever
possible in light of IMCORE project tasks.

• The two parties agree to work collaboratively together through the duration of
the project in developing improved coastal management in the area of NE
England in the terms laid out in the IMCORE project proposal.
• ENVISION will take on the primary role of providing expertise in coastal
management and supporting DHC within the frame of the project.

• DHC will take on the role of supporting enhanced coastal management of the
NE region, with special consideration of the Durham Heritage Coast
designation, within the frame of the project.

• The two parties will maintain ongoing communication at the ECN level.

• The two parties will try to develop wider collaborative working within the NE
regional level.

• The two parties will endeavour to use transboundary expertise in the project in
an efficient way to enhance the coastal management in NE England.

• If any dispute occurs between ENVISION and DHC during the period which
this agreement covers related to implementation of the IMCORE project
regarding the interpretation of the proposal document or strategic direction or
actions to best implement the project in the NE region, then in the first
instance, a representative from Coastal and Marine Resources Centre
(University College Cork) shall try to negotiate an agreement between the two

• If a negotiated agreement to both parties is not forthcoming, then a group shall

be set up of a representative of Coastal and Marine Resources Centre, a
representative of one other partner in the project with agreement from both
parties, and one independent expert as agreed by both parties. This group shall
meet to hear representations from both parties and come to a decision on the
issue creating the dispute. The decision of the group will be made in writing
and both parties will accept this decision.

• If such a decision is against the law or policy of one or more of the parties
then one further re-assessment can be requested by either party and shall be
made by the group. This decision, provided in writing, will be final.