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Ashley Sims March 15, 2014 Lesson 2 Reflection EduG 858 Greater Than Math Lesson Reflection While

e preparing for this lesson, I was excited to be teaching the students mathematics. I have a true passion for mathematics and I love to teach this subject. For my second observed lesson, I taught a lesson from the Greater than & Less than Unit. This lesson was strictly focused on only teaching the students about greater than. I feel that separating the concepts of greater than and less than helps the students becomes masters at one task before moving on to the next. I began the lesson by getting the students familiar with the vocabulary from this lesson. We first began brainstorming about what they thought the definition of the term greater than meant. Next, we sang a chant about my friend Mr. Number Eating Alligator. This was to help the student become familiar with the greater than symbol. After that, we began solving some of the practice problems as a whole group. A major strength of this lesson was incorporating all the differentiation. I really chose to differentiate the process as much as possible because I understand that students learn many different ways. During the lesson, I handed out whiteboards to the students to have them draw models of the two numbers we were comparing. I believe that this was a great way to assess the students. The use of the whiteboard also allowed me to see which students I could pull for extra small group work. I feel that this lesson was very engaging for students which helped them to understand the concept. Although I feel that the whole group lesson went very well I feel that there are areas where I think I still need to improve on. Throughout this lesson I feel that I spent too much time on the whole class instruction. Due to this over emphasis on the whole class instruction I lost

time for the students to work independently. As I continue teaching this lesson I have to work on my time management. I have learned that I always have to be mindful of the period changes and prep schedule. I also feel that I should have made my own differentiated worksheets for the students to help with further assessment. Overall, I feel that this lesson went very well. I believe that I am adapting and grasping the concept of teaching an ICT first grade classroom. While being in my student teaching placement I feel that I am coming into my own as a teacher. I may not be the best at everything right now but I am continuing to learn and reflect upon my lessons. This is how I am going to grow into a highly effective teacher.