National Spelling Bee Local

Qualifying Bee Guide 2014
The National Spelling Bee (NSB) is a volunteer-sponsored event for students from fifth
grade to year four. The goals of the NSB are to expand students’ vocabulary and
encourage accurate ord usage and pronunciation! increase students" phonemic
aareness! practice common spelling patterns! and increase students" confidence in
their ability to use the #nglish language. The National Spelling Bee aims to give
students a forum in hich academic excellence among all ethnicities living in
$acedonia can be recogni%ed and encouraged in an atmosphere of friendly
Sponsors of the 2014 National Spelling Bee Include:
Hello, supporters of Macedonia’s National Spelling Bee!
Thank you for your interest in the National Spelling Bee 201! This packet contains all
of the infor"ation you #ill need to host a $ocal %ualifying Bee! We!e re!ised our
rules and "ethods for 2014, so please read this packet carefully!
&or e'a"ple, this year, #e are adding #egional Bees! There #ill (e eight )egional Bee
locations around Macedonia! *ll students #ho pass their $ocal %ualifiers #ill (e
eligi(le to continue to )egionals! Students $ho do not participate in #egionals $ill
not %e eligi%le to go to the National Spelling Bee in S&op'e( This packet is for running
a $ocal %ualifying Bee+ further infor"ation a(out )egionals ,including locations and
ti"es- #ill (e a.aila(le after the $ocal Bees!
This docu"ent includes/
• Ho# to )un a $ocal %ualifying Bee
• 0fficial )ules1$ocal, )egional and National Bees
• Teacher 2ertificate 3nfor"ation
• Sign in Sheet for the $ocal %ualifying Bee
• *d.ertising 4oster 5'a"ple for the $ocal %ualifying Bee
• Sa"ple 4articipation 2ertificate for the $ocal %ualifying Bee
• %ualifier Su("ission &or" ,M6ST (e co"pleted in order for your students to
participate in a )egional Bee-
• Helpful #e( addresses for the 201 co"petition
• National Spelling Bee 3nfor"ation
• The #ord lists are N0T included! 7ou "ay do#nload these off of the National
Spelling Bee (log/ http/88thenationalspelling(ee!(logspot!co"
Thank you again! National Spelling Bee depends on your help and support, and #e
deeply appreciate your hard #ork! 3f at any point you ha.e 9uestions, please e"ail us at/
National Spelling Bee 2o""ittee 201
*o$ to #un a Local Qualifying Bee
1! &irst, secure a space for the date that (est fits your schedule! The space can (e
any#here! The only thing re9uired in the space is for the children to spread out and a
place for the" to #rite!
2! 7our ne't step is to su("it your 9ualifier details on the 201 National Spelling Bee
%ualifier $ocations :oogle doc ,goo!gl8tHo*9$-, so your 9ualifier "ay (e ad.ertised
and tracked! 4lease fill in the right page, according to your region! 3f you’re not sure
#hich region you’re in, check on our (log at goo!gl8a4B$d1 !
;! <istri(ute #ord lists to the students to study for the $ocal %ualifying Bee!
! *fter securing a space for a specific date ad.ertise the $ocal %ualifying Bee! *
sa"ple poster is included for displaying in schools and around the co""unity!
=! Ne't, you "ust prepare all the "aterials for the $ocal %ualifying Bee!
Materials needed for the Bee are included in this docu"ent!
>! 0n the day of the $ocal %ualifying Bee "ake sure you ha.e at least one person
outside the roo" #ith the sign?up sheet! The @udges #ill (e inside the roo" #ith the
#ord lists! +here should %e at least t$o 'udges!
A! 2all students into the roo" in groups of up to 20, according to their age category!
Students should take a piece of (lank paper and #rite their na"e on the top!
B! The @udge reads all 10 #ords, including translations! Cudges should say each #ord at
least t#ice, and "ay repeat "ore if asked! 0nce the last #ord is read, the students
should stay seated #hile one @udge collects the papers!
D! The @udges then correct the papers! Ehen the papers are graded, the coordinator calls
the student up to the front of the roo" and tells the" ho# they did! 3f they got all 10
#ords correct #ith no "ista&es, they are presented #ith an in.itation to a )egional Bee
,included-! This studentFs na"e is then noted on the sign?in sheet!
A! *fter the $ocal %ualifying Bee, please e"ail the )egional Spelling Bee
%ualifier Su("ission &or" ,included- to nationalspelling(eeGg"ail!co"! To fill out
this for", you need each student’s na"e, grade, school, and 5nglish teacher, as #ell as
the region and the total nu"(er of students #ho participated in your Bee! 7ou #ill then
(e sent the date and location of your regional (ee! This infor"ation #ill also (e
a.aila(le on our &ace(ook page! 4lease enter your su("ission for"s (y March 21
2014 National Spelling Bee ,fficial #ules
Teachers, please read these carefully! Ee are trying to create a fair contest in #hich
e.ery student in Macedonia has an e9ual chance to co"pete! Ee kno# it’s hard for the
kids, and #e try to listen to your suggestions ,for instance, this year students ha.e to
spell 10 #ords to 9ualify instead of 12-! Ee also think it’s i"portant that students
understand the rules and follo# the", so that they can learn a(out honesty and e9ual
co"petition! 4lease e'plain these rules to your students and the reasons for the", and
help us ha.e a fun, fair Spelling Bee!
$ocal %ualifying Bee
• Students "ust spell 10 #ords correctly in order to 9ualify for the )egional Bee!
• 5ach student is to (e gi.en up to 10 rando"ly chosen #ords off of the appropriate
age le.el list!
• Students are to #rite out their #ords, one at a ti"e!
• Students "ay not erase or change a letter once it is #ritten, (ut they "ay add in
additional letters and do not ha.e to #rite the letters in order ,e!g!, if the #ord is
colorful, the student "ay #rite ful and then add color (efore it-!
• 0nce the @udges (egin collecting papers, students "ay not change their ans#ers!
• 3f a student help fro" anyone, they are i""ediately dis9ualified!
• 3f a student help to another student, they are i""ediately dis9ualified! 3f
they ha.e already spelled and recei.ed an in.itation, that in.itation is #ithdra#n!
• Students are encouraged to ask for the translation into their nati.e tongue!
• 3f a #ord has (oth an *"erican and a British spelling, either spelling #ill (e
• National Spelling Bee is not responsi%le for printing 2ertificates of 4articipation
for the $ocal Bees! Ee #ould lo.e to gi.e e.ery student a certificate, (ut #e do
not ha.e the resources! Ee encourage schools and teachers to print 2ertificates of
4articipation for their students, and #e’.e included a sa"ple certificate in this
)egional Bee
• Students #ill co"pete in grade?le.el (ees #ith others fro" their region! *t the
@udges’ and organiHers’ discretion, large groups of 0 fro" the sa"e grade
"ay (e split into "ini?(ees!
• 0rganiHers of the regional (ees #ill ha.e lists of students’ na"es fro" regionals!
Students #ill sign in ne't to their na"e! The sign?in sheets #ill (e used to keep
track of participants!
• Students are to stand in line according to the sign?in sheets!
• 5ach student #ill (e gi.en one #ord, one at a ti"e, for #hich they "ust #rite the
correct spelling on the (oard!
• 3f the student spells the #ord correctly, they "o.e onto the ne't round and are to
return to the end of the line! 3f the student spells the #ord incorrectly, they are out
of the co"petition!
• -or .
grade/ after all (ut = students ha.e "ade "istakes, the last . spellers
fro" each grade #ill recei.e an in.itation to the National Bee! -or high school/
after all (ut 10 in each category ,7ears 3 and 33, and 7ears 333 and 3I- ha.e "ade
"istakes, the last 10 spellers #ill recei.e an in.itation to the National Bee! 0ther
students #ill recei.e a 2ertificate of 4articipation in the )egional Bee!
• Students $ho did not participate in #egionals and recei!e an in!itation $ill
not %e eligi%le to participate in the National Bee in S&op'e, regardless of their
participation in $ocal %ualifying Bees!
National Bee
• Students "ay (e split into s"aller "ini?Bees (efore co"peting in the grade?le.el
• Students are to stand in a line according to their assigned nu"(er ,nu"(er #ill (e
assigned at )egistration the "orning of the co"petition-!
• 5ach student #ill (e gi.en one #ord, one at a ti"e, for #hich they "ust #rite the
correct spelling on the (oard!
• 3f the student spells the #ord correctly, they "o.e onto the ne't round and are to
return to the end of the line! 3f the student spells the #ord incorrectly, they are out
of the co"petition and should report to the certificate ta(le to recei.e their
participation certificate and return their nu"(er!
• *t any point, during the Bee, the @udges "ay s#itch lists and gi.e the students
#ords fro" another grade?le.el list or a secret (onus list! These "ay not (e #ords
they ha.e studied!
• 7ears 1? "ay (e asked to spell #ords orally instead of #riting the" on the
(oard! This #ill only happen during the final grade?le.el Bee! 3n the e.ent that
this occurs, students "ust spell the #ord clearly, slo#ly, and loudly, using the
$atin85nglish letters, not the sounds the letters "ake!
• 3f a student help to anyone or help fro" anyone, they are
• Students are encouraged to ask for the translation into their nati.e tongue!
• 3f the #ord has (oth an *"erican and a British spelling, either spelling #ill (e
• Students "ay ask for the #ord to (e repeated (y the
Macedonian8*l(anian8Turkish @udge if they ha.e difficulty understanding the
*"erican @udge!
• The #inning speller "ust spell one additional #ord correctly in order to (e
a#arded first place! 3f they are not successful, the spellers eli"inated in the
pre.ious round #ill continue co"peting!
2014 National Spelling Bee
+eacher 1ertificate Infor"ation
3f you are a teacher or #orking #ith a teacher, the infor"ation (elo# #ill tell you ho#
you are a(le to 9ualify for a professional de.elop"ent certificate appro.ed (y the
Bureau of 5ducation!
3n order to 9ualify, you "ust pro.ide docu"entation of the successful co"pletion of A
of the 10 things listed (elo#!
1! 0rganiHe a $ocal %ualifying Bee e.ent at your local school
2! 0rganiHe a $ocal %ualifying Bee e.ent at a .illage8satellite school
;! 4ractice #ords #ith the students interested in participating in the $ocal %ualifying
Bee for at least ; hours outside of class
! Iolunteer to assist a 4eace 2orps Iolunteer or *"erican 2orner at their $ocal
%ualifying Bee or )egional Bee
=! 0rganiHe a local "edia e.ent for your $ocal %ualifying Bee or )egional Bee
>! 4ractice #ords #ith the students #ho 9ualify for the )egional or National Bees for
at least ; hours outside of class
A! )un a co""unity fundraiser to support the transportation and lunch costs of
students attending a )egional Bee or the National Bee
B! 0rganiHe transportation for your 9ualified students to a )egional Bee or the
National Bee
D! 2haperone your students to a )egional Bee or the National Bee in Skop@e
10! Iolunteer to help at a )egional Bee or the National Bee in Skop@e ,shifts are
appro'i"ately hours long-! To do so, please e"ail
<ocu"entation ,photos of your e.ents, a note signed (y your <irector, a copy of the
"edia article, etc!- "ust (e su("itted to nationalspelling(eeGg"ail!co" (efore the
National Bee in order for a certificate to (e a.aila(le at the Bee! 3f docu"entation is
su("itted after#ards, you #ill (e e"ailed your certificate at a later date!
2014 National Spelling Bee
Local Qualifying Bee Sign/In Sheet
N234 G#25
1I+6 S1*,,L +421*4#
7in!ites you to a Qualifying Bee in
3a&edons&a 8a"enica9
What: 2o"pete for an in.itation to a )egional Spelling Bee and
a chance to 9ualify for the National Bee in Skop@e
Who: Students in :rades I?I333 and 7ears 3?3I
When: Eednesday, March 1;
, 1/;0?;/00 p"
Where: Jiril 3 Metodi@ School
*o$: 1! Study the #ords fro" the #ord lists
2! 2o"e and spell 10 #ords correctly
Questions: http/88thenationalspelling(ee!(logspot!co"
Sponsors of the 2014 National Spelling Bee Include:
Certificate of Participation
for the _______________
Local Spelling Bee is awarded to
Great Job!
English Teacher
*o$ to Su%"it Local Qualifying Bee Infor"ation
0nce you ha.e co"pleted your $ocal %ualifying Bee for 201, you M6ST fill out the
docu"ent 2014 Regional Spelling Bee Qualifier Submission Form ,(elo#- #ith the
studentsF infor"ation and e"ail it to nationalspelling(eeGg"ail!co"! * filla(le 4<& of
this docu"ent "ay (e do#nloaded fro" our (log for your use!
3f you took any pictures of students practicing for or participating in your $ocal
%ualifying Bee, and #ould like National Spelling Bee to use the" on our &ace(ook
page or in pro"otional "aterials, please e"ail those to nationalspelling(eeGg"ail!co"!
2014 #egional Spelling Bee Local Qualifying Bee Su%"ission -or"
To#n8Iillage Na"e/ %ualifying Bee 2oordinator/
<ate Held/ 2oordinatorFs 5"ail/
Total K Students 4articipated/ Total K Students %ualified/
)egion ,to deter"ine your region, please refer to
*All of this information must be submitted in LAT!"#!$LS% letters&
Student:s Na"e
Surna"e &irst
Grade School 4nglish +eacher:s Na"e
3f you ha.e "ore students #ho 9ualify that there is space, please su("it additional for"s!
4lease e"ail this to/ nationalspelling%ee)g"ail(co" (y March 21
, 201
*elpful We% Sites for the 2014 1o"petition
National Spelling Bee:s Blog: http/88thenationalspelling(ee!(logspot!co"
NSB:s -ace%oo& ;age: http/88###!face(ook!co"8nationalspelling(ee
National Spelling Bee:s 4"ail: nationalspelling(eeGg"ail!co"
Lin& to Notify 1oordinators of Local Qualifying Bee: http/88goo!gl8.SiBk
Spelling 1ity: ###!spellingcity!co"
This #e(site is a great study tool for students! *ll of the #ords for this yearFs Bee
are entered onto this site #here students can play ga"es #ith the #ords!
− 2lick on L&ind a $istM
− 7ou #ill then (e (rought to a page that looks like the one (elo#! &or the
teacherFs na"e, enter/ nationalspelling(ee
− *ll of the lists are organiHed (y grade and (roken up alpha(etically!
;eace 1orps 3acedonia: http/88"acedonia!peacecorps!go.
<ni!ersity 2"erican 1ollege: ###!uacs!edu!"k
2"erican 1orner 3acedonia: http/88a"ericancorners"acedonia!(logspot!co"
1a"p GL,W: ###!glo#"acedonia!co"
6oung 3en:s Leadership ;ro'ect: http/88###!face(ook!co"87M$4Macedonia