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AWR-160 dust collection ventiliation system:

1. All Envirosystems AWR modules are designed to be located remotely and

connected via ducting to a separate fan. Fan volume and static performance is
dependant on individual applications. Fans may be supplied by Envirosystems or
by others. Several AWR modules may be connected side by side or in multiple
banks to provide dust collection volumes of 1,000,000 CFM or more. Although
each standard AWR module includes a built in clean air plenum complete with
multiple ducting attach points, custom duct attach points or plenums may also be
provided for banks of multiple AWR modules. Contact Envirosystems for design

2. Air discharged from these filter banks will exceed 40 CFR 63, Sub part GG and
may be suitable for re-circulation back into the workplace, or may be exhausted to
the outside at the discretion of the customer. Some applications may require
additional HEPA or VOC after filter units.

The AWR module, while custom in nature, is based on the time proven AirWall
module design. AirWall units are currently used worldwide for many dust
collection applications. Some of the abrasive blasting dust collection applications
using the AirWall product for aerospace operations include the Northrop-
Grumman B-2 stripping facility in Palmdale, CA, Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works
in Palmdale, CA, Large Aircraft Corrosion Control Facility, Tinker AFB,
Oklahoma City, OK, as well as many other U.S. Military operations in the U.S.
and South Korea (Korea Airlines, Pusan facility).
3. AWR modules are provided with an automatic reverse pulse filter purging system.
This system has a manual as well as an automatic mode. During filter purging,
pulses of compressed air automatically clean the cartridges by momentary (1/3 of
a second) reverse pressurization. As the pulse dislodges dust from the cartridge
exterior, the released dust falls into a collection hopper. The standard hopper is
designed to accommodate discharge into a 55 gal drum, but discharge into super
sacks can also be provided at no additional charge.

Optionally there are dust conveying hoppers which allow discharged dust to be
conveyed to a remote location for storage or discharge into larger containers. This
option is very beneficial when the consolidation of dust from multiple AWR units
is desired.

4. During each filter purge cycle, airflow to the filters being pulsed is momentarily
redirected to the remaining filters resulting in an uninterrupted air flow. Typical
time between pulses is 10 seconds. A preset solid-state timer allows adjustment of
both frequency and duration of the purge pulses to fine tune the cleaning cycles
for optimum performance.

5. During the filter purging process, each reverse pulse of compressed air will
discharge the dust from a single row of filters (3 filter cartridges to each row). An
accumulator tank holds a 0.3 Cu. Ft. charge of air at 90 - 100 PSI for each pulse
and will discharge that pulse in 0.3 sec. each time a signal is received from the
filter purge control. Each accumulator tank services multiple rows of filters,
pulsing one row each 10 seconds during the pulse cleaning process. The 10
second delay between pulses allows the accumulator tank to recharge for the next
pulse. Because of this pulsing technique, the reverse pulse system uses only 1.8
CFM of clean, dry compressed air @ 90-110 Psig for the filter cleaning operations
for every 32,000 CFM of air processed.

Since all pulse pilot and diaphragm valves are located internally and out of the
extremes of wind, rain, ice and damaging UV from direct sun, the owners of AWR
modules can expect exceptional component reliability.

Pulse system electrical requirements are 120VAC, 60 Hz, Single Phase.


1. AWR-160 Module:

a. Construction: Structural steel frame with 14 Ga.galvanized steel skin.

b. Overall Dimensions per module: 96"high (177" high with the Optional
Drum Hopper) x 80" wide x 48" deep.
c. Blower Motor : Dependant on process
d. Blower Power Requirements: Dependant on process
e. Quantity of Filter Cartridges per Module: (30)
f. Filter Media Description: Standard (Others Available)
Type: CX (Cellulose)
Sq. Ft.: 240-Sq. Ft. per Filter Cartridge, Bottom (Qty 15)
g. Air Volume Rate per Module: 16,000 CFM
h. Total Standard Filter Surface Area: 7,200 Sq. Ft.
i. Air to Filter Ratio: 2.2:1
j. Shipping Weight per AWR-160: 2,100 lbs.


Also supplied by Envirosystems:

a. Installation, operating and maintenance manual

b. Design engineering for ducting and plenums

a. Remote fans
b. Custom plenums
c. Custom Ducting
d. Integrated Control Panels for more than one module or AWR Bank
e. On site installation supervision, start-up and training.


AWR- 16,000.0
30 7,200 2.22:1 80 48 177 A/R 2,700
160 0
AWR- 32,000.0
60 14,400 2.22:1 152 48 177 A/R 5,400
320 0
AWR- 48,000.0
90 21,600 2.22:1 227 48 177 A/R 8,100
480 0
AWR- 64,000.0
120 28,800 2.22:1 152 96 177 A/R 10,800
640 0
AWR- 96,000.0
180 43,200 2.22:1 227 96 177 A/R 16,200
960 0


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