Your Neighborhood Council

Governing Board Members:
Executive Board
Danielle Lafayette, Chair
Yvonne Ellett, Co-Chair
Diane Robertson, Rec. Secretary
Edmond Warren, Treasurer
Board Members
Wilson Washensy, !rea " Re#.
$ary %ones-Dars, !rea " Re#.
Carl $or&an, !rea ' Re#.
%acie Ryan, !rea ' Re#.
Robin (illiam, !rea ) Re#.
!shley Thomas, !rea ) Re#.
$isty Wils, !t-Lar&e Re#.
%ohnnie Raines ***, !t-Lar&e Re#.
+ic ,ill , !t-Lar&e Re#.
%ason Lombard, !t-Lar&e Re#
Erma $icens, Corr. Secretary
A Certifed City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
Serving the communities of: Arlington Park, Baldwin Hills,
Baldwin Village, Baldwin Vista, Cameo Woods,
Crenshaw Manor, eimert Park ! Village "reen
All Meetings are #$en to the Pu%lic
Empowerment Congress West
Contact Information
3701 Stocker Street 106
Los Angeles, California
(ele$hone)*a+: ,-.-/ .0121344
Email: ofceec!an"c#org
We%site: www'ecwandc'org
congress west
Stake$ol"ers %o!n &all
Saturda6 of the Month
Crenshaw 7nited Methodist
-389 :on *eli$e :rive
0:-9 ; 55:-9 am
(oar" 'eetings
Monda6 of the Month
:WP Crenshaw Communit6
89-9 Crenshaw Blvd
4:-9 ; =:-9 $m
SEC!"# B$"%& MEE'!NG %E'%E"' "GEN&"
Monda() *ul( +,) +-,. / 0:1- M / 2:1- M
&W Communit( %oom
.-1- Crenshaw Blvd
#os "ngeles) C" 3---2
,4 Welcome) Call to $rder 5 %oll Call: 60:1-70:.-8,- minutes9
+4 ublic Comment 5 Concerns: 60:.-70::-8,- minutes9
7 -or items not on the a&enda
14 !ntroduction. 60::-7;:,-8+- minutes9
- Team buildin& E/ercise
- Each board member can state one &oal 0e can accom#lish as a board.
.4 $verview o< mandated goals: 6;:,-7;:+:8,: minutes9
- Committee $eetin& 1#dates2 E/ecutive Committee, 3L14 Committee, 5utreach Committee, -inance Committee,
Education and Youth Develo#ment Committee
- %ob descri#tions and duties
: Strategic lan 6;:+:7;:::81- minutes9
- Results of ranin&. 6Done #reviously or at the retreat7
- To# community issues from staeholder and board members 6'7 in each of ) areas
- The 4i& Score 8 $easure your #ro&ress and your final #erformance 0ith these #erformance metrics. Evaluate
your 9ourney based on results that are s#ecific, measurable and meanin&ful.
- +e0 for the 4i& Score for -iscal year ':";-':"< *nclude these city 0ide #erformance metrics for +ei&hborhood
Councils bi& *m#act on Los !n&eles= Remember set S#ecific, measurable and meanin&ful &oals.
- +ei&hborhood Council Self-!ssessment form for fiscal year ':")-':";
- +ei&hborhood Council 5utreach survey for fiscal year ':";-':"<
04 Budget 6;:::72:,:8+- minutes9
- ; cate&ories include ":: 5#erations, ':: 5utreach, ):: community im#rovement, ;:: nei&hborhood 3ur#ose
(rants, <:: Elections
- 4ud&et +arratives
- 3ro9ected $onthly o#erational e/#enses
>. Next steps 62:,:72:+-8: minutes7
24 %eview o< the Neighborhood Council=s &ra<t $pinion on Street >ending 62:+-72:+:9
- Staeholder o#inion 0as used to &enerate the +C?s first C*S of the ne0 -iscal Year. Draft 0ill be revie0ed for
corrections or omissions.
34 ?pdates 62:+:72:1-8: minutes9
- Contact information
,-4 "d@ournment 62:1-9 Next Meeting StaAeholder 'own Ball Meeting ) "ugust +) +-,. 3:1-7,,:1-am
$<<icial ublic Notice <or ECW"N&C Standing Committees:
Committee Meeting &ate 5 #ocation Chair
3lannin&, Land 1se @
Last $onday of the $onth at A.): #m
C,C )>)" Stocer St Ste B':"
Carl $or&an
-inance )
$onday of the $onth at <.): 8 A.): #m !S +EEDED
DW3 Crensha0 Community Room. ;:): Crensha0 4lvd
$ary %ones-Dars
5utreach '
Tuesday of the $onth at A.): #m !S +EEDED
ECW! 5ffice. )>:" Stocer Street
Diane Robertson
Safety "
Saturday of the $onth at "'.:: #m !S +EEDED
%ohnnie Raines ***
Education and Youth
Saturday of the month at "'.:: #m !S +EEDED
Wilson Washensy
South L! !lliance of +ei&hborhood Councils
D 4ud&et !dvocate
Lar (allo0ay-(illiam
Danielle Lafayette
Members of the public are requested to fill out a “Speaker Card” to address the Board on any item on
the agenda prior to the Board taking action. Comments are limited to 2 minutes per speaker, unless
modified by the presiding officer of the Board.
n compliance !ith "o#ernment Code section $%&$'.$, non(e)empt !ritings that are distributed to a
ma*ority or all of the board in ad#ance of a meeting, may be #ie!ed at our !ebsite by clicking on the
follo!ing link or at the scheduled meeting. n addition, if you !ould like a
copy of any record related to an item on the agenda, please contact ECWANDC Chair, Danielle
Lafayette at
+s a co#ered entity under ,itle of the +mericans !ith -isabilities +ct, the City of .os +ngeles does
not discriminate on the basis of disability and upon request, !ill pro#ide reasonable accommodation
to ensure equal access to its programs, ser#ices, and acti#ities. Sign language interpreters, assisti#e
listening de#ices, or other au)iliary aids and/or ser#ices may be pro#ided upon request. ,o ensure
a#ailability of ser#ices, please make your request at least 0 business days prior to the meeting you
!ish to attend by contacting ECWANDC Chair Danielle Lafayette, 61+19 +3:7:;00 or e-ail
S 1234212 S215C6S -2 ,1+-4CC67, 8+561 -2 76,8C+1 + .+ 68C7+ 0 dias de
traba*o 9'2 horas: +7,2S -2. 2527,6. S 72C2S,+ +;4-+ C67 2S,+ +"27-+, <61 8+561
..+M2 + 742S,1+ 68C7+ +. 6)')7 'E<-<>AA.
StaAeholder 'own Ball 5 Board Meeting "gendas are osted ;+ Bours in "dvance
at www4ECW"N&C4org
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