Resilience, Innovation, Adaptability and Transformation

The Australian
Change Management Toolkit 2014
What makes the concept of change so intriguing,
is just how much change changes!
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One Day Interactive Study Group, Tuesday, 26 August 2014, Rydges Melbourne
Nick Di'Lodovico,

Johan Louw, Director,
Shire of Augusta-Margaret River

Andrew Collett, Director, Employee

Portfolio Change Manager, ANZ

Sasha Jovanovic, Director,

Engagement, Edelman Australia

Diverse Prophets

Engage in
interactive, focussed

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One Day Interactive Study Group, Tuesday, 26 August 2014, Rydges Melbourne

The Australian
Change Management Toolkit
8:30 Registration and refreshments

10:30 Morning refreshments and networking

8:45 Chairperson’s opening remarks and discussion

Nick Di'Lodovico, Portfolio Change Manager,

10:45 Managing Change in Local Government:
Key considerations

9:00 Change Driven Release Management:
Sequencing change to stick
The pace of change: Concurrent &
Transformational Change Management
Case study 1:
Ticked all the boxes, but the change didn't stick
The concept of change
driven release management
Case study 2:
When the stars align, the change is forever
The pace of change for organisations has shifted
dramatically, with the need for companies to
remain relevant and competitive in the market.
In order to realise this, companies are enacting
multiple, often concurrent and transformational
changes. Whilst some organisations have seen
great success with this, more often then not the
changes they seek to bring about either never
realise or don't sustain.
In order to successfully land and sustain
concurrent or transformational change, effective
sequencing and release management of the
changes in paramount to making it stick.
This session will seek to explore the critically of
release management in change, understanding
how best to sequence change for effective
sustainability and what to consider when
influencing Executive stakeholders to achieve
the desired outcome.
Facilitated by: Nick Di'Lodovico,
Portfolio Change Manager, ANZ

Local government in an ever
changing environment

Responding to changes –
do and don’ts

Ensuring change outcomes are achieved

Local government operates in a range of
complex and changing environments. As a
result, councils require a high level of flexibility
and creativity to respond to increasing
demands for improved and higher quality
services with limited or reduced resources.

A top down approach to organisational change
have seen many failures over the years with
a realisation that change is better achieved
through a bottom up approach.
Careful planning, clear communication and
achieving buy-in from all levels of a council are
but a few ways to achieve successful change.

Facilitated by: Johan Louw, Director,
Shire of Augusta-Margaret River

12:15 Networking lunch (let us know if you have any
special dietary requirements 2 weeks prior to

One Day Interactive Study Group, Tuesday, 26 August 2014, Rydges Melbourne

The Australian
Change Management Toolkit
1:15 Maintaining culture and engagement whilst
managing change

3:00 Wicked problems in Change & Innovation
Solving the unsolvable

The changing expectations of employees
The role of communications in driving
engagement during change
Aligning HR and Communications
to achieve success
You only need to open a newspaper or turn
on a TV to see that the business environment in
Australia is changing, with a significant shift from
a focus on growth to productivity. ‘Downsizing’,
‘layoffs’, ‘restructuring’, whichever term is used,
this is always a difficult time for companies and
employees alike.
It becomes deeply personal, emotional and
turbulent for everyone concerned. It also
presents a unique communications challenge.
Communicating its necessity to employees
is particularly difficult. Maintaining company
culture is even more challenging.
As Australian companies and employees come
to terms with this new operating environment,
how will companies maintain company culture
and engage effectively with employees at a
time when most are going through significant
Facilitated by: Andrew Collett, Director,
Employee Engagement,
Edelman Australia

2:45 Afternoon refreshments and networking

Classical theory in practice today

Case study in application

We are on the edge of a cultural evolution
impacted by the reverse end of the industrial
revolution, with mass off-boarding of resources,
increasing unemployment and financial

It is no longer enough for program sponsors and
project staff to follow best practice checklists. Our
ability to innovate and successfully implement
unique initiatives is the critical success factor in
the emerging global economy.
Facilitated by: Sasha Jovanovic,
Director, Diverse Prophets

4:30 Interactive with all speakers together

All attendees will have an opportunity to discuss
questions, thoughts or challenges experienced with
the speakers

5.00 End of study group

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The Australian Change Management Toolkit 2014
Tuesday, 26 August 2014, Rydges Melbourne

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