Meet the demands of the always-on consumer

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever before. They expect you to offer a state-of-
the-art shopping experience regardless of which channel they use to interact with your brand.

But customers themselves don‘t think in terms of channels. They just think in terms of your
brand, and they expect a unified experience.

They expect you to provide a highly relevant and seamless interaction on every touch point, at
every time – regardless of which touch point they use
their PC,
their mobile phone,
a tablet,
phoning your call center,
engaging their social network, or
walking into one of your store locations.

hybris offers the tools you need
… to connect all these touch points and unify your commerce processes on a single, highly
flexible platform. We enable you to offer your customers a world-class shopping experience
and to do business the way they expect to.

hybris B2C Commerce is rated a “leader” and among the two or three best by both Forrester
and Gartner.

hybris B2C Commerce delivers a state-of-the-art consumer experience to maximize conversion
and revenue
Best-in-class search and navigation functionality, including faceted browsing, keyword
suggestions, and searchandising capabilities
Comprehensive and advanced personalization to deliver targeted and more relevant content
Vouchers, product recommendations and promotions for efficient marketing campaigns and
cross-selling offers
Enhanced brand engagement, site traffic and customer loyalty via integrations to the most
popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest
Ratings and reviews that utilize the “wisdom of the crowds” and improve your search engine
Built-in customer service functionality to increase time-to-resolution and turn your service
channel into a selling channel

hybris minimizes total cost of ownership with optimized processes and increased productivity
Develop and manage content with a built-in intuitive web content management system that
includes effective workflow management
Execute robust product merchandising without IT involvement
Operate multiple online stores on a single platform for multi-tenant or multi-brand strategies
Centralize order management capabilities to enable efficient omni-channel fulfillment
Deploy hybris B2C Commerce in the way that best fits your needs - either on-premise, hosted
by hybris, or on-demand in the cloud
Enrich your product descriptions with high resolution images and videos managed by built-
in digital asset management (DAM)
Consolidate and manage all product content and attributes across all channels via native
integration with hybris’ award-winning master data management product (hybris PCM)

hybris delivers true omni-channel commerce
A quicker time-to-market with hybris Commerce Accelerator, a production-ready, customizable
multichannel commerce system that includes Web, mobile, call-center, and order management
functionality straight from the box
A fully integrated mobile commerce solution so you can quickly build mobile-optimized
websites or native mobile apps for today’s smart phones
Print capabilities that reduce costs through automated print production processes
OmniCommerce Connect APIs that can integrate new touch points and new channels without
lengthy and costly IT cycles

hybris delivers the flexibility, extensibility and scale you need for limitless expansion and growth
transaction environments; Implementations in production support over 20 million SKUs and
6,000 transactions per second
hybris B2C Commerce is built on the highly flexible hybris platform that is architected to be the
operating environment for modern, always-on Internet applications; The platform provides a
standards-based development framework on which anyone can build custom applications or
extensions to the platform or hybris applications
hybris supports multiple languages, currencies, and tax calculations for efficient expansion into
new segments, markets, and geographies
hybris supports additional sales channels such as mobile or print natively, on a single platform

Master Data Management
A seamless cross-channel experience is impossible without the right master data management
It is only logical that a consistent experience across channels requires a single centralized view
of product and customer data.

Traditional e-commerce systems have only basic catalogs – they simply don’t have the tools to
enable effective import, consolidation or management demanded by the volume and
complexity of data in modern Web sites. Traditional MDM products were never designed to
meet the demands of the internet:
High-volume real-time access
Rich data and digital assets
Unstructured content
Flexible data models
User-generated content
Variety of devices in multi-channel commerce
hybris White Paper: Managing Product Content for Omni-Channel Commerce
Leveraging product content and master data consistently across multiple channels is the key to
meeting customer expectations and securing a competitive advantage for your brand. Watch
this video from hybris to learn more about deepening relationship between product data and

The hybris master data management product, hybris Product Content Management (PCM),
delivers consolidation and centralized management of product information and attributes
across all channels, yielding:
Increased sales via
Superior faceted search and guided selling via improved management of product facets and
Advanced search engine optimization
An improved cross-channel user experience, giving your customer one view of your company
Enablement of down-channel selling by more easily producing unique catalogs or sites per
enterprise or reseller
Reduced cost of managing content via
Centralized management of unstructured and structured product content across all channels
from a modern browser-based graphical interface
Seamless editing and maintenance of all content, images, and digital objects
Tools to efficiently manage attributes, such as category, price, promotion eligibility, language,
geography, eligibility, etc.
Seamless management of data quality and consistency across markets such as ounces v. liters,
Euros v. dollars
Consolidated collection and distribution of content from various systems, sources, divisions
State-of-the-art import and integration tool and strong supplier data onboarding
User-friendly GUI with mapping
hybris’ architecture is unique:

Only hybris delivers master data management on a single platform with its entire commerce
suite. This means no integrations are necessary: data models defined and managed in MDM are
automatically available for Web content management, cross-channel commerce, order
management and customer service. This means much faster time to value, and a superior
experience for your business users.
hybris ’ state-of-the-art use of entity data models enables easier management of packaging
variations, as well as rapid and flexible bundling of products, or even disaggregation. This is
especially useful with digital products and services, where content can be aggregated into a
book or journal or disaggregated into chapters, articles, or even images within an article, all
within the MDM module.

Order Management
hybris Order Management helps you increase profitability through centralized order
Your customers interact with your brand on numerous touch points, be it their PC,
their mobile or the point of sale in your store. They expect a seamless and highly interactive
shopping experience.

But they also expect you to provide fast and reliable order processes regardless of where or
how they buy from you. They expect quick delivery times, flexible fulfillment and headache-free
return options. They want to drive the purchasing process by buying online & picking up in
store, or having the possibility to return online items at a nearby point of sale.
To deliver a seamless consumer experience requires a commerce solution that gives you an
aggregated view of all your orders regardless of channel.
hybris Order Management streamlines all of your order processes across channelshybris‘ order
orchestration solution, which we call hybris Order Management Services (OMS) for
OmniCommerce provides you a centralized hub for processing, controlling and routing orders
placed through different channels, warehouses or fulfillment routes. Now you can easily
collaborate with your suppliers and optimize your complex order fulfillment processes.
Ultimately, hybris OMS is designed to help you sell across all channels according to demand and
reduce stock overheads.

hybris OMS includes:

a centralized order management hub for orders from various order entry systems, channels and
customer touch points
end-to-end visibility of inventory and orders throughout the order‘s lifecycle including capture,
controlling, allocating, routing, fulfilling and settling order
order versioning for greater visibility of order status and compliance
stock level availability across the entire organization
flexible omni-channel fulfillment options like buy online pick up in store (BOPiS) or buy online
return in store
pick, pack, and dispatch to support the operational processes in-store
an easy-to-use UI to manage all order processes and workflows (OMS Cockpit)
order cancellation for cancellation of full orders until cut-off time, parts of an order prior to
dispatch, or pre-sale order line items
transaction details and audit trail
integration with drop ship vendors
order replenishment for managing and scheduling recurring orders
internationalization of order processes
order routing for splitting orders into consignments for partial delivery
fulfillment orchestration for mapping fulfillment routes by country, warehouse, stock level, etc.
hybris OMS delivers a modern omni-channel environment including:

third-party integrations to the commerce services you need like address verification, tax
calculation, payment processing, carriers, fraud verification or geolocation
channel-agnostic order views
store integrations into the order process to shorten delivery times and improve inventory
customer service integration for quicker handling of order-related issues
order status notifications via email or SMS
multi-warehouse support
Returns and refunds management for enabling Buy Online Return in Store scenarios.