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Sec 1 When is interpleader proper?

- When?
- Requisites (4)
- Purpose (2)
- Interpleader vs. Intervention (3)
- When to file complaint for interpleader?
- Effect of failure to file within such time?
Sec 2 Order
- What will the court do upon filing of the petition to interplead?
- In the interest of justice, what may the court add in its order?
Sec 3 Summons
- Same (must be served upon conflicting claimants with the copy of the order)
Sec 4 Motion to Dismiss
- Grounds (2)
- Period to file an answer if motion is denied.
Sec 5 Filing and Answer on the Complaint
- Period to file an answer
- Effect of failure to answer
- Parties in an interpleader action may file counterclaims, cross-claims, third-
party complaints and responsive pleadings
Sec 6 Determination
Sec 7 Payment of Docket Fees
- What will be the effect of the litigation expenses paid by the person who filed
the complaint in interpleader?
Sec 1 Who may file petition?
- Who? (2)
- Where filed?
- When to file?
- Requisites (6)
Sec 2 Parties
- Who?
- May the declaration prejudice rights of persons not parties to the declaration?
- Exception
Sec 3 Notice on Solicitor General
- When is notice on SG required?
Sec 4 Local Government Ordinances
- Person who shall be notified in addition to the SG if the action involves the
validity of a local government ordinance
Sec 5 Court Action Discretionary
- When may court refuse to exercise power to declare rights? Exception
- Grounds for refusal (2)
Sec 6 Conversion into Ordinary Action
- When?
Rule 64 Review of Judgments and Final Orders or Resolutions of the Commission on Elections
and the Commission on Audit
Sec 1 Scope
- Orders of what? (2)
Sec 2 Mode of Review
- Mode?
Sec 3 Time to file petition
- When?
- Effect of filing a motion for new trial of for reconsideration.
- What if the motion is denied?
Sec 4 Docket and Other lawful fees
Sec 5 Form and contents of petition
- Form and Contents (7)
- Effect of failure to comply
Sec 6 Order to comment
- Period given to file comment
- When may court dismiss the petition?(2)
Sec 7 Comments of respondents
- No. of copies of the comment of the respondent.
Sec 8 Effect of filing
- Will the filing stay the execution of the judgment or final order? Exception.
Sec 9 Submission for Decision
- When is the petition deemed to be submitted for decision? Exception.
Sec 1 Petition for Certiorari
- When may be availed of/Requisites? (3)
- Pre requisite before the same is availed. Exception (7)
Sec 2 Petition for Prohibition
- When may be availed of/Requisites? (3)
- Purpose
Sec 3 Petition for Mandamus
- When may be availed of/Requisites? (5)
- Purpose
- Grounds (2)
Sec 4 When and where petition filed
- When filed?
- What if a motion for reconsideration or the motion for new trial is files and
was denied?
- Where filed? (4)
Sec 5 Respondents and Cost in certain cases
- Who are the private and public respondents in this case?
- Duty of the private respondent.
- May the public respondent file or answer the petition? Exception. They are
regarded as what?
Sec 6 Order to Comment
- When to file comment?
Sec 7 Expediting Proceedings
- May court expedite the proceedings?
- May court grant TRO or preliminary injunction?
- Will such TRO or injunction interrupt the course of the principal case?
Sec 8 Proceeding for comment is filed
- What may the court do after the comment is filed? (2)
- Grounds for the dismissal of the petition? (3)
Sec 9 Service and Enforcement of order or judgment
- Effect of disobedience of the order or judgement.
Sec 1 Action by Government against individuals
Sec 2 When Solicitor General or public prosecutor must commence action
Sec 3 When Solicitor General or public prosecutor may commence action with permission of
Sec 4 When hearing had on application for permission to commence action.
Sec 5 When an individual may commence such an action
Sec 6 Parties and contents of petition against usurpation
Sec 7 Venue
Sec 8 Period for pleadings and proceedings may be reduced; action given precedence.
Sec 9 Judgment where usurpation found
Sec 10 Rights of persons adjudged entitled to public office
Sec 11 Limitations
Sec 12 Judgment for costs
Rule 67
Rule 68
Rule 69
Rule 70
Rule 71
Rule 72