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Deadwood Phrases

Writing should be concise and succinct. In Elements of Style, writing expert William Strunk
says, A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences,
for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no
unnecessary parts. This requires not that the writer make all his sentences short, or that he avoid
all detail and treat his subjects only in outline, but make every word tell (23). Why use five
words when you can use one or two? The following are phrases that use too many words to
convey an idea. Do you see phrases like these in your own writing that you could whittle down?

a majority ofmost
a sufficient amount ofenough
according to our datawe find
adequate enoughadequate, enough
advanced planningplanning
after the conclusion ofafter
along the lines oflike
appears to beappears
as is the caseas is true
ascertain the location offind
at such time aswhen
at the present timenow
at this point in timenow
basic essentialsbasics, essentials
be deficient inlack
be in a position tocan, be able to
by a factor of twotwo times, double, twice
by mean ofby
close proximityproximity
come to a conclusionconclude
consensus of opinionconsensus
cooperated togethercooperated
definite decisiondecision
despite the fact thatalthough
due to the fact thatbecause
during the time thatwhile
elongate in lengthelongate
equally as wellas well, equally well
fewer in numberfewer
first prioritypriority
for the purpose ofto, for
for the reason thatbecause
for this reasonthus, therefore
future predictionspredictions
general rulerule
give consideration toconsider, examine
give indication ofshow, indicate, suggest
green in colorgreen
happens to beis
has been proven to beis
if conditions are such thatif
in a number ofseveral, many
in all casesalways
in caseif
in close proximity tonear
in excess ofmore than
in large measurelargely
in many casesoften
in most casesusually
in no casenever
in order thatso that
in order toto
in some casessometimes
in terms ofin
in the amount offor
in the case offor
in the event thatif
in the field ofin
in the near futuresoon
in the neighborhood ofnear, about
in the vicinity ofnear
in this casehere
in view of the fact thatbecause, since
is capable ofcan
is found to beis
is in a position tocan
it has been found thatcut
it has long been known thatcut
it iscut
it is a factor thatcut
it is interesting to note thatnote that
it is my opinion thatI think
it is noted thatcut
it is possible thatperhaps
it is well known thatcut
it may be said thatcut
joint cooperationcooperation
make inquiry regardinginquire about
manner in whichhow
most optimumoptimum
necessary requirementrequirement
not withstanding the fact thatalthough
on the basis offrom, because, by
on the order ofabout, approximately
prior tobefore
provided thatif
put and end toend
rate of speedspeed
reach a conclusionconclude
resemble in appearanceresemble
serves the function of beingis
subsequent toafter
the question as towhether
there arecut
there can be little doubt thatprobably
true factsfacts
twelve in numbertwelve
usual rulerule
with reference toabout
with the exception thatexcept that