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Regional Science High School for the National Capital Region



Lara Marinnete G. Landayan
Raye Gerard L. Mediavillo
IV- Nitrogen

Date Submitted: September 25, 2014


Company Name: Adamasters Incorporated (A. Inc.)

Date: September 24,


Proposed Product Name: WiLect (The wireless electronic extension)

Summary of Product Qualities and Specifications
WiLect is basically a wireless extension cord which is composed of two parts (1) is the masters
Bluetooth plug and (2) three twistable chain outlets. The mechanism of the device in shorter
words is the masters plug will send a Bluetooth command to the gears which will activate the heat
sensitive resistor (thermistor). The electricity from the thermistor will be the electricity that the
chain outlets will use to provide for appliances and devices that have medium to low requirements.
The other features of the chain outlets are: one, it is connected to each other by some joint that
allows it to be twisted 360 degrees, making this extension cord snake-like compared to other cords
in the market. It is attachable and detachable accordingly. Two, each outlet contains its own solar
cell that the extension cord would use in harnessing power. The power stored can be magnified by
adding a chain outlet to the given set of chains. Lastly, the chain cell would come in different
colours and patterns, these outlets can be bought separately.
Background of the Product
In partnership with The Hunger Site (Washington), Science Dump and The Society of Filipino
Inventors, we present the WiLect, the first ever wireless extension cord. Its production was
inspired by the goal to make people live innovatively, creatively and imperatively. Needless to
relate to the previous statement, it is known that most of the people around the world are finding
ways to minimize spaces on their homes! Not only has it become an enjoyable hobby but it also is
The Wireless Electricity cord or a.k.a. WiLect is designed to make one feel less clutter underneath
work desks, to make one realize that multitasking is not exactly causing tons of octopus
connections and lastly, it will give you a feeling that you have done something productive!
The idea of a wireless extension cord came from the several technologies that offer wireless
chargers, computer peripherals, and gadget auxiliaries. May our invention be the trailblazer in the
sector of wireless housekeeping!
Market for the Product
The mass production of the beta wireless extension cords made the product available to the
market for all kinds of people but mostly for people whod like to save nature and space by putting
the spaces of the house to great use.
It would most likely be found around appliance or hardware stores. However it is not a remote
possibility that one can find some in a furniture store. Its an asset to a careful home after all!

Akaris extention distributions

Aces generic extension cords
Omnis five socket cord
Mejis mobile extension distributions.
Distribution Details
Through shipping and mass production
References (for the images and/or product specifications used)
The idea of a wireless extension cord came from the several technologies that offer wireless
chargers, computer peripherals, and gadget auxiliaries.