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LIQUIDIY: Infosys id debt free and have ₹30,000 Crores in Liquid Assets which is
sufficient to meet strategic objectives. Liquidity enables them to make rapid shift in
direction, should the market so demand. The internal cash flows have adequately
covered working capital, capital expenditure, investment in subsidiaries etc.
PHYSICAL: The physical infrastructure space is 368.06 lakh sq. ft. which is more than
all the competitors except TCS. The number of marketing offices is 73, whereas TCS
has 81.
TECHNOLOGICAL: Infosys has several patents on its cross platform frameworks and
integrated user interface systems. Infosys is a major player in Banking IT services
(BITS) with its product Finnacle which has a market share of more than 60%. They
are also leading players in Encryption & Securitization of banking data and other
information with their advance python rail platforms and frameworks.
REPUTATIONAL: Infosys has a strong reputation globally being a leading player in IT
Services. Its major customer base is in North America but has projects all over the
ORGANIZATIONAL: It has a two president organizational structure and the existing
business structure has been realigned accordingly to have effective administration.
They have been awarded best corporate governance.
HUMAN: Infosys provides best industry training for IT fresher and producing team

BANKING: Finnacle is the industry leading banking software working on COBOL
framework and has a 60% market share. They also utilize global delivery model to
optimize they work. They are also leading players in Encryption & Securitization of
banking data and other information.

Since these contracts are highly profitable and tend to run for long periods of time. highly skilled competitive advantage. This means that it has the capital to expand. Infosys is in a strong financial position. This means not only that Infosys is becoming a global brand but also that it has the capability to support the global operations of multinational clients. has low labor costs. and has particular problems in securing United States Federal Government contracts in North America. The workforce has relatively high skills levels in Information Technology. underpinned by India’s colonial past. Infosys is missing out on lucrative business. Infosys on occasion struggles in the US markets. Complete banking integration Attrition and employee loyalty. Couple these two elements together and you have an operational basis that offers low-cost based. The company has bases in 44 global development centers. although the company has offices in many developed and developing nations.RELATIVE STRENGTH Banking IT services Encryption and Securitization activities Platform and framework developments R & D capabilities Client handling capabilities Global reach for IT solutions. most of which are located in India. despite weak economic indicators such as relatively high rates of inflation. The Indian economy. Depth into Indian market STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE Since the company is based in India its competitive advantage is enhanced. Trained Indian personnel often speak very good English and are sensitive to Western culture. Added to this is the fact that its competitors do well in terms of securing the same Federal business (and one should also take into account that many of its competitors are domiciled in the US and there could be . and also the basis to leverage potential investors. The business turned over more than $4 billion in 2008.

Currently the industry does not have efficient Banking Systems on COBOL framework which can integrate into other frameworks. Europe and Emerging Asian Companies for long term relationship and at lower cost. Infosys should forward integrate into banking IT for example introducing next generation smart cards. It also has patented UI meeting industry requirements. Its works on COBOL framework and most banks are still running COBOL system being light and fast. . The attrition and employee loyalty is low which is a serious concern and employee retention program must be implemented by HR departments. This gives Finnacle sustainable advantage. GAPS: Infosys has only tapped American market and has less efficient in being global. CORE COMPETENCY: BITS Finnacle is the most widely used banking IT software.political pressure on the US Government to award contracts to domestic organizations). It can search for IT experts in Australia. It should also penetrate more into Indian market as other giant players are coming in. There are other platforms and framework as well into which Finnacle can integrate.