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Mark Maggard Application to teach English in South Korea

Submitted to ASK Now Inc. for placement

25831 Marshbrook Ln. Spring, TX 77389


Objective To teach English as a second language in South Korea, while learning more about the
Korean culture.
Summary • I have worked as a manager for my entire professional career, which entails coordinating the
efforts of many people in order to reach a desired goal.
• Being in the construction field with the country of Mexico so close by, I have experience
working with people who do not speak English, and some who know very little English, so I
know what it is like to communicate patiently with people using tone of voice, facial
expressions, and body language.
• I am at an age where I am still young enough to connect with kids, while at the same time old
and mature enough to work through any situation in a calm and professional manner.

Education B. S., Engineering Technology (Construction Specialization) 2000

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
Career History & Accomplishments
Project Manager, Rohe &Wright Builders. 8/2007-
• Managed the construction of custom homes, organizing the efforts of all parties 11/2008
to successful completion
• Created schedules and maintained them as they progressed forward

• Checked and approved payroll for all vendors and subcontractors

• Worked with corporate office to keep them updated on all job costs

• Took over four projects already underway and completed all of them on time
and under budget, while ensuring customer satisfaction

Project Builder, Jauregui Architect-Builder 10/2005-

• Scheduled and supervised subcontractors’ work to construct custom homes 8/2007
• Qualified bids and hired subcontractors and vendors

• Teamed with in-office manager to handle material take-offs and orders

• Worked with client to organize warranty work on completed homes

• Completed weekly progress reports for out-of-town boss

Superintendent, Black Diamond Builders 3/2003-

• Scheduled and oversaw daily construction tasks for new custom homes 10/2005
• Handled day to day builder-client relations

• Managed warranty work on finished homes

Superintendent and Customer Service Representative, 5/2000-
Emerald Homes 8/2001
• Managed construction of new homes

• Handled warranty work on completed homes

Personal Interests
• Playing and watching all sports
• Hunting
• Riding motorcycles
• Staying in good physical condition
• Traveling

Writing Section Please answer the following questions.

1. Please explain why you are the right type of person to teach overseas.
I enjoy new adventures and like to help others, whether that involves teaching them something I
know, or helping them perform a physical task. I have often thought about becoming a teacher
because I have always been able to get along well with kids. Eventually, when I get back from
teaching overseas, I will take pleasure in teaching my family and friends what I will have learned
about the Korean culture.
2. Please explain what qualities you think are necessary to be a good teacher.
To me, being a good teacher starts with consistency--in attitude, communication, and discipline.
Providing positive reinforcement will help keep the spirits of the kids high, assuring them that they
are making progress learning English because of the effort they put forth. I also think that a teacher
needs to be energetic and passionate about what they are teaching to keep the kids alert and
3. Please describe how you would deal with a workplace dispute with another co-worker or supervisor.
The first thing I would do is approach that person in a non-confrontational manner and try to work
out the differences peacefully to reach an agreement and make both parties happy. If the problem is
still not solved, I would ask that an unbiased third party listen to both arguments and let them help
decide on the best solution or compromise.
4. Please describe some actions you could take if you began feeling homesick or lonely while in Korea.
If I began to feel homesick in Korea, I would probably call up some other foreigners and go out and
watch a movie in English, or go hiking, or go to a Western restaurant—anything to take my mind off
of the situation and concentrate on things that would make me feel like I’m in my homeland.
5. Do you have any other plans for your time in Korea? (Further study, hobbies to pursue, places to
I’d like to learn to speak Korean, at least enough that I could partially communicate with a native
that speaks the language. I’d also enjoy exploring all of Korea—the mountains, temples, and
different cities—and other nearby countries like Japan and China just to learn about different

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