The; Flying Automobile to Be fAe Carl of the Future

The Firing Motor Car of the Future, as Predicted br Rickenhacker. The Machine Would Be Equipped with ^ Folding Wings for Flight and with Pontoons for Water Travel.
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living: at a distance from a large city, for the traveliDgr salessr-ar., Mho now uses highways to cover his the motor territory. Recent glider trials he! throughout Europe have shown ways of increasing the lifting Bower, while reJ'Jcsng tlie spread of airplane usiEgs. Further. It has been demonstrated that -with properly constructed \vings and properly designed motors it is possible to fly almost any type of faselagc. "The development of automatic safety devices to control ivght will decrease the liability of accidenV says Caps. Esckenbacker. "To-day riving is no more dar.frerous than motoring on the streets nnd highways—sojnetimes I think _it is not as dangerous. However, peop!e have a. fejr of flying: that will ha-vc to be overcome, just "as '.hey had to o\ ercome their of traveling- twenty miles &n hos;r in the horseless carnage of twenty years ago. "Saie in time 01 war, there is 3:0 nee 3 for^tunt Hying- and that is the o->!y really cangerons parr in l:v>.r.g. It is a good b:t hke driving through, heavy tna6ic_at sbrly miles an hour—everv one <Ioes!i"i have the skiil to do it. "Rigid rules will L-e la;U UO-A-S lor fly-

greater degree of safety than BOW is possible oa the streets and highways. "I; would not take a great str tec of i'Ksgiaation to foresee municipalities re?rn!st!.->g the height of buildings to uniformity, the streets to be bridge*!, in crdtr to form one vast landing- field in the center of each cityfor 3\ing ir.achines. Tne landing fields or tops of the buildings coald be connected with the street level by elevators so that a machine alighting could descend to the street and be driven about as an automobile. At the end of the business day it would be driven back tc the elevator and lifted to the roof to take off for the homeward d-ght. "Such a forecast is more than pare fancy. It is founded on present progress ia automobile and airplane design.''


TTK flying automobile will be Use car Here Is of the near future, according to a Model Captain E. V. Rickenbacker, Uncle Sam's famous ace of the world war. This of the Flying new model of motor car, it is predicted, Automobile •will be made v.-ith folding wings, so that Roadster, •when on a straight stretch, of road they can be spread and the machine will take Built by to th* sir. The present-day tendency to Allen H. Russell, lighten the construction of automobiles through the extensive use of aluminum of Xntfey, N". Jalloys, without sacrificing the safecy factor, and the great progress made in airplane construction as the result of recent collapsed, experiments with motorless gliders, as weE automobile as motor gliders, are the two factors that •which •will make this possible. convex AUI.C. .. Imagine the convenience of being able This combination automobile-airplane, as Captain Rickenbacker describes it in to drive around in the city, as is done Popular Science Monthly, will have a body nowadavs, and, then when you start for ' shaped similar to rhe present hydroplane some other town and get on a straight hull, making it both, a. water and .land of _vrav or eT>ter a nearbv _pasture,.toA-.1*— un. f—_ _ _* _ .-. " » » 1 machine. The wheels will protrude suffi- fold tie wings on the machine and take eiently to permit the machine to be driven to the air! It wi'I mean quicker transon the highwav after the wings have been noT-tatioi for the suburbanite, for people " *' ' JLVJLU.lJ.lg

HEN an infant sucks milk through the nipple of a >ni!k bottle, air must cater the bottle, iroi»! somewhere, to take the place of ti.e milk—or the milk can't lca-.e. In the conventional nipple, this air has to leak >:! j'.rough th« same hole that the nnik comes out of- Two-way traffic on a single-track road is HO mere impracticable tl>an this. To overcome this, a new type of milk bottle has been designed. At the lower <*ru the bottle is pierced with a large hole: and around this hole is placed a circular shoulder of glass. Then it is ?impie to tarn a regular nipple inside out and hang it over this shoulder, so that i; projects within the.bottle. The hole 11 this nipple is smaller, even, than that through v/hich the baby is accustomed to get his milk; and the exposed inside of the nipple is filled witk clean cotton. The net result is that no miik leaks out, but with every pull that baby gives on ti>e regular nipple, air leaks in. The cdvanteges are not -restricted to the smooth, regular feeding which the_ bottle is primarily aimed to provide, but include


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A "Horseback" Ridinff Device S^l^mi^Sc^i,^^ T
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-— , • .. y the position of the nipple with ens from the present-flay a* r car. body will reference to the milk when the bottle is cept in its decreased sue. to reduce t'pped 'f you don't believe it. The inbe" narrower and shorter. a weight, and wili_ be or a modified streairi- vcutor believes that, even if the cotton linet. ... . design. IS. .! lighter and smaller, but with, aooutj.b<. same horsepower as is used 10-0*-. through, the use of the sec "The wings will fold b

Smoke Bombs for

T is aften said that horseback riding is one o£ the best exercises in the world. Xot... everybody, however,. owns , - , - , *. horse, or would dare to ride one in these days of multitudinous .motors. Hence the usefulness of a contrivance developed by John J. Cooper, of Stamford, Conn.," which, the inventor claims, gives &Ji equivalent benefit by "inducing muscular action, of the abdomen, legs,


J-Tt/T A\^V, *he \.tj.i off ,I..;*- ground st a moderate ^ vi* hc ^-—- — — im; „ • "take-ofT speed. The twenty-nve-ioo,. mediate arrangement of a pair of coiled soari that it is possible to ouild on t-e springs for resilience. _ present-day motor car—twelve and one^^ZTi"^J^fjS of the «a!f foot v.ings on each sieie—wiii ce % 3Z bicvcle frame, and the resilience the lighter ana more spring^ the rider gets many simultaneous efficfentlv built irachine. of 1940muscular movements, every one of which "Consider what such a roacnine wih has a meaning of its own for heahhful n who vorks '-" tne ciu". exercise and the reduction of supemuous :\eral miles fartlitr a^ay He adipose tissue>f the city anc spend less The inventor lays special smri Troll- T\Or-v- J--V jlVa

HE idea—its origin attributed to the cuttlefish—of creating an obscurity in which to hide has been, for maritime use, greatly developed since the war. One method, with which Uncle Sam's ravy has recently been experimenting, is to drop from a living airplane a cor.tinuoxis series of small phosphorous bombs. The latter, being: made of wood, float, and. on the surface of the sea. form s. long line, a distance of only a few yards separating each bomb from the nest one. The bombs, their fuses set off automat-