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Plum Blossom Divination

Mei Hua Xin Yi Yi Divination with the Mind Inspired by the Plum Blossom is an important
method of using the Yijing. The method was invented by Shao Yong (1011 1077 C.E.) It uses
the 64 hexagrams of the Yijing but the ways introduced to obtain the hexagrams are simple and
fascinating. No yarrow stalks or coins are needed. In fact, there are different ways to obtain the
hexagrams. An example is to transfer the observed objects that inspire the diviner into numbers.
Then use these numbers to get the hexagram with the changing line. The result can be
interpreted through the interaction of the five elements. Sometimes the hexagram text and line
text are also used.
Shao Yongs stories are fascinating by themselves. Here is the most famous one:
Shao Yong did not want a political career and studied the Yijing diligently day and night at home.
Sometimes when he discovered something, he would write it down and post it on the wall. He
then gazed at his discoveries on the walls forgetting everything else. Unfortunately, he could not
get any breakthrough. One day, he was about to get something while gazing on the wall.
Suddenly a rat ran out and squeaked at him. Shao Yong was annoyed by the rat as it disturbed
his train of thought. He picked up his porcelain pillow and threw it on the rat. It did not hit the rat
who stood up on its hind legs as if it was laughing at him. The pillow was broken and Shao went
to pick up the pieces. To his surprise, he found a piece of paper on the floor.


On the piece of paper was written In Xu year 11 month 25 day at Si hour, this pillow will be
broken because of a rat.
It was exactly the day and hour as stated. Shao Yong was stunned. He then firmly believed that
there was a number related to each happening in the world.
He went to the shop that sold him the pillow and asked for the person who made the pillow. The
young owner of the shop told him that the pillow was made by his father who passed away two
days ago. Shao Yong was very disappointed and was about to leave the shop when the young
man suddenly remembered something. He said his father told him that a scholar would come to
ask about a pillow and that he should give him a book that he wrote. Shao Yong happily received
the book and hurried home.
After a month, Shao Yong went to the shop and told the young owner to dig 3 feet below his bed.
Wow! There was an urn containing a lot of gold nuggets.
It is believed that the book contains a new way of using the Yijing to do divination accurately. In
fact, Shao Yong used the method to help the young man to get what his father left for him.
In this course, I will teach the way of obtaining the hexagram for divination by various methods
based on this book. Through a lot of examples, you will learn how to use your inspiration to
predict the future. The method involved is both logical and systematic.
Course Outline

Xian Tian Method

Hou Tian Method
Body and Application
Waxing and Waning of Gua Qi
Movement and Mobility
Sight, Sound and the Mind
Incoming and Outgoing
Guessing Game

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