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VP of Product Development, Absolute Data Group
14. Marfayley St – Salisbury QLD, 4107
(04) 8848 6754 –


I am a hands on manager with a software engineering background and over 13 years

of experience working in information technology and with the defense and aviation sectors both in
the United States and Australia. I am passionate about my work and pride myself in maintaining
project focus, upholding team morale and combatting scope creep whilst adhering to the strictest of
quality assurance standards. I have a proven track record of bringing commercial products to
market and winning highly contested tender rounds. I bring a unique combination of skills to the
table – a business mindset coupled with a proven track record of project management/product
development, backed with a solid classical computer science education.


Agile Development ISO Quality Control Budget Planning

Project Management Product Development Stakeholder Mediation
Tender Responses Team Leadership Documentation
Software Architecture Application Development OOP Design

Programming Languages Operating Systems
• Microsoft VB.NET/C# • Microsoft Windows (XP, Server, Vista) –
• ASP.NET Advanced Administration including
• Python Internet Information Services.
• Perl • Linux (Redhat, Debian) – System and
• PHP services administration (SendMail,
• Java (J2EE) Apache/PHP, MySQL).
• C/C++ (ANSI and MS Visual Studio)

Programming Technologies Specialized Knowledge

• Visual Studio 2008 • XML Schemas/DTD
• Eclipse IDE (Python/Java/PHP) • XSLT/XPATH
• .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5 • SCORM 2004
• ASP AJAX • S1000D SGML/XML Specification
• Telerik AJAX UI • IETMS (Interactive Electronic Technical
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Absolute Data Group, Spring Hill, QLD 2008 – Present

Vice President of Product Development

Current duties include managing software development efforts, individual programmers and team
projects as well as managing our quality assurance and consulting staff. During my tenure I have
focused on developing new assets for the company. I have brought three additional products to
market over the last year and on two of them I was the lead technical designer/software architect. I
have also designed and programmed a core technology component of our SCORM 2004
conformant LMS product that is being marketed as a stand alone platform for other LMS systems.
In addition to developing ADG proprietary products and technologies, I have managed consulting
products for corporate customers such as General Atomics, Australian Submarine Corporation,
NRMA, Boeing Corporation, Virgin Blue and the Chrysler Corporation.

• Developed new assets for the company.

• Brought three new commecial products to market.
• Managed team of consultants and developers.
• Implemented project management procedures, programming code repository, customer
ticketing interface and quality assurance ticketing system.
• Designed and implemented new technology to form the basis of ongoing development
• Participated in multiple winning tender rounds with Government agencies and private sub
contractors., Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA 2007 – 2008

Project Manager/Contractor

Managed development and launch of interactive comparison shopping website. Developed and
maintained project documentation, interfaced directly with stakeholders and managed remote
development resources.

• Led team to achieve successful launch of website within allocated timeframe and budget.
• Researched hardware specifications and hosting options for project, negotiated hosting
contract with third party hosting company.
• Collected and tracked software documentation from development team.
• Installed and configured the web server for the client’s website.
• Installed and configured the client’s MySQL database for the project, including designing
tables and PL/SQL stored procedures.
• Interfaced with third party business partners on behalf of client in order to gather technical
information necessary for the completion of the project.
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Traxon Europe, Frankfurt Germany 2006 – 2007

Project Manager/Contractor

Managed and led the redesign of the client’s core messaging technology to fit within their current
ITC policy framework. Charged with coordinating the strategic development of the technology
redesign and implementation schedule. Managed comprehensive research and information
gathering strategy prior to the commencement of development cycle.

• Developed proposal and gave presentation on behalf of Traxon’s Chief Architect that
secured budget for project.
• Led discovery process that defined client’s end goals for project.
• Researched code base and existing documentation to define strategy for reverse
engineering missing code assets.
• Implemented bug tracking software and designed a project Wiki to put project
documentation assets on-line and distributable across multiple sites.
• Installed a web based email list server to allow for ongoing searchable and threaded
communication about project across various email reader platforms.
• Implemented CVS source code repository for keeping track of software revisions across
multiple sites.
• Acted as liaison between involved Traxon departments, sub-contracted developers and
third party stakeholders.
• Developed test cases in Python and performed quality assurance on each version of the

Sorata Consulting, Santa Clara California, USA 2004 - 2005

Project Manager

Provided customer support to clients in terms of resolving technical issues with products. Collected
information from clients on how to improve products to meet their needs and directed internal
development team towards this end. Developed project proposals for prospective clients and gave
presentations that secured business contracts for the company.

• Regularly met with stakeholders to discuss feedback from ongoing development processes
and to maintain project focus.
• Frequent business travel to client sites in order to give presentations and collect information
to aid development cycle.
• Primary technical contact for level three escalation support for our clients.
• Used software engineering skills to develop application tools to assist in monitoring client’s
remote systems.
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DANA Software, Santa Clara California, USA 2002 – 2004

Engineering Lead/Project Manager

Senior engineering team lead for the ongoing development of the company’s chief product, led
team of four software engineers in meeting our clients evolving needs. Defined development cycle
and quality assurance methods and ran release engineering efforts. Interfaced directly with clients
as both technical expert on the company’s product as well as technical resource for business
development in regards to developing new projects.

• Designed and developed training software and implemented training procedures to improve
client familiarity with product.
• Created bug tracking database that interfaced with quality assurance software to improve
turn around on client priority bugs.
• Implemented Agile software development methodology and increased accountability for
software assets and respect for project timetables.
• Interfaced directly with clients to run discovery process for determining technical
requirements of proposed projects.
• Led a Six Sigma driven DMAIC effort on behalf of a client, Intel, in order to reduce faults
and defects in their chip mask fabrication process.

M80 Interactive, Los Angeles California, USA 2001 – 2002

UbiSoft, San Francisco California, USA
Contracted Software Engineer/Project Manager

Drove development cycle and led a team of engineers to the successful launch of M80’s
community web portal within established time frame and expenditure guidelines. Refined software
development process by introducing standardized engineering methodologies, bug tracking,
progress reports and asset accountability.

• Designed and implemented content development tools for management of individual

client’s profiles on the web portal.
• Designed administrative interface to web portal to allow customer service engineers to
design custom websites for the company’s clients.
• Co-developed business proposal for managing UbiSoft’s internet publicity campaign for
their entertainment products.
• Gave successful presentation and was instrumental in facilitating business deal between
M80 and UbiSoft.
• Sub-contracted to manage development of IT assets in regards to UbiSoft’s promotional
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MediaTrip, Santa Monica California, USA 1999 – 2001

Vice President of Software Engineering

Worked with CTO to develop strategies for developing the company’s core technology and
business presence. Met with investors and gave technical presentations on company’s patented
technology to spur investment. Gave high level presentations to potential clients to secure
business contracts and assisted in defining goals for development of custom technology to meet
client needs.

• Headed department of twelve engineers that were tasked with developing technology for
our core business as well as contractual obligations from clients.
• Implemented interview and hiring guidelines for engineering and technical support positions
at the company.
• Established policies for management of software assets.
• Implemented standardized software engineering methodologies.
• Met with vendors and researched and reviewed potential hardware and software
acquisitions on behalf of company.
• Established and managed quarterly budget for the engineering department.

EarthLink Networks/Sprint, Pasadena California, USA 1997 – 1999

Senior Software Engineer/Project Lead

Promoted in order to direct the development and implementation of a direct to consumer e-

commerce hosting solution for the nations second largest internet service provider. Presented
detailed project summaries to senior management during development cycle and assisted in
design of final product.

• Designed network architecture to host server farm for the product.

• Designed custom modifications to Apache web server code base to facilitate integration
with e-commerce, page authoring and monitoring tools.
• Met with representatives from Microsoft to gather information about the protocol used by
MS FrontPage to integrate their tool with our product.
• Worked with third party e-commerce vendor to address technical hurdles with system


• Computer Science Major - Michigan State University, East Lansing MI, USA.
• Non-matriculating Information Technology studies – UCLA, Los Angeles CA, USA.
• Business Management – University of Pheonix, Pheonix AZ, USA.