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Stafford, TX 77477
PH: (832) 496-8366

Dedicated Supply Chain and Vendor Management professional specializing in strategic alliances through effective
supplier interaction and favorable contractual agreements. Utilization of industry experience to streamline logistics
cycle from purchase order to end user delivery. Work for an organization that takes pride in its level of internal and
external customer service while effectively managing all supply points. Utilize my Quality, technical, laboratory and
global supply chain experiences to optimize cost to revenue ratios.

GENERAL OVERVIEW & ACHIEVEMENTS _________________________________________________


Fully Bilingual Spoken and Written English, Spanish

Recognized for working with suppliers to develop equipment used in critical testing processes
Acknowledged, by suppliers and peers, as an effective, fair, and technical Supply Chain professional
Negotiated favorable local and national pricing Agreements related to specialty chemical additives
Personal knowledge of prominent chemical manufacturers, distributors & blenders within oil and gas industry
Involved with Supplier rationalization, cost-reduction projects and numerous strategic sourcing endeavors
Creation of all specialty chemical catalogs during implementation of new buying process in North America
Executed QHSE management audits and inspections of supplier manufacturing plants
Fully proficient with the entire Microsoft Office Suite, FORTRAN, SAP R/3, Ariba, Oracle, SWPS
Unaffected by difficult situations requiring long hours and creative thinking
Project Management of several long term fracturing, drilling, and completion endeavors
Provided data published in SPE 103156-PA: Guidelines for shale inhibition during open-hole gravel packing
with water-based fluids.

EDUCATION __________________________________________________________________________
Tulane University
Continuous Education

09/1993 05/1997

Bachelor Science Chemical Engineering

EVA Effective Negotiation
PESA Oil 101
NEXT Flow Assurance

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ________________________________________________________

Schlumberger Sugar Land, TX

12/1999 06/2015 (reduction in force)


M-I SWACO NAM Supply Chain Manager Production Technology

11/2014 06/2015

- Create & implement blending strategy for all proprietary production chemicals
- Reduce commodity chemical pricing by leveraging current supplier base
- Forecasting of chemical demand to avoid supply disruptions and minimize raw material cost
- Evaluate manufacturing cost of proprietary blends as detailed in client bid proposals
- Maintain up-to-date price records for all chemicals within NAM Production Technology Group
09/2013 10/2014

NAM WS Sourcing Lead

- Daily management of low and mid-tier specialty chemical suppliers

- Quarterly business reviews to discuss spend, service, quality, incidents and process improvement
- Control material costs through logistics optimization and sourcing of alternate raw materials
- Ensure field visibility of domestic and international chemical catalogs


PH: (832) 496-8366

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NAM WS Sourcing Manager South Division


06/2011 08/2013

Support oil & gas fracturing operations in Permian Basin and South Texas
Daily supplier interaction to facilitate timely procurement of proprietary and commodity chemicals
Reduce regional spend by qualifying local sources of high-volume chemicals
Auditing of third-party service providers to ensure compliance with Schlumberger safety regulations
09/2009 06/2011

WS Product QA/QC Manager


Execute QHSE management audits and inspections of supplier manufacturing plants

Oversee internal API/ISO analysis & conductivity testing of all proppants pumped in North America
Coordinate API/ISO frac-sand evaluations managed by PropTester and STIM-LAB, Inc.
Compilation and reporting of all data obtained from internal/external frac sand reports
Quarterly review of financial and technical objectives with Well Services Management
Implemented and monitored QUEST training certifications for all OFS Supply Chain personnel
Managed procurement of raw sand samples from prospective suppliers
Evaluated suppliers against API/ISO requirements and guided corrective action path forward
07/2006 08/2009

NAM WS Chemical Supply Chain Coordinator


Day-to-day management of leveraged and one-stop suppliers with annual spends less than $5M
Created specialty chemical catalogs for implementation of new buying process in North America
Initiate internal coding requests for new chemicals purchased and sold worldwide
Resolve invoicing issues involving foreign and domestic chemical suppliers
Inventory and distribution management of all imported and locally stored specialty chemicals
Business reviews with suppliers in order to improve service quality and product innovation
Establish alliances with raw material sources in order to reduce landed wellsite cost
Monthly reports of cost savings achieved through negotiations with various strategic suppliers
12/1999 06/2006

Research Associate

Conduct core-flow return permeability experiments as part of long-term R&D projects

Rheology testing of aqueous, oil-based fluid systems and emulsions
Periodic QA/QC testing of experimental equipment in accordance with ISO 9001 standards
Assist in design and development of drilling and completion fluids
Supply test data and reports to engineers as part of product development process
Monitor waste, chemical inventory and documentation for lab audits
Design and construct project flow loops using instrumentation fittings, pressure regulators, valves
and low/high output metering pumps

Fina Oil and Chemical Company

05/1998 09/1998


Lab Chemist

Research/Development position involving operation of diesel and gas oil hydrotreater units
Prepare hydrotreating reactors used in small-scale flow cycles designed to analyze refining process
Determine reaction kinetics based on percent desulfurization, metal and concarbon removal
Evaluate catalyst effectiveness at various conditions by quality control testing
Maintain lab documentation, records & procedures in line with OSHA and ISO 9000 requirements

References available upon request


PH: (832) 496-8366

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