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Hazrat Anas reported that Rasoolullah said: "Sufficient for you from among the women of

the world are Mariam the daughter of Imran, Khadijah the daughter of Khuwailid, Faatima the
daughter of Muhammad and Aasiyah the wife of Fir'awn. [Tirmizi]

A Glimpse Into
The Lives & Piety
of Heavenly
Through the Blessings of
Ghaus ul Waqt Huzoor Mufti e Azam Hind
By A Humble Servant of Allah
Muhammad Afthab Cassim Al Qaadiri
Razvi Noori

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I dedicate this humble effort to
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Khadijatul Kubra
Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna
Aisha Siddiqa
& to All
The Azwaaj e Mutahhiraat

& To
Khatoon e Jannat Sayyidatuna
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The Beloved Mother of Huzoor Ghauth e Azam

To All the Beloved Mothers, Wives,
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A Gift of Love
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My Respected & Beloved Mother

Allah Bless her with good health and long life,
For her love and nurturing Duas

My Dear & Beloved Wife

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strengthen her in her love for the Mashaikh

My Beloved & Dear Daughter

Allah bless her with strong Imaan, Wisdom, Piety and
Enthusiasm for the Sake of Deen e Islam

& My Dear Sister

Allah bless her and her family with strong Imaan
And Barkat in their lives

Sag e Mufti e Azam

Muhammad Afthab Cassim
Qaadiri Razvi Noori

Compilers Note
All Praise is due to Almighty Allah, Durood and Salaams upon the Beloved
Rasool and upon his noble family and illustrious companions, and upon
all the Ulama e Haq Ahle Sunnat wa Jamaat and upon all the believing men
and believing women.
A few weeks ago I was reading the renowned Hilyatul Awliyah by Imam Abu
Nuaim and I came across a chapter in which he discusses some of those
blessed women, who were blessed with being from the amongst the Sahaba
of Rasoolullah . I then decided to compile a booklet of 50 or 60 pages,
briefly discussing some of the blessed women whom Imam Abu Nuaim
discussed, but later I found myself going through other Kitaabs to find more
information on these blessed women. I have also taken benefit from
Zurqani Shareef, Madaarij un Nabuiwat, Jannati Zewar and other treaties on
this topic.
Hence, with the exception of the blessed women quoted by him in his
Hilyatul Awliyah, I added discussions on Sayyidatuna Aamina
and few more Sahabiyaat, including at the end some blessed women who
were from amongst the Awliyah. This booklet finally became a 224 page
book which briefly discusses sixty eight blessed women of Islam. I have
named this book, A Glimpse into Lives & Piety of Heavenly Women.
I pray in the Divine Court of Allah, through the Wasila of Nabi Kareem
and through the blessing of all the Blessed women of Islam, that this book
serves as a means of inspiration to our mothers and sisters, and increases
them in piety and goodness. Aameen. Special Thanks to Brother Rukhsar
Hussain and my daughter Aaliyah for assisting with proofreading.
Sag e Mufti e Azam
Muhammad Afthab Cassim Qaadiri Razvi Noori

1. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aamina
2. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Khadija Al Kubra
3. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Saudah
4. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Aisha
5. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Hafsah
6. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Umme Salama
7. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Umme Habeeba
8. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Zainab Bint Jahash
9. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Zainab Bint Khuzaima
10. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Maymuna
11. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Juwayriah
12. Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Safiyah
13. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zainab Bint Rasoolullah
14. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ruqayya Bint Rasoolullah
15 Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Kulthum Bint Rasoolullah
16. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima Zahra Bint Rasoolullah
17. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Safiyah Bint Abdul Mutallib
18. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Abi Bakr
19. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Rumaysah Umm e Sulaym
20. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Haraam bint Milhaan
21. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Waraqah Ansaariya
22. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Saleet Ansaariya
23. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khawla bint Qays
24. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Amaarah
25. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Shurayk Asadiya
26. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Ayman
27. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Yusayrah
28. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zainab Thaqafiyah
29. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Maariyah
30. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umayrah bint Masud


31. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Sawdah

32. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ansaariya
33. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Sawdah
34. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Bujayd Umme Habeeba
35. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Fardah
36. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Ishaq
37. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Umays
38. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Yazid
39. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Haani
40. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Salama Bint Qays
41. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Umarah
42. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Sumayyah
43. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Lubaynah
44. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Nahdiyah
45. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Ubays
46. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zinnirah
47. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Halimah Sadiyah
48. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima bint Khattab
49. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ummul Fadhl
50. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Rubai Bint Muawwiz
51. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Rumaan
52. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Atiyyah
53. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Haala Bint Khuwailid
54. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Khaalid
55. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Kulthum Bint Uqba
56. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Shifa Bint Abdullah
57. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Darda
58. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Rubai Bint Nadhr
59. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Saaib
60. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Kabsha Ansaariya
61. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khansa
62. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Muazah Adawiyyah


63. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Zaahida

64. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Rabia Basriyah
65. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima Nishapuriya
66. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aamina Ramaliyyah
67. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Maymuna Sawdah
68. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ummul Khayr Faatima


The Blessed
Mother of


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Bibi Aamina is the Beloved and Noble

mother of the Beloved Rasool . Sayyiduna Aamina was blessed
with the most exalted status and honour of carrying in her womb
the beloved Rasool . She carried in her blessed womb, the Noor
which came in the form of the best of mankind. The Noor of the
Nabi Kareem was placed in the forehead of Hazrat Adam
then travelled through generations of pure bodies until it reached
Hazrat Ibrahim
and Hazrat Ismail
. This Noor then travelled
till it reached Hazrat Abdullah and then it entered the blessed
womb of Bibi Aamina .
The distance between the period before Rasoolullah was sent
towards us, and the era after Hazrat Esa was raised into the skies,
is an era of approximately five hundred and fifty (550) years. This
era is known as the Era of Ignorance, during which every type of
evil and wrongdoings had reached a peak. In every nook and corner
the praises of those who quenched the thirst of the people with
intoxicants was rife. People had forgotten their True Creator and
began worshipping idols that they had made with their own hands,
and considered this as their primary obligation. This became their
identity and way to prostrate before their idols and a means for
them asking for assistance in attaining their needs. Fraudulent
behavior, adultery and fornication, banditry, causing pain and
torment to others, consuming alcohol, slave trade, vile behavior,
gambling, rape, killing ones daughters, dishonesty, disloyalty and
unjust behavior etc. had become common practices (and widely

Mankind was suffocating within this dark cloud of infidelity and

polytheism (kufr and shirk). All sinful acts were regarded as
praiseworthy and were acceptable within the community. The
people were now in need of such a Spiritual Curer, who would
cleanse the sins of their souls with the drink of the Oneness of Allah,
causing the hearts and souls to become luminous. There was the
need for such a blessed personality who would remove the filth from
the minds of the people, allowing the flame of brotherhood, love,
peace and harmony to become radiant within them. There was the
need for a Great Guide who would guide them and show them the
true status and excellence that has been bestowed upon mankind, by
teaching them and directing them towards lowering their heads
before One Allah. There was a need for a Mediator, who would guide
them towards the truth. There remained those prophesies of
Prophets and Messengers who had come in the past, that there shall
come a Prophet after Hazrat Esa
who will be Khaatimul Ambia
(The Seal of Prophets). Thus, every tribe of Arabia waited in
anticipation, waiting to see which Family will be blessed with this
honour. The women would gather together and discuss this topic;
each wishing that she would be blessed with the honour of being the
mother of the Nabi . They discussed with one another about who
the fortunate lady would be in whose care he would grow up.
Hence, many women passed from the world yearning for this honour
and hoping it would be them, but this Light (Noor) had already been
concealed by Almighty Allah in the spine of Hazrat Abdullah, the son
of Hazrat Abdul Mutallib. Hazrat Abdullah passed this Amaanat
(most valuable trust) over to Bibi Aamina and then left on a
business trip to Syria. The Respected husband of Bibi Aamina
was never to return from this trip to Syria. He was to be separated
from her forever in this world. It was during this journey that
Hazrat Abdullah passed from this physical world and travelled
into the hereafter at the age of forty four (44).

Miraculous Events in the Womb

Bibi Aamina says that she did not feel any discomfort during her
pregnancy, for the first six months. She further stated that after the
sixth month, she could feel a special light inside her. She then
dreamt of an Angel, who informed her that she was carrying the
Final Messenger in her womb. The Angel also informed her that
when the Beloved Rasool would be born then a great light will
manifest itself, which would allow her to clearly see the huge
buildings of Syria and Basra. Bibi Aamina says,
When Beloved Rasool entered my womb, my first month was
Rajab. In this month, I saw a very bright and fragrant person in my
dream. I asked who he was and he said that he was Hazrat Adam
I then asked his reason for coming and he said, I have come to give
you glad-tidings that the Master of the Worlds is in your womb. In
the same way, in the second month I saw Hazrat Sheeth
, in the
third month Hazrat Idrees
, in the fourth month, Hazrat Nuh
in the fifth month, Hazrat Hud
, in the sixth month Hazrat
, In the seventh month, Hazrat Ismaeel
, in the eight
month, Hazrat Moosa
and in the ninth month, Hazrat Esa
and each one of them gave me glad tidings. [Raudat un Naeem]
The Most Blessed Birth in the Universe
The Most beloved Rasool and the Leader of the Universe was
born on Monday the 12th Rabi ul Awwal, 53 years before Hijrat
coinciding, 20 April 571 at the time of Subho Saadiq. Thus, it has
been the manner of the people of Makkah, that on the 12th they
would go to the blessed home of Rasoolullah to make Ziyaarah
and commemorate the blessed birth of Rasoolullah (Meelad
Shareef). [Madaarij un Nabuiwat].

Al Kubra


Sayyidatuna Khadija is the first wife of the Beloved Rasool

, whom Nabi Kareem loved dearly. She was a very respectable
and noble woman from the Quraish tribe. Her fathers name was
Khuwailid bin Asad and her mothers name was Umme Faatima bint
Zaaidah. The entire Makkah referred to her as Taahira due to her
chastity and dignity. She saw the beautiful character, and his
beauty and splendour, therefore, personally wished to marry
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She truly loved and honoured the
Beloved Rasool . For as long as she was alive in this world, the
Beloved Rasool did not marry anyone else. She was blessed with
serving Sayyiduna Rasoolullah for twenty five years. After her
passing away, Nabi Kareem would often say to Sayyidatuna Aisha
I have never had another wife better than Khadija .
When everybody made kufr towards me, she brought Imaan on me,
and when all others rejected me, she confirmed me. When none was
prepared to give anything to me, then at that time Khadija
gave me all her wealth and belongings, and it is from her womb that
Almighty Allah blessed me with children. [Zurqani]
Sayyidatuna Khadija 6 was a very respectable and revered
woman in Arabia. She was widowed and she was in search of
someone trustworthy to take her merchandise to Syria. Her
attention fell upon Sayyiduna Rasoolullah and she offered him to
take her merchandise to Syria. It was due to his trustworthiness,
she offered him two times the amount that she paid others to make
this business trip. She also sent her servant, Maysarah, with the
Beloved Rasool . When they reached Syria, they stopped close to
the Monastery of a monk called Nastura. Nastura had known
Maysarah for a very long time. He went up to Maysarah and asked
about the person sitting under the tree. Maysarah informed him
that the Rasool was from the Banu Hashim family and he lived in

Makkah. He also told Nastura that the Prophets name was

Muhammad and that he was also known as Al Ameen. On
hearing this, Nastura said, With the exception of Prophets, no other
person has rested under this tree before. It is for this reason, that I
have full faith, that this is the Final Messenger . I am seeing in
him all the signs of the Final Messenger that have been foretold in
the Taurah and Injeel. O! How I wish I would be alive at the time
when he announces his Prophet-hood. I would have spent all my
moments with him serving him and assisting him. O Maysarah! I
advise you not to leave his side even for one moment. You should
remain close to him and serve him with love and dedication, because
Almighty Allah has blessed him with being the Final Messenger .
The Beloved Rasool sold all the merchandise very quickly and
then returned to Makkah. As they entered Makkah, Sayyidatuna
Khadija 6 was seated in her home awaiting their arrival, when
she noticed two Angels giving shade to the Beloved Rasool . On
seeing this, a deep love for the Prophet entered her heart. After
a few days, she informed Maysarah about this and he informed her
that he had also witnessed the same and many other amazing
occurrences. He also informed her of the meeting with Nastura and
his words of love and affection for the Beloved Rasool . After
hearing this, Sayyidatuna Khadija 6 felt more love and respect
for Rasoolullah and thus decided to send a proposal of marriage.
[Madaarij un Nabuiwat]
The Blessed Nikah
Sayyidatuna Khadija 6 was well respected amongst the
Quraish and was well known for her piety and chastity. She was first
married to Abu Haala bin Zaraara from whom she had two sons; Hind
bin Abu Haala and Haala bin Abu Haala. After he passed away, she

married Ateeq bin Aabid Makhzoomi from whom she had one son
and one daughter; Abdullah bin Ateeq and Hind bint Ateeq. He too
passed away after some time. After his passing away, many wealthy
Arabs desired to marry her, but she rejected all their proposals. She
was now forty years of age and Sayyidatuna Khadija was
now intent on making Nikah to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . Others
sent proposals of marriage to her, but she sent a proposal of
marriage to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She sent this proposal by the
hand of her servant Nafisa Bint Umayya. The famous Imam of
Seerah (History of Prophet ) Muhammad bin Ishaaq writes that
the reason why Sayyidatuna Khadija preferred to marry the Beloved
Rasool was stated in her own words. She said to Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah , I preferred you because of your beautiful character
and high morals. [Zurqani]
The Beloved Rasool presented the proposal before the elders of
his family. They were all very pleased and accepted the proposal.
The Beloved Rasool went to the house of Sayyidatuna Khadija 6
accompanied by Hazrat Hamza, Abu Taalib and other elders of
the family. During the Nikah, Abu Taalib delivered a sermon in
which he said, All Praise is due to Allah, Who created us in the
family of Hazrat Ibrahim
and the descendants of Ismaeel , and
he created us in the families of Muadd and Muzir, and that he has
made us Leaders over people. This is the son of my brother. He is
Muhammad ibn Abdullah. If he has to be compared to any other
youth in this community, you will find him to supersede them in
every way. Yes, he may not be very wealthy, but wealth is
something that increases and diminishes. It is something that
changes and causes change. After Praise, my nephew Muhammad
is that personality with whom I am very close and whom I love
dearly. All of you here are well aware of this. We are performing his

Nikah to Khadija bint Khuwailid and twenty camels from my wealth

are being given as the dowry. His future is going to be very
powerful, splendid and bright. [Zurqani]
At the time of marriage, the age of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah was
twenty five years, two months and ten days, and Sayyidatuna
Khadija was forty, and according to one narration she was forty
one years of age. [Madaarij un Nabuiwat Vol.2]
Her Support to Rasoolullah

The 10th of Ramadaan marks the Wisaal of Sayyidatuna Khadija

. Sayyidatuna Khadija was the one who comforted and
consoled and supported Nabi Kareem when He received the
first Revelation in the Cave of Hira. Nabi Kareem first went to
Sayyidatuna Khadija after this blessed experience. She was also the
first to accept Islam after Nabi Kareem announced his Nabuiwat.
She remained steadfast and gave her full support when faced with
difficulties and at a time when the enemy were attempting to harm
Nabi Kareem and his most dear ones. She feared none but Allah
and she had complete faith in the Beloved Rasool .
Her Merits
It is reported from Sayyidatuna Aisha that Rasoolullah
said, Glad-tidings to Khadija bint Khuwailid on a place in Jannah.
[Muslim Shareef]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Ali said, I heard the Beloved Rasool saying,
Mariam, the daughter of Imran, was the best among the women (of
her era) and Khadija is the best amongst the women (of this nation).

Hazrat Abu Hurairah reported that once Hazrat Jibraeel Ameen

descended towards Rasoolullah and said, O Muhammad !
This is Khadija who is coming to you with a tray of food and drink.
When she comes to you, convey to her Salaam from your Rub, and
from me, and give her glad-tidings that in Jannat, a mansion of
pearls (gemstones) has been built for her, in which there is neither
any noise nor any hardship. [Bukhari]
Her Passing from This World
Sayyidatuna Khadija was the one who always comforted and
supported Nabi Kareem in everything. Her passing saddened
him dearly. Nabi Kareem referred to this year as The Year of
Sadness. Sayyidatuna Khadija passed away in the month of
Ramadaan at the age of sixty five and was laid to rest in the blessed
cemetery of Jannat ul Mualla. The Beloved Rasool personally
entered her grave and laid her to rest in it. [Zurqani vol.1 pg.296]
A Moment to Reflect
After looking at the life of Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Khadija our mothers and sisters should look at her
exemplary character and way of life, and the manner in which she
supported the Beloved Rasool and always did what pleased Allah
and His Rasool . She always put the Deen and the Beloved Rasool
before herself. This is what earned her one of the highest Ranks
amongst the women of the world in the pages of Islamic History, and
this sincerity and dedication earned her an exalted place in Jannat.
Sayyidatuna Khadija taught the women of the world a great
lesson in life, and taught how to be a loving, caring, loyal and pious
wife and mother.



Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Saudah is amongst

the Blessed Wives of the Beloved Rasool and also a Sahabiya.
There are also other Sahabiyaat of Rasoolullah by the same name
as her, whom we will briefly discuss in this book at a later stage.
Her fathers name was Zumah and her mothers name was Shamoos
bint Amr. She was from a very well respected family which belonged
to the Quraish tribe. She initially married her paternal cousin,
Sakraan bin Amr and at the very beginning of the invitation to
Islam, both husband and wife accepted Islam. They were persecuted
and troubled by the Kufaar e Makkah, so they migrated to Abyssinia
(Habsha), and then later returned from Habsha. After some time her
husband passed away.
It was around the same time when Hazrat Khadija had
passed from this world, and Nabi Kareem and after her passing
away, Rasoolullah was very saddened. On seeing this, Hazrat
Khawla bint Hakeem went to the Beloved Rasool and
presented a request. She said, Ya RasoolAllah ! You should make
Nikah to Hazrat Saudah bint Zumah , so that you may have
some company. Hazrat Saudah is a very religiously inclined
and loyal lady, and she is very helpful. Rasoolullah accepted this
sincere request of Hazrat Khawla and Hazrat Khawla
spoke to the father of Hazrat Saudah and made the
necessary arrangements, and thereafter her Nikah was performed
with Rasoolullah .
It must be understood that Hazrat Saudah was blessed with
being in the Nikah of Rasoolullah after Sayyidatuna Khadija
. Therefore, this alone shows her excellence.


She remained thereafter till the end in the Nikah and service of
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She served Nabi Kareem with
complete love, sincerity and devotion.
When Hazrat Saudah noticed the special love that
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah had for Sayyidatuna Aisha , she
gave her turn to Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha . Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Aisha used to say, I have never looked at any
woman and then felt the desire to be like her, except that when I
looked at the beauty and the beautiful character of Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Saudah I would wish that I too could be like
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Saudah was blessed with many beautiful
qualities. She was also known for her kindness and generosity.
Once, during his era of Khilaafat, Hazrat Umar e Faruq sent Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Saudah a huge bag full of dirhams. On seeing
the bag (of money), she said, Amazing! Does someone send dirhams
in a bag which is meant for dates?
On saying this, she invited all the needy and the destitute of Madina
to her home and then distributed all this money amongst them, and
the bag was left completely empty.
Imam Bukhari and Imam Zahabi have mentioned that she passed
from this world in the year 23 Hijri, in Madinatul Munawwarah, the
blessed and radiant city of the Beloved Rasool .
However, Waaqidi and the Author of Akmaal have mentioned that
that she passed away in 54 Hijri, but Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani has
written in Taqreebut Tahdheeb that she passed from this world in
the month of Shawwal in the year 55 Hijri. She is resting in the

blessed and well-known cemetery of Madinatul Munawwarah, i.e. in

Jannat ul Baqi Shareef. [Zurqani]
A Moment to Reflect
My dear mothers and sisters! Look at the piety of Hazrat Saudah
and observe her generosity. Her piety can be understood from
the fact that she gave her day away to Sayyidatuna Aisha
because she felt that this was better for Nabi Kareem based on his
special closeness to Sayyidatuna Aisha . This showed
that she was a selfless person, and did not care about what is best for
her, but she cared about what was best at the time for the Beloved
Rasool . This should be an example to our mothers and sisters
who are in the Nikah of men who have more than one wife.
Her generosity can be understood from the narration about the
dirhams. The money meant nothing to her, and she did not care
about benefitting herself in this world. However, she distributed it
amongst the needy and the destitute, as she knew that in this way
she would attain the Pleasure of Allah and His Beloved Rasool and
this would give her far greater benefit in the hereafter. Nabi Kareem
said, An intelligent person is one who sends forth (into the
hereafter) before they go. Hence, Hazrat Sayyidatuna Saudah
was a truly intelligent as she did that which would benefit her in the
Aakhirat. Let us learn from the life of Sayyidatuna Saudah
so that we too can attain a special closeness in the Court of Allah and
His Beloved Rasool .


Aisha Siddiqa


She is the Beloved Wife of the Beloved Rasool . Hazrat Ummul

Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha is also from amongst
those who showed immense kindness and generosity towards the
Ahle Sufah. She truly and dearly loved and cared for the Beloved
Rasool Sayyiduna Muhammad Mustafa , and is that fortunate one
who saw the Arc Angel, Hazrat Jibraeel .
She was a personality who divorced herself from the materialistic
world and from its worldly pleasures, and after the (apparent)
passing away of her Beloved, The Beloved Rasool she always
teared in his departure.
The Ulama of Tasawwuf have said that to be continuously yearning
to meet Almighty Allah, and to abstain from lamenting at the loss of
materialistic world, is Tasawwuf.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Muslim bin Sabeeh states that whenever Hazrat
Sayyiduna Masrooq would narrate a Hadith which is related to
Hazrat Ummul Momineen Aisha Siddiqa he would say,
This Hadith was reported to me by the beloved of the Beloved of
Allah and the truthful, the daughter of the truthful, whose
innocence has been mentioned in the Holy Quran. [Musnad Imam
Ahmed Ibn Hambal]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Zamaa says, I heard Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Abi
Mulkiyah say, (once) Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Umm e Salama heard Hazrat Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna
Aisha Siddiqa calling out for some help, so she sent her
servant to see what had happened. The female servant went and
then returned to say that Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa had
passed away.

Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Salama said, Allah have Mercy

on her! By Him, in Whose Divine Control is my life! After Hazrat
Abu Bakr Siddique , the father of Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa .
Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa was the most dear to Nabi
Kareem . [Musnad Ali Dawud At Tayalsi]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas states, In Islam (after Hijrat), the very
first one whom the Beloved Rasool loved was Ummul Momineen
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa . [Taarikh Baghdad]
Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha states, Once I
mentioned to the Beloved Rasool , Ya RasoolAllah ! How do
you love me? Rasoolullah said, like the knot on a rope. She
says, after that I would (often) ask, Ya RasoolAllah ! How is the
knot? He would say, It is firmly established as before. [Fawaid
li Tamam Al Raazi]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Areeb bin Humaid states that once a person was
disrespectful with regards to Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa so Hazrat
Sayyiduna Ammaar said, O wretched one! O vulgar man, Be
quiet! You are being disrespectful towards the beloved of Nabi
Kareem . Undoubtedly, she is the beloved wife of Nabi Kareem
even in Jannat. [Tabaqaat e Kubra of Ibn Saad]
The Beloved of the Beloved of Allah
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa mentions that once
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima Zahra mentioned something
about me to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , so Nabi Kareem said, O
my Beloved daughter! She is the beloved of your father . Hazrat
Sayyiduna Ibn Mulaykah states, Once Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn
Abbas requested permission to from Hazrat Sayyidatuna

Aisha Siddiqa so that he may visit her. She said, I have no

need for him to present any clarity about his position.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdur Rahmaan ibn Abi Bakr then said, O my
beloved mother! Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas is amongst
the pious people of your family. He has come to visit you (in your
illness), so Ummul Momineen Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa said,
give him permission to enter.
Thereafter, Hazrat Ibn Abbas entered and said, O Ummul
Momineen ! Glad tidings to you, by Allah! The only delay in
you meeting Hazrat Sayyiduna Rasoolullah and his companions,
is by the separation of the soul from the body. You were the most
beloved to Rasoolullah from all his blessed wives, and Nabi
always loved that which was most pure.
Ummul Momineen Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa said, Is this so?
Hazrat Ibn Abbas said, At Abwa, when your necklace was
lost, Nabi Kareem was occupied in searching for it, due to which
the Sahaba e Kiraam 9 did not even manage to find water
(for Wudu), so Almighty Allah revealed this verse:

< >
So perform Tayammum (dry ablution) with pure sand
[Surah An Nisa, Verse 41]
The concession (privilege) which Almighty Allah gave this Ummah is
because of your Barkat. Also, the rumours that Mustah spread; then
even concerning that, Almighty Allah revealed and clarified your
innocence from the seven skies. There is no Masjid wherein the Zikr

of Allah is made day and night and where the verses revealed in your
excellence, are not recited. (On hearing this) Ummul Momineen
Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa said, O Ibn Abbas ! Let
me stay away from having to present my own innocence and
pureness. By Allah! I prefer this, that I should have been forgotten.
Radiant Drops of Perspiration
Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa states,
Once the Beloved Rasool was sewing his sacred footwear and I
was sorting wool. I saw blessed perspiration dripping from the holy
face of Rasoolullah , which glowed like Noor (light). I was amazed
and astonished by this (beautiful) sight.
Nabi Kareem looked towards me and said, Why are you so
amazed and astonished? I said, Ya Rasoolullah ! I saw beads of
perspiration on you Holy forehead glowing like Noor (Light). If Abu
Kabeer Hazali would have seen this sight, then he would have
known, that the one truly deserving this stanza (of his) is you .
Thereafter, Rasoolullah said, O Aisha! What does Abu Kabeer
Hazali say? She said, He says,


You are pure from every such illness, which causes harm in Haidh
The strain of feeding milk, and the illness of feeding in pregnancy
And when you see the (bright) lines on his face
Like glowing clouds, you will see it shining.


Hazrat Aisha says, (when I read these stanzas), Rasoolullah

kept down whatever was in his blessed hand at that moment, and
he came towards me, and he kissed my forehead and said,
O Aisha ! Allah bless you with a blessed reward. Probably,
you do not become as pleased with me, compared to how pleased I
become with you. [Taarikh Madina]
Sayyiduna Jibraeel

Conveys Salaams

Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Salama reports that Ummul Momineen

Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa said to the Beloved Rasool
, I saw you keep your blessed hand on the neck of the horse as
you spoke to Hazrat Dahiya Kalbi .
The Beloved said, Did you see him? She said, Yes I did. The
Beloved Rasool said, That was Jibraeel Ameen
and he was
conveying Salaam to you.
Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa then said, May there be Salaam and
the Mercy of Allah upon him as well, and may Allah bestow a blessed
reward upon him who met the guest. What a blessed guest and what
a blessed companion.
Her Patience
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa states, After Nabi
except for a few times, I have never eaten a full stomach of food. If I
felt like crying then I would cry. Even before Nabi Kareem passed
from this physical world, his family never ate a full stomach of


Sayyidatuna Aisha says, indeed you will realise that

humility is a great form of Ibaadat.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Qaasim bin Muhammad says, Ummul
Momineen Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa used to keep fast in
abundance, to the extent that she would become weak due to
keeping so many fasts.
Her Generosity
Sayyidatuna Umm e Zurrah used to (often) visit
Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa . She says, Once someone sent
two bags of valuables to Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa . I
assume it was around eighty thousand or one hundred thousand
dirhams. On that day she was fasting.
Sayyidatuna Aisha asked for a huge tray to be brought, and
she placed all the money in it, and she then began distributing it
among the people, until she had not even a single dirham in her
possession by the evening.
That evening, the female servant said, Should I bring the things for
Iftaar? The servant brought dry bread and olive oil, so I said, If you
kept some of the money from that which you distributed today, we
could have bought some meat and, we would have had that for
Ummul Momineen Aisha Siddiqa said, Do not embarrass
me! If you had reminded me, then I would have surely kept some of


Hazrat Sayyiduna Urwah says, I saw Sayyidatuna Aisha

distributing 70 000 (seventy thousand) dirhams, whereas she was at
that time wearing a cloak which had patches sewn onto it.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Hishaam bin Urwah reports from his father that
once Hazrat Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiyah sent (a gift) of 100 000
(one hundred thousand) dirhams to Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa .
I swear by Allah! Even before the sun had set on that day, she
distributed all of it in the way of Allah.
The servant said, how nice it would have been if you bought for us
one dirham of meat from it, so Sayyidatuna Aisha said, If
you would have reminded me before I distributed it, then I would
have kept a little.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Hishaam bin Urwah reports from his father that
once Hazrat Aisha sold her valuables and belongings for one
hundred thousand dirhams, and then distributed all of the money in
the way of Allah.
She then made Iftaar with dry wheat bread, so the servant said, Why
did you not keep some of it, so that we could have bought some
meat, and you and I would have eaten from it? She said, Why did
you not remind me?
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdur Rahmaan bin Qaasim says, Once, Hazrat
Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiyah sent many gifts to Sayyidatuna
Aisha which included clothing, silver and many other
valuables, which was kept in a huge pile outside her room. When she
came out of her room, she looked at all of this and began to weep.


My Beloved Nabi never had such valuables. She then distributed

all of it in the way of Allah, and kept nothing for herself, even
though she had a guest at her home during that time. She kept fasts
in abundance after Nabi Kareem . When the time for Iftaar came,
she made Iftaar with dry bread and olive oil.
A lady said, O Ummul Momineen! Whatever you received was in the
form of a gift. If you had commanded then I would have kept one
dirham from it, so that we could have bought some meat and
partaken in it. She said, Eat this, by Allah I have nothing left over
from that (gift).
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdur Rahmaan bin Qaasim says that Ummul
Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa was once
gifted baskets of grapes. She even distributed all of this. Without
mentioning it to her, the servant kept away one basket.
When night came, the servant brought out the basket of grapes, so
she asked, What is this? She said, O Ummul Momineen! I
kept one basket away so that we may eat from it. She said, Why did
you not take only one bunch? By Allah! I will not eat anything from
The foster brother of Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa , Hazrat
Sayyiduna Abu Saeed states, I went to visit Ummul Momineen
Aisha Siddiqa and I found her sewing a lower garment
(pants) without the leggings. I said, O Ummul Momineen! Did Allah
not give you enough (wealth to fulfil your needs)? She said,
For as long as someone has something which can still be of use, he
should not purchase a new one.


Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Duha reported that whenever Ummul

Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha would recite this
verse of the Quran in Namaaz, after her Tilaawat (i.e. after her
Salaah) she would say, (O Allah!) Do a great favour upon me, and
save me from the hot wind.

So Allah did a great favour upon us, and saved us from the torment
of the Samoom (The hot wind1).
It is reported that whenever Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa
would recite this verse, she would weep so much that her head
covering would become wet (with tears):

* + -
And remain in your homes
Hazrat Sayyiduna Urwah states, I have not seen anyone who had
more knowledge of the Quran, Faraaid, Waajibaat, Halaal, Haraam,
Poetry, the traditions of the Arabs and lineage, compared to
Sayyidatuna Aisha .

1. The hot wind here refers to the torment of hellfire, which is referred to by the name
Samoom (hot wind), because of the manner in which it enters (engulfs) the body. [Tafseer
Khazainul Irfan


Her Expertise in Medicine

It is reported that Hazrat Urwah would say to Ummul Momineen
Sayyidatuna Aisha , O my Beloved mother! I am not
astonished by your judicial excellence, because you are the beloved
wife of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah and the daughter of Hazrat Abu
Bakr Siddique . Also, neither am I amazed by how much
knowledge you have regarding poetry and regarding the traditions
and history of the Arabs, because you are the daughter of Hazrat Abu
Bakr Siddique and he was known to have deep knowledge
concerning all of this, compared to the others.
What really amazes me is your expertise in medicine. How, when
and from where did you acquire this knowledge? She struck
me on my shoulder and said,
O Urwah ! Towards the final years of Nabi Kareem (in this
physical world), he was given poison, so numerous delegations of
(physicians) would come to him (from different places) and give the
treatment. Also, I would treat Nabi Kareem based on the
(medical) advice which they would give. It is for this reason that also
became aware of this science as well. [Sifat us Safwah]
Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa passed from this physical world
into the hereafter to be close to the Beloved Rasool on a Tuesday
night, the 17th of Ramadaan in either 57 Hijri or 57 Hijri. This
Beloved wife of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah and this treasure of
knowledge, wisdom, piety and kindness was laid to rest in the Holy
and Sacred Cemetery of Madinatul Munawwarah, namely Jannat ul
Baqi Shareef.


Her Janaazah Salaah was performed by the Beloved Sahabi of

Rasoolullah Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah . She was laid to
rest at night alongside the other Blessed Wives of the Beloved Rasool
A Moment to Reflect
Dear mothers and sisters! I am sure that after reading about Ummul
Momineen Sayyidatuna Aisha you have realised how
important it is to acquire the knowledge of Deen and how the
acquisition of Deeni Ilm can benefit you and your family. Look at the
manner in which she served Rasoolullah . Look at her generosity
and her love for those who loved Allah and His Beloved Rasool .
Observe and salute the modesty, patience and virtue of Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Aisha . No matter how difficult situations she
would be in, she always stood by the Beloved Rasool . She taught
every wife a great lesson, in understanding the how important it is
to protect the honour and dignity of her husband, and how
important it is to earn the pleasure of your husband. She was an
example of excellence.




Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Hafsah is the

daughter of Hazrat Umar bin Khattab and was blessed with being
in the Nikah of Rasoolullah . She is also amongst the blessed
female companions of Rasoolullah . Her mothers name was
Sayyidatuna Zainab, and she too was Sahabiya.
She was initially in the Nikah of Hazrat Sayyiduna Khunais bin
Huzaafa Sahmi . Both, husband and wife migrated to Madinatul
Munawwarah, but her husband was martyred in the Battle of Uhud,
so the Beloved Rasool made Nikah to her in 3 Hijri. She was a
very courageous and generous lady. She had the character of her
beloved father, when it came to being outspoken and in saying what
was right, and she was very wise and understanding. She would
often be found fasting. She would spend her time reciting the Holy
Quran and in all kinds of Ibaadat. With the exception of this, she
also had immense knowledge of Fiqh and Hadith. [Zurqani]
Her Condition and Divine Revelation
Hazrat Sayyiduna Qays bin Zaid reports that Nabi Kareem once
gave Sayyidatuna Hafsah a single Talaaq, so her paternal
uncle Hazrat Sayyiduna Qudaama bin Mazoon and Hazrat Sayyiduna
Uthman bin Mazoon went to her, so she began to weep and
she said, By Allah! Rasoolullah has not given me Talaaq with a
pleased heart. Just then, Rasoolullah arrived, so she covered
herself with a sheet, so Sayyiduna Rasoolullah said, Hazrat
said to me, that I should take Hafsah back (make Ruju),
because she is punctual in her Salaah and Fasting and that she will
also be my wife in Jannat. [Mustadrak]


Hazrat Sayyiduna Ammaar bin Yaasir mentions that Sayyiduna

Rasoolullah intended to give Talaaq to Hazrat Sayyidatuna Hafsah
so Hazrat Jibraeel
descended in the Court of Rasoolullah
and said, Do not give her the Talaaq, because she is punctual in
Salaah (Namaaz) and Fasting, and she will also be your wife in
Jannah. [Al Mujam Al Kabeer]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Uqba bin Aamir reports that when Huzoor e
Akram gave Sayyidatuna Hafsah one Talaaq, and this news
reached Hazrat Sayyiduna Umar e Faruq , he began to put sand on
his head and said, After this, Almighty Allah will have no concern
for Umar . The following day, Rasoolullah received Revelation
and it was said, Having Mercy on Hazrat Umar , Almighty Allah
commands you to take Hafsah back. [Al Mujam Al Kabeer]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Umar states, Hazrat Umar went to
Hazrat Hafsah and he found her weeping. He said, What has
caused you to weep? (He then on his own said) Probably the
beloved Rasool has given you Talaaq. [Al Mujam Al Kabeer]
Gathering the Holy Quran
Hazrat Sayyiduna Khaarja bin Zaid bin Thaabit reports from his
father that, When Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddique
commanded me to gather the Holy Quran in one place (i.e. in
written form), I would gather it by writing it on pieces of skin
(leather), bones, and on the date branches. When Hazrat Sayyiduna
Abu Bakr Siddique passed from this world, Hazrat Umar e Faruq
had it written by him in the form of a scripture. When Hazrat
Umar e Faruq passed away from this world, then that Sahifa
(Scripture) was in the possession of the wife of Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah , Hazrat Sayyidatuna Hafsah .

Hazrat Sayyiduna Uthman e Ghani then requested to her that she

should pass that Scripture over to him, and he swore an oath that he
would return it, so she handed the Sahifa over to him .
Hazrat Uthman e Ghani compared the copy which he had newly
prepared to the one which she had given him, and then he
returned it her, and she was very pleased on having receiving it.
Hazrat Uthman then commanded people to write copies of the
Sahifa (i.e. to produce written copies of the Quran). When Ummul
Momineen Sayyidatuna Hafsah passed away (this Sahifa was
given to Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umar ) Marwaan (who was the
governor of Madina at that time) sent a message and gave him an
Oath that he should hand it over to him. It was then given to
Marwaan, who erased it. She passed away in the month of Shabaan
in 45 Hijri in Madinatul Munawwarah at the age of 60 or 63. She was
laid to rest in the Jannat ul Baqi, the Holy Cemetery of Madinatul
Munawwarah. [Zurqani]
A Moment to Reflect
When we observe the life of Hazrat Sayyidatuna Hafsah we
realise that she had devoted her life for the sake of Allah and His
Beloved Rasool . She was surely outspoken but we have read that
she always spoke what was right. This is something that is very
important. Our mothers and sisters should inculcate an Islamic
spirit in their homes and always support what is right. They should
teach their children the importance of following what is Haq and
abstaining from Baatil. We should teach our children to stay away
from deviants and corrupt and misguided people. We should strive
to with devotion for the sake of Deen e Mustafa and in this era,
the best way to do this is to remain firm on the Maslak e Aala Hazrat
which is the way of the pious predecessors.

Umme Salama


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Salama was one of the Blessed

wives of Rasoolullah and surely a Sahabiya. Her name was Umme
Salama and she was known by her epithet which was Hind, but she
became better known by her epithet. Her fathers name was either
Huzaifa or Sahl. Her mothers name was Aatika bint Aamir. She was
initially married to Abu Salamah Abdullah bin Asad and both
husband and wife accepted Islam. They first migrated to Habsha and
then returned to Makkah. Then after some time they decided to
migrate to Madina. Abu Salama saddled his camel and got
Sayyidatuna Umme Salama to sit on the camel. She sat on
the camel, carrying her suckling baby in her arms.
All of a sudden, the family of Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Salama
rushed towards them and said, This girl from our family will
not go to Madina. They then forcefully removed her from the
camel. On seeing this, the family of Hazrat Abu Salama said, This
child is from our lineage so we shall never allow this child to remain
in your care. In this way, both his wife and his child were separated
from him. Hazrat Abu Salama did not change his intention, and
leaving his Umme Salama and his baby in the trust of Allah,
he migrated to Madinatul Munawwarah. Hazrat Umme Salama
would weep day and night in the sadness of being separated
from her husband and child. Looking at her condition, her paternal
cousin felt very sad and thus went to Banu Mughira and said, Why
are you keeping this lady away from her husband and child? Do you
not see that she is sitting on a mountain top for a week, weeping in
the separation of her husband and child? Finally, the Banu Mughira
took heed to his words and allowed her to take her child and go to
her husband in Madina. The family of Hazrat Abu Salama also
agreed to hand the baby over to her. Hazrat Umme Salama
then took her child and departed to Madina. When she reached
Taneem, she came across Uthman bin Talha, who was a well-known

person from Makkah. He was known to be a very decent person. He

said, O Umme Salamah ! Where are you off to? She
explained that she was going to Madina to be with her husband. He
said, Is there no one else with you? In much grief, Umme Salama
said, With the exception of my Allah, and this child of mine,
there is no one else with me. On hearing this, Uthman bin Talhas
courtesy could not bear for her to travel alone. He said, I swear by
Allah that my heart does not allow me to let a decent and good
woman like you to travel for such a great distance by yourself. After
saying this, he took hold of the reigns of the camel and went ahead
by foot whilst she rode on the camel. Hazrat Umme Salama
says, By Allah! I had not seen another Arab as decent as Uthman bin
Talha. When we would stop to rest, he would go far away from me
and rest under a tree, whilst I rested on the camel. Then, when it
was time to journey further, he would take the reins of the camel
and then walk ahead. In this manner, he escorted me all the way up
to Quba. He left me there and returned towards Makkah by saying,
Your husband is in this village. Hence, Hazrat Umme Salama
safely reached Madinatul Munawwarah. [Zurqani]
She and her child were finally reunited with her husband in Madina,
and they continued to live in Madina Munawwarah. She had few
more children. Then, during the Battle of Uhud Hazrat Abu Salamah
was severely wounded and hence passed away. Umme Salama
was now widowed and had many little children. Caring for
her little children in a state of poverty became overwhelming. When
the Beloved Rasool saw her condition, Nabi Kareem married
her, and took her children under his care. She thus came to live
with Rasoolullah . Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Salama was
a very intelligent, wise, educated, trustworthy and brave lady. She
was well versed in Fiqh and Hadith. At that time she knew by
memory three hundred and sixty eight (368) Hadith of the Beloved

Rasool . She passed away in Madinatul Munawwarah at the age of

84. There is much difference of opinion concerning the year of her
Wisaal. Some have said, 53 Hijri, some have said 59 Hijri, whilst
others have mentioned 62 Hijri. There is also a view that she passed
away in 63 Hijri. She is resting in Jannat ul Baqi. [Zurqani]
A Moment to Reflect
My dear mothers and sisters! Look at the hardships and the
difficulties Sayyidatuna Umme Salama faced, just because
she had accepted Islam. She was separated from her husband and
her child, but she kept her faith in Allah. When she was left to travel
without any supporter, then because of her modesty and sincerity
Almighty Allah sent a decent man to escort her to Madina. This
should be a lesson to our mothers and sisters who freely mingle with
non-Mahram men. This is totally disallowed in Islam. Also look at
the honour that she received. When there was none to care for her
and her children, she was blessed with entering the Nikah of
Rasoolullah . This also shows how Nabi Kareem felt for those
who had none to take care for them. This will also allow us to
understand that Nabi Kareem did not marry so many times, for
worldly or humanly reason. However, he did so for the sake of
giving support to those who needed such kindness in times of their


Umme Habeeba


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Habeeba is also from amongst

the Blessed wives of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .
She is a Sahabiya of Nabi Kareem . She is the daughter of Hazrat
Abu Sufyan and the sister of Hazrat Ameer Muawiyah . Her
mother was Safiyah bint Aas who is the aunt of Hazrat Sayyiduna
Uthman e Ghani .
She was initially married to Ubaidullah bin Jahash. Both, husband
and wife accepted Islam and then migrated to Abyssinia. When they
reached Abyssinia, Ubaidullah bin Jahash left Islam and became a
Christian, and he spent his time with the Christians consuming
alcohol, and finally died in this state. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme
Habeeba remained steadfast in her Imaan.
When the Beloved Rasool heard about her situation, the gentle
heart of Nabi was very much saddened. In order to give her some
solace, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah sent Hazrat Amr bin Umayya Ad
Damari to Abyssinia, with a letter addressed to Najashi the King of
Abyssinia, and he asked Najashi to be his representative and
perform the Nikah of Umme Habeeba with him .
Najashi sent his female slave with the message to Umme Habeeba
. When Umme Habeeba received this blessed news, in
happiness she removed her jewellery and gifted it to the slave-girl
who brought the message. She then appointed her maternal cousin
Hazrat Khalid bin Saeed as her representative of Nikah and sent
him to Najashi.
Najashi gathered many Muhajireen (immigrants) and then
performed her Nikah to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , and he even paid
the Mahr from his side.

He then with complete honour and dignity sent her back to the
Beloved Rasool in Madina under the care of Hazrat Sharhubeel
bin Hasana .
She reached Madinatul Munawwarah and lived as the blessed wife of
Rasoolullah . With the exception of being very kind, generous,
brave, loyal and trustworthy, she was blessed with very strong
Once, her father Abu Sufyan who was not a Muslim at that time,
came to her home and he sat on the Sacred Bed of Rasoolullah .
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Habeeba did not for moment
think that he was her father, and without any care, she asked him to
get off the Sacred Bed of Rasoolullah .
She said to him, I can never allow for an impure polytheist to sit on
this Sacred Bed of Rasoolullah . Her strength and firmness in
Imaan can be seen from this alone.
She was a truly Religious and chaste lady. She also knew many
Hadith of the Beloved Rasool . She would spend much time in
Ibaadat (worshipping Allah) and she sincerely served the Beloved
Rasool as a loyal wife.
She passed away in Madinatul Munawwarah in 44 Hijri and she is
resting in the Sacred Jannat ul Baqi, alongside the other Blessed
Wives of Rasoolullah . [Madaarij un Nabuiwat]


A Moment to Reflect
SubhaanAllah! My dear mothers and sisters! What a blessed woman
was Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Umme Habeeba . She
migrated from Makkah to Abyssinia for the pleasure of Allah. She
went there and there and was then force to face such a difficult
situation, but she did not let her Imaan shudder at any time.
Imagine her situation! She goes to Abyssinia to be safe from the
Kufaar, and her husband became an apostate. What a difficult
challenge this was for her, but even in such a testing time, she
remained firm in her Imaan. She was left alone without anyone to
help her in a foreign land.
Her firmness and steadfastness earned her such a great blessing that
the Beloved Rasools blessed sight fell upon her and he
commanded for her to be married to him, which she happily
accepted. She was blessed with this excellence due to her true
devotion for Deen and her devout and sincere love for Allah and His
Beloved Rasool . Very unfortunate are those who are not able to
learn piety and goodness from the life of someone like Ummul
Momineen Sayyidatuna Umme Habeeba .


Zainab Bint


Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zainab bint Jahash is

also one of the blessed wives of Rasoolullah and a Sahabiya. She
truly feared Almighty Allah, and was always pleased in whatever is
the pleasure of Allah. She would often be found invoking Almighty
Allah with humility. She invited many towards Deen e Islam.
Sayyidatuna Zainab bin Jahash states, A few men from the
Quraysh sent proposals of marriage to me, so I sent my sister
Hamnah to the Beloved Rasool so that he could give his advice
concerning this.
Nabi Kareem said, What do you think about that person who
teaches the Book of Allah, and the Sunnah of the Nabi ? She said,
Ya RasoolAllah ! Who is he? He said, Zaid bin Haaritha .
She (Sayyidatuna Zainab ) said, On hearing this, Hamnah
was very much saddened and she said, Ya RasoolAllah ! Do you
wish to marry the daughter of your paternal aunt to your free slave?
Then, Hamnah came over and informed me of this, so I was even
more saddened than Hamnah, and I said words which were harsher
than hers; so Almighty Allah revealed this verse,

43 6 <
And no Muslim man or Muslim woman, has any authority (in any of
their affairs) when Allah and His Beloved Rasool have decreed a
command. [Surah Al Ahzaab verse 36]
Sayyidatuna Zainab says that (when this verse was
revealed), I sent a message in the Court of Rasoolullah and stated,
I ask forgiveness from Allah, and I obey the command of Allah and
His Rasool .

Whatever you feel is best, you may command, so Nabi Kareem

had my Nikah done with Zaid bin Haaritha . I used to speak out
with Hazrat Zaid and he complained about me in the Court of
Rasoolullah , so Rasoolullah rebuked me, but still I did not
behave well with him. So, again he complained, and Rasoolullah
said, Let your wife remain with you, and fear Allah. He said, I am
giving her Talaaq.
When my Iddat had passed and I had not even known, then suddenly
Rasoolullah came to visit me, whilst I was in such a condition that
my hair was uncovered. I immediately knew that some heavenly
command had descended. So I said, Ya RasoolAllah ! (Has my
Nikah been done with you) without any witnesses and proposal of
marriage? He said, Allah did (our) Nikah and Hazrat Jibraeel
is the witness. [Al Mujam Al Kabeer]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Esa bin Tahmaan states, I heard Hazrat Anas
saying that Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zainab
used to feel honoured among the Azwaaj e Mutahhiraat of Nabi
and she would say, Allah Almighty did my Nikah in the skies and
Nabi Kareem fed Roti (Bread) and Meat for (our) Walima. [Kanz
ul Ummal]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas bin Malik states, When the Iddat of Hazrat
Zainab bint Jahash had come to an end, Rasoolullah said
to Hazrat Zaid bin Haaritha , Go to Hazrat Zainab bint Jahash
and speak about me. (Hazrat Zaid says) When Rasoolullah
commanded this to me, I felt very bad about this. (Still) I went to
Hazrat Zainab bint Jahash and I stood with my back facing
her house, and I said, O Zainab! Rasoolullah has commanded me
to speak about him before you.

Hazrat Zainab said, I will not make any decision until such
time that I take guidance from my Rub. She then entered her Masjid
e Bayt (i.e. her special place where she performed her Salaah at
home). Thereafter, this verse was revealed,

@ =

= A 6
So when Zaids relationship came to an end with her,
We gave her in your Nikah. [Surah Al Ahzaab, Verse 37]
Hence, Rasoolullah started to visit her without asking
permission. [Sahih Muslim]
Commentating on the above verse of the Holy Quran, Sadrul Afaadil
Allama Naeemuddeen Muradabadi E E explains, After the Iddat
of Hazrat Zainab came to an end, Hazrat Zaid took the
message of proposal of Rasoolullah to Hazrat Zainab and
he lowered his head and passed this message to her with immense
modesty and respect. She said, My opinion or view has no standing
in this regard. I will be pleased with whatever is the Will of my Rub.
After saying this, she directed her attention in Court of Almighty
Allah, and she commenced performing her Namaaz, and this verse
was revealed.
Hazrat Zainab was very pleased with this Nikah and very full
pride. Sayyid e Aalam made grand arrangements for this
Walima. [Khazainul ul Irfaan] [Razvi Noori]


The Excellence of Hazrat Zainab mentioned by

Hazrat Aisha
Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa says, From
amongst the Blessed Wives of Rasoolullah Hazrat Zainab bint
Jahash was my equal (in dignity). Due to her piety, Almighty
Allah kept her Mahfuz (protected from wrongs), and I have never
seen any woman, who was kinder than her, as charitable as her,
more kind to family than her, and who made such effort in every
virtuous deed which was a means of attaining closeness to Allah.
She was blessed with every virtuous quality, except for becoming
angry quickly (i.e. she would easily become upset), but she would
become pleased (and calm) very easily. [Sunan Nasai]
Outspoken and Earnest
Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Maymuna bint Haaritha
states, Once, the Beloved Rasool was distributing some
spoils (of war) among one group of Muhajireen. Someone from
amongst the Azwaaj e Mutahhiraat sent forth a message. At that
moment, only very close relatives were present.
When Rasoolullah had presented gifts to all the Blessed Wives,
Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Zainab bint Jahash said, Ya
RasoolAllah ! Every one of the Azwaaj e Mutahhiraat is able to
see either her brother or father, or some other close relative near
you. So please say something before me, about the One who did my
Nikah with you. Rasoolullah showed (signs of) disapproval.
Hazrat Umar e Faruq then rebuked her, so she said, O
Umar! Do not say anything to me. By Allah! If I were your daughter,
then you would not be pleased with this (i.e. you would not speak

like this), so Rasoolullah said, O Umar! Let her be, because she is
Awwaah. Someone asked, Ya RasoolAllah ! What is meant by
Awwaah? Rasoolullah said, One who is earnest, has fear for
Allah, and humility. He then recited this verse,

Indeed, Ibrahim is surely, very earnest, (very) tolerant.
[Surah Tauba, Verse 114]
Sayyidatuna Zainab, The Generous
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Barrah bin Raafe says, When the time
had come for gifts to be handed over, Hazrat Umar sent gifts to
Hazrat Zainab bint Jahash . Those gifts reached her whilst I
was present with her.
She asked, What is this? It was said, These are those gifts which
Hazrat Umar has sent to you. She said, Allah forgive him! By
Allah! My other sisters are more deserving of these than I am. It
was said, All of this is for you.
She said, SubhaanAllah! Can you place a veil (sheet) between me
and these gifts? Keep it, and place a sheet (covering over) the gifts.
She then said, Take from it, and hand it over to such and such
relative of mine, and go give it to such and such orphans.
Finally, only very little was left beneath the sheet. Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Barrah says, When we picked up the amount
which was left beneath the covering, it was slightly more than 80


Dirham. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zainab

hands and made Dua (by saying),


raised her blessed

O Allah! After this year, I should not receive any gifts from Ameerul
Momineen ever again.
Hence, she was the first to pass away from the Azwaaj e
Mutahhiraat. [Tabaqaat Ibn Saad]
The One with Long Hands
Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa states,
Once the Beloved Rasool said to the Azwaaj e Mutahhiraat, After
me, the first person (amongst you) to pass from this world will be
the one with long hands.
Hence, after the (apparent) passing of Rasoolullah (from this
physical world), when we would meet altogether, we would keep our
hands against the wall and measure our hands. We continued doing
this, until the first to pass away (amongst us) was Sayyidatuna
Zainab , whereas she was shorter in height, and she was not
taller than any one of us.
I then realised that the one with long hands actually meant, one
who gave Sadaqa (charity) in abundance. Ummul Momineen
Sayyidatuna Zainab was also very creative and excellent in
handicraft. She would make things with her own hands, and
whatever she earned from this, she would give as Sadaqa in the way
of Allah.
Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Zainab bint Jahash passed
away in Madinatul Munawwarah in either 20 or 21 Hijri. Hazrat

Sayyiduna Umar e Faruq made announcements in every street

and area, announcing her passing away, and he encouraged all to
attend her Janaazah Salaah. Hazrat Sayyiduna Umar e Faruq
personally performed her Janaazah Salaah, and she was laid to rest
in Jannat ul Baqi. [Madaarij un Nabuiwat]
A Moment to Reflect
My dear mothers and sisters! What an amazing personality was
Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Zainab bint Jahash ! She
strived with such sincerity and dedication for the sake of Allah and
His Rasool . She was outspoken, but at the same time stayed
within the confines of respect.
Look at her kind and generous nature and how she would make
items and then have them sold, but instead of using the money for
herself, she used to spend it for the pleasure of Allah. This also
teaches us that those mothers and sisters who make items in their
homes and have this sold are actually following in the way of Ummul
Momineen Sayyidatuna Zainab . We should however not
make or craft those things which are contrary to the Command of
Allah and His Rasool .
We also learn that from whatever we earn, we should try to spend at
least some of it for the sake of Allah. We also learn not to look down
on those women who make things from home, in order to earn a
living. This was done by many blessed women in Islam. This is
totally permissible as long as done within the confines of the


Zainab Bint


Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Zainab bint Khuzaima is

also one of the Blessed Wives of Rasoolullah . She is also a
She was known to be very generous and kind even as a young girl.
She would go out in search of the needy and destitute, so that she
could feed them. It is for this reason that the people referred to her
as Umm ul Masakeen (i.e. The Mother of the Destitute).
She was initially married to the famous Sahabi e Rasool Hazrat
Abdullah bin Jahash . After Hazrat Abdullah bin Jahash was made
Shaheed (martyred) in the Battle of Uhud, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah
made Nikah to her in the year 2 Hijri, and instead of just being
known as Umm ul Masakeen, she had now become Ummul
She only remained in the Nikah of Rasoolullah for two or three
months and then she passed away. She served Rasoolullah with
immense devotion during the short but blessed time she spent with
Rasoolullah . Nabi Kareem was always pleased with her right
upto the time she passed from this world. Her passing away brought
deep sadness upon the gentle heart of Rasoolullah .
From her mothers side, she was the sister of Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Maymuna . After she passed from this world, Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah made Nikah to her sister Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Maymuna . [Zurqani]




Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Maymuna is one of the

Blessed Wives of The Beloved Rasool , and also a Sahabiya.
Her father was Haarith bin Hazan and her mother was Hind Awf.
Her name was first Barrah, but when she entered into the Nikah of
Rasoolullah Sayyiduna Rasoolullah changed her name to
Maymuna (One with blessings).
Rasoolullah made Nikah to her in & Hijri when returning from
the Umratul Qada. She spent the first night with Rasoolullah at a
place called Sarif. She narrated about seventy six Hadith of
Rasoolullah .
There is much difference about the year in which she passed away.
Some have written 51 Hijri, whilst others have written 61 Hijri. Ibn
Ishaq has written that she passed away in 63 Hijri at a place Sarif.
When her Janaazah was picked up, her maternal nephew Hazrat
Abdullah ibn Abbas said in a loud voice, O people! This is
the Blessed Wife of Rasoolullah so walk very slowly (respectfully)
with her Janaazah, and do not let her blessed body be jolted.
Hazrat Yazid bin Asam says, We buried Sayyidatuna Maymuna
in Sarif, in the very same cabin wherein she spent her first
night after marriage with Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . [Zurqani]




Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Juwayriah is one of the

Blessed Wives of Rasoolullah . She was also a Sahabiya. She is the
daughter of the chief of the Bani Mustaliq tribe, Haarith bin Diraar.
During the Battle of Al Muraysi or Battle of Banu Mustaliq her entire
tribe was captured by the Muslim Army and were all held captive by
the Muslims, but when Sayyiduna Rasoolullah freed and make
Nikah to Hazrat Juwayriah she was overwhelmed with
excitement and happiness. When the news that Rasoolullah had
made Nikah to Hazrat Juwayriah spread amongst the
Muslim Army, then all of them said in one voice, None can be a slave
or handmaid in that family wherein the Nabi has made Nikah.
Hence, all the slaves and handmaids from that family which were in
the homes of Muslims were immediately freed. It is for this reason
that Sayyidatuna Aisha used to say, No Nikah of any
woman in the world proved to be as blessed (beneficial) as that of
Sayyidatuna Juwayriah , because by virtue of this Nikah, the
entire Family of Mustaliq were given freedom.
Hazrat Juwayriah says, Even before Nabi Kareem came
towards our tribe, I once had a dream that a moon had come from
the direction of Madina and had fallen in my lap. I did not mention
this dream to anyone, but when Rasoolullah made Nikah to me, I
realised that this was the interpretation of my dream. Her two
brothers, Hazrat Amr bin Haarith and Hazrat Abdullah bin Haarith
and her one sister Amrah bint Haarith accepted Islam and were
blessed with being amongst the Companions of Rasoolullah .
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Juwayriah was a very blessed and pious
woman. She would spend her time from Fajr right upto Chasht
Salaah in praying her litanies (Wazifas). She passed away in 5 Hijri at
the age of 65 (some say 71). She is resting in Jannat ul Baqi, the Holy
Cemetery of Madina. [Madaarij un Nabuiwat]



Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Safiyah is also one of

the Blessed Wives of Rasool e Kareem and one of the female
companions of Nabi Kareem . She was a very pious and virtuous
woman, and she would often be seen weeping in the fear of Allah.
She was blessed with pure and blessed qualities.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas bin Malik says, Once Ummul Momineen
Sayyidatuna Safiyah got news that Ummul Momineen
Sayyidatuna Hafsah referred to her as the daughter of an
Israeeli, so she began to weep. Just then the Beloved Rasool
arrived and found her weeping, so Rasoolullah said, What
happened? She said, Hazrat Hafsah referred to me as the
daughter of an Israeeli. Rasoolullah said, Indeed you are the
daughter (descendant) of a Nabi (i.e. Hazrat Harun
). Your
paternal uncle (in lineage, Hazrat Musa ) is also a Nabi, and you are
also the daughter of a Nabi, so how can Hafsah show superiority
over you? Rasoolullah then said to Sayyidatuna Hafsah ,
O Hafsah ! Fear Allah (and do not say such words).
[Musnad Imam Ahmed]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Ubaidah reports that once some
people gathered near the room (home) of Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Safiyah Bint Hay and they began making the Zikr of Allah,
and reciting the Holy Quran and performing Sajdah. Thereafter,
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Safiyah called out to them and said, If
this is Sujood and Tilaawat of the Quran, then why there is no
weeping? (i.e. why are you not weeping in the fear of Allah?)
There is a difference of opinion concerning her Wisaal. Some say she
passed away in 50 Hijri whilst others mention 52 Hijri. She was laid
to rest in Jannat ul Baqi.

Zainab Bint


Sayyidatuna Zainab is a Sahabiya and the eldest daughter of

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .
She was born ten years before the Announcement of Nabuiwat, in
Makkah Muazzamah. She accepted Islam in the very beginning, and
after the Battle of Badr, the Beloved Rasool called her away to
Madina. She was persecuted and they caused her many hardships.
When she got onto her camel and was departing Makkah to go to
Madina, the kufaar blocked her way. One kaafir named Habbaar bin
Aswad launched a spear at her which caused her to fall off her camel,
due to which she miscarried her baby. On seeing this, her brother in
law who even though was a non-believer, became furious and he
raised his weapons for battle.
On seeing this Abu Sufyan who was not a Muslim then, came in
between and opened the way, and she journeyed to Madina.
Nabi Kareem was very much hurt by this incident. Hence,
concerning her Rasoolullah said, From amongst my daughters,
she has a very exalted excellence. She had to bear such a huge
calamity, in order to make Hijrat towards me.
Thereafter, her husband Hazrat Abul Aas made Hijrat from
Makkah and also came to Madina, and both began to live together.
They had two children who are known, a son called Ali and a
daughter called Umaama . According to Ibn Asaakir, Hazrat
Ali (son of Sayyidatuna Zainab ) was made Shaheed during
the Battle of Yarmouk.


Sayyiduna Rasoolullah loved Hazrat Umaama dearly.

The King of Abyssinia sent a very expensive fabric and a very
valuable ring as a gift to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , so Nabi Kareem
presented this ring to Hazrat Umaama .
Once a very valuable necklace was presented to Rasoolullah as a
gift and all the Blessed Wives of Rasoolullah assumed that Nabi
Kareem would put it on the neck of Sayyidatuna Aisha ,
but Rasoolullah said, I will put it on the neck of the one who is
the most dear to me in this house, and Rasoolullah then put it on
the neck of Hazrat Umaama .
In 8 Hijri Hazrat Zainab passed away and as a blessing Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah gave his blessed waist-cloth to be used in her Kafan
(shroud). The beloved Rasool personally performed her Janaazah
Salaah and laid her to rest in her grave with his blessed hands. Her
blessed grave is in Jannat ul Baqi in Madina Munawwarah. [Zurqani]
A Moment to Reflect
Dear mothers and sisters! Look at the hardships and the difficulties
the early Muslim women had to face, but even in when faced with
such situations, they remained steadfast and devoted. Look at what
the beloved daughter of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah had to face!
Sayyidatuna Zainab was not just ordinary woman, she was
the daughter of Nabi Kareem . She even miscarried her child
trying to go towards the Beloved Rasool in order to attain the
Pleasure of Allah and His Beloved Rasool . Today, if we face minor
hardships or difficulties, we complain and are sometimes never
satisfied with whatever Allah has blessed us with. Today, we have
the comfort and luxury of our homes, the support of our families,

beautiful cars, good food, safety and security in the care of our
families, and yet we still complain in the Court of Allah, for
hardships we face, which are usually the cause of our own actions
and weaknesses.
Sayyidatuna Zainab knew well that the kufaar e Makkah are
the enemies of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah and thus her enemies.
Also, she knew well that the risk of being attacked was always
imminent, but still, for the pleasure of Allah and His Beloved Rasool
she made the intention of Hijrat. Let us learn from the lives of
such blessed and exalted women, so that our lives too can be filled
with Barkat and goodness.


Ruqayya Bint


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ruqayya

daughter of the Beloved Rasool .

is a Sahabiya and the Beloved

She was born seven years before the Announcement of Nabuiwat in

the Holy city of Makkah. She was initially married to Utbah, the son
of Abu Lahab, but she had not gone to his home as yet, and Surah
Lahab was revealed. Utbah became very angry at this and gave
Hazrat Ruqayya Talaaq. After this, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah
married her to Hazrat Uthman e Ghani . Both Hazrat Uthman
and Sayyidatuna Ruqayya then made Hijrat towards
Habsha (Abyssinia/Ethiopia) and then towards Madinatul
Munawwarah. They were both known as Saahib ul Hijratain (The
ones who made two Hijrats).
During the days of the Battle of Badr, Hazrat Ruqayya
became very ill and Rasoolullah commanded Sayyiduna Uthman
to remain in Madina so that he may care for her, and commanded
him not to partake in the Battle of Badr. On the day that Hazrat Zaid
bin Haaritha brought the news of victory at Badr to Madina, was the
day when Sayyidatuna Ruqayya passed from this world in
Madinatul Munawwarah at the age of twenty. Due to the Battle of
Badr Sayyiduna Rasoolullah was not able to partake in her
Janaazah. Although Hazrat Uthman e Ghani did not partake in the
battle of Badr, Nabi Kareem counted him amongst those who
partook in the Battle of Badr, and blessed him with the spoil of the
Battle equal to all the Mujahideen.
Sayyidatuna Ruqayya was blessed with one son named
Abdullah but he too passed away after his mothers passing, in 4
Hijri. Sayyidatuna Ruqayya is resting in the Sacred Jannat
ul Baqi in Madina Shareef.

Umme Kulthum


Hazrat Umme Kulthum is a Sahabiya and the beloved

daughter of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She too was married to Abu
Lahabs second son Utaybah. When Utaybah heard Surah Lahab, he
became enraged and showed disrespect to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah
by grabbing hold of Rasoolullah and tearing the sacred clothing
of Nabi Kareem . He then gave Talaaq to Sayyidatuna Umme
Kulthum . Rasoolullah was saddened by his behaviour
and in this sadness Nabi Kareem said, Unleash upon him one of
the dogs from Your dogs. It happened such that he was on his way
to Syria and stopped to rest and slept in the middle of the caravan,
and Abu Lahab was keeping guard with the rest of the travel crew,
but suddenly a lion appeared and mauled him and chewed up his
head. After the passing of Sayyidatuna Ruqayya Rasoolullah
gave Hazrat Umme Kulthum in the Nikah of Hazrat Uthman e
Ghani in 3 Hijri. She had no children. She passed from this world
in 9 Hijri. Nabi Kareem performed her Janaazah Salaah and laid
her to rest in Jannat ul Baqi, the sacred cemetery of Madina.
A Moment to Reflect
Dear mothers and sisters! These are the hardships that these women
of Islam had to face. At the same time look at the difficulty that our
Nabi had to face. He was attacked because of his stance for
the Truth. However, we have seen very clearly from this incident
the outcome and the end result of one who disrespects Nabi Kareem
and the power of the Dua of Nabi Kareem . Our Beloved Nabi
made Dua and a lion mauled the man who tore the clothing of
Rasoolullah . He tore the clothes of Allahs Habeeb and the lion by
Allahs Command, tore him apart. Never be with those who
disrespect Nabi Kareem . Stay away from the deviants and those
who keep the company of the deviants. Remain firm on Ahle Sunnat.

The Queen
Of Jannah
Faatima Zahra


Hazrat Sayyiduna Shaykh Hafiz Abu Nuaim Ahmed bin Abdullah

Isfahani 9 states, Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima Zahra is
regarded amongst the most pious and sincere worshippers amongst
the women. She is the most beloved daughter of our Beloved Nabi
After Nabi Kareem (apparently) passed from this physical world,
she was the first to pass away. She lived in the world yet she
divorced herself from the pomp and splendour of this world. She
understood very well the vices and the dangers of this world.
The Ulama of Tasawwuf have said, Tasawwuf means to remain
steadfast on your promises, and to be absorbed in preparing for your
benefits of the Aakhirat (hereafter), is called Tasawwuf.
The Queen of All the Women
Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha states, At the
time of the final illness (in the eyes of the world) of Nabi Kareem ,
all the blessed wives of Rasoolullah were present there, and none
from amongst them was absent, when Hazrat Faatima Zahra
entered, walking in the exact manner as the Beloved Rasool
would walk.
When our Beloved Rasool saw Hazrat Faatima Zahra
said, Welcome to my daughter.


He then got her to sit either to his right or to his left, and then he
whispered something to her and she began to weep. I said to her,
Nabi has chosen you to share his secret with, in the presence of
the Blessed Wives, and even though I too was present, and you are

Then, again Nabi whispered something to her and she began to

smile. I said, I give you and oath by whatever my right is over you,
or whatever right I have over you, that you should share this secret
with me. She said, I will not unveil (share) the secret of Rasoolullah
After Nabi Kareem (apparently) passed from this physical world, I
asked her about it (again), so she said,
Yes! Now I shall tell you, the reason I wept was because Nabi
said to me, Hazrat Jibraeel
recites the Quran to me only once
every year, but this year he recited the Quran to me twice, so I feel
that the time to pass from this world is near. On hearing this I
began to weep. He then said, Continue to fear Allah, and remain
patient. My passing away before you is better for you. He then
further said, O Faatima ! Are you not pleased with this, that
you are the Queen of the women of the world, or the Queen of the
women of this Ummah? She (Sayyidatuna Faatima ) says,
On hearing this, I began to smile.
Faatima is Part of Me
Hazrat Sayyiduna Miswar bin Makhrama says, I heard the
Beloved Nabi saying, Undoubtedly, my daughter Faatima
is a part of me (i.e. my beloved). Whosoever caused her any
distress has caused me distress, and whosoever hurt her, has hurt
me. [Sahih Muslim]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas reports that the
Beloved Rasool said to Hazrat Faatima , You will be the
first to meet with me from my family (after I pass from this world).
[Fadaailus Sahaba of Imam Ahmed bin Hambal]

Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas states that once the Beloved Rasool

asked, In what is the most goodness for a female? The Sahaba e
Kiraam 9 state, We did not know what to reply. So,
Hazrat Ali went to Hazrat Faatima and told her about this,
so she said, Why did you not say to the Rasoolullah that the most
goodness for women, is in her not looking at Ghayr Mahram men
(strange men) and in Ghayr Mahram men (strange men) not looking
at her.
Hazrat Ali then went to the Court of the Beloved Rasool
and mentioned this, so the Beloved Rasool said, Who mentioned
this to you? So Hazrat Ali said, (Hazrat) Faatima did, so
the Beloved Rasool said, Faatima is my beloved. [Al Mawsuah li
Ibn Abid Daniya]
The Family Life of the Queen of Jannat
Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Abad states, Ameerul Momineen Hazrat
Sayyiduna Ali said to me, O Ibn Abad! Should I not inform you
about Faatima and I?
(Then without waiting for his response) Hazrat Ali said, From
amongst the Ahle Bait, the most honoured and respected by
Rasoolullah was my wife Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima .
She would run the mill by herself, until she had blisters in her hands,
and she would personally fill and carry water in the leathern water
pouch, to the extent that she had a mark on her chest.
She would also clean the house by herself, due to which her clothes
would become dusty, and she would also personally light the fire
under the pots (for cooking), due to which her clothes would become

At times, due to having to do all the household chores by herself, she

would have to bear immense hardship. [Musnad Imam Ahmed bin
Blessings of Tasbeeh e Faatima
It is reported from Hazrat Maula Ali that Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Faatima Zahra was expectant. When she would cook Roti
(bread), the edge of the tandoor (stove) would touch her stomach
(causing her discomfort). Hence, she went to the Beloved Rasool
to request for a maid, so the Beloved Rasool said,
I cannot give you a maid, and I cannot leave the Ahle Sufah in this
condition, because their stomachs are shrinking due to hunger.
Should I not give something which is even better (than the maid)?
He then said, When you go onto your bed to rest, recite 33 times
SubhaanAllah, 33 times Alhamdu Lillah, and 34 times Allahu
Akbar. [Kitaab ud Dua li Tabrani]
Hazrat Faatima in the Eyes of Hazrat Aisha
Hazrat Amr bin Dinar states that Ummul Momineen Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa says, Leaving Rasoolullah , I
have never found anyone else to be more honest than Sayyidatuna
Faatima .
Once, there was an issue between Sayyidatuna Faatima and
I, so I said to the beloved Rasool , Ask Hazrat Faatima
(concerning the said issue), because she does not lie. [Musnad Abi


Trials faced by Sayyidatuna Faatima

It is reported from Imran bin Haseen that once Sayyidatuna

Faatima took ill. Nabi Kareem said to me, Will you not
accompany me to visit Faatima ?
I said, Why not (Ya Rasool'Allah ). When we arrived there,
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah said, May I and the one who is with me
enter? She said, You may, but O my Beloved Father
who is it, because by Allah I have only one Jubbah and no other
clothing. Nabi Kareem said, Wear it in this way that the entire
body is covered.
She said, By Allah I have nothing to cover my head. Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah removed his Holy shawl and said, Cover your head
with this shawl. We then entered. Rasoolullah said, O my
beloved daughter! How are you? She said I am in discomfort and
the discomfort is increasing as I have nothing to even eat. He
said, O my beloved daughter! Are you not pleased that you are the
queen of the women? She said, What about Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Maryam bint Imran .
Nabi Kareem said, She is the Queen of the women of her time and
you are the Queen of the women of your time. Nabi Kareem said,
By Allah I have married you to one who is a leader in this world and
in the hereafter. [Taarikh Madina wa Damishq]


The Queen of Jannat Journeys to Jannat

Ummul Momineen Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa says that
Hazrat Faatima passed from this physical world (6 months)
after the passing of Nabi Kareem , and Hazrat Ali laid her to
rest (in her Holy Grave) at night. Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Jafar
states, After the (apparent) passing of Rasoolullah from this
world, I never saw Sayyidatuna Faatima Zahra laughing (i.e.
smiling). Only one day I saw her smile a little. She only remained in
this world six months after Nabi Kareem . [Al Mujam Al Kabeer]
It is reported from Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Muhammad bin
Aqeel that when the time of Hazrat Faatimas passing
away drew near, she asked Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Ali to keep
for her some water for Ghusl (Bath), so he kept the water (which was
requested). She performed Ghusl and then asked for the clothes of
Kafan (shroud). So, thick rough fabric was brought. She
wore this and then applied fragrance. She then said to Hazrat Ali ,
When my soul leaves me, then do not remove my clothing, but I
should be buried with my clothes.
The narrator says, I asked Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Ali , did you
mention this to anyone? He said, Yes! To Katheer bin Abbas, and
he wrote along the sides of the Kafan, Katheer bin Abbas bears
testimony, that there is none worthy of worship except Allah. [Al
Mujam Al Kabeer]
It is reported from Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Jafar that
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima said to Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Asma , O Asma! I am not comfortable with what takes place
with women after (they pass away), for such sheets are place over a
woman that her form is shown. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma

said, O Beloved daughter of Nabi ! Should I not show you that

which I saw in Habsha (Abyssinia/Ethiopia)? So, she asked for some
wet branches and she bent them like a bow (semi-circular) and then
placed a sheet over them (i.e. she made a canopy/covering).
Thereafter, Sayyidatuna Faatima said, This is such a good
and beautiful way, for by way of this, the women are distinguished
from the men. She then said, When I pass away, you and Hazrat Ali
should give me Ghusl, and at that time you not allow anyone to come
near me. Thereafter, when Hazrat Faatima passed away,
Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Asma performed her Ghusl.1 [As
Sunan Al Kubra Li Baihaqi]
A Moment To Reflect
SubhaanAllah! Everything about the life of Sayyidatuna Faatima
Zahra is a Moment to Reflect. Her Imaan, her true, love,
her piety, her modesty, her patience, her efforts, her humility, her
love for Nabi Kareem , and her wonderful nurturing nature, are all
Moments to Reflect. She would not complain about her hardships
and about having to complete all the household chores. Even when
she was referred to as the Queen of Jannat, she was humble and
asked about Hazrat Sayyidatuna Maryam . She was so
modest that she wished to retain her modesty even after passing
away, by finding a way to conceal her form. This should be a lesson
to our Muslim sisters who dress in clothes which show their form
and in which they thing they are appropriately dressed, yet they are
transgressing the commands of Allah and His Rasool .
This honour was unique to Hazrat Ali , but there are also narrations which
mention that Hazrat Ali kept the Ghusl water only. A detailed explanation of the
above is evident from Fatawa Razviyyah Volume 9.


Bint Abdul


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Safiyah is a Sahabiya and the paternal

aunt of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She is also the mother of the
famous Sahabi Hazrat Sayyiduna Zubair bin Al Awaam .
She was noted for her courage and bravery. During the Battle of
Khandaq (Battle of the Trench), all the Sahaba e Kiraam 9
stood in lines in front of the kufaar, whilst the women and children
were kept in an old fortress, when suddenly an unbeliever, sword in
hand, scaled the wall and rushed towards the women.
Sayyidatuna Safiyah saw this and came out of the tent and
grabbed him, then pulled out one of the poles and struck him with
such power that his head split. With sword in hand, he became dizzy
and then fell to the ground dead. She then with his sword
decapitated him and threw his head outside. When all those kufaar
who were standing outside the fort with the intention of attacking
the women saw this, they turned on the heels and fled.
Even during the Battle of Uhud, when all the Muslims were dispersed
and in a state of misperception, she stood her ground alone, and
continued to fire arrows towards the enemy. Rasoolullah was
very impressed with her courageousness and He said to her son
Hazrat Sayyiduna Zubair , Look at the courage of your mother and
my aunt. After observing her gallantry, even the (so-called)
courageous have fled, but she is standing firm, fighting against the
Similarly, in the Battle of Uhud when the Beloved uncle of
Rasoolullah Hazrat Sayyidush Shuhada Sayyiduna Ameer Hamzah
was martyred, and the kufaar had cut his ears and nose and cut
open his abdomen and gorged his eyes, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah
said to Hazrat Zubair , Do not allow my aunt to come near the

body of Hazrat Ameer Hamzah . She will be drowned in sadness

and grief if she sees the blessed body of her brother (in this
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Safiyah rushed towards the body of her brother
Hazrat Sayyiduna Ameer Hamzah , and then she asked the
permission of Rasoolullah to look at her brothers body.
On seeing the blessed body of Hazrat Sayyiduna Ameer Hamzah
she recited, Laa ilaaha illa Anta Subhaanaka Inni Kuntu Minaz
Zaalimeen, and then said, I do not regard this as a very big sacrifice
in the Way of Allah. She then made Dua for his Maghfirat and left.
She passed away in Madinatul Munawwarah at the age of 73, and is
resting the Holy Jannat ul Baqi. [Zurqani]

A Moment to Reflect
My dear mothers and sisters! I am sure that you are amazed by
reading about the bravery and courage of Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Safiyah . This which you have read is actually due to the
strength of Imaan. Her Imaan could not allow her to stand back
whilst the other women of the blessed household and the families of
the companions were about to be attacked. The passion of her
Imaan awakened and brought her to the defence of the women and
children who were being kept in the fortress.
The fact that she participated in many battles of Islam showed that
she was devoted to the protection of Islam. However, our mothers
and sisters should not confuse the issue of these pious women
partaking in Islamic Battles for the defence of Islam, to the modern
day terrorists who indoctrinate the minds of our mothers and sisters

and our youth, by attempting to draw them towards their corrupt

and sinful ways. The ways of these people has nothing to do with
battles and the battle ethics that have been commanded by Deen e
We should protect ourselves and our children from being
indoctrinated by these people, who in the guise of Muslim warriors
are actually the enemies of Islam, which finds its roots in Wahabism,
Deobandism and Salafism.
These people have been taught to damage and desecrate the Tombs
of the Beloved Servants of Allah, and to kill Muslims who do not
follow their way, and to kill non-combatants and innocent women
and children. Therefore, never confuse the true meaning of Jihad
and the true meaning of Defence of Islam with the ways of these


Bint Abi Bakr


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Abi Bakr is also from the

female companions of Nabi Kareem . She was a very blessed
personality and always honest and true in her word. She spent most
of her time in Zikrullah, and she was a person who was very patient
and grateful at all times.
Seeking Protection from Allahs Punishment
The father of Hazrat Sayyiduna Hishaam bin Urwah says, I had
gone to visit Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma and she was
engrossed in Salaah (Namaaz). I heard her recite this blessed verse,

So Allah did a great favour upon us, and saved us from the torment
of the Samoom (The hot wind).
She then began to seek refuge from the Azaab (punishment) of Allah.
I remained standing there and she continued seeking refuge from
Allahs Azaab. When she continued doing this for a very long time, I
left and went to the marketplace (to do chores). When I returned
(after a while), I still found her weeping and seeking refuge from
Allahs punishment. [Musannaf Abi Shaiba]
Zaatun Nitaaqain
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Abi Bakr says that, When
Nabi e Akram intended to make Hijrat (migrate) towards Madina
Munawwarah, I prepared his travel necessities whilst at the home of
Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique . My beloved father said, Find some
rope (string) to tie up the travel goods (luggage) and to tie the
leathern water bottle.

I said, I do not have anything except for my waist band (string).

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique said, Bring that. I split it into two
pieces, and with one I tied the luggage and with the other I tied the
leathern water bottle. It is for this reason that I am well-known as
Zaatun Nitaaqain (i.e. the one with two waist bands). [Musnad
Imam Ahmed]
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Abi Bakr says, When
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah departed for Hijrat with Hazrat Abu Bakr
Siddique , he took with him all of his wealth, which was equal to
around five or six thousand dirhams.
When he left after taking all his money, my grandfather Hazrat
Sayyiduna Abu Quhaafa came to visit us, and at that time he had
lost his vision. He said, By Allah! I assume that Abu Bakr has
deprived you of himself and of his wealth?
I said, No, O dear grandfather! He has left sufficient money behind
for us. I then took some stones and kept them in the opening
(ventilator) where my dear father used to keep his money, and I
covered it with a cloth.
I then held my grandfathers hand and said, Beloved grandfather!
Keep your hand on the wealth and see (i.e. feel it). He kept his hand
on it and said, No problem.
If he has left behind this much for wealth for you, then it is good,
because you will be able to survive with this. She says, By
Allah! My beloved father had not left behind anything for us, but I
made this excuse to give solace to my grandfather.


SubhaanAllah! This was the respect and love which Sayyidatuna

Asma had for her father Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique and
she knew well that his intentions were pure and that it was for the
sake of Islam and for the love of Allah and His Beloved Rasool that
he took his finances with him. She also knew that because he did
this for the pleasure of Allah and His Rasool , Almighty Allah
would not leave her without anything, and she knew that Hazrat Abu
Bakr Siddique did so leaving her in the complete trust of Allah. It
also shows her sincere love for Rasoolullah . [Razvi Noori]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Ishaq reports from Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Asma that, When Rasoolullah and Hazrat Abu Bakr
Siddique departed (for Madina), a group from the Kufaar e
Makkah came to us, and Abu Jahl was also amongst them.
He came and stood in front of the door of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiques
home. I went to him, and he asked, O daughter of Abu Bakr !
Where is your father? I said, By Allah! I do not know where they
are? She says that, the wicked and cruel Abu Jahl struck me with
such force on my face that my earing fell off. They then left. [Kanz
ul Ummal]
Peace in Death
Hazrat Sayyiduna Hishaam bin Urwah reports from his father
that, ten days before the Shahaadat (martyrdom) of Hazrat
Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Zubair (who was the son of Hazrat Asma
), I accompanied him to visit Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Abi
Bakr and in those days she was not well. Hazrat Abdullah
ibn Zubair asked her, How do you feel? She said, I am in
immense discomfort. Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Zubair said,
Indeed there is peace in death. She said, Possibly you are

wishing for my death, so that is why you are saying such, so do not
do that. She then looked towards Hazrat Abdullah ibn Zubair and
laughed (i.e. smiled) by saying, By Allah! I am not wishing for death
until such time, some decision is taken concerning you. In other
words, either if you are martyred, then I will regard you as a means
of reward, or victory is attained, then through you my eyes will
become cool.
You should be careful when properties are presented to you, then
never agree (make any compromise). Let it not be such that you
should accept it in fear of death.
The narrator says that when Hazrat Sayyiduna Zubair said this
(i.e. there is peace in death), he was using it as a metaphor, hinting
about himself, because he knew that he would be martyred, and that
this will cause immense sadness to Hazrat Asma because he
was one hundred years old at that time. [Musannaf Abi Shaiba]
Sayyidatuna Asmas Immense Patience
Hazrat Sayyiduna Ayub Abdullah bin Abi Mulaykah says, I went to
Hazrat Asma after the martyrdom of her son, Hazrat Abdullah ibn
Zubair , so she said, I heard that Abdullah was hanged upside
down on the noose. I wish that death should not come to me until
such time that Abdullah is handed over to me, (and so that) he can
be anointed with fragrance and then buried. Just a short while after
that, a letter came from Abdul Malik that the body of Abdullah bin
Zubair should be handed over to his family. Hence, he was
brought to Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma and was washed and
then anointed in fragrance and buried. Hazrat Sayyiduna Ayub
says, I think Hazrat Asma only lived for three days after Hazrat
Abdullah bin Zubair was buried. [Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaiba]

Hazrat Sayyiduna Qaasim bin Muhammad says, Once Hazrat

Asma bint Abi Bakr arrived with some of her female servants.
She had lost her vision by then. She said, Where is Hajjaaj? We
said that he is not here. She said, Tell him that he should hand over
those bones to us, because Nabi Kareem forbade Muthla (cutting
off the body parts of anyone, i.e. disfiguring someone). We said,
When he comes we will inform him. She said, When he does come
back, also tell him that, I heard Nabi Kareem saying, Indeed in
Bani Thaqeef there will be a big liar and an oppressor. [Al Mujam
Al Kabeer]
A Moment to Reflect
Dear mothers and sisters! True life is that which is spent for the
pleasure of Allah and His Beloved Rasool . Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Asma understood this very well, so lived her live in order to
please Allah and His Beloved Rasool . After looking at the
incidents concerning the life of Hazrat Asma it teaches us to
advice our children righteously and to allow them to do what is
right, and to make them realise that the pomp and splendour of this
world is temporary.
Even though she was beaten for being a Muslim, and had to go
through many hardships, Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma was a pillar of
strength for those around her. Our mothers and sisters should also
become pillars of strength for their husbands and children.


Umme Sulaym


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Rumaysah Umme Sulaym was also from

amongst the female companions of Nabi Kareem . She would
always obey every command of Nabi Kareem with sincerity and
devotion. She also partook in many battles of Islam.
The Ulama of Tasawwuf have said that Tasawwuf is the name given
to abstaining from worldly comfort and desires, and being patient on
difficulties and hardships.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Jabir states that the Beloved Rasool said, I
had seen in a dream that I had entered into Jannah (Paradise), and I
found saw Rumaysah the wife of Hazrat Abu Talha . [Sahih
Incredible Patience
Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas bin Malik reports that the son of Hazrat
Sayyiduna Abu Talha who was born from Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Umme Sulaym became ill, and he passed away in the same
illness, so Hazrat Umme Sulaym covered him with clothes. As
usual, she prepared food for Hazrat Abu Talha at night. He came
home and asked about the child, so she said, He is in a good
condition. Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Talha thanked Allah.
She then presented the meal to him and then beautified herself like
wives do for their husbands, so Hazrat Abu Talha fulfilled his
husbandly rights with her (i.e. he was intimate with her). When
morning came, she said to him, O Abu Talha ! What do you have
to say about the family of such and such person, who borrowed an
item, and then took full benefit from it, and when they are being
asked to return the item, they became displeased?

Hazrat Abu Talha said, The one who borrowed it has not acted
honourably. She then said, Your son was the Amaanat
(entrusted to you) from Allah, and now He has taken him back.
Hazrat Abu Talha glorified Almighty Allah and then proclaimed
4 L ( To Allah we belong, and towards Him is our return).

When Hazrat Abu Talha presented himself at the Court of the

Beloved Rasool then on seeing him Nabi Kareem said, O Abu
Talha ! You have been granted a blessing last night. After this,
Hazrat Abdullah bin Abu Talha was born to Hazrat Rumaysah
Umme Sulaym .

The Dua of Nabi

Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas bin Malik states, Hazrat Umme Sulaym

gave birth to a child who then became ill, and the illness of the
child progressed, until the child passed away. At the time when the
child passed away, Hazrat Abu Talha was in the Holy Presence of
Rasoolullah , and after praying his Maghrib Salaah, he returned
Sayyidatuna Umme Sulaym wrapped the baby in a cloth and
kept the baby in a corner. When he returned Hazrat Abu Talha
went towards the child, but Hazrat Umme Sulaym said, I
give you the oath of my right over you, do not go near the baby,
because ever since he is has become ill, tonight is the first time that
he is better than all the other nights.
She then presented his meal to him, which he ate. She then adorned
herself and came close to him with the intention of intimacy. When
Hazrat Abu Talha fulfilled his husbandly right (of intimacy), his

wife said, What do you have to say about those neighbours who take
something on loan (i.e. lend something) from the neighbour, and
they then feel they have left it with them (as their own property),
and when they do ask for it to be returned, then due to their
attachment to it, can they refuse to return it?
Hazrat Abu Talha said, (If that is the case) then they have acted
wrongfully. His blessed wife said, Indeed Almighty Allah has
entrusted such and such child to you, and now He has taken him
back, and He has more right to do so.
The following morning Hazrat Abu Talha presented himself
before Nabi Kareem and presented the entire incident of the
night before. The Beloved Rasool said, O Allah! Bless them with
Barkat in their previous night. Hence, Hazrat Umme Sulaym was
blessed with Hazrat Abdullah bin Abi Talha . (The narrator
mentions after this, I saw (over time) in the Masjid that he was
blessed with seven sons and all of them were Qaaris of the Quran).
Her Mahr (Dowry)
Hazrat Sayyiduna Nadhr bin Anas reports that Hazrat
Sayyiduna Abu Talha sent a proposal of marriage to Umme
Sulaym and spoke to her about this, so she said, O Abu
Talha! The proposal of people like you cannot be refused, but you
are not (as yet) a Muslim, whereas I am a Muslim, so my Nikah
cannot take place with you.
He asked, What is your Mahr? She said, What can my Mahr be? He
said, Gold and silver. Sayyidatuna Umme Sulaym said, I do
not have any need for gold and silver, I wish for you to accept Islam.
He asked, Who will assist with this?

She said, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . Hazrat Abu Talha went out

in search of Nabi Kareem . At that time, Nabi Kareem was
seated with the Sahaba e Kiraam 9 . As Nabi Kareem
saw him coming, he said, Abu Talha is coming with the glow of
Islam on his forehead. He came before Rasoolullah and
presented the entire discussion of Umme Sulaym so
Rasoolullah then performed his Nikah with that Mahr (i.e.
acceptance of Islam).
Hazrat Sayyiduna Thaabit says, We have never heard of any Mahr
(dowry) more exalted than this. Hazrat Umme Sulaym was
pleased with his acceptance of Islam as her Mahr (dowry) and their
Nikah was performed. Hazrat Umme Sulaym was very beautiful and
also possessed a light yellowness in her eyes. [Sunan e Kubra]
Umme Sulaym on Military Expeditions
It is reported from Hazrat Thaabit that on the day of Ghazwa e
Hunain, Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Sulaym was with Hazrat
Abu Talha , and she had with her a dagger. She was asked, O
Umme Sulaym ! What is this? She said, I brought this with
me so that if any polytheist comes near me, I will tear apart his
stomach with it. Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Talha said to Rasoolullah
, Ya RasoolAllah ! Can you hear what Umme Sulaym is
saying? Rasoolullah said, O Umme Sulaym! Allah has cared for
us sufficiently in the best way.
I feel Sympathy towards Her
Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas reports that with the exception of the
Azwaaj e Mutahhiraat, the only other female whose home Nabi
Kareem visited was that of Sayyidatuna Umme Sulaym .

Nabi was asked about this and he said, Her brother was
martyred whilst with me, hence I feel sympathy towards her. [Sahih
It must also be noted that Umme Sulaym was also the
maternal aunt of Nabi Kareem so he also visited her on this basis.
A Moment To Reflect
You would have noticed that Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Sulaym
was a person who preferred to guide others towards Islam,
rather than accepting materialist wealth.
Sayyidatuna Umme Sulaym taught us what having faith and trust
in Almighty Allah is all about. She displayed this beautiful character
even after the passing away of her son, as she showed full trust in
Almighty Allah.


Umme Haraam
Bint Milhaan


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Haraam bint Milhaan 6 is also a

Sahabiya of Rasoolullah . She was a very blessed and pious lady,
who possessed very great moral character.
She was amongst those who joined the Muslim Navy and was blessed
with Shahaadat. She always desired seeing Jannat.
The Ulama of Tasawwuf have mentioned that to spend for goodness,
and to be selfless, and to attain the opportunity to serve the pious, is
the name of Tasawwuf.
Glad-tidings from Nabi Kareem

Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas bin Maalik reports that whenever Nabi

Kareem would go towards Quba, he would visit the wife of
Sayyiduna Ubadah bin Saamit , Sayyidatuna Umme Haraam bint
Milhaan ( who was also the maternal aunt of Nabi Kareem
and the sister of Sayyidatuna Umme Sulaym either in
blood relation or by way of fosterage) and he would stay at her
Once, when Nabi went to her home, she presented some food to
Nabi Kareem , and then she sat down to massage his blessed
head. Rasoolullah went off to sleep, and then woke up smiling.
She says, I asked, Ya RasoolAllah ! What has caused you to
smile? He said, Some people from my Ummah were presented
before me who were soldiers in the Way of Allah, who will sail by
They appeared to be like Kings or (he said) like Kings sitting on
their thrones. I said, Ya RasoolAllah ! Pray to Allah that He may

include me amongst them as well. Nabi made Dua for me and

then rested for a little while. Again he woke up smiling.
I said, What has caused you to smile? Nabi Kareem said, Some
people from my Ummah were presented before me, they were
soldiers in the way of Allah (and he spoke about them in words he
spoke about the previous soldiers). I said, Pray to Allah that He may
include me among them. He said, You are from among the first
Hence, during the era of Hazrat Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiyah
Sayyidatuna Umme Sulaym joined the Muslim Navy on a
military expedition by sea. When she returned, then when
mounting her conveyance, she fell there and passed away. [Sahih
Hazrat Sayyiduna Umair bin Aswad Ansi states, I once went to
visit Hazrat Ubadah bin Saamit and at that time he was camped in
a tent near the shores of Homs. His blessed wife Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Haraam bint Milhaan was also present with him.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Haraam bint Milhaan narrated a Hadith
to us, in which she said, I heard the Beloved Rasool saying, The
first group of my Ummah who will fight a battle at sea, will be
I said, Ya RasoolAllah ! Will I also been from amongst them.
Rasoolullah said, Yes! You too will be among them. [Dalaail un
Nabuiwat of Imam Baihaqi]
Hazrat Sayyiduna Hishaam bin Ghaaz states, The grave of
Sayyidatuna Umme Haraam bin Milhaan is in Qubrus, and

the people there say that, this is the grave of a pious woman. [Al
Mujam Al Kabeer]
A Moment to Reflect
My dear mothers and sister! This is the excellence of this blessed and
pious lady. Look at the efforts she made to attain the Pleasure of
Allah and His Beloved Rasool . She was such a blessed and
fortunate person that she directly received glad-tidings from
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .


Umme Waraqah


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Waraqah Ansaariya was also a

Sahabiya. She was well known by the titles, Shaheeda and
Qaariyah. Nabi would always give her the opportunity to meet.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Waleed bin Abdullah Kufi reports that when
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah would visit Hazrat Umme Waraqah
so that she may have the honour of meeting him , Rasoolullah
would refer to her as Shaheeda (a martyr). She had also
memorised the Holy Quran. When Nabi Kareem began to depart
for the Battle of Badr, Hazrat Sayyidatuna Waraqah said, Ya
RasoolAllah ! Please permit me to go for Jihad. I will care for the
ill in the tents and treat the wounded. Probably, Allah will also bless
me with Shahaadat (martyrdom).
Rasoolullah said, Allah has already destined Shahaadat for you.
Hence, during era of the Khilaaf of Hazrat Umar e Faruq one of
her Mudabbir and slave-girl attacked and martyred her. When
Hazrat Umar was informed that Hazrat Umme Waraqah
was martyred by her Mudabbir and slave-girl, he said, The Beloved
Rasool spoke the truth. He used to say, Let us go and visit
Note: Who is a Mudabbir? A Mudabbir refers to slave released by
his master, whereby he declares that he should only be free after his
A Moment To Reflect
She was true in her love for Islam and was willing to even sacrifice
her life for the pleasure of Allah. Her martyrdom also once again
proves the Ilm-e-Ghayb (Knowledge of Unseen) of Nabi Kareem .

Umme Saleet


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Saleet Ansaariya is also a

Sahabiya of Rasoolullah . She was also a very blessed and devoted
She accompanied Rasoolullah and the Muslim Army to the Battle
of Uhad, where she served with great devotion. She feared none
besides Allah. [Sunan Al Kubra]
A Special Gift
Hazrat Sayyiduna Thalba bin Abi Malik states that once, Hazrat
Sayyiduna Umar e Faruq was distributing some shawls among the
women of Madina, and one very beautiful shawl was remaining.
Someone from among those present said,
O Ameer ul Momineen! Please gift this shawl to your blessed wife,
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Kulthum bint Ali Murtuza .
He said, Hazrat Umme Saleet is more deserving of it,
because she is from amongst those women of the Ansaar, who took
the allegiance at the hands of Rasoolullah , and on the day of the
Battle of Uhad, she used to fill the leathern bottles with water and
carry them to us. [Sahih Bukhari]
A Moment To Reflect
Hazrat Ameer ul Momineen showed that status and true
excellence is not simply on the basis of family ties, but it is on the
basis or piety and sincerity, hence he gifted the shawl to Sayyidatuna
Umme Saleet due to her efforts for the sake of Islam. We too
should learn to judge people based on their piety and goodness and
not based on their financial and family standing.

Bint Qays


Hazrat Khawla bint Qays

Rasool .

is also a Sahabiya of the Beloved

Hazrat Sayyiduna Ubaid Sanuta says, We went to Hazrat

Sayyidatuna Khawla bint Qais who was the wife of Hazrat
Sayyiduna Hamza . We said to her, O Umme Muhammad! Narrate
a Hadith to us. Her husband began to say, O Umme Muhammad!
Carefully ponder and think about the Hadith which you intend to
narrate, because to narrate a Hadith, attributing it towards
Rasoolullah without proper evidence is a grave sin. Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Khawla bint Qais said, Woe to me, if I narrate
to you such a narration of Rasoolullah , which will benefit you, but
in reality it is attributing lies towards Rasoolullah .
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khawla bint Qais then said, I heard the
Beloved Rasool saying, The world is appealing, promising and
lush, and for the one who earns through Halaal means, for him there
Barkat (blessing and abundance) is placed in it; and there are many
people spend from what Allah and His Rasool have given them, to
fulfil their personal (sinful) desire. For them, on the day of Qiyaamat
will be the fire of hell. [Al Mujam al Kabeer]
A Moment To Reflect
The above narrations shows her husband was cautioning her to show
the importance of the blessed words of Nabi Kareem and so that
people like us learn that it is not everyones work to just narrate
Hadith, but this is for those who know the Hadith well. Her reply
showed that she acknowledged as well that to attribute false words
towards Rasoolullah is a major sin, hence she explained with her
words that she would never do such a thing and she also said that
before that happens may she be destroyed.



Hazrat Umme Amaarah is from amongst those female

companions of Rasoolullah who partook in the Baiat al Aqaba
(Pledge at Aqaba).
She also fought against the kufaar. She always had full trust on
Almighty Allah, and was a pious worshipper. Hazrat Sayyiduna
Muhammad bin Ishaq states, During the Baiat Al Aqaba, two
women came forth and took the pledge at the blessed hands of
Rasoolullah .
One of them was Umme Amaarah Hazrat Sayyidatuna Nusayba bint
Kaab bin Amr . She partook in many battles with
Rasoolullah . She partook in the Battle of Uhad with her husband
Hazrat Sayyiduna Zaid bin Aasim and her two sons, Hazrat
Sayyiduna Habeeb bin Zaid and Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin
Zaid .
Her son Hazrat Habeeb bin Zaid was captured by Musailma
Kazzaab (the false claimant of Nabuiwat). He asked him,
Do you bear witness that Muhammad
replied, Yes.

is Allahs Rasool? He

He then asked, Do you bear testimony that I am Allahs Rasool?

He said, I definitely do not bear testimony to this.
Kazzaab then martyred him by cutting him to pieces.


After the (apparent) passing of Rasoolullah from this world,

during the Khilaafat of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique Hazrat Umme
Amaarah Sayyidatuna Nusayba went out with the Muslim
Army (against Musailma Kazzaab).

There was a ferocious battle until by Allahs Will, Musailma Kazzaab

was sent to the fire of hell. She returned from the battle in such a
condition, that she hand ten wounds on her body caused by arrows
and spears.
Dua of the Angels
Hazrat Ammarah bint Kaab reports that Rasoolullah
came to visit us. I had presented some food to him , so he also
asked me to partake in the meal.
I said, I am fasting; so Rasoolullah said,
When one eats in front of a fasting person, then until the one eating
has completed eating, the Angels make Dua e Maghfirat for the
fasting person. [Musnad Imam Ahmed bin Hambal]
A Moment To Reflect
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ammarah bint Kaab was a truly brave
and courageous woman. She had full trust in Almighty Allah and she
was a truly Allah fearing personality.
This is why she went into Battle without any fear, despite knowing
that she could be severely injured or even martyred. She was truly
an Allah Fearing servant.
If we look at the life of Umme Ammarah Hazrat Sayyidatuna Nusayba
bint Kaab bin Amr we will notice not only her piety and
steadfastness, but we also get to observe the piety and steadfastness
of her children.


Her beloved son; Hazrat Habeeb bin Kaab faced one of the most
difficult challenges that any person can face in his life. He was given
the choice of living or renouncing his faith, but he took the former,
and preferred to be martyred and cut to pieces, rather than
renouncing Deen e Mustafa .
This, my mothers and sisters, is the result of pious and Allah fearing
parents, who taught their children the importance of Imaan.


Umme Shurayk


Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas states that, Hazrat Umme

Shurayk was in Makkah. The love and honour for Islam
entered her heart, and she hence accepted Islam. Her relationship is
to the famous Quraish tribe Bani Aamir bin Luai, and she was in the
Nikah of Abu Askardosi.
After accepting Islam, she would secretly meet with the women of
the Quraish, and she would invite them towards Islam, and explain
to them the beauty of accepting Islam, until the people of Makkah
realised that she had herself accepted Islam. Hence, the people of
Makkah caught her and said,
If it were not for your tribe, then we would have punished you
severely. Now we will only rest after we send you towards the
Sayyidatuna Umme Shurayk

personally mentions,

They made me sit on a camel without a saddle, and there was

neither any cloth nor saddlecloth under me. They kept me in this
way for three days without allowing me to eat or drink anything. My
condition was such that for three days, I could not hear the sound of
anything which walked on the ground.
Sayyidatuna Umme Shurayk


Whenever the Ahle Makkah would stop to rest, they would leave me
in the burning sun, and they would relax in the shade, and they
would not give me anything to eat or drink. I would remain in this
condition until they began to move again.


She further mentions,

During this trip, they stopped to rest at one place, and they tied me
up and left me in the burning sand, and then went to sit in the shade.
Suddenly, I felt the coolness of something on my chest. When I
looked, I saw it was a pale of water. I drank some water from it, and
then it was moved away, and it ascended. After some time, the pale
again appeared.
Sayyidatuna Umme Shurayk


Again I drank from it, and again it was taken away. Again it
appeared and again I drank until it was taken away. This happened
many times, and then that pale was left with me, so I drank to my
hearts satisfaction, and then I poured the remaining water over my
body and clothing.
When they woke, and noticed signs of water on me, and found me a
good condition, they said,
Did you untie yourself and take water from our leathern bottles? I
said, No! By Allah! I did not do so, but such and such thing
happened with me.
They said, If you are true in what you say, then your Deen is better
than our Deen. When they inspected the leathern water bottles,
they found it to be just as they had left it.
They then became very apologetic and showed remorse for the
tyranny they had put me through. I then reached the Court of
Rasoolullah .

A Moment to Reflect
SubhaanAllah! Such hardships she faced, but she was patient in
adversity. She was steadfast in her belief and had full trust in
Almighty Allah, thus she did not even complain after having to face
these hardships.
Her patience and her true and sincere love for Allah and His Rasool
and her devotion to Deen e Mustafa let her to being provided
with great and heavenly sustenance by Almighty Allah.




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Ayman is also a Sahabiya of the

Beloved Rasool . She is from amongst those female companions of
Nabi Kareem , who migrated from Makkah to Madina by foot.
She was very punctual in her Salaah and fasting, and would often be
found weeping in the fear of Allah. She was also blessed with water
from the unseen which benefited her.
Never Thirsty
Hazrat Sayyiduna Uthman bin Qaasim states that Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Umme Ayman migrated from Makkah to the
Blessed Court of Rasoolullah in Madinatul Munawwarah, during
the intense summer, by foot, whilst fasting, and without any travel
Whilst at a place called Roha, she was so thirsty and severely
dehydrated, that due to this condition it seemed that she was about
to die.
She says, After the sun had set, I suddenly felt the sound of
something light above my head. When I looked up, I saw a pale, held
by a white rope, suspended from the sky.
When it came close, and it became possible for me to hold on to it, I
held it and then drank to my hearts content. After this, I would
walk around in the burning heat, so that I could feel some thirst, but
I would never feel thirsty. [Tabaqaat Kubra] (i.e. she never felt
thirsty for the rest of her life)


Use Un-sifted Flour

Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Ayman reports that, Once I had
sifted some flour and then made some roti (bread) with if for Nabi
Kareem , so Nabi Kareem asked, What is this? So I said, This
is how we sift flour and then make roti with it, hence this is why I
thought to sift the flour and then prepare some bread for you .
Rasoolullah said, Make bread with flour that is not sifted.
[Sunan Ibn Majah]
Her Grief
Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas reports, Once, I went with Nabi Kareem
to visit Hazrat Umme Ayman so she either presented
some food or something to drink to Nabi Kareem . At that
moment, Rasoolullah was either fasting, or he had no need to
eat or drink anything (i.e. he was neither hungry nor thirsty).
She began insisting that Nabi Kareem (eat or drink
something) by saying, Ya RasoolAllah ! At least eat something.
After Rasoolullah (apparently) passed from this physical world,
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddique said to Hazrat Umar e Faruq
, Let us go and visit Umme Ayman like Rasoolullah
would visit her, so that she would be able to meet him . When
Sayyidatuna Umme Ayman saw them, She began to weep.
They asked, Why are you crying? She said, I am not weeping for
Rasoolullah , because I know that indeed he has travelled to a
more exalted Station than this, but I am weeping because the Divine
Heavenly Messages (Wahi Revelation) has stopped. On hearing
this, even both these personalities began to weep uncontrollably.
[Sahih Muslim]

Hazrat Sayyiduna Taariq bin Shihaab states, When the Beloved

Rasool (apparently) passed away from this physical world, the
mother Hazrat Usama bin Zaid Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Ayman
began to weep. When she was asked about her reason for
crying she said, I am crying because now the descending of
Revelation towards us has come to an end. [Al Mujam Al Kabeer]
A Moment to Reflect
Nowadays, when we are faced with simple illnesses, or slight
difficulties, we use that as an excuse not to fast. We should be
ashamed of our actions, after reading about the journey which
Sayyidatuna Umme Ayman undertook in order to reach the
Beloved Rasool .
She continued to fast despite the long journey in the sun, which she
had to make by foot. However, the end result and the final blessing
was a heavenly one. This teaches us that if we live pious lives and
strive for the pleasure of Allah with sincerity, then Almighty Allah
will bless us with heavenly gifts.




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Yusayrah was also a Sahabiya of the

Beloved Rasool and she too was blessed with making Hijrat
(migrating) from Makkah to Madinatul Munawwarah. She would be
found occupied in Tasbeeh and in the Zikr of Allah.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Yusayrah reports that Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah said to us, O women! Make the Glorification and
Praise to Almighty Allah, necessary upon yourselves, and count them
on your fingertips (i.e. on your finger), because they (your fingers)
will be given the power of speech, and they will be questioned.
Therefore, never be heedless of this, otherwise you will be distanced
from the Mercy (of Allah). [Al Mujam Al Kabeer]
A Moment to Reflect
This is a very important narration. From this it shows how
important it is for us to use our fingers to count the Tasbeehs which
we recite. We have become accustomed to using counters and
Tasbeeh beads etc. There is no objection to this if one has to count a
vast number of Tasbeehs, but we should not abstain from reading
Tasbeeh and counting them on our fingers, because as Nabi Kareem
mentioned that the fingers will be questioned, meaning that
these fingers will testify for us, and bear witness in the Divine Court
of Allah, that we have made His Tasbeeh and Tahleel. We should
attempt to count the Tasbeehs on our fingers, to the best of our
ability. Many of us have become so accustomed to counting with
counters, that even those numbers of Tasbeeh which we can count
on our finger, we count on the counters and thus ignore this
beautiful manner prescribed by Rasoolullah . Allah bless us with
increasing our recitations and bless us with always remaining in his
Zikr and with the blessing of always reciting Durood Shareef in
abundance. Aameen.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zainab Thaqafiyah is also a Sahabiya of

Nabi Kareem . She was indeed very punctual with her Salaah. She
was well known for her kindness and generosity, and her enthusiasm
to spend in the way of Allah.
She even gave away all her jewellery in the Way of Allah, with the
intention of attaining closeness to Allah.
Protection from Hell Fire
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah reports that once, Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah returned after performing his Fajr Salaah, and then
he stood close to where the women were, and said, O women! I
saw mostly women from amongst the inhabitants of Hell, so
according to your ability, attain closeness to Allah (by giving
The wife of Hazrat Abdullah bin Masud was also present there (at
that time). She went home and explained to Hazrat Abdullah bin
Masud about the command of Nabi Kareem and she took her
jewellery, so Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masud asked, Where are you
taking that (i.e. Jewellery)? She said, I will attain closeness (of
Allah) by way of this (i.e. by giving it in as charity), so that Almighty
Allah does not put me amongst the inhabitant of Jahannam (Hell).
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masud said, Give it (as charity) to
me and my son, as we are more deserving of it. [Sahih Ibn


Spending on Family is Charity

Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abdullah Thaqafi reports from his
Layta who is the sister of Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masud that, Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Zainab Thaqafiyah was also a very creative
female, and she would make things with her own hands, and then
sell them.
One day she said to Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masud , By
Allah! You and your son have hindered me from making Sadqa
(giving charity) in the Way of Allah, so you should go into the Court
of Rasoolullah and ask, that if by me spending on you I will
receive any reward, then it is well and good, otherwise what should I
do to give as Sadaqa and Khayraat (charity) in the Way of Allah.
Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masud said, If you would not receive any
reward for spending on us, then I would never be pleased with you
spending on us.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zainab Thaqafiyah then personally
presented herself at the Court of the Beloved Rasool and asked
this to Nabi Kareem , so the Beloved Rasool said, Spend on
your family and offspring! Indeed, whatever you spend on them,
you will be rewarded for it. [Musnad Imam Ahmed]
Abundance in Reward
It is reported from Sayyidatuna Zainab Thaqafiyah the wife
of Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masud that Nabi Kareem said to the
women, Give Sadaqa (charity), even though it may be from your


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zainab said to Hazrat Abdullah ibn

Masud , Is there Thawaab (reward) if I spend as charity on you
and on my orphaned nephews and nieces?
Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masud was financially weak, so he said, Ask
Nabi Kareem about this. She says, Hazrat Bilal came to visit
us, so we asked him, ask this to Nabi Kareem but do not mention
about who we are.
He went to the Beloved Rasool and he asked this question, so Nabi
Kareem said, Tell them that for you there two (double) rewards
in this. Firstly, for being kind to your next of kin and secondly for
giving charity. [Sahih Bukhari]
A Moment to Reflect
We should learn generosity and kindness from Sayyidatuna Zaynab
Thaqafiyah . She gave us a beautiful lesson in generosity.
She showed how important it is to be charitable. She preferred to
attain the closeness to Almighty Allah, rather than holding on to
materialistic wealth.




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Maariyah was also a Sahabiya of

Sayyiduna Muhammad Mustafa . She was among those females,
who partook in Jihad (i.e. fought in the way of Allah). She was
among those who humbled herself for the sake of Nabi Kareem .
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Maariyah states, Once when Nabi
Kareem intended to climb over a wall (during a battle) and fire
arrows at the Mushrikeen, so I kneeled (i.e. she did this, so that
Rasoolullah would be able to easily climb onto the wall).
SubhaanAllah! This showed the sincerity, devotion and dedication
of this blessed Sahabiya, Hazrat Sayyidatuna Maariyah . It
showed her true and sincere love for Allah and His Rasool and her
devotion in acting without being even commanded to do something.
A Moment To Reflect
The reality is that she knelt for the sake of Nabi Kareem and so
that Nabi Kareem could climb the wall. Yet Allah exalted her
position that more than 1400 years have passed and even today we
are speaking about her and writing about her and honouring her
services to Islam, and honouring her sincere and true devotion to
the beloved Rasool and to cause of Islam.
Another point to be made is that, we should not misunderstand and
think that Nabi Kareem was unable to climb the wall without her
assistance. Nabi has been blessed with the greatest power of
Mujaza and if he merely gave a command, the wall itself would have
come down and allow him to climb over, but this happened so that
the status and the excellence of Sayyidatuna Maariyah
could be exalted, and so that we may understand the devotion of the
companions of Nabi Kareem .

Umayrah bint


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umayrah bint Masud is also a Sahabiya

of the Beloved Rasool . It is also mentioned that the sisters of
Hazrat Umayrah were also blessed with being amongst the
blessed female companions of Nabi Kareem . Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Umayrah bint Masud says, I went to the Court of the
Beloved Rasool with my five sisters, and we all took the oath of
allegiance with Rasoolullah . At that time, the Beloved Rasool
was eating dried meat. The Beloved Rasool chewed on some of
the dried meat and then gave it to us, so we shared among each
other, each one of us taking a piece and chewing it. Hence, through
the blessing of this, until death, none of us ever had any foul odour
in our mouths, and never did we suffer from any mouth illness.
[Tabrani, Al Mujam Al Kabeer, Khasais ul Kubra]
A Moment to Reflect
SubhaanAllah! This narration from Hazrat Umayrah is a
very beautiful narration and it answers many contemporary issues
which are brought up by the deobandi/wahabi camp. They claim
that Nabi Kareem was an ordinary human like you and I (Allah
forbid), the deobandi leaders have clearly written in their books.
This narration proves that Rasoolullah is not like us. If an
ordinary person chews some meat and then gives it to you, one
would not want to eat it, but when Nabi chewed the meat and
gave it to them, they happily ate it and shared it among themselves.
They were pleased with this, and Sayyidatuna Umayrah
clearly mentions that until their last, they never had any bad breath
in their mouths. This proves the Barkat of that which came from the
blessed mouth of Rasoolullah that it saved them from foul odour
and bad breath and mouth illnesses. It also proves that taking and
sharing that which is eaten by the pious is a way taught from the
Court of Nabi Kareem .



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Sawdah is a Sahabiya of the Beloved

Rasool . She made Ibaadat her most valuable practice, and she
always stayed away from making assumptions.
Sayyidatuna Sawdah Accepts Islam
Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa states,
She (Hazrat Sayyidatuna Sawdah ) was a slave-girl from one
of the Arab tribes. She was freed by them, but still lived with them.
Once, a child from the tribe came out of the house, and she was
wearing on her neck, a very expensive necklace, which was made
from reddish pearls. The girl either kept the necklace somewhere,
or she lost it. An eagle thought it was a piece of meat, and it carried
it away. The people of the tribe searched for it all over, but they
could not find it. They then accused Hazrat Sawdah of
stealing it, so they searched her. They even searched her private
parts for the necklace. She personally says, By Allah! I was still
standing in this condition, when the eagle dropped the necklace in
front of the tribes people. I said, Here is the necklace which you
have accused me of stealing, whereas I am innocent of this charge. I
then went into the Court of Rasoolullah and accepted Islam.
Ummul Momineen Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa says,
Her tent was within (the parameters) of the Masjid. She would visit
me and come and talk to me, and whenever she would sit in any
gathering, she would read this stanza, the essence of which is,
The Day of the (lost) Necklace,
Is the Day of my Rubs Divine Splendour
Listen! It was through that incident
I received salvation from the Confines of Kufr.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ansaariya was also a Sahabiya of Rasoolullah .

The difficulties and calamities which she faced, meant nothing to
her. She was the embodiment of patience. She would make Sabr
when faced with all difficulties and hardships. The Ulama of
Tasawwuf have said, To be patient in adversity and to be grateful
when receiving blessings, is Tasawwuf.
Her Patience in Adversity
Hazrat Sayyiduna Anas bin Malik states, On the day of the Battle
of Uhud, there was uneasiness amongst the Ahle Madina, and from
all over Madina there were announcements being made, that
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah had been made Shaheed (martyred).
Hence, a lady from amongst the Ansaar emerged, and she saw the
bodies of her brother, her son and her husband, but she could not
recognise whom she had passed by first. When she reached the last
martyr, she asked, Who is this? The people said, This is your
brother, your father, your husband and your son. She said, How is
the Beloved Rasool . The Sahaba e Kiraam said, The beloved
Rasool is at the front. The Ansari Sahabiya went towards
Rasoolullah and held the blessed clothing of Nabi Kareem and
said, Ya RasoolAllah ! May my mother and father be sacrificed
upon you! If you are well then I have no worry about anyone else.
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Look at the Sabr
(patience) of this beloved Sahabiya, and her sincere and true love for
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . Her entire family has been martyred, her
brother, her father, her husband and her son, and she does not
complain. All she is worried about is the well-being of Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah . Look at her words to Allahs Beloved . Allahu
Akbar! Learn my mothers and sisters! Learn how to love Rasoolullah
from this blessed Sahabiya.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Sawdah is also another Sahabiya with

the same name as a Sahabiya we discussed earlier. She faced many
tests and hardships but she remained steadfast. Hazrat Sayyiduna
Ata bin Abi Rubah states that once Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas
mentioned to me, Should I not show you a Jannati woman
(i.e. a woman destined to Paradise)? I said, Why not? It is this
black woman (whom you are seeing). She came to the Court of
Rasoolullah and said, Ya RasoolAllah ! I have epilepsy and
when this happens, I become bare (i.e. my head covering falls, and I
am afraid that in an unconscious state, my hair should not become
visible), so please make Dua for me. Rasoolullah said, If you
remain patient (and bear this illness), then Jannat is for you, and if
you so wish, I will make Dua for you to be cured of it. She said, I will
remain patient, but make Dua that my body should not be revealed.
Hence, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah made Dua for this. [Sahih Bukhari]
A Moment To Reflect
SubhaanAllah! My mothers and sisters, look at the piety and the
excellence of this wonderful and blessed woman. She had an illness,
in other words epilepsy, but she was so afraid that her hair should
not be exposed if she faced an epileptic fit, she feared that she
should not transgress the boundaries of Shariah. Even though it was
something which could happen without intent, but today we have
Muslim sisters who walk around without head-coverings, they walk
around dressed in western wear that reveals their bodies. Also, they
wear clothes which show their bodies and sometimes even when
covered they wear such tight clothes that it reveals their body shape.
Fear Allah! Learn from these pious and chaste women. Learn from
their piety! Realise that one day you will die and be placed in the
ground, and you will be raised before Allah to answer for your
actions. Change your lives and ways whilst you still can..

Umme Bujayd
Umme Habeeba


Umme Bujayd Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Habeeba

blessed Sahabiya of our Beloved Rasool .

is also a

Never Turn a Miskeen Away

Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Bujayd states, I said in the Court
of Rasoolullah , Ya RasoolAllah ! At times a Miskeen comes to
my door, but I am ashamed and embarrassed as I have nothing of
value which I can give them. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah said, Give
him something or the other, even though it may be the burnt hoof of
a goat. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Bujayd says, Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah used to come to us in the tribe of Amr bin Awf, and I
would prepare some Sittu in a bowl and present it to Nabi so that
he may drink it. Once when he came over, I said, Ya RasoolAllah
! From whatever I have, I sometimes save some of it to give to any
beggar who comes to ask (i.e. is this allowed)? Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah said, O Umme Bujayd! Give him something or the
other, even though it may be the burnt hoof of a goat. [Musnad
Imam Ahmed]
A Moment To Reflect
Look at Hazrat Umme Bujayd . She was troubled that if a
beggar came to her door and she did not have anything valuable,
what would she do? It shows her caring nature. Those of us who
have been blessed with sufficient wealth for ourselves should try to
always remember the less fortunate, and we should never let our
wealth and our status be the reason for causing us to look down on
other Muslims. Never be proud and boastful over your wealth and
status. Always remember, when you die, you and the Muslim beggar
will both have the same Kafan (shroud) and will be made to rest in
the same earth. Where will our pride and boastfulness go then!!!



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Fardah

of the Beloved Rasool .


also a blessed Sahabiya

She was also blessed with taking the pledge (i.e. Baiat) or Oath of
Allegiance at the Blessed hands of Rasoolullah . She would always
strive in Ibaadat and in the love of Allah and His Rasool .
There is not much more information available on this blessed
woman, but because her name was mentioned by Sayyidi Abu Nuaim
, I felt it appropriate to also include at least her name in this book.
The fact that she is a Sahabiya of the Beloved Rasool is by itself
one of the greatest honours that a person can ever attain. We must
always understand that those who have been blessed with being the
Holy Companions of the Beloved Rasool are the best of people, as
they have been chosen from billions and billions of people, to be the
blessed and sacred companions of Nabi Kareem .
A Moment to Reflect
Although not much is known about Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Farah
she is still remembered today, even if it is just by her name,
and this is through her sincerity, devotion and love for Allah and His
Rasool and for the fact that her name appears amongst the
companions of Nabi Kareem .




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Ishaq is also another blessed

Sahabiya of the Beloved Rasool . She too was blessed with making
Hijrat from Makkah Muazzamah to Madinatul Munawwarah. She
was often found lost in her thoughts and in sadness due to the loss of
her brother.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Hakeem says, I heard Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Umme Ishaq saying, I migrated with my
brother to go towards the Beloved Rasool in Madina. We were
still on the way (to Madina) when my brother said to me, you wait
here; I have forgotten some of my belongings in Makkah. I will go
and collect them and return to you. I said, I am afraid of my corrupt
husband (i.e. that he may not martyr you). Her brother said, Insha
Allah it will not happen like that.
She says, I waited there for many days for my brother, then one day
a person passed by whom I recognised, but I could not remember his
name. He asked, O Umme Ishaq ! What are you doing
waiting here? I said, I am waiting for Ishaq. He has gone to Makkah
to collect his things.
He said, Ishaq will now not return, because your corrupt husband
has killed him. So, I left there, and when I finally got to opportunity
to be present in the Court of the Beloved Rasool , He was
performing Wudu (ablution). Weeping I said, Ya RasoolAllah !
My brother Ishaq has been killed. He looked towards me, and at
this time, he was squatting to perform Wudu. He took a handful
of water and then sprinkled it onto my face.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Hakeem says, Hazrat Umme
Ishaq was deeply aggrieved (by the loss of her brother). You
could see tears in her eyes, but they would not flow out.

Asma Bint


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Umays is also a blessed

Sahabiya of Nabi Kareem . She was blessed with two migrations,
one to Madinatul Munawwarah and the other to Habsha, which was
known as Abyssinia, and today is known as Ethiopia. She also was
amongst those who performed Namaaz facing both Qiblas, in other
words Baitul Muqaddas and Makkah Mukarramah. She is well known
as Bahriyah Habshiyah. She hailed from a very well-known family.
She was also blessed as being the wife of Hazrat Jafar e Tayyar .
After his Shahaadat, she was blessed with being in the Nikah of
Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique . Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddique
passed away during her lifetime.
The Reward of Two Migrations
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Musa Ashari says, We reached the court of
Rasoolullah from Habsha, at the time of the Victory at Khaybar.
Nabi Kareem also gave us a share (from the spoils of Khaybar), (or
Hazrat Abu Musa said), He gave us something from it, whereas
with the exception of those who sailed (from Abyssinia), in other
words, myself, Hazrat Sayyiduna Jafar and his other companions,
all others who did not partake in Khaybar were not given anything.
Some people from the Ahle Madina use to say to us, We were before
you in making Hijrat. When Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Umays
arrived, Hazrat Umar e Faruq said, Is this Habshiyah
Bahriyah? It was said, Yes it is. Hazrat Umar e Faruq said, We
were before you in making Hijrat, and we have more closeness to
Rasoolullah in comparison to you. On hearing this, Hazrat Asma
bint Umays became upset and said, Definitely not! By
Allah! You people live with Rasoolullah and those of you who are
not able to get food, are fed by Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , and those
of you who were not educated, he taught you, whereas we
migrated all the way to Abyssinia and further solely for the pleasure

of Allah. We used to be persecuted and threatened. By Allah! I will

neither eat nor drink anything, until I do not present your words in
the Court of Rasoolullah . I will now present all of this in the
Court of Rasoolullah , and By Allah! Neither will I lie, nor will I
twist or change words, or add anything (to what you said).
Hence, when Sayyiduna Rasoolullah arrived she said, Ya
RasoolAllah ! Hazrat Umar e Faruq has said such and such. He
then said, And what did you say in response (to what he said)?
She said, I said such and such (as above). Rasoolullah said, He is
not as close to me as you are, because him and his companions
received the Thawaab of one Hijrat, whereas O People of the Ship!
For you there is Thawaab of two Hijrats. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma
states, I saw Hazrat Abu Musa Ashari and the other
companions of the ship as they came to me in the form of groups and
they would ask me about this Hadith, and this would please them
more than anything in the world, and to them this command was
more valuable than anything. Hazrat Abu Musa Ashari would
listen to these blessed words from me time and over again, For you
there is Thawaab of two Hijrats; one Hijrat you made towards
Najashi, and the other you made towards me. [Sahih Bukhari]
Nabi Dua for Sayyidatuna Asma

Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas says, When Nabi Kareem had the
Nikah of Sayyidatuna Faatima done to Hazrat Ali , he
went to see her. When the women saw him coming, they all left.
At that time there was a veil (curtain) between him and the
females, but Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Umays did not
leave. Rasoolullah said, Who are you and why are you still here?
She said, I am the one who will care for the beloved daughter of
Rasoolullah because on the first night of the marriage, it is

necessary for one women to be with the new bride, so that if she
needs anything or if she intends to have anything, then it can be
brought to her. Rasoolullah blessed her with his Dua and
said, I pray to Allah that He protects, you from in front, from
behind, from the right and from the left, from shaitaan the cursed.
Hazrat Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas states, Hazrat Asma
said to me, I saw from the side of my eye as Rasoolullah left, that
he was continuously making Dua for his beloved daughter and for
Hazrat Ali , until he entered his sacred chambers. [Al Mujam Al
A Wise Decision
Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Shabi states that, after the passing away
of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique , Hazrat Sayyiduna Ali made Nikah
to Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma . The sons of Hazrat Asma bint
Umays namely, Hazrat Sayyiduna Muhammad bin Abi Bakr
and Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Jafar would always show
pride to each other (i.e. one tried to outshine the other), and each
would say to the other, I am better than you, and my father is better
than your father. Hazrat Sayyiduna Ali said to Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Asma Make some decision amongst them. Hence, she said
to Hazrat Abdullah ibn Jafar , O my son! I have never seen any
young person amongst the Arabs who was better than your father.
She then said to Hazrat Muhammad bin Abi Bakr , O my son! I
have never seen any elderly person amongst the Arabs who was
better than your father. (On hearing this) Hazrat Sayyiduna Ali
said, You did not leave any excellence for me. If you had said
anything else except for what you said, I would have been
displeased. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma said, By Allah! From
amongst the three, you are best. [Fadaailus Sahaba Li Imam Ahmed
bin Hambal]

Asma Bint


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Yazid is also a Sahabiya of

Rasoolullah and she was amongst those women who abstain from
such things which caused pride and strife.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Asma bint Yazid says, I went into the
blessed Court of Rasoolullah to take the pledge (i.e. Oath of
Allegiance Baiat), and I was wearing a gold bracelet (bangle) and
Rasoolullah saw its glitter and said,
O Asma! Remove and throw them! Do you not fear that Allah will
make you wear bangles of fire. She says, I immediately removed
them and threw them away, and I do not know who picked them
up. [Musnad Imam Ahmed]
Note: The reason Rasoolullah asked her to remove them and
throw them is explained in another Hadith which says that Nabi
asked her if she had paid Zakaat on them and she said that she had
not, so Rasoolullah commanded her to remove them.
A Moment to Reflect
Now, look at her obedience, those were pure gold bangles, but she
did not care about the gold, she looked at the command of
Rasoolullah and she obeyed without a moments hesitance.
We should thus never look at our own views and opinions and
desires, but we should put the command of Allah and His Rasool
before everything else.


The narration which stipulates the issue of it being due to Zakaat is

as follows:
Imam Ahmed reports from Asma bint Yazid on the merit of it being a
Hasan narration, that she said, My aunt and I presented ourselves
before Nabi Kareem , and we were wearing gold bangles
(bracelets). He asked, Have you paid its Zakaat? We said, No.
He said, Do you not fear that Almighty Allah will let you wear
bangles of fire? Pay its Zakaat!
Hazrat Sayyiduna Shahr bin Hawshab reports that Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Asma bint Yazid used to serve in the Court of
Beloved Rasool . She says, Once my aunt and I went into the
Court of Rasoolullah to ask about something. She was wearing
two gold bangles.
He said, Do you like that you should be made to wear bangles of
fire? I said, O Aunt! Rasoolullah is talking about the bangles
which you are wearing. She then removed and threw them away
and said, Ya RasoolAllah ! If women do not adorn and beautify
themselves, they will have no value before their husbands.
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah with a smile said, Can a woman not take
silver earrings and necklaces and colour it with saffron so that it
looks like gold, because whosoever wore gold equivalent to the
weight of the eye of a locust or equivalent to a ring (and did not pay
Zakaat on it), then on the day of Qiyaamat, she will be branded with
it. [Musnad Imam Ahmed]


A Moment to Reflect
Here as well, the not wearing of this and the command of this was
because the Zakaat on it was not paid. This should be a lesson to our
mothers and sisters as to how important it is for them to pay Zakaat
on gold and silver which reaches the threshold of Zakaat, i.e. Nisaab.
It must be noted that a female who has reached the age of puberty is
responsible for her own Zakaat. If she is the owner of Nisaab and
does not pay her Zakaat, she is in contempt and is sinful.




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Haani is also a Sahabiya of

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She is the sister of Hazrat Ali . She
accepted Islam in the 8th year of Fateh Makkah. Even before
accepting Islam, she was married to Hubayra bin Abi Wahb. Hubayra
remained on kufr and did not accept Islam. It is for this reason that
they were separated. Seeing her sadness and broken heart, Nabi
Kareem sent a message to her saying, If you wish, then I will
make Nikah to you. She replied by saying, Ya RasoolAllah !
During my days of kufr I had immense love for you, and why then
would I not have that love for you after I have come to Islam. The
only problem is that I have very little children and I fear that due to
my children you will be uncomfortable. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah
was content after receiving her response. [Istiaab Vol.4]
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umm e Haani said in the Court of
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , Ya RasoolAllah ! Will we be able to
meet with each other after we pass away, and will we be able to see
each other?
The Beloved Rasool said, The souls are in the form of birds which
are attached to the trees, and on the day of Qiyaamat, they will enter
into their bodies. [Musnad Imam Ahmed]
It is reported that on the day of Fateh Makkah, Hazrat Umme Haani
gave refuge to an unbeliever, and Hazrat Ali wanted to
kill that unbeliever. When Umme Haani mentioned this to
Rasoolullah then The Beloved Rasool said, To whom you have
given refuge, we have given refuge.
It is also reported that on the day of Fateh Makkah, Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah took a bath at her home and ate at her home and
then performed 8 Rakaat of Chasht Salaah.

Salama bint


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Salama bint Qays Najjariyah is also a

Sahabiya of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She was blessed with Namaaz
in the direction of the two Qiblas, and she was present in both the
Pledges of Aqaba.
The aunt of the Beloved Rasool Hazrat Sayyidatuna Salama bint
Qays performed Namaaz in the direction of both Qiblas,
with Rasoolullah . She was from the Banu Adi bin Najjar tribe.
She says, I accompanied the Ansaari women to the Court of the
Beloved Rasool to take the Pledge (i.e. Oath of Allegiance).
Rasoolullah took the Oath of Allegiance from us on these
a. We will not steal
b. We will not commit shameless acts
c. We will not kill our own children
d. We will not be deceitful about that which we carry
e. We will not disobey him in any good command
Rasoolullah then further said, And you should also not deceive
your husbands. She says, We took the Baiat on these
conditions and they returned (i.e. we left). I then said to one
woman, Go back and ask Rasoolullah , what is Haraam for us
concerning our husbands?
The lady went to Rasoolullah and asked about this, and
Rasoolullah said, Do not give the wealth of your husbands to
someone without his permission. [Musnad Imam Ahmed]




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Umarah

Rasoolullah .

is a Sahabiya of

During the Battle of Uhud, she lunged into the battlefield with her
husband Hazrat Sayyiduna Zaid bin Aasim and with her two sons;
Hazrat Sayyiduna Umarah and Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah , and
when she noticed that the kufaar were attempting to attack
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , she took a dagger in her hand and stood
against them. She blocked every arrow and every spear which was
fired in that direction.
When the cursed Ibn Qamayyah raised his sword against Nabi
Kareem Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Umarah came in
front and the sword struck her on her back. She had such a severe
wound on her should that it caused a hole. She then turned towards
Ibn Qamayyah and struck him with such force that he would have
been split in two, but that cursed one was dressed in double armour
so he was saved from her attack. In that battle Sayyidatuna Umme
Umarah had thirteen wounds on her neck and her head.
Her son Hazrat Abdullah says, An unbeliever wounded in during
the Battle of Uhud and the bleeding was not being controlled. My
mother Sayyidatuna Umme Umarah immediately tore off a portion
of her clothing and then bandaged the wound, and the said, Son!
Stand up! Rise and go back and fight the enemy.
Just then the same person who wounded me came in front, and
Rasoolullah said, O Umme Umarah ! Look (Be careful) it
is the same unbeliever who wounded your son. She turned towards
him and struck him on his leg so severely with her sword, that he
could not walk and fled dragging himself on his rear.

On seeing this, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah smiled and said, O Umme

Umarah! Be grateful to Allah that He has blessed you with such
strength and courage, that you have fought in the way of Allah.
Hazrat Umme Umarah said, Ya RasoolAllah ! Make Dua
that Almighty Allah should afford us the honour of serving you in
Jannat (Paradise). At that moment, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah made
Dua for her, and her husband and sons with these words, O Allah!
Afford all of them the honour of being my companions in Jannat.
Throughout her life Sayyidatuna Umme Umarah would
openly say, After this Dua of Rasoolullah no matter how severe
hardships I may face in this world, I have not care about them.
[Madaarij un Nabuiwat]
A Moment to Reflect
My dear mothers and sisters! Surely when reading about Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Umme Umarah you must have said
SubhaanAllah or Allahu Akbar, to praise her bravery, courage, and
true love. Indeed she was a brave and lion hearted woman who
stood for the defence of Deen e Mustafa . She took the strike of a
sword on her own back in the love of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .
Observe the love which she possessed for our Beloved Rasool .
What a beautiful request she made to Nabi Kareem . She did not
ask for wealth or request a house or any worldly entity, but she
asked Nabi Kareem to make Dua that she and her family are
blessed with the honour of serving Sayyiduna Rasoolullah in
Jannat. SubhaanAllah! Such true passion! Such love! Allahu Akbar!
And SubhaanAllah! What a beautiful Dua for her and her family
from the blessed lips of Rahmatullil Aalameen .

These are the Women of Islam. These are the women who should
be the role-models for our mothers and sisters, and not the kufaar
whose aim is to destroy our Imaan and our Akhlaaq. We should
dress like these pious women did, we should learn to worship Allah,
following in their blessed footsteps, we should think about their
sacrifices and their devotion for Islam, and be ashamed that at times
we are too lazy to perform our five daily Salaah.
May a thousand lives be sacrificed upon women like Hazrat
Sayyiduna Umme Umarah . She is indeed the example of
true love and true devotion.




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Sumayyah is a Sahabiya of the Beloved

Rasool Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa . She is the blessed mother of
Hazrat Sahabi e Rasool Hazrat Sayyiduna Ammaar bin Yaasir .
Hazrat Ammaar bin Yaasir is that blessed Sahabi who narrated
many Hadith of Rasoolullah . One of the Hadith narrated by
Hazrat Ammaar bin Yaasir is reported by Tabrani.
Tabrani reports from Ammaar bin Yaasir that he said, One
who performs 6 Rakaats after Maghrib, his sins shall be forgiven,
even if they be equivalent to the foam on the sea.
After she accepted Islam, the kufaar e Makkah treated her very
badly. They caused her immense grief and made life very difficult
for her. They threatened her and tried to force her to forsake Islam,
but she refused.
Once, Abu Jahl pointed a spear towards her and said, You better not
read the Kalima, or I will attack you with this spear. She stood her
ground with passion and began to proclaim the Kalima aloud. Abul
Jahl became infuriated by this and struck her with the spear below
her naval. She was wounded so severely that she passed away and
was counted amongst the Shuhada of Islam.
A Moment to Reflect
My dear mothers and sisters! This was the true passion of Imaan.
Her Imaan would not allow her to be silent. When she was
threatened, she reacted with the love for Allah and His Rasool .
Again, we can see what the Muslim women had to face and how they
gave their lives but refused to compromise their Imaan. If we truly
love them, we should never compromise our Imaan. There is
nothing more beloved and valuable than our Imaan.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Lubaynah is a Sahabiya of the Beloved

Rasool . She was a slave-girl and at the very beginning of the
invitation to Islam, the light of Islam entered her heart and she
accepted Deen e Islam.
She was also persecuted and taunted by the kufaar e Makkah. The
scholars have mentioned that they had mercilessly persecuted her to
the extent that of the pain and suffering which she endured had to
be placed on the mountain, then probably the mountain would begin
to tremble, but this blessed woman did not move an inch, and
remained firm in her faith in Islam.
It is mentioned that before Hazrat Umar himself came to Islam, he
would severely beat her, to the extent that he would become tired of
beating her. However, Sayyidatuna Lubaynah would bear
this beating with uttering a single word.
It is mentioned that when Hazrat Umar who at that time was not
a Muslim, would beat her for accepting Islam, she would
courageously say, O Umar! You may beat me up as much as you
want, but if you do not one day accept Islam, then Allah will
definitely punish you for this.
A Moment to Reflect
Once again we have witnessed the brave and lion heartedness of the
great women of Islam, in the form of Hazrat Sayyidatuna Lubaynah
. It is mentioned that Hazrat Lubaynah had not fully
recovered from all her wounds as yet and Hazrat Umar was
blessed with accepting Islam. It is said that he never raised his head
in her presence out of shame and sadness for what he had done
when he was not a Muslim.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Nahdiyah

Rasool .


a Sahabiya of the Beloved

She too, like Hazrat Lubaynah was a slave-girl. All the

hardships and persecution she faced cannot even be brought into
writing due to the intensity and severity of her hardships. Scholars
have written that when the intend to write about the hardships
faced by Sayyidatuna Nahdiyah it causes their hands to
tremble and it seems as if their pens have run dry.
No matter what hardships and persecution she faced, she remained
steadfast and patient. Hazrat Sayyidatuna Nahdiyah knew
well that patience in adversity is what affords a person true honour
and dignity. She knew well, that Almighty Allah loves those who are
patient in adversity. She knew well that Allah is with those who are
patient. In such difficult situations, she held firmly to Islam and did
not move an inch away from Deen e Islam, until the day came when
those who wanted to destroy Islam and the Muslims, themselves
entered the fold of Islam and became the protectors of the Muslims.
Those who were once bent on spilling the blood of the believers
were now amongst those who shed their own blood for the Deen of
A Moment to Reflect
There have been times in the History of Islam, when the oppressors
became the protectors and when those who wished to harm Islam
the most, like Hazrat Umar before his acceptance of Islam, became
one of the loudest voices and most powerful leaders of the Muslims.
Allah is Most Merciful. Allah puts his servants through immense
tests and trials, but in the end Allah blesses them for this with His
Divine Grace and Mercy.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Ubays

Beloved Rasool .

was a Sahabiya of the

She too, like Hazrat Sayyidatuna Nahdiyah was also a slavegirl. The kufaar also troubled her and persecuted her for the sake of
accepting Islam.
They would beat her and they would brand her with burning irons
on the delicate parts of her body. They showed no mercy to her and
they treated her worse than people would treat animals. All this was
only and only because she accepted Islam.
At times the evil kufaar would hold her heard under the water until
she could not breathe anymore. They would then beat her severely.
The torment that she faced at the hands of the kufaar is
unimaginable. Beating her and torturing her became a past time and
hobby to those evil enemies of Islam.
Finally, the beloved companion of Rasoolullah and the
Companion of The Cave, Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddique
spent his wealth in purchasing these slaves from the evil slavemasters, and then setting them free in the love of Allah and His
Beloved Rasool . It was only after this, did women like Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Umme Ubays get some peace and solace.
A Moment To Reflect
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Ubays was remained steadfast,
even after enduring such hardships, thus her suffering was
alleviated by the grace of Allah. It teaches us that if we are steadfast
in difficult times, Allah will alleviate our difficulties and have Mercy
on us.



Sayyidatuna Zinnirah or Zunnayrah is also a Sahabiya of

the Beloved Rasool . She was amongst the very early Muslims.
She used to be a slave-girl in the family home of Hazrat Umar .
When she recited the Kalima and accepted Islam, the entire
household became her enemies. Some in the household beat her to
the extent that her eyesight was lost. One narration mentions that
she was beaten so severely by Abu Jahl that she lost her eyesight.
When she lost her eyesight, they taunted and said that she had
disrespected their gods so due to this her eyesight was taken away.
When they would say this, she would courageously defend her Imaan
by saying, The Rasool whom is brought Imaan in, is undoubtedly
Allahs True Rasool . I believe in only One Allah, and if my Allah
wills, then indeed He will give me back my vision. Once, Nabi
Kareem heard the kufaar taunted her about her eyesight. Nabi
Kareem said, O Zinnirah! Have Sabr (be patient), and then
Rasoolullah made Dua for her. On the Dua of Nabi Kareem her
vision was immediately restored and she was able to see again.
When the kufaar saw this Mujaza of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , they
said that this was the sorcery of Muhammad . They say (Allah
forbid) that he is not a Nabi, but he is the most powerful sorcerer
(magician) in all of Arabia. Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddique
also bought and freed Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zinnirah .
A Moment to Reflect
Read the incidents about Sayyidatuna Umme Ubays, Sayyidatuna
Lubaynah, Sayyidatuna Nahdiyah and Hazrat Sayyidatuna Zinnirah
and feel in your heart the hardships that faced for the sake
of Islam. Look at their Yaqeen (conviction) in Allah and His Rasool
. Let us learn from their pious lives, about patience, conviction,
gratitude and the sweetness of Imaan.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Halimah Sadiyah is a Sahabiya of the

Beloved Rasool and a very blessed women in the history of Islam.
She is that blessed woman who was honoured with suckling the
beloved Rasool when he was a child.
The Beloved Rasool in love would refer to her as his mother. She
is also famously known as Daai Halimah because she was
the nurse and milk-mother of Rasoolullah as a child.
After Fateh Makkah, when Rasoolullah went towards Taif,
Sayyidatuna Halimah Sadiyah came to the Beloved Rasool with
her husband and children, so the Beloved Rasool afforded her
great honour and he placed his shawl on the ground for her to sit
on. She and her entire household proclaimed the Kalima of Islam.
Sayyidatuna Halimah Suckles Nabi Kareem
As we just mentioned, she was blessed with honour of suckling
Rasoolullah as a child was afforded on a very special note, to Daai
Halimah 6. The family of Bibi Halimah 6 was very poor.
The materialistic wealth of this world found no place in her humble
She was accustomed to a life of poverty and inadequacy.
Sayyidatuna Halimah 6 took Rasoolullah with her, with the
intention of suckling him . The moment she took him , Mercy
and Blessings began to descend upon her and her household. The
doors of blessings and abundance were opened unto her and her
family. She now had an abundance of everything; sustenance,
comfort, reverence and eminence. Bringing Rasoolullah home
with her became the means through which her life changed forever.

Her dependency was no more and that Halimah , who was

once dependent on others, was now a helper unto others. Her weak
and frail camel now began to give milk in abundance. All this
pleased Sayyidatuna Halimah dearly. She knew that all these
blessings and bounties that she attained were through the Blessed
arrival of Rasoolullah in her humble home.
She wished that she could serve him and care for him for the rest of
her life, but this could not be so. It was the tradition of the Arabs
that the Daais (Nurses) suckled the newborns for an imbursement
that would be given to them and then after a stipulated period of
time, the newborns were returned to their parents.
Our Nabi

& Sayyidatuna Halimah

Sayyidatuna Halimah says that when she brought the

Beloved Rasool to her home, she would never have to burn a
lamp at night, since the Noor of the Noor e Mujassam brightened
her entire home.
She also mentions that when she suckled Sayyiduna Rasoolullah ,
then he would only take milk from the right breast and not from the
left, leaving this, for Sayyidatuna Bibi Halimahs son. He in turn
would abstain from drinking from the left, and would never drink
milk before Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .
She further mentions that the Beloved Rasool was always pure
and clean as a child. He never messed the bedding with passing
urine or stool. Whenever he would need to answer to the call of
nature, he showed a sign and would then do so. She says that she
never needed to rinse his blessed mouth or clean him, as she would

only make the intention and she would find that this was already
Sayyidatuna Halimah

says that the Beloved Rasool grew

very swiftly and his progress was completely different from any
other child.
She says that he grew in a day, what other children grew in a
month and in a month he grew, what other children would grow in a
year. She says that when he was 2 months old he could sit very well.
At 3 months, he began to stand. At 4 months, he walked holding the
wall and at 5 months, he walked and talked very well.
Sayyidatuna Halimah
words he said were,

says, In his first stages, the first

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Alhamdu lil laahi Rabbil Aalameen

Sayyidatuna Halimah

says, At night I would often here him

Laa ilaaha ilal laahu Qudoosun Qudoosun Naamatul Uyoonu wa

Rahmaanu Laa Takhuzuhu sinatuw wala Naum.
Sayyidatuna Halimah says, In his sixth month, Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah began to run, and in his seventh month, he could run
very swiftly. At eight months, he spoke very beautiful words. At
nine months, he spoke with great wisdom and intellect.
Sayyidatuna Halimah states, When Rasoolullah was ten
months old, he could fire an arrow from a bow. Whenever children
called him to play, he would reply by saying, Almighty Allah did not

me create to play. She says, The Beloved Rasool always took

anything with his right hand by saying Bismillah hir Rahmaan nir
Raheem. [Raudat un Naeem]
The Blessed Sayyidatuna Halimah says, Once there was a
drought, so we took the Sayyiduna Rasoolullah with us into a
forest and made Dua by saying, O Allah bestow rain upon us through
this child. Immediately the clouds began to gather, and it began to
rain very hard. It was as if someone had opened the lid of a (huge)
water bottle.
Sayyidatuna Halimah & Splitting of The Chest
Sayyidatuna Halimah was blessed in many ways whilst the
Nabi Kareem was in her humanly care. This continued even until
the incident of The splitting of the Holy Chest occurred.
Once Sayyidatuna Halimahs son rushed home to tell his
mother that he saw three very bright people dressed in white
clothing lay Muhammad down on the ground and split open his
chest. He said, I left them in that condition and came to call you to
Sayyidatuna Halimah and her husband were alarmed and
rushed to the spot where their livestock was grazing. They reached
there to find that Rasoolullah sitting very concerned.
Sayyidatuna Halimah
asked him what had happened.

spoke to him

very gently and

The Beloved Rasool said, Three people, very bright and dressed
in white appeared. They lay me down and then split open my chest.
They then removed something and put in something and then sealed

my chest, and in all that time, I did not even feel the slightest pain.
After this incident, Sayyidatuna Halimah watched the
Beloved Rasool very closely.
When the Beloved Rasool was two years old, he was very healthy
and he was not being suckled anymore, so Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Halimah then (with much sadness) returned him to his
beloved mother, Sayyidatuna Aamina , who showered her
with many valuable gifts. [Madaarij un Nabuiwat]
A Moment to Reflect
From the above we are able to understand how much of blessings
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Halimah Sadiyah received by taking
home the Beloved Rasool . She was chosen by Allah for this noble
task. It showed her piety and purity, hence she was the one chosen
from all the women of Arabia to suckle the beloved Nabi as a
Looking at this brief discussion on Sayyidatuna Halimah we
have also been able to share some glimpses into the amazing and
miraculous childhood of the Beloved Rasool . May there be a
hundred thousand Salutations upon the marvellous Sayyidatuna
Halimah .


Bint Khattab


Sayyidatuna Faatima bint Khattab

of the Beloved Rasool .


also a blessed Sahabiya

Sayyidatuna Faatima bint Khattab is the sister of Hazrat

Umar e Faruq . She and her husband Hazrat Saeed bin Zaid
accepted Islam in the very early stages, but both kept their Islam
hidden, due to the fear of Hazrat Umar who was not as yet a
When Hazrat Umar heard that they had become Muslim, he was
enraged and went to the home of his sister in a fit of rage. The door
was closed but he could hear the round of Quranic recitation from
inside. When he banged on the door, the family members all
dispersed on hearing the voice of Hazrat Umar . When his sister
opened the door, he shouted at her saying, O enemy of your own
life! Have you also accepted Islam?
Hazrat Umar then not a Muslim, lunged at Hazrat Saeed bin Zaid
, grabbed hold of his beard, and started to beat him severely. On
seeing her husband being beaten, Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima
came between Hazrat Umar and her husband. Hazrat Umar
then struck her so hard on her ear that her earring broke and fell off,
covering her face in blood.
Even though she was being beaten, Sayyidatuna Faatima
said to Hazrat Umar , Now do as you wish, but we will never turn
away from Islam, we will never renounce Islam. When Hazrat Umar
saw the face of his sister covered in blood and he heard her
passionate and emotional words, his heart immediately melted. He
remained silent for a short while and then said, Let me also see what
you were reciting.

His sister placed the scripture before him and he started to very
carefully recite few verses of Surah Hadeed, and by the blessing of
the Holy Quran his heart began to change.
When he reached the verse,

4 N
(Those) who believe in Allah and His Rasool.
[Surah Hadeed, Verse 21]
On reciting this verse, tears began to flow from the eyes of Hazrat
Umar and he began to tremble. He immediately left to the blessed
court of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah and this incident with
Sayyidatuna Faatima bint Khattab was the means to him
accepting Islam.
A Moment to Reflect
SubhaanAllah! Such zest, passion and enthusiasm for Haq! Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Faatimas passion for Islam and her love for Islam put
her in a position where she stood against her brother for Haq, and
she did not care what happened to her. She was willing to forsake
her brother, but she was not willing to renounce Islam.
Her passion and her devotion and sincerity was the first spark of
Deen in the heart of Hazrat Umar . The Umar whom everyone
feared before he accepted Islam, melted when he saw the passion,
and enthusiasm for Deen in the eyes of his sister. When he looked at
her bleeding face and her ripped ear, he realised that his sister was
truly in love, not in the love of the world, but in a love deeper than

he could have ever imagined. She had lit in her heart, the lamp of
love for Allah and His Beloved Rasool . Sayyidatuna Faatima bint
Khattab was a truly blessed and devoted woman. Another
blessed name engraved in the hearts of the believers.
All these women that we have discussed and those we will discuss
after this and all the other blessed women of Islam have earned a
place in the History of Islam. Let us go on learning about piety,
sincerity and devotion from such Heavenly Women.




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ummul Fadhl

Rasool .


Sahabiya of the Beloved

Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ummul Fadhl is the paternal aunt of

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She is the wife of Hazrat Sayyiduna
Abbas and the mother of Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas
who is known as Sayyidul Mufassireen (The Imam of the
Commentators of the Quran).
This is the same Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas who has narrated
a vast number of Hadith of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . I will share
with you one of the Hadith narrated by the son of Sayyidatuna
Ummul Fadhl , so that we may also learn something from his
It is reported from Abdullah Ibn Abbas that Rasoolullah
said, The Doors of Paradise are opened unto a person who rises in
the morning, in a state of obedience to his parents. If only one of his
parents is alive, then one door is opened for him, and that person
who wakes up in the morning in a state whereby he disobeyed Allah,
through (disobeying) his parents, then as from the morning, the
doors of hell are opened for him.
If only one parent is alive, then one door is opened for him. A
person said, Even if his parents are unjust towards him? He
said, Even if they are unjust towards him, even if they are unjust
towards him, Even if they are unjust towards him! [Baihaqi]
I will also share with you a Hadith in which Nabi gave beautiful
advice to Hazrat Abbas the husband of Sayyidatuna Ummul Fadhl
. Nabi said to Hazrat Abbas , O Uncle! Should I not
bless you?

Should I not have you forgiven, Should I not give you? Should I not
be favourable towards you? There are 10 traits that if you perform
them, Allah will forgive your sin, the sins of the past, the sins in the
future, old sins, or that which you committed by mistake, and that
which you have committed intentionally, big or small.
After mentioning this, he taught (him) the manner of performing
Salaatut Tasbeeh. He then said, If you are able to perform it once
daily, then do so, and if you do not do it daily, then do it once on
every Friday. Additionally, if you cannot even do this, then perform
it at least once in a month, and if you cannot even do this, then at
least perform it once in your lifetime.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ummul Fadhl accepted Islam even
before Hazrat Abbas . Huzoor was always very loving and
caring towards her.
Nabi Kareem blessed her with many glad-tidings. She wished to
make Hijrat but did not have the means to make Hijrat. A verse of
the Quran was revealed concerning her that because she did not
have the means to make Hijrat, she was not compelled to do so.
A Moment to Reflect
The Beloved Rasool blessed her and showed special care towards
her due to her love for Allah and her sincerity and devotion in
spreading the teachings of the Hadith. Undoubtedly, she was a
woman of great wisdom and knowledge as her son was blessed with
being the distinguished Imam ul Mufassireen. As we mentioned
above, she is the blessed mother of Hazrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn
Abbas .

SubhaanAllah again we learn the importance of steadfastness and

the importance of being loyal and devoted wives and mothers. This
is what pleases Almighty Allah and this becomes the means of Mercy
and Blessing from the Court of Allah.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ummul Fadhl was truly an inspiration
to those around her, and indeed she is a means of inspiration to us
even till this day. We should strive to channel our energy and our
abilities positively, as this was what great women like Sayyidatuna
Ummul Fadhl taught us.


Rubai Bint


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Rubai bint Muawwiz is a Sahabiya of

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She is an Ansaariya Sahabiya and is also
the daughter of the person who actually killed Abu Jahl in the Battle
of Badr, Hazrat Muawwiz bin Afraah . She took Baiat from
Rasoolullah at Bait ur Ridwaan. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah placed
his special blessings upon her. It is reported that on the day of her
wedding, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah visited her home, and one
narration mentions that she sent dates to the Beloved Rasool .
Additionally, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah accepted this and gifted her
with some gold or silver, and said, Use it to make some jewellery (for
your self).
Imam Waaqidi E E reported an astonishing incident, which is as
follows; He mentions that there was a lady by the name of Asma bint
Makhrama who used to sell perfume in Madinatul Munawwarah.
She brought perfume to Sayyidatuna Rubai bint Muawwiz
and said, Are you the daughter of that person who killed his chief (of
the tribe, i.e. Abu Jahl)? Sayyidatuna Rubai bint Muawwiz
passionately said, I am the daughter of that person who killed his
slave. On hearing this, the lady became very upset and said, it is now
forbidden upon me to sell my perfume to you. Sayyidatuna Rubai
also became upset and in passion said, It is also Haraam upon
me now to buy your perfume, and I have not found the perfume any
one to have a worse smell than yours. Hazrat Rubai says that in
reality her perfume did not smell bad, but I said this to upset her,
because she praised Abul Jahl. [Al Istiaab]
A Moment To Reflect
SubhaanAllah! This is what we call true love for Allah and His
Rasool , and hatred for those who are the enemy of Allah and His
Rasool . Love for the sake of Allah and hate for the sake of Allah.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Rumaan

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

is also a Sahabiya of

She is the blessed wife of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique

mother of Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa .

and the

She was very beautiful and possessed amazing character. It was due
to this, that Rasoolullah used to say, If someone wishes to see a
Hur (Maiden of Jannah) in this world, they should look at
Sayyidatuna Umme Rumaan E . This is because she is like a
Hur in her beauty and beautiful character.
In 6 Hijri when Sayyidatuna Umme Rumaan passed from
this world, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah personally went into her grave
and lowered her into the grave, and then made Dua for her
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah then said, O Allah! Whatever goodness
Umme Rumaan displayed with You and Your Rasool is indeed not
hidden from You, so make her Maghfirat. [Al Istiaab]
A Moment To Reflect
Goodness allows one to earn goodness. Sayyidatuna Umme Rumaan
lived a life of piety. With the exception of her outer beauty,
she was also blessed with inner beauty and beautiful character. This
earned her the Dua of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . We should always
concentrate on our inner beauty and changing our inner-self more
than we pay attention to our outer appearance.




Sayyidatuna Umme Atiyyah

Beloved Nabi .

is also a Sahabiya of the

Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Atiyyah was a very courageous and

blessed Sahabiya. She went into seven battles with Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah . She would feed water to the Mujahideen and treat
the wounded and care for the ill.
Hazrat Umme Atiyyah said, I partook in seven battles with
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . I would remain in the camp and cook for
the men, treat the wounded and nurse the ill. [Muslim]
She loved Sayyiduna Rasoolullah so deeply that whenever she
mentioned the name of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah , she would say,
My father be sacrificed upon you (Ya RasoolAllah ). [Al Istiaab]
A Moment To Reflect
Inculcate and embed in your hearts the true love for Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah . It is the love of our Beloved Nabi Kareem which
is the soul of our Imaan. It is through the light of this love that we
are able to see the beauty of the pious.
If we have true love for Nabi Kareem we will never befriend or
keep the company of those who insult and slander the Beloved Nabi
. Nabi Kareem said, None from amongst you is a true believer
until he loves me more than his father (parents), children and all the


Haala bint


Sayyidatuna Haala bint Khuwailid

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

is also a Sahabiya of

Hazrat Haala bint Khuwailid was the sister in law of Nabi

Kareem and the sister of Sayyidatuna Khadija . Because
of Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khadija Sayyiduna Rasoolullah
cared for her dearly.
Once, Hazrat Sayyidatuna Haala bint Khuwailid stood
outside the door of the house and then requested permission to
enter. Her voice used to be very close to the voice of Sayyidatuna
Khadija .
When Sayyiduna Rasoolullah heard her blessed voice, Nabi
Kareem immediately thought about Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Khadijatul Kubra . Sayyiduna Rasoolullah quickly rose
and opened the door. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah became very please
and said, It is Haala bint Khuwailid [ ! Bukhari]
A Moment to Reflect
This again shows the deep love that the Beloved Rasool possessed
for Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khadija , that even after her passing
away he showed love and respect to the sister of Sayyidatuna
Khadija . This is what Nabi Kareem taught us. He on
many occasions mentioned the important of keeping good family
relations, and the Barkat that one attains from this.
This however does not apply when your family members have
become Budmazhab (deviants), for we have been commanded to
keep away from deviants.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Khalid

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

was a Sahabiya of

When the Muslims migrated to Abyssinia, Sayyidatuna Umme

Khaalid was born in Abyssinia. When her family migrated
from Abyssinia to Madinatul Munawwarah, her father took her into
the Holy Court of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . She was wearing yellow
clothing at this time. One seeing her Sayyiduna Rasoolullah said;
This is a very beautiful dress and very beautiful fabric.
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah then with much care and love covered her
in a floral shawl and said,
Use it until old. Pray over her (for Nazr) as she looks very beautiful.
This Dua actually mean that she will grow to be old and she should
continue wearing that shawl until it also becomes old. The Barkat of
this Dua of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah was such that Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Umme Khaalid lived to be so old, that the
people always spoke about how she lived to be so old.
The people would often say,
We have never heard of any other person in Madina who lived to be
as old as her (Umme Khaalid ) .


Umme Kulthum
Bint Uqba


Sayyidatuna Umme Kulthum bint Uqba

Rasool e Akram .


also a Sahabiya of

Sayyidatuna Umme Kulthum bint Uqba accepted Islam in

Makkah Muazzamah. She was unable to acquire a mode of transport,
i.e. a horse or a camel etc., due to her poverty, so she made Hijrat, i.e.
migrated to Madinatul Munawwarah by foot. She reached Madina
Shareef and took the Baiat at the blessed hands of Rasoolullah .
In Madina, Hazrat Zaid bin Haaritha made Nikah to her. When
Hazrat Zaid bin Haaritha was martyred in the Battle of Mawta, the
Jannati Sahabi (i.e. one who was given glad tidings of Jannah by
Rasoolullah whilst on this earth), Hazrat Zubair married her.
After some time he gave her Talaaq. She then made Nikah to
another Jannati Sahabi, Hazrat Abdur Rahman bin Awf and she
was then blessed with two sons, Ibrahim and Humaid. After Hazrat
Abdur Rahman bin Awf passed from this world, The Conqueror of
Egypt, Hazrat Amr ibnil Aas made Nikah to her. She lived
thereafter for few months and then passed away. Sayyidatuna
Umme Kulthum bint Uqba was a sister (or cousin sister)
from Hazrat Uthman e Ghanis mothers side. [Istiaab]
A Moment To Reflect
Sayyidatuna Umme Kulthum bint Uqba was poverty stricken
and faced a life of hardships, but still she made Hijrat to Madina
Shareef by foot, in order to be near the Beloved Rasool and the
Sahaba e Kiraam. Her life should serve as an example to us. We
should realise that poverty should not be an obstacle to us, in the
way of Haq and virtue.


Shifa Bint


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Shifa bint Abdullah is a blessed

Sahabiya of Nabi Kareem . She accepted Islam even before Hijrat.
She was a very wise, intelligent and knowledgeable woman. The
Beloved Rasool was always very kind and compassionate towards
her. She was also amongst the first Muslim female teachers and was
known to be a physician.
She once made a very special bedding for the Beloved Rasool .
When the Beloved Rasool would sometimes visit her home in the
afternoon, he would rest at her home (after lunch), so
Sayyidatuna Shifa bint Abdullah would lay out that
particular bedding for Nabi Kareem to rest on. She would not
allow anyone else to either sit or sleep on that bedding. [Istiaab]
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah had also gifted her with a house, wherein
she lived with her son Sulayman . Ameerul Momineen Hazrat
Sayyiduna Umar e Faruq respected her dearly, and he would often
take her advice on important issues. She also knew an incantation
which removed the poison when bitten by a scorpion. Nabi Kareem
asked her to teach this incantation to his beloved wife, Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Hafsah . Hence, she was close to Rasoolullah
. [Istiaab]
A Moment To Reflect
She possessed such deep and true love and respect for Rasoolullah
that she would not allow anyone else to sit or sleep on the
bedding on which Nabi Kareem would rest. This was her love for
Rasoolullah . After Hazrat Sayyidatuna Shifa passed
away, that special bedding was passed down to her son Hazrat
Sayyiduna Sulayman bin Abi Huthma . This also explains that
spiritual incantations which are permissible are allowed in Islam.

Umme Darda


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Darda

of Rasoolullah .

is also a blessed Sahabiya

She is the blessed wife of the famous Sahabi e Rasool Hazrat Abu
Darda . Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Darda is that Sahabi who
narrated many Ahadith of Rasoolullah . One of the Hadith
narrated by him that Imam Tirmizi has reported is as follows:
Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Darda narrated that the Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah said, Whoever defends his brother's honour
(reputation), Allah protects his face from the hell-fire on the Day of
Qiyaamat. [Tirmizi]
She was blessed to be in the Nikah of such a blessed companion like
Hazrat Abu Darda . She was known for her piety, knowledge and
deep devotion and Ibaadat. Hazrat Umme Darda was very
well known for her knowledge of Fiqh. [Istiaab]
Imam Jalaaluddeen As Suyuti quotes a narration reported by
Umme Darda about her husband Hazrat Abu Darda . He
says, Umme Dardah 6 reports that it was the manner of Abu
Dardah that when any good person passed away he would say, O,
I wish I was in your place. His mother objected to him saying this
so he said, You do not know that a person rises in the morning with
Imaan and by the evening he becomes a munafiq (hypocrite), and his
Imaan is taken away from him in this oblivious state. It is for this
reason that I envy (in a good way) this deceased (who has gone with
Imaan), and I give preference to it (death) over this life in which
there is Namaaz and Fasting. [Sharhus Sudoor]


Rubai bint


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Rubai bint Nadhr

of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

is a blessed Sahabiya

Sayyidatuna Rubai bint Nadhr is the paternal aunt of the

famous Sahabi Hazrat Anas bin Malik . She was a very courageous
and enthusiastic Sahabiya. Her son Hazrat Haaritha bin Suraqa
was also a marvellous personality.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Rubai bint Nadhr was a very honoured
woman amongst the Ansaari families. When her son Haaritha was
martyred (made Shaheed) she said, Ya RasoolAllah ! If my son is
in Jannat, then I will remain patient, otherwise I will grieve to such
an extent that even you will see it (i.e. I will strive to pray for him
to reach goodness). Sayyiduna Rasoolullah said, Your son is in
Jannat ul Firdaus. [Istiaab]
A Moment To Reflect
The incident about the son of Sayyiduna Rubai bint Nadhr
shows how much Yaqeen (faith) she had in the words of Sayyiduna
Rasoolullah . It also teaches us that the Sahaba e Kiraam took
solace in times of difficulty in the word of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah ,
because they knew and believed that his word was the truth.
We should learn from the beloved servants of Allah to have Yaqeen
in every word of our Beloved Rasool as this is our means of
success and salvation. We should never doubt even for a moment
any word of Nabi Kareem , for one who doubts the word of Nabi
Kareem can never be regarded as a true believer.


Umme Saaib


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Umme Saaib

of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .


also a blessed Sahabiya

She was a very elderly and blind Sahabiya. She left her home and
migrated to Madinatul Munawwarah, where she lived amongst the
companions of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .
There is an amazing and miraculous incident which is attributed to
her. She was a blessed with a son, who suddenly passed away during
infancy. The people covered his blessed body with a sheet and then
informed Sayyidatuna Umme Saaib that her son had passed
away. On hearing this, her eyes filled up with tears and she then
raised both her hands and made this Dua:
O Allah! I brought Imaan in You, and I left my native land and made
Hijrat towards Your Nabi . By this, O my Allah! I ask Dua to You,
that you do not let me face the difficulty of my sons death.
Sahabi e Rasool Hazrat Anas bin Malik says, the moment Hazrat
Umme Saaib completed her Dua, her son moved the sheet
from his face and then sat up, alive.
A Moment To Reflect
SubhaanAllah! Look at the power of Karaamat which Almighty
Allah has blessed to those women who were sincere and true in their
love for Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . Look at the power and Karaamat
in the Dua of this blessed Sahabiya of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah . It is
something to think about, that if this is the power in the Dua of
Sayyidatuna Umme Saaib then what can be said about the
power of the Dua of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah !



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Kabsha Ansaariya

Sahabiya of Nabi Kareem .

was a blessed

Once Sayyiduna Rasoolullah placed his blessed mouth against the

mouth of her leathern water bottle and drank water. After the
Beloved Rasool drank from this leathern water bottle, Hazrat
Sayyidatuna Kabsha cut off the mouth of the leathern water
bottle and kept it away.
A narration explaining the above is reported in Ibn Majah. It
mentions that she cut off the mouth of the leather water bottle (i.e.
water skin), so that she may seek the blessing of the place where
Sayyiduna Rasoolullah placed his blessed mouth.
SubhaanAllah! This was the love that Hazrat Kabsha
possessed for the Beloved Rasool . It showed how much she
respected that which was touched by the Beloved Rasool .
A Moment To Reflect
Today, the corrupt wahabis, deobandis mock the believers who show
respect to the blessed relics, which are attributed to the Beloved
Rasool , and they tell people that there is no benefit in touching or
honouring these relics. What will these corrupt deviants say about
the action of Hazrat Kabsha ?
This one incident pertaining to the life of Hazrat Kabsha is
sufficient for us to understand the love, respect and honour the
Sahaba e Kiraam possessed for Nabi , and it confirms to us the
Aqida of the Sahaba e Kiraam. It also shows it is us the Ahle Sunnat
Wa Jamaat who are the true believers. as we believe in accordance
with the belief of the Sahaba e Kiraam.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khansa

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

was a blessed Sahabiya of

She was known to be a very famous poetess during the era of

Jaahiliyah (days of ignorance). During the days of ignorance, one of
the most famous fairs held by the kufaar was known as the Ukaaz.
She would have a tent pitched there and outside her tent there
would be a huge sign which read, The most famous Elegy Poetess of
She later accepted Islam and was even present in Khilaafat of Hazrat
Umar e Faruq . There are also compilations of her poetry present
till this day. Even the great scholars of literature have said that in
the poetry, No women has written such poetry as Khansa.
Allama Abul Farah Isfahani has written that, she is blessed with
being a Sahabiya, and with the exception of being an exemplary
poetess, she was also very brave and courageous. In 14 Hijri during
the battle of Qadsiyah, which took place between the Muslims and
Persians, She took her four sons with her and entered the raging
The Muslim soldiers were ready and standing in their ranks. The
battle lines were drawn. She then gave a speech of encouragement
to her sons with the following words:
O my beloved sons! You were neither a burden to your country, and
nor were you facing any drought, but with all that, you brought your
elderly mother here and you combusted the flame of Persia. Just as
you are the sons of one mother, you are also the sons of one father. I
never betrayed your father in any way, nor did I disgrace your
maternal uncle. Now go forth, and fight till the end.

After hearing the passionate words of their mother, the four

brothers altogether entered the battlefields and attacked the enemy
lines. When they became hidden from her sight, Hazrat Sayyidatuna
Khansa raised her hands and said,
O Allah! You are the Protector and Helper of my children, You assist
All four brothers fought bravely and courageously, until all four of
them were martyred in this battle. Hazrat Sayyiduna Umar e Faruq
was deeply touched by this incident of the four brothers and their
mother. After they were martyred, Hazrat Umar paid their
salaries which they received to their mother, until her end.
A Moment To Reflect
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khansa was undoubtedly a mother who
knew what was best for her children. She encouraged them to strive
and fight for what was Haq. She took her children personally into
the battlefield for the defence of Islam.
Look at the excellence they received! All four children were
martyred and blessed with Maqaam e Shahaadat, but look at the
courage of Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khansa . She was willing to
sacrifice all four of her sons for the pleasure of Allah and His Rasool
and for the protection of Deen Mustafa .
When she could not see her children any longer, she did not go out
in search of them, but rather, she raised her hands and made Dua in
Court of Allah, for the sake of her sons. It showed that she had full
faith in whatever was destined for her children, by the Will of Allah.

It is women like Hazrat Sayyidatuna Khansa who are the

examples to mothers of today. Nowadays, we find mothers are so
busy in their worldly activities that they are not even able to
encourage their children to recite the Holy Quran or perform their
Salaah in their appointed times. We find that many mothers today
are so engrossed in their materialistic lives that they have forgotten
about making sacrifices for the Imaan of their children.
We need to sacrifice, time and effort so that we may create Islamic
awareness in our children. We should strive to educate them in
Deen and allow them to understand the beauty of obeying Almighty
Allah and His Beloved Rasool .




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Muazah Adawiyyah was a very blessed

and pious woman. She was the student of Ummul Momineen
Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqa . It is mentioned that she spent
her days and nights in the Ibaadat of Almighty Allah. Narrations
have mentioned that she would perform six hundred (600) Rakaat of
Nafil Salaah in a day and night. She was known to stay awake the
entire night in the remembrance of Allah and in striving to perform
Nafil Ibaadat. She never looked towards the sky, due to the fear of
Almighty Allah. At times when she would become completely
exhausted from remaining awake for nights on end, she would
sometimes sleep for an hour or two during the daytime. When she
did sleep, she would address her nafs and say, Why did you fall
asleep now? This is the time to do good deeds. Instead of sleeping,
you should remain awake and strive to perform some virtuous deeds.
After death, when there will be no time for Amal (virtuous deeds),
then all you will have to do, is sleep till Qiyaamat.
At times she would address her Nafs and say, Why should I sleep?
How do I know when death will come? What if I remain asleep and I
become oblivious of the remembrance of Allah, and then whilst in
this condition, death overtakes me?
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Muazah Adawiyyah was engrossed in
the fear of Allah, and this is a sign of Wilaayat. Allah bless all
Muslims with this real treasure.
A Moment To Reflect
Sadly, nowadays many of our mothers and sisters are so engrossed in
the television and the dramas on television, that they are oblivious
of death and the realities of the hereafter. What if death comes to
you whilst you are engrossed in watching television?

Aisha Zaahida
(Aunt of Ghauth e Azam)


Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Zaahida was the paternal aunt of

Sayyiduna Ghauth e Azam Shaykh Abdul Qaadir Jilani .
She was a great Waliyah and undoubtedly a pious and blessed
woman. Once, Gilan (Jilan) was facing a drought and there was no
rain at all. The people of Jilan were overwhelmed by the drought
and thus went to her as she was known to be a very pious and Allah
Fearing woman. They asked her to make Dua so that it may rain and
so that the drought may be alleviated.
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aisha Jilani swept the courtyard of her
home and then looked up towards the sky and said,
O my Rub! I have swept the courtyard, now it is up to You to
sprinkle the water (over the dust).
It is reported that after she made this Dua, it began to rain
immensely, to the extent that the people were pleased and the
drought was alleviated. [Bahjatul Asraar & Qalaid ul Jawaahir]
A Moment To Reflect
Alhamdu Lillah, this is the excellence and blessings of those who are
the pious an Allah fearing servants. This was her Yaqeen in the
Mercy of Allah. She had full hope and faith in Almighty Allahs
Mercy, so Almighty Allah did not allow her hope and faith to go
unanswered. He showered the rains of mercy and by her blessing,
Almighty Allah allowed the drought to be alleviated.




This is that pious woman, who is well-known to the entire Muslim

world. She used to weep day and night in the fear of Almighty Allah.
If anyone spoke of hell in her presence, then she would become
unconscious due to the fear of Allah. She used to spend most of her
time praying Nafil Salaah.
Almighty Allah had blessed her with such a pure heart, that she
could tell of things that happened thousands of miles away. She was
without doubt a Waliyah. Not only did she know what would happen
distances away, but she could see them happening with her eyes.
Great Scholars and Saints would come to her home to take her
blessings and her Duas. Sayyidatuna Rabia Basriyah spent
her entire life in the Ibadaat of Almighty Allah.
Sayyidatuna Rabia Basriyah was drowned in the love of
Almighty Allah and would spend her nights in Allahs remembrance.
One night Rabia Basriyah was in Ibaadat in the privacy of
her chambers, when she was overcome by exhaustion and fell asleep.
She was so deep asleep due to spending so much time in Ibaadat that
even when the reed from the mat she was asleep on broke and
pierced her eye, causing it to bleed, she did not know.
At that moment, a thief entered her home and grabbed her shawl
(sheet). He was then about to leave and his way was blocked for him.
When he dropped the shawl, he was able to see the exit, but when he
picked it up, he could not find the exit.
He again took the shawl and returned, only to find that the exit was
blocked. Once more he dropped the shawl. He repeated this 7 times,
until he heard a voice calling out to him.

The voice said, O Man! Do not cause yourself distress. She has
given herself to Us now for so many years that the shaitaan himself
does not have the audacity to linger anywhere near her. How then
can a thief have the audacity to creep round her shawl? Be gone,
thief! Do not put yourself to such pains. If one friend has fallen
asleep, one Friend (i.e. the True Friend) is awake and keeping
A Moment To Reflect
May Almighty Allah bless our mothers and sisters to learn from the
life of this pious and saintly woman. May the life and the teachings
of Sayyidatuna Rabia Basriyah serve as a means of guidance
and understanding for Muslim sisters.
May her blessings be a means of the acceptance of our duas and a
guiding light for all of us in the hereafter. Aameen.





Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima Nishapuriya is a great Waliyah

of her time. She was a very blessed and pious personality who spent
her days and nights in the remembrance of Allah. One of the great
mystics of Egypt Hazrat Sayyiduna Zunnoon Misri used to often
say, I have attained immense blessings from this blessed servant of
Allah (i.e. from Sayyidatuna Faatima Nishapuriya ) .
Hazrat Sayyiduna Khaja Bayazeed e Bustami says, Amongst the
females (of this era), I have not seen anyone more pious than
Sayyidatuna Faatima Nishapuriya .
Hazrat Sayyidatuna Faatima Nishapuriya used to say, The
one, who becomes neglectful from the remembrance of Allah, is
plunged into every sin. Whatever comes to his tongue, he blurts it
out, and whatever (evil) he thinks about in his heart, he acts upon it.
Additionally, the one who remains in the remembrance of Allah, he
abstains from uttering sinful words, and he is protected from sinful
Sayyidatuna Faatima Nishapuriya passed away in Makkah
Mukarramah on the way to Umrah in 223 Hijri.
A Moment To Reflect
We should take heed the very important words of Sayyidatuna
Faatima Nishapuriya , and we need to look at our own lives
and our daily actions. We must reflect on your lives this far and try
to change ourselves for the better, so that we may be saved in the
hereafter from the Azaab of Allah.




Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aamina Ramaliyyah is a very great

Waliyah, and was blessed with the power of Karaamat. It is said
about Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aamina Ramaliyyah that Hazrat
Sayyiduna Bishr Haafi who was a very great Muhaddith and a
great Saahib e Karaamat would often go to visit her and to attain her
Duas and blessings. Once, Hazrat Sayyiduna Bishr Haafi became
ill, so Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aamina Ramaliyyah went to visit
him. Co-incidentally, Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Ahmed had also
come to visit Hazrat Sayyiduna Bishr Haafi . When Hazrat
Sayyiduna Imam Ahmed heard that Sayyidatuna Aamina
Ramaliyyah had come to visit Sayyiduna Bishr Haafi , he
said to Hazrat Bishr Haafi , Ask the blessed lady to make Dua for
me. When Sayyidatuna Aamina Ramaliyyah was requested
to make Dua for Sayyiduna Imam Ahmed she said, O Allah!
Protect Bishr Haafi and Ahmed bin Hambal from the torment of
Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Ahmed bin Hambal says, On that very
night, a sheet of paper fell from the sky before me, on which after
Bismillah, it was written, We have given Bishr Haafi and Ahmed bin
Hambal salvation from the torment of hell, and by Us, there is even
greater bounties for these two.
A Moment To Reflect
SubhaanAllah! Look at the excellence Hazrat Sayyidatuna Aamina
Ramaliyyah attained that the great Imam of the Hambali
Madhab Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Ahmed bin Hambal sought her
Dua, and was blessed with excellence in there hereafter by virtue of
her Dua. Many sisters feel that only men can progress spiritually.
This is incorrect. If you strive with sincerity for the pleasure of Allah
and follow the commands of Allah and His Rasool with sincerity,
then you too can reach exalted levels of Ruhaniyat.



Hazrat Sayyidatuna Maymuna Sawdah was a very blessed

and pious lady and was known as a very great Waliyah of her era.
One of the very great Saahib e Karaamat Walis of his time, Hazrat
Sayyiduna Abdul Waahid bin Zaid says, I once made a Dua saying,
O Allah! Allow me in this world just once, to see that lady who will
be my wife in Jannat. Almighty Allah inspired upon my heart that,
the lady (who will be my wife in Jannat) is Sayyidatuna Maymuna
Sawdah , and she lives in Kufa. I then journeyed to Kufa.
When I arrived there, I asked the people about the whereabouts of
Sayyidatuna Maymuna Sawdah and they all informed me
that she was an ecstatic woman, who grazes goats in the wilderness.
I went into the wilderness in search of her. When I got there, I found
her standing, engrossed in Salaah. I saw wolves and sheep walking
together (as she prayed). When she completed her Salaah (Namaaz),
she turned towards me and said, O Abdul Waahid! Go! You and I
will meet in Jannat (Paradise). I was amazed that she even knew my
name, and she was also knew my reason for visiting her. This
thought had just crossed my mind, when suddenly she said, O Abdul
Waahid! Do you know not that from the beginning, all those souls
who have recognised each other, they love each other whilst on the
earth? I then said, I am seeing wolves and sheep grazing together,
what is the wisdom behind this? On hearing this she said, Go and
keep busy with your work. Leave me to perform my Salaah. I have
sorted out my state of affairs with Almighty Allah, so Almighty Allah
has sorted out the state of affairs of my sheep with the wolves.
A Moment To Reflect
Such great and blessed women are surely an inspiration to us. May
Allah bless us with goodness through their blessings. Aameen

Ummul Khayr


Sayyidatuna Ummul Khayr Faatima is that blessed woman is

known to the all those who are the lovers and devotees of Huzoor
Sayyiduna Sarkaar Ghauth e Azam Jilani .
She is a great Waliyah and Zaahida and the blessed mother of Huzoor
Sayyiduna Ghauth e Azam Shaykh Abdul Qaadir Jilani Al Baghdadi .
Sayyidatuna Ummul Khayr Faatima is from the descendants
of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah through Sayyiduna Imam Husain .
Her piety and the incident relating to her marriage to Sayyiduna Abu
Saleh the father of Huzoor Ghauth e Azam is a very well known
one. Sayyiduna Abu Saaleh was a very pious and humble person.
Sayyidah Ummul Khayr Faatima was also a great Aabida and
Zaahida. It has been narrated that when Sayyiduna Abu Saaleh
was in the prime of his youth he would spend most of his time in
Mujaahida (Striving in the path of Allah).
Once, he was performing Ibaadat beside a river, when he felt the
need to eat, as he had not eaten for three days and three nights.
Whilst in this thought, he saw an apple floating down the river
towards him. He reached into the river and took the apple. After he
had eaten the apple, a thought crossed his mind concerning the
origin of the fruit that he had eaten. He reasoned that although the
apple flowed in the river, it had to belong to someone and that he
had eaten this apple without the permission of the owner.
He immediately began to walk along the bank of the river looking for
the source of the apple. He walked for a long time until he came to
an orchard. There, he saw an apple tree. The branches of the tree
were hanging over the river. The apples from the tree were falling
into the river and were being carried downstream.

When he observed this, he immediately realised that the apple,

which he had eaten, had come from this very tree. He entered the
orchard and queried concerning the owner of the orchard. He was
informed that the owner was Sayyiduna Abdullah Soomee . He
went to the owner and explained to him the incident concerning
him eating the apple. He then asked Sayyiduna Abdullah Soomee
to forgive him for his mishap.
After listening to Sayyiduna Abu Saaleh , Sayyiduna Abdullah
Soomee immediately realised that this was no ordinary young
man. Indeed, he knew that this was a chosen servant of Almighty
Allah. Sayyiduna Abdullah Soomee agreed to forgive him for
eating the apple, but this, he told him, was subject to a condition.
The condition being that Sayyiduna Abu Saaleh would have to
take care of the orchard, and perform Mujaahida there for ten years.
Sayyiduna Abu Saaleh accepted this condition with great
He served in the orchard for ten years and also performed
Mujaahida. After ten years had passed, he went to Sayyiduna
Abdullah Soomee to be pardoned. Shaikh Abdullah Soomee
asked him to serve for another two years, which he accepted again
without objection. After these two years had passed, he went back to
Sayyiduna Abdullah Soomee and asked to be pardoned.
Sayyiduna Abdullah Soomee agreed to pardon him on one last
He said, O Abu Saaleh! I have a daughter who is paralysed at her
legs, her hands are crippled, and she is deaf and blind. I would like
for you to marry her.


When most people would have rejected such a condition, Sayyiduna

Abu Saaleh gladly accepted this condition. After the Nikah, he
went into his room to see his bride for the very first time. To his
amazement, he saw a beautiful healthy young woman sitting in his
room. He thought that there had been some mistake and that the
wrong woman was in his room. He rushed out of the room and
presented himself before Sayyiduna Abdullah Soomee .
On seeing him, Sayyiduna Abdullah Soomee smiled and then said,
Do not fear. It is she that is my daughter. All the qualities that I
had explained to you concerning her are true. I said she was
paralysed, because she has never taken a single step out of this house
(and against Shariah). I said she was crippled, because she has never
done anything against the Shariah. I said she was blind because she
has never seen a ghayr Mahram (a strange male), and I said that she
was deaf because she has never heard a single word against the
Shariah. SubhaanAllah!
A Mothers Advice to her Son
Huzoor Ghauth e Azam decided to journey to Baghad to attain
knowledge of Deen. Sayyidatuna Ummul Khayr Faatima was
already in her old age, but she agreed to his journey as she knew that
it was for the sake of Deen e Mustafa . Sayyidatuna Ummul Khayr
Faatima bid farewell to her beloved son Sayyiduna Shaykh
Abdul Qaadir Jilaani .
It was that time in her life, where parents usually depend on their
children for moral and financial support, but this pious and pure
servant of Allah wanted only the pleasure of Allah and His Rasool .
Whilst she was very attached to Sarkaar-e-Ghauth-e-Azam , she
did not let her personal feelings come before the pleasure of Allah.

She wished her son to be a man of knowledge and wisdom. In those

days, people travelled either by foot or by camel etc. and the roads
passed through dense jungles and forests. There was always a real
danger of travellers being robbed and killed. Knowing all this, she
still supported his request and wished him well with her duas. She
advised her beloved son with the following words,
O my dear son! I have now become very old and I do not think I will
ever get to see you again, but my Dua will always be with you. May
Almighty Allah grant you success in your quest for academic and
spiritual knowledge. Your deceased father left eighty Dinaars, from
which I am giving forty dinaars to you, for your journey and forty
dinaars I will keep for your younger brother Sayyid Abu Ahmad
She took the forty dinaars and sewed them under the arm of his coat.
She once again made dua for him and on bidding him farewell gave
him the following advice,
O my beloved son! Let this advice which I am about to give you be
an important part of your life. Always speak the truth! Do not even
think of lies. On hearing this Huzoor Ghuas-e-Azam said, My
beloved mother! I promise from my heart, that I will always act
upon your advice.
Sayyida Faatima then embraced the apple of her eye with
love and motherly gentleness for the last time, she bid him farewell
with the words,
Go! May Allah be with you. It is He who is your Helper and

A Moment To Reflect
SubhaanAllah! This is such a beautiful incident about the marriage
of Sayyidatuna Ummul Khayr Faatima to Hazrat Sayyiduna
Abu Saleh .
It shows us that pious parents give birth to pious children. If a
mother is pious and Allah fearing, and she educates and nurtures her
children accordingly, then Insha Allah, they too will be pious and
Allah fearing.
If a mother advises her child in accordance with the commands of
Allah and His Rasool then indeed the child will learn to follow
Let us learn from the life of Hazrat Sayyidatuna Ummul Khayr
Faatima .