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Role Profile

Country Director_Concern Worldwide

Role Description
SRI has been retained by Concern Worldwide to assist with their search for exceptional
candidates to fill the position of Country Director.
Reporting to the Regional Director, the Country Director will have overall responsibility for
the strategic development and on-going management of the Concern Chad programme,
ensuring that it is effective in meeting objectives as set out in agreed strategic direction
papers / strategic plans, annual plans, programme proposals, etc. and is in line with Concern
Worldwide policies & procedures and the global strategic plan. S/he will lead the senior
management team and represent the organisation with government, donors and other
international organisations.
This is a full-time position and the successful candidate will initially be engaged on a 3 year
contract that will be based in NDjamena, Chad.

Please note that applications should be submitted using SRI directly not
through Concern via this email address - Ms. Peeui Sangalang, Researcher,
SRI Executive at
Duties and Responsibilities:
Leadership and Strategic Direction:

Lead / Guide Country Management Team, ensuring a participative decision

making process on policy and strategic direction.
Provide effective leadership, enthusiastically managing and supporting the
Concern team and leading by example on Concerns values, to achieve
organisational outcomes
Ensure staff capacity, organisational structures and programme
approaches are fit for purpose and able to effectively deliver strategic
organisational goals
Develop programmatic strategies and operational systems that balance
country, donor and organisational priorities and capabilities.
Engage with major organisational advocacy issues, providing support and
leadership for key strategic campaigns.
Lead on the implementation of the HAP accountability plan for Concern

Risk Management & Financial Accountability:

Ensure that there is optimal use of financial resources within the

organisation; managed in a transparent and accountable manner
consistent with Concerns and donor policies, systems and procedures,
delivering quality results and demonstrating value for money.
Ensure effective financial management systems, processes and controls,
compliant with good operating standards and the relevant legal
requirements in-country and ensure that financial systems and schemes of
delegation can be modified rapidly in the event of an emergency.

Monitor and manage existing legal cases, making decisions that minimise
Concerns financial, reputational and legal risks and ensuring that the
Concern lawyer is providing appropriate legal support.
Respond robustly to any suspicions or reports of fraud, code of conduct
abuses or other misdemeanours, ensuring that Concerns policy and
procedures on investigations are adhered to.
Ensure that Concern Chad complies with all relevant national legal and
administrative requirements (project approvals, expat work permits, timely
payment of all taxes, etc).
With the Country Management Team, identify all risks and implement
mitigating measures.

Programme Development and Implementation:

Support and guide the ACD Programmes to ensure programmes are

designed and implemented in line with Concern Worldwide policies, quality
standard and building on past learning.
Ensure that organisational approaches such as mainstreaming, HIV,
equality, partnership and Preparing for Effective Emergency Responses
(PEER) are effectively incorporated across Concern Chads programmes.
Ensure monitoring and evaluation systems are implemented in line with
Concern policies and tools to measure impact and efficiency, incorporating
a results-based management approach
Enable an organisational culture supporting effective learning and sharing
and continual improvement of programme quality.
Lead the development and delivery of high quality and innovative
strategies for information and communication management.

Support Systems:

Support and guide the General Systems Manager and Country Financial
Controller to ensure that effective and efficient administrative & logistical
and financial support are provided to the staff of Concern Worldwide.
Maintain and develop an efficient administrative, logistical and financial
capacity within the programme.
Support the CFC in budget preparation, revision and monitoring, ensuring
that budget holders actively manage their cost centres and prepare
accurate budgets in line with the annual plan.
Ensure that a schedule of reports (to Dublin, donors and / or government)
is maintained and that reports are prepared and submitted on time.
Establish and maintain an effective safety and security management
system to meet agreed standards.
Ensure that Concerns IT systems provide efficient and effective
communication and data management for the organisation, linking with
Concern Worldwide systems.

Human Resource Management:

Support and guide the HR Manager to ensure that there are competent
and empowered human resources, in a fair, diverse and efficient
workplace where respect for people and equality are valued and promoted
within a programme of excellent people practices.
Ensure that the National HR Manual and HR policies are in line with
organisational and national legal requirements and that all staff are aware
of and comply with these.

Ensure that the remuneration and benefits package for national staff
remains competitive and that Concern is able to attract and retain good
quality staff.
Ensure that Concern is perceived as an employer of choice for national
and international staff, undertaking initiatives to ensure a good working
environment and team spirit.
Ensure job requisitions are prepared on a timely basis for expat staff
positions and work closely with HR in Dublin for the recruitment of new
staff (or ensure that the line manager does so).
Ensure that national and international staff with good potential are
provided with appropriate training & development and career
development opportunities.
Ensure that the Staff Performance and Development Review (PDR) system
is undertaken for all staff. Monitor and review performance and, in
particular, hold staff accountable for meeting the success criteria and
delivering any improvement goals which have been identified; giving
corrective feedback where required and taking decisive action in the case
of poor performance.
Ensure that staff are adequately trained and developed for their roles e.g.
by analysing staff training needs, organising the delivery of training or
coaching, coordinating the sharing of experience.

Representation & Networking:

Create a strong and visible profile for the organisation, as a leading actor
in the fight against poverty and the implementation of resilience
Communicate information regarding Concern and its programme at
National level to Government, Donors and INGOs, alliances and networks
across a range of fora.
Engage appropriately with the media to ensure that Concern's values and
vision and programmes are highlighted.
Represent Concern Worldwide in strategic national and international
meetings; sharing experiences based on programme work.
Ensure that relationships and formal agreements with the government are
maintained and updated.
Lead on Concerns engagement with Alliance2015 partners in country
(currently only ACTED), exploring possibilities for collaboration and
promoting Alliance2015s approach to the Paris Declaration and Accra
Agenda for Action.
Report on Alliance2015 engagement and progress towards objectives on
behalf of all of the partners in country.


Actively participate in collective exercises such as preparation or updates

of Preparing for Effective Emergency Response (PEER) plan, Security
Management Plan (SMP) and other Concern initiatives.

Take active measures to address equality issues, particularly relating to gender, in

programme as well as operational (eg HR) activities.
Ensure the highest stands of accountability through ensuring good communication and
information sharing within and outside the programme and enabling staff, beneficiary
and other stakeholder participation at all stages of the project cycle.

Be aware of, understand and comply with all of Concerns policies and procedures
(P4, finance, logistics, HR, security management etc).
Undertake other related duties as may reasonably be assigned by the Regional

Required Experience and Qualifications:

Third level qualification in relevant discipline such as Development studies, social sciences,
management or other related discipline.
Relevant Experience

A minimum of 5 years overseas experience working with an international

humanitarian / development NGO, with strong programme development,
team management and financial experience. Minimum of 3 years
experience at Country Director / Country Representative level within an
international NGO, preferably in a conflict or post-conflict context.
Proven ability to manage security in an insecure environment
Fluency in French and English, both spoken and written, is essential for
this post.
Experience of emergency work, as well as longer term development work.
While not necessarily a technical expert, should have knowledge of rights
based approaches, equality issues, HIV&AIDS issues, accountability issues,
disaster risk reduction, current approaches to ensuring programme quality
and achievement of results/impact.


Post-graduate training in NGO management or organizational development

Previous Concern experience

Experience of working in conflict or post conflict situations

Experience working in a Sahel country

Ability to communicate in Arabic is an advantage.

Special Skills, Aptitude or Personality Requirements:


Empathy with organisational values, mission and vision, commitment to humanitarian


Proven management ability, including ability to motivate and develop skills of others.

Able to lead and manage a diverse team.

Able to make sound management decisions in difficult situations and also be able to
work in a participatory manner with colleagues.

Excellent organisational and planning skills.

Able to prioritise and handle a diverse and heavy workload.

Ability to work under pressure often to strict deadlines.

Proven experience in building relations with donors and securing external donor

Good networking skills.

Excellent communication, presentation, networking and interpersonal skills with an

ability / confidence to engage and represent Concern at public fora, media and with

Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity.


Sense of humour

Willingness to travel frequently and live under fairly basic conditions