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Welcome to Village Suites Oshawa! Managed by Canadian Campus Communities, Village Suites is the best in Oshawa student
housing. We are pleased that you have chosen to make your home with us and hope your living experience will be an enriching
part of your education.
Our goal is to provide a housing environment conducive to academic, social, cultural, and personal growth. We provide you with
a variety of programs and activities that will complement your in-class educational experience. This guide will assist you with
identifying your housing responsibilities in order to create a positive living environment.
Your housing environment will be enhanced by your presence and involvement. By living in such close quarters, you are an integral
part of this environment. We cannot create your community; only you and your neighbors can do that. An understanding of, and
respect for, the rights and interests of others are the keys to making the housing experience meaningful for all. This handbook
is designed to acquaint you with benefits, necessary policies and regulations regarding housing. Let it be your guide to your
maintaining a positive living experience!
Everyone in a community shares the ownership of taking an active role in the safety and well-being of the community, maintaining
the condition of the facility, and being proactive in taking action if there is a violation of community standards.
Please read through this entire handbook and keep it handy for future reference; it is part of your Lease Agreement, and you will
be responsible for understanding and adhering to its contents. While every effort has been made to be accurate and complete, all
information in this handbook is subject to reasonable changes throughout the term of your housing agreement.
If you have any questions that were not covered in this Handbook, please be sure to contact the office; our staff will be happy to
assist you.
It is our hope that the upcoming school year is a rewarding experience for you.

Building Information___________________________________________________________________________ 4
Mailing Address & Contact Information______________________________________________________________ 4
On Call & Emergencies_________________________________________________________________________ 4
Office Hours & Front Desk_______________________________________________________________________ 4
Lease Agreements_____________________________________________________________________________ 4
Assignment & Subletting________________________________________________________________________ 4
Insurance___________________________________________________________________________________ 4
Lease Abandonment___________________________________________________________________________ 4
Notice to Vacate______________________________________________________________________________ 5
Occupancy Limits_____________________________________________________________________________ 5
Coed Living__________________________________________________________________________________ 5
Utilities_____________________________________________________________________________________ 5
Move In/Move Out_____________________________________________________________________________ 5
Building Policies & Tenant Responsibilities___________________________________________________________ 5
Alcohol_____________________________________________________________________________________ 5
Alterations & Decorating________________________________________________________________________ 5
Barbeques___________________________________________________________________________________ 6
Antennas & Satellite Dishes______________________________________________________________________ 6
Appliances__________________________________________________________________________________ 6
Balconies, Windows & Screens_ _ __________________________________________________________________ 6
Businesses__________________________________________________________________________________ 6
Cleanliness & Garbage_ _ ________________________________________________________________________ 6
Noise______________________________________________________________________________________ 6
Pets_______________________________________________________________________________________ 7
Rent Payments_______________________________________________________________________________ 7

Prohibited Activities_ _ __________________________________________________________________________ 7

Smoking____________________________________________________________________________________ 8
Weapons____________________________________________________________________________________ 8
Guests_____________________________________________________________________________________ 8
Maintenance & Repairs_________________________________________________________________________ 8
Work Orders & Damages________________________________________________________________________ 8
Fumigation & Pest Control_______________________________________________________________________ 8
Health & Safety Inspections and Preventative Maintenance_______________________________________________ 8
Safety & Security______________________________________________________________________________ 9
Locks, Keys, and Lockouts_______________________________________________________________________ 9
Fire Hazards & Fire Safety_______________________________________________________________________ 9
Amenities & Services_ _ ________________________________________________________________________ 10
Parking____________________________________________________________________________________ 10
Amenity Access______________________________________________________________________________ 10
Recreation Facilities__________________________________________________________________________ 10

Mailing Address & Contact Information
Village Suites Oshawa:


1700 Simcoe Street North

Office: 905-728-8000


On Call: 289-356-6344

Oshawa, ON L1G 4X9

On Call & Emergencies

For after hours emergencies, contact the On Call staff at 289-356-6344.
Office Hours & Front Desk
The Offices are typically open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. 5 p.m. and are closed on the weekends and during holidays. In the event
of a closure, a sign will be posted on the Office door.
For Front Desk hours, see the sign at the Front Desk.

Assignment & Subletting
A Tenant shall not assign or sublet the premises/leased premises or any part thereof without first obtaining the prior written and
signed consent of the Landlord.
If a Tenant wishes to sublet, they must complete a Sublet Agreement and provide a copy to the Landlord. Sublet Agreements can
be obtained from the office.
Tenant shall be responsible for obtaining insurance coverage for his/her personal property and damages caused by the Tenant
regardless of malicious intent.
Lease Abandonment
If Tenant fails to take possession, vacates, or abandons the premises/leased premises without having given proper notice to the
Landlord, the Landlord may at any time thereafter without notice or demand re-enter and re-let the premises/leased premises to
any other persons.
Any furniture or personal effect left behind after Tenant vacates (for any reason) will be considered abandoned. These items may
be removed and/or disposed of as Landlord sees fit, and Tenant shall pay for removal/disposal of these items.

Notice to Vacate
Your lease agreement is a legally binding contract. If you wish to end your lease at the end of your lease agreement, you must
provide an N9 form in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). Month-to-month tenants must provide a sixty (60) day
notice using the N9 form. Term tenants must provide a sixty (60) day notice using the N9 form (vacate date cannot be earlier than
the last day of the term).
If a tenant fails to provide an N9 form, they will remain financially responsible for the unit until an N9 is received and the 60 day
notice period has passed.
Occupancy Limits
For all leased premises, the occupancy limits are one (1) per bedroom. For all common spaces, please abide by posted signs.
Coed Living
Coed living is allowed with all tenants permission/approval in writing. Please see office for more detail.
Your unit will be provided with electricity, water, gas and high speed internet.
Move In/Move Out
The Tenant is required to follow the move in schedule as established by the Landlord. Once moved in, Tenants should complete
the Incoming Inspection Report and return it to the Landlord immediately. Failure to submit this report will result in the Landlord
assuming the lease premises is in perfect condition.
Tenant will vacate the premises by 12pm (noon) on the final day of tenancy. The leased premises should be left in clean, undamaged
condition with all personal effects and trash removed. Should the Landlord be required to clean the premises as a result of Tenants
failure to comply, charges may ensue. Additionally, if Tenants failure to comply delays a new occupant from moving in, Tenant
shall be liable for charges associated with the new occupant staying elsewhere in the interim.


Alcohol is not permitted in any common spaces, hallways, stairways, elevators or amenities. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited
and all provincial and federal laws must be followed.
Alterations & Decorating
You may not make any alterations to any part of the premises/leased premises, or alter the equipment or install fixtures, without
first obtaining the written consent from Landlord. If approved and you do make any alterations, you may be requested to return
them to their original condition prior to vacating the premises/leased premises. Management will inspect, during the last month
of the tenancy, to ascertain that the alterations have been returned to original condition. If you fail to restore the premises/leased
premises, any necessary work may be charged back to you. All alterations not removed shall, upon vacating the premises/leased
premises, become the property of Landlord without payment of any compensation to the tenants.
We encourage Tenants to decorate in a manner than does not change or damage the existing premises/leased premises. Tenants
should use caution when affixing items to walls. If the affixation causes damage or punctures the wall, there may be charges to
Tenant at the end of the lease. Painting is not allowed.

Due to fire regulations, the storage and/or use of barbeques or propane tanks on balconies is prohibited. If found, these items will
be removed immediately by the Landlord at the Tenants expense.
Antennas & Satellite Dishes
Radio antennas, television antennas and/or satellite dishes are not permitted on the premises/leased premises without prior written
permission from Landlord.
Appliances are provided in the leased premises. Tenant shall not install any appliance, which has not been provided by the Landlord
as it may conflict with heating and/or electrical systems. The Tenant is responsible for ensuring appliances are kept clean.
If you are unsure how to operate an appliance, contact the Landlord for instruction.
Balconies, Windows & Screens
Tenants shall not store any belongings on balconies including but not limited to furniture, garbage, boxes and bottles. Tenants
shall not hang anything from balconies, such as decorations, flags or lights. If you have pets, please refrain from allowing them
to use balconies as a restroom.
Window screens should never be removed (except for cleaning purposes), and by no means should anything ever be thrown from
a window or balcony.
Climbing on balcony structures or throwing objects from balconies or windows is prohibited.
Conducting any business, professional or commercial enterprise in the premises/leased premises is strictly prohibited.
Cleanliness & Garbage
While living in your unit, you shall keep the premises/leased premises clean to a reasonable housekeeping standard to prevent
pests, rodents and odours. If there are damages caused by willful or negligent conduct of the resident or any visitors, the resident
will be responsible for paying for such damage. Violators will be given a warning and have 48 hours to rectify the problem. If
Tenant does not comply, Landlord will remedy and charge the Tenant.
All garbage should be disposed of in tightly secured bags. Please ensure you use the proper receptacles when disposing of
all garbage. Garbage should not be left outside receptacles, in hallways, stairways, breezeways, or anywhere other than the
appropriate bin.
Excessive noise and loud music on the premises/leased premises including breezeways/hallways, common areas, and parking
lots will not be permitted at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, stereos, amplified sound in outdoor areas, televisions,
musical instruments, slamming doors and windows, running up and down stairs, sounding vehicle horns and yelling. Residents
are not to place stereo speakers in windows or otherwise amplify sound from windows to the outside. 24-hour courtesy hours are
in place in living areas. Tenants are responsible for their guests behavior.
At all times, residents and their guests must be considerate of their neighbors right to the quiet enjoyment of their home. We are
committed to providing a living environment that complements and fosters the academic and intellectual development of everyone

All pets must be registered with the office. All roommates must agree to having a pet on the premises/leased premises. Please
contact the office for more details.
While pets are allowed, Tenants are responsible for any damages or cleaning needed to the premises/leased premises resulting
from the presence of pet(s). Tenants are also responsible for removing and properly disposing of all pet feces in public areas. Pets
must be leashed at all times while in public areas.
The Tenant agrees that failure to comply with any of the aforementioned items will constitute interference with reasonable use
and enjoyment. If any pet interferes in any manner with the right to reasonable enjoyment, represents a risk to others, or causes
damage to the community or another Tenants property, the pet will have to be removed from the premises/leased premises.
Tenant may be billed for any damages, including odours and/or pet hair clean up, caused by their pets.
The presence of a pet is not reason to restrict access to the premises/leased premises when 24 hour written notice has been
issued. Animal Control may be contacted if Landlord is concerned about the wellbeing of an animal.
Rent Payments
Rent should be paid in the form of personal cheque, certified cheque, money order, debit/credit or pre-authorized debit payment
on or before the 1st day of every month. Please make cheques payable to Village Suites Oshawa. A $19.95 fee will be applied
to all credit card payments.
If you wish to change your method of payment, provide the new method of payment to the office 5 business days prior to the
payment due date.
Should a payment be returned as insufficient funds (NSF), the Tenant will be charged the NSF fee as charged by the Landlords
financial institution.
Should your account with Village Suites Oshawa go into arrears, your Guarantor will be contacted.
Prohibited Activities
Tenants and their guests should be aware of the following prohibited activities on the premises/leased premises:
1. Loud or obnoxious conduct
2. Disturbing or threatening the rights, comfort, health, safety or convenience of others
3. Possessing, selling or manufacturing illegal drugs/controlled substances (including medical marijuana) or illegal drug
4. Engaging in threatening violence or any criminal activity
5. Possessing, displaying and/or discharging a weapon, including but not limited to a firearm, BB gun, pellet gun, other air powered
weapon or knife
6. Canvassing or soliciting busies or contributions
7. Operating a business or child care service
8. Storing anything having gas and/or electric appliances
9. Tampering with utilities or utility systems
10. Bringing and/or storing hazardous materials
11. Using candles or kerosene or gas lamps

The premises/leased premises is a non-smoking facility. Tenants and their guests are prohibited from smoking cigarettes or other
substances in any part of the community and must exit the building to smoke. Tenants must be a minimum of 10 feet from all
entrances while smoking.
Possession of firearms or any other restricted, dangerous, or intimidating weapons on the premises/leased premises is prohibited.
Tenants are responsible for their guests behavior at all times. Guests should always be escorted around public spaces/lounges.
Tenant should gain the permission of all roommates to have and overnight guest, and guests are not permitted to stay more than
three (3) consecutive nights.


Work Orders & Damages
You are required to inform the office immediately via phone, visiting the office, or submitting a Work Order online at www. Failure to report items in need of repair may result in financial responsible for the necessary repairs
and/or subsequent damages.
Except for normal wear and tear, you are responsible for all repairs/replacements in the premises/leased premises. You and the
other residential parties are responsible for all repairs/replacements in the common areas of the premises/leased premises. Should
you cause damage to anothers tenants belongs (knowingly or unknowingly), you will be held responsible.
Prior to arranging any repairs, you must obtain approval from Landlord. Repairs will be made by Landlord or by a Landlord approved
and/or selected tradesperson. When vacating the premises/leased premises, you shall leave it in good, clean condition.
Fumigation & Pest Control
Tenants agree to keep the premises/leased premises in clean and sanitary condition at all times.
Tenants are not to brining furniture into the buildings if they dont know the origin.
Furniture, furnishings and personal effects of the Tenant brought to the premises/leased premises are subject to inspection by
Landlord and may require Tenant to fumigate some or all of these items. From time to time, inspections may be done by Landlord
to determine if fumigation is needed.
If you notice a pest issue, you must report it to the office immediately so that we may help to remedy the situation. Tenants must
also comply with recommendations from the pest control company.
Health & Safety Inspections and Preventative Maintenance
With reasonable notice (typically 24 hours), Landlord has the right to enter the premises/leased premises for the purpose of
performing health and safety inspections, preventative maintenance, or other necessary work. Entry is typically made during the
hours of 8am 8pm. Typically, these inspections are made quarterly.
Repairs made that are found to be the responsibility of the tenants (see Work Orders), or cleanliness issues noted (see
Cleanliness) may be charged to your account.
In cases of emergency, Landlord may immediately enter the leased premises at any time without notice.

Safety & Security

Tenants should report suspicious behavior or safety concerns to Management immediately. Tenants should refrain from allowing
entry to the building and/or their suite by an unknown person.
Locks, Keys, and Lockouts
The Tenant shall not alter the locking system on any door giving entry to the premises/leased premises, during the term of the
lease, without written consent by the Landlord. In the event the Landlord believes Tenant safety is compromised, a lock change
may be completed immediately.
In the event of misplaced or lost keys (i.e. hard keys, electronic key cards/fobs, etc.) by the Tenant, Tenants are responsible for all
costs of lock and/or key replacement.
Tenants are not permitted to make copies of keys to the premises/leased premises or to lend their keys to any other person. All
keys issued at move-in shall be returned to Landlord upon lease termination. Tenants will be held responsible for the cost of all
replacement keys including suite/bedroom keys, mailbox keys, garage keys, and/or access cards.
If Tenant is locked out due to negligence, a charge of $25 payable to Landlord in the same manner as rent is paid will result.
Fire Hazards & Fire Safety
Fire safety is extremely important and can save lives. Please note the following fire hazards and safety tips.
- Flammable liquids or materials are prohibited on or adjacent to the premises/leased premises.
- Sidewalks, stairways, fire escapes and vestibules are not to be obstructed or used for any purpose other than gaining access
to and from the premises/leased premises.
- Tenants must report issues with fire safety equipment to the office immediately.
- Tenants should not tamper with fire safety equipment including covering detectors.
- Tenants should not put flammable items in the microwave such as aluminum foil.
- Candles and incense are prohibited.
- If food is burnt, tenants should not open the suite door. Instead, they should turn on hood fans and open windows.
- Never assume an alarm is a false alarm unless you have been notified in advance that the building is testing the alarms.
- Evacuate the building in the event of an alarm and do not return until instructed to do so.


Parking is offered in two forms covered and uncovered. Tenant must complete the Parking Agreement Form before obtaining a
parking pass from the office (first-come, first-served). Passes must be visible or you may be ticketed/towed. Parking permits may
not be shared between vehicles. Fees are associated with obtaining parking passes and lost parking passes. Misuse of a parking
pass may result is parking privileges being revoked. Please note, there is no assigned parking.
The Landlord is not responsible for damages caused to a vehicle or by a vehicle on the premises.
Temporary visitor parking may be available for $5/night subject to availability. Tenant parking is first priority. Should visitor parking
be available, temporary parking passes will be issued at the Front Desk during business hours only.
Amenity Access
Management re serves the right to close or adjust the hours of operation for all amenity spaces. Tenants are responsible for any
damages they or their guests cause in the amenities. Guests are not permitted in any amenity space without being escorted by a
Tenant. Tenants and guests must ensure they are abiding by all posted rules and signage.
Recreation Facilities
There are two recreation facilities available for Tenants.
Fitness Center Rules
1. Use equipment at your own risk.
2. Do not use, adjust, or operate equipment beyond your physical limitations or without a physicians approval.
3. Any misuse of the equipment in the fitness center will result in loss of privileges.
4. Guests must be accompanied by a resident.
5. Children under the age of 17 are not permitted to use the equipment.
6. No smoking, food or glass objects permitted in the fitness center.
7. No animals permitted in facility.
Recreation Room Rules
1. Call 911 for any emergencies.
2. Use equipment at your own risk.
3. Check out pool cues and other equipment at the front desk.
4. A resident must accompany guests at all times (limit one guest per resident).
5. No smoking allowed in the recreation center.
6. Please keep the game room clean.
7. No littering.