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Right Relationship, Synchronicity

& Balance to All Life Systems

Thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate

this help ! . . . finally someone is able to get to the root of all this.
J.R., Sheffield, England


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EmotionsThe Keys to Healing . . . 6
Emotional Blocks. Where Do They Come From? . . . 6
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Archetype. Who? What? . . . 8
Will LifeWeaving Take Away All My Aches and Pains
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Ayni (pronounced eye-knee) is the
Qechua Indian term that describes how we
relate to our surroundings. This Peruvian word
connotes gratitude, reciprocity or balance with
everything in life from the smallest microbe
on the planet to the farthest galaxies in the
heavens or to God. Ayni is as simple as paying
money in exchange for a product or as complex
as being in complete synchronicity with the
world around you and having the universe
respond to your every thought.

Live all of your life in AYNI

by showing gratitude at all times.
Make every gesture of your life
a labor of love and retribution for
the gifts you receive,
the gifts you are about to receive,
and for the miracle of life itself!

Carole Conlon, through the LifeWeaving process, offers health assessment and
pain relief as well as assistance in personal and spiritual growth. For those held captive
and frozen by fear, she uses a careful selection of methods and processes that re-code
and re-calibrate the mental and emotional bodies thus reversing and eliminating
patterns of either fear and devastating karma, or the limitation and self-sabotage that
can hold a system in confusion and chaos. Together, we weave the most effective
support system using leading edge healing methods, classes and exceptional life


LifeWeaving & Restoration is a method that identifies and removes emotional
blocks (whether you are aware of them or not) that may be causing health or relationship problems. Using a master pendulum chart which incorporates key components of
several different healing and clearing approaches, a skilled practitioner-weaver can
start with an obvious complaint or symptom and begin to uncover the many layers and
threads of time and occurrences that have either affected them in the past or that are
still affecting them. Then a master LifeWeaver can untangle and remove these using a
variety of methods to help restore the energy and system to its original, healthy blueprint.
The easiest way to clear blocks and restore harmony and balance is to identify
the type of emotion that is creating the block; then, through intention, apply that
identical emotion back onto the body area where it is lodged. This simply negates the
emotional energy, like white noise eliminating background noises.


Why does any change occur at all when the LifeWeaving word clearing is
applied? It is because, as the buried memory of an emotional
wound is brought into the subconscious or conscious mind, it
can be released instead of festering inside. Hence emotions, enR
ergy, blood and fluids can flow again with a resultant increase of
vitality to the area and a decrease of pain.
But how can LifeWeaving possibly help to clear relationships? Throughout our lives, we are shown examples of what
wounds we carry that need to be healed. Often as not they come
to us in the form of a mirror for example, that person in our
life who drives us crazy! Once we have learned the lesson and
released the blocked energy, that mirror is no longer needed so
the carrier of the message either disappears from our life or
changes for the better. How nice is that?
But, still you say, Why bother with emotions? Its my neck that hurts!



There is much more to healing than making symptoms go away! Recurring
health issues, accidents or problems
that will not heal can be seen as
signals being sent by your body to
alert you to a deeper condition.
Think of it as a cosmic 2x4 which
Spirit uses to get your attention.
This message is usually an alert to
the presence of an emotional
charge locked into cells, organs or
systems of the body by a traumatic
I am all that I have ever been,
occurrence from sometime in the
or seen, or experienced.
past. This charge stops the flow of
Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land
blood, energy or fluids to the area
making it susceptible to disease.
Since the body retains a pattern for this signal, these blocks need to be released
before healing can completely take place or you risk a recurrence of the same health
issue at a later time.
As an acupuncturist, I saw clients get well and yet they would often return in
612 months with what I considered to be the same problem. Obviously, even though
I was trying to correct the underlying health problem, that had not happened. My
pendulum research into why this occurred always led to emotional issues as the
cause, prompting me to learn methods that helped more on that level.

Here is an example of how emotions lock into the body: If a child breaks a
wrist, the trauma leaves a physical scar which will heal. But the typical treatment
received at the hospital included strange people, strange smells, having the wrist painfully re-set . . . all or some of which left an emotional scar in the surrounding tissue,
dormant yet present. Thirty years later, the (now) adult may walk into a dining room
or bar, see someone wearing a white sports jacket and smell alcohol. At that moment
this sensory combination awakens the dormant cellular scar memories in the wrist
which then trigger pain.

The challenge for any health practitioner is, therefore, to not only treat the
physical symptoms but to also address these emotional blocks. We are accelerating
into the Golden Age life within the 5th Dimension where our body frequencies
are greatly increased. Without releasing these limiting blocks, our frequencies cannot
easily change and absolute healing cannot take place. Rapid identification and clearing
methods like LifeWeaving, which involve the use of intuition, pendulum and charts or
muscle testing as the means to find the answers, are surprisingly accurate and
effective in this emotional clearing process.
Clearing these blocks usually has an amazing effect on the presenting
symptoms and overall emotional health of a person. However, I found that not everyone experienced complete transformation after a LifeWeaving session. So the search
was on for other factors that were affecting health and healing.


I found another piece to the puzzle in work done by author Jelailah Starr. In the
Keys to Compassion, she describes the body as comprised of the Soul (High Self), the
Self and the Ego-Child. Except I see the Ego as a mind, comprised of a myriad of
archetypal tapes of past experiences.
The Ego-Mind, which mostly affects the three
lower chakras in matters of safety of our physical body
responds primarily to fears and memories. The Soul or
High Self is concerned with spiritual development and
relates more to the three upper chakras. The Self,
operating out of the heart chakra, sits between these
two getting information and messages from both ends
to be considered and potentially acted upon. These
three parts, the Trinity, compose our functioning organism.
When dowsing, a practitioner connects Self to
High Self to obtain the correct answers. Yet in this
model, you can see that the Ego-Mind certainly has a
lot of input about the physical condition of a persons
body. This connection has largely been missed by ignoring the Ego.
To include the Ego as part of the testing process, I take the time to bring Soul, Self and Ego into perfect harmony, cooperation and
agreement. This harmonized Trinity is then connected to the Celestial Hierarchy, the

group of high level souls working directly with God. This preparation insures better
results overall for the client.
Another piece of the healing puzzle solved!


I also noted during my work that both the Self and Ego-Mind use archetypes to
help them cope with life experiences.
According to Carl Jung, the archetypal unconscious is a universal memory bank
built by the mental activity of mankind since earth began, which man responds to
instinctively but unknowingly. Think of it as having an MP3 player downloaded with
every possible life description from which the Ego-Mind or Self can, at will, choose
from to use in response to its surroundings and situations.
There is an archetype in existence for every possible type of person or position
mother, father, god, goddess, healer, child, saboteur, queen, servant, teacher,
student, thief, priest, victim, etc. Our Ego or Self takes on whatever mantle, whatever
role, it feels will help it survive or thrive as it reacts to its environment.
For example, a man who owns his own business may use the aspects of the
god archetype since he is the creator of his enterprise. On the other hand, if he is in a
volatile type of business like stock trading, he might utilize the gambler archetype
because the gambler knows when to take chances. However, if the IRS came knocking
on either mans door, the Ego-Mind might clothe itself in the victim archetype in
response to those demands.
When our businessman returns home to his family, he will take on the
archetype of father, lover, companion, critical parent, etc. Whatever his Ego-Mind or
Self thinks is needed to react to or guide the situation there.
During a LifeWeaving session I obtain valuable insight by tracking the
archetypes which are being utilized. They help weave the clearing work into an
understandable pattern which, in turn, helps to discover and remove more of the
underlying dysfunctional blockages.


LifeWeaving is helpful for diagnosing or treating a
health condition. It can find and clear unconscious reasons
for needing to experience either pain or other symptoms
by going to the root cause and releasing it. Once you let
those go, healing follows.
LifeWeaving is also absolutely helpful if you are
receiving hands-on care or counseling and hit a plateau.
This method integrates seamlessly with, and enhances the
effects of, any other treatment approach to speed up deepseated healing. One or two sessions can release major
areas of resistance and allow the other therapies to once
again engage and help you shift closer to wellness.
Once relationships have been cleared of any past
emotional blocks through LifeWeaving, there is a greater
chance that the parties involved will be able to create a
renewed connection.


TO CLEAR TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES: In the case of an accident involving a drunk

driver and horseback riders, LifeWeaving was used to research and clear the
injured children, the driver, the animals that died and the other family members.
The work removed any trauma imprints that formed at the time of the accident
which could have affected the participants for many years or lifetimes.


people related to their co-workers. In another case the employer needed to know if
a particular job applicant should be hired: whether the person would fit in with
other employees, the business and the owner. Another client used LifeWeaving to
decide which would be the best online dating choices to put more energy into and
develop further. A long-distance client wanted to stop the neighbors in the rental

house next door from throwing trash into his backyard (and after the clearing
work, they did!) At a later time, we used LifeWeaving to help sell the house to
someone who would take pride in both it and the neighborhood.

TO SOLVE HEALTH ISSUES: LifeWeaving has been used to discover why a person
was not improving from back and neck pain after many types of treatments had
failed. It has been use to reduce the severity of someones asthma attacks. The
method was used to research and clear allergies to foods and the environment. In
many cases we have used LifeWeaving to identify and clear health stressors affecting clients as well as offering other ways to help them to better cope with or
reduce the stress.

TO INTERPRET ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: LifeWeaving was used to discover and clear

the reasons why a horse always shied when approaching the open end of the show
ring; how his previous owners and trainers handled him; and how he labeled
various people in his life (via archetypes). This method has also been used to
discover and clear the story of what had happened to make a young cat suddenly
lose its confidence and become fearful of its environment or for helping new
animals integrate into a household.

LifeWeaving has been used for all these things and much more.



. . . ARE



In Person:
At our clinic, you can receive both the LifeWeaving clearing as well as physical
work as needed. Carole, both a state licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist,
often does a needle-free ear acupuncture approach in conjunction with the LifeWeaving session to help address any physical issues. She can also use traditional body
acupuncture or a variety of hands-on methods such as cranialsacral or visceral bodywork, massage, tuning forks, Matrix Energetics, etc. to help speed healing integration.

Distance Healing:
LifeWeaving & Restoration can be done either in person or from a distance. The
reason that distance work is effective is that all changes are made on energy levels
and there is no limit as to how far away those effects can extend.
To obtain help, call or e-mail a description of your concerns along with details of
anyone involved (first names are fine, year of birth or approximate age if known), a
description of the problem, and what questions you need answered.
If you call, Carole will take down the details, do the main body of clearing, then re
-connect with you at a pre-arranged time to give feedback, do any fine-tuning and
to answer any new questions.
If you e-mail the particulars, Carole does the LifeWeaving session and will send a
return e-mail with a report and a request for feedback so she can fine tune the
results and address questions.

If you are interested in learning LifeWeaving, Carole offers classes to help you
master the process. Who should learn? ANYONE! As we move into the Golden Age,
emotional clearing must be done or we will be unable to keep up with the increasing
shifts to higher and higher frequency levels. That brings on a state of pain and
discomfort. The old emotional baggage must be removed to allow for an increase in
your consciousness and frequency. Therefore learning how to do clearing work for
yourself or others is one of the best ways to be of service. We are all healers in our

own right and this is a powerful method to add to your list of life skills.
Carole also offers basic pendulum and intuition classes. For the class schedule, call or
check our website at



LifeWeaving Resources:

Metaphysical Resources:
De Flores, Bryan. Masterworks book; energy accelerators.
LightQuest International,
P.O.Box 93658,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89193.
Hawkins, David R. 1998. Power vs. Force. Sedona, AZ.: Veritas Publishing
Hay, Louise L. 1988. Heal Your Body. Santa Monica, CA: Hay House, Inc.


Carole Conlon specializes in a shamanic approach to
health and wellness. Her interest in spiritual and energetic
healing and pendulum analysis has led to the development
of dowsing charts and the LifeWeaving method to bring
better answers to the art of healing.
Carole is both a Washington State Licensed
Acupuncturist (#00011) and is certified with the National
Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists (Dipl.Ac.,
NCCA). She graduated in 1985 from the Northwest Institute
of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seattle. The threeyear acupuncture program included a ten week clinical
internship at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute in Chongqing, China.
Prior to her career as an acupuncturist, Carole spent eleven years working as a
Medical Technologist in a variety of hospital settings in Ohio, Colorado, Alaska and
Carole has extensively studied both Chinese and Western Medicine and Native
American shamanism as well as a variety of techniques such as Spiritual Response
Therapy, Matrix Energetics, qi gong, feng shui, cranialsacral and visceral manipulation,
AcutonicsTM sound healing, etc. She uses the best of each method and weaves them
into a powerful yet gentle system of healing. LifeWeaving is now the key approach
she uses in combination with the other methods in order to address a clients issues
from the physical all the way to the spiritual level for complete healing. Carole
continues to study new techniques and to update her work to keep on the leading
edge of health care for the Golden Age.



Thank you so much. Your Universal connection has kept me taking one

step in front of the other rather than not stepping at all . . .

C.J., Wenatchee, WA.
. . . I want to thank you so much for helping me grow in this area as well . .
. All I can say, Carole, is thank God you are in this world and that I found
B. R., West Babylon, N.Y.
I just wanted to let you know how much you help me. I feel balanced and
peaceful since my treatment. The frazzled feeling has left! Im sleeping
better and Im breathing again!!!
S.I., Lynnwood, WA.
Whew! I was feeling sooooo much better and I said to myself . . . self,
check the computer it is probably Caroles work. Sure enough, there you
D. F., Lake View Terrace, CA.

For on-site or long-distance work contact:
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