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Reaction Paper Format

What is a reaction paper?

The topic for each of the reaction papers is very straightforward: you simply have to read
the assigned chapters in the novel, think about what you've read, and then put your
thoughts down on paper. The Reaction Paper is not a research paper that incorporates
other sources of information; instead, it is a paper that contains nothing other than your
own original thought and analysis.
Sometimes, I will give you a prompt to think/write about, other times you will come up
with the topic on your own.
A. Preparation:
When reading a Literary work, it is advisable for you to keep a journal. Write
your reaction to each chapter as you read it. If you see a quote that you may want
use in your paper, be sure to write the page number of the quote in your journal.
This will save you a ton of time when it comes to writing your paper.
B. Writing: Your paper should consist of the following:
1. For our purposes, we will use MLA format. You will need to use MLA format for in
texts citations throughout your reaction paper.
2. Content: Your 1-2 pages of writing should contain the following four sections.
Address the questions in essay style, dont just answer questions.
a. Summary: In one paragraph, you are to summarize the material to
which you are reacting. Do not merely repeat the text. Should you feel the
need to selectively use quotations from the material, put them in quotes and
follow the end of the sentence with a in text citation (ex.., Bishop 24).
Failure to cite your material constitutes plagiarism and may result in having
your paper returned to you with a grade of zero.
b. Meaning: All papers will devote several paragraphs to this question:
Choose a major theme or topic that is reoccurring in the book. How does this section
complicate or add to that larger message? How does this section contribute to the larger
ideas we have been discussing in class?
c. Reaction: In two or more paragraphs, give your personal reaction to this
material. Your reactions could include any or all of these points:
* Why do you think this work was a good/bad choice for you to read?
* Did you like the reading? Dislike it? Explain.
* What did you find surprising about the reading? What angered or
delighted you? Explain.
d. Application: All papers should conclude with one paragraph addressing this
question: How does this material relate to your own life experience ? Explain.

* We are not doing away with quote analysis. I expect you to take all of the information
we learned throughout the year so far and apply it to everything you do here on out
including this. Questions?