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The Hawthorn

The Hawthorn
Spring 2016

Its Pizza Night For Merryspring

You can help support Merryspring Nature Center on Tuesday, May 3 by buying pizza for
dinner at Flatbread Company on Route 1 in Rockport.
A portion of all large and small pies sold that evening between the hours of 5 p.m. and 9
p.m. will go directly to Merryspring, in support of our gardens and outdoor education programs. For every large pie sold, $3.50 will be donated to Merryspring; for every small pie,
$1.75 will be donated to your Nature Center. Diners can eat-in or take out.
Flatbread for flowers and forests!
Pizza for perennials and programs!
Throughout the event, Merryspring staff and board members will be on hand to greet diners and showcase the exciting nature education programs on this years schedule.
As an added bonus during this benefit evening, Merryspring will be selling plants grown in
our own greenhouse this year. A selection of annuals, perennials, flowers, and herbs will
be available for purchase.
Flatbread Company has been conducting these special benefit nights for area non-profits throughout the year, and Merryspring is
pleased to be selected as the beneficiary on Tuesday, May 3. So please put Pizza Night for that date on your calendars, and enjoy a
wonderful meal while helping to support Merryspring. For more information about this special Benefit Night, contact Merryspring
at 236-2239 or Flatbread Company at 706-4146.

Remembering Glenn Jenks

Plant Sales Happening Now

Musician, composer, gardener, birder, raconteur, friend.

In case you hadnt noticed, Merryspring has changed its plant

sale format from a one-day or one-weekend affair in May to
regular weekday sales of plants grown in our greenhouse.

These are but a few of the admirable adjectives that describe

Merryspring Trustee Glenn Jenks, who passed away suddenly on
Jan 21, 2016. A memorial service
celebrating his life will be held on
Saturday, May 21, from 2:30 to 5:00
p.m. at the Camden Opera House.
It was always a happy day when I
would run into Glenn with his iconic
smile, said Merryspring member
Edie Kyle. He truly was Mr. Sunshine and represented the very best
of Merryspring.

Plants are now available at Merryspring every Tuesday through

Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will usually be a selection of
featured plants at the Ross Center, with others available in the
greenhouse. For example, this weeks featured plants include
coleus, scented geraniums, plectranthus, and Tete a Tete daffodils. Please follow our email updates or check the Merryspring
website to see whats available or preview our coming attractions.

In addition, Merryspring is now

offering a wide selection of seed
packets from Fedco. With 56 all
In addition to being a valued Trustee,
-time Fedco favorites, the new
Glenn was our official rosarian. He
seed rack inside the Ross Center
and his wife Faith Getchell spent untold hours tending the Rose
is sure to have something for
Garden from early spring to late fall, and each year Glenn would
everyone. Prices range from 90
lead a special Rose Day event, starting with his lively, always
cents to $2.50, and all proceeds
informative talk about his precious roses and followed by an
go to Merryspring.
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The Hawthorn

Nature Center
P.O. Box 893, Camden, ME 04843
Tel: (207) 236-2239
Fax: (207) 230-0663

Presidents Message

Inside this issue:

By Ray Andresen

Flatbread Pizza Night


Following this restoration or in tandem with it the

trails within the Arboretum will be cleared, widened and,
Keeping in Touch
in some places, reconfigured to improve the visitors exYou can sign up for our eUpdates at to receive the perience.
latest news on programs and events. Volunteers will be needed to assist in removing invasives,
Or you can visit Merrysprings Face- clearing trails, and other phases of this project, so please
book page, where you can check on
watch for notices about upcoming workdays and be preupcoming events. Please go to
pared to help.

$5,000 or more

Board of Trustees

Merryspring has received a Canopy Grant from the Maine Continuous Plant Sale
Forest Service to undertake a major restoration of the
Glenn Jenks Tribute
Kitty Todd Arboretum, one of the special places within our
Presidents Message
Nature Center.

Named in memory of Kitty Todd, a long time summer resiMission Statement

dent with a deep interest in Maine and its flora and fauna,
Merrysprings mission is to practice,
the Arboretum contains more than 70 different species of
teach, and advocate sound principles
of ecology, conservation, and horti- native trees and shrubs. Most were accidental plantings
that arrived after the area had been clear-cut in the years
culture in order to protect our
natural environment and to provide before Merryspring acquired the property in 1974. Back
then, the parks early planners decided this clear-cut area
natural landscapes and cultivated
areas for public enjoyment.
would be a good place to manage an Arboretum, thinning
the area and encouraging the best specimens.
Hours of Operation
The park is open free of charge from However, the intervening years and severe winter storms
dawn to dusk every day of the year.
have not been kind to the Arboretum. Some of the speciOur offices and library are open
men trees have been damaged, some of the signs have
Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m.
been lost, some areas have become home to invasive speto 2 p.m., or by appointment.
cies, some trails have become difficult to traverse.
Membership Levels
The first step in this restoration project is to locate and
identify all of the significant trees to be preserved and
which ones need to be removed or trimmed back. That is
$100 249
happening now. Following this stage, we will begin cutting
back or removing unwanted trees and invasives. At the
same time, new signs identifying specimen trees will be
produced and set in place; followed by the development
of new educational materials about the Arboretum.

Spring 2016


Four New Trustees

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Summer Ecology Camp

Wayfinder Intern

Rose Cottage Art

Pecha Kucha Presentation

Owl Prowl

Spring/Summer Events Calendar

Annual Contributors List


Merryspring Reservations

How to Leave a Lasting

Legacy at Merryspring
Merryspring has a permanent
Endowment Fund to ensure that
future generations will continue to
enjoy the wonders of nature being
exhibited and taught at your Nature Center. If you would like to
make a bequest that will increase
this fund, please consult your
financial and legal advisors on
what method would be in your
best interest and would fulfill your
wishes. For more information, contact us at (207) 236-2239 or send
an email to

Four New Trustees Join Board

Ray Andresen, President

Sarah Rheault, Vice President
Richard Ailes, Treasurer
Kathleen Kull, Secretary
Scott Carlson
Kennedy Crane
Kristen Lindquist
Karin Rector
Susan Shaw
Barton Wood

Merryspring is pleased to announce that Bart Wood, Ken Crane, Kristen Lindquist and Scott
Carlson have joined our Board of Trustees.


Kristen recently served on an ad hoc Advisory Committee looking at Merrysprings relationship

with the surrounding community. A poet and bird enthusiast, she is the former development
director for Coastal Mountains Land Trust and is on the Camden Conservation Commission.

Toni Goodridge, Managing Director

Brett Willard, Program Director
Cindy Gerry, Garden Manager
2016All Rights Reserved

Bart, who has been a member of the Finance Committee for many years, previously served on
the Board from 1994 to 2003 and was Board President from 2000 to 2003. A former executive
with Scott Paper Co., he has been Camdens Tree Warden for the past 23 years.
Ken also has been a member of the Finance Committee for many years. The former co-owner
of Senter Crane in Rockland, he also serves on the boards of Herring Gut Learning Center and
Rockland Public Library Endowment Association.

Scott is a supervisor of personal lines at Allen Insurance and Financial. He also served on the ad
hoc Advisory Committee for Merryspring.

The Hawthorn

Spring 2016

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Summer Ecology Camps Open for Registration

What are YOU doing this summer? For the third consecutive year, Merryspring and
Knox-Lincoln Country Soil & Water Conservation District are teaming up to provide
two weeks of Summer Ecology Camp for two age groups.
Kids ages 7 to 9 will be in Eco-Explorers during the week of June 27 through July 1.
Young children ages 4 to 6 can attend Little Sprouts from July 11 through July 15.
Both weeks of camp are morning programs ending by 12 noon.
Summer Ecology camps offer a week of hands-on, outdoor learning where kids receive an introduction to nature, ecology, and natural resources through hands-on play, outdoor science activities, observation, nature walks, and gardening. Each day offers a different theme, with its own unique activities. Children can expect to be active and
outdoors all morning. Themed snacks and water will be provided each day.
For more information and registration forms, check the Merryspring website or the Knox-Lincoln website. Registration forms can
also be picked up at the Ross Center or at the Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District office on Rt. 90 in Rockland.
The cost of Eco-Explorers is $95; Little Sprouts is $75, with discounted rates of $85 and $65 respectively for Merryspring member
families. Questions regarding Summer Ecology Camp may be directed to Brett at or 236-2239.

Introducing Our Newest Intern

A new face has been seen around Merryspring this year. Since early
winter, Wayfinder School student Justin Wordell, originally from Lisbon, Maine, has been interning at the park as
part of his Career Exploration requirement.
Wayfinder students are required to hold internships and jobs in order to fulfill their requirements for graduation. Justin has been a
smiling face, helping out at Merryspring three
days a week. Justins experience has been a
crash-course in horticulture, spending much of
his time helping our Garden Manager Cindy
Gerry with starting seeds and transplanting in
the greenhouse, learning how to properly water and care for plants, as well as spending one day a week with Program Director Brett Willard assisting with outdoor projects and preparing education materials. Well let him tell a little bit of his story.

Riley School Students

Create Art for Rose Cottage
A group of seven students from the Riley School recently
visited Merryspring to create art for our Rose Cottage. They designed four
murals to be painted on
plywood panels that will
hang inside the cottage.
The paintings will double
as teaching aides, featuring
the water cycle, insects,
parts of a flower, and layers of a forest.

The project is part of Riley

Schools Art Week. During
Art Week, Riley students of all ages go out into the comWhat brought you to Merryspring?
After previously working at Erickson Fields, I wanted to continue learn- munity to create art for many different organizations. We
ing about plants and gardening. My father and I have plans to start a are excited to be working with the Riley students on this
small farm in the future. I saw the opportunity to work at Merryspring part of our Rose Cottage Restoration Project, and look
and I knew I would learn to start plants there in the greenhouse and
learn to care for them and keep them healthy.
Aside from gardening, what else have you learned during your time here?
While working with Brett, I learned about the parks vernal pool and the critters inside; also, after hanging bat houses, I learned
that bats like to scope out their homes before moving in.
When youre not working at Merryspring, what else do you do?
I like to be outdoors a lot, climb the hills around Camden and go to the harbor and hang out. I really enjoy having my radio show at
WRFR on Wednesdays. Also as part of my final project at my school, Im learning to play the guitar.
You graduate high school in May. What do you plan to do afterwards?
Im planning to do a lot of traveling and just having fun this summer, like going to amusement parks and fairs with friends. I also
plan on getting in a band with a couple of friends as a rhythm guitarist. After summer I plan on going to Central Maine Community
College to become an automotive technician.
All very cool! Thanks so much for your help this year, Justin. We all wish you luck in your future!

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The Hawthorn

Spring 2016

Glenn Jenks Remembered

(continued from page 1)

excursion to local rose gardens, including his own.

About seven years ago I was talking with Glenn in Hannafords
when some friend came along and wished me a happy birthday, recalled fellow Trustee Sarah Rheault. Glenn asked if it
was that day. I said yes and he said mine too. Then he asked
what year. I told him and again he said me too. So we found
that even though an ocean separated our births, we were
twins. When he asked me to join the Merryspring Board, I said
yes and loved working with him on everything.
Glenns lifelong interest in bird watching also was evident at
Merryspring, where he would lead eager enthusiasts into the
fields looking for songbirds or into the woods looking for owls
and woodpeckers.
Birders who visit the same places each year often find that the
landscape becomes a repository for the accumulated memories of special birds seen: in this marsh, we once saw a Virginia
Rail; in this bush, a Hooded Warbler, said fellow Trustee Kristen Lindquist. In a similar way, we remember the people we
were with: this is where Glenn pointed out that Lark Sparrow;
this is where Glenn showed us a bittern in his scope. In that
way, Glenn will often be my companion on the birding trails.
I first got to know Glenn through Merryspring, then got better
acquainted as one of his piano students, added Dorothea Graham. I loved the experience of walking through the wonderful
front rose garden at his home, and hearing Glenn playing
something beautiful on the piano as I came through the door.
A gifted musician, Glenn not only taught piano and music theory, but also had a career in the early 1970s as a solo performer of folk music and ragtime.

Merryspring Showcased at
Midcoast Pecha Kucha Night
Our own Brett Willard was honored to be one of eight esteemed
speakers at the last Midcoast Pecha Kucha Night at the Owls
Head Transportation Museum on Friday, April 8.
Pecha Kucha, which means chit-chat in Japanese, is an internationally recognized presentation format that gives the speaker a
timed presentation that includes 20 images with only 20 seconds
for each. The result is a fast-paced, image-centric talk that keeps
the presentation pithy and vibrant. During the course of the evening, eight Midcoast residents spoke about a wide variety of topics, including astronomy, art, design, and architecture.
Brett gave the audience of over 300 a journey through a year at
Merryspring. The 20 photos showcased the park throughout the
seasons, including deep winter snows, blooming spring blossoms,
busy summer events, and colorful fall foliage. The talk introduced
the crowd to a little bit of the parks history, unique landscape
features, and a focus on how Merryspring is an important community resource for nature and garden education in the Midcoast

We are grateful to Pecha Kucha Midcoast, the Owls Head TransHe was as he appeared, a joyful and happy spirit, a loyal friend portation Museum, and all who attended for the opportunity to
introduce the message and mission of Merryspring to such a
and a humble man, said Cindy Gerry, Merrysprings Garden
large, enthusiastic, and supportive crowd. We look forward to
Manager. I will miss seeing him coming around the corner,
seeing what else Pecha Kucha Midcoast can accomplish in supsporting a Hawaiian shirt or one of Faiths beautiful woolen
porting the incredibly talented, creative, and community-minded
sweaters, arms open for a hug and a smile for all the world.
members of the Midcoast area at their future events.

February Owl Prowl A Big Success; Next One Set for May 22
More than 50 people braved a cold and damp February night to walk into the woods. They turned off their
flashlights. They stood there quietly and listened.
This was a scene at the first of two Moonlight Owl Prowls, events that Merryspring is bringing to you in collaboration with our friends at the Riley School.
The first Owl Prowl took place on Sunday, February 21 at the Riley School campus in Glen Cove, Rockport.
Guests of all ages packed into the schools new greenhouse for a presentation by Shelley Spanswick, a former wild bird rehabilitator. Shelley spoke about the special adaptations that owls have to make them perfect nighttime predators. She was later joined by Merrysprings Brett Willard to speak about owl habitat.
After the presentation, the group took to the woods behind the Riley campus, led by Rileys Lower School
Director Todd Martin. Along the way, the caravan of people periodically stopped and listened for great
horned and barred owls. With a little coaxing through a small electronic speaker playing owl calls, one let
the group know who was watching. The next Owl Prowl will be held at Merryspring on Sunday, May 22.

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The Hawthorn

Spring 2016

2016 Events Calendar

SPRING Tuesday Talks
Sponsored by Camden

National Bank

May 3

Organic Garden Pest & Disease Control Eric Sideman

May 10

Bugs of Monhegan Amy Campbell

May 17

Sharks of Maine James Sulikowski

May 24

Bee Hive Opening Holly & David Edwards

May 31

Tending the Perennial Garden in Early June John Fromer

June 7

Ecotextiles Amelia Poole

June 14

Capturing Maine in Paint Dan Corey

Spring Migration
Bird Walk
May 14, 8 a.m.
Learn to look, listen and
identify migrating warblers
and local songbirds
with Kristen Lindquist
Members free/Non-members $5

SUMMER Tuesday Talks

Sponsored by The


June 21

Backyard Herbalism Denise Despirito

July 5

Rose DaySusan Shaw

July 19

Tending the Perennial Garden in Mid Summer John Fromer

July 26

Chasing Maine Butterflies Roger Rittmaster

August 2

Grow Native! The Benefits of Native PlantsSharon Turner

August 9

Backyard HerbalismDenise Despirito

August 16
August 23

Crows: Live! Shelley Spanswick


August 30

Tending the Perennial Garden in Late Summer John Fromer

Wildflower Walk
June 4, 10 a.m. noon
with Coastal Mountain Nature
Program. Learn to identify
spring wildflowers and plants.
Free to all.

All Tuesday Talks begin at 12 noon and generally last about one hour.

Free Family Programs

On Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 12 noon

July 7, Guided Nature Walk: A walk through Merryspring to learn about the
unique history that shaped its landscape.
July 21, Tree Identification Walk: Learn how to identify the trees and plants in
your back yard on this guided tour of the Merryspring grounds.
August 4, Bug Safari: Whats the buzz? Bugs! Search the meadows and gardens
of Merryspring for insects and spiders. Learn to identify your finds.
August 18, Build a Nature Journal: Create your own nature journal. Learn about
your surroundings through observation and art.

Fall Fairy Festival

Families are invited to Merrysprings annual Fairy Festival on
September 10 from 10 a.m. to noon. Children can make a
variety of fairy-inspired crafts to take home. Author Liza
Gardner Walsh will be on hand to sign copies of her books
Fairy House Handbook and Fairy Garden Handbook.

Weed Control
June 18, 10 a.m.
Learn how to identify, prevent,
and safely control garden
weeds with Jed Beach.

Identify Wild
August 13
Learn to collect and identify
common mushrooms
with Greg Marley

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The Hawthorn

Spring 2016

Merryspring Gratefully Acknowledges Your 2015 Contributions

PARTNER ($2,500 - $4,999): Edie Kyle, Joseph D. Messler, Jr.

Marlene Kehler, Ralph & Earlene Kelley, Chris & Ceil King, Gregory &
Donna Knowlton, Hope K. & Raymond L. Kocian, Mr. & Mrs. Harold
CONSERVATOR ($1,000 - $2,499): Wendy & Ray Andresen, Mrs.
Lamb, Dave & Nancy LeVan, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Libby, Cynthia Lovecchio,
Robert Black Jr., Amy & Robert Campbell, Mrs. Sally Cartwright, DoroCynthia & Michael E. Lucas, Mary Lou Lundy, Lisa & Kit Lyons, Edith K.
thea & Charlie Graham, Sarah B. Rheault, Doris Salzman, Barton &
Manns, Cynthia D. Margeson, Sally A. Marki, Jean & Jim Matlack,
Priscilla Wood.
Marjorie E. & Brud Maxcy, Richard & Irene Maxcy, Mrs. Warren H. MaxSTEWARD ($500 - $999): Ann B. Bixler, Carol & Dan Daigneault, Mr. & field, Ann H. & Richard A. McKittrick, Ellen & Bob McMullen, Barbara J. &
Mrs. Charles W.H. Dodge, Jeannine Smith.
Stephen J. Melchiskey, Erica Merrill, Eunice R. Michaels, Bob Holtzman &
Cathy Monroe, Colleen Lowe & Shawn Moran, Alice & Andrew Mutch,
DONOR ($250 - $499): Mary Ann Carey, David & Susan Colson,
Patricia A. Finnigan, Faith Getchell & Glenn Jenks, Stephanie A. & Alan Rene Mathews & Dan Neumann, Jeff & Elizabeth Nims, Barbara L. &
S. Kumble, Rachel McCleary, Pat Whitney Messler, Wayne & Caroline David G. Noyes, Dianne & Kenneth Oelberger, Sharon Osborne, Rosemary H. & Terence R. Peacock, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Pluecker, Robert &
Morong, Michael Voncannon, Thomas & Dennie Wolf.
Jean Poole, Linda & Douglas Posson, Ray & Dorri Raposa, Stephen &
FRIEND ($100 - $249): Anonymous (3), Edward & Patricia W. AmorPamela Ross, Paul & Linda Satkowski, Melody & Warren Schubert, Nancy
oso, Tom & Mary Amory, Paula & Alexander Armentrout, JoAnne &
Way & Tom Scribner, Nancy Seibert, Pat & Jeff Shaw, Liv Rockefeller &
Michael Bander, Katie & Jon Chip Bauer, Carole C. & F. William Black, Ken Shure, Anita Siegenthaler, Jean S. Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kendrick
Martha M. & Sidney Block, William & Barbara Buss, Steven A. & Mar- Smith, Susan & Robert Snead, Marjory & David Stickler, Nancy Sullivan,
garet E. Case, Mary J. & Peter A. Chamberlain, Mary P. Chatfield, Char- Shirley Burnell & Emmett Sutton, Ann & Edward Sziklas, Rebecca L. &
lotte Cook, Jock & Day Cowperthwaite, Richard J. & Barbara Ann
Douglas R. Thompson, Marcia T. Turner, Barry & Judith Valentine, Judith
Dubocq, Michael & Pamela Dufour, Rev. & Mrs. Dewey Fagerburg,
Van Lunen, Joseph G. Veilleux, Mary & Graham Waltz, Dan Jacobs &
Alexandra Wolf Fogel, Joan Foxwell, Terry & Ned Gruener, Faith E. &
Susan Watts Family, Tracy & Nina Lynn Wheeler, Jean & Donald White,
David C. Hague, Sandy Millar & Frances Hitchcock, Renee Hotchkiss,
Wolfe/ Whitehead Family, Patricia Gladding & Lance Whitney, Joan &
Mr. & Mrs. David Jackson, Barbara & Matthew Janicki, E. Daniel John- Cliff Willey, John G. & Lucille A. Williams.
son, Martha Jones, Joe & Monica Kalo, Ed & Ruth Kenney, Mr. & Mrs.
INDIVIDUAL ($35 - $49): Anonymous (1) Joanne Alderman, Lozina Ames,
James Kinsella, Jim & Judith Kunkel, Steven P. & Jane
Susan H. Barbour, Tom Barksdale, Barb Bausch, Barbara Bell,
Lary, Mr. & Mrs. R Chase Lasbury, Kay Lehr, Mrs. Emily L.
Lena Bengtsson, Elizabeth Kononen Berry, Ellen Berry, Carol
Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Linder, Linsey Low, Richard &
H. Bosken, Jacks Boxes, Dale K. Bruce, Sari R. Bunker, Mrs.
Wanda Macnair, Helen Hubbard Marr, Steven & Ursula
James Clayton, Nan Cobbey, Phyllis Coelho, Catherine Cohn,
McAllister, Carolyn P. Miller, Chris Mills Family, Audrey R.
Marlene Cohn, Terry Cook, Linda A. Cox, Leslie Curtis, Phyllis
& Roger Moody, Taylor Mudge, Barbara & Robert NichDaggett, Betsey Dauzier, Arlene Day, Mary Ellen Decato,
ols, Edward J. & Shirley O'Keefe, Sue & Bud Oliveira, B.
Alexandra Degenhardt, Kathy Deupree, Linda C. Downer,
Kay Ouradnik, Thomas & Gray Payne, William S. Petrini,
Julianne J. Edmondson, Maureen Egan, Sally M. Enggass,
Lys McLaughlin & Thomas Pike, Karin and Frederick P.
Jean E. English, Cheryl L. Evangelos, Jerry Fales, Charlotte W.
Rector, Diana Rigg, Jean Hutchins & Roger Rittmaster,
Faller, Arlene S. Faulkner, Amy Faunce, Abby Fitzgerald,
Elaine & Thomas Roberts, Marjorie F. & Lloyd Roberts,
Pamela Gleason, Janet Gold, Carol Goodridge, Ann A. Guild,
M.D., James & Marilyn Rockefeller, Ann P. Rutherford,
Kristen Heller, Claudia B. Hill, Dorothy Hokkanen, Frances
Dr. Joanne M. Sharpe, Steven Shaw, John & Judy Sherman, Mrs. Selma
Shure, Irwin & Sonia Spalding,, Dimitri Stancioff, Sharon A. Staz, John Holdgate, Katherine Holland, Deborah Ann Hopper, Carol Howe, N. ReF. Steele, Enid W. Stone, Brian & Marilyn Trask, Mary L & Daniel Varta- bekah Huckle, Laura Johnson, Sue Kandziolka, Karen Keller, Kendel H.
bedian, Lynette Walther, Peg & John Way, Clifford H. & Ruth B. Wells. Kennedy, Aleta M. Kilborn,, Anne Kilham, Marcia Kimpton, June Kincade,
Kathryn Z. Klaber, Barbara Klie, Loel Kline, Elinor Klivans, Gina Knight,
FAMILY ($50 - $99): Anonymous (2),Richard A. Ailes, Kathleen M.
Erica Koenig, Sharon Landry, Judith B. Laurence, John Lippman, Barbara
Allain, Robert E. & Pauline Anderson, III, Kerry K. Andresen, Jane &
Malone, Leesa Mann, Kathe J. Marion-Gallant, Roberta E. Marion, Carol
Tom Babbitt, Maurice Moroze & Veronica Beason, Joan Bennett, Carol Lee Mason, Carolyn May, Marian F. McAleenan, Patricia McDonald, Louis
Rohl & Gordon Bok, Jeanne & Peter Bowen, Ruben S. & Mary K.
McDowell, Ann McKendry, Maura L. Melley, John & Carol Melquist,
Brown, Steve & Jean Burleson, Jane and Alan Carr, Neil & Patricia
Marion Mitchell, Alison N. Montgomery, Susan Moore, Erica Morton,
Courtney, Richard & Sara Cowan, Donna & Tillman Crane, Stephen V. Judith Moses, Patricia Moss, Judy Mullins, Virginia E. Noble, Tricia
& Sylvia Crane, Gayle & Jim Curtis, Sheila P. Davenport, Harriet & John O'Brien, Nancy O'Neil, Robert F. Olfenbuttel, Elizabeth C. Parker, Steva
DeHoff, Elizabeth Boogusch & Charles Dhyse, Michael Kosowsky &
Beth Parkman, Bonnie Percival, Sheri Peters, Sue Pfau, Margaret Mednis
Jennifer Drawbridge, Ruth & Robert Dreher, Laurie & Paul Duffy, Jim
Phillips, Madeline S. Pitney, Martha M. Porter, Harriet Potter, Mary Rack& Cindy Dunham, Jane Daye & Janet Eager Heather Ellsworth, John A. males, Penelope Ray, Catherine Reising-Jones, Carolyn Robinson, Carol
& Beatrice A. Fargnoli, Kathleen & Patrick Florance, Janet & Roger
Ann Rosa, Sandie Sabaka, Dorothea R. Schmitt, Beth Schuman, Steven
Fradenburgh, Kevin & Susan Frewert, Barbara Furey & Bart Furey, Dr. Seidell, Charles J. Serns, Estelle B. Shevis, Meg Sideris, Elizabeth P. Simon,
& Mrs. Robert Furman, Dwight & Kay Gagnon, Christopher & Rosalee Mrs. Donna Ward Smith, Richard Smith, Lynn Snider, Gerry Steele, Alicia
Glass, George & Mary Graner, Nancy L. Duncan & Byron F. Greatorex, Stevenson, Jane M. Strauss, Sally Sweezey, Barbara Sweitzer, Jan B. Taft,
Donna A. Busch & John R. Green, Rev. Allison C. Smith & Gregory
Judith Tarbox, Susan G. Taylor, Giedra J. Troncone, Louise Turan, Zella
Greenleaf, Ben & Mary Anderson Griffin, Donna & Bill Griffith, Donna Walker, Denis Wang, Deborah Warren, Dee Webster, Adele M. Welch,
Maritato & Bob Grobe, Greta Z. & Gary Gulezian, Jane & Stephen
Marjorie R. Wester, Mary Wheelwright, Katrinka Wilder, Katrine
Hardy, Sara & Arthur Hayes, Elizabeth Henry, Carol J. & Steven D.
McCollum Willey, Laura Zalewski.
Heyer, Linda Mairs Holt, Jack Brown & Marilyn Hotch, Mary Joe
(continued on page 7)
Hughes, Anne Cogger & Leslie Hyde, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Kava, Karl &

The Hawthorn

Spring 2016

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COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIPS: Meredith Mendelson & Nick Battista, Diane & Keith Blizzard, Scott Carlson, Karen & Dick Cease, Ken
Gardiner, Jane Grohs, Heather & Jason Hearst, Jill Lang, Karen Miller &
Bud Hillman, Kessler Horty, Ron Howard, Annie Kassler, Ry Hills & Tom
Kiley, Holly & Lance Limoges, Kristen Lindquist, Dennis Milliken, Lauria
& David O'Connell, Estelle & Alfred Peck, Jock & Susan Robie, Rita &
Rick Seger.

2015 Business Support

GIFT MEMBERSHIPS: Ellen Began Family, Brenda Cayouette Family,

Ken Cleaves, Emily M. Egeland, Chris Gray, Nora Hattman Michaels.

BUSINESS STEWARD ($500 - $999): Camden Real Estate, Camden Riverhouse Hotel, The First .

GIFTS IN KIND: Wendy & Ray Andresen, Amy & Robert Campbell, Greg
Dorr, Josephine Freda, Dorothea & Charlie Graham, Donna A. Busch &
John R. Green, Faith E. & David C. Hague, Faith Getchell & Glenn Jenks,
Edie Kyle, Hilda Livingstone, Barbara J. & Stephen J. Melchiskey, Audrey R. & Roger Moody, Rene Mathews & Dan Neumann, Sharon Osborne, Karin & Frederick P. Rector, Gail & Fred Ribeck, Marjorie F. &
Lloyd Roberts, M.D., Dr. Joanne M. Sharpe, Debby Smith, Jeannine
Smith, Lynette Walther, Taylor Allen & Martha White, Barton &
Priscilla Wood.

BUSINESS DONOR ($250 - $499): Allen Insurance & Financial, Cedar

Crest Motel, Country Inn at Camden/Rockport, Jaret & Cohn Real Estate, Peter T. Gross Architects, P.A.

FRANK CALLANAN MEMORIAL GIFTS: Wendy & Ray Andresen, Katie &
Jon Chip Bauer, Kevin Carley, Patricia Devilly, Lindsay H. Hancock, John
T. Kirkpatrick.
ANN BURGESS FORD HOPPS MEMORIAL GIFTS: Bill & Lynn Cash, Margaret C. Hand, Susan Lounsbury, Frederick Murphy, Diana Rigg, Debby
Smith, Andrew Zanzal.
OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS: Ruth Cole, Antoinette Federle, Peter T.
Gross, Dr. Thomas W. & Virginia H. Williams.
FOUNDATION AND ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT: In 2015, our programs received crucial financial support from a variety of organizations, municipalities and private foundations. We thank the following institutional supporters for their help during the past year: Aldermere Farm, American Horticultural Society, Camden Garden Club,
Camden Rotary Club, Cascade Foundation, Coastal Mountains Land
Trust, Edward Page Crane Fund of the Maine Community Foundation,
Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Otter Island Foundation, Thendara
Foundation, Town of Camden, United Mid-Coast Charities, Inc.

Merryspring is very grateful for the support the local business community gave us in 2015. If you appreciate Merryspring, we hope you
will extend your thanks to these businesses that help fund our work
and provide valuable goods and services to our community.
BUSINESS PARTNER ($1,000 or more): EBS Style Solutions.

BUSINESS FRIEND ($100 - $249): Barnes Custom Window Treatments,

Bench Dogs, Inc., Breakwater Vineyards, Brown Appliance & Mattress,
Inc., Carol A. Witham - Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist, Chatfield
Design, Christian H. Fasoldt, Architect, Cold Mountain Builders, Cornerstone Kitchens, Dave's Appliance, Inc., David C. Olivas DDS, Distinctive
Coastal Gardens, Distinctive Tile & Design, Dominic Paul Mercadante
Architecture, Fixtures Designer Plumbing Showroom, Freshwater Stone,
Houses & Cottages Architectural Design, Interiors By Janis Stone, Kelsey's Appliance & Sleep Center, Inc., Lee Schneller Fine Gardens, Leslie
Curtis Designs, Maine Media Workshops, Margo Moore, Inc., Mike Rich
Design, Morningstar Stone and Tile, Neumann Fine Arts, New View
Studio, North Atlantic Painting Co., PHI Home Designs, Pine Ridge Carpentry, Rock Coast Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Rockport Granite, Rockport Steel, Silverio - Architecture + Design, Smith & May, Inc. - Hearth &
Patio Showroom, The Good Table, TREEKEEPERS LLC - Johnson's Arboriculture.
BUSINESS SUPPORTER ($50 - $99): Endless Summer Flower Farm,
Welte & Welte, P.A.
BUSINESS GIFTS IN KIND: Bragg's Tree Care, Endless Summer Flower
Farm, Fernwood Nursery & Gardens, FITZY, LLC, Francine Bistro, Goodridge-Lermond Tree Service, Good Tern Natural Foods Co-Op & Caf,
Goose River Enterprises, Hannaford Super Market, Jackson Landscape
Services, Lily, Lupine, & Fern, Moody Electric, Once a Tree, Plants
Unlimited, Schooner Olad, Shepherd's Pie, Stonewall Kitchen, Surroundings, The Green Thumb, The Smiling Cow, TREEKEEPERS LLC Johnson's Arboriculture.
Cantina, Bragg's Tree Care, Cappy's Chowder House, Comida Latin
Kitchen, Eclipse & The Speakeasy, FOG Bar & Caf, Inn at Sunrise Point,
Laugh Loud, Smile Big Cupcakes, Laura Cabot Catering, Limoges Corp.,
Maine Street Meats, Plants Unlimited, Susan Boivin, MSAD 28, The
Highlands Coffee House, The Market Basket, The Waterfront Restaurant.

Dear Members and Friends of Merryspring

We are very fortunate to have so many friends and members of Merryspring who, year-in and year-out, support their Nature Center with gifts of
time and money. You are the reason Merryspring exists and continues to serve our Midcoast community.
Merryspring has an annual operating budget of more than $150,000 to cover salaries, educational programs, supplies, utilities, maintenance,
etc. The major sources of our income are fundraisers such as the Flatbread Pizza night on May 3 and Kitchen Tour on August 3 and our
annual appeal for memberships and extra donations. Other income comes from park usage, programs, grants, local businesses, and dividends
on our endowment.
So, as we continue moving ahead in 2016, we wish to thank all of you on these pages for your contributions in 2015, and we hope that you will
continue to support Merryspring in the future. On behalf of the Merryspring trustees and staff, THANK YOU.
Ray Andresen

P.O. Box 893

Camden, ME 04843

Reserve Merryspring for Your Event

Remember to think of Merryspring when you or your friends
are planning a wedding, memorial service, meeting, or other
special event. Each year several weddings, receptions, and
meetings take place at Merryspring. Conveniently located yet
away from the noise and bustle of the towns of Camden and
Rockport, Merryspring offers stunning gardens and an outdoor
hexagon perfect for small ceremonies. A well-tended lawn bordered by flower beds filled with spectacular color from June
through September will accommodate a tent for up to 200
guests. And the meeting room inside the Ross Center is spacious and airy.