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Optic leads withstand 400°C Quartz Rod lens option withstands 1000°C Highly precise viewing angles Unique “combined” Air Purge & Cooling Interchangeable Remote Lenses 1°, 4°,7°, & 1⁄2° x 25° F.O.V.
Robust sensor purpose built to meet the higher speed detection requirements within the modern Steel Mill. Armoured optic lead allows remote lenses to be installed close to the process line in high ambients, whilst allowing the controller to be mounted in an accessible area. This sensor provides two types of output. In addition to the normal latched output indicating presence of hot product, a high speed 0.5 milli.sec pulsed output is initiated by the passing of the hot products leading edge. Both PNP transistor and reed relay outputs are provided according to the model selected. It is important to note that the pulsed output response time is virtually independent of the hot products temperature. In addition, background infrared is filtered. An adjustable latching timer is provided on the pulse output to extenuate the leading edge signal and accommodate blackspots.



REMOTE HIGH SPEED MODEL 9207 Hot Product Sensor


Quartz Rod Lens 1° F.O.V, 1000°C spec. (for under the line mounting)

Precise Slit F.O.V 0.5° x 25° lens

(for above the line mounting)

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Edge Detection with 0.5 milli.sec response Supplementary analogue output Background suppressed Self check facility - 1 and 2 wire Pulsed and latching outputs

A variety of remote lenses are available. For mounting above the line, the 0.5º x 25º lens is recommended for highest accuracy. Alternatively, for mounting close under the line, the quartz lens should be used. A supplementary analogue output assists in alignment off a small light source as well as providing early indication of lens contamination.


Type Coding Description
From a selection of trip levels, lens varieties, electrical connections and other options, it is a straightforward procedure to identify by type coding the exact sensor required for a particular installation. Namely from the following options.
Specifies Pulse Trip Detector Identifies Options: Plug/Self–Check/Analogue
Unit with self–check and plug connection Supplementary analogue output via plug connection Supplementary analogue output & self–check via plug connection MD...4 MD...6 MD...7

Electrical Connection & Output Options

MD 92072-FR1A-97
Specifies Optic Lead Length
Code 1 to 8 Indicates optic length ( up to 8 metres)

Type 97B 97H Leading Edge Output Latch Outputs

24 VDC ± 10% Driven 110 VAC or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz ± 15% Driven N/Open PNP transistor ‘pulse’ output (500 mA). Switching speed 0.5 milliseconds to leading edge N/Open PNP transistor output (500 mA protected) Switching speed 7 milliseconds to leading edge Single pole reed relay 1.5 Amp, 200 VDC/AC Switching speed 4 milliseconds on and off

Indicates Lens Requirement
Lens Coding FIELD OF VIEW Viewed area at 1 metre (mm’s) F1 F2 Q1 F4 F7 1° 20 2° 40 1° 20 4° 7°

FR0 ⁄2° x 5°

FR1 ⁄2° x 10°

FR2 ⁄2° x 25° 10 x 500

S2R 2 x 12° 40 x 200

Latching Timer

Independent timer for both pulse outputs Adjustment range 0 - 100 milliseconds Pulse timer resets with each leading edge

70 120 10 x 130 10 x 250

Specifies Lens Mount Options
Code P C A D Air Purge Mount Water Cooled Mount Air Cooled and Purged Mount Air Purged and Water Cooled Mount

Refer to separate data sheet for information on Lens Mount Options

Optic Lead Options Multi-strand glass optic cable encased within a tough flexible stainless sheath fabricated to withstand 400° C ambient
1. Standard optic lead Type LG–*–AB used in conjunction with 1°, 4°, 7° and 2° x 12° F.O.V. lenses 2. Linearised fishtail optic Type LG–*–CB for use with 1/2° x 25° lens. Ensures high accuracy & sensitivity

These fittings may be ordered separately. See Remote Lenses Data Sheet.

Quartz Q1 Lens Rod

Precision FR Lens

Purged Shroud Nozzle shown

Series 9000 Remote Controller
General Specifications
Min. latched output trip level: 300°C Min. edge output trip level: 400°C Housing: Aluminium AL6. Rating: IP66, DIN, 89011. Coating: Oven bake blue paint. Weight: 1.7 Kilo 2 metre optic lead, excluding remote lens. Ambient limits: -20C to +65C. Electrical connection: Provided with 1.5 metre armoured 0.5mm core cable connected via IP65 plug/socket.
Publication No: 39592/C

Refer to separate Data Sheet for dimensions of Remote Lenses.
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