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Name: Adedolapo Oke

Software Title: BrainPop
Function(s) of Instructional Software (check all that apply):
Drill and Practice Tutorial Simulation Instructional Game e-
Features of the Software (check all that apply):
Assessment Monitoring/Reporting (Keeps track of student data and/or
generates reports for the teacher) Allows teacher to create customized lessons
for students Multi-user or collaborative functions with others in class Multi-
user or collaborative functions with others beyond local class Accessible to
students beyond the school day Accessible via mobile devices Multiple
languages Safety, security, and/or privacy features
Strengths of the Software: The cartoons are fun, easy and engaging. Motivating
for children.
Covers all content areas and standard based.
Suggestions for Improvement: More interactive, create more assessments,
extended to higher grades. More like an avatar instead of cartoon. More videos

Standards Addressed: See

SS1H1; The students will read about and describe the life of historical figures in
American history.
a. Identify the contributions made by these figures: Benjamin Franklin
(inventor/author/ statesman), Thomas Jefferson (Declaration of Independence),
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with Sacagawea (exploration), Harriet
Tubman (Underground Railroad), Theodore Roosevelt (National Parks and the
environment), George Washington Carver (science).
Grade Level/Content Area(s): 1st / Social Studies
Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply). See
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating

Description of how to implement in the class: I will introduce Martin Luther

King Jnr to my students. Before I start, I will ask my students what they know about
Martin Luther King Jnr. After their responses, I will give them a brief background
about him. I will then ask them to watch a special video about his life and his
contributions to the country. I will assign a task to the students, I will ask them two
fun facts they learned from the video and I will have them share with the rest of the
After reviewing their responses, I will ask the students what they learned and I
will write it on white board. I will then ask them to watch the video again as a group

and come up with something they missed the first time the video was played. I will
ask each student to select one of the facts and make a drawing out of it as a class

* Examples of common instructional models include whole group, teacher-led, student

self-paced, small group, or individual learning activities. Use as many of these
descriptors or other descriptors as apply.