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Pork Chops Milanese Pork Chops with Honey enroladinhas Loin with Honey Pork Sausage Pork Sausage Cuiabana Sausage Pork Sa usage Savory Pork to Champagne Eggplant with Pork Loin Pork Champs Elissé Ham R oasted Pork Ham Pork with Mustard Breaded Pork Chops INGREDIENTS: 01 KG. Pork ribs OF SALT AND PEPPER-A TASTE OF THE KINGDOM-03 Spoon (SOUP) OF WHEAT FLOUR WHOLE EGG 01 06 Spoon (SOUP) breadcrumbs 06 Spoon (SOUP) margarine 02 TOMATOES SALSA WAY TO DO: Wash and Wipe the chops, season with salt and black pepper kingdom. Pass them in the flour, the beaten egg and bread crum bs. Heat margarine and fry the chops over low heat for 30 minutes, turning them occasionally to toast evenly. Drain on paper towel and pass them to a platter. G arnish with sliced tomatoes, bunches of parsley and some lemon into pieces. Serv e with white rice, baked potato and green salad. Pork chops with MEL INGREDIENTS: 01 KG. Pork chop 03 Spoon (SOUP OF DRY WHITE WINE HARVEST 2001 (SOP A) OF MUSTARD SPOON 2001 (SOPA) HONEY SALT AND PEPPER-THE-UNITED A TASTE FOR BRU SH: 03 Spoon (SOUP) SPOON OIL 2002 (SOPA) SALT AND PEPPER HONEY-DO-pepper to tas te Preparation: Cut the ribs into pieces, mix the ingredients for seasoning and add the meat. Let stand for several hours. Drain well and place in a roasting pa n. Bake in hot oven and bake until the meat is tender, brushing occasionally wit h honey mixture of oil and seasoned. Enroladinhas LOIN OF PORK WITH HONEY INGREDIENTS: 06 slices of pork Salt and pepper to taste 1 150 GR. A black prune 01 APPLE 02 Spoon (SOUP) SPOON HONEY 2001 (SOPA) Brazil Nu t MINCED 03 spoons (Soup) ½ LITRE OIL bouillon 01 SPOON (TEA) OF ENGLISH SAUCE SPOON 2002 (SOPA) DE LEMON JUICE cornstarch Preparation: Beat the sliced tenderl oin that are soft, season them with salt and pepper. Chop the plums, peel and gr ate the apple into thin thick. Add the lemon juice, Brazil nuts and honey. Seaso n with salt and pepper. Put the filling over the slices of pork loin and wrap. S ecure with toothpicks and brown on all sides in hot oil. Add the broth, cover po t and cook slowly until meat is tender. Remove the rolls and set aside. Dissolve the cornstarch in a little water and add the sauce to the broth with English. H eat and stir to thicken slightly. Serve the rolls with this sauce. Pork sausage INGREDIENTS: 02 KG of pork (loin and ham) 01 KG OF 01 SPOON pork bacon (SOPA) SA LT 05 cloves garlic, crushed 01 SPOON (TEA) PEPPER-THE-UNITED 01 SPOON (TEA) OF SAUCE PEPPER DRIED PORK CASINGS 02 Spoons (SOPA) DE 02 LITRES WATER VINEGAR SMEL L-GREEN WAY TO DO: Put the water and vinegar in a bowl and let the casings to so ak for 30 minutes. Remove and laveas running water, inside and out, putting the opening of the casing at the nozzle of a faucet. Hang and let drain. Cut the mea t and bacon into small pieces, season with salt, pepper, garlic and green-smelli ng, mix well. Let stand for 06 hours, stirring occasionally to be well seasoned. Fill the casings with the meat mixture and bacon to funnel itself and make some holes to hold the liquid and air. Hang in a place away from flies two or three hours. Store in refrigerator for two days or freezer for up to two months. Sausage Cuiabano INGREDIENTS: 03 KG TO 01 KG tenderloin termite 01 ½ spoon (soup) SALT 05 hot pe ppers (Bodinho) 02 cups (tea) parsley, chopped 01 ½ LITER MILK hog casing HOW T O PREPARE: Cut the meat into small pieces, add the crushed pepper and salt. Let stand for 06 hours. Boil the milk and scald the meat. Let it rest for 06 hours, stirring from 15 to 15 minutes. Add the parsley and stuff the casings with funne

l itself. Store in refrigerator or freezer. Bake in a grill or spit. Serve with rice and manioc and manioc. Sausage 2 INGREDIENTS: 02 KG OF PORK IN SMALL PIECES OF 01 KG HARD BACK FAT IN SMALL PIECE S 01 SPOON (SOPA) SALT 06 cloves garlic, crushed 02 spoons (tea) crushed red pep per 02 spoons (tea) fennel 01 SPOON (TEA) REFINED SUGAR hog casing HOW TO PREPAR E: Mix the meat with the seasonings and let sit for 06 hours, stirring occasiona lly. Fill the casings after preparing them (like the recipe for pork sausage). M ake some holes and hang in a place away from flies for two to three hours. Store in refrigerator or freezer. PORK LOIN OF FLAVORS INGREDIENTS: 01 KG OF PORK LOIN 03 Spoon (soup) of margarine pats 02 01 ONION ch opped tomatoes 02 CUBES bouillon dissolve in boiling water salt and pepper to ta ste Preparation: In a large saucepan, cook the pork well seasoned with the marga rine until golden. Add half the broth, cover the pan and let it cook until the b roth reduce. Add the remaining broth and vegetables. Cook until the pork is tend er. Remove from pan, reserving the broth. Arrange on a platter and garnish with mashed potatoes. Whisk the vegetable broth in blender and pour over the pork int o slices. LOIN OF PORK TO THE CHAMPAGNE INGREDIENTS: 03 KG OF PORK LOIN 04 Spoon (SOUP) BUTTER SEASONING: 01 BOTTLE OF C HAMPAGNE DRY 03 cloves garlic, crushed JUICE LEMONS 02 01 01 grated large onion bay leaf sprig of marjoram 01 03 Spoons (SOPA) DE SALSA MINCED 03 Spoon (SOUP) o f chopped chives Salt and pepper to taste Preparation: Put all the seasoning ing redients in a bowl, mix well. Add the pork already clean, let it rest for about 12 hours, turning it occasionally. Prepare it in time, remove the seasoning, gre ase it with butter and place it in a pan, along with the seasoning that is left. Cover it with foil and bake in preheated oven for two hours. Occasionally lift the paper and baste with the sauce from the pan. Once baked, remove the paper an d let brown for another 30 minutes. Remove, cut into slices and serve with boile d potatoes. Pork loin with eggplant 3 INGREDIENTS: 01 KG OF PORK LOIN 100 GR. OF OLIVES 03 sliced onions Salt and pepp er to taste 01 clove of crushed garlic 01 KG OF EGGPLANT RED PEPPER 01 (DEDO DE GAL) Preparation: Brown the pork in olive oil with the onions into strips, seaso n with salt, pepper and garlic . Cover pan and cook on low heat for 45 minutes. Add the eggplants, peeled and cut into thin slices. Cover and leave for 30 minut es on low heat. Ping a little water if dry. Crush red pepper and stir the loins. Serve the pork sliced, garnished by eggplants. Pork tenderloin Champs Elysses INGREDIENTS: 04 KG LOIN OF PORK JUICE 02 LEMONS 02 spoons (Soup) 04 TEETH OF WHI TE VINEGAR GARLIC HARVEST 2001 (CAFÃ ) PEPPER-THE-UNITED SHEET BAY 01 02 sliced on ions 02 cups (tea) OIL 01 KG OF BLACK PLUMS APPLES 12 04 CANS PINEAPPLE SPOON IN CALDAS 2004 (SOPA) DE MARGARINE 200 GR. CHERRY 2002 Peach cans stewed 01 GLASS stewed prunes 200 GR. HAM 04 cups (tea) A METHOD OF SAUCE ROASTED TO DO: Wash th e pork and season with lemon, vinegar, crushed garlic with salt, pepper, kingdom , bay leaf and onion. Let stand for two hours. Meanwhile, peel two apples, pit t hem ten prunes, chop and mix well to stuff the loin. Passing the time specified, remove the pork seasoning, open it lengthways and fill with a mixture of fruits . Attach the ends with toothpicks and string passes around the back to hold the filling. Place the pork in a roasting pan with oil and bake in preheated oven fo

r roasting, basting it occasionally with the sauce itself. After staining, remov e it from the pan and let cool. Cut it into slices and arrange on a platter with black plum, apple slices and pineapple sliced, fried in butter. Garnish with ch erry and peaches. Accompany the dish with the sauce served aside, beaten in the blender with the jam and ham. Ham ROAST INGREDIENTS: 01 ham (3 KG) SAL. GARLIC AND PEPPER JUICE grated onion 01 02 02 LE MONS ORANGES JUICE-GREEN SMELL Beef Stew 4 02 Spoon (SOUP) BUTTER 2001 TABLET bouillon ½ L DISSOLVED IN WATER WAY TO DO: P lace the meat in a bowl with water and salt, giving it to cover and soak for hal f an hour. This done, drain water, dry the meat and stick it with the tip of a k nife. Spread over the entire surface of a paste made with lots of spices, pepper s, onions and a little salt. Drizzle it then with the juices of lemons and orang es, spread the smell green and let this marinate for 12 hours. The next day, rem ove the meat seasoning, grease it with butter and place it on a greased baking s heet. Strain the herbs from the pot, add to broth dissolved in boiling water and pour over all flesh. Wrap it in aluminum foil and bake in moderate oven. From t ime to time, lift the paper and drizzle with the sauce from the pan. Once soft, remove the paper and let it brown. Ham with mustard INGREDIENTS 01 leg of 01 KG cup water 07 Spoon (SOUP) SPOON FOR MUSTARD 2005 (SO PA) OIL 2 1 / 2 teaspoon (SOPA) OF SOY SAUCE SPOON 2001 (SOPA) cornstarch 1 / 2 cup (tea) OF ORANGE MARMALADE OR THE LIKE WAY TO MAKE Stick the ham with a long fork in several places. Mix remaining ingredients and brush over the meat alread y in the pan. Cover and let stand at room temperature for one hour. Bake in mode rate oven pre-heated pan and bake for 4 or 5 hours or until roast. Add hot water as the gravy dries. While meat roasts go with the wetting liquid from the pan. When meat is cooked, remove from pan. Let the sauce rest for a while and remove the fat from the surface. Thicken the sauce with cornstarch dissolved in a littl e water. Divide the sauce into two parts. The one add the orange marmalade. To f reeze, let the ham cool, then wrap with plastic wrap and stick foil. Place in th e freezer. Freeze both sauces separately. To thaw: Remove the pork to the refrig erator 24 hours before serving, unwrap, place on a baking tray and bake in moder ate oven pre-heated to heat well. Place the ham on a platter, cut into slices an d reassemble. Heat also the two sauces. Serve the pudding broccoli. Yield: 20 se rvings 5