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A Love that will last throughout time
By Maggie Newman they lived in Elbow Lake, talked about her.
Staff Writer then to Princeton for six Donn and Beth like to
Back in the late 70’s years and then to Big Lake spend time together travel-
when Donn Hanson was at- in 2001. ing as they recently took a
tending college, he along While living in Princeton, trip to meet family in Nor-
with a few other football Donn and Beth met new way where Donn met his
players decided to join the friends and started a dinner cousins for the first time.
college musical production club. For the past 24 years They have also traveled to
of Bye Bye Birdie. the same six couples have Italy and toured Washington
This was Donn’s first been getting together and DC.
time in musical theatre and taking turns cooking won- They both sing in the
his roles in the presentation derful meals for each other church choir as well as at
were that of a drunken while celebrate friendship weddings, funerals and also
Shriner, the reporter #2 and and family. “It was enjoy singing with the
a policeman. Donn said “al- nice because all of our kids Northern Lights Chorale
though I had a few different were around the same age out of New Brighten.
roles I only spoke a total of and they all grew up to- Donn was recently fea-
six words”. gether,” said Beth. The din- tured as the Swedish chef at
Beth on the other hand ner club doesn’t meet as Saron Lutherans 125 an-
was a lagieament actress often as they used to but niversary celebration as
said Donn. Beth played the still try and get together a well as playing the role of
second leading role as Kim couple times a year. Clark from Vacation Bible
Macabee in the production. Donn and Beth have Schools Cave Quest.
When Donn first saw Beth spent many happy years to- Beth has had various jobs
he said “for me, it truly was gether and have lots of throughout the years includ-
love at first sight”. Donn wonderful memories. Dur- ing home daycare when
even remembers what she ing their 36 years of mar- their boys were young, ca-
was wearing; “blue terry riage they have also reer advisor at Princeton
cloth shorts,” said Donn, as overcome many things to- High School for several
they began laughing out gether such as a house fire years, chiropractic assistant
loud. and the unthinkable death after that and then the com-
Donn and Beth got to of their son, Kyle. munity life coordinator at
know each other while chat- Throughout everything Sterling Pointe Senior Liv-
ting and flirting during re- Donn and Beth said they ing in Princeton, where
hearsal and after the final have really been blessed Beth retired two years ago.
production of the show, with family, friends, and Donn is a managing direc-
there was a party held for church, that’s what has re- tor for PFM in Minneapolis
the cast members. They ally helped them to get and sells investments to
hung out all night and when through. public entities.
the party was over he The love and bond that When asked what advice
brought her home. Donn Donn and Beth have for they would give to couples
said “I dropped her off at each other and can be felt a they replied “be kind to
her dorm and asked her if crossed the room. He still each other, love each
we could go out tomorrow, buys her flowers and they other’s families, have a
she said,” no.” have date night, which sense of humor, don’t take
BETH AND DONN HANSON are all smiles in their wedding photo as well
Jokingly, Beth said, “I Donn says “is very impor- yourself too serious and
as 36 years later while displaying their portrait. (Photo by Maggie Newman)
didn’t say that I didn’t want tant.” Something they also never go to bed angry.”
to, but that I couldn’t. They value in their relationship is June 21st Donn and Beth
did eventually get together wedding both of their fami- and the food was made by their first house in Moor- complete trust and respect will celebrate 37 years of
and started to date in the lies where close by to cele- family members including: head where their first son for each other. marriage proving that true
spring of 1979 and became brate. sandwiches, salads and Kyle was born. They are the proud love still does exist!
engaged the following Feb- Thirty six years ago on cake. Donn and Beth said After four years Donn grandparents of a nine
ruary. June 21, 1980 they united that nowadays they feel and Beth moved to Litch- month old granddaughter
To their surprise, Donn in marriage at the family couples put way too much field as they welcomed sec- named Ivy. Their son Peter
and Beth grew up just 20 church in Mayville. Beth emphasis on the ring, venue ond son Peter into the and his wife, Arica, who
miles away from each other. smiled and said “It was a and honeymoon but should world. They were very live in Minneapolis, left
Donn lived in Mayville ND beautiful day.” They each instead focus on the mar- happy to be parents again! grandma and grandpa with
and Beth grew up on a had five attendants and two riage. Donn’s job as a business baby duty just recently.
small farm in the commu- junior attendants. After they married, Donn manager for the schools They were so happy to
nity of Buxton. So when The reception was held in and Beth lived in Fargo for called for them to move a watch and care for Ivy.
they decided to have their the basement of the church six months, then bought lot, so for the next six years They were glowing as they

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Why, Oh, Why? when guests would chase
newlyweds back to their
room, attempting to rip
pieces from the bridal gown
for good luck. The bride
would toss her bouquet to
distract guests, and once the Spring 2017 Wedding Colors
newlyweds made it back to
their room, the groom
would open the door and

By Tresa Erickson Some even have photos
toss the garter to let guests
know the chase was over.
Why the saving
of the top tier of
the wedding cake?
For the baby, of course.
What Lovely Colors
By Tresa Erickson than fall or winter wed- you will definitely want to
As you are sitting in the taken of their ‘first look.’ This tradition stems from Your fiancé popped the dings. However, if you are research the connotations
pew waiting for your Why veils? the schoolyard rhyme, ‘First question and now the wed- having an evening wedding, colors carry in that tradition
friend’s wedding ceremony Why bells? Why comes love, then comes ding planning is underway. you may be able to get of thought.
to begin, what crosses your over the threshold? marriage, then comes the First up is choosing a color away with deeper tones. Availability might also
mind? Do you wonder why To ward off evil spirits, of baby in the baby carriage.’ palette. While some brides Are you having a garden- factor in your decision. You
some brides wear some- course! Ancient Romans Brides and grooms were opt for two colors, others go themed wedding? Garden might start out with a pink,
thing blue? Why some believed evil spirits envied once expected to conceive for three, four and some- weddings also call for lilac and yellow palette but
brides toss their bouquet? the happiness of new brides right away and save the top times a whole myriad of lighter colors. Pale pinks, change that when you fall in
Why some grooms insist on and were out to get them. tier of their wedding cake colors. The choice is yours, lus- love with a rose-colored
carrying their bride over the Brides hid from the evil for their baby’s christening. and while the colors you se- bridesmaid dress. Instead of
threshold? Here are the an- spirits with veils. Bells were Today, many save it for lect should flatter every- pink, lilac and yellow,
swers to those questions also rung to keep evil spirits their first anniversary, as one within your you might end up
and more. away, hence the ringing of babies aren’t always a wedding party, that with rose, purple
Why blue? wedding bells today. Some given. Some even have the should not be and gold.
The tradition stems from brides even carry bells in bakery remake the top layer your only crite- Once you
the Victorian rhyme advis- their bouquets. In medieval rather than freeze it for a ria. have a color
ing brides what to wear for Europe, people believed year and risk losing the fla- C o l o r palette in
good luck. According to the evil spirits would attack vor. palettes can mind, go
rhyme, a bride should wear run the gam- for it! Se-
‘something old, something bit. To deter- lect ap-
new, something borrowed, mine yours, p a r e l ,
something blue and a silver sit down and flowers and
sixpence in her shoe.’ While write out a decorations
brides today have dis- list of colors that reflect
banded with the sixpence, that you like, that palette
many still choose to follow with your fa- and look for
the tradition, wearing some- vorites at the top. other unique
thing old as a token of her Perhaps you're ways to incorpo-
past, something new as a wild about red or mad rate the palette into
token of her future, some- about pink. With those your celebration. Use
thing borrowed from a hap- in mind, look through some rose-colored ink on the in-
pily married woman as a home décor magazines and vitations rather than the
token of good luck and paint swatch racks for com- cious lilacs and lemony yel- standard black and scatter
something blue as a token plementary color schemes lows might all be on tap for some rose, purple and gold
of faith and love. that appeal to you. Add a spring garden wedding. flower petals around place
Why avoid seeing these to your list of fa- Consider the connota- settings at the reception,
each other before vorites and collect all pleas- tions of the colors as well. Surround yourself and your
the wedding? ing photos and swatches in Red is vibrant and will wedding guests with the
This tradition stems from a folder. bring energy to the occa- colors you adore!
arranged marriages. Mar- With list and folder in sion, while blue is soothing
riages were once arranged hand, you can start narrow- and will make for a peace-
for financial gain, and ing down your choices. ful event. Browse through
grooms were forbidden to Think about the time and several interior design
see their brides until the cer- theme of your wedding. Are books to get a feel for the
emony. That way, the mar- brides through the soles of Now you know the rea- you having a spring wed- kinds of moods various col-
riages were assured even if their feet. To prevent this, soning behind some com- ding? Spring weddings ors provoke. If you are hav-
the grooms found their grooms would pick up their mon wedding traditions, often call for lighter colors ing a Feng Shui wedding,
brides unattractive. Today, new brides and carry them There are many others in
some brides and grooms into their new home. addition to these, some with
continue to follow this tra- Why the bouquet very interesting stories!
dition, while others throw and garter toss? !0000-- ! $:
caution to the wind and see These traditions origi-
each other beforehand. nated in medieval times
<¨æÏ ¨æÝe¨¨Ï 02"2$" : " A beautiful
ϏƒŒÝ ŒnÏn £
n£ÝÏA˜ !££nÓ¨ÝA setting
for your

You’re Invited
9nÏö ·ÏóAÝn A£e Ón[˜æene AÏnA ˜¨[AÝne
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By Tresa Erickson
Plan your wedding for
mid-afternoon, and food
may not be much of an
issue for you. You can
serve cake and punch, and
be done with it. Plan your
wedding near mealtimes,
and you better be ready to
feed your guests, else you
could wind up with a lot of
hungry people who leave
sooner than expected. If
you don’t want to end up
with an empty dance floor,
here are some tips for serv-
ing the right food.
Consider the tone of your
wedding. Formal affairs
might call for a sit-down certain types of food that graze. Don’t forget to what will be served at your
dinner prepared by the they can go into anaphylac- include options for vegetar- wedding will please the
finest caterers in town, tic shock at the mere whiff ians and those on restricted palate. You don't want to
whereas informal affairs of it. You don’t want an diets. shell out big bucks on food
might allow for a buffet of ambulance at your recep- Consider your budget. no one cares for and have
finger foods prepared by tion. Steer clear of common Foods vary widely in price. guests leaving early so they
friends and family. trigger foods, like peanuts Seafood, for example, can can go out to eat.

Cake cues
Consider the theme of and shellfish, and ask be quite pricey compared People have been long
your wedding. While fish around to see if there is to chicken. Buy the best been feasting at weddings.
and shrimp might work anything else you should you can afford and be pre- It is important that you take
well for a beach wedding, avoid. pared to make some com- your time when selecting
they might not go over so Consider the tastes of promises. Instead of three what to serve at your wed-
well for a southern-style your guests. Different peo- meats, for example, you ding. Try to accommodate
By Tresa Erickson ments with them. Show wedding unless you’re ple like different foods. might have to offer two as many people as possible
While some brides and them your scrapbook and planning to deep-fry the Serve a variety of foods to meats. within your budget,
grooms forgo a large wed- sketches and discuss how two. appeal to the masses. Give Consider the flavor of whether preparing your
ding cake in favor of a feasible your ideal wed- Consider the food aller- guests a choice of meats foods. If you are using a own food or relying upon
dessert bar or a cake on ding cake would be. If you gies of your guests. Some and set up some food sta- caterer, request some taste the services of a caterer.
every table at the recep- are having your reception people are so allergic to tions for those who like to tests so you can make sure
tion, others clamor for a outside in the dog days of
the tradition. They can’t summer, for example, you
picture not having a mag-
nificent cake to ooh and
ahh over and feed each
other later. If you are
among them, here are some
tips to ensure you get the
cake you want.
may find out that the intri-
cate design in buttercream
frosting you have your
heart set on won’t work.
The baker might recom-
mend a design in fondant
instead, as it will hold up
Your Wedding VIPs
By Tresa Erickson carried down through the ceremony. They could reception and need a cou-
Know what you want. better in the heat. Ask the Weddings have many generations? Incorporate it sing, play or perhaps even ple of people to attend to
Do some research well in baker for an honest assess- very important players into your wedding. Have a write a special song for the the gift table. They can set
advance of any cake tast- ment of your sketches and from the bride and groom family member or friend ceremony. up the table, direct guests
ings. Browse bridal maga- listen to what they have to to the bridesmaids and act as a tradition bearer and Readers to it and keep the gifts
zines and websites. Check say. Discuss colors and fla- groomsmen to the mothers carry the family Bible or Do you have some organized until the recep-
out bakery windows and vors, and arrange for a and fathers of the bride and crest down the aisle. favorite passages or quotes tion is over. Then they can
books. Attend some bridal cake tasting if possible. groom. You’re probably Pages pertaining to marriage? load up the gifts and take
shows. Cut, print or take Discuss timelines and familiar with the tradition- If you have an extra-long Make copies and designate them to the bride and
photos of any and every- costs. Present your budget al VIPs, but if you have a train on your wedding special friends or family groom’s home.
thing you like. You might and ask for an estimate. rather large family or cir- dress, you will definitely members to read them at Party Guides
like the shape of one cake Good bakers will do their cle of friends, you might want to appoint some your ceremony. Even with all the right
and the piping of another. best to work within your wish there were more roles young girls and boys to Writers professionals on hand,
Create a scrapbook of the budget and find ways to cut to play. There can be with carry it. That way, you Got some writers in the receptions can get busy.
features you like, and if costs. a little thinking outside of won’t have to worry about family? Have them pen You can ensure things run
you know the colors of Order early. Don’t walk the box. Rather than have a it getting caught on some- something special for your more smoothly by appoint-
your wedding, add in some into a bakery a few days dozen bridesmaids and thing and tripping you up. ceremony and read it to ing a few friends or family
fabric swatches. Study before your wedding and groomsmen standing at Musicians everyone. members to act as party
your scrapbook in great expect a masterpiece. your side, you might want Know some friends or Gift Table Attendants guides. They can move
detail and rank the features Good bakers are busy. Start to consider assigning some family members who are The more guests you around the room, making
you like best. If you have the process early and don’t of these roles. talented musicians? Ask invite, the more likely you sure guests get where they
any artistic skills or know sign a contract until you Officiant them to perform at your are to receive gifts at your VIPs Continued On Page 10
someone who does, you are satisfied with the terms You can’t get married
might want to have some and have reviewed them in without someone to per-
sketches done of your ideal detail. Know exactly what form the ceremony, and
cake. The more you have to you are getting and when it that person does not have
show bakers in the future, will be delivered, as well to be a minister or a judge.
the better chance you will as what any last-minute It can be a family member
receive the design you changes or add-ons will or friend who is willing to
want. cost you. go online and get ordained.
Set a budget. Generally, Check in often. Call the Junior Bridesmaids,
the larger the cake and the baker a couple of weeks Groomsmen & Ushers
more intricate the design, prior to your wedding and Yeah, yeah, you may
We give you the undivided attention your wedding deserves.

the more it will cost to make sure the cake will be already have more brides-
We specialize in designing wedding flower arrangements and bridal bouqets that are

make. Determine both ready on time. Orders can maids, groomsmen and
both beautiful and one-of-a-kind. We can capture the theme of your event, whether it

what you would like to get lost, especially during ushers than you can count,
is a black-tie wedding or an informal outdoor ceremony at an affordable price

spend and what you are the busy wedding season. but if you don’t and you
Free delivery and set up to the Monticello Community Center,

willing to spend. Have a Check back in with the have younger people in
River City Extreme & "The Rink" in Monticello.

top dollar in mind, an baker a few days before your midst, you can assign
amount you absolutely will and make sure everything them these roles. They will
not go over, and stick to it. is going smoothly. If possi- have many of the same
Understand that you may ble, drop by to see whatev- duties as the adults, minus
have to make some com- er may be in process. That attending the bachelor and
promises and be willing to way, you will know what bachelorette parties. They
take some cost-cutting you are getting and there may also have formalwear
Monticello’s family owned & operated floral shop.

measures. Opt for a few will not be any surprises, more suited to their ages, 9
faux tiers in favor of sever- like the wrong color of to 16.
Tip Top Tux

al expensive tiers, or icing.
Tuxedo Rentals
Candle Lighters
restrict the more expensive Wedding cakes can be These individuals are
designs and flavors to the expensive, and they are not responsible for lighting the
763-314-0552 • 108 N. Cedar St, Monticello, MN •

smaller tiers. Order a something that can easily candles at the altar just
Serving Monticello, Big Lake, Becker, St. Michael, Albertville & the surrounding areas.

smaller, more elaborate be redone. Do your home- before the mother of the
wedding cake for the cake work. Have a design and a bride is seated. They may
table and inexpensive budget. Choose a reputable dress like the wedding
sheetcakes for guests. baker and check in with party or wear something
Choose a good baker. them occasionally. different entirely.

Monti Ballroom
Look for reputable bakers Tradition Bearers
that specialize in wedding Have a family heirloom
cakes and set up appoint- or symbol that has been

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lyw eds

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It’s official
By Tresa Erickson guest list for your wedding.
You’re engaged! That could result in hurt
Congratulations. Now it’s feelings down the road.
time to let everyone else in While an invitation to
the news. It’s time to plan the engagement party
an engagement party and necessitates an invitation to
show off that rock on your the wedding in most cases,
finger. it does not necessitate
Traditionally, it is the acceptance. Some people
bride’s parents that host the may not have the time or
event, but anyone can host money to attend both your
an engagement party, engagement party and your
including the bride and wedding. Be prepared for
groom. Engagement par- some declines, especially
ties can be as formal or from people living out of
informal as you like. You town, and be understanding
can book a banquet hall and gracious.
and hire a caterer, or you If you have a rather large

The best Of the best
can host the party at the family or circle of friends,
local bowling alley and you might want to have
serve everyone pizza and more than one engagement
soda. You can have a clam- party. Just don’t expect a
bake on the beach or a bar- lot of gifts. Gifts are not
beque in your backyard. necessary, especially if you
By Tresa Erickson while empire-waist dresses look, a buttery yellow, per- maids. Be prepared to help
You set a date, found a look good on almost any haps. Be prepared to adjust foot the bill or compromise
venue and selected a wed- figure. To accommodate the colors as needed for the on something a little more
ding party. You also select- for this, you might want to right look. affordable. Remember,
ed your dress. Now it’s allow your bridesmaids Comfort matters. Your your bridesmaids may not
time to move on to what more freedom to choose bridesmaids will be doing a have the opportunity to
your bridesmaids will the styles most suitable to lot of walking, standing wear the dress again
wear. It’s time for some them, providing they stay and dancing on your wed- depending upon the style
fun. within the desired color ding day. Don't make it chosen.
You can shop for brides- palette. worse for them by select- Selecting bridesmaid
maid dresses at almost any Color is important. What ing super-long, tight-fitting dresses can be great fun,
place that sells dresses. is your wedding color dresses and stiletto heels. especially if you make a
You don’t have to stick to palette? The dresses should Look for attire and day of it with your brides-
bridal boutiques or choose reflect or complement it. footwear appropriate for maids. Just be careful that
dresses made specifically With a navy blue and yel- the season that will allow you don’t go overboard.
Once you have a setting, are having more than one
for weddings. You can pur- low wedding, for example, your attendants to move Pay attention to cut, color,
you can get to work on the engagement party. You
chase whatever dresses the maid of honor might with ease. While you’re at comfort, cost and all of the
guest list. It isn't necessary may register, however, for
appeal to you that will wear a yellow dress and it, make sure you select other factors that go into
for you to invite everyone guests who insist on bring-
work for the tone of the navy shoes, while the quality attire that will not selecting the right dresses
you know. Immediate fam- ing a gift. Just remember to
occasion. Informal back- bridesmaids wear navy wrinkle. There may not be for the occasion. More
ily members on both sides set aside whatever gifts
yard weddings may call for dresses and yellow shoes. time to grab an iron importantly, listen to you
are a must. After all, the you do receive, open them
cute sundresses, while for- Keep in mind that dress between the ceremony and bridesmaids. If they are
point of an engagement in private and send out
mal ballroom weddings shades do not have to the reception. hesitant about a particular
party is to bring the two thank-you cards as soon as
may call for exquisite match the color palette Finally, consider budget. dress, find out why. Their
families together and give possible.
gowns. exactly, especially if you Some of your bridesmaids opinion matters.
them an opportunity to get Engagement parties can
You’ll find all kinds of have someone in the wed- may be on a tight budget. After all, they are the
to know one and another. If be great fun. They give
styles, and you don’t have ding party whom the Respect that by selecting ones paying for and wear-
you have already selected brides and grooms and
to select just one. Not all palette does not suit. A pale affordable attire and ing the dress and shoes you
the wedding party, you their families and friends
styles will suit all body yellow dress might make footwear. Sure, you may select.
should invite them too, as the chance to get to know
types. Drop-waist dresses, your fair maid of honor adore the $1500 dress, but
the party will give them a one and another and relax a
for example, tend to look look washed out. Choose a the price may be too steep
chance to mingle. little before the real plan-
best on hourglass figures, different color for a better for some of your brides-
Keep in mind that an ning begins. If you have
invitation to the engage- the budget to throw an
ment party almost always engagement party or some-
warrants an invitation to
the wedding, so make sure
you invite close friends as
well. Don’t invite anyone
one offers to throw you
one, consider it. You’ll get
a good taste of what’s to
Blended Vows
By Tresa Erickson be invited to take part in the
who may not make the Many of us are familiar wedding. You could ask
with the 1970s show, The them to be bridesmaids,
Brady Bunch. Sherwood groomsmen, flower girls or
Schwartz created the series, ringbearers. You could ask
which aired from 1969 to them to attend to the guest

1974. The show focused on book, recite a poem or walk
the blended family, the down the aisle. Children
Bradys. Robert Reed who prefer not to be part of
Banquet Room Seating

played dad Mike Brady, the wedding could be
For Up To 150 People!
who had three sons of his included in the ceremony
own. Florence Henderson in other ways. You could
Choose Your Own Band & Caterer!

played mom Carol Brady, mention them in the wed-
For More Information,

who had three daughters of ding program or give them
Contact Wayne at

her own. The couple got a flower as you walk down giving jewelry to the chil- could offer their congratu-
married in the pilot and the aisle. dren as well. Exchange lations to you at this time or
lived happily ever after You should most defi- rings with your spouse, extend their thanks for the
Post #560, 12674 Fremont Ave, Zimmerman

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596 Dodge Ave., Elk River • 763.441.6092 Kids need to know they When exchanging rings, they can light from the
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activity may be taking should not be done at your Their responsibilities the bride and groom.
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Etiquette Expert the go-to source for all last- are important nonetheless. the roles you could bestow
This person must be minute questions, such as They witness the signing of on the special people in
well-versed in wedding eti- whether is it ok for the marriage certificate and your life. As with all of the
quette and be able to divorced grandparents to sign on the dotted lines. members of your wedding
party, take your time in
choosing. Make sure you
select the best person for
the job and make sure they
are willing to participate.
Just because you think
your cousin would make
an excellent party guide
doesn’t mean they will
want to do it. They may
feel more comfortable act-
ing as a witness, escorting
your great-grandmother
Monticello into the ceremony or look-
ing after the small children
at your reception.
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