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By: Atty. Edwin M. Carillo


As the term suggests, Business Legal Forms are the templates or moulds used or required in the ordinary course of trade or commerce.
These templates are usually divided into three (3) patterns, namely: (i) affidavits; (ii) deed forms; and, (iii) contract forms.


An affidavit is a sworn declaration of facts known to a declarant or affiant. It consists of the following parts: the venue of execution, title,
person’s bona fides, the oath, statement, the signature and the jurat. (Code: VeTiPe-OSta-SiJu) Of all these parts, the jurat is the most important as
this is the certification of an officer that the statement was sworn before him. Section 6, Rule II of the 2004 Rules on Notarial Practice (RNP)
(effective August 2004), however, defines a jurat as an act in which an individual on a single occasion:
(a) appears in person before the notary public and presents an instrument or document;
(b) is personally known to the notary public or identified by the notary public through competent evidence of identity as defined by these
(c) signs the instrument or document in the presence of the notary; and
(d) takes an oath or affirmation before the notary public as to such instrument or document. (This means that the declarant vows under penalty
of law to the whole truth of the contents of his statement. Note also that the elements of a jurat are connected by a conjunctive “and”. As such,
each one act should be reflected in the jurat.)

Republic of the Philippines)
City of Manila ) S.S.


I, RAUL C. SALONGA, of legal age, married, residing at 505 V.G. Cruz, Sampaloc, Manila, state under oath that:

1. I am a licensed physician.

2. I examined accused Ferdinand Ramos at 4 o’clock in the afternoon today and found him suffering from intestinal
flu for which I prescribed medicine and best rest for three days.

Manila, 14 August 2008.


before me this 14 August 2008 at
Manila, after affiant exhibited to me Notary Public for Manila
his Passport JJ2003*, issued on 09 Suite 212 Burke Building, Escolta, Manila
January 2007 at Manila. Commission Serial 54342
Until Dec. 31, 2008
Roll of Attorney 38718
PTR 56789; 1-12-08; Manila
The IBP 24680; 1-12-08; Manila

Doc. 12;
Page 8;
Book II;
Series of 2008.


*The passport number is indicated here instead of the usual community tax certificate because of Section 12, Rule 2 of the 2004 RNP, which

“SEC 12. Competent evidence of Identity – The phrase “competent evidence of identity” refers to the identification of an individual
based on:

(a) at least one current identification document issued by an official agency bearing the photograph and signature of the individual;


) Mortgagee 4. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) certification. to wit: Rule II DEFINITIONS xxx "Sec. Rule II of the 2004 Rules on Notarial Practice. OFW ID. In the case of partnerships. or (b) xxxx. 9 January 2008. seaman’s book. (JURAT) ______________________________________________________________ CERTIFICATIONS Another common sworn statement is the corporate or partnership certification. respectively. as it will require examinees to accomplish four (4) forms in one question. Rule 4 of the RNP. We executed said mortgage in good faith to secure a valid obligation not for the purpose of fraud. 2. Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS) e-card. The phrase "competent evidence of identity" refers to the identification of an individual based on: (a) at least one current identification document issued by an official agency bearing the photograph and signature of the individual. Philhealth card. Social Security System (SSS) card. document or transaction who each personally knows the individual and shows to the notary public documentary identification. upon the recommendation of the Sub Committee on the Revision of the Rules Governing Notaries Public. government office ID. Component Evidence of Identity. In case of the latter. AFFIDAVIT OF GOOD FAITH WE. under oath declare that: 1. (SGD. voter’s ID. for your information. driver’s license. (b) the oath or affirmation of one credible witness not privy to the instrument. 02-8-13-SC-Re: 2004 Rules on Notarial Practice." All other laws requiring its presentation for purposes of notarization are deemed amended owing to the Supreme Court’s sole authority under the constitution to promulgate rules concerning the practice of law in the country. the managing partner or all the partners sign the certification. police clearance. Barangay certification. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID. is a resolution of the Court En Banc dated February 19. City of Manila. 12. Professional Regulations Commission ID. Such certifications are known as the Secretary's Certificate or Directors’ Certificate. jointly executed by the mortgage parties. 2008. the undersigned parties. (DRAFT OF BASIC CHATTEL MORTGAGE CONTRACT) 2. Check the sample below: 1. The absence of this affidavit can render the contract void. alien certificate of registration/immigrant certificate of registration. senior citizen card. (ACKNOWLEDGMENT) 3. and. The Supreme Court’s resolution issued on 19 February 2008 confirms this position when it excluded the community tax certificate from a list of possible documents that can be presented to a notary public. This is a favorite form among examiners. certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disable Persons (NCWDP). or of two credible witnesses neither of whom is privy to the instrument. No. We are the parties to the foregoing chattel mortgage. as amended (Local Government Code). postal ID. Corporations produce resolutions. is no longer a competent evidence of identity for purposes of carrying out the notarial acts mentioned in Section 1. Look at the sample certificate below executed by the corporate secretary: SECRETARY'S CERTIFICATE 2 . ______________________________________________________________ AFFIDAVITS OF GOOD FAITH This statement. such as but not limited to.) Mortgagor (SGD.M. 12 (a). passport. National Bureau of Investigation clearance. document or transaction who is personally known to the notary public and who personally knows the individual.” It appears from the foregoing that a community tax certificate (also called residence tax certificate) issued to individuals under Section 156 of Republic Act 7160. to AMEND Sec. is used only in chattel mortgage contracts signifying that their agreement is valid and not for fraud. The resolution reads: Quoted hereunder. The Court Resolved. which may be certified either by the Corporate Secretary or by the Directors themselves. "A. the Directors who actually took part in the deliberation of the resolution shall sign it. including notarial practice that is now a lawyer’s exclusive work.

There being a quorum. FINALLY. to deal. PROCOPIO C. appoints Mr." Makati City. approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. (SGD). ANTIMANO Chairman Corporate Treasurer Driver’s License NO2-123456 Driver’s License NO1-56789 (SGD. and residing at 12 Apo St. ANTIPUESTO as General Manager of the Corporation. First Party. DEED FORMS A Deed Form indicates an agreement of at least two parties but made to appear as a unilateral act of a person disposing his property or right in favor of another after his receipt of a consideration.. ANTIMANO Member Driver’s License NO1-345677 SIGNED AND SWORN to before me this 14 August 2008 at Manila.. Appointment of Mr. 5 January 2009. affiants exhibited to me their respective competent evidences of identity stated above. Signature and Acknowledgment (Code: TAF- CAS-SA). married. POLICARPIO Corporate Secretary (JURAT) Look at the sample directors’ certificate below: PAG-ASA TRI-FORUM NETWORK. the following resolution was approved: “RESOLVED. The Chairman apprised the Board Members that the meeting was specifically called to discuss the proposal to appoint a General Manager. INC.) BENJAMIN T. for and in consideration of P100. Act or Conveyance.) RONALD L. that the Board authorizes Mr. ANTIPUESTO There being no other matters to be discussed. drafts and other banking documents with RCBC. ANTIMANO (SGD.00. upon motion made and duly seconded. Second Party. more particularly described as follows: 3 . BENJAMIN T. (NOTARIAL CERTIFICATE) II. INC. transact and otherwise sign checks. DEED OF SALE OF MOTOR VEHICLE THE PUBLIC IS ALERTED: I. convey. The transaction is terminated by the conveyance of the thing or right. DACCIA (SGD. of legal age. Special Board of Directors’ Meeting held on 4 November 2007 at Room 109 ABC Building 2251 Pasong Tamo St.) MANUEL F. Announcement. CRUZ. I certify that last 12 January 2008 the Board of Directors of the All-Star Consumer Product Corporation met at its principal office in Makati City and passed the following resolution which to date remains effective without amendments: "Resolved that the Corporation shall open and maintain a current account with Piso Bank (Makati branch) and funds from it could be withdrawn with the signature of the President and the Treasurer only. that the Board of Directors of PAG-ASA TRI-FORUM NETWORK.000. ANTIPUESTO.) FRITZEL A.” “RESOLVED. Tektite-Ortigas Branch” (SGD. RODOLFO E. Jose Antipuesto as General Manager. the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM. Consideration. Makati City Present:/Absent All Board members are present in this special meeting called by the Chairman. Quezon City. and transfer on an “as is where is” basis my motor vehicle. As corporate secretary.) RODRIGO L. 2.) CONCEPCION E. ANTIMANO Corporate Secretary Member Driver’s License NO1-098765 Driver’s License NO2-356890 (SGD. (SGD. hereby sell. Observe these parts in the deed below. Approval of the Minutes: The Board. 1. whose signature appears below. A typical deed has the following parts: Title.

SIGNED on 9 November 2006.) CONCEPCION C. Burgos Street. the parcel of land described as follows: (Technical description) I warrant that CRDC has reserved for it in full ownership other properties sufficient for its continued existence and for its creditors’ protection and I will surrender in CBCI's favor all documents necessary to facilitate the transfer of the property in its name. as shown by the attached authority. of legal age. I. The common deeds asked in the bar are deeds of assignment. Motor: EMC14356C Serial /Chassis: CDC042094. CONCEPCION C. easement of right of way. (SGD. SIGNED on 9 November 2006. do hereby surrender. Nasugbu. I. Batulao. The operative statement that should be remembered would be something like below: "for and in consideration of my love and respect for CARMINA DE JOYA.) REDENTOR C. RETRANSFER. CAYLAWAY BAPTIST CHURCH. PAPA (Acknowledgment) Check out the following operative statements for the following specific deeds: In a Deed of Repurchase of Land sold under Pacto de Retro: "for and in consideration of the amount of P1 million. and residing at 2 Bangkal St. If you are asked to draft a deed of donation inter vivos. real estate or chattel mortgage. officers and staff for the kindness and solidarity they have shown by virtue of this act. Cruz Spouse (ACKNOWLEDGMENT) NOTE: If the act or conveyance is altered. hold and administer properties donated to it for the furtherance of its religious and charitable purposes. do hereby accept the foregoing donation of the above-described property even as I express the corporation’s sincere appreciation and gratitude to CRDC. married. Filipino. and powers of attorney. Donee By: (SGD. of legal age. do not forget the acceptance of the donee and the donor’s declaration that he reserved sufficient properties for himself and his creditors. TRINIDAD.: 4567EC.) PROCOPIO C. Cert. Make: Toyota Corolla 2000. in Makati City. Caylaway. do hereby RESELL. INC. a domestic corporation created and existing under Philippine laws holding office at 1452 P. SIGNED: 8 July 2008. transfer and convey by way of donation in favor of CAYLAWAY BAPTIST CHURCH. its stockholders. CELTA REALTY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Donor By: (SGD. INC. Plate: UAP 863 to RICARDO LIM.) BENEDICTO S.) Helen Y.) JOSE C. AMOS (SGD. Manila. holding office at the above address and duly authorized for this purpose. TRINIDAD ACCEPTANCE On CBCI’s behalf. in consideration of our continuing solidarity with the Baptist ministers. I do hereby transfer and convey by way of donation” Check out the sample donation deed below involving two corporations: DONATION DEED SO THE PUBLIC MAY KNOW: As President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CELTA REALTY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (CRDC). (CBCI). and RECONVEY" 4 . INANTES.. CRUZ Seller With my consent: (SGD. with powers to receive. File: 2345567E Reg. The operative statement would change depending on what the examiner demands from the examinee. High Minister REDENTOR C. donation inter vivos. in Makati City. a religious corporation created and existing under Philippine laws with principal office located at Bgy. INANTES Witnessed by: (SGD. Quezon City. Makati City. Bel-Air. the deed could be converted into another one. duly authorized for this purpose as shown by the attached authority.

do hereby agree and permit Ramon Santos a permanent easement of right of way over my above property not to exceed two meters wide" In Extrajudicial Settlement Among Heirs: "the parties hereby agree to divide and adjudicate among themselves the above described property as follows" If you are asked to draft a power of attorney. Art. TRANSFER. Manila III. and signed by the hand of the testator himself . Montinola. JUAN warrants that the deep well it shall install and deliver to TOMAS shall be free from hidden defects and against poor worksmanship. dated.and - JUAN N. CONTRACT OF SERVICE SO THE PUBLIC MAY KNOW: This Agreement executed between: TOMAS S. consideration. A contract template usually has the following parts: Title. Should the project be redone that will require installation of extra pipes of at least 12 feet long. Jr. Civil Code) Otherwise. Quezon City.2. 17 September 2004. it should only be entirely written.000 do hereby ASSIGN. JUAN assures TOMAS that the deep well shall yield the normal volume of potable water for a standard family of six (6). of legal age.000. Recitals. in consideration of the terms and conditions stated below. mortgage. (Cf. BALATAN. Filipino.).000.) Eduardo L. Consider the sample will below. contract forms. . 1. In a Deed of Assignment: "for and in consideration of the sum of P50. Sr. the Parties mutually agree as follows: 1. a holographic will is recommended to be drafted since its requirements are simpler. 3. Agreement. 5 . and residing at 789 Craig St. lease. and residing at 1435 Mindanao Avenue. JUAN is engaged by the business of supplying and installing deep wells to draw potable water and has expressed his willingness to service the requirements of TOMAS under certain terms and conditions. BUELTA. Filipino. etc. AND CONVEY" In an Easement of Right of Way: "for and in consideration of the sum of P1 million. Sampaloc. Otherwise. In the absence of any qualification by the examiner. Antecedents: TOMAS owns a house and lot at the above given address and his property requires the prompt installation of a deep well. MY LAST WILL It is my wish that upon my death. CONTRACT FORMS Just like deed forms. TOMAS shall defray the cost of the materials. 810. Take also into consideration the peculiarities of specific contracts. i. therefore.00) upon signing this contract. you must demonstrate the specific obligations of the parties apart from ensuring the presence of the essential requirements of object. The deficiency of this contract shall be supplemented by the provision of existing law. Manila. Signatories and Acknowledgment. A special form of deed is the last will. Montinola. Pesos: Fifteen Thousand (P15. 2. determine the intent of the principal from the problem. the JUAN undertakes to re-do the work at no cost to TOMAS. The major difference in this form is that contract forms reveal each of the parties’ specific undertakings. The balance shall be paid upon delivery to TOMAS of the completely functional deep well utility. Consequently. and consent in all contracts. SIGNED: 17 August 2008. Conditions. In using. everything I own be given to my only child named Eduardo L. a General Power of Attorney would suffice. otherwise if only ACTS OF ADMINISTRATION is intended.00) for both materials and labor cost payable as follows: 1. Announcement.e. City of Manila. (Code: TAA-RAC-SA) Observe these parts in the contract below. remember the requirements of a notarial will under Articles 805-806 of the Civil Code. TOMAS shall pay JUAN the sum of Pesos: Forty Thousand (P40..1. A Special Power of Attorney should be drafted if the principal's intent is to empower the agent to perform ACTS OF DISPOSITION (sale. (SGD. Actors. contract forms reflect an agreement of at least two parties. of legal age.

To execute a deed of sale through its authorized representative that would transfer its full ownership in Henry’s favor over a motor vehicle described below: Make Honda Accord Model 2004 Type Sedan Color Blue Silver Motor Number PALP5-Y00558 Serial/Chasis Number PADCF9630YV200552 Plate Number WMB-888 B. avoid a litigation or put an end to one already commenced.) JACINTO C. TIRAPA (SGD. or any further obligation in connection with his involvement as Prochem’s director. To execute any and all documents to fully transfer and convey his stock subscriptions in favor of his co-directors-stockholders consistent with item B-2 to expedite his complete dissociation from Superhem. DELA CRUZ. Filipino. Later. and ONOFRE G. Directors-Stockholders’ Obligations: 1. Veterans Center. After several discussions and negotiations through the parties’ chosen mediator. BUELTA Signed in the presence of: (SGD. 2. Taguig City. To execute a quitclaim in Superhem’s favor and its directors and officers releasing and forever discharging them from any claim. of legal age.) TOMAS S. 2. To receive the amount and other documents stated in both items A and B above. docketed as Civil Case 06-973 for a number of issues arising from the issuance and implementation of a questionable Board resolution dated 12 July 2004 that prejudiced him. as Superhem’s Directors/Stockholders. JUANA FE C. RICARDO R. Makati City. COLARINA. To pay Larry the sum of PhP600. Superhem and its directors have since filed their answer to his complaint.Antecedents - Larry filed a complaint against Superhem and its directors before the Regional Trial Court of Makati City. RONALDO B. JOSE.. (SUPERHEM) a corporation duly organized and existing under Philippine laws with principal office located at 9/F Pacific Star Building.” Because a compromise is essentially a contract. the label “compromise agreement” is altogether redundant. they have jointly and amicably settled their differences subject to certain conditions. cause of action. JY & Sons Compound. ACCORDINGLY. and all holding offices at Building D. D. SUPERHEM CONSUMER PRODUCTS. Branch 61. REYES. To assume Larry’s stock subscriptions in Superhem at its par value. SUPERHEM’s Obligations: 1. Vista Verde Country Homes. of legal ages. C. DELA PEÑA. Article 2028 of the Civil Code defines a compromise as “a contract whereby the parties.00 cash upon execution of this compromise on 30 May 2006. the parties agree as follows: A. -and- RICARDO R. LUZ. Check out the sample compromise below: COMPROMISE SO THE PUBLIC MAY KNOW: This agreement executed among: LARRY R. cause of action. all Filipinos. (SGD. INC. JUAN A.) JUAN N.) FELICITO F. stockholder and officer. and residing at 13 Pinecircle Street. Cainta. duly authorized for this purpose. 2. represented by its President. 3. by making reciprocal concessions. the Court referred the parties to mediation pursuant to existing rules. COLARINA. To jointly execute a quitclaim in Larry’s favor releasing him and forever discharging him from any claim. Makati Avenue corner Sen. BALATAN (SGD.000. NANLUMO (ACKNOWLEDGMENT) COMPROMISES Another document that one may draft using the contract form would be compromises. for and in consideration of the foregoing premises. . Larry’s Obligations: 1. Gil Puyat Avenue. Common Obligations: 6 . stockholder and officer. Rizal. married. or any further obligation in connection with his involvement as Superhem’s director. as shown by the attached authority.

INC. Escolta. that he has the authority to sign in that capacity. Page 8. (c) represents to the notary public that the signature on the instrument or document was voluntarily affixed by him for the purposes stated in the instrument or document. 2. (SGD. DELA CRUZ. REYES Witnessed and Assisted by: (SGD. Within a reasonable time after the execution of this compromise. (b) is attested to be personally known to the notary public or identified by the notary public through competent evidence of identity as defined by the Rules. BY: (SGD.) JUAN A. LUZ SUPERHEM CONSUMER PRODUCTS. 1. as amended) This paragraph should be added before the notary public’s signature: This deed/contract relates to the sale of a parcel of land situated in Quezon City consisting of two (2) pages including this where the acknowledgment is stated and was signed by the parties and their witnesses in the left margin of every page. Mendoza Notary Public for Manila Suite 212 Burke Building. Manila Doc. 15 August 2008. 1-12-08. ACKNOWLEDGMENT BEFORE ME. Buelta JJ200345 1-17-2007/ Manila They are known to me to be the same persons who presented the foregoing contract and acknowledged to me that the signatures they affixed in it are their voluntary acts for the purposes stated in their document.) Hon.) RICARDO R.)ONOFRE G. Signed this 17 May 2006 in Makati City. DELA PEÑA (SGD. declares that he has executed the instrument or document as his free and voluntary act and deed.)JUANA FE C. Mediator ACKNOWLEDGMENT (COMMON TO ALL DEED & CONTRACT FORMS) Section 1. (Special Requirement in Conveyance of Real Property pursuant to Act 496. He confirms that each of the acts mentioned above took place in one occasion.)LARRY R. Juan N. (SGD. 12. 1-12-08. Balatan CC123330 1-05-2006/ Baguio City 2. personally appeared: Name Passport Date/ Place Issued 1. Manila IBP 24680. it becomes clear that a notary public speaks in this part of the deed or contract. Take a look at the sample acknowledgment below. Book II. Juan N. SIGNED AND SEALED in Manila. if he acts in a particular representative capacity. Rule II of the 2004 RNP defined acknowledgment as an act in which an individual on a single occasion: (a) appears in person before the notary public and presents an integrally complete instrument or document. Series of 2008. attorney's fees and costs of suit. Tomas S. COLARINA (also for himself) (SGD. Balatan CC123330 1-05-2004/ Baguio City 2. and. 2008 Roll of Attorney 38718 PTR 56789. Tomas S. Buelta JJ200345 1-17-2005/ Manila 7 . JOSE (SGD. Manila Commission Serial 54342 Until Dec. The parties further agree to forever waive all other claims and counterclaims against each other in the form of damages.)RONALDO B. ESGUERRA. and. (SGD) Juan C. RUEL JOSEPH V. the parties agree to jointly move the Makati City Regional Trial Court to render judgment in the pending suit (Civil Case 04-973) based on the particulars stated in this agreement. From the foregoing. (Special form of acknowledgment for notarial wills) JOINT ACKNOWLEDGMENT BEFORE ME. personally appeared: Name Passports Date/ Place Issued 1. 31. and.

President of Passport JJ200345 1-17-2005 / Manila Right Pak. e. reply. An unsigned pleading produces no legal effect. Buelta. Observe these parts from the samples below. Failure to disclose the required information would cause the dismissal of the case and the expunction of the pleadings from the records. COMPLAINTS Rule 6 of the Rules of Court. and sealed with my notarial seal. only individuals can be parties in the acknowledgment process.” In this regard. etc. 2. (G. Section 1. Tomas S. transmission. SIGNED AND SEALED on 16 August 2007. opposition. Inc. (Code: Cap-TIBRA-A) The caption sets forth the name of the court. Marivic J. motion. the Supreme Court held that “what determines the nature of an action. has consistently required that complaints be concise enough to contain mere ultimate facts of a plaintiff’s cause/s of action. Abergas BB947556 4-23-2006/ Manila 4. Cabron DC234348 8-14-2005/ Manila all known to me to be the same persons who signed the foregoing Will. cellular phone number. 124292. *The absence of an acknowledgment will not render the contract or deed void except when the law requires that a contract be in some form in order that it may be valid or enforceable like acts and contracts which have for their object the creation. the body of the complaint usually has two parts: the identity of the parties and the cause of action (a statement of the right of the plaintiff and a statement of the defendant's violation of such right). Court of Appeals. A lawyer’s signature is a certification that: he has read the pleading. Inc. JUDICIAL FORMS A typical judicial form takes a single pattern and has the following parts: (1) Caption. Enrique C. in these special cases is a must. An acknowledgment. as well as which court or body has jurisdiction over it. sales of real property or of an interest in it which under the law must appear in a public instrument. and the last three as instrumental witnesses. including the page on which this acknowledgment is written. or e-mail address in all papers and pleadings filed with the Supreme Court. known to me to be the same persons who presented and executed the foregoing contract on behalf of the corporations they represent and acknowledged to me that the same is their voluntary acts and that of the corporation being represented. modification or extinguishment of real rights over immovable property. telephone number. as may be applicable. Note that in Manchester 8 . 265 SCRA 493 [1996]). Juan N. petition. Manila. his office address (not post office box). his Integrated Bar of the Philippines and professional tax receipt numbers and roll number. B. the allegations of the party’s claims and defenses and the date of the pleading. The latest Supreme Court circular (AM No. Corporations cannot take part in the process even if they are the real party to the contract or deed.R. its representative must act for it and must so indicate in the acknowledgment that he acts in such representative capacity. there is a good ground to support it. and (7) Addenda. Unless required. The Addenda to these documents usually vary depending on the judicial form being drafted. I. (2) Title (3) Introduction. therefore. SIGNED AND SEALED in Manila. (Cf. and that it is not interposed for delay. Rule 7. A counsel’s failure to indicate his roll number renders the document a scrap of paper.g. The body of the complaint is most important. are the allegations of the complaint and the character of the relief sought. and they respectively acknowledged to me that they signed the same as their own free deed. The Body sets forth its designation. The Relief box indicates the specific relief sought by the party including the general prayer for further relief as may be deemed just and equitable. 3. 07-6-5-SC. The Attorney’s box indicates the name and signature of the lawyer. and belief. This will consists of two pages. it is advisable to simply refer in the drafted deed or contract the specific authority of the corporation’s representative. President Passport CC123330 1-05-2005 / Baguio City of True All-Star. personally appeared: Name Competent Evidence of Date/ Place Issued Identification 1. (5) Relief. and has been signed on the left margin of each and every page of it by the testator and his witnesses. (4) Body. (6) Attorney’s Box. information. for the immediately preceding compliance period. If a corporation is a party to the contract. as amended. 10 July 2007) also requires the inclusion of the parties and lawyer’s contact details. In Javelosa vs. Rule II of the 2004 RNP. the title of the action and the docket number if assigned. answer. either complaint.. to the best of his knowledge. (Add Notarial Certificate) NOTE: *Based on Section 1. 17 August 2007. Note also that Bar Matter 1 922 dated 3 June 2008 requires practicing members of the bar to indicate in all pleadings filed before the courts or quasi-judicial bodies. Balatan. (Add the notarial certificate) (Special form of acknowledgment if deed/contract executed by a corporation) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT BEFORE ME. The Introduction presents the writing party to the reader. Rules of Court) The title referred here is the title of the document. the first as Testator. the number and date of issue of their MCLE Compliance or Exemption Certificates. fax number.

(1) Republic of the Philippines METROPOLITAN TRIAL COURT National Capital Judicial Region Branch 13.00. Rodriguez Avenue. In case the action is between members of the family within the meaning of the Family Code. 5-11-08 IBP 14344. (G. or shall otherwise be expunged from the record. and resides at 789 Mayhaligue St. et al. states: (4) The Parties 1. Oral and written demands to pay his obligation fell on deaf ears. LINAW. A copy of this contract is attached as Annex A. 2. Quezon City (7) VERIFICATION/CERTIFICATION . all of which he deserves to be reimbursed. 7 August 2009. Pay him litigation expenses and attorney’s fees of PhP40. Civil Case: 5432 FOR: Unlawful Detainer JOSE B. 4. x-------------------x (2) COMPLAINT (3) Plaintiff.” The addenda in a complaint are the verification (when required by the rules) and the certification of non-forum shopping (mandatory). LABO. is a Filipino. Quezon City Roll of Attorney 35677 MCLE Compliance Certificate II. Pedro is a Filipino. married.00 as unpaid rentals with legal interest from the date the complaint is filed. Binondo. do not forget to make an averment regarding the plaintiff's prior referral to the LUPON of the Barangay in compliance to the Local Government Code. Sampaloc.00. Other reliefs just and equitable are also prayed for.000. the document or its portions must be copied and its copy be made an integral part of the complaint by way of an annex properly marked. vs. To date. an allegation must be made that earnest efforts to strike a compromise were made but proved futile. his unpaid obligation ballooned to PhP120. 75919. and said damages shall be considered in the assessment of the filing fees in any case.versus . while a copy of his latest unpaid billing is enclosed as Annex C. In unlawful detainer cases. Manila. If the action is based on an actionable document. et al.00.00.000. Court of Appeals. 3. Manila. In proper cases. Quezon City PTR 867765. Part of the agreement is the payment of monthly rent in the amount of PhP15. FERNANDO Counsel for Plaintiff Suite 1234 Richmond Tower E. . 5.Development Corporation. Vacate the house and lot subject of this complaint. 7 May 1987). Plaintiff. Jose. Manila. where he may be served with summons and other court processes. Pay plaintiff the sum of PhP120. a prior demand to vacate must be asserted. Because of Jose’s unjustified refusal to heed his just demands. the Supreme Court held that “all complaints. The parties executed a lease contract on 28 August 2005 for Jose’s use of a house and lot owned by Pedro located in Binondo. 2. (6) (SGD. Defendant. answers and other similar pleadings should specify the amount of damages being prayed for not only in the body of the pleading but also in the prayer. (5) Relief ACCORDINGLY. 1-20-07. single.R.000. and.000. A copy of the last demand letter urging him to pay his arrears and vacate the premises is attached as Annex B. he suddenly breached his undertaking by not paying his rental beginning January 2007..) MARCELO B. 9 . Pedro was constrained to institute this suit. on the other hand. 1-19-07. Causes of Action 3. incur litigation expenses to be proved during trial and retain the services of a lawyer for a fee of PhP40. The barangay certification must be attached.000. Manila PEDRO C. and resides at 143 Vicente Cruz St. by counsel. While initially Jose paid his obligation. Any pleading that fails to comply with this requirement shall not be accepted nor admitted.See below NOTE: State in a chronological manner the facts constituting the plaintiff's cause or causes of action. Pedro asks that judgment be rendered ordering Jose and all other persons acting on his behalf to: 1. petitions.

. (Attorney’s Box) 10 . This parcel is declared for tax purposes under tax declaration 45678E of the City Assessor of Manila. 7 August 2009. its authorized officers should sign it.R. Verifications are required only in cases provided for by the Rules of Court and other circulars. The names and addresses of the owners of the adjoining properties are as follows: Adjoining Owners Address a. by counsel. 5. tribunal or quasi-judicial agency. Section 3 (B) (II). Clara St. I shall report it to the court within five days from notice. but also the owners' duplicate of the certificate of title. Zumel 1876 Ma. Section 5. no such action is pending in any of them. (Cf. Fidel asks that after due notice and hearing. 130068. a certification to that effect is attached as Annex C. Sampaloc. and (c) if I should learn of the filing of such action. Far Eastern Shipping Company vs. LABO Affiant (JURAT) PETITIONS FOR THE RECONSTITUTION OF TITLE – Review Section 12 of RA 26 for this purpose. The original of that TCT was lost with the Register of Deeds of Manila in the fire that gutted the Register of Deeds last 4 January 2006. Rule 7. (Cf. Pedro Labo. Rule 7. 328 SCRA 530) Since verifications and certifications against forum- shopping are required to be under oath. Sampaloc. 1997 Rules on Civil Procedure). Jr. The realty taxes on the property are up to date. 7. 8. (SGD. See the sample below: Verification/Certification I. A counsel cannot certify against forum shopping. The revised rules on summary procedure for instance require that all pleadings be verified. Failure to comply with this requirement is a cause for dismissal of the action but only upon motion and hearing. they are usually combined to avoid repetitive process. Ampig. It is clearly equivalent to non-compliance with the requirement under the rules and constitutes a valid cause for dismissal of the complaint or petition.. At the time of loss of this TCT. Not only is the property described above in his possession. to the best of my knowledge.. revised rules on summary procedure) Certifications against forum shopping are necessary in complaints or other initiatory pleadings (Cf. Section 4.) PEDRO C. The defect is not curable by amendment. LRC Case 98765 FIDEL V. Clara Street. et al. of legal age and residing at 1878 Ma. Manila. Manila ACCORDINGLY. 4. Fidel is a Filipino.. Ricardo A. Barroso v. respectfully states: 1. Manila IN THE MATTER OF THE RECONSTITUTION OF THE ORIGINAL OF TCT 1234-E ISSUED BY THE REGISTER OF DEEDS OF MANILA. 1 October 1998) If the plaintiff is a corporation. no transaction is pending registration with the Register of Deeds of Manila. REVENECIA.ADDENDUM TO COMPLAINTS AND PETITIONS: VERIFICATION/CERTIFICATION. Manila. I also certify under oath (a) that I have not previously filed any action involving the same issues in any court. it should be the plaintiff. 3. Court of Appeals. Sampaloc. (Cf. a copy attached as Annex B. Bonifacio C. To date. A certification against forum shopping by counsel is a defective certification. Manila b. Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT National Capital Judicial Region Branch 4. state under oath that I have read the above complaint and the allegations in it are true and correct of my personal knowledge and/or based on authentic record. 2. Gallego 1890 Ma. Clara St. 1997 Rules on Civil Procedure). no other duplicate copy has been issued in favor of another. (b) that. x------------------------------------x PETITION Petitioner. an order be issued directing the Register of Deeds of Manila to issue him a new title for TCT 1234-E. Petitioner. He owns a parcel of land located in Manila particularly described in TCT 1234-E issued by the Register of Deeds of Manila as follows: (Copy of Technical Description) A copy of the TCT is enclosed as Annex A. G. (Cf. 6.

Compulsory Counterclaim  [Here. 4. however. (CAPTION) IN THE MATTER OF THE ISSUANCE OF A NEW OWNER'S DUPLICATE OF TCT 1234-E ISSUED BY THE REGISTER OF DEEDS. He executed and filed with the Register of Deeds of Manila an affidavit of loss. (Attorney’s Box) (VERIFICATION/CERTIFICATION) II.] 3. Rules of Court. If it includes a permissible counterclaim. 6. 1. ANSWERS. 7. The addendum in an answer is a statement of copy furnished the adverse party. ACCORDINGLY. as amended) A compulsory counterclaim if not set-up is barred. To deter others from filing similar baseless suits. The foregoing allegations are repleaded by reference. (VERIFICATION/CERTIFICATION) PETITION FOR THE ISSUANCE OF A NEW OWNER'S DUPLICATE OF A SPECIFIC TITLE. He used to keep the owner's duplicate of that certificate in his filing cabinet.00 as moral damages. copy enclosed as Annex C. Review Section 109 of PD 1529. REVENECIA. Linaw (Jose). He has not delivered the owner's duplicate to any other person to secure an obligation. Another common judicial form is the answer. Section 7. Because of the institution of this baseless and malicious action. 8. 6. 11 . To be sure. 4. 5. by counsel. his rental payments have all been received by Pedro’s wife. state the defendant’s assertions of fact constituting his claim against the plaintiff. respectfully states: 1. an order be issued declaring the lost owner's duplicate null and void and directing the Register of Deeds of Manila to issue him a new owner's duplicate of TCT 1234-E in lieu of the lost one. Jose’s reputation was besmirched for which he deserves to recover PhP100. Rules of Court. states: Admission and Denials  State the paragraphs in the complaint that you admit or deny. (Cf. Sec. (Averments in #1-4 above are equally applicable). as amended) The body of an answer usually has three parts: (a) the admissions and denials. Study the template below. the verification has to be added to the answer. Rule 6 of the Rules of Court. Pedro must be ordered to pay PhP100. he could not find it despite all efforts exerted. The foregoing allegations are repleaded by reference. Fidel asks that after due notice and hearing. MANILA. Petitioner.00 as exemplary damages. When an actionable document has to be denied. Rule 6. The rest of the paragraphs are denied. a certification of non-forum shopping must also be added.000. as shown by the receipts she herself issued. which arises out of or is connected with the transaction or occurrence constituting the subject matter of opposing party’s claim. (Caption) ANSWER Defendant Jose C. 2.] 5. (Cf. x----------------------x PETITION Petitioner. and (c) the counterclaim. Special and Affirmative Defenses  [Review Section 5. LRDC Case 9876 FIDEL V. He admits paragraphs 1. Clarissa. the truth being that stated in his special and affirmative defenses. (b) the defenses. Jose never doubted Clarissa’s authority to receive his payments as the latter produced a special power of attorney authorizing her to collect the rent. 2 and 3 of the complaint. While he was looking for it.000. The claim that Jose breached his obligation with Pedro is groundless. by counsel. Rule 6.

Quezon City for Manila. A violation of this requirement “may be cause to consider the paper as not filed. Jose requests that Pedro’s complaint be dismissed forthwith. a prompt dismissal of the case becomes necessary. by counsel.00 and such expenses of litigation as he may prove during the trial. Argument The contract between the parties declares that in case litigation becomes inevitable. a copy of this motion shall be served by registered mail. Other reliefs just and equitable are also prayed for. The Court ordered the resumption of hearing in this case on 20 August 2007 at 8:30 in the morning.R. Linaw. as amended. on that date and time. Inc. states: 1. 5 August 1998.00 plus attorney’s fees of P50. Bawi (Civil Case 23456) before the Regional Trial Court of Manila. Rodriguez Ave. Rule 70 of the Rules of Court] Copy furnished: MARCELO B. a place obviously convenient to Pedro. moves to dismiss the complaint filed by Pedro C. which he had agreed to compensate his counsel and to reimbursement for expenses of litigation. the schedule of which was set before this.000. “all cases shall be brought before the proper court of Pasig City to the exclusion of all others. he violates the clear tenor of his agreement with Jose. Rules of Court. (Attorney’s Box) (Verification) [Per Section 4. FERNANDO Counsel for Plaintiff Suite 1234 Richmond Tower E. G. judgment be rendered in this case dismissing Pedro’s complaint for lack of merit and ordering him to pay Jose moral and exemplary damages for a total of P200. 2 September 2009.” See: Solar Team Entertainment.. 7.000. for Section 11 itself begins with the clause “whenever practicable”.000. Quezon City III. Labo. MOTIONS (Cf. (Attorney’s Box) (Notice of Hearing) – See Below ____________________________________________________________________________ Sample Motion 2 (Non-litigated) (CAPTION) MOTION TO RESET Plaintiff Pedro C. Other reliefs just and equitable are also prayed for. defendants are entitled to a PhP50. 12 . necessarily consider the practicability of personal service. Unfortunately. Helen Bautista Ricafort. Section 11 of Rule 13 gives the court the discretion to consider a pleading or paper as not filed if the other modes of service or filing were not resorted to and no written explanation was made as to why personal service was not done in the first place. 2.] (Required under Section 11. [Explanation: Due to constraints in distance and time. Manila. the undersigned counsel has committed to attend another case entitled: Labo vs. Rule 13. by counsel. Branch 42. v. Jose asks that after hearing. as amended) The Body of a motion usually has two parts: the ground for the motion and the argument in support of the motion.00 award of attorney’s fees.” By filing the complaint before this court in Manila. Consequently. 7 March 2007. Sample Motion 1 (Litigated) (CAPTION) MOTION TO DISMISS Defendant Jose B. Rules 15 and 16. Motions can either be litigated or non-litigated. Relief ACCORDINGLY. et al. And for having been compelled to defend himself against this utterly baseless action. The exercise of discretion must. Relief ACCORDINGLY. 132007. Hon. Labo on the sole ground that the venue of the litigation is improperly laid. Rules of Court.

MARQUEZ IV. under oath.) KRISPULO Y. (or if a non-litigated motion) Due to the non-litigious character of the foregoing motion.R. PEDRO PENDUKO Counsel for the Defendant Suite 210 Makati Executive Center Herrera St.00). Non-litigious motions are those that may be acted upon by the Court without further argument like a motion to reset or a motion for postponement. (SGD. Sometime in January 2005. Respondent Wigberto Maceda is a Filipino. 10 August 2008.] Manila. declare that:  [In all the paragraphs of the affidavit. Mesina. : 123456 For: Violation of BP 22 WIGBERTO B. While in actual practice this rule is usually observed in the breach.110946. COMPLAINT-AFFIDAVITS. 2. Palipanan Site. Wigberto purchased several computer parts from me for a total amount of Pesos: Three Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred (P367. Look at the sample below. Sotto. Makati City The undersigned shall submit the foregoing motion for the Court’s resolution on 20 August 2002.See below ADDENDUM TO MOTIONS.versus .900. . Dasmariñas. 24 October 1994). the rules provide that the motion day and time be on Friday at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. state the facts in chronology that constitutes the various elements of the crime charged.. NOTICES OF HEARING. a resident of Block 124 Lot 17 Phase III. Manila. ACCORDINGLY. The Rules of Court requires that the notice should be directed to the parties (counsel included) NOT TO THE CLERK OF COURT. of legal age. Court of Appeals. (Attorney’s box) (Notice of Hearing). Cavite. a copy of this motion shall be served by registered mail. SOTTO. Friday. Then see the sample below. G. Pedro requests that the hearing set on 20 August 2003 be cancelled and moved to a later date preferably on 8 September 2003 or any date convenient to the Court and the adverse party. et al. Complainant. Salcedo Village. Motions are either litigated or not. [Explanation: Due to lack of time and manpower. These forms are resorted to initiate criminal proceedings. residing at 143 Love Lane Avenue. you are expected to conform strictly to this requirement as a Bar examinee. All other motions are litigated and should be acted upon after due hearing. x --------------------x COMPLAINT I. the motion shall be considered a sham or a mere scrap of paper (Cf. (ASSUME THAT PARTS 1-6 OF A MOTION TEMPLATE HAVE BEEN DRAFTED) Notice and Copy furnished: Atty. PAG-IBIG Homes. Edgardo S. 13 . recall the issues in the drafting affidavits. Otherwise. MACEDA. Republic of the Philippines OFFICE OF THE CITY PROSECUTOR Department of Justice Manila EDGARDO S.] 1. I. Note that the usual jurat has been changed because the complainant or the respondent would take an oath or affirmation before a public prosecutor or any officer authorized to conduct preliminary investigation. Moreover. Check the sample notice below. In this regard.S. please submit the same to the Court for its immediate consideration and approval. at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. vs. Respondent. of legal age.

As a result. 14 June 2003. MANILA PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES. When they are before a notary public. There is an attempt when the offender commences the commission of a felony directly by overt acts. Manila Bail Recommended: P8. 5. One need not state the obvious. PEREZ Assistant Prosecutor Witnesses: Pamela Banos. and. committed as follows: On or about 14 February 2003 in the City of Manila.) MAGNOLIA C. INFORMATIONS. I execute this affidavit to confirm the truth of the foregoing and to support my complaint against Wigberto for violation of Section 1 of Batas Pambansa 22. I engaged the services of counsel who demanded in writing the payment of his obligation. and C-1. Wigberto drew and delivered to me in my Manila office. 14 Singalong St. which would produce the felony as a consequence but which. In payment for the goods. Sec.000. Rules of Court.versus . Accused. a check particularly described as follows: PilipinasBank-Dasmariñas. City of Manila. do not produce it by reason of causes independent of the will of the perpetrator. CORCOLON of the crime of robbery.00 CERTIFICATION I hereby certify that: the preliminary investigation in this case has been conducted. 12 Singalong St. the prosecutor’s certification. A copy of the check. Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT National Capital Judicial Region Branch 42. is attached as Annex A.900. one should recall the material distinctions among the various stages of execution of crimes. Notice that the information does not have a relief portion because it is presumed that the prosecution would be asking for the appropriate penalty provided by law. the recommended bail. 14 . allow oath-taking before a notary public. however. In drafting informations. Wigberto failed to replace the check and pay the amount stated in it plus interest of 12% per annum. Take a look at the sample below. and does not perform all the acts of execution which should produce the felony by reason of some cause or accident other than this own spontaneous desistance. CORCOLON. The rules. (SGD. I also undertook to pay my counsel for his services the sum of P75. 6. 3. unlawfully and feloniously with intent of gain and without the owner’s consent took and stole the Persian Mariana gold necklace of Gregorio Morales valued at PhP75. A copy of this last demand together with my proof of service are attached as Annexes B.000. and it is frustrated when the offender performs all the acts of execution. Upon deposit of the check when it fell due. Constrained to institute this criminal complaint against Wigberto. 7. Manila Tracy Buyas. BUSTAMANTE Assistant City Prosecutor *Complaint-affidavits or counter-affidavits are usually sworn before a prosecutor.000. Check 12345 dated 19 March 2005 for P367. 4. the addenda would be: the list of witnesses. Criminal Case: 123456 FEDERICO B. (SGD.3(a) Rule 112. . For informations.) EDGARDO S. nevertheless. the rules require a notary to certify that “he personally examined the affiants and that he is satisfied that they voluntarily executed and understood their affidavits” (Cf. Manila (SGD) NARCISO N. the accused did then and there willfully. respectively. the accused was informed of the complaint and was given an opportunity to submit controverting evidence and that the filing of this information was with the authority of the City Prosecutor. SOTTO Affiant SIGNED AND SWORN TO before me this 28 June 2007. I suffered actual damages in the amount stated above.00 by forcing open with an ice pick the personal vault where the necklace is located to the damage and prejudice of the owner. Plaintiff. I have examined the complainant and his witnesses and on the basis of their sworn statements and other evidence submitted before me there is reasonable ground to believe that the offense charged has been committed. as amended) V.00 on top of the litigation expenses I incurred in connection with this case. 7 June 2007. his bank dishonored the check for having been drawn against insufficient fund. stamped with the proper reason for dishonor. C.00. the amount of which I shall prove during trial. x------------------------x INFORMATION The undersigned prosecutor accuses FEDERICO B. A felony is consummated when all the elements necessary for its execution and accomplishment are present. CONTRARY TO LAW. Despite repeated demands. Cavite Branch.

8. convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude. (SGD. He is a Filipino citizen.. 6. respectfully states: 1. 14 December 2004) ACCORDINGLY. two (2) members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) chapter in Lucena City have vouched for his good moral character as confirmed by the certifications enclosed as Annexes C and D. Adm. indicating his prompt payment of his dues for the current year. therefore. Section 1. His annual dues were kept updated as shown by a copy of the IBP receipt enclosed as Annex E. Sample Petition for Notarial Commission (conformably with the new rules) Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Fourth Judicial Region Lucena City IN RE: PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT AS NOTARY PUBLIC FOR AND IN LUCENA CITY JUAN C.. DELA ROSA.. His contact numbers here are (042)5404977. (e) copy certifications. BUSTOS Administering officer ADDITIONAL INPUTS A notary public under the new rules is empowered to perform the following notarial acts: (a) acknowledgments. and. petitioner respectfully asks that: (a) Upon filing this petition. he attached in a separate paper marked as Annex I for the court’s ready reference three (3) of his passport-size color photographs bearing his signature at each of the bottom parts. 02-8-13-SC. 3.. Additionally.. he has paid the required filing fee as shown by the attached receipt marked as Annex H.. NARCISO N. Matter 2005-123 x . he comported himself as a worthy member of the profession. As further proof of his genuine interest to become a notary public. Please note for your consideration the following samples of legal documents that may be required pursuant to these new rules: A.. issue in his favor the appropriate notarial commission to be effective within the Court’s territorial jurisdiction. well within the court’s jurisdiction.. Other reliefs just and equitable are likewise prayed for.. He has no pending administrative case before the Supreme Court’s Office of the Bar Confidant.. 7. 9. and (f) any other act authorized by these Rules (Cf.. having been born on 21 May 1977 and has been residing in the Philippines since birth particularly at 343 Teresa Street. he has attached as Annex J a copy of the receipt issued by the manufacturer from whom he purchased the seal he will use once commissioned as notary public. a fact which the IBP confirmed by the enclosed certificate it issued in his favor marked as Annex G. Lucban. He obtained a degree in law from the San Sebastian College in Manila and had been certified by the Supreme Court in May 2005 as a member of the Philippine Bar under Roll of Attorney 50762 after he passed the Bar examination administered in September 2004.. (b) After due proceeding.. 5.. In addition. A copy of his certificate of good standing issued by the Bar Confidant is attached as Annex B.. a member in good standing.. 28 August 2005. (b) oaths and affirmations... A. DELA ROSA Petitioner Roll of Attorney 50672 15 . Rule 4. Petitioner.. Since becoming a lawyer and IBP member. (c) jurats.. 1. Quezon where he also holds office...... Vista Monte Subdivision. He is a taxpayer duly registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue under Tax Identification 115-890-345678. 2.-x PETITION Petitioner JUAN C.) JUAN C. much more. JOSE C.... He desires to serve as notary public ever convinced that he possesses all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications imposed by the rules for the office. A copy of his certificate of admission to the Philippine Bar is attached as Annex A. He is. PEREZ SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 27 July 2003 in the City of Manila. He also had never been commissioned as notary public in any other jurisdiction or in any place in the Philippines. DELA ROSA. twenty eight (28) years of age.. The 2004 RNP has an impact on drafting legal documents. Lucban for Lucena City..M. a summary hearing be set consistent with the provisions of Section 4 of the 2004 Rules on Notarial Practice.. (Cf. (d) signature witnessings. He is of good moral character and has not been criminally charged with.. Finally.. 2004 RNP).. He also paid the required professional tax for the privilege of practicing his profession as shown by the appropriate receipt attached as Annex F.

. 01-04-2005. Maambong who in his book wrote that the notary’s signature is already adequate without need of assigning a document. Book II. Page 8. (SGD) Macario C. 01-13-2005. U. or book number in the notarial register because he obviously cannot swear before himself when acting as such. Quezon. DELA ROSA. After personally supervising the copying of this document. Commonwealth Quezon City Commission Serial 54342 Roll of Attorney 38719 PTR 4122327. Lucena City Commission Serial 54342 Roll of Attorney 38719 PTR 4122327. (b) copies or supervises the copying of the instrument or document. 01-09-2005. Maligaya. Check out the sample below. Copy certification is a new notarial act under Section 4. under oath state that. It refers to a notarial act in which a notary public: (a) is presented with an instrument or document that is neither a vital record. 28 August 2005. Rule 2 of the 2004 RNP is signature witnessing. page. (SGD) Juan C. Rule 2 of the 2004 RNP. (SGD) Macario C. owners of the a house and lot in 801 Matahimik Street. and (d) determines that the copy is accurate and complete. known to me to be the same person who signed in my presence the assignment of loan proceeds from PAG-IBIG in favor of Ms. (c) compares the instrument or document with the copy. Presented before me by Architect Noel Lastimoso is his punchlist inspection report to Spouses Fidel and Myra de Guzman. where this certificate is attached. I certify that this copy. Quezon City IBP 54109.) JUAN C. Quezon City *I agree with Justice Regalado E. Quezon City 16 . Series of 2005. Signed and Sealed this 1 September 2007 in Quezon City. 01-04-2005. Before me personally appeared Juan C. 01-04-2005. Clarita D. 12. Quezon after I identified him with his competent evidence of identity stated above. Commonwealth Quezon City Commission Serial 54342 Roll of Attorney 38719 PTR 4122327. C. (b) is personally known to the notary public or identified by the notary public through competent evidence of identity as defined by these Rules. Signed and Sealed on 11 September 2007 in Quezon City. 01-09-2005. Lucena City VERIFICATION JUAN C. DELA ROSA Driver’s License NOH-2345678 Issued at Lucena City Expires on 23 May 2007 SIGNED AND SWORN to before me this 28 August 2005 in Lucena City. Sample Signature Witnessing.P. 13 Teresa Street Mira Monte Subdivision Lucban. Mendoza Notary Public of Quezon City Suite 212 Nolasco Bldg. a public record. B. Quezon City IBP 54109. It refers to a notarial act in which an individual on a single occasion: (a) appears in person before the notary public and presents an instrument or document. and (c) signs the instrument or document in the presence of the notary public.. Sample Copy Certification. Lucena City Doc. Lucena City IBP 560109. nor publicly recordable. 01-13-2005. Lucena City IBP 54109. I have read and know the contents of the foregoing petition that I personally drafted and the facts stated in it are true and correct to my personal knowledge and/or based on official documents available to me. pertaining to a renovation project in the same address. dela Cruz and presented to me his passport JJ 8972 issued by the Foreign Affairs Department in Manila that is valid up to 11 September 2007. Pilar. Village. 01-09-2005. Lucena City. Quezon City. Quezon PTR 4024157. (SGD.. is an accurate and complete copy of the original. Mendoza Notary Public of Lucena City Suite 212 Nolasco Bldg. Another new notarial act under Section 14. Check the sample below. Mendoza Notary Public of Quezon City Suite 212 Nolasco Bldg.

personally appeared Jose B. personally appeared Jose B. 13. For the second situation. We are not privy to or are interested in the document he signed. Buelta. We Tomas Balatan and Juan Buelta. Passport CC123330 1-05-2005 / Baguio City 2. Quezon by the affiant whom I personally know. Special Competent Evidence of Identity. personally known to the undersigned notary. Mendoza Notary Public of Manila Suite 212 Solano Building Binondo. Filipinos. (b) the witnesses show to the notary their respective evidence of identity.. City of Manila. 01-04-2007. document or transaction who each personally knows the individual and shows to the notary public documentary identification. and the latter acknowledged to me that the signature he affixed in the foregoing deed of assignment is his voluntary act for the purposes stated in it.D. Ricalde who has proven to me his identity through witnesses: Name Competent Evidence of Date/ Place Issued Identification 1. (c) the witness is not privy to the instrument. affirm under penalty of law that the following are true: 1. document or transaction who is personally known to the notary public and who personally knows the individual. the requirements are: (a) the notary public personally knows the witness. Juan N. City of Manila. Laong Laan Street. Because the rules on competent evidence of identity is new. (SGD) Macario C. the requirements are: (a) the witnesses each personally knows the principal. Jose does not have any current identification document nor can he obtain one within a reasonable time. PTR 4122327. Under the new RNP. 15 August 2007. the bar examiner might ask you to draft a notarial act requiring a competent evidence of identity based on paragraph (b) of section 12 of the 2004 RNP. Ricalde. Manila Commission Serial 54342 17 . Passport JJ200345 1-17-2005 / Manila both of whom personally know Jose and the latter acknowledged to me that the signature he affixed in the foregoing deed is his voluntary act for the purposes stated in the document. Mendoza Notary Public of Manila Suite 212 Nolasco Bldg. This rule reads: (a) “the oath or affirmation of one credible witness not privy to the instrument. and (d) oath or affirmation of the witnesses. Tomas S. 01-09-2007. consider the sample acknowledgment below: (b) BEFORE ME. Quezon City Book IV. Sampaloc. (c) both witnesses are not privy to the instrument. Balatan affirms under penalty of law that he personally knows Jose I. Balatan. of legal ages. personally known to us. Jose B. 2. Manila Commission Serial 54342 Roll of Attorney 38719 Doc.” For the first situation. or (b) of two credible witnesses neither of whom is privy to the instrument. (Add the notarial certificate) E. 15 August 2004. In this regard. City of Manila. 3. Quezon City Page 2. Balatan. (Add the notarial certificate) OR BEFORE ME. who is without an identification document. In this regard. to be same person who executed the foregoing deed and that he is not privy to or interested in the document he signed. IBP 54109. Balatan known personally to me. Ricalde. appeared Tomas S. I know him to be the same person who executed the foregoing deed of assignment. is the same person named in the foregoing deed of assignment. Series of 2007. 15 August 2007. document or transaction. and (d) oath or affirmation of the witness. SIGNED AND SWORN to before me this 28 August 2007 in Lucena City. He acknowledged to me that he signed it voluntarily for the purposes stated in the document. Ricalde whose identity is proven to me by Tomas S. Tomas S. consider the sample acknowledgment below: (a) BEFORE ME. Jurat or Acknowledgment without the affiant’s presentation of a competent evidence of identity. (SGD) Macario C. (b) the witness personally knows the principal party. the presentation of a competent evidence of identity may be dispensed with if a party taking an oath or acknowledgment is personally known to the notary. document or transaction.

you used the proper verb tenses and forms. a simple familiar word that means exactly the same thing is the better choice. Manila Book IV. 01-04-2007. above. then. furthermore. and. Sense the difference. accordingly Connects an idea with another that follows from it. thereat and theretofore must be discarded in favor of simpler words. consequently. use the active voice instead of the passive voice. Roll of Attorney 38719 Doc. Legal clichés have become trite and weak. respectively. Connects the first idea with the second one that points it up. Here are some helpful editing tips: 1. Observe grammar rules. unnatural or artificial. 5. and strong. if not arrogant. Your written work will have the same tone of formality and dignity as long as it is serious and thoughtful. Abel was killed by Cain. Phrases and words like to wit. Avoid legalese and old English. the second one affirms of validates the first idea Therefore. vigorous. meanwhile Arranges ideas in order Nearby. ensure that: the subject agrees with the verb. IBP 54109. As a rule. You cannot assume that the examiner can read unspoken tie-ups between ideas. 13. herein method. PTR 4122327. they may sound pretentious. below Arranges ideas in space But. Active voice is direct. try to edit your work. however. Connects two contrasting ideas rather In fact. Consider the following useful connectives: Connective Function And Connects two ideas of the same kind Besides. oOo 18 . Aside from avoiding needless words to save on time. as a matter of fact. proper punctuations were used. Series of 2007. You need the help of connectives or transitory devices to link your ideas one after the other and present a unified thought. on the other hand. aforesaid complaint. In presenting your answers. In short. Use the right connectives. instant case. to sum up. (Passive) Cain killed Abel. 4. there is proper coordination and subordination. Manila Page 2. (Active) 2. next. nevertheless. To some. Some have the mistaken belief that they will sound more dignified and lawyerly if they use polysyllabic words like “accompanied” or “informed” instead of “went with” or “told”. Be simple. and Adds another thought to the first again First. what is more. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Completing the required pleading or contract will not be enough. still. finally. 01-09-2007. in brief Summarize several ideas 3. in addition. To ENSURE an excellent work.