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Artifact Documentation

Title of Artifact: ____Professional Behavior Checklist_____

NAEYC Standards: This artifact documents my competency in the following

standard(s); key element(s)

Standard 6: Becoming a Professional

Artifact Rationale Statement

1. What is this artifact and what did you do to develop it?

This artifact is the checklist that was completed by my practicum site mentor
teacher, Mrs. Lori. Mrs. Lori was a very good mentor and I learned a lot from
being in her classroom. This artifact may just look like a photograph of a paper,
but the scores she gave me took time and effort for me to get them. To receive
such a score from such a good teacher like Mrs. Lori, I had to practice
professionalism each time I was there. This meant I was on time, stayed
involved, helped her and the children when needed, and showed initiative and
empathy. I cooperated with her well and stayed organized through the whole
process. I also created several things for her students such as the Camping Prop
Box, the Science Study Project on trees, and other transitional activities.

2. How does this artifact demonstrate your growth as a professional and help
you meet the standard?

This artifact demonstrates my growth as a professional and helps me meet the

standard because it shows that another early childhood professional thought I
displayed professionalism every day. It is one thing to have head knowledge of
early childhood, but it is another to be called a professional by another early
childhood professional. Being in Mrs. Loris classroom really helped prepare me
and give me the experiences that made me the professional I am today.

3. How will you use what you have learned in the future?

My practicum site time was very valuable to me. It taught me many things I could
use in the future and also helped me improve little areas of her classroom. Most
importantly, being in the classroom helped me learn what professionalism really
is and I learned how to be a professional. In the future, I just want to continue
growing as a professional. I know I do not have it all figured out, nor do I claim to.
I think a true professional continues to exemplify the characteristics on the
checklist and also continues learning about children. In my future career, I will
display professionalism at all times. I will never stop learning and I will always
push the children to learn more and be the best they can be.