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Paysquare India has launched a new website for client employees to access and update their information.
Advantages it offers are:
More functionalities
Better Look and Feel
Ease of usage
Better speed
Enhanced security features

The details of the web pages is mentioned in next 14 slides.

Your suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.

Please write your comments in the polling module, which would help us in upgrading the website.

Please check : Pay slip and Tax Calculation sheet, form 16, if any.

In case you face any kind of problem in accessing the website, please send us an email

Change Password:
Meant to change the password on first login or later on

As soon as you click on the link

provided in the welcome mail, you
would be directed to change password
screen. The existing password would be
pre-filled in this screen.

Please update the new password and

confirm password. Also need to enter
the Code shown in Captcha image on
the screen.

The updated password needs to meet

the guidelines mentioned in the change
password screen.

Once you have completed Change

Password process you would be
redirected to home screen.

The link sent to you expires on (a)

changing the password (b) 7 days from
date of sending whichever is earlier.

Change Password link on Home page

can be used to change password in
future apart from First login.

Forgot Password:
Meant to obtain the link to reset the password in case the user forgets the password

Click on the Forgot password link on

the login screen.

Update your login ID, which is

company code (3 digit-) followed by
Employee code as shown on the

Press Go. Than system would show

Captcha Image. Please enter the code
in Captcha Image & click Submit.

System will than Email with a link to

change password on your official Email

You need to update and confirm the

new password.

The link sent to you expires on (a)

changing the password (b) 7 days from
date of sending.

Home Page:
Meant to view various reports, Access Dash Board, View the running message and to navigate
other parts of website.
Left section gives the information of Company which
is self explanatory

The right hand side section is a dashboard giving

following information:
Reports: Various reports which are
available for you to use. This section is
explained in detail in the next slide.
Polling: No of question which are due for
answer from you.
Queries: No of queries which have been
answered by Paysquare and needing
closure thereof by you.
Documents and Policies: Paysquare
India has put up various policies and
processes of Company at this place for your
ready reference.
On clicking at the respective menu, the
system takes the user to that particular

This section has running messages giving
various types of information / alerts/ times
lines/ due dates to you.
When you click on a particular running
message item, the system shows a detailed
note thereon. 4
Purpose of each Report

The reports are on monthly basis and are available for download at any point of time.. The user need to select the
month and year for which the report to be extracted and press show. The reports can be downloaded in Excel or
PDF as the case may be. Following reports are available.

Pay slip :- shows earning, deduction, net pay and other details for the selected month and cumulative data from
April 2015 till selected month.

Tax Sheet :- shows the working of income tax calculations for the selected month.

CTC Reconciliation :- Shows the break up of CTC.

Annual Salary Details:- Shows month wise earning, deductions and Net pay.

Payroll Reimbursement :- Shows the details of CTC Reimbursement in terms of entitlements, claims, payments
and balances, if applicable.

Other Reports:- Some Employee specific reports can also be made available on the web as required such as
Form 16 etc.

Employee Master :
Meant to view and update the Employee Master fields

These forms are meant to update your personal details and view your employment details.

Employee Master:- Many fields are non-editable e.g. Name etc . You need to update the fields of Father-
Husband Name and PAN. Rest of the other editable fields are optional.

Address Details:- These fields are not required by Paysquare India at the current service deliverables to
Company . You need not fill this section.

Employment Details :- These fields are part of your employment terms with Company and are meant for
viewing only and cant be edited.

Family Member Details:- These fields need to be updated for LTA claims and PF returns.

Payment Details:- Update the details of Exempt Gratuity and Leave Encashment availed by you from all
your previous employers so far. Also update the details of previously claimed LTA exemption provided by
your previous employers.

Investment Declaration :
Meant to view and update the investment declaration and simulate the income tax
Take the path : Investment > Declare

Update the value of amounts remitted by you in

relevant sections of the form. No need to update
the amount recovered through payroll, which is
shown separately.

The system populates the maximum limit of the

tax benefit against each entry. After updating the
input, the system shows the eligible amount of tax

Prev employer income tab is activated in case

you joined the co. after 1st Apr 2015.

After all the entries are made, CLICK Save button

and the system shows the tax calculation based on
declaration made.

You may go back and revise your declaration &

view the updated tax calc and once satisfied click
close button.

The updated investment declaration is used for the

tax calculation of the month.

You can revise inv declarations till the month in

which investment proofs are submitted.

Payroll Reimbursement & Outside Reimbursement
Reimbursements are categorised in two types on the basis of their nature of payment

Payroll Reimbursement :- Payroll Reimbursements are the reimbursement components which are included
as a part of the Cost to Company as per the company policy. Their taxability / non taxability is determined
on basis of provisions in the Income Tax Act and Rules.
It includes reimbursements such as Medical reimbursement, LTA reimbursement , Vehicle Fuel &
maintenance and Telephone.

Outside Reimbursement:- Outside payroll reimbursements are the reimbursement components which are
reimbursed to the employee/s for the legitimate business expenses and are not taxable in the hands of
It includes reimbursements such as Books & Periodicals, Company Car Driver Salary, Foreign Travel
claims, Printing & Stationery, Training Expenses etc.

Medical Reimbursement:
Meant to log the medical reimb claims and to view past claims
Take the path : Payroll Reimb> Medical > New

Update the relevant values of the bills. Use one

row for one bill.

Once all entries are done, press save.

The system assigns a unique number to the

claim and send you an auto email.

Take a print of the voucher from the summary

section. Attach your bills to it and put in the drop
box or hand over at time of Reimbursement

On receipt of physical bills, Paysquare India

verifies the same and updates the approvals
and rejections, if any alongwith the reasons.

An auto email is sent to you on verification of

the claim by Paysquare India.

The payment, requisite documentation,

exemption etc are governed by the Medical
Reimbursement policy of Company . The policy
can be downloaded on clicking Company
Policy button on the claim form or on home
Telephone Reimbursement:
Meant to log the Telephone reimb claims and to view past claims
Take the menu path : Payroll Reimb>
Telephone > New Claim.

Telephone number should be registered on web

portal for first time,

In case your Telephone number is already

registered on web portal then you can lodge
claims against such registered Telephone

In case you wish to register a new Telephone

number then click on Telephone List. Than
click New button and update the relevant
details of the Telephone number to be

Thereafter Paysquare updates its database

and releases the Telephone number for lodging
the claim. You get an auto email at the time of
registering telephone number on web and
approval thereof by Paysquare .

The points of Data entry, generation of claim

no, voucher, documentation, approval process,
auto emails and policies are same as mentioned
in Medical slide.

Leave Travel Allowance:
Meant to log the exempt LTA claim and to view past claims

Take the menu path : Payroll Reimb> LTA>

New Claim>

Update the relevant details of leaves and

block for which the exemption is to be taken
and click Add Trip detail.

Update one separate form for each of the

segment of the trip.

You need to update family member details in

Employee Master screen before lodging the
claim for LTA. The family members updated in
employee master are used in this screen.

The points of claim no, voucher,

documentation, approval process, auto emails
and policies are same as mentioned in Medical
slide for both Exempt LTA and Taxable LTA.

Query :
Meant to log the queries for seeking explanation from Paysquare and view past queries

Take the menu path : Query> New.

Update the Priority/ type of query/ summary/

content/ attachment if any and then click on
Save. At this stage the query gets an auto
generated number. You get an auto email from
Paysquare .

Once query is resolved by Paysquare , you

would get an auto email.

In case you are satisfied with the answer you

need to close the query otherwise it gets closed
automatically in specified days.

In case you need to seek more information you

can raise sub query. This sub query would be
answered by Paysquare and need to be closed
in the same manner as main query.

You can view the trail of main query and sub-

query at the same place.

Any document attached by you is shown as

Client document and attached by Paysquare
is shown as Paysquare document.

Note: You can attach only 1 file. So you can zip

the files if more than 2.
Meant to answer the polling questions raised and to view the past questions

In case the company wishes to obtain any

information from you then this tool can be used.

The question can seek your answer in

subjective or objective manner. The question is
logged with a pre-defined due date and time.

Once question is logged, an auto email is sent

to you requesting you to update the answer.

You need to update the answer within specified


The answer can be altered by you till the due

date and time.

You get an auto email from the system on

answering the polling question or altering the

Once due date/time is crossed the system

doesnt allow you to update the response to the

Paysquare Consultancy Ltd.