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Term Definition

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psychosocial Related to psychological and social factors

cognitive Intellectual; thinking

behaviorism A psychological view that all behavior can be modified

sociocultural Related to social and cultural factors

intelligences Ways of being smart

motivation That which causes a person to take action


identity Who a person is

self-concept Ones view of himself or herself

mistrust The absence of trust

autonomy Independence; self-control; self-regulation

initiative A desire to take action to accomplish a purpose

industry A desire to be productive

inferior Not as good as something or someone else

intimacy Closeness with another person

isolation Being alone; the lack of intimacy

generativity The ability to produce something of value, to care for the next generation

stagnation Being unable or unwilling to produce anything

integrity Wisdom; good judgment

despair Extreme disappointment

Piagets Theory

sensorimotor Stage when infants begin to develop their intellect

preoperational Stage when children begin to think symbolically and imaginatively

concrete operational Stage when children learn to think logically

formal operational Stage when adults develop critical thinking skills

Term Definition


empty organism The child as an empty vessel waiting to be filled with experiences

reinforcement Something that is used to modify behavior

stimulus Something that makes something else happen

response What happens as the result of a stimulus

classical conditioning Teaching a behavior by pairing two stimuli, then removing one


zone of proximal The area of learning that a person can accomplish with assistance

scaffolding Structures that support a childs learning

Theory of

linguistic Related to language/words

logical-mathematical Related to reasoning, numbers, and mathematical operations

spatial Related to the use of form and space

bodily-kinesthetic Related to physical characteristics or movement

intrapersonal Related to self

interpersonal Related to ways of interacting with other people

musical Related to rhythm and other aspects of music

naturalistic Related to the way things exist in nature

physiological Related to the functions of living organisms

security A feeling of safety; the absence of threat

self-esteem Respect for oneself

self-actualization The reaching of ones full potential