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One Billion Balloons

Chapter Two: The Rainbow Space ……………………………….10
Chapter Three: The Idol Mind…………………………………………17
Chapter Four: The Sapphire Dimension………………………….22
Chapter Five: The Orange Mind………………………………………30
Chapter Six: The Artist……………………………………………………42
The First Day of Sapphire…………………………………….…….42
Chapter Seven: The Priest ……………………………………………..48
The Second Day of Sapphire……………………………….……..48
Chapter Eight: The Father ……………………………………………..58
The Third Day of Sapphire………………………….………………58
Chapter Nine: The Teacher…………………………………………….68
The Fourth day of Sapphire……………………………….…..….68
Chapter Ten: The Children ……………………………………………..83
The Fifth Day of Sapphire…………………………………………..83
Chapter Eleven: The Mother…………………………………………..95
The Sixth Day of Sapphire..………………………….…….………95
Chapter Twelve: The Politician……………………………………..114
The Seventh Day of Sapphire………………….……….……….114
Chapter Thirteen: One Billion Balloons Event……………….132
Chapter Fourteen: Michael Jackson’s Resurrection ….149
A few words from the Author………………………….………149
Chapter Fifteen: The Hidden Dimension……………………….160
About Ruby…………………………………………………………………..173
One Billion Balloons


If you try looking at yourself in a cracked and dusty mirror,
the image you see will be distorted. Even worse, if you
believe what you see is real then you will quickly become
distressed, depressed and despondent. This shattered
perspective of truth will reduce you from fullness to
fractional, and you will develop a pseudo personality based
on false perceptions that you actually believe to be true. If
you believe it, then you will have lost the power to be your
true self once and for all.

Now let us imagine seven billion people on planet
earth with misconstrued personalities based on these false
perceptions. Some are stronger than others and able to
impose their personal notions of truth upon those around
them who are weaker. A gross graphic example of this
would be to imagine a billion people spitting into space;
where do you think the spit will fall? Such is the effect of
false perceptions and impositions; when we believe the
illusion of the distorted images, we drop into denser

One Billion Balloons

frequencies and get stuck in a thick smog of pretentious
holiness, and believing it to be Godliness, we fight with all
our might. Those that we can convince become allies, and
all others become enemies. This war, however false, is a
battle that is never won. Piece by piece we break down,
destroying everything including our own being. This fall
from truth costs us freedom, knowledge and power. But
somewhere in the lingering darkness is a glimpse of light, a
memory of truth. Satisfying this very desire for truth is the
sole purpose of One Billion Balloons.
The truth shall set you free! The story that follows on
these pages is a myth - an allegory, but the truth it
contains is not. One Billion Balloons is our ticket to
freedom. In it you will find both the ingredients of heresy,
and the essence of truth. It mirrors back to us false
perceptions and reveals the cracks and inner distortions in
our belief systems. It shows us how to get off the see-saw
of momentary connectedness, and frequencies of menace
and distress. This may be challenging, but only a decision
and commitment to truth can provide the sustaining
power to move from who we are not to who we truly are.

One Billion Balloons

Freedom is the recognition of truth; it liberates us from
living out of this incessant illusionary character and
relapsing into the pathology of false perceptions. It takes
intense awareness because truth unfolds slowly, but
surely. The process itself is the awakening. One Billion
Balloons is a sign of the times, and the collective will of the
people and the cosmos. On June 22, 2012, the higher
spiritual dimension that can facilitate this truth opens up
and becomes very accessible for twenty-eight months.
Awakening is eminent.
A burning desire for truth will give us wings to fly. To
shift the masses and ensure the safety and well being of
ourselves and this planet, we need to awaken one billion
people directly and indirectly, and we have until October
30, 2014 to do so. This is the purpose and mission of One
Billion Balloons as much as it is yours.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter One: The Hill Cave
Ibadat is a small village situated in a valley surrounded by
seven hills, and is known to be the land of the chosen. So is
the myth as it was handed down from ages ago:

“This is the home of God, and in the
peaceful silence of night we can hear God
speak. And, if we are lucky, we may even
see God. And, if we are luckier still, then
we may fully experience God’s light force.
Of course for that we have to be ready.”

This is what visitors to Ibadat were told, and many
would confirm it to be true. Mind you, it only takes one to
confirm what the rest can never deny. The thought, “what
if it is true?” keeps everyone hoping and wondering. Many
visitors to Ibadat confirmed magical experiences; a few
even confirmed miracles. Even the skeptics kept silent as,
one way or another, everyone was benefiting.

One Billion Balloons

The village was named many hundreds of years ago
by the Village Head, who one night witnessed a light that
spoke to him, saying this would be the chosen land and it
should be called Ibadat, the name for worship. As the word
spread the population grew quickly as there was enough
abundance for all. But then several factions began fighting
for control, and soon reverence and thankfulness vanished
as they were replaced by greed and the lust for power. The
greed was so great that even the purest Souls couldn’t
resist. The holy land became divided between groups of
equal and opposites. Each claimed to be the rightful heir
and wanted proprietorship to the land, the people, and the
holiness. Truth died and was replaced by myth. Now,
hundreds of years later the holy land, still troubled by
internal uprisings, continued to be rocked with extreme
vulnerability. And it was here in midst of chaos and
turbulence that two children, Shraddha, a twelve-year-old
girl, and Vivek, an eleven-year-old boy, would bring
deliverance to the citizens, and to the rest of the world. It
is said that truth shall be revealed through the mouths of
babes and, so it was. It all started one summer afternoon.

One Billion Balloons

On this day Shraddha woke up suddenly from her
afternoon nap and headed straight to her friend Vivek’s
house. He would still be napping, but she knew she could
wake him up if she promised to play his favorite game,
marbles. She went through the side gate to Vivek’s house
and peeked in through his open bedroom window.
“Vivek! Vivek!” She called softly, and then without
waiting she picked up a tiny stone from the walk way and
threw it at him. Vivek flinched and jumped up not knowing
what had happened.
“Vivek, come out. We can play marbles, and I have a
plan.” She certainly knew how to lure her young friend to
succumb to her wishes.
“What is it?” he asked still half dazed.
“I will tell you as soon as you come out. You are going
to love it.”
Vivek knew Shraddha too well. She was a temptress
and would do anything to get her way. Secretly this is what
he admired about her. He quickly put on his runners,
picked up his bag of marbles and dashed out. After walking
to a nearby park they sat down under the shade of a

One Billion Balloons

banyan tree, their favourite spot, with their backs touching
the big trunk. Both fell into silence, which was a bit
unusual for them, and their gaze was drawn to a distant
hill. Something was pulling them and they did not know
what. Suddenly Shraddha announced that they would not
be playing marbles, but instead hide-and-seek, and they
should call for others to come and join. It was not long
before seven other kids had joined them, and together
they walked to the hillside where the game began. In the
midst of the game Shraddha and Vivek ran up the hill
looking for a good place to hide. They passed the big rocks,
then went up a narrow pathway and ran until they reached
a big tree.
“I am so out of breath,” said Shraddha. “Let’s sit here
where no one will see us,” and then she plunked herself
down with her back against the trunk. Vivek followed. Both
then fell silent, and staring into nothing they slipped into a
quiet trance. This was eerie and unusual for both of them.
It was not until Shraddha felt something move in the
branches that she looked up and was shocked at what she

One Billion Balloons

“Vivek! Look up! There, those branches to the left!
Do you see something blue?”
“Yes! I see the blue, a silver blue, but look; it is on the
right side too! That branch there is almost totally blue.”
Vivek was as excited as Shraddha. What they saw
next was a miracle. Tiny blue birds were perched
everywhere in the branches. They were now ruffling their
feathers and moving from side to side in a dance, filling the
space with chirping sounds like the children had never
heard before. Wonderstruck, Shraddha and Vivek watched
this performance in awe. It got more exciting as the birds
began to take off and circle around the tree top, making
quite a few rounds. They flew in slow motion from the
treetop to the hilltop in a swirl of silver blue.
“I think they want to show us something,” said
Shraddha. “Let’s follow them and see where they take us!”
Shraddha was quick to tune into the bird mind.
“Run! Let’s not lose them,” screamed Vivek, who was
just as eager.
The children ran below the birds as they hovered in
circles above. In the shade of this silver blue umbrella they

One Billion Balloons

all moved beyond the big rocks, going higher and higher.
Suddenly the birds picked up speed and disappeared
somewhere off to the left.
“Where did they go?” shrieked Vivek. “Where should
we go? Weren’t they supposed to take us somewhere?”
Vivek was searching the skies for signs when something on
the ground caught his attention. Right in front of him,
about twenty feet ahead on the winding dirt path, was a
silver blue snake. But it was not the snake itself, but rather
its shiny eyes that Vivek noticed first.
“Look Shraddha! Look right ahead at the blue snake.
Look at the eyes!” Vivek felt no fear. The children knew
these snakes were harmless and usually moved quickly out
of the way. But this snake was bigger than any they had
seen before, and the color was out of this world. The
children kept moving closer in order to see the blue
snake’s eyes more clearly. The snake remained curled in
the middle of the path in a meditative position. When they
finally got close enough they were shocked at what they

One Billion Balloons

“His eyes are like mirrors, clear shiny mirrors,”
gasped Vivek. “I can see myself in them, I can see myself
“I see too,” whispered Shraddha, “I see my eyes in
his. I can’t believe it; I am looking at me in him. In fact I
have never seen my eyes as clearly as I do now. And look!
My eyes are becoming as clear as his.”
“Shraddha watch!” Vivek was pointing to his eyes. “I
can seeee that I can see. Keep looking into his eyes and
you will physically experience the light with which you are
seeing him. It sounds strange, but it’s true.”
Shraddha stared into the snake’s eyes and this time
could experience the inner light projecting from within.
“Oh yes! I see it. I feel a light beam from within me, and it’s
not what I am seeing, it is that I can see that I am seeing. I
feel a power stirring within me, as if something coiled in
me wants to wake-up and rise!”
Vivek interrupted, “Quick! Blue is moving and so must
we. There is more, and I am sure that Blue will show us.”
Without hesitation they followed their new friend Blue up
the path to the top of the hill.

One Billion Balloons

Shraddha, still mesmerized, followed while
muttering; “I’m sure there is more, but what about the big
animals that inhabit the upper hills? We’ve been warned
many times not to come up this far. But then……”
Without finishing the sentence she hurried to catch
up to Vivek who was racing to keep up with Blue.
Blue continued up the narrow pathway, turned left,
then went up, then left and then up again on the winding
and twisting path that only became visible as the snake
moved. Between the ups and the lefts, somewhere the
children connected to a flow and kept following the
connectivity like they did with their eyes. Having already
connected to their inner power to see, they were now
connecting to another power that was energetically
propelling their bodies forward and Blue was in tune with
the same movement. This orchestration occurred without
any conscious trigger.
In this state of suspended reality, the pathways and
hidden dimensions of the hill that spontaneously appeared
were manifestations never experienced before, and
occurred to serve a greater purpose; like the blue birds and

One Billion Balloons

the blue snake had manifested to show the way.
Shepherds had combed this hill for centuries, and villagers
had walked it for many years, but today the hill revealed
dimensions that others never knew existed. Had it not
been for Blue, the children would not have discovered this
dimension within them nor outside them. Blue was making
visible that which was invisible. Now, carving his way
through the unknown, the snake led the children from
their world to another where they found an opening: The
Hill Cave.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Two: The Rainbow Space
Having followed the dirt pathway to where it almost came
to an end, the children now stood on a narrow ridge
hundreds of feet high facing the hill. Suddenly Vivek
noticed that Blue had vanished.
“What now?” he wondered out loud. “This is the end.
And where is Blue? He was just here…” Vivek frantically
looked everywhere, even hundreds of feet below into the
“Chill Vivek! Let’s just enjoy the fresh air until Blue
finds us again,” said Shraddha.” Suddenly she noticed a
steep drop. “Vivek! Look down. Where are we? This is not
our valley. This valley is lush green with dense forests, and
there are no homes or people!”
But Vivek interrupted her quickly, “Shraddha look,
there is someone down the pathway.”
Ten feet ahead they saw the Aged Man. Leaning on
the hill he seemed to be part of the environment.
Unkempt and unwashed with an overly long beard, his

One Billion Balloons

clothes were tattered and dirty. Like Blue, he seemed to
have manifested rather suddenly.
“You have arrived,” said the Aged Man without
moving. “I was told that you two Innocents were headed
this way.”
“We are with Blue, I mean, the snake. He led us here.
We must find him before we lose him.” Vivek was quick
and to the point.
“Don’t worry! Blue has brought you here, and this is
exactly where you need to be. Relax. Sit down and enjoy
this place until I confirm your true identity,” he said with a
reassuring smile.
“When will that be? And how will you confirm our
identity since you don’t even know us?” Vivek was direct.
“I will call you when it is time,” replied the Aged Man.
“And as for your identity, I know who you are, but I need
to make sure you are ready to see and be who you truly
are.” Then he looked the other way and said no more.
Following his suggestion the children sat down on a
big rock overlooking the valley. The sun was now about to
set, and as they watched the big ball of copper light drop,

One Billion Balloons

so did they. All things fell into a flow; the sun, the horizon,
even space and time melted into seeing, and then the seer
disappeared and what remained was only the being. The
children remained in deep silence until they heard the call.
“Step up Innocents. It is time.”
Shraddha stepped up. “I am Shraddha and this is
Vivek. We were playing hide-and-seek when we saw these
blue birds that we followed until we met the blue snake
who led us here.”
“Hold it young lady”, the Aged Man interrupted. “Let
me look into your eyes.” Shraddha felt a sudden a flash of
light as the Aged Man peaked into her pupils.
“And now you young man,” he gestured for Vivek to
step up. Vivek boldly looked into the Aged Man’s eyes but
could not hold the gaze. His eyes flickered as shivers ran
down his spine.
“Innocents, I can see that you are indeed ready.”
“How did you know who we are and that we are
ready?” Vivek could not help but ask.
“My dears! The light in your eyes tells me who you
are, and the intensity in that light is what makes you ready.

One Billion Balloons

This is how I know you are ready. Now go down that way,
right through that door.” He stopped short, adding, “And
yes, I know there is no door there just yet, but it will be
once you get there.” The children hurried that way, and
sure enough there was a door, an opening into the Hill
Cave. One more right turn led them into a small space,
again with no openings in sight.
“Now what? No birds, no Blue, no Aged Man!” Vivek
was exasperated.
Shraddha smiled coolly. “Just relax and have faith
Vivek. Remember what the Aged Man told us. The door
will appear once we get there, and what led us here, will
surely lead us there.”
Only a few seconds later a cool wind arose from
below, almost sweeping them off their feet. The earth
opened, and the children grabbed each other’s hands just
before they were sucked into a vacuum from below. They
landed in a space filled with the Rainbow Light. Bright
vibrant light shone as far as their eyes could see. Strands
and streams of light floated in space, and sudden
explosions of this starlight would disintegrate and, for a

One Billion Balloons

fraction of a second the entire space would be lit with
vibrant stardust. The children watched this other worldly
show in awe, as they became part of the radiating rainbow
light itself. It was a while before Vivek was able to express
his experience.
“Shraddha, it is all light,” he managed.
Shraddha was quick to respond, “Yes, it is
everywhere. Vivek, I don’t see you, I just see light. But I
know it is you because I can hear you. I can’t even see
myself as I did before, but I know the light is me because I
am hearing myself speak.”
“I hear you and now I hear me. But I have no
sensations other than this melody of vibrations. My lips are
moving and sound is rising from me. Even the words
coming from me are being projected, it’s like I am
speaking, but not really.”
“This is it exactly. I too am not speaking, the syllables
are projecting through me. This sound space is like some
giant energy field.”

One Billion Balloons

“Yes! A sound power amplified from an infinite
vortex. Notice that you and I are both projecting sound
and speaking from the same space. We are in one space.”
Suddenly words and thoughts ended and Vivek said
no more. Lost in silence, his world had come to an end.
Shraddha whispered, “One space, one source” and then
she too fell from her world into a void.
Communication is necessary when there is the other,
or the thought of another, Otherwise it is communion. No
communication is necessary when there are not two; and
when the word disappears, so too does the world. The
power of truth is such that each word will demolish the
world before it, making it false. A memory of what was
may remain, but that disintegrates as time, as powerful as
it is, cannot shelter a memory without the force.
Struck by truth the children fell into a dead silence,
and then disappeared as did everything else, as if a giant
wave had swallowed all life, their existence, in one sweep.
The only trace of anything ever having existed was the
rainbow light, and that too, with no one to witness, soon
turned lightless. The void once again would have declared

One Billion Balloons

victory and remained anonymous eternally. This time it
may have won the battle and temporarily silenced the
children, but the war was still to be won. Little did the Void
know that these two children were about to change its
history and eradicate its name and sense forever. It would
no longer be the valid reference, but instead would raise
another force far superior, the credit for which would be
bestowed upon two young Innocents, Shraddha and Vivek.
The Innocents have an eternal gift; they may suffer
temporary amnesia and may not remember everything,
but the memory of truth is never lost. This memory is what
made the two children rise from the depths of the void to
save the world from the upcoming genocide; the gift they
brought forth was nothing but the truth itself.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Three: The Idol Mind
“Shraddha! My dear child.” Shraddha arose from within
the depths of the void as she heard her father’s voice
connecting her to the memory of their conversation some
time ago.
“Shraddha, I have seen the light of God in your eyes
and that is why I must share my truth with you. Truth is the
inner mirror; it will reflect your light as long as it is clear
and clean, but when it gets clouded and tainted it will
reflect the idol mind, which has the appearance but not
the quality of truth.”
“Father, what is truth?”
“To know truth you must first get to know the idol
“What is the idol mind?”
“The idol mind is one which is rooted in belief. And a
mind rooted in belief loses the ability to comprehend
truth. Belief, however pure or positive, is still based on
perception, and perception is a purely personal matter.
Perception may point to truth, but is not truth.”

One Billion Balloons

“Are you saying that I don’t need belief? Shraddha
queried. “What about belief in myself, life and others?”
“Belief is needed in the absence of truth. Truth needs
no props nor crutches; crutches are for the weak, the lame
and the blind. Truth stands alone without hope or faith. It
is not your personality, your ethics or your guiding
principles. It is not a way or a path. But, sadly, most of us
mistake our beliefs for truth, and then spend our lives
defending and propagating these personal, often false
notions, believing them to be the truth.”
Shraddha quickly responded, “So Father, are you
saying that ‘Shraddha’ is set of beliefs and not my true
“My child, you are Shraddha, but what you believe
‘Shraddha’ to be is not truth. It is the idol mind.”
“But then who is the true ‘Shraddha’?”
“That you will know once you know who you are
“Why can’t you tell me who I am? I trust you.”
“I would be violating truth if I told you who you are,
as defining you would require a belief. Truth would be

One Billion Balloons

misconstrued if I defined you, and then you will start to
believe in what I believe you to be. You would adopt my
belief as yours, and then forever after you would want to,
and try to live up to these inherited beliefs. These beliefs
would become your truth, and you would cage yourself so
not even you would be able to set yourself free.”
“And in believing the idol mind to be the truth, I
would attempt to live it fully for fear of being less. This
would be a dishonor to you and to me,” finished Shraddha,
getting it.
Wanting to know more she continued, “Father, I feel
something ease in me, a kind of energy unknotting in me.
Is this because we are talking about truth?”
“Truth is you; as I told you, truth when spoken in the
word disintegrates everything that comes before it. It is
the ruler of the present with no before and after. And that
is how it sets you free.”
“Father one more thing, what is thinking?”
“Thinking is building more idols to secure your idol
“So truth is…”

One Billion Balloons

“The absence of the idol mind,” finished her father,
completing her thought.
Every word spoken from truth cleaned the mirror,
and Shraddha could seeee, this time free of thinking. She
felt a restfulness she had not experienced before. Melting
into her skin, for the first time she embodied an energy
that was without any thought. It is said there is only one
way to know truth, and that is to embody it. And so it was
for Shraddha.
She spoke out loud, “I AM NOT WHAT I BELIEVE!” Yes,
this one sentence would consolidate her energies and
simultaneously demolish everything else including the idol
“I am not what I believe!” Shraddha began to repeat
these words throughout her day, especially when she
found herself in doubt or fear, and sure enough they
would return her to her original state of power. She made
it a point to sleep and wake up with these words. The idea
that one billion people on planet earth would one day
sleep and wake up with these same words was absolutely
beyond her.

One Billion Balloons

After this, Shraddha set a space in her body that she
named “the mind lab.” Here she examined and researched
her thoughts and feelings which she called “my truths.”
This deep introspection soon became addictive, and she
spent more and more time with herself. She began by
watching the idol mind, and soon connected with the
underlying silent power which propelled the thoughts - but
was not the thought. She emerged from this timeless
space with heightened awareness, feeling light and bright.
Shraddha trusted her father implicitly, and knew the
inspirations he invoked needed to be worked on; this way
she could independently solidify her truth.
Truth has the power to destroy everything before it.
It stands alone without any crutches. Shraddha spoke
these words out loud and returned to the present more
aware than ever before.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Four:
The Sapphire Dimension
“Vivek, wake up! Wake up!” Shraddha called out loud.
“Wake up to what?” Vivek’s voice echoed from a
distance. “What should I wake up for?”Shraddha was
stern. “Waking up is being present. You don’t wake up for
or to be something, in fact you wake up from something
you are not.”
Vivek knew Shraddha too well. “I know you are dying
to tell me something,” he said, “so go ahead and tell me
what it is.”
“Vivek, do you know anyone who does not think, who
does not worry, who does not fear and who does not
Vivek repeated the sentence out loud a few times
before responding. “No. I don’t know of anyone who does
not think, fear, or worry, or of one who does not believe.
But hold on, is prayer thinking or believing? Because I do
know of my Uncle and his father, my Grand Uncle, who

One Billion Balloons

believe in God and they pray many times a day. I know
they wait for their prayers to be answered, so I know that
they too think and believe.”
“Do you know who they pray to and what they pray
“To God of course! I don’t really know the details, but
I know many of our neighbors ask them for favors from
God. In fact people come from all over wanting different
things. Some want to be healthy, lots want money and a
few come for peace. I now remember a shepherd who
came because he wanted them to find his lost sheep, and
another whose cattle seemed to be dying for no reason.
Also, I remember that my father’s Aunt Joy, who wasn’t
really joyful, traveled here from another village because
she needed to rid her son of his terribly vicious wife. She
said she would pay any amount if God would bring death
or sickness upon her awful daughter-in-law and free her
son to marry again.”
“So you are saying that your Uncles pray to God to
fulfill the desires of others? What about their own

One Billion Balloons

“My father says my Uncles are very pious, and God
listens to them and grants them their wishes. As for my
Uncles, their desire is to be known as holy people, and for
others to trust them.”
“So they must worry about preserving their name and
fame, they must be concerned about how they are
perceived by others. And what if these desires are not
granted; what if the people don’t get what they want?”
“I have heard my Uncles mention curses, and some
are awfully hard to break. I have even heard that people
who have no faith don’t always get their wishes granted. I
guess to get what you want you must believe in God.
Shraddha, why are you asking all these questions?”
“Because this is what is coming through me. I really
don’t know what is happening but there seems to be a
power in me that is speaking, even though it looks like I
“Then connect with this power, Shraddha, the one
that is throwing out these questions and making you feel
this way.”

One Billion Balloons

Shraddha kept silent then, and tried to focus on the
inner power. Within seconds she was consumed by a
physical force that made her head spin. There was no way
to describe this force except that it was blue in color, and it
was pushing and carving its way through her from the
crown down. It was the same blue as the birds and the
snake. Then she spoke again, but this time her words
carried so much clarity and cohesiveness.
“Vivek, come into the blue. Please enter the blue so
you can be where I am.” This was more of a command
than a request. “How do I do that? Where is this blue?”
“Remember, you are ready when you have the
burning desire. So if you really want to be where I am then
please desire it now.”
Vivek may not have been so interested in the blue,
but he certainly was interested in what Shraddha was
experiencing. Shraddha was his best friend, and without
her his world would be boring and empty. There was no
way she could experience something and he not be part of
it. This intense desire to be with Shraddha manifested in
seconds, and Vivek found himself in a new world within his

One Billion Balloons

world, The Sapphire Dimension. Basking in sliver-blue light,
this dimension reminded him of jumping into the clear
blue-water lake near the village on a hot summer day. He
felt cool and fresh, renewed and reset, as if the inner
modulator had automatically been adjusted him to a
different dimension.
Vivek felt a joy and a vibrancy he had never
experienced before. “Shraddha! This is amazing. I am all
over, I am everywhere. This blue is not just a color, it is the
coolest vibration. It’s a universe in and of itself. I have
never experienced this before. I keep stretching and
stretching like I have multiple arms, multiple heads and
many, many feet and legs. I’d like to say that I am
powerful, but powerful does not describe it either. What I
want to say is that I AAAAAAAAAAAAAMM!
Shraddha was as lost for words as he was. Basking in
the Sapphire Dimension, she was experiencing something
“Vivek!” she exclaimed, finally finding some words.
“Think of whatever you want and it will manifest before
you finish your thought. Like, think of blue birds and

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before you finish speaking the word ‘birds,’ birds will
appear. Like, I am now thinking of a lush green forest, and
here I am in that forest with plants, trees and even animals
and birds, just the way I like to see them. I am even
enjoying the scent of pine, and somewhere there is a
cinnamon tree because I smell that too. Now I was not
planning to think of all this, my thoughts just kept
unfolding and it all manifested spontaneously and here I
Shraddha’s powerful words transported Vivek into
her world. He was seeing and experiencing what she was.
“Shraddha, it is so strange that your words ‘lush green
forest’ manifested and unfolded a whole experience
before you could finish thinking. But you never thought of
birds, animals, or cinnamon trees, so how did they all
appear in your forest? Have you ever experienced such a
place before?”
Shraddha was in awe, and enjoying her experience
immensely. “You are right,” she said, “my one desire which
was really one thought, one word ‘forest’ brought all of

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this to life. But somewhere, sometime I have seen this
“So your one thought of the lush green forest
triggered everything you may have imagined or desired,
even though you don’t remember when? This means that
everything we think, desire or imagine, even if it’s pretend,
is stored in a vision box somewhere and can come alive
anytime, anywhere?”
Shraddha glowed with another realization. “Vivek,
amazingly my lush green forest thought placed everything I
have ever liked, loved or desired all in one setting. For
instance these beautiful birds are my favourites, and they
are chirping and singing just the way that delights me. And
these wild lilies are looking at me teasingly just the way I
like them to, and the scent of the cinnamon tree is exactly
how I love to experience it. Even the way the sunlight
filters through the tree branches is how I feel joy and
happiness. And somewhere here should be a robin that I
love to see, and look, there, it is right there. See how
everything I love appears the way I like it to? Even though I
love all these things, I have never imagined them together

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all in one setting and this is the miracle, that every singular
thought and desire, all my favorite things, though isolated,
merged at one time here in this lush green forest.”
“Shraddha! Quick. Can you feel a flow, like a breeze
of soft, cool, loving energy? It started just when you told
me how every single thing you like grouped together in the
lush green forest is your world of favorites. Watch! The
flow is moving through this forest and charging up
everything, depositing joy and light fertilizer on everything,
and everything is looking more alive and animated. There
seems to be a silent communication loud enough to not be
ignored. Shraddha, I am truly loving this world. Maybe it is
imaginary, but not to me. It is as real as you and me. It is
awakening me and I want to experiment and play with it

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Five: The Orange Mind
Shraddha smiled, “Then you may want to start by playing a
game with me.”
“I am ready,” agreed Vivek.
“First let me see what I can find.” Shraddha closed
her eyes, and in her mind she headed through an orange
grove, returning in a few minutes with a big smile, and
holding a beautiful orange.
“Look, I am holding the most beautiful orange in my
hand. I often have the desire to pluck oranges. It’s not so
much that I love oranges, but I like the scent and the
colour, and plucking them is a lot of fun. And in my lush
forest I found some orange trees laden with fruit. Here,
this one is for you. But you have to earn it, so are you
ready for the game?”
“Just look at the orange, and as you keep gazing at it,
tell me all that comes to your mind and body.” Following
her orders, Vivek held his gaze upon the orange and began
to verbalize his thoughts as they came up. “Round, bright,
juicy, mouth-watering, feels good, want to stretch out,

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garden, orchard, orange grove, orange juice factory, poor
farmer, farm equipment, not enough money in the
business, oranges rotting in the box in the back of a
supermarket, wastage, price hike, angry, frustrated, strike,
rebellion, revolution.”
Shraddha intercepted. “Stop, stop right here.” She
then repeated aloud every word he had spoken. “Every
word you spoke has some deep association within you.
Like ‘poor farmer.’”
Vivek was quick to reply, “Of course! ‘Poor farmer
reminds’ me of taxes, and how farmers working hard are
not getting paid enough for their work. Supermarket
reminded me of the wastage in the warehouses, and the
price hike made me angry and frustrated.”
“Exactly! So when you looked at the orange you
started to access all your thoughts and feelings associated
with it. These feelings express your likes and dislikes, which
are rooted in your beliefs of how things should, or should
not be. And by the way, do you realize how much meaning
you have given to a simple orange?”
Vivek was taken aback, “No! I had no idea!”

One Billion Balloons

“Ah ha! This means that you don’t have the ability to
look at even an orange with a free mind. You are carrying
too much stuff. Do you even know how and when this
stuff, the burden of thoughts, got created?”
“No, but I think it has been there for a while. I have
heard my family and others discuss these issues, and I’ve
seen the news about farmers and taxes, but I didn’t realize
I was storing it all in my mind. And Shraddha, you are
absolutely right. I now see that a simple orange is a big
orange complexity in my mind, and I’m shocked!”
Shraddha cut him off. “You are not ready for the
answer yet. Our play is still not finished. Now I’m going to
hold the orange again, and please gaze at it like you did
last time. Perfect! Now you are seeing the orange. Now
you need to focus on that which is making you see. It is not
your eyes; there is another power, so focus on that
Vivek repeated, “I can see the orange and I can seeee
that I am seeing.”
“That’s it. Be with it and tell me everything from here

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“I feel I am connected to a power, a physical force, a
light force deep within me. I don’t know where the source
is, but I can feel the movement and can physically
experience the force projecting out through my eyes. Oh!
This is hurting my eyes.”
“Don’t strain your eyes. Relax and just be with the
“Okay, this is better. Now I am actually sensing a fall,
like I am sinking into a quiet peace. I am at ease. And now
the seeing is me. This seeing is being and experiencing. My
mind is clear and alert. Now when I look at the orange, I
can see it but there are no thoughts. Orange! It is simply an
Shraddha laughed “The orange mind has
disappeared, with all the stuff. My father calls this stuff
‘the idol mind.’”
“Why does he call it that?,” queried Vivek.
“Father says the absence of truth robs us of our true
identity, leaving us extremely vulnerable and insecure. But
we have thoughts, and when we grab onto them we make
them into things, and then idolize them to the point that

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they become our reference, and sometimes our identity.
This is the idol mind.”
Coming back to the game she said, “But this is good. I
knew you’d get there. Do you remember looking into
Blue’s snake eyes and seeing yourself clear as ever? It did
not remind you of anything else. You saw that you were
seeing, and that’s all you saw. There was no presence of an
‘orange mind’ there, was there?”
“No, there wasn’t,” reflected Vivek. “I was seeing
myself without any thoughts.”
“And do you remember the blue birds, how we
followed them with no thoughts? They flew above us, and
we followed from below. Had we not done that we would
not have met with Blue, and had we not followed Blue we
would not have discovered those hidden pathways and the
hill cave, nor the Aged Man, nor the rainbow space, nor
Sapphire, the Blue Light. Nor would we have experienced
the lush green forest. All became possible when we acted
from truth, without the idol mind.”
“It was truth that made all of this possible,” she
continued. “An orange mind does not have the grounding

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force of truth. It takes you everywhere other than where
you should be. It keeps you from seeing and experiencing
things as they are; instead, you will see things as you
believe they are. There is a huge difference between the
two. One is pseudo and the other real. My father says the
biggest loss is that we have lost our power, position,
purpose and soon our memory to return home to who we
truly are.”
“Had it not been for Sapphire we would not have
experienced any of this!” added Vivek.
“Yes! Sapphire is the dimension of truth. Did you
notice how everything in the forest was exactly the way I
wanted it, and how so many desires manifested at one
time? This miracle is the power of truth.”
And then to make it more clear Shraddha asked,
“Remember you told me that people who come to your
holy Uncle and Grand Uncle mostly ask for one thing or
another. They never dare ask for everything. And when
people receive things it usually happens in bits and pieces,
and never the whole thing. It’s like you ask for what is
missing in that present time, but by the time you get it you

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may need something else. This is as painful as standing
with both feet on hot charcoal. One keeps hopping from
one foot to the other. If it not health, then it’s wealth; if it
not peace, then purpose; whatever the current lack be. But
truth has no mind thus does not sway. Only truth, as
Sapphire has shown us, has the power to deliver
everything and ground you at the same time.
“What about the orange mind? Does everyone have
“What do you think, Vivek?”
“Remember when you asked me if I knew anyone
who does not worry, fear, think or believe? Well, after
experiencing the orange mind my answer is a big NO. The
two I thought to be truthful and the holiest of all, my Uncle
and Grand Uncle, also think when they pray. I know they
believe, so they think. In fact, they are the same as the
villagers they try to help. And their prayers are more of an
asking; it is a form of communicating, but not a full
communion with God. So to answer my own question, the
answer is yes, everyone I know has the orange mind.”

One Billion Balloons

Suddenly changing the subject, Vivek asked
Shraddha. “Why are we here? We were playing hide-and-
seek, and then that tree and the birds and the snake, then
all this and then we are led to Sapphire?”
“Yes,” agreed Shraddha, we need to find out why we
were led to Sapphire; rather why Sapphire found us.”
“Why don’t we create the intense burning desire to
get the answer?” suggested Vivek. “Do you have such a
“No, I don’t, but you could create one.”
“Hmmm! A desire!” He held out his arm, just like
Shraddha had done with the orange, and pretended to
hold a ball of desire, just blurting out words as they came.
“Power, prayer, God, benevolent, kind, poor, rich,
force, violence, bloodshed, death, redemption,
forgiveness, love, mother, earth, truth.” He stopped at
truth and then gazed at the ball of desire he held, and this
time he went deep within and arose with a light force
projecting out of his eyes. He remained silent for a long
time then opened his eyes. Looking into the space, he

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slowly repeated the word ‘MAAAAAAAAA’ (pronounced
MAH) on a long drawn out breath.
“What is MAAAAAAAA?” asked Shraddha, by now
very curious.
“This sound is the vibration of Sapphire. This
vibration will manifest in our bodies in the next seven days,
and will restore our truth.” Shraddha realized that Vivek
had connected to something greater, and his words were a
message from Sapphire.
Truth when spoken and heard releases the person
from all falsehood. Shraddha repeated and listened to
herself repeating the MAAAAAAAAA sound. She
immediately connected with the vibration of Sapphire, and
from it she began to deliver a prophetic message.
“On June 22, 2012, we will enter the Age of Sapphire;
this is the time to embody truth and our absolute power.
The Innocents shall initiate the movement which the elders
shall follow. World after world will fall as the false melts in
the lap of the Mother Earth. And then truth shall rise as
the bright sun and this power shall be denied by no one.
The Innocents will lead; what follows is the Artist, the

One Billion Balloons

Priest, the Father, the Teacher, the Student, the Mother
and the Politician. A new mind free of ‘orange thought’ will
be born from the burning desire of truth. All will rejoice
and be set free, as they free the billion balloons in the
skies. Truth shall reign eternally, and henceforth no word,
big or small, shall ever come after it.”
“Shraddha, are we the Innocents? Are we to initiate
this movement?”
Shraddha, who was still in a trance, softly continued
“We already did when we followed the birds. Sapphire is
us, and we, the Innocents are the embodiment of truth.”
Vivek was now bursting with questions. “What about
this movement? How will we know what to do?”
“Remember, the door will appear when we get there.
Besides, what we know, others also know; the difference is
that we remember and they don’t.”
“I get it,” responded Vivek. “We are Sapphire. Our
desire in word will manifest in others as it did in us. And
we will all embody truth together.”

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“Yes! Just how with one word the lush green forest
manifested, so will each of our dreams and desires all at
“And the orange mind will be replaced with Sapphire.
Yes! I can hardly wait to get back and get started.”
“First let us return to our game of hide-and-seek. But
how do we get back?”
This time Vivek got the better of her. “Exactly how we
got here! Follow the blue.”
Unknown to many, Sapphire would turn out to be the
dimension that would replace the idol mind, the orange
mind. Never in the history of planet earth has a word been
equal to God, until now. And that word would be “Truth.”
And it would be in this age of truth that not one, but many,
would rise to honor truth as God. And, the masses would
follow blindly as they always have.
Suddenly the children found themselves right under
the tree where they had discovered the blue birds. They
began running down the hill, and about half way they
bumped into their friends who were coming up to look for

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“There you are. We looked in the village and couldn’t
find you, so we climbed the hill thinking the two of you
would be hiding here.”
“How long have you been looking for us?” Vivek
asked curiously.
“Not very long at all,”came the response.
Vivek looked at Shraddha and they both realized the
Sapphire Dimension existed outside of time and space, and
there was no clock that could time it.
“Let’s go home before our parents come looking for
us,” said Shraddha.
Vivek chuckled, “And I am craving an orange.”
The children ran back to the village and into their
homes. That night both Shraddha and Vivek lay awake
watching the stars from their bedroom windows. Lo and
behold, there was one star brighter than the others that
seemed to stare back. The children smiled at it as it
beamed silver blue light into them. Sapphire may have
always had a presence in the universe, but today it was
present in the hearts and Souls of the two Innocents.

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Chapter Six: The Artist
The First Day of Sapphire

Truth will work itself out, and it did. The children woke up
early and as eagerly as ever. The first thing Vivek did was
ask his mother to buy some oranges. “I’ll go with you to
the farm where we can pluck them. We’ll buy many, as I
have a craving to eat that many,” he said, flinging his arms
wide open. Laughing, his mother was happy that finally her
son had taken to eating fruit.
Meantime Shraddha woke up all giggly and giddy.
“Let’s go the lake today,” she suggested to her parents.
“The water should be clear blue; we could pack some food
and have a picnic under the blue skies and maybe we will
see some birds that should soon be migrating.”
Both children were full of enthusiasm and wanted to
start their day with something that would feed their hearts
and Souls. Sapphire would work itself out, this they were
sure of. In the evening they met under the banyan tree.
It was the first day of Sapphire, and as they shared
their day’s adventures, they noticed the village artisan

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wiping graffiti off his beautiful painting on the side wall of
the centre street. The painting, which covered the entire
wall, was of horses done in black, brown, grey and white.
Curious, they went over and Vivek asked the artisan,
“These horses don’t look the same with this graffiti. Who
in their right mind would want to spoil your beautiful art?”
The artist smiled. “It is the few naughty children who
think my art needs their finishing touches.” As he was
laughing, the children laughed with him.
Shraddha asked, “But seriously, don’t you mind them
messing up your art? They keep destroying it and you keep
fixing it. Does this not make you angry?”
“No! I purposely painted running horses! Running
horses gather a lot of dirt and dust. I painted them on this
busy street to inspire a movement of power and strength
and I know my vision, despite these finishing touches from
others, serves the purpose. Everyone who touches my art
will in turn be touched by it, and, like my horses, will
become part of the movement. You see my horses are not
just paint and water. I have infused them with the desire

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to create a movement, and that they will do no matter
what. They are as alive, as is my art, as you and me.”
“But what about these black strokes the hooligans
added in? I am sure this was not part of your design and
vision.” Vivek proclaimed.
“I am conscious of my vision, which is to awaken my
vision in each and every passerby; my art is an extension of
my life force and that is backed with conscious power, so it
will not be influenced by other designs, especially ones
both weaker and unconscious.”
Shraddha spoke up, “I have noticed that passersby,
even those who don’t notice the painting, walk a bit more
briskly when they pass this wall. Somehow your horses are
powering them too.”
Vivek piped in, “And I have noticed the villagers
gather right here by your painting, and have long
conversations which frequently end up in brawls. I guess
the painting infuses a lot of horsepower which may be
hard to control.”
Knowing these two children were not ordinary, the
artist pushed further. “Brawls are sometimes essential as

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people need to test each other and display their power. It
is all part of the movement; no behavior or attitude is
wrong if it wakes up the inner power. My horses symbolize
power and strength, and the different colours are the
various ways power is expressed. All the horses are
running in the same direction, symbolizing that there is
only one vision and one movement; we all want the same
thing in different ways.”
“What do the blue sky and the silver clouds
“Good work, Innocents! The blue says we are
engulfed by one space; we all have the same potential and
the same life force. The silver passing clouds tell us that
while there may be distractions and obstacles on our path,
just like clouds, they shall pass.”
Vivek and Shraddha stared at the artist, shocked that
he had called them “Innocents.” How would he have
known unless he was part of the Sapphire Dimension?
They wanted to share what they knew but decided to wait.
Shraddha asked, “Do you think that people
understand symbols and consciously connect to your vision

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the way you just explained? Or, do they just see running
horses and a blue sky with passing silver clouds?”
The Artist smiled. “Truth is descending upon us and,
when in the age of truth, a burning desire for truth is
enough to embody it fully. This painting is a symbol of my
desire to awaken and embody truth. And since I cannot
fully embody truth without the masses, I must do what I
can to influence others to be in truth. These horses are the
forbearers and keepers of the force that is soon to come.”
Vivek asked, “Now I know why you don’t mind the
graffiti! That, too, serves your purpose.”
The children knew the Artist knew, so they did not
want to leave without acknowledging the truth. Shraddha
spoke first. “You know, as we do, that Sapphire, I mean the
age of truth, is upon us. Please tell us what we should do
“Innocents are not exhibitionists,” said the Artist.
“Don’t carry the banner of truth, and don’t be the first to
speak your mind unless spoken to. Silently hold the desire
and let it work through and for you. As you have found me,
you will find others. Soon you will meet everyone you need

One Billion Balloons

to. After that, you will know what to do to set yourself and
others free. Until then, let’s remain in the blue.”
The children said nothing as they silently walked
home. Their first day was almost over and from two they
were now three. But the numbers were probably a lot
more, as whoever had or would run into the horses would
awaken to the desire envisioned by the Artist.
That night the stars were brighter than usual, and the
Blue Star shone with pride. It seemed bigger and plumper
than the previous night. Both Shraddha and Vivek retired
bidding farewell to their blue friend.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Seven: The Priest
The Second Day of Sapphire

“Vivek wake up! We have to leave at 10:00 and it’s already
9:30 am. Your Uncle and Grand Uncle have planned a
special ceremony at their place. They have booked the
village centre as they are expecting quite a few people to
It was Sunday, and Vivek was in no mood to wake up
this early. “What is the occasion?” he grumbled to his
mother. “I hope they are not going to spend hours on
discourses like they usually do. Remember the last time?
The ceremonies really went on and on, and then they ran
short of food.”
Vivek’s mother knew how to get him to the ceremony
without any resistance. “Why don’t you invite Shraddha?”
she suggested. “I’m sure she would love to come, and you
can join us a bit later, maybe before lunch. I hear there is
special Priest coming from the capital. You may enjoy
listening to him.”

One Billion Balloons

Liking this idea Vivek jumped out of bed and got
dressed. When he made his way to Shraddha’s house he
found her playing with her small dog Sin in the garden.
“Vivek, what are you doing here so early? And why
are you dressed formally?”
Smiling, Vivek said, “I came to get you. My Uncles are
conducting a special ceremony followed by a great lunch. I
thought you might like to go with me. Actually, I thought
I’d get bored alone, but if you came along then it wouldn’t
be so bad. Besides, my mother said there is a visiting Priest
from the capital, who dares everyone who does not
believe in God.”
“Okay, you got me. The Priest should be fun and the
lunch sumptuous. And besides, we may run into someone
blue. You never know who might show up where. Give me
twenty minutes. And play ball with Sin! He’s put on a lot of
weight and needs to run.”
“Shall do! But why do you call him Sin?”
“He was my cousin’s dog, and when my aunt realized
my cousin was playing with him during her prayer time she
named him Sin, because it can only be a sin that keeps you

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away from God! Later she gave him to us. My mother likes
his name as it reminds her to pray, and I like it because he
is so cute and cuddly and I would rather play with him than
do anything else! Almost sinful isn’t it?”
“This is too funny,” said Vivek laughing; he always
loved Shraddha’s humor.
Shraddha took longer than she promised so it was
another hour before they reached the village centre. The
crowds were getting bigger and there was hardly any place
to sit. They decided to go to the neighborhood park to
play, and then come back for lunch. They met a few other
friends who tagged along, and together they returned just
in time for lunch. Wanting to avoid the lineups for food,
they made their way straight across the field into the
Uncle’s house.
“Vivek! Come into the tea room,” Grand Uncle called
as Vivek was passing down the hallway. When he and
Shraddha entered the tea room they found the Grand
Uncle sitting with the visiting Priest from the capital.
“Good day! You must be Vivek, your Grand Uncle was
just talking about you. And who is your friend?” The Priest,

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who was in his sixties, was more vibrant than a thirty year
“This is Shraddha” answered Vivek. “We arrived late
so we missed the discourses, but my mother tells me you
have special healing powers and can create miracles.”
“That’s just hearsay,” said the Priest. “God does the
work and lets me take the credit,” he exclaimed, laughing
Shraddha turned to the Grand Uncle. “Uncle, I
couldn’t help but notice that the crowds are getting bigger
and bigger, and people are coming from far and wide. Is it
because there is more pain and sickness than usual, and
people want relief from problems and suffering?”
Grand Uncle smiled. “I like you. You are like Vivek:
direct and to the point. But the answer to your question is
yes and no. There certainly is more despair and illness than
before, but also there is a lot of confusion and anxiety due
to people not being sure of themselves and their roles. No
one really knows their truth, and the conflicting beliefs are
breaking down relationships and causing severe stress and
in distress they are turning to us for prayers.”

One Billion Balloons

Shraddha probed. “People want quick cures and
miracles. In fact they are always praying for instant relief
from one thing or another.”
The Grand Uncle replied. “Anyone who has had a
miracle will tell you that the miracle was not the ultimate
cure. You see, miracles are needed for people with less
faith. Those who know God’s work have faith, and do not
need such proof.”
Vivek joined in and asked Grand Uncle, “Why do
people depend so much upon you to pray for them? Why
can’t they pray to God themselves?”
“A good question my dear. Again, this comes from a
lack of faith in themselves. You see a long time ago people
were told they were not worthy, and today many still
believe that to be true. They don’t think they have the
power or purity to connect directly with God.”
Vivek looked at Shraddha and smiled. “The orange …
no, the idol mind!”
Grand Uncle looked confused. “What mind?”
“It’s a term for a mind that is rooted in belief and not

One Billion Balloons

Grand Uncle and the Priest laughed, and then the
Priest who was sitting quietly until now joined in.
“That is exactly what we were discussing before you
children walked in. Your Grand Uncle and I are concerned
that the crowds are getting weaker and weaker, although
they are strong and brave. On one hand they are driven by
ambition to reach their highest potential, but on the other
hand they suffer from personal crisis of who they are, and
whether they should be where they are or not.
Consequently there is a breakdown, and this confusion is
rapidly breeding weakness and ill will. Our work as holy
men is to help people rid themselves of sickness and
suffering so they can return to their original power and be
the creators they truly are. And I agree with your Grand
Uncle about miracles. They certainly restore a bit of faith,
but not enough; in fact, they are more of a hindrance and
serve to strengthen superstition taking people away from
their truth.”
Shraddha spoke up. “People have fear; they feel it is a
curse if God is not with them. Is that why they try to please
God with offerings?”

One Billion Balloons

When it comes to knowing truth, age has no
meaning; knowledge and wisdom flow beyond age and
experience. Shraddha and Vivek were in the company of
truth and were equal to all in the room.
The Priest continued where Shraddha stopped. “For
centuries, it has been our role to help people stand on
their own. Very few know themselves or God, and it is
natural to fear anything we have no knowledge of. Our
relationships to each other and to God have become
transactional because of our distorted beliefs. Even worse,
we keep defending and justifying ourselves, which leads to
creating more and more separation.”
Shraddha continued, “It’s all about belief; this may be
the real curse. Beliefs have become the real master, and
we are slaves to our own beliefs. Meanwhile poor truth,
like a banished outcast, stands aside. But not for long!”
This is when Shraddha and Vivek shared their
Sapphire experience.
The Priest and the Grand uncle were not surprised
and the Priest thought it appropriate to be open with the
children. “I must let you in on a secret. The real reason for

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my coming here today, and for this ceremony, was to pray
together, and infuse the desire for truth in the people.
Because your Grand Uncle and I have very little time left to
fulfill our purpose which is to liberate people from their
own self-created bondage.”
Vivek agreed, “Yes! The slave has to cut the chains of
bondage and set the master free.”
Grand Uncle continued, “But the master has been a
slave for too long, to the point that the slave believes he is
the master, a master with ambition but no power.”
The Priest spoke up. “Well said, my friend! A master
with ambition and no power. And this brings us to our new
focus of telling people that they have the power, the
wisdom and the knowledge to create their own miracles.
To some this may be blasphemy, but the age of truth calls
for a different kind of connection, and the way to connect
should be different too.”
Grand Uncle clarified, “We cannot radically change
our ways, but we have shifted. Now when people pray, we
ask them to focus on the body as being the temple, and

One Billion Balloons

the prayer itself is not asking or talking, but is instead a
silent communion with themselves.”
The Priest explained “This will empower them from
within and support their self rising. We have changed our
sermons to openly discuss the wonders of man rather than
the miracles of God. And above all, your Uncle’s and my
deep desire for people to embody truth works like fire
crackers through our words. People truly are the
Innocents, but the innocence is camouflaged by what you
have rightly called the idol mind, and very soon, our efforts
will bear fruit.”
“It is already working,” confirmed Shraddha. This is
our second day of Sapphire, and we are now five from
Vivek spoke again “Not quite true! We are five, plus
everyone else who knows us and is in touch with us, and
everyone they are in touch with. This makes us plenty!”
The Priest spoke again, “Between your Uncle’s
congregations and mine in the capital, we are thousands, if
not millions. And it will not stop, as my monthly chronicles,
Truth and Only Truth, are distributed nationally and

One Billion Balloons

internationally. All I have to do is place an article in every
issue informing people of the Sapphire Dimension, and
before long we will be many. People are awaiting some
kind of shift in 2012 and this deliverance will show them
the way. We will meet again very soon, as the day of
awakening is fast approaching and there is much to do.”
The children asked for blessings from their elders, so
the Grand Uncle and the Priest both blessed them, but not
in their usual way of “God Bless You” but instead with the
words, “Let truth be your God.”
The second Sapphire night awoke more stars in the
galaxy than ever before. The Sapphire Blue Star had
company as many stars shone bright in a circle, with Blue
Star in the centre. The cooling light of the Blue eased the
children, and before they said good night to their friend,
they were fast asleep.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Eight: The Father
The Third Day of Sapphire

On day three the children woke up early, bright as ever.
Each cell in their body vibrated with the presence of
Sapphire. What this third day would bring was still to be
Shraddha’s father was finishing breakfast as she came
to the table. “Orange juice?” he offered, handing her the
pitcher of freshly squeezed juice.
“Wouldn’t start my day without it,” she replied,
pouring a tall glass for herself.
“I thought apple juice was your favorite,” said her
father, smiling as he she gulped down the juice.
“It was until now! But today this is not just orange
juice. It’s a reminder of who I am not,” she explained with
a twinkle in her eye.
“What? Did I miss something?”
“Orange juice reminds me of the orange mind; it is
the same as your idol mind. An anonymous belief that has
no face.”

One Billion Balloons

Father burst into laughter. “So the oranges are
serving a higher purpose!” Then, showing her a book called
The Invisibles he said, “I borrowed this book from a friend.
It reminds me of your orange mind. It is the story of a
young husband and wife who move into a haunted house.
There they become possessed by the ghosts of the couple
who passed away there mysteriously many years before.
The dead man and woman live out their unlived dreams
and desires by driving the living couple to do things against
their own nature. The story ends with the young couple
almost killing each other, just as the dead couple did years
before. In the end, the living husband and wife realize that
their minds were being controlled by the invisibles. In this
story you can really see the orange mind at work. Living
from others’ beliefs and thinking them to be yours is
dangerous indeed.”
“Is it fiction?”
“The writer was inspired by a true story. In fact it was
his neighbor’s story.”

One Billion Balloons

“Father, does one live after they die? I mean, is it
possible to embody a dead person’s mind from hundreds
of years ago?”
“Why not?” Nothing ever disappears. The mind is a
collective thought space.”
“Do we have a collective mind and is that how we are
“Look at the orange mind like a dimension in itself,
and the thought space as storage where every activity is
stored. Now imagine an event like World War II, or a
genocide where the mass majority of people experience an
identical crisis at the same time, in the same space. This
collective stress is far greater than a single or even a few
people randomly going through stress at different times in
different spaces. Trauma and panic from major
occurrences are the collective stress we experience
through our individuality. And suffering is a sign of an
individual expressing the collective.”
Shraddha was excited and almost jumping out of her
chair, “Father! Are you saying that there is no personal

One Billion Balloons

“There is pain, physical pain like a toothache or a
stomachache, but it is not suffering. But a person who
suffers because of physical pain is somehow plugged into
the collective orange mind dimension.”
“So physical pain heals quickly, but not when it is
living the effects of the collective. When this occurs we
block healing and suffer much longer or even forever. This
also means that while an individual may be strong, the
collective can make us weak if we are not aware. But,
Father? If we can’t control the past, how do we get out of
the collective distress?”
“There is another dimension beyond the collective:
the dimension of truth. It is far reached and only a few
have accessed it. But now it is descending upon us and we
will all have to enter it. Our choice is whether we face it
head first or feet first.”
“That is a bold statement, Father! Will the orange
mind drop?”
“We will sway between the two for a while as we still
have the memory of it. But without power, it will diffuse
and disintegrate.”

One Billion Balloons

“Fascinating! I love this, Father. Thank you so much
for sharing this with me. Is there is a way we can position
ourselves to embody truth fully and permanently?”
Shraddha’s father knew she was gifted and ready for
more, and he was as eager to share as she was to hear.
“Desire,” he revealed. “Having a strong desire is
enough to hold your position in the dimension of truth.
Awareness, if you are swaying between the two. And
finally, choice if you are stuck in the orange mind.”
“It’s as simple as that?”
“Yes, as simple as that!”
Shraddha decided it was time to share Sapphire Blue
with her father. Looking into his eyes, she said, “Father! I
have something to share.”
And then with great conviction she shared everything
from hide-and-seek to now. She finished with, “Sapphire
Blue is us and everyone else. Everyone we meet is
revealing themselves, and all seem to have the same
information about the coming of the Age of Truth.
Everyone is part of the Sapphire plan, and they are ready
to embody truth fully and completely. It’s being called by

One Billion Balloons

different names like awakening, vision, God, absolute or
simply truth. Between the Artist, Grand Uncle, the Priest
and Vivek and I, we must have touched a few million
people already. The numbers are growing as we speak.
Each and every one is actively sharing the Blue vibration
with others. Yesterday before my afternoon nap, I
visualized my entire school filled with Sapphire light. I
know that within days every student will experience a
shift, and the best part is this is effortless! A simple desire
in the morning and living from the heart all day is all that is
needed. Just like my lush green forest, everything is
coming together magically.”
Father listened carefully, absorbing every word and
staying with his daughter every moment of the way. He
knew she was special. Just before her birth she had come
to him in a vision and told him that she had chosen him
and her mother because they were pure and worthy Souls,
who had lived for and by truth. She told him she was
coming with a special purpose to initiate the Sapphire
Dimension and to awaken the true leaders into the Age of
Truth. He clearly remembered her request. “Father,” she

One Billion Balloons

had said to him, “Please don’t let me forget who I am, and
if I ever I do, remind me of Sapphire Blue, for that is the
code name of my Soul’s vibration, my true dimension.”
“What should I do to prepare myself and your mother
for your arrival?” he had asked her.
“Simply Be, and let me Be!” she had said. “I will look
to you for guidance, so tell me stories of light and great
beings; show me pictures of those who have come before
and have contributed to humanity as I will. When I speak,
let me first call your name, as you are the Soul link to my
past and future. And one more thing. Please call me
Shraddha, as I come with faith.”
When he shared this vision with his wife, they both
decided they would live purely and simply, and allow
Sapphire to deliver their baby girl in ease and comfort. He
followed everything she had asked, and before Shraddha
was two he could see signs of Sapphire. This not that, and
that not this; their baby girl had known from the start
exactly what she wanted and didn’t want. Now, twelve
years later Shraddha had confirmed everything she had
told him before she entered this world. With his eyes filled

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with tears he said, “Shraddha, I too have something to
share with you.” He then told her the details of her pre-
birth visit, and all the little things she had said at every age
to confirm her true identity.
Shraddha hugged her father crying, “Thank you,
The father whispered back, “Thank you, Shraddha!
We both have much to do. Today we are many and our
numbers will grow rapidly. You know the philosophy circle
I am part of has many branches and schools to share our
views in study circles all over the globe. I will introduce a
simple message about the coming Age of Truth, which I’m
sure will spread like wild fire. Many of us have been
waiting for this sign. They and theirs will waste no time in
spreading the message and the vibration, and our numbers
will increase to several millions. And again, what was that
sound vibration for truth?”
“It’s like this Father,” said Shraddha, closing her eyes,
and making the sound of MAAAAAAAAA,” on a long, drawn
out breath. “Why do you ask?”

One Billion Balloons

Father repeated, “MAAAAAAAAAA! That’s it! I will
place the desire to embody Sapphire as I project this
vibration through every cell in my body. As trillions of cells
awaken in me, I will have embodied truth fully and wholly.
And, as each cell awakens in me, so will a Soul outside. I
remember my father telling me when I was five, “Son,
treat your body with respect and keep it clean, as it is the
house of light. And this same light houses many Souls. If
even one cell loses harmony so will all the others, and it
will then remain a body of flesh without a Soul.”
What her father did not share with Shraddha were
the last words she spoke to him in the vision. “Father, I
have only so much time, I will have to leave…”
It was painful for him to remember her last words. He
never shared this message with his wife, but there was not
a day that went by when he did not pray for her last words
not to come true.
Shraddha was thrilled; she knew why she had chosen
the right souls to be her parents. It was almost time for
school, but first she needed to walk Sin. Grabbing his leash
she called out, “Sin, come! It is time to run!” When her

One Billion Balloons

mother heard Sin’s name being called, she knew it was
time to pray.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Nine: The Teacher
The Fourth day of Sapphire

School that day was uneventful for both Shraddha and
Vivek. They looked forward to meeting in the early evening
at their favorite spot under the banyan tree. Shraddha
shared the conversation she had with her father with
Vivek. He listened quietly while reflecting inwardly, and
connected with everything Shraddha said. Both children
were thrilled that the numbers were increasing. They were
now… how many? They could not tell.
Vivek spoke, “The way the doors are opening for us
each day is a sign that the numbers are rapidly increasing. I
sense the increase in my body; every day my cells are
opening to a greater force.” But he had questions. “Do you
know of a way to empty out the residue of pain and
distress from the collective? If we don’t heal the collective
or do something to neutralize that pain, we will all keep
suffering from stress and anxiety.”
Looking up through the branches, Shraddha fixed her
gaze on the blue skies, and said nothing. Vivek also fell into

One Billion Balloons

silence, until after a few moments he suddenly jumped up
with an idea.
“Shraddha! If there was an event that could match
the intensity of the collective suffering of wars, genocides
and other distresses, and this event included millions of
people all at the same time in the same space doing
something intensely positive, would that be enough to
neutralize the collective distress?”
“Vivek, what you are saying is very possible. But it
cannot just be positive. Like you said, it has to be
something very intense and life enforcing.” Her face
glowed as she said, “Vivek, I think you are onto
“Well then, let’s make it possible. Let’s start a desire
to initiate a ‘Movement of Truth’ and awaken the masses
to make a shift. Can you imagine the intensity when the
majority holds one desire to embody truth, and the
gateways of the Sapphire Dimension open for all of us?
And Shraddha, we should do what your father suggested:
infuse our body cells with the vibration of truth so we can
spread the message far and wide.”

One Billion Balloons

“Yes, let’s do that! And before we set the desire, we
should align ourselves with the rainbow light as that is
what opened the doors to Sapphire for us. After that we
will invoke the desire for us and for others to embody
truth, and then we will lighten up our cells with the sound
of MAAAAAAAAAAAAA, the vibration of Sapphire.”
They were on a roll, and Vivek proclaimed that he
was ready.
And that’s what they did. Under the banyan tree in
the light of the early evening sun filtering through the big
branches, with a gentle breeze touching their faces, the
children invoked the rainbow light. They visualized it
entering into the crown from above, penetrating both
sides of the brain and from there moving into each and
every cell of their bodies. The rainbow light made their
bodies tingle as their cells vibrated. As their shoulders
absorbed the light they dropped with ease. As the hips
absorbed the light they eased into balance. As the feet
absorbed the light they sank into the ground with a tingling
heaviness, grounding them to the earth. As their palms
absorbed the light they opened up the energy vortex in the

One Billion Balloons

centre, connecting the outside to within. And their fingers,
like antennas, tingled with radiating light energy. Thus
Both Shraddha and Vivek aligned and came into the right
position. They were now ready to place the desire.
“We desire to awaken ourselves and all others to
embody truth,” they said out loud.
They remained in this state with awareness,
observing all the vibrations and activities within. Old
memories appeared, but like the Artist said, they passed
without any resistance. Then, looking up into the skies
they projected and listened to their own sound of
MAAAAAAAA. This time their merging sound echoed far
through the valley. The rolling vibration immediately
descended into every cell, and their bodies opened a new
dimension: an energy space, open and clear. The children
observed themselves experiencing the embodiment of
these vibrations. Alongside this physical embodiment were
passing thoughts, like a recording. A lot of thinking was
being played out. These memories had no force so they
passed quickly. They were aware of this thinking, but their
focus was on the physical embodiment of the truth

One Billion Balloons

vibrations rather than on the old recording. The more they
felt this vibration, the more their breathing eased and the
more the vibrations magnified.
Shraddha and Vivek fell into a quiet completeness.
They now sat in silence as instruments, and watched the
rainbow light project out of every cell into the space.
Again, without any prompting, together they held up their
hands in front of their faces and projected the sound of
Their vibrations magnified even more as every cell
began glowing with light. “This descending light, it is the
light of truth,” said Shraddha excitedly.
“It is descending into each and every thing,” Vivek
added. “Did you notice how the light magnified even more
with the desire to share it with all others?”
“Yes! It was amazing. And did you notice that the
‘others’ were just a thought? In fact, there is no sense of
‘other,’ it was simply a physical magnification of ourselves.
And while I could not feel my body mass, I could sense my
cells tingling; even my skin was vibrating, like fine silk
flowing in a gentle breeze.”

One Billion Balloons

Suddenly Vivek said, “Shraddha, this is our fourth day
and so much has happened. I have so much energy that I
want to move, go somewhere, do something right now,
but I don’t know what!”
But Shraddha knew. “Before we go anywhere let’s
return that book, The Invisibles, to the Teacher, my father’s
friend. He lives on the outskirts of town and it will be a
good walk. I promised Father I would do this for him today.
But I need to go home and get it first. Maybe we could
take Sin along; he could use a run.”
So off they went, first to Shraddha’s home to collect
the book and Sin, and then to the Teacher’s home. The
Teacher lived on the outskirts of the village in a small
corner house surrounded by tall berry bushes. They found
him in the back garden, relaxing with a tall glass of berry
“Welcome Shraddha! Your father mentioned you
might drop by. Who is your friend?”
“This is Vivek, and this is Sin. He is fat and naughty,”
she grinned.

One Billion Balloons

“Sin or Vivek?” With the ice now broken everyone
laughed, except Sin. The Teacher invited them to sit with
him and enjoy his freshly squeezed berry juice. Meanwhile,
Sin enjoyed a real squirrel extravaganza, making them run
up the trees and down the branches.
“Father told me a bit of about The Invisibles,”
explained Shraddha. “Quite a story. It’s a little scary that
one could become possessed and controlled by dead
persons and not even know it.”
“And from what I heard they almost killed each other,
had they not discovered the truth,” Vivek added.
“Most surely, yes!” replied the Teacher. This book is a
true depiction of what can happen. Like that young living
couple, most of humanity has lost their true identity.
Today there are millions who are living a single point
identity, and believing it to be their true identity.”
Vivek asked, “What is this single point identity?”
“It is an identity created from who we think we are,
what we think we should have, and our personal
perceptions of how things and others should be.

One Billion Balloons

This identity could be inherited, borrowed or just
copied from others. Single point identity people all think
and act the same way. While their goals and desires may
look different, they are really all the same. Their focus is to
achieve what they think they should have at any cost.”
“What is the difference between these achievers and
others?” Shraddha asked.
“Single point identity people are driven by ambition.
They like to be rich, successful and famous and have the
need to be known and acknowledged. They live to achieve,
versus those who desire to experience life to the fullest.
While one focuses on achieving, the other focuses on
experiencing. The first type suffers similar stresses; they
are more self-serving, they like power and they sway
between emotions of joy and anger. They are strong,
generous, happy and fun - as long as they get what they
want. When they don’t, they dip into anger and
frustration, and resort to any behavior from meanness,
depression and oppression to get what they want. They
thrive on attention, and their single pointedness can be

One Billion Balloons

narrow-minded. They usually support others only when
there is something in it for them.”
The Teacher continued. “I call the second type
‘jollies.’ They are authentic, original and more wholesome
as their focus is to “experience” life with their true
identity. They are present and not burdened with false
projections or perceptions. They embody and enjoy
everything to the fullest without any agenda or stress. It is
a pleasure to be with them as they don’t have that ‘what
can I get from you, or how can I impress you?’ attitude.
Since they don’t need to impress, their expression is true
and real. These heart-warming people don’t put others at
risk for their gain. They create everything, even wealth,
with a focus on experiencing their inner self and outer
creativities. They all have one thing in common: plenty of
Vivek was gazing at the Teacher while he silently
listened. He suddenly asked, “Do you know about
Sapphire, the dimension of truth? The Age of Truth is fast
descending upon us.”

One Billion Balloons

The Teacher smiled. “I was wondering how long it
would take for you to reveal your truth. You see,
Innocents, I know who you are, and I also know you have
come with a purpose. Everyone from the Sapphire
Dimension has a role, and we need to be ready as we are
so close to the coming.”
Shraddha was in awe. “Of course! We should have
known, but then we thought we were only coming to
return the book.”
“This close to the coming not even a blade of grass
moves without purpose,” explained the Teacher. “Every
moment is precious, and one needs to be present and
awake. Any idea, inspiration or hunch must be followed
with action, and truth is to be spoken at all times. One
must reveal their true identity and act from it so there is
instant recognition and we waste no time. The momentum
will soon become a full-fledged movement.”
“You mentioned that the single point identities are
many; do you think they will support the movement, since
their focus is more personal gratification?” Vivek asked.

One Billion Balloons

“Absolutely! Be open and tell them exactly what you
know and what you are doing. These people are strong and
have big egos, they may not desire truth, but they hate to
be excluded. Eight out of ten times they will support you
because of their desire to be ahead of everyone else.
Besides this serves their personal goals too; they gather
more power as they become part of an empowering
movement. Their horsepower serves all. And let’s not
forget that if their horsepower turns internal they can
create spontaneous wonders. In fact, it is these people
who fund and support movements more than others, and
they benefit from supporting the cause as much as others
who become the cause.”
The children loved the Teacher’s insights. This was a
quick lesson for their fourth day, and from two they now
were six and many, many more. They then shared their
Sapphire experience with the Teacher, who listened to
every detail. Then he shared his secret with them.
“I, too, was born knowing that this incarnation was to
awaken others, and for that I needed to awaken myself. So
very early, I left my rich father and went out seeking truth.

One Billion Balloons

I lived in seclusion with mystics and enlightened beings,
and learned that in the right environment truth unfolds
from within, as opposed to being learned from without. I
learned the teacher’s responsibility is to provide the right
environment for the student so the student can unfold into
their own knowing and wisdom. I then returned and
studied with the desire to be the best teacher I could be.
Two years ago I had a vision that I was to come to Ibadat,
as this is where truth would unfold. I met a friend, another
Sapphire with a similar purpose, who ten years ago moved
here to set up a school on the outskirts of town. It is called
the The Light High School.”
Vivek was curious. “What do you teach there?”
“It’s not what we teach, it’s rather the learning
environment we provide. We help young students
recognize their beliefs and the thinking mind, and clear
and organize the mind space. We awaken them to
consciously embody the Sapphire Dimension, and then we
introduce them to history, geography and other arts and
sciences. Like history is not simply occurrences, we teach

One Billion Balloons

them to recognize all the influences that invisibly create
what is visible.”
“You mean the Age of Truth is also a continuum? It is
not a sudden descending?” queried Vivek.
“Certainly not,” replied the Teacher. “The freedom
movement is age old, sometimes subtle, sometimes more
visible, and at times it seems to accelerate. Somewhere in
some place, the fight for liberty, independence and
freedom is always alive. But this Age of Truth is unique in
the sense that we have access to intelligence from all
dimensions, and these cumulative vibrations are our ticket
to freedom.”
“People don’t know what that would mean. To them
truth may just be another concept,” Shraddha said.
“Yes! We have compromised ourselves and settled
for far less than we are. When our goals are financial,
emotional and physical we know that our well-being is
compromised. When our goal is freedom and liberty, then
we know we are still far from truth. It is not what we lack,
but that we lack that is a sign of the compromise. And the
time is now for us to switch from compromise to truth.”

One Billion Balloons

“How did you say you clear the mind space?” asked
“Through silence and contemplative observation, the
way I was taught by the enlightened teachers.”
This time Shraddha did not mince her words, “We
have an exercise in which one can embody truth vibrations
immediately. We would like to share it with you.” And then
Vivek and Shraddha initiated the Teacher by first aligning
him with the rainbow light, and then to the sound
vibration of truth, the sound of MAAAAAAAAAAAA.
The Teacher, basking in light, took a while before he
spoke. “Innocents, I now know why you were both chosen
to initiate the elders, but before I say more I must invite
you to come to The Light High School and initiate our
students in this vibration of Sapphire. They are ready and
have been waiting for this for a long time. And don’t worry
about the numbers, Sapphires, for few are many. Please
come tomorrow at lunch hour.
“Do we need to prepare?” Shraddha asked before
she left.
“No, Innocents. Simply Be, and the rest will Be.”

One Billion Balloons

The children along with Sin then headed into the
village to be in time for dinner. That night the skies were
dark and cloudy so they could not see the Sapphire stars.
Sapphire is busy preparing for the descent, Shraddha
thought to herself. Meanwhile, Vivek thought he should
rest and be calm before the storm hit. He had a feeling
that falsehood would not easily give way. It will struggle
and fight before it collapses and makes way for Truth, he
thought, as he drifted off to sleep.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Ten: The Children
The Fifth Day of Sapphire

Both children woke up bright eyed very early. They
decided to go to their own school first, then head to The
Light High School at lunch time. They were nervous and
excited, as this would be the first time they would share
their truth with so many other children. They had no plans
as to what they would say, or even how they would start.
But they had faith in truth; it would work itself out, just like
it did with the Artisan, the Priest, the Father and the
On the way Shraddha said, “Vivek, did you ever
imagine you would be doing this one day?”
“Not like this,” said Vivek, “but I’ve always had a
memory that comes and goes, and it reminds me that I am
to do something like this.” Then he shared his story with
“My parents tell me they badly wanted a child. But
when my mother did not conceive they went beyond the
hills to the other village where they met a Sufi, a holy

One Billion Balloons

man. He blessed my mother and told her she would give
birth to a boy who was a pure Soul, and that he would
come with the purpose to heal and enlighten many
My parents thought I would be a philanthropist.
When he looked at my father, the Sufi said “you have
plenty of wealth, and you will spend your life making even
more, and the more you make, the more your son will
give.” And that is what happened. After I was born my
father inherited a lot of wealth which he put into business
and made lot more. My mother looks for excuses to
donate more and more, as she feels it will keep away the
evil eye and keep my Soul pure. For as long I can
remember, I have been enchanted by the Sufis and holy
people. I want to give not just money, but my Soul, mind
and body to a higher cause. And, Shraddha, I have tell you
that I feel good being with you, as you remind me of
something I may have forgotten.”
Smiling, Shraddha said, “Vivek, you, too, remind me
of something I am meant to do but cannot presently
remember. But being with you assures me that no matter

One Billion Balloons

what it might be, I will do it because I am with you.”
Shraddha stopped and looked at him, then touched his
“I feel the same way about you,” said Vivek. “I feel at
home with you.”
The Teacher was waiting for them at the main gate,
and accompanied them to the auditorium.
“The students are ready,” he said, “and they range in
age from nine to fourteen. We have over three hundred
counting the staff and Principal. Everyone is excited. We
told them we wanted to share something very special with
them, but they have no idea about you two or what you
will share. Oh! And one more thing! I will simply introduce
you by your names, and this will open the door for you.”
Shraddha smiled. “So you will create the right
environment with anticipation, and say no more.”
They entered the auditorium where almost three
hundred eager students wearing blue uniforms were
seated on chairs in orderly rows. When they walked up to
the stage, the Teacher introduced them to the Principal

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and the staff, then handed the microphone to Shraddha
and said, “Go for it. They are ready.”
As Shraddha stood centre stage gazing at the
beautiful and excited faces, she dropped into silence. She
became conscious of the students’ true identity, and soon
realized that everyone there was from the Sapphire
Dimension, born with gifts and a purpose similar to hers
and Vivek’s. With this recognition she felt her energies
expand, and the field opened up in a way she never had
experienced before. She began to speak, and firmly and
gently delivered these words:
“On June 22, 2012, we will enter the Sapphire
Dimension. This is the Age of Truth. We all have full access
to embody our true selves. We have little time to ready
ourselves and others. Friends! The movement starts here.
Vivek and I will initiate everyone here, and as we connect
to Sapphire we will access the memory and skills to
complete our purpose. Truth will give us the power to
explore and create worlds still concealed from man and

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This has never happened before. This is the first
time that children have lead a movement of truth and will
awaken the masses. Like I said, this movement of truth will
awaken the power to birth unlimited and parallel worlds
from our world, all in one space and time, and bring us all
together. This too has never happened before. Liberation is
a means to experience our ‘inlightened’ self.”
With this, Shraddha handed the microphone to Vivek
who also recognized and connected with the audience.
Standing on a stool so he could be seen by all he went
straight to the point.
“I can tell that this space is filled with a burning desire
to experience our true power and create new dimensions
without compromise. Let us first initiate the rainbow light,
and from there we will connect to Sapphire with a very
specific sound: the sound of MAAAAAAAAAAAAA. This
sound, made with your fiery desire, will awaken and
magnify our energy to the desired frequency. This is the
Switch Over. So if you all are ready, we can start now.”
With this, Vivek took a deep breath and connected to
the Sapphire frequencies. Then, Shraddha and Vivek

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watched the miracle of three hundred light beings rise up
to their true force and begin to emit translucent light into
the space. Their words, backed with Sapphire power,
manifested more light even before the word was spoken.
In fact, the burning desire for truth was the key to manifest
this light embodiment.
As they watched, three hundred glowing light bodies
swirling at a fast speed began shining like light missiles in
space. Each individual light body was connected to the
others with subtle sparkling energy light strands. Trillions
of light particles imploded in space. Shraddha and Vivek
watched this light miracle in awe; the initiation would
awaken unimaginable power. Never in their physical lives
had they experienced such a mass of light ignite like this.
Then the sound of MAAAAAAAAAA opened a portal
previously non-existent, and all those light bodies
breathing in perfect unison lifted into the world of
Sapphire. The combined resonance of breath, the life force
and the Sapphire light vibrations sent electrifying energy
through space and forced open new pathways for each
light body. This dimension of light and sound was

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specifically created for the Innocents to embody light and
life to the highest potential. Not wanting to disturb this
light play, Shraddha took her time to speak: “Welcome to
Sapphire: This is your world of true power.” She then
requested the students to share their truth.
One student spoke up. “I speak for many,” he began.
“Our school has provided the perfect playground to
experience truth. We all chose this place as it provides the
right environment to unfold our true power with purpose.
Here we learned that the world and word are identical;
that individuals and the collective are one; that vision and
the visionary are truth in motion; and that each of us is an
artist born to design and craft our worlds within and
Excited by this, Vivek said, “World and word! That’s
correct: a wordsmith is a worldsmith! Like an artist’s every
brushstroke, our every word crafts a new dimension, and
we birth a new world both inside and out. And just like the
artist’s brushstroke wipes off the previous design and gives
art a new face, we, as wordsmiths, shift the previous

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graphics and create new universal holograms with inner
and outer words.”
Another student asked, “Does the old world fall and
disappear when the new one is created?”
Shraddha answered, “The new world did not exist
before the old, and neither will the old exist before the
new. This, my friends, is the alchemy of true power; like a
dragon, the light swallows the past and breathes out
another world that also disappears soon after. All that
remains is a vision.”
Another student said, “This means that a vision is
truth in motion.”
The students were now on a roll. In the right
environment of truth, realizations fall like ripe fruit from a
tree, and the students continued to share.
“This also means that a vision is truth and has the
power to work itself out.”
“And we seek what we already have, and want to
create from our experience of truth.”
“Very true! Truth seeks truth; we cannot seek
anything that is not within our perception or experience.”

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Shraddha stepped in. “To add another dimension, I’d
like to say we are truth, we only want to create truth, and
the reason we are here in the physical is to incarnate truth.
Many worlds and dimensions will remain dark and
unknown unless we turn on the lights and become
“What about all the other children and students out
there? Do they seek what we seek?”
Shraddha answered, “Everyone out there is of the
Sapphire frequency. The restlessness, confusion, discord,
frustration, anger, depression and disease in children are
signs that we are not connected to our home or authentic
dimension. There is severe stress if our internal and
external environment is not conducive to our truth, and
this develops into repulsion. So I would say that all of us
young ones are eager and ready to live the life we were
born to live. We may not be fully aware of truth, but we
recognize falsehood and must not tolerate it more.”
“Does this mean we have everyone’s support?”
“This is everyone’s movement; we will follow each
other and move in one direction,” Vivek declared.

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“How will others recognize truth?”
“First they will become aware of the lack, which
signifies loss of true identity and power, a sign of lost
purpose. This is the curse. And it is this curse we are here
to break,” said Shraddha.
“We now know the purpose of Sapphire is to break
the lack, the curse that has held our truth captive.”
Vivek concluded, “And just like the artist’s
brushstroke will destroy the old, we, too, will break the
curse with our word.”
Then the Principal, who had been silent until now,
said, “I knew it was a calling when at age nine my father’s
words set me free. He said, ‘Son! Be aware of the lack. It
will tempt you with gifts you cannot refuse, it will offer
help, or even seek help to engage you, and once you fall, it
will never let you rise. It is a plague that will destroy you.
Not only will you lose yourself, but the memory of who you
are will forever be lost and forgotten.’ I took his message
to heart and followed my own path my own way. Later I
set up The Light High School. Today I am proud to be part
of the movement, and as the children said, it is as much

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my movement as it is theirs. My guess is that everyone is
ready for the switch over, so let’s awaken our world with
the most powerful words, ‘I promise to be true to myself.’”
Then, in witness to each other, the students boldly
and clearly made this declaration out loud to themselves.
They sat in silence and enjoyed the collective embodiment
of their promise. Then one by one students and staff then
left the auditorium, and Shraddha, Vivek and the Teacher
were the last to leave.
“Farwell Innocents, said the Teacher. “We shall meet
again very, very soon.”
Turning to look back, Shraddha said, “This school is a
like a mother’s womb, and you teachers are like the
mother who offers her body to give another Soul the
opportunity to explore their truth. There can be nothing as
powerful and pure as a Teacher’s Soul.”
Smiling, the Teacher said, “This is true! Everyone is a
teacher, but we are just aware and here to remind others
of their role.”
That night the Blue star was round and big. Just like a
pregnant mother, it was ready to deliver. Both Shraddha

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and Vivek felt the urge to kiss and hug their mothers
goodnight, which they did before falling into a deep sleep.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Eleven: The Mother
The Sixth Day of Sapphire

Vivek and Shraddha awoke to an invitation from their
mothers. “It is ‘the Mother’s birthday today, so this is the
best day to visit her.” Both Vivek’s and Shraddha’s mothers
had planned to visit the Mother on this day.
Vivek’s mother explained. “The Mother lives between
our village and the next. She moved here a while ago,
saying she was guided by higher forces to prepare the
ground for something very special that is to take place in
Ibadat. She is pretty secretive about it, saying only that she
will reveal the secret when the time is right. I guess it will
be soon.”
“What does the Mother do and how old is she?”
Vivek was curious.
“She is a unique phenomenon. Just when you think
you know her, she changes and projects herself differently.
The other day, for instance, someone sitting with her
guessed her age to be seventy, but then within seconds
they saw another side to her and thought she was forty.

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She shifts dimensions quickly. I have to admit, her spirit
belongs to one of no more than thirty. Some call her an
oracle, some wise, some a healer, some just think she is
crazy. But almost everyone in the two villages, and many
from other villages, go to her for help. Everyone calls her
‘The Mother.’”
Shraddha had a similar conversation with her mother.
As they spoke of her she felt chills in her spine, and quickly
accepted the invitation. Her heart beat faster when she
learned the Mother distributed oranges for blessings.
“Why an orange?,” she queried.
“To heal the ailing mind; this is what the Mother
Shraddha knew it was time to visit the Mother. This
sixth day of Sapphire would be significant, especially with a
visit to the Mother and receive her orange blessings.
After school the mothers met their children for the
forty-minute bus ride to the border between the two
villages. After a short walk down a mud lane, they arrived
at a small house surrounded by barbed wire. Passing
through a small wooden gate they entered an open

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courtyard. The earthen house was really a cottage, with
green creepers and small white and violet flowers. The
courtyard had many wooden benches and rattan chairs
that were filled with people from far and wide. The
Mother, who was seated in the middle, noticed the visitors
come in but paid little attention. Shraddha, Vivek and their
mothers joined the crowd, where the Mother was about to
respond to a question. With a straight face she told “The
Goat Lie” story.
“One day I sent out my goat to look for my dog, who
had been missing since morning. The goat, eager to please,
took off like a bullet. She could not find the dog, and feeling
too embarrassed to come home empty handed, she
brought home a big cat that kind of looked like my dog.
With my weak eyes I could not tell the difference. That is,
until I patted the cat thinking it was my dog. “This is not my
dog,” I said, to which my goat replied, “and I am not your
Everyone burst into laughter as the Mother
explained, “one would lose their identity just to save face.”

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Then looking around she asked, “Tell me what is more
important to you, your identity, or face?”
And then, wanting to save face everyone blurted out,
“Identity, Mother!”
“Liars!” The Mother chided, “I see more goats here,
and you believe that your face is your true identity. Isn’t
that true?”
Everyone laughed again, but this time it was sheepish
as they knew the Mother had caught them. Everyone loved
the Mother for they knew she was true, and in her
company they could at least catch glimpses of truth, if not
the whole truth.
One person’s question would benefit everyone
present. No one doubted that the Mother’s knowledge
and wisdom were boundless. Her simple, direct and funny
messages pierced the heart like a sharp painful arrow that
could anger, hurt, and even cause sadness. Her visitors
doubled up with laughter and cried with joy; such was the
touch and power of the Mother.
The next question was asked by a rather serious man
who had travelled thousands of miles to meet her.

One Billion Balloons

“Mother,” he asked. “Do you know where I can find
“Yes,” the Mother replied with a straight face,
“exactly where you lost it.”
The man was taken aback. “But I don’t remember
where I lost it.”
“Follow your memory, until it leads you to the time
where you stopped remembering, and right there you will
find what you have lost.”
After thinking for a bit the man said, “I remember
now! It was when I married my wife.”
The Mother smiled. “And did you promise your wife
that you would love her more than yourself, and that she
could have everything that was yours?”
“Yes, I did, Mother,” confirmed the man.
“Then my friend,” said the Mother, “You did not lose
truth, you traded it for your wife.”
Again everyone burst into laughter, including the man
with the question.
The Mother then asked everyone, “How many ‘I dos’
do we have here who traded their true selves for petty

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favors, or just to look good?” Then she turned to the man
who had traded his truth. “How long did you say you have
been searching for truth?”
“Mother, for at least five years,” said the man.
“My, my! And how long has it been since your wife
left you?”
The man was shocked. How did she know about his
divorce? He replied, “Five years.”
The Mother laughed and so did the man. “I am sure
your wife took a lot more than your truth.”
The man agreed, “Yes, Mother she took everything…”
“…except the memory of truth,” said the Mother,
completing his sentence.
Everyone laughed. “Mother,” he asked, this sounds
silly, but how do I reconnect with truth?”
Gazing at him intensely she responded, “In seven
days you will regain your connection. Of course, you will
need healing and the connection to the dimension that has
the memory and the life-force, the know-how to manifest
your truth.”

One Billion Balloons

What came after was even funnier. In response to
another question, the Mother shared the story of “Mouse
“One afternoon, as a big cat lay napping, a small
mouse came with tiny scissors, cut her whiskers off and
then glued them on his own face. The mouse had planned
this because he and other mice no longer wanted to be
dominated by the cat. Upon waking up the cat saw the
mouse, and noticed the big whiskers that looked just like
“Hmmm! Whiskers on a mouse, what does
this mean?” she asked out loud.
Looking her right in the eye, with a straight
face the mouse said, “I am a cat in the making.
This is how we evolve; first a mouse, then a cat,
and it all begins with the whiskers.”
The cat, believing the small mouse, decided
never again to dominate mice, who she now
believed were cats in making.”
Everyone laughed. “Friends! This is belief. If you
examine belief you will find it is rooted in some self-serving

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agenda. Those who impose beliefs on others to influence
them, do so for personal benefit. Once you benefit from
beliefs, you will not be open to truth, as truth will not
serve you the way belief does. Just like the mouse made
the cat believe he was a cat in the making, the cat became
blinded by belief and so couldn’t see past the whiskers.”
The Mother carried on. “The problem is not you.
Every age opens up different worlds and new phenomena
so the unknown can become known. Where we have come
from in the past did not value holistic growth, and even
today we have not embraced it. We have delved deep into
the mind, but not far enough to pick up the real gem, our
truth. The pearls we picked up have brought benefits and
added value, but along with a rich lifestyle, we have also
created hierarchy and imbalance.”
Another man asked, “Mother do we even know what
we want? We are so far from truth that many of us - if not
all - do not really know the difference, nor do we have the
ability to recognize truth.”
“True! There are more ‘I knows’ than ever before!”
“What is an ‘I know’?”

One Billion Balloons

Just then another group of visitors arrived, and
Shraddha and Vivek were shocked to see amongst the
newcomers the Artisan, the Priest with Vivek’s Grand
Uncle, the Teacher with the Principal, and Shraddha’s
father. They quietly greeted the Mother and sat down so
as not to disturb her. The Mother acknowledged them with
a warm smile and a wave and then continued.
“I was telling you about the ‘I knows’. Long ago, Ms.
Known became very lonely. She went out searching for a
husband. A suitable match would be one who would equal
her knowledge, intelligence and power. She was the queen
of the known with many loyal subjects who believed in her
and helped her rule. Her knowledge was accepted as truth
far and wide, with no other visible authority in the realm.
So much so that it became a reference point for arts,
literature and science. Well! Ms. Known did find her match
when she met Mr. Unknown. He ruled with power and
authority over what was still not known. Love at first sight
bonded these two powers and they created a continuum
from then to whatever, ever and ever. And from their love
was born a child who they named I Know. I Know inherited

One Billion Balloons

the powers and grew up believing that he was I Know
because he knew everything there was to know. So I Know
is one who believes he knows.”
Another man asked a question. “And did he know
what he claimed to know?” The Mother laughed, and so
others laughed, not knowing where she was going with this
story. Then she continued:
“I Know knew what he knew, but he only knew from
what was known. This is limited perception, rooted in the
known. The unknown is a belief and not a true reality. The
unknown then is just a projection of the known.
The perceived power of both the known and the
unknown is more demented than multi-dimensional.
Imagine one standing at the bottom of the hill looking at
the top believing that he can see everything from top to
bottom and from bottom to top. What if there are hidden
paths along the hill that can be seen only when one gets
there? And what if these paths lead to other dimensions
outside the known unknown?”
Another man asked, “So are you saying that when we
say ‘I know,’ we really don’t know?”

One Billion Balloons

“Exactly!” confirmed the Mother. “And if ever you
run into someone who says ‘I know,’ then realize they
really don’t know; they may just be empathizing, not
wanting to get engaged, avoiding looking for a way to
change the subject, or even using ‘I know’ to break from
the conversation to make a quick getaway.”
The space quickly filled with laughter, but secretly
everyone made a mental note to not use “I know,”
especially as conversation filler.
With this, the Mother requested that everyone leave
except for the Innocents and their elders. Once they had
gone, the Mother looked at Shraddha and asked “Do you
know why you chose to be named Shraddha?”
“I do, Mother. And I recognize you too. You are the
ground force, you hold and contain Sapphire. You are that
space that we know to be the source. I did not realize until
now that in physical form, our source must also be
physical. We assumed that Sapphire was out there and
that we would be liberated by a new dimension of energy
and intelligence, but like you said, ‘out there’ is the
projected known. I also see that we cannot know what we

One Billion Balloons

cannot embody, and once we embody it, there is no need
to know the known. I now understand that embodiment is
a direct energy transfer. Words are energy derived from
the known, and only go so far. Where words stop, light
“Brilliant! And, Shraddha, Your name just does not
mean faith like many believe. Truth does not need
anything before it, not even faith. You, Shraddha, are the
conscious experience of your embodiment; you are the
eye, the most refined form of energy itself. And your gift is
that whoever you look upon or see, will become that
which you see.”
“They will see as I see,” agreed Shraddha. “So if I see
others as light, they too will see their light. And if I see
them as Sapphire, then they, too, will see themselves as
that. And this I can do with words or even in silence.”
“Even a desire,” added The Mother. “Others will
embody what you embody in mind for them. But you must
remember that if you lose your identity and see yourself as
anything other, then it will be a goat lie.”

One Billion Balloons

Again laughter. Now it was Vivek the Mother spoke
to. “And you, my dear young man, do you know what your
name means?”
Vivek was glowing with light. “Mother, I know,” he
stopped short. “I guess maybe I don’t know,” he
completed his own sentence.
“Light has a reflection but the reflection is not light.
Rays reflect light but are not the light itself. Like that, you
are the light, concentrated pure light with the potency to
transmute the elements into a refined form of superlative
energy that changes the very constitution and the
chemistry. So you, young man, have the transforming
power to spread like wild fire and burn down the old and
create a new planet from within the old itself. In fact your
powers destroy to create the new.”
“Mother, I thought I knew my identity, but it falls
short of this one. I guess they were reflections of me, not
the real me. So, Mother who am I?”
Pointing at him the Mother said. “You are the live
spark, the potent fire power which jumpstarts a dead
connection. Your mergence with another will light up their

One Billion Balloons

life force giving them added power to sustain and create
life. You are the Healer, as you have the power to give life
and enforce light.”
“And this I can do with desire?”
“Desire is all you need when you are located in truth.
So embodying your true identity is most essential to
serving yourself and others.”
The Mother then looked at the Artist and explained,
“You are a holistic visionary who, like a raven, scoops up
others in its wings and transports them to multiple worlds,
inspiring them to experience parallel realities from which
they can create their wholesome truth.”
“Mother,” the Artist said, “I am so ready. I realize that
vision is truth, and I will infuse my vision everywhere so
everyone can breathe it. I will awaken the true art and the
artist in all. This is my promise.”
“Then just breathe and be. Your vision will unfold
their vision, their truth.”
“Thank you Mother. You truly are the truth we seek.”

One Billion Balloons

Everyone was humbled by these realizations; they
now understood that full embodiment of one’s own true
self is the only living truth.
The Mother then turned to the Priest and the Grand
Uncle. “And you, my friends, come before truth, as
perception of truth supersedes truth. Truth is not
conscious of itself; it has no mirror and without perception
it has no existence. You are the perception that brings it to
light and gives it life. This puts you first and truth second.
And perception has the power to give truth any name and
form. Whatever you declare it to be, it will be. And
whatever you call it will always remain a memory. If ever
any other name is given after yours, it will cause a split. As
good is God and bad is evil. This perception has beheaded
truth and created perceptions that are extremely
dangerous to our well being.”
The Grand Uncle remained silent while the Priest
asked, “Mother, it seems that truth is anonymous and our
perception autonomous. Truth will be what our perception
is, and this places a lot of responsibility upon us to give
truth the name and form without beheading it further. I

One Billion Balloons

am not surprised we are here to right the wrong; at best,
we can wake up those we put to sleep long ago, making
sure we put the power back in the hands of each
individual. Let each person declare their own truth, and
give it the name and form they can live with full
The Mother smiled. “You are the elders; your very
word can set one free or cage one forever. Forgetting
those you have so far enslaved would be like purposefully
throwing away the key. So, first you must free those you
locked up.”
“What is the best way to be true to our selves and
others?,” asked the Priest.
The Mother whispered, “Declare the truth. Declare
that Sapphire is the dimension of one’s true power, and
that its descent will fulfill our wishes as long as we can take
full responsibility. Tell the people that once they are
connected, this power will serve them as a genie and break
the curse of the lack. And if they desire more powers, then
they must awaken ten others and help them embody the
Sapphire Dimension.”

One Billion Balloons

And now Grand Uncle spoke. “What if they don’t
believe or they use these powers irresponsibly?”
“Do you believe you are the preceptor? Your question
brings up your doubt. Would you deny your power over
others and would you deny the damage done by the
preceptor?” asked the Mother.
“No, Mother, in fact we take full responsibility for
beheading truth, for that is exactly what we did.”
“Time bears witness of atrocities committed and
suffered due to belief,” said the Mother. “And that can
only stop with true experience. Sapphire will give them the
eye of the seer and the light to heal from within. And in
the future, let truth be nameless if need be.”
“Mother, truth is your word; your power has
beheaded our belief and we stand in surrender.” The Priest
was humbled.
“Thank you for being honest. Let this day be the
death-day of belief, and the birthday of truth. Initiate
Sapphire with a simple promise, and let this promise be
witnessed and followed by at least ten others who support
you, and whom you support. And the Promise is this:

One Billion Balloons

‘I promise to be true to myself.’”
The Priest promised. “We promise that we will be
true to our selves, and having ten others behind us making
the same promise will help us be responsible. We will
never forget our promise.”
“This wraps up our time for today,” concluded the
Mother, rising. “Tomorrow you will be busy, so let us meet
the day after at six o’clock in the evening. As the sun goes
down, we will awaken the sun within. And let us call this
movement a ‘Movement of Truth!’”
Everyone left in silence, and as they boarded the bus
to return home they realized the real reason for choosing
to live in the Village named Ibadat, or prayer. No
movement is possible without one being humbled by the
realization, that when you are where you should be,
seeking truth is more like truth seeking you.
That night was unusual as they all fell asleep with
emotions not experienced before. This round of emotion
was void of feelings; it was simply the motion. The
Sapphire star shone in the sky, but no one looked up -

One Billion Balloons

because now within each shone a brilliant blue star, their
very own Sapphire.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Twelve: The Politician
The Seventh Day of Sapphire

It was the seventh day of Sapphire and all was quiet until
the earthquake hit. As building after building collapsed
under the pressure of the shifting earth, teachers and
students became trapped in the rubble, and the wailing
and cries could be heard through the valleys beyond.
Thousands of people in the border villages were suddenly
homeless. Ibadat did not escape the tremors either; as the
earth shook, the dogs barked and villagers ran helter-
skelter in all directions. The streets flooded with parents
running to schools checking on their children. Mothers
gripping infants called for loved ones. Shopkeepers pulled
down their shutters and ran home to secure their families.
Cows, goats and chickens were shaken up, birds flew in
circles, and elders looked into the heavens for signs as the
earth trembled beneath them.
Shraddha and Vivek were home with their parents
when it happened, but later, after the shaking stopped,
they met at the village centre. They both remembered the

One Billion Balloons

Mother had mentioned the word “the movement.” Had
she known this movement would start with the movement
of the earth? Was this in the cards? This and many other
thoughts ran through their minds until they were
distracted by the Village Head, who began to speak to the
“Sad! Utterly sad” he began. “What devastation!
Village after village is tumbling, and the aftermath does
not look good. These things are never over until they are
over. I hear the death count is increasing, and help is
needed immediately in many places. Luckily, Ibadat has
sustained little damage; we got shaken up, but not as
badly as the rest of our frontier neighbors. We will heal
from the shock, but we must reach out to our neighbours
who were not so lucky. I am heading out now to see the
elders to determine what can be done quickly.”
“We will walk with you,” said Shraddha and Vivek.
“We want to be part of the help team.” The Village Head
was proud. “Perfect! I am heading to see your parents
now. You are young but there is much you can do.”

One Billion Balloons

When they arrived at Shraddha’s house the elders
were already gathered. After sharing their ideas with the
Village Head, a plan of actions was soon developed. Buses
would be arranged early afternoon to transport food,
supplies. A team of healers along with doctors and nurses
would be sent with tents to set up emergency medical aid
centers. The women would help children, feed families and
attend to those with medical needs. The young ones over
the age of ten would deliver food and supplies, and help
their fathers and other men search for those still trapped.
This was the worst earthquake ever experienced in this
part of the world.
When the Ibadatian teams reached the distressed
areas they joined local help teams. With debris
everywhere and buildings continuing to crumble under the
shifting earth, the children were not allowed in high alert
areas. Shraddha and Vivek were asked to distribute food to
the helpers working with the trapped people. Even though
they could not see everything, they could hear the screams
of the injured and trapped.

One Billion Balloons

One cannot fathom the shock of an earthquake of
such magnitude. In a split second, houses and buildings
had cracked, crumbled and fallen. In seconds families were
split up. Deeper than the shock were the cries of pain;
greater still was the trauma of so many people now
trapped under heavy debris fighting for their lives. Worse
still was the fear that it was not yet over, that the tremors
could return and create destruction again.
Events like this are what create the collective
suffering. No comfort can ever ease the impact of fear and
trauma, as they are forever recorded in the memory of
everyone present as well as those yet to be born. Vivek
remembered his conversation with Shraddha about the
collective, and suddenly had a burning desire to demolish
and destroy this collective and free people from suffering.
As the desire spread through his body, within seconds he
had fully embodied it and it became his truth. No matter
what it took, he would do this for himself and others. This
was his promise.
Returning home was as difficult as getting there had
been. First there was the anticipation of not knowing,

One Billion Balloons

followed by the enormous burden of pain and loss. It was
all too much for the simple villagers. On the return trip
they sat quietly, and no one spoke until they got to Ibadat.
“The bus will take us back first thing in the morning,”
announced the Village Head, “so those of you who would
like to support the effort, please be here at eight a.m. with
food, clothes and other supplies you are able to share.”
So that’s exactly what everyone did. In the morning,
they met the bus with bags full of supplies, and returned to
the distressed villages. Shraddha, Vivek and the elders
went too. By late afternoon they decided to leave and be
at the Mother’s before six p.m. This seventh day of
Sapphire was not what they had thought it would be, and
they had no idea what else it might bring.
It was almost six o’clock when they reached the
Mother’s cottage. The Mother was sitting with a few
others in the centre of the yard, with a log fire burning in
the big round urn. The men looked stressed and burdened,
but the crackling of the logs blocked the sound of their
voices. The Mother sat listening intently to one particular
man who was doing most of the talking.

One Billion Balloons

After about twenty minutes, the Mother introduced
him by saying, “This is the Politician. He has come from the
capital along with close friends and supporters, and brings
grave news about the earthquake and other matters. The
number of casualties is increasing and the destruction is
immeasurable. But this is not all.” She looked at the
Politician who was openly expressive. He began to speak:
“The Mother prophesied this disaster, and said there
would be more. A few years ago she warned me about the
external and internal uprisings, scams, scandals, corruption
and violent conflicts, and now it has all proven to be true.
She said that before the Age of Truth, we will have chaos
and distress, and the breakdown will impel people to wake
up. She said we have been asleep for far too long and,
worse still we have been sleeping with the enemy. The
Mother is right; the enemy is both inside and out.”
“You see,” he continued, “wars are fought differently
today. Enemies no longer cross borders with tanks, artillery
and ammunition. We don’t take captives like we used to,
neither do we want to occupy territory like before. Instead,
we create internal riots, rebellions, discord and violence.

One Billion Balloons

We break the harmony and create splits socially,
religiously, financially and otherwise, and it is all done from
within; this is the silent takeover. Today’s ammunition is
commerce, so we secure resources and infiltrate internally.
When we see signs of corruption, exploitation and
distortion, we know the enemy has already taken over and
claimed victory.”
Everyone listened intently, with an occasional glance
at the Mother who sat in contemplative silence.
The Politician continued. “Today’s incident alerts us
to grave danger. We have just learned that this earthquake
may not have been a natural shifting of the earth. Instead,
it could be a conscious manipulation with dangerous and
hazardous matter that disturbs the earth releasing poisons
which destroy us and our land. Despite warnings from our
secret intelligence, and also the Mother, I must admit that
we, in government, failed to take proper action to protect
our land, property and people. We have waited too long,
and that is why I am here seeking the Mother’s advice.
While we have experts in every field, we do not have the
Mother’s foresight and insight.”

One Billion Balloons

Turning to the Mother, the Politician said, “We are at
risk. While we did see the isolated incidents increasing
rapidly, we did not recognize them as the enemy. But now
with this earth and space manipulation, we know we are at
The Mother had not spoken for a while, but now
gazing at the fire she began to speak in prophecy once
“The enemy within or without is a sign that we are
compromised. Humanity has shifted from the individual to
the personal, the individual being a whole, and a person
being a reflection of the whole. We all know that
reflections are shadows, and the shadow is the real enemy.
This shadow enemy is dark, ruthless and destructive; it will
not stop here, there is more to come. Two months into
Sapphire, the damage could be irreversible. We can rebuild
properties, but we cannot rebuild people.”
“Friends, she continued, “we are in the midst of a
war; our resources are in danger. It does not serve us to be
territorial and consider our land and people as different
from those beyond the boundary. The resources have no

One Billion Balloons

boundaries, and neither do the elements. Our water body
and air spaces are polluted, and that is how we know we
have been attacked. We are being subjected to mysterious
viruses and diseases, and more dangerous still is the
disease of forgetfulness. This is where we lose our true
identity and purpose, and this is a sign of the enemy
takeover. We must act before it is too late.
As I foresaw the earthquake and the internal
struggles, so I see the GREAT STORM with intense
magnitude developing stronger and stronger, and I say
that no matter is safe. Disease has infiltrated our homes
and our bodies, and is attacking our space and
environment. No one is safe! Unless… “
Leaning forward Shraddha’s father asked, “Mother,
how can we help? WE know your prophecies are true, and
this time we will intervene and do everything possible to
prevent the GREAT STORM.”
The others joined in, “Prevention it is! We don’t have
the resources to fight. Mother! Tell us what to do!”
She responded with a short statement: “You must
destroy the enemy - it is the only way.”

One Billion Balloons

The Priest sought clarification. “What exactly do you
mean? Like you said, the enemy is within us. How do we
destroy the enemy without destroying ourselves?”
Looking directly at him the Mother replied, “Embody
Sapphire, your true self, and the enemy will self-destroy.”
“Mother, forgive our ignorance, but people want
things, they want longevity, they want to be rich, they
want to be known, they want acknowledgement, they
want relationships that will serve them, and they want
good health so they can enjoy all these things, but they
don’t have the desire for truth.”
“And wanting all of the above has stressed them, so
they probably now need peace, joy and happiness,” said
The Mother, finishing the Priest’s sentence.
The Priest agreed, “Yes, they want that too, but
above all, they want power.”
“So you are telling me they are filled with desire.”
“Yes, they are driven by desire; everyone is burning
with desire for one thing or another.”
“Ah ha! Burning with desire for one thing or another;
what if their one burning desire would deliver everything

One Billion Balloons

they wish for, want and need? And they could have it all
just the way they want it, without any stress or
compromise. Would this be tempting enough?” The
Mother had a twinkle in her eye.
The Priest asked in astonishment, “Mother is this
really possible? Is there one such desire that will unfold
everything that a person may want, without stress, and
deliver it just the way they want it?”
“Yes!” The Mother answered, “the desire to embody
your true self; this one desire is the key to unlocking all the
dimensions of the self. It will fulfill all personal wants and
needs, leaving plenty of abundance for others.”
The Politician looked confused, like he had missed
something. “Mother, how will this prevent the GREAT
The Mother repeated the last part of the prophecy.
“Truth alone is indestructible; the GREAT STORM cannot
match its power. In fact, the mass embodiment of truth
has the power to diffuse the GREAT STORM and prevent
it from ever rising again.”

One Billion Balloons

The Politician finished, “…and the mass embodiment
becomes possible when many hold the burning desire for
“That is correct,” the Mother confirmed. “When
many hold the same burning desire at one time, in one
space, its intensity will destroy the enemy; the mass power
will neutralize the poisons the GREAT STORM is brewing.”
The Priest got it. “So, the intense burning desire with
the same power and magnitude of the GREAT STORM will
diffuse it, and create a truce. And hereafter will begin with
the Age of Sapphire.”
At this, Shraddha and Vivek suddenly perked up and
Shraddha said, “We need to have an event where many of
us commit to the one desire; the desire to be our true self.
We would invite everyone from our village, other villages
and cities, and together we could make the promise to be
our true selves. We could hold this event on the tallest hill,
the hill where we first embodied Sapphire. And if all the
parents brought their children we could have an even
bigger mass that could become an empowering and
memorable event for the children. And while this may

One Billion Balloons

sound foolish, if Mr. Priest or Mr. Politician could somehow
inform our bordering enemies about the event, they, too,
may choose to join in from their side of the hill.
The Politician conceded, “This may not be as silly as it
sounds, because the enemy is a friend with divided
loyalties for which we all are responsible. They want the
same things we want. Besides, we are aware that, except
in times of war, the bordering patrols often interact and
even share things.”
The Priest added, “The commander-in-chief of our
border patrols is my brother-in-law’s cousin, and he can
easily find a way to inform the commander on the other
side. I will somehow pass on the news of Sapphire, along
with the Mother’s prophecy about the GREAT STORM and
the remedy to avert the disaster. If this truly is the Age of
Truth, they will respond like we have and once they do, we
will have a truce. This might just be the beginning of an
end - I mean the end of war.”
The Politician scratched his chin as he realized the
impact of these words. “Innocents are certainly more in
tune with the higher forces than us elders. Their innocence

One Billion Balloons

and might is unparalleled. They open doors we don’t even
know exist. They go where we dare not. To us, the enemy
is always the enemy, but the Innocents have offered us an
opportunity to break down all walls and barriers, and unite
to build a healthy and safe world for us and our children.”
The Teacher joined, “A day when we all come together
with the same desire would certainly make history, as this
has never before happened on our planet. Never have
people desired truth to this intensity, and never have we
included our enemies as we do our friends. Just as Mr.
Politician said, all we have to do is to share our truth and
the information of Sapphire with everyone, and people
from all over the world could participate in the event
without even physically being present.”
“Mother,” said Vivek with enthusiasm, “What if
everyone did something together to mark the event? What
if we each released our desire into the skies with a
balloon? Would one billion powerful desires be enough to
break the lack and diffuse the GREAT STORM?”
“You have spoken the truth,” answered the Mother.
“One billion desires will do it. This act will shift each person

One Billion Balloons

internally, and create a mass influence. Manifesting truth
with balloons seems simple, but it will work in the Age of
Sapphire. What a sight it will be when our space fills with
colourful balloons and joy and laughter. Truth will rise with
the fall of the Great Storm.”
“So true,” said the Priest. “It has been said that truth
shall be revealed through the mouths of babes, and so it
has. The Innocents have once again delivered. In fact, I
think the One Billion Balloons event should be dedicated to
the children.”
Both Shraddha and Vivek’s mothers were overjoyed,
and one after the other, they both repeated the same
words: “Yes! One billion desires! What could be more
potent than people everywhere manifesting their desires
with balloons? We will make sure that all the parents bring
their children to the hill, and participate. The Mother’s
desire to embody truth will awaken her children, no
matter what age. We will include our own parents who
have the same desires for us as we do for our children.”
“This indeed marks history,” said the Priest with
certainty. “A mother’s will is stronger than any other force

One Billion Balloons

I know of, and her promise to be true is truth itself. Single
handedly, she will change the mind graph from thinking
and loitering thoughts, to a holistic embodiment of being.”
The Politician agreed. “In one sweep, we will together
embrace Sapphire. But Mother, I must admit that our
office in the past has not engaged as intensely as we are
about to. Our role to serve the people is prioritized
differently. But today I see opportunity as well as danger.
Children and parents are the citizens we took an oath to
protect and serve, and it’s time for governing bodies to
step up and support the well-being of our peoples.”
“However, having said this, I must accept that there is
discord within our organization, and this event may be the
way to overcome personal conflicts and rise above petty
diversity. I must also admit that I did not buy into this one
desire strategy until I stepped back and examined my own
desire. And it was my one burning desire to be the
responsible head and serve my people that got me to the
capital, and has opened doors I wanted to open for others.
So count me in! I will do whatever it takes to get as many

One Billion Balloons

citizens as possible to participate in the One Billion
Balloons event.”
Turning to the Mother, Shraddha said, “Mother, one
more thing. Before we leave, can you please tell us if light
energies, such as Sapphire, have inhabited our planet
before, and have this many people ever awakened to their
truth as they will at this event?”
The Mother smiled. “I knew you would not leave
without this knowledge, so to answer your question, I will
repeat the prophecy. Never before have so many Souls
awakened together as now. And, never before have so
many children come with the purpose to awaken their
elders as now. And never before in the history of time have
so many people desired truth at one time as now. This is
the first, and will be the last. ”
Everyone left infused with inspiration and
enthusiasm. The next few days were filled with busyness,
with everyone doing as much as they could to inform
others of the upcoming One Billion Balloons event.
Everyone was needed, and they spread the message as
much for themselves as for others. Word of the event

One Billion Balloons

spread far and wide like wild fire, and no parent or child
would miss it. Times were set and clocks synchronized all
over the world. Everyone was alert and prepared. This
unusual momentum soon turned into a full blown people’s
movement. And, again, as truth always works itself out,
Sapphire turned into a children’s event. This day would be
dedicated to children of all ages, which really meant every
person on this planet. The notion that no child would ever
again be deprived of their true power became the sole
reason for many to participate.
That Sunday, by eleven a.m. the hill was packed with
people from everywhere, as was the hill across, and the
valley echoed with the sound of children. The Mother did
not come, but said she would be present from where she
was. Shraddha, Vivek and the elders arrived at the hilltop
before the others, and were ready when The Voice, a news
channel from the capital approached them.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Thirteen:
One Billion Balloons Event
The Voice spoke. “We have heard that it all started here,
and this hilltop is where you children were first initiated
into the Sapphire Dimension. Do you think that Sapphire is
real and true?”
Shraddha spoke up. “Truth has no face and no
identity; it is Shraddha for me, Vivek for my friend and the
identity you give to yourself. This event and all of these
people present here are proof that Sapphire is real and
The Voice asked Vivek, “What is your purpose as
innocent emissaries of truth?”
Vivek answered, “To create from our true selves, and
to awaken others to be their true selves.”
The Voice turned to the Politician and asked, “Mr.
Politician, sir why is your office taking so much interest in a
children’s event?”

One Billion Balloons

The Politician answered, “Please hold your questions
until after I have spoken.” Then turning to the crowds he
spoke into the microphone,
“Friends, elders and Innocents, I am not here as the
Politician, but rather as a father with my children. We all
want our children to better us in every way possible. It is
every parent’s desire to contribute fully to their child’s well
being and help them reach the top, the top they think is
best for their child. In doing so, parents create an
imposition that is hard to recognize and even harder to
break. In the process we end up aborting the real
experience of being the parent. I was lucky that even
though my parents set high standards, I was not told how
to reach them.
When we project ourselves onto our children we
violate their pure essence and interfere with their unique
identity. This creates conflict. When we envision their
future for them, we rob them of their true power. When
we compare them with ourselves or others, we create
stress and a split in who they are, and who they ought to
be. This makes them mediocre and weak.

One Billion Balloons

I say, we say “no” to the above three and “yes” to
their power, vision and authenticity. It was not until
yesterday that I remembered when the city ombudsman
came to tell me he would take one afternoon off during
the week to spend with his family. At first I thought this
was compromising, and he was crazy to jeopardize his
position, but then when I heard his reasons and it made
He said, “I want to enjoy my family as they grow,
not after they have grown. I want to be there when they
learn new things not because I want to teach them, but
because I want to experience their innocence before I lose
mine. I want to have fun and be silly and smart with them,
not without them. I want to do all this and more, not
because I’m asked to or because my father did not do it for
me, but because I feel honored that my child chose me
over all others.”
The Politician continued: “I felt truth in the
ombudsman’s words, and realized it takes a lot of courage
to move from the stereotypical role of a father who sees
himself as the mature provider, responsible for his

One Billion Balloons

children’s welfare, to the role of an honored friend chosen
by the children. Friends! I am a father as well as a child; I
recognize truth and can no longer deny it. In time, I
realized the ombudsman’s truth and honesty in
relationship to his family translated into work, and he
became more responsible and centered. His wholesome
perspective was contagious, and soon people around him
became more invested than I could ever imagine. They
dealt with issues, people and even conflict in a manner
that one could learn from.
I learned from the ombudsman that time is not
defined by the clock. Rather it is our concept of time that
defines us to prioritize our choices. The Innocents can truly
help regulate our inner and outer life, expanding time
beyond the hour. This is the true elixir of life. The
ombudsman has since become a role model for many,
breathing new life into our office. For the first time we are
truly are a team and enjoying serving as representatives of
our citizens.
Wholesome relationships breed joy and well being
everywhere,” continued the Politician. “With this, I would

One Billion Balloons

like to endorse my support, with the promise that I will be
true to myself. I say this not as the Politician, but as a
proud child of my parents, and proud father of my
children, who are all present today.”
Everyone cheered. Never in the history of Ibadat had
such a man taken office who understood that politics is
people, and people are the Innocents who trust the
government to act in accordance with their will. The true
measure of politics is dependant upon the quality of
relationship between the Politian and the people he
represents, or a parent to its child.
The Voice could not resist. “Mr. Politician, do you
think your presence and your words will translate into
votes for the coming election?”
The Politician laughed, “A Politician may compromise
truth, but not the child of a father, nor a father of children
like I am. The lessons I learned were not from my parents.
In fact, for me, not learning any lessons from them was the
best lesson. And you, friend, need to take note of the
Innocents. Stop being puppets. Instead rise up and be the
voice of change, and report truth as it is.

One Billion Balloons

The Voice chukled, “I think our offices have been
infiltrated with a few Innocents, and it is only a matter of
time before we throw away our clocks and stop filling the
hour with decisive propaganda!”
The Priest stood in silence and watched more and
more children arrive with their parents. They continued to
pour in from all directions holding balloons of many
colours. The sounds of joy and laughter echoed through
the valley and the seven hills. In the sky over the hill, birds
of all sizes flew in circles, parading, swooping and gliding in
joyful patterns.
The Priest looked up at the bright blue skies dotted
with a few silver clouds and said; “My people, thank you
for coming. I recognize many of you and realize it is more
the word of children than the word of God that brings you
here. Ten days ago on this very hill, the two Innocents,
Shraddha and Vivek were in communion with truth, the
Sapphire Dimension. It revealed our purpose, and theirs.
We are about to enter the Age of Truth, might I say the
Age of children, and by this I don’t mean just the biological
or chronological age, it is the age of unrealized potential.

One Billion Balloons

Our age is not as important as is our dream; it is for this we
have incarnated, and for this we need to be free and
powerful. This is our purpose and our promise.
Along with building lifestyles and assets, we must
build our real asset, the self. Our message is to embrace
Sapphire and embody truth. This will give us new ways to
serve and honor our gift of life and light. When I look at
each of you, I see the power to light up the lost and
forgotten worlds. So let us rise beyond flesh and blood,
ignite the solar force within each cell of our body and
resurrect our true selves.
My fellow beings, we are walking, talking fields of
atomic energy with built-in reactors and modulators
which, when tuned into the right frequency, protect our
memory and force with which we create our life purpose.
But if we fall from this resonance, we go off track and
detonate our resources; we become our worst enemy and
destroy our selves. This is very dangerous.
It is up to each of us to make a choice, and whatever
we choose will determine our collective fate. The GREAT
STORM is no coincidence; it is the result of choices made

One Billion Balloons

by others who came before us, and whatever we choose
today will become our future. But before we create such a
mass fate, we owe it to our selves and others to make
decisions from our true selves. Now I ask these two
Innocents to initiate us into Sapphire, the frequency of
truth, so we can embody the light and make choices that
will determine mass destiny.”
With this, the Priest handed the microphone to
“There are no words to describe Sapphire,” she
began, “yet words are needed to trigger the energy forces
for the experience.” With this, she asked everyone to focus
on their mind’s eye and visualize a ball of Rainbow Light.
Then she told them to turn on the inner switch to
experience The Rainbow Light from head to toe in every
cell of their being, and then sink into this beautiful Light.
She then asked that they lift their arms with their palms
facing their faces and magnify the Rainbow Light frequency
by repeating the sound of MAAAAAAA (pronounced MAH)
on a long drawn out breath.

One Billion Balloons

“Please listen to your sound,” she instructed, “and let
it echo and with the sound of others; the combined
resonance of this rolling sound will produce a harmonious
awakening. Power will rise from each cell and connect you
to the Sapphire frequency.”
Everyone followed, and within seconds the entire
mass, thousands of people, had tuned to one frequency.
The people on the opposite side of the hill did not need
instructions. The echoing of MAAAAAAA awakened the
stillness and awakened them to the same frequency.
Everyone, no matter where they were, experienced
Sapphire along with the people present on both sides of
the hill. This mass vibration exerted its power through
space and touched each and every species on the earth
planet. The elements too absorbed the sound and
recognized this to be the sign for the coming.
The Priest spoke; “Friends, you are now experiencing
the light and sound vibration of Sapphire. You now have
peace, stillness and power. This is the time to make your
choice. If this energy resonates with you, then make the
choice to embody it fully and completely.”

One Billion Balloons

The people replied, “We choose truth. This is who we
truly are. We want to embody it and create from this.”
Some said it before others, but everyone wanted the same
The Priest declared, “If this be the choice, then let us
make the promise in witness of all. Please raise your arms
and repeat after me, ‘I promise to be my true self.’” The
promise was followed by a silence. One could hear the
infants gurgling and cooing, and the children’s talking
which did not disturb the parent’s stillness.
When trillions of cells together emit light rays, the
effects can be both frightening as well enlightening. The air
was electrifying, proof that the people had energetically
embodied the same space. Each one would describe the
experience differently, but the outcome was the same.
Everyone connected as Sapphire descended for them, in
them, and as them.
Vivek then took the microphone and said, “Let’s
celebrate this event, let’s place our desire in the balloons,
exchange the balloons with each other and then release
the balloons in the skies. At this time our friends

One Billion Balloons

everywhere in the world will also release their balloons
and very soon the space worldwide will be filled with
billions of desires, billions of balloons. This will be the sign
that collectively we are together and that the enemy has
made peace, and surrendered.”
The Politician added, “What we do here today will
diffuse the enemy, the GREAT STORM, both within us and
outside of us. These balloons shall be a reminder of our
promise and our purpose.”
The crowds cheered, and everyone exchanged
balloons and released them into the space. With each
balloon, they let go of the enemy, and soon their bodies
were filled with happy sensations of childlike magic and
Suddenly, Shraddha felt a sharp pain in her head.
Overcome with dizziness, she fell to the ground. Her
father, mother and the Teacher and Principal quickly took
her down the hill to the local hospital.
“It is not heat stroke,” said the doctor, “nor is it a
seizure or an epileptic attack. Perhaps it is an aneurism.
We shall know soon enough.”

One Billion Balloons

Shraddha’s father sat outside of the ICU where
Shraddha lay in a coma, and prayed that her message to
him would not come true. “Father I am coming for this one
purpose and I will not live past the purpose,” she had said.
“The day I fulfill my purpose I will leave. Please don’t
mourn me and call it my death day, rather celebrate it as
my birthday.”
Knowing there was only one way to connect with
Shraddha, Father sent the teacher to ask the Mother for
The Mother listened to the Teacher but did not
respond. She simply kept her gaze on something in the
distance. After a long silence, the Mother spoke: “It is her
will, and as she chose her purpose, she chose her birth, her
family, this village and also her death. Shraddha will live as
the light she has birthed in many others. Please go back
and inform her Father that the Mother says to honor her
wish and let her go.”
“But Mother,” cried the Teacher. “This cannot be!
One as innocent as Shraddha cannot die like this…” The

One Billion Balloons

Mother rose and walked into her cottage, closing the door
behind her.
Another day passed and Shraddha remained in a
coma. The doctors did not know what to make of it, but
word spread quickly that the girl who brought the light to
others would not live to see it.
Vivek spent the day in the hospital by her side. He
tried speaking to her, but Shraddha did not respond. He
knew her well enough to know she would never say no to a
good offer, so he tried tempting her with many things. But
all failed. When the doctor said this might be her last night,
Vivek panicked and asked his mother and Shraddha’s
mother to go with him to see the Mother.
It was late evening. The Mother was sitting in her
courtyard gazing at a blazing fire when Vivek and the
mothers arrived. With tears running down his cheeks,
Vivek knelt beside the Mother and pleaded, “Mother,
Shraddha won’t listen to me, she does not hear me. She
won’t open her eyes. I know she is playing deaf and dumb
with me. She often does that when I tease her. But I know
she is there. Only you can save her. Please tell her to not

One Billion Balloons

be stubborn, and to come back.” He sobbed until he was
Looking into Vivek’s eyes the Mother said, “Her death
is with purpose. You must let her go.”
“What purpose?” cried Vivek. “First, let me know,
and then perhaps I can let her go.”
The Mother replied, “Death is remembered more
than life, because death denotes the completion of one’s
purpose, although many do not view it as such. Shraddha
has plans which I cannot reveal to you at this time; it may
influence you to make decisions you should not.”
Vivek looked up. “Mother if this be the case, then
give me your word that you will never again help anyone
live or die, and never influence anyone’s purpose with
The Mother responded, “Such a promise I cannot
make. And I don’t know where you are going with this.”
“Mother, if Shraddha dies then I will too. I will risk the
promises I have made to you, to her and all the others, and
abort my purpose.”

One Billion Balloons

“I cannot let you do that,” said the Mother. “I will not
let you die.”
“Then I will not let Shraddha die. I know there is
more, and if she dies I will not be her future, and without
me she cannot fulfill her purpose through death.”
The Mother smiled knowing that Shraddha would not
do anything to undo what she had done so far. “I cannot
promise to bring her back, but I do promise to remind her
that death is a choice, as was her birth,” she conceded.
“But Vivek, promise me that if Shraddha still chooses
death, then you will honor her desire and let her go, and
you will remain here to fulfill your promise.”
“I promise,” he whispered, with tears rolling down his
With this, the Mother tuned in to communicate with
Shraddha. No one will know what was said or discussed,
but the Mother was in communion for a long while, and
when she opened her eyes she was smiling.
“Vivek,” she said softly. “Return now to the hospital,
and await Shraddha’s awakening.”

One Billion Balloons

And so it was that with Vivek and her family by her
side, Shraddha awoke. Three days later she was released
from the hospital with no damage whatsoever. This bizarre
experience would never be forgotten by anyone. After a
while, they only remembered there was free choice, and
that life was as fun and beautiful as colourful balloons
floating in blue skies.
Walking back from school a few weeks later,
Shraddha and Vivek stopped at a local shop to pick up their
favourite ice creams, and then headed to the village
square to enjoy them under the banyan tree.
Vivek asked, “Shraddha, tell me how and why you
came back…”
“You want to know the truth?” she smiled.
“Of course!” responded Vivek. “Nothing but the
“So you could buy me my favorite ice cream, and we
could sit under this tree and play our favorite games.
Because once we embody truth, life is all about eating ice
cream and playing!
“Really, just for this?” he asked.

One Billion Balloons

“Really! Just for this.” She laughed.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Fourteen:
Michael Jackson’s Resurrection
A few words from the Author…

It was 11 pm at night, and I had just finished writing One
Billion Balloons. I was sitting in meditation doing the
Dharan Kriya, my spiritual exercise, when I felt a presence
beside me. When I opened my eyes, Michael Jackson was
standing right next to me. He gave me a gentle peck on my
left cheek and said, “Hi Ruby it’s me, Michael.”
As you may imagine, I was a bit shocked to see
Michael Jackson standing by my bedside. I had never really
had a connection with him or his music, and had never
really watched him, except for a few news clips like the
one where I’d seen him dangling a baby from a balcony,
and few others. But here he was, as bright and cool as the
first rays of the morning sun.
“I am back,” he whispered. “I have spiritually
resurrected myself for a special purpose, and I need to be
part of your book.”

One Billion Balloons

“This book? The One Billion Balloons story?”
Needless to say, I was in shock.
“Yes, One Billion Balloons,” he assured me.
“But this book is about two children connecting with
Truth, the Sapphire Dimension. Michael, this book is
channeled, and I am simply the conduit,” I replied, still in
shock, and more than a little confused.
“You are both the medium, and the message itself,”
he said, “the channel and the origin. That is why I have
come to you. I too am from the Sapphire Dimension.”
“But Michael,” I said, “this story is about Shraddha
and Vivek, how am I supposed to include you?” I was
definitely not getting it.
“Just like you did with Shraddha and Vivek,” Michael
explained, sure and convincing. But how do you fit in? And
besides, why would I fit you in?” I asked, still trying to
make sense of his connection to the story.
“Ruby, is it not your purpose to help others with
theirs? That’s what you talk about in your book, The Soul
Promise. You must help me, as that will help us both fulfill
our purpose.”

One Billion Balloons

“Of course I will help you,” I agreed, “but here and
now, in this book? It seems a bit odd. Frankly I am taken
aback by your visit. I could have never imagined we would
connect like this.”
“Ruby, I can’t explain everything now, but we are
more connected that you can imagine, and you will soon
have proof of it.”
“Michael,” I challenged him, “are you for real or are
you simply my imagination?” I was direct.
“Is the Sapphire Dimension real,” he countered, “or is
that too your imagination?” “Well,” I explained, “at
first Sapphire was just a story, but now it is as true as I
am.” “Then that makes me true too,” he said with a
smile. “And soon you will realize our deep connection and
our purpose.”
“I am starting to get it,” I said, “but, the book is
complete and I wouldn’t know where or how to fit you in,”
I admitted, sincere but truthful.
“I want to be conversing with Shraddha while she is in
the coma,” he explained. “In that dimension I will reveal
my true purpose.”

One Billion Balloons

Michael knew exactly what he wanted, but I was still
a bit dazed.
“While in the coma? You’ve got to be kidding!” I
laughed out loud. “This whole thing is exciting, but
unimaginable and very crazy. Shraddha is a fictional
character in the book and you, who are dead, want to have
a conversation with her while she is unconscious in a
coma? This is bizarre. And stranger still, I am supposed to
bring you both alive and that will fulfill our purpose? This is
really insane, but maybe it’s true.”
Strangely enough, I was beginning to see some
purpose in this multi-dimensional reality. I could feel
energy surges going through me, a sign I knew all too well.
Michael had certainly manifested himself; I could
experience his physical vibrations and I knew he was real. I
also knew I needed to somehow place him in the story, but
as yet I couldn’t imagine how. “Ruby,” I heard his
voice in that gentle whisper, “call me crazy, but I’m no
crazier than you, I mean in a good way; and me appearing
now is not as sudden as it seems. This is a Sapphire story,
and it is real and true, and I have been with you since you

One Billion Balloons

began writing it. I have come because it is now my time,
this is where my role starts as we contribute fully to the
bigger purpose.”
I knew Michael’s come back would be for a good
reason, and would reveal itself with time.
”Okay Michael,” I said, “leave it with me. I thought
the story was complete, but I will include you in the
epilogue, or better still you could write the epilogue!”
“No,” he said, “not in the epilogue, I need to be in the
narrative, conversing with Shraddha. I can’t explain
everything right now, it’s late. Take rest for now and we
will speak later.”
With that he disappeared, and I fell into a deep sleep.
The next day I shared this conversation with my partner,
Inder, and later with my family. They were all a bit amused
and amazed, but they also thought Michael should be in
the story.
Michael remained close by, and then a few nights
later he gently came and sat next to me, and placing his
hand on my thigh he said, “Ruby, you need rest. You are
very tired, you have worked very hard and helped so many

One Billion Balloons

people deliver their purpose, but now you really do need
to rest.” His soft, angelic whisper brought the tears, and I
began to weep as I was awakened to a deep fatigue and
Soul pain that I did not know existed within me. He was
right, I was tired, extremely tired. I knew I had truly done
everything possible to help others fulfill their purpose, and
now I barely had enough energy to fulfill and sustain
myself. In fact I was too tired to even know what I really
wanted, and it was this sensitive nerve that Michael had
touched when he touched me.
Michael let me cry and watched my tears flow, and
then he said, “Don’t worry, I promise to take care of you.
It’s time for you to rest and allow the Souls you have
silently and otherwise helped to now help you, and believe
me there are many. But you must rest now, at least for the
next four days.”
I felt cozy and comfortable, and went to sleep like a
baby in its mother’s arms. But when I awoke I had a
pounding headache, and my blood pressure was high
enough to make me dizzy and weak. I had no choice but to
drop everything and just rest. It took four days for it to

One Billion Balloons

normalize, the exact time Michael had suggested I should
On the fifth day I went back to start writing again, but
I could not do it. The energy was just not there, so after
several attempts I gave up. At this point Michael appeared
again, and this time he asked me to send this story, One
Billion Balloons, upon completion to five people. He said
he would give all the names later, but one of the first he
named was Oprah Winfrey, along with his sister, his
foundation and President Obama. He insisted that I first
connect with Oprah and that she would take care of the
rest. I listened with little interest as it was all still very
The next night he appeared again, and this time I
said, “Michael! I really don’t know where all this is going,
but I will go back to the point in the story where Shraddha
is in a coma, and as you suggested we will capture your
conversation with her. And you can deliver your message,
just the way you want to. And I don’t know what’s next, so
I hope you are more in control than I am.”

One Billion Balloons

Michael just laughed then and said,” Don’t worry, you
know what I know, and together we will deliver this
phenomenon, and it is truly a phenomenon of magical
healings. Ruby,” he continued, “I will give you proof of my
come back, not that you need it.”
The next morning my phone started ringing with calls
from people reporting that Michael had appeared to them
in their dreams, and they were experiencing spontaneous
healings. These calls continued for quite a few days, and
many, many people called me to report similar
experiences. Good to his word, Michael was delivering me
his proof. The strangest part was that he would speak to
Inder and to me at the same time, even though I was in
Calgary and Inder in Edmonton. The synchronicity of the
multi-faceted events and healings kind of blew our minds. I
knew then that Michael was creating a magical
phenomenon, and we were in for an exciting ride.
Shraddha and Michael’s conversation needed to be shared,
and I had a feeling that Michael’s participation would
connect many dimensions and enlighten us all. As for me,
well I had to pick up the story where I had left it, and open

One Billion Balloons

up the channel one more time. That night before Michael
walked away he looked back at me and said,”
“Ruby, my name was Michael Jackson, but my true
identity is that of The Healer, and that is the purpose for
my coming back.”
My thoughts went back to 1992, the time of my
awakening when I had my first inner conversation with
Jesus Christ, the way I shared it in my book The Soul
“I have come to heal you so you can heal others,” he
had said to me then.
“How will I heal others?” I had asked.
“You will be shown,” he had answered.
“How will the people know that I can heal?” I asked.
“They will be shown,” he had said.
Then I remembered saying to Jesus, “I am not sure I
want to do this, I don’t want to be crucified, I just don’t
have that kind of strength.”
And he replied, “You won’t be crucified, and that is
the promise.” And sure enough, twenty years later, it has

One Billion Balloons

proven to be true. Now I was feeling the same healing
presence from Michael as I did at that time.
“Michael, this One Billion Balloon story has a life of its
own, it’s more like a world event that is about to manifest,
and everyone who is part of this mass awakening will step
up and take their position to fulfill their role and purpose.
But is there more that Inder and I could be doing to help
others rise to their purpose?”
“Ruby, this is going to be a star event. It will take a
star to get other stars, and together they will lead the way.
Unique as it is, it will be the stars and celebrities of this age
and time who will step up first, they attract the most
crowds and can create the mass influence sooner than
others. And it is they who will make the promise to inspire
others to make the promise to be true to themselves. This
time they will bring freedom to the masses. It is truly their
purpose, and they will all rise as I have.”
“As for you and Inder, let me leave you with this gift.
Did you know that behind every visionary is a silent force?
Whether conscious or unconscious, this force holds the

One Billion Balloons

vision stable, even as it holds the visionary through the
Dark Nights of the Soul.
And you, my friends, are the silent force for many.
2012 will be the year for spiritual resurrection, truth and
freedom, and no child hereafter will be sad or lose their
smile. This is our promise.”
And with that, he vanished.

One Billion Balloons

Chapter Fifteen:
The Hidden Dimension
With this, the Mother tuned in to communicate with
Shraddha. No one will know what was said or discussed,
but the Mother was in communion for a long while, and
when she opened her eyes she was smiling.
“Vivek,” she said softly. “Return now to the hospital,
and await Shraddha’s awakening.”
And so it was that with Vivek and her family by her
side, Shraddha awoke. Three days later she was released
from the hospital with no damage whatsoever. This bizarre
experience would never be forgotten by anyone. After a
while, they only remembered there was free choice, and
that life was as fun and beautiful as colourful balloons
floating in blue skies.
Walking back from school a few weeks later,
Shraddha and Vivek stopped at a local shop to pick up their
favourite ice creams, and then headed to the village
square to enjoy them under the banyan tree.

One Billion Balloons

Vivek asked, “Shraddha, tell me how and why you
came back…”
“You want to know the truth?” she smiled.
“Of course!” responded Vivek. “Nothing but the
“So you could buy me my favorite ice cream, and we
could sit under this tree and play our favorite games.
Because once we embody truth, life is all about eating ice
cream and playing!
“Really, just for this?” he asked.
“Really! Just for this.” She laughed.
A few days later, Shraddha and Vivek
went to visit The Mother. It was a quiet day with no one
else there, so Vivek lost no time in asking Shraddha, “Tell
me what happened when you were in coma, and what
made you come back? Your ice cream story is sweet, but I
know there is more.”
“There is more,” confirmed Shraddha, “and that is
why I wanted to see The Mother. I remember the shooting
headache and the dizziness, and then I remember falling

One Billion Balloons

and falling deep into something, just like one falls into
deep sleep.”
Turning to The Mother she said, “Mother, I don’t
remember much, and I know there is something I do need
to remember, because without it I feel lost and
incomplete. Can you please help, and tell me what
happened while I was in the coma?”
The Mother smiled, she knew better. “Whatever I tell
you will be information, but it will not help you embody
that experience consciously. For this reason I’m going to
take you back to that time and space so you can directly
embody and re-live the experience again, physically. But
first I will have to heal the stress incurred in the process.”
Closing her eyes, The Mother then went into silence,
and remained there for what seemed a long time.
Meanwhile, within seconds Shraddha had started to feel
waves of energy moving from her head to her toes. At first
the spinning energy made her dizzy and she thought she
would faint, but then there was a sudden calmness and
she was able to sink into her skin. She felt cool, and very
light as the blue light engulfed her and flowed through her

One Billion Balloons

being. Then everything became silent, and it was not until
she heard The Mother’s voice that she connected to the
physical awareness.
“Let Shraddha connect with the memory of what
occurred while in coma, if it will serve and strengthen her
and others purpose.”
Within a minute the vision began to unfold, and
Shraddha was back reliving the experience of being in the
“I was awake, but very still,” she reported to Vivek,
who listened eagerly. “I could see and hear everything, and
was more like a witness; there was no desire to create any
motion or interfere with anything. I was at peace and in
completion. After quite a while I felt myself being rapidly
lifted into the Sapphire blue light, and next I found myself
sitting on top of a high hill looking down at the most
beautiful valley. I have never seen such beauty. The clear
blue skies with silver clouds and the golden light of the
morning sun mesmerized me, and I did not move till I felt
this presence. When I looked up, I was shocked to see
Michael Jackson standing by my side.

One Billion Balloons

“May I join you?” he asked politely as he sat down
beside me.
“Yes, please do.”
“I am Michael,” he said.
“Yes, the famous celebrity, Michael Jackson.”
“The dead Michael Jackson,” he said laughing gently.
“But you don’t look too dead to me.”
“And you don’t look like you are in a coma to me
either,” he responded
“I don’t really know how I got here,” I admitted.
Michael just smiled, and said nothing.
“I am at ease,” I told him. “Initiating so many people
in Sapphire was incredible. The people I worked with did
not have full memory of their true identity, but they
recognized their role and purpose and fully delivered it.
Had it not been for them, our vision would never have
manifested. However, by being in this coma I have created
a trail of uneasiness for my friends and family, although I
am sure they will soon heal. It’s funny that completion for
one may be very incomplete for others. ”

One Billion Balloons

Then suddenly I said: “Why are we here? Why am I
with you? And how did I get here?”
Michael then looked directly into my eyes, and I
noticed that his eyes were as clear as those of the snake
we called Blue.
Then he said: “I will explain everything. Unbeknownst
to you I am part of Sapphire, and my true identity is that of
The Healer. In full body presence, my purpose was to heal
as many people as I could and connect them to those
dimensions they had never accessed. And by HEALING I
don’t mean mending or fixing, I mean to source a new
power to create, organize and reframe the physical
structure, and link the network for communication to
other dimensions. This Healing directly induces
frequencies other than what so far have been embodied
by the masses. This is simply magic; it adds brilliance and
magnificence to the Soul and the human body.”
“Michael,” I asked, “was the source of this healing
power the same as your genius? And if so, the how was it
you couldn’t remember this source while in full body

One Billion Balloons

“I did have the genius and the connection,” he
replied, “but my connection was very sporadic and
temporary. I had it, and then I would lose it. I felt
exhilarated, and then experienced extreme chaos. I had
magic alright, and delivered it through my performances,
but I’m afraid I did not do all that I could have done.”
“Directly or indirectly, you touched billions of
people,” I said. “Were all these people meant to be
“They would have been,” he sighed, “had I fully
embodied my true identity and remembered my real
purpose. Very early on I only saw Michael Jackson as a
performer, an entertainer, and that’s what I became best
at. I showed off my unique talent in ways that had never
been shown before. My soulful music and performances
touched my audiences and opened their hearts, and
through my magic they did experience other worlds, but
like I said, the experience was temporary.”
“Michael,” I said, “somewhere in each of us is a seed
of desire to reach out and expand into the unimaginable,
and you transported many into the magical and unknown

One Billion Balloons

realms of pleasure, but what more could you have done to
serve your purpose?”
“Well,” he explained, “I could not access my healing
power, as the mirror I saw only projected the performer,
and as such I served my purpose only partially. I did
showcase the magical worlds, but I could not station
myself or others in those worlds - with powers and the
genius to create their own worlds. This was truly my vision
for all the people who I love so dearly.” “But not
getting the opportunity to know myself as Soul created
trauma and pain,” he continued, “and it led to severe
stress and early breakdowns. Do you know how hard it is
to wake up and not know who you really are? All the light
and love outside cannot turn on the light inside if the
original memory is lost. And it does not matter what you
have, not embodying your Soul is like living out of the
grave; that is how dead a body is without the flame of the
Soul to fire it. Again, had I known I was the Healer that I
am, I would be healed and free to share this gift of healing
with billions, as was my original intention and my

One Billion Balloons

He continued. “Michael Jackson may have been a
phenomenon, a unique anomaly, but inside there was a
child in pain and it is this child that brings me back now to
heal others. My soul will not rest unless I complete what I
was meant to do. My resurrection was essential and is with
purpose, and this is why I need your help.”
“I have completed what I wanted to do,” I told him,
“and the rest I can do from this space. But how do you
think I can help?”
“Truth will rise,” he said, “but not until the false falls,
and this fall means breakdowns, disease and distress.
Because of you and Vivek, millions were initiated into
Sapphire, and now starts the real work. You both are to
channel the healing force and deliver the phenomenon of
magical healings.”
Then he said, “Like you and I having this
conversation, which will not seem possible to many, and
communicating with different dimensions at frequencies
such as this is not real to almost all. But this is only due to
severe stress and misalignment. You and Vivek will have to
create the new structure that will hold the space and be

One Billion Balloons

the right environment to make the mass resurrection
Then I asked him, “Is there a quick way to embody
Sapphire, I mean without too much work?”
“Children,” he answered, “the young Sapphires; they
are the way. Create the environment so they embody their
unique gifts in their own way. Align them to the Sapphire
frequency. As the children connect, the elders will heal.
Dis-ease is a self-revolt against the false - the false
environment and culture that is contrary to one’s truth,
and both the elders and the children are showing signs of
dis-ease. They both need to heal.” “Michael is there one
person on this planet in full body presence right now
whose Soul mission is as strong, or stronger than yours,
who has the power to connect billions to their truth?”
“Yes, there is,” he answered without hesitation.
“Her name is Oprah Winfrey,” said Michael. “She has
resurrected herself in one incarnation more than anyone
else, and all for truth. She has influenced more people
than anyone else with ethics, and awakened millions to

One Billion Balloons

step up and take charge of their person, family, community
and environment. Her word has power and conviction
because she comes from truth, and many live by her word.
She has created many interesting phenomena by her
exposition of truth, the influences of which will last
decades after her.” Then he continued. “But the
time has come for her to deliver the finale. This round she
will create a phenomenon and offer her viewers the most
precious gift, the gift of their true identity. This event will
bring completeness to this incarnation.”
“And does she know her true identity and purpose?” I
asked? “She does,” replied Michael, “but not like I know.
But now that I know she will too, and this will be my gift to
the woman with a loving heart deeper than any ocean.
And this brings us back to why we are here. Entry of
Sapphire will be with the healings; in fact spell binding
phenomena of magical and spontaneous healings that will
create sensational news of Sapphire, and validate the
coming of Truth. The healing will awaken the force with
the vision to embody one’s true identity and purpose. And

One Billion Balloons

this awakening will start to restore this light planet to a
better state than what it is in now.”
“Why can’t Vivek, along with The Mother, serve this
purpose?” I asked. “The Mother is already our ground
“It is The Mother who sent me to you,” explained
Michael. “It was she who suggested that I request you to
return for the finale. She knows your purpose, and that
you and Vivek can do more than what others have
attempted, but have so far not been successful at. This is
to create a channel and establish communication with the
other galactic energy forces, the only way to merge other
worlds into our world. The inter transmittance will create a
responsible gene pool, one that requires no healing, no
awakening. This will be known as the Diamond Dimension,
the age of genius and it will follow the Age of Sapphire.”
“This is so exciting,” I told him. “The Mother knows
me, and knows I would never refuse an offer such as this.
You can count me in, but how will I remember all this
when I wake up?”

One Billion Balloons

“Don’t worry,” Michael assured me, “Vivek will be
your mirror and the voice, as you will be mine.”
“I couldn’t have asked for a better role,” I replied. “I
have always loved mirrors, I liked to keep them spic and
span, and now I know why.”
“Mirrors are magical, especially when they reflect the
We both laughed and then…

One Billion Balloons

About Ruby

With a distinct memory of the sequence of events during
her birth, Ruby was always highly intuitive and connected
to higher dimensions, which she modestly assumed that
everyone could access. Always in direct communication
with saints and sages from various religious traditions and
dimensions, she received blessings of extraordinary
intuition and healing powers. Thus began a sacred journey
of divine intervention and love. It became her raison
d’être, which she calls her Soul Promise, that is, to help
others connect with their true selves.

One Billion Balloons

Her intimate journey has been shared in her memoir
The Soul Promise.
Having lived without hanging onto the traditional
structure of religion, philosophy and culture, she
advocates no particular path but the way of the Soul, and
there are as many ways as there are Souls she
assures.“Not even the world’s greatest Magician or Sage
can fully see the Soul of another being,” says Ruby, “it is up
to each of us to follow the whisper of our Soul and connect
to our original promise in this lifetime.”
Ruby Bedi is known as a spiritual guide, mystic, wise
one and a healer. At age four she changed her name to
Ruby claiming it was her soul name and suited her purpose
better, and this was her first act of free will she says.
After twenty years of empowering thousands of
individuals, she has co-founded the Global Healing
Foundation with Inder Siddhu, and
has initiated a Movement of Truth for global awakening
with the vision to awaken one billion people to their true
identity and purpose. This is her purpose and promise.

One Billion Balloons

She presently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For more
information, visit