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Block #: _3__ Group #: _3__

Member Names: _Diego Mateo_____________ __Erick Morales___

_Thomas Velasquez__ Princess Miller

Civic Action Project Proposal

Cutting the Issue

1) What issue did your group choose to focus on? Describe the problem and its
effects. Who is most affected? How are you affected? How is society affected?
How is the economy affected by citywide unproductivity?
The issue my group decided to focus on was homelessness. A problem is that people
live in the streets which is a problem. An effect is that some of the people that live in the
street dont survive if they have health problems. It affects our society because we are
just bystanders just watching them suffer and nobody doing nothing about it.

2) Describe the source of the problem. What causes this problem? What policies
contribute to the problem? What economic factors contribute to the problem?

The way this process starts is that if you dont make enough money and the next rent is
coming in then we have a problem. For example if I dont pay the rent then I run risks of
being homeless and having that debt. Then I could lose my job for all the stress of
paying the rent. After that I would be in the streets carrying my clothes and personal
items. I would be cold at night looking for shelter and maybe I would've get jumped and
end up hurt. If I get caught by the police sleeping in the streets I could get arrested and
get a ticket and have a bad record. Which in the future it would affect me looking for a
job and the more I have tickets and debt, the longer I would be spending time in the
streets. This is why we have a lot of homeless people in the street because we dont
give them a second chance in order for them to get things fixed up. Some of the policies
dont even benefit the homeless people but benefit the political people which is horrible
when we have those type of people.

3) How can we help to solve this problem? What is your demand? In other words,
what policy change will your group advocate for? Will you advocate for a new
policy, try to eliminate an existing policy, advocate to change or reform an
existing policy, or improve the enforcement of a policy? We can solve this
problem by supporting the passing of the linkage fee to tax the wealthy
developers who are fueling the gentrification of our city. So the process slows
down and more money can be collected to help fund the homeless services and
housing that is not provided with enough to those in most need our community.

4) What will be the economic costs and/or benefits of this policy change?
The costs will be quite heavy for the wealthy developers and not the poor who at
the moment pay more in regressive taxes . Especially that measure H was passed we
the low income individuals suffer more but for a good cause to help house homeless or
those in danger to be homeless.

Power Analysis
1) What institution (branch and level of government) has the power to meet your
demand? Who can make the policy change you are seeking?
City legislative and city council can aid in making a policy change that we are seeking.

2) What are the names of the people who run this institution? Which ones do you
think would support your demand? What ones do you think would not support
your demand? Are there any who are undecided? (This question requires online
research and phone calls to the offices of public officials)

3) What policy maker(s) are your targets for this campaign? Who do you need to
convince to get your demand met and make the policy change you are seeking

2. Support the linkage fee- mayor supports it

Action Plan:
1) What action will your group take to pressure your target? (see List of Possible
Actions) Have a press conference

2) How will you incorporate economics content information into your action? (see
Economics Content)

3) How will you collaborate with other teams? How can your action support the
actions of other teams
We will collaborate with other teams by sharing our ideas and belief system
about the lives at stake whether it passes or not. We will have them be mindful of the
negative effects of not helping approve the Linkage Fee. It will in hopes influence the
actions of the other teams in my class.

4) Set a timeline for your action. What deadline do you need to meet for your action
to be successful? What steps will you take to accomplish your action in time?
Diego / Princess: Pleasant afternoon to you ladies and gentleman, welcome. I am
here to introduce to you the Los Angeles School of Global Studies seniors who
will be demonstrating their effort to reduce homeless.

This is an issue that has been affecting not only our community, our nation, but
also you. In 2014 over 2.4 million children experienced homelessness.
Homelessness affects thousands of students and even some in our very own
schools. It is unfortunate that we often dont find out who they are because they
hide and stay in secrecy or shame about their financial state. These students
need us to take effective action to change the policies that criminalize the
homeless and advocate for policies that could increase access to affordable
housing. Too often, our taxpayer money is routed to areas that do not benefit our
society, such as the prison industrial complex and the military industrial
complex. That is why we are here today to demand a linkage fee that can generate
tax revenue from developers to be used for affordable housing AND housing and
services for the homeless. We are also here to advocate for a change to Municipal
Code 56.11 and the car lodging ban, two policies that criminalize homelessness.

Next I would like to invite (student name) and share about (topic).
Thank you (student name). And Next

Conclusion: Thank you, Leonardo Serrano. We are excited to be out here

speaking on the behalf of those in need and demanding necessary action, like the
linkage fee, to be taken into serious consideration and passed. As you are all well
aware, we wont make a change if we dont work together as a community. Thank
you for your time we will be going into city hall now to speak with the members
of the city council.
1. Diego Mateo - Intro (alternate: Princess Miller)
2. Israel Mora Description of posters
3. Sonia Garrido - De-criminalize the homeless by changing Municipal Code 56.11
5. Jesus Lino - Affordable Housing Linkage Fee (Alternate: Brenda Mejia)
6. Andrea Rosales The connection between domestic violence and the need for
affordable housing
7. Aracely Lozano from Peace Over Violence
8. Erin Penner from Vibes
9. Diego Coaguila from the Miguel Contreras Foundation
10. Leonardo Serrano - Personal story.
11. Diego Mateo Closing words