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POTHUGUNTA VEDESH Mobile number:(91)9629534936

Address: Email Id:
Bhavani Nagar, Tirupati,
Andhra Pradesh, PIN:517501.

Educational qualification:

S No Course Institute Board CGPA Year of passing

1 B. tech, ECE VIT UNIVERSITY VIT university 9.58 2018

2 12th Narayana junior Andhra Pradesh 9.52 2014
college state board
3 10th Sri Chaitanya Andhra Pradesh 9.5 2012
Techno school state board

Area of interest:

1) Digital signal processing
3) Embedded systems.


S no Title Duration Description
1 Line follower robot 2 weeks The robot follows the given
path by using the natural
properties of colors and
reflection identified through IR
2 Short range FM transmitter 1 month Using a capacitor and inductor of
various values we made a FM
transmitter which can transmit up
to few meters.

3 Water level detector 1 month The motor is turned off
automatically when water in the
tank reaches certain threshold.


Reading news online
Curious in knowing new things

Co-curricular activities:

POTHUGUNTA VEDESH .P) Declaration: I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge. c language. SURESH BABU Occupation: Railway Officer Mother’s name: D. Personal details: DOB: 15TH march 1997 Gender: Male Nationality: INDIAN Father’s name: P. Multisim.  Volunteered for few sessions conducted by Instrumentation society of India club.  Core member of The Instrumentation society of India in 2015. Software’s worked upon: MATLAB (basic knowledge). Modelsim (basic knowledge). EASWARI Occupation: Teacher(government A.  Secretary at VIT IEEE communications society present.