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chapter five


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When you can manage the internal matter well, you can be rest
assured with fighting with your enemy (external)
How to manage the troops especially during the ancient time?

To manage a large force is similar to managing a small force
It is a matter of organization and structure
Flat Structures enable small companies to make quicker decisions,
They are growing rapidly with new products and need this flexibility
As a small organization grows,
It can decide to add more management levels
All members of the organization understand what their
responsibilities are, and know to whom they are accountable
Each person has a job description that outlines duties, and each
job occupies its own position on the company organization chart
Organizational structure fosters teamwork,
Where everyone in the department works toward a common goal
Departments can work more like well-oiled machines, focusing
time and energy on productive tasks
Smaller organizations and businesses benefit when individual team
members cooperate with each other,
setting and reaching unit and individual goals
Through teamwork you can solve a lot of difficulties,
which you cant overcome by you individually,
and can achieve more than individual efforts
Empowerment is the process of giving greater responsibility to
everyone that works for an organization,
It literally means giving power to make decisions

To direct and control a large force is similar to directing and

controlling a small force.
It is a matter of formations, communication and signal
In ancient time they used flag or banner and drums to deliver their
instructions and signal
Without good business communication, the internal and external
structure of a business can face numerous challenges that
can ultimately lead to its demise
No company can succeed long-term if its workers do not
communicate with one another
Internet has allowed geographically dispersed teams to virtually
meet from anywhere in the world
Technology has allowed for collaboration beyond geographical borders,
technology has also reduced the barriers to
entering markets around the world
Social Media is quickly becoming a preferred way of increasing
knowledge sharing, encouraging teamwork and collaboration and
adding value to the employee experience
Everyone can participate in discussions, allowing communication to
flow from the top down, bottom up and even from side to side
When consumers could Feel It, Use It, Experiences It, then they will
share their experiences in social media
It will enlighten you on how to attack and change the consequences
in the end of battle

In battle, use the Direct Force to engage the enemy,
and the Indirect Force to win
In the fighting process,
There are only two methods, direct and indirect strategies
You need to well be prepared before you start to fight such as
manpower, resources, skills, knowledge and etc
If you want to win towards your enemy,
then you need to use indirect forces
Use the tactics or strategies that your competitors cant think of
In business, we called this indirect force as differentiation
What is the meaning of differentiation?
How it can be applied in todays business environment and
assimilated into successful cases in the market
Providing buyers with something that is different or unique, that
makes the companys product or service distinct from its rivals
Differentiation builds competitive advantage by making customers
more loyal-and less price-sensitive-to a given firms product
The product may incorporate a more innovative design, may be
produced using advanced materials or quality processes, or may be
sold and serviced in some special way
Firms that practice differentiation seek to design and produce highly
distinctive or unique product or service, attributes that create high
value for their customers
Firms pursuing differentiation,
must still control expenses to balance somewhat higher costs
with a distinctive edge in key activities
By keeping costs low in areas, not related to differentiation and by
not spending too much to achieve differentiation
Differentiation is not an end in itself
Companies must continue to search for new ways to improve the
distinctiveness or uniqueness of their products or services
Differentiation Strategy
(1) Lowering the Buyers Cost of using the product
(2) Increasing Buyer Satisfaction with the product
(3) Modifying the Buyers Perception of value
Starbucks Coffee has grown at an annual rate exceeding
30 percent over the past decade as it rolls out its distinctive and
specialized blends of coffee through United States
Starbucks has begun to roll out an increasing number of different
types of beverages that, capture and retain its premium image
Firms practicing differentiation to invest in production processes that
use specially designed equipment that makes it hard for rivals to
imitate the products quality

The person adept at warfare is able to use indirect approaches, strategies and
troops in such infinite ways like the ever-changing forces and elements of
nature and the ceaseless flowing water of rivers and streams.

They end and begin again like the ever-changing roles of the sun and moon
Through their business model of innovation and design, they have
branded their company as the forerunner in marketing, service and sales
This ecosystem provides users with the ability to share their music
files from their iPod to their iPhone to their PC or Apple TV
With constant release of new, advanced offerings, Apple has
maintained their position as the leader of the technology market
There have been several bad Apples in the line of Apple products:
MobileMe, and Ping
The company shows little resistance to pulling these failures from the
market, but doesnt hesitate to find better use for their technology

The direct and indirect (approaches and forces) mutually support and
reinforce each other. Their interactions and combinations are like two never-
ending interlocking rings where the possibilities of their beginnings and
endings can never be determined

12 May 2013
12 May 2013

The person adept at warfare seeks victory from the battle situations and
conditions and does not rely solely on the efforts of his officers and men.

As such, he is able to select the right men (officers and soldiers) and trust
them to exploit the battle situations and conditions
On 2011, Sony announced that it would acquire Ericsson's stake in
Sony Ericsson for $1.47 billion, making the mobile handset business a
wholly owned subsidiary of Sony
The transactions completion occurred in 2012
From that point, Sony Ericsson would be known simply as
Sony Mobile Communications
This acquisition was intended to increase Sonys management
freedom for the mobile phone unit
to speed up development of new products.
First smartphone had water resistance and dust resistance functions

The characteristics of logs and boulders are such that
when they are on level ground, they remain still;
when they are on uneven and sloping terrain, they move