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Do you know??

1. The lifespan of the giant turtle found on Galapagos Island in South America is about 170
years. On the other hand the life span of the may fly ranges 1 hour to 24 hours.
2. Tulsi, Vasaka (adulsa), hirada, behada, asparagus are used as Medicinal plants.

Adulsa Hirada Behada Asparagus

3. Dodder, Parthenium and other weeds are harmful. Pods of nettle, colocasia leaves cause
itching. Plants like oleander, lantanas have strong odours. The Datura plant is poisonous.

Dodder Parthenium Nettle Colocassia

Oleander Lanthanas Datura

4. Uncontrolled growth of fungi and algae in water pollutes drinking water and may cause
5. The worlds largest flower is found in Indonesia. The Diameter of the flower of the plant
Rafflesia arnoldi is about one metre.
6. The worlds smallest flower is of the plant called Wolffia or duckweed. Its diameter is as
small 0.5mm.
7. Famine is the condition that arises due to long term and severe scarcity of food grains and
8. Iron articles are given a thin coat of zinc to prevent corrosion. This is called galvanization.
9. Copper and brass articles are coated with tin. This is called tinning. In this age of technology
a new process called powder coating to prevent corrosion.