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Middle East History Test Study Guide

Test: Thursday, October 26th; study guide due
Help Session- Thursday, October 26th @ 8:15am in Rm. D112
1. Vocabulary: please write 1 sentence description of why we need to know these words; how do they relate to ME history &
why are they important?
- Partition - mujahedeen
- Mandates - sectarian
- Coalition - secular
- Insurgency - theocracy
- Militant - regime
- Sanctions - WMD
- Chemical weapons - Sykes-Picot Agreement

2. People, Places, Events: study the following list of people, places & events. Make sure you have a good understanding of
their importance & be able to answer questions about them on the test. 1 sentence on each word. Why are these things
important & how do they relate to ME History?
- Al-Qaeda - Saddam Hussein
- Taliban - Shah of Iran
- Iranian religious revolution of 1979 - Persian Gulf War 1
- Osama bin Laden - Persian Gulf War 2
- Ottoman Empire - Afghanistan War
- Iran-Iraq War - Kuwait
- Kurds - Sunni/Shia Muslims
- Afghan Civil War

3. Place the following events on the timeline below: (dates are not necessary but it cant hurt)
- Iraq invades Kuwait
- The USA invades Afghanistan
- The Coalition of the Willing invades Iraq
- Breakup of the Ottoman Empire
- The UN places sanctions on Iraq


4. Religions present in the Middle East (specifically):

- Iran:

- Most of the Middle East:

- Israel:

5. Describe how terrorist groups & oil are reasons for continuing conflicts in the Middle East.
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The Ottoman Empire and European Partitioning

1. The Ottoman Empire fell after what major world event?

2. What modern-day country did the Ottoman Empire become?

3. What countries gained control of the Ottoman Empire after it fell in the 1900s?
4. How did European partitioning of the Middle East after WWI lead to regional conflict?

Iran / U.S. involvement in the Middle East

1. Describe Irans government before and after the revolution.
2. Describe the revolution Iran experienced in 1979.
3. How does Irans government feel about the United States post revolution?
4. What were the results of the modernization attempt of the Shah?

Iraq / U.S. involvement in the Middle East

1. What dictator had power in Iraq? What is his religion?
2. Where do the Kurds live? & how are they treated by the leader of Iraq?
3. When did Iraq invade Iran? Who made the decision for Iraq to invade? Why was this particular moment chosen?
4. Why did Iraqs leader Saddam Hussein issue an attack on the country of Kuwait in 1990?
5. Why was it important that Saddam Hussein did not invade Kuwait?
6. What was the U.S.s response to Iraqs attack of Kuwait?
7. What group of countries helped conquer Iraq during the Persian Gulf War?
8. What sanctions were placed upon Iraq by the United Nations?
9. Why did the U.S. invade Iraq in 2003? Was it justified (did the U.S. have a good reason)? What was the outcome?

Afghanistan / U.S. involvement in the Middle East

1. Who did the United States support during the civil war in Afghanistan during the 1980s?
2. Who are the Taliban? When did the Taliban come into power? What was rule under the Taliban like?
2. What terrorist group was responsible for the attacks on 9/11/2001? Who was the leader?
3. Why did the U.S. invade and bomb Afghanistan in 2001 (note: the answer because of 9/11 is not a good enough answer for this