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Observing and reading about appropriate and relevant use of teaching aids
List down the specific teaching aids found / observed in the classroom, other classroom: as well
as learning resources under media center. Classify the use.

Specific Teaching Aids Found/Observed Classification

Print Illustrations


Books (textbooks, stories, dictionaries,

encyclopedia, etc.)

Non Printing (e.g. actual materials) Films

Models Globe

Computer hardware Computer and Projector

Software Computer Applications (Google Chrome,

Platforms, Microsoft Office, etc.)

Observing classes on teachers use of teaching aids
Observe a number of classes across different subject areas (ex: Science, Mathematics,
Communication Arts, and Civics). What similarities, as well as differences did you
observe in terms of the part/s of the lesson where teaching aids are used?
As I observed different classes, teachers often used teaching aids during the discussion of their
lesson proper. They usually utilize different materials to supplement their lesson to capture the
students attention and to keep their minds from wandering off to things which might hinder them
from acquiring the ideas and concepts they ought to learn. The use of these aids during the
discussion was a big help in assisting the delivery of instruction. If the teacher utilizes the
materials correctly, they could trigger the curiosity of the student on things they ought to learn
and learning can be maximized.
In some subject like Science, teaching aids are used as a form of motivation to catch the
attention and to trigger the willingness of the student to learn.

Using the same observations above, what similarities, as well as difference did you
observe in terms of the kind of teaching aid used by the teacher throughout the lesson?
Using a projector in flashing the key terms of their lesson in most of the subjects seems to be a
common practice today across different institutions. Because of the efficiency of this, teachers
utilize this and also for the reason that it saves up a lot of resources like paper and marker.
Most teachers rely on using models which is the replicas or copies of real object since the real
ones can be really costly. In Science, the teacher often used this models during discussion, so
that the students can deal with more complicated concepts which are not easy to visualize.
Go to the library and read books or surf the internet on the availability of teaching aids
and their appropriate use of these in the classroom. Are you reading, what important
insights have you gained on the importance of the teacher, using appropriate and relevant
teaching aids. List down the insights.

Providing best opportunity on appropriate use of instructional materials.
Do class observations and focus on the teachers use of the teaching aids.
How did the teacher use the teaching aids?

Teaching Aids Used How

Laptop Together with the projector teacher used
this aid to flash the key terms and concepts
of her lesson on their slides.

With the use of this aid the teacher can

Projector project their slides. Projector enlarges the
texts and pictures to make it more visible,
so it is a big help for those students seated
at the last row and especially to those
students who have eye problems.

Chalkboard Important terms and concepts omitted on

the slides presented are highlighted with
the use of this aid.

Do class observations focusing on the teaching aids used by the teacher while teaching.
Look for indicators of students kind of responses toward the instructional materials, as
well as indicators of the effects of these materials on their learning, (See examples. Add
other behaviors observed)

Teaching Aids Indicators of Positive Indicators of Negative

Response Response
Laptop and Projector Paying attention to teacher Non-attention (does other
and the flashed slides things and chats with

Focusing on what the Does not participate in

Chalkboard teacher is saying class actively (appears bore
Following instructions and sleepy)

Models Paying attention Does not move or does

Active Participation other things
Advance your reasons why responses of the students are such. Cite what may be the
reasons (based on your observation) for any of the above response/ behaviors of the
students to the teaching aids used by the teachers.

Students might lose interest in the discussion during the class and the delivery of the lesson
becomes dull and boring when instructional materials are used multiple times in a same form. In
an effort of the teacher to save up money and resources, he might also be sacrificing the quality
of his/her instructional material. Using a projector to project slides that contain the concepts of
the lesson is a trend across different schools, and teachers are using this material excessively.
Nowadays, students prefer variety in almost everything which includes the instructional materials
that will be utilized in teaching. Others seem to forget that there are a lot of ways to choose from.
There are more novel forms of delivering a lesson and students might appreciate it if they can
see an instructional material that is substantial and hand-crafted. Students are now tired out of
using the usual "laptop and projector" way of presenting. It is good and sometimes more
convenient if they can have a break from the usual way of dealing with lessons.

What can you say about the kind of responses of students while teachers are using the
instructional materials?

Through the use of instructional materials, students gets more excited of the things they ought
to learn. Topics are being delivered in a new way which captures the attention of the student, so
that students cooperate actively in the class. Although, there are positive responses from the
students, sometimes they project negative responses like getting tired out of the discussions
due to the excessive use of the instructional materials.

Is the use of instructional materials appropriate and relevant to the subject matter being
developed and discussed? If yes, why do you think so? If no, why not? Give your reasons.

Yes, it is appropriate and relevant because students prefer variety in almost everything-and that
includes the instructional materials that will be utilized in teaching. Students easily get tired of
the repetitive way of learning (excessive use of the same materials in teaching), and through the
use of up-to-date instructional materials students willingness to actively participate in the class
will rise and through this students will be motivated.

Based on your observations, what inference can you make about the reason or the
purposes why teachers use instructional materials in teaching?

I think, one of the reason why teachers use instructional material in teaching is students are
getting tired out of the native way of teaching and there should be a remedy for this. The purpose
is to provide a new and exciting scene for the students to trigger them to make themselves more
curious about the lessons that will be delivered and to escape from the usual way that makes
the discussion monotonous. The efficiency of projecting lessons in way that is new to the eyes
of the students are more effective than the native way.
Planning for the appropriate use of instructional materials in the teaching-learning process.
When I become a teacher what will I do to ensure the availability of teaching aids for
teaching? What will I do to ensure that the teaching aids I will be using are appropriate
and relevant to the learning tasks given to the students?

If I came to the point that I become a full- pledged teacher, I will utilize different kinds of
teaching aids to prevent an uninteresting and boring delivery of instruction. We are promoting
diversity inside the school and it should also be reflected in the teaching aids we want to
employ in our discussion. Deliberation of the lessons, would be as much as possible is new,
captivating and exciting to catch the attention of the students and to keep their minds from
wandering off to things which might hinder them from acquiring the ideas and concepts they
ought to learn. So that the flow of the class would be more interesting, through the use of up-
to-date materials. So that, learning would be maximized.

Observing bulletin board displays in and outside the classroom
Go to the library and review the principles of bulletin board displays.
Observe the bulletin board displays of the classroom you are assigned. Do the same in
the other classrooms. Observe also the common areas in the school (e.g. lobby) where
there are bulletin boards displays.
While making your observations, take note of the following:
a. Subject area/s where the bulletin are relevant or useful

Bulletin are relevant and useful at all subjects because it projects the ideas of the topics that
students ought to learn. Bulletins are placed or usually hangs on the wall of the classroom in a
place where it give effect to the curiosity of the students.

b. The kind of materials used making the bulletin boards

Papers, construction papers, cartolina, plastic cover, and boards ca be used to make those
bulletin boards in a classroom.

c. Combination of colors used in bulletin boards

Color combination is important to make the bulletin board catchy that might trigger the curiosity
of the students to read the contents of the bulletin board. Bulletin board used contrasting colors
that are not irritating in the eyes of the viewers. Colors are used artistically in a way that they
have a theme for a certain bulletin board.

d. Combination of colors used in the display

The combination of colors are used wisely and artistically they used dark colors for the text
having a background of light colors and when texts are light in color backgrounds must have a
darker color. So that they can give emphasize to the main purpose of the display and make the
contents visible and as well as catchy to the eyes of the students.
e. Accuracy of information represented by the displays.
The information being represented by the displays are accurate, topics and ideas of a subject
are projected in an effective way that makes the student wander of the things and curious so
that on the discussion proper students will concentrate to learn further about the things they
have read from the bulletin.

f. Impact of displays

The displays gives a big impact on the students curiosity on the things they might read. As the
student read the information from the bulletin, information will retain on their minds through the
effective way of displaying information on the bulletin about the topics or ideas they ought to