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THE CHAKRA SYSTEM The chakras are invisible energy centers in and above the body, which act as the interface between the physical and subtle worlds. The meridians of chakras channel vital energies. If the flow is in balance, you are in general healthy and you have a positive outlook towards life. Any blocks in any of the chakras will show as physical discomfort or illness, or any kind of emotional, mental or spiritual discomfort. Healthy chakras= healthy human being. 1. The Root Chakra/ Muladhara Chakra (Sanskrit: The Foundation Wheel), the portal to Earth 1. Location: the base of the spine, between the anus and the genitals. 2. Body aspects: legs, feet, muscles, the lung s, skin, large intestine, rectum. 3. Glands: adrenals. 4. Instinct: survival, procreation. 5. Seeds: kundalini, abundance. 6. Color: red. 7. Expressions: healthy and happy in your physical body, concerns of getting the basic needs met, physical and emotion al balance. 8. Gemstones: jasper, ruby, bloodstone. 9. Element: earth. 10. Oils: patchouli, cypress, vetivert. Kundalini, the life force energy, is awakened, when the first chakra is cleared.

shopaholic. 8.Good general health for related organs and body p arts.In many cases kundalini reaches only the second chakra.Lack of feeling grounded. compassion. knee problems. The Root chakra unbalanced: . jasmine. Gemstones: carnelian. self . pleasure. . Instinct: sexuality. Glands: testes. . menstrual pain. For ful l vitality all chakras need to be in balance. relationships. you will have higher awareness and you are able to see the big picture.A need to possess. Unable to let go of things emotionally. difficulties in focusing. the life force energy is very important. rose. etc). The Root Chakra in balance: . 4. bladder problems.Addictive behavior: alcoholism. the masculine principle dominates. loss of appetite. 5. Color: orange.Going out of control easily. 6. . Seeds: creativity.centre. gynecological problems. . reproductive and circulatory systems. sexually transmitted diseases. The Sacral Chakra unbalanced: . positive and constructive approach. fertility problems.Impotence/frigidity. stubbornness. responsibility to oneself. e. Expressions: love and trust in self. ovaries. Element: water.Ready to meet challenges as opportunities. Nurturing abilities. Oils: clary sage.esteem. 9. amber. 7. Free flow of kundalini. An ability to focus. The Sacral Chakra/ Svadhistana Chakra (Sanskrit: Dwelling place of the self) 1. hard to contain feelings. workaholic lifestyle. and feeling off . kidney problems. . . constipation. The adrenal glands healthy. . adrenaline. 10.Problems of the lower abdominal area. urinary systems. Body aspects: reproductive systems. sciatica. When kundalini reaches the Crown Chakra. 2. mindless violence. 2. sandalwood.g. Location: the lower abdomen between the navel and the genitals. Unable to express feelings. etc. diarrhea. lower back pain. . Excessively materialistic. also deeper than the surface.The feminine and the masculine side in balance. family. drugs. sexual potency. orange calcite. sex. ylang ylang. living in a fantasy world. not exhausted from over stimulation (stress. Low self.centered. assimilation and integration of knowledge. 3. kidneys. muscle cramps/ spasms.Affects the urinary.

You go with the flow.realized and in one¶s total power. anorexia. Solar Plexus unbalanced: . . 3. A high level of vitality. The production and storage of energy that allows us to live our live s effectively. enjoying lif e. Outrageous flirting is typical in order to gain sexual attention. Glands: pancreas. . Gemstones: citrine. 5. turning to gold when a person is clear and self .Outgoing. Oils: rosemary. and alter your path if necessary. good sense of humor.esteem..Difficult to give and receive materially or emotionally ® obesity. selfless service.Unable to release negative e motions ® creates toxins in the body. gold when you are fully cleared and all chakras in balance.Sexually cold or too much sexual desire. Guilt. Expressions: full of vitality. pancreas. large belly or sunken diaphragm. You are willing to develop yourself and grow. 7. 10.Difficult to separate your own feelings from those of others. juniper. .A tight hard belly. stomach. fear. clinging on. 9. individuation. Positive outlook. . fully in your power. organs of excretion). black pepper. .General lack of creativity. diabetes. The Sacral Chakra in balance: . storing and releasing energy.Body parts and organs connected to this chakra are healthy. . gall bladder. longevity. ginger. hypoglycemia. . Color: yellow. anger. upset stomach. . unpredictability. Location: between the navel and the breastbone. low energy. 8. 2.Powerless. spleen. Solar Plexus/ Manipura Chakra (Sanskrit: The Palace of Jewels-wheel) 1. 6. Seeds: autonomy. .Ulcers. You have ability to see other people¶s point of view. Element: fire. 4. fulfillment of dreams. It helps us recognize that with effort and action we can achieve what we want. energet ic. 3.Comfortable with your sexuality.You feel too hot or too cold. geranium. . low self.Creative problem solving. Body aspects: the digestive system and related organs (liver. patient. alcoholism. . Instinct: power. different approaches and attitudes as richness. . anxiety. Addicted to sensual pleasures. Content within yourself.

Naturally aware of your responsibilities.Family and interpersonal relationships become stable. assertive. extroverted. arthritis of the arms. . . Oils: jasmine. the power of unification. mimosa. Instinct: love. 8. a commitment to. Element: air. immune deficiencies. 7. immune problems. .A well balanced chakra gives a great deal of energy. frustration. confusion. Location: between the centre of the chest. jade.Enthusiasm for development and t ransformation in your life. chest and shoulders.More easily swayed by the opinions of other people.A healthy will and autonomy. . neroli. emerald. might show up as fast metabolism -> a warm body. The heart chakra= the transition point between the grounding lower chakras and the spiritual higher chakras. .Heart conditions. . .Effective communication. asthma. . Gemstones. The Heart Chakra unbalanced: . marigold. anger. asthma. the circulatory and respiratory systems. the breasts. 3. . . Expressions: truth. ability to bring things together. The Heart Chakra/ Anahata Chakra (Sanskrit: Unbound Wheel) 1. They can be then transformed into energies to achieve higher goals. The fourth chakra brings together the forces of the first three chakras.A sense of abundance in your life.Doubts. 4.Your life purpose becomes clear. rhodocrosite.Clear thinking. confident. rose. fear. loving yourself and others unconditionally. One has a tendency t o manipulate others.Obsessive or addictive. unconditional love. high blood pressure.acceptance.. 2. . Knowing who you are and self .A sense of personal power. rose quartz.Uncontrolled extreme emotions. Color: green (unconditional universal love). and you can align yourself to it. jealousy. healthy self esteem. aventurine. pink (love between lovers). . quick tempered.An inner strength that allows you to perform acti ons with ease and grace. 9. Glands: thymus. Solar Plexus in balance: . . forgiveness. overly critical to yourself. 10. Seeds: selfless love. violent passions. . Body aspects: the heart.g. feeling bright. 6.Constructive use of power. 5. . pro. e.

You are able to envision possible futures and to act on your vision. clairsentience.or over. the organs of the neck (e. . constant dieting -> thyroid gland situated in the throat area. The Throat Chakra unbalanced: .Sense of loneliness. Oils: frankincense.Knowing that you have all you need within you. lies. It connects our feelings and intuition with our thoughts. . chamomile. tactless. the voice box.Anorexia. even cancer.Sore throats. communication with the spirit.Any difficulty in expression or communication. turquoise. neck and throat conditions. aquamarine. . lapis lazuli. The Heart Chakra in balance: .Open. Color: sky blue 7.Feeling conditional type of love. airway of the throat). and telepathic communication.Critical. faith.The freedom of infinite possibilities. gossiping. The Throat Chakra in balance: .. 8. 3.g. blue thyroid. The Throat Chakra/ Visuddha Chakra (Sanskrit: Purity wheel) 1. truth. .Balanced and harmonious relat ionships. . flu. blue lace agate. 6.The related organs and immune system are healthy. This is a psychic center. will.Holding back your opinion or showing your thoughts or feelings. One has a tendency to dominate conversations or discussions. 5. and it is responsible for metabolism. 9. deceitful. loss of voice. responsible for clairvoyance. clairaudience. . . Verbal expression of all the thoughts and feelings are encompassed b y the lower chakras. Gemstones: diamond.An under.The throat area is physically healthy. parathyroid. . able to love unconditionally. . Element: light. Location: the base of the throat. 10. It is linked to truth and honesty. helps to form our future. 2. . Body aspects: the neck. Seeds: personal power. sandalwood. Expressions open to the spirit. . 4.Sleep disorders. . headaches from neck muscle tension. Glands: thyroid. bulimia. Instinct: psychic expression 5. . willing and able to live without fear. It affects our speech and how we express ourselves. communication. insomnia.

Creative. .You are able to determine what will e nrich you. sandalwood. non .Headaches.. This chakra is involved in the capacity for intuition. wisdom. the portal to Heaven . 7. 5. Element: pure light. intuition. sapphire. sodalite. . ear. The Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara Chakra (Sanskrit: Emptiness Wheel). through pituitary gland. quartz. . nervous disorder -> physical pain. . clairvoyance. yo u experience self. nervous system. compassionate. . inspirational. It is a powerful psychic center. insomnia. visualization. Color: indigo. 10. imagination. The Third Eye/ The Brow Chakra/ Ajna Chakra ( Sanskrit: Unlimited power) 1. Gemstones: diamond. self . deafness. tactful. inadequacy. . it is a link to the force greater than us.Organs and glands related are healthy. Good level of direction. eyes. Body aspects: brain. Glands: pituitary. confusion. 8. insomnia. This chakra is linked to the brain and nervous system.Honest. 6. . . nose. 7. lapis lazuli.realization.You are able to observe thoughts and feelings without becoming overly attached to them. Intuition is the link between intellectual and psychic abilities.Hormonal imbalances.You have a feeling of oneness and unity within yourself. 9.Problems focusing and concentrating. 4. lack of direction. The Third Eye Chakra unbalanced: . 6. clear and pleasant voice. migraines. mind function.Depression. intellectual stagnation. pineal. Oils: frankincense.Your inner vision enables you to bring spirit down to earth.realization. black opal. 2. The hormonal system is affected by the sixth chakra.judgmental. Location: between and just above the eyebrows. mature. Instinct: truth. devotion and high ideals. Seeds: enlightenment. 3. . The Third Eye Chakra in balance: .Effective expression and clear communication. . negativity. Expression: insight and knowledge.When the sixth chakra is fully awakened.Eye. amethyst. . dyslexia. .Sense of serenity and devotion. sinus conditions.

9. valerian. illumination. the crown acts as an exit point. Color: violet. The Crown Chakra balanced: . feeling low during cold time of the year of less daylight. Expression: truth. . Glands: pineal.You will follow your own ethical ideas. When kundalini energy is fully a wakened. fatigue. . Oils: lavender. 10.You have a sense of unity with other people whilst being aware of your individuality. 8. emptiness. 5. .SADS (Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome). neuroses. . increased pressure in the skull. While the root chakra acts as an entry point of human life. it grounds you and keeps you connected to the higher realms. 6. knowledge. . 3.You have knowledge born of wisdom and enlightenment. One lacks spiritual direction. clear quartz. diamond. at the µsoft spot¶ that is the anteri or fontanel. depression. sleeping disorders. closed mind. pearl. bliss. . Body aspects: the brain. gold.A sense of isolation from the world. Instinct: universal ethics. Element: pure energy. 2. the whole nervous system.You are not overly influenced by opinion of other people.A loss of direction.Psychoses. bay laurel. the pineal gland. .Paralysis. The Crown Chakra unbalanced: . hormonal balance. selenite. Seeds: transcendence. low energy levels. 4. . Location: on top of the head. Gemstones: amethyst. Alzheimer¶s disease. MS.1. yo u feel peaceful and whole. cerebral tumors. 7.

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