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Weekly Work Journal

1st Week April Month

Bautista, Ivern S BSA & 4th year

PwC Philippines Tax Department
1. Orientation about the PwC, its Vision, Purpose and Values. Understanding the
difference and advantage of PwC compared to other Accounting Firms.
2. Training our interpersonal skill together with the newly hired staffs and interns.
3. Getting to know one another through activities during the seminar and building
relationships and gaining new friends.
4. Departmental Tour and observation of PwC environment.
5. Deployment to respective environment and introduction to the team.
6. Adjustment to the environment and interaction with seniors and co-interns.
7. Introduction to nature of service the department and team do.
8. Introduction to the processes of Tax Assessment laws and processes.
9. Creating Schedules of account items under tax assessment of the BIR.
10. Vouching of supporting and validating source documents.
Lessons Learned/Reflections:
I learned how to interact and communicate well, in a mannered way, with other people. I
gained new knowledge about taxes and its processes. I was able to see in real life how
tax affects businesses and organizations. I am happy that I am learning a lot and gaining
new experiences together with new friends. It is a bit hard to adjust and be flexible with the
environment constraint but I am able to cope up. I am confident that I have develeped and
improved my interpersonal and intellectual skills. I am excited to share this knowledge and
to help others using the same.

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